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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 99)

pallavisarkar Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 4:27am | IP Logged
thnx for d pm
gr8t ClapClap
cont soon

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by mandy1024

I am so happy for Sidia Big smile Pia finally found solace Embarrassed Now even Chandeena are with Abhina Clap Wonder wats in store for Jethli LOL One super dumb n the other super cunning ROFL Now only the werewolves n superiors left Ouch I hope for once Jeh can be a good bro n not a jerk. Fab update dear Clap n sorry for the late reply.
Monkey Icon Yoyo Jeh won't last long will he with Maithali. The vampire Queen of the damned will screw JEH alive.
PERFECT jodi ek dumb toh ek maha chalu.
ABHAY and ALINA can only grow in strength now right? SIDIA will be showing their more romantic angle and hopefully Abhay will get to see Sid as a loving Vampire and not the killer he is so used to seeinh.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by snitchseeker

Originally posted by matwamango

Originally posted by snitchseeker

Nice update Aysha I am loving Sid - Pia. Err Abhay & Alina never clicked for me sorry. But this FF became more interesting for me after this new Sidia you gaveus thanx dear
Monkey Icon I like to mash up my JODI'S now we have an EPIC battle to look forwards too because we have superiors and werewolves after ABHINA and SIA pair will help them.

LIKE i said i like mixing my JODI'S up and spicing the joint.

I dont mind you experimenting as I said I am loving SiaEmbarrassed

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 January 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

:::Chapter 22:::Triple Threat:::

The following week in the night had the Raichands along with their lovers on the run from their pursuers evading their hawk eyes so they could find a place so Alina would remain hidden from her family. They'd shifted from one hotel to the next using cash only so they couldn't be traced usually dwelling in the same room so they'd all be easier to find and keep an eye on. It was next to impossible with Jeh being able to connect with her meaning Alina had to be awake for the duration and they'd never remain in the same place for too long. It bought them some time to get to know each other better. Chand and Haseena made sure they stand guard with Sid chipping in occasionally. Pia didn't have anything to add to the power charged cart other than giving Sid a cause to do whats right by his brother. 

Pia one one rainy night managed to slip away from Abhay and Alina so she could spend some quality time with Sid taking care not to make a single sound slipping her arms so they fit Sid's-Quite an adventure huh? I never thought i'd run away from home being the perfect obedient daughter and all. This is something Misha or Birdies rebellious mind games they'd use on Dad.
Sid couldn't help but stare into those baby brown eyes and play with Pia's lustrous curls twiddling them in his fingers taking in her sweet scent of the J'adore fragrance she'd loved wearing-I love a little rebellious ways a woman can never bore me if she is wild at heart.
Pia smiled back at Sid teasing him further-Oh i don't know about wild but i know i never do as i'm told. I like flirting with Danger my dear vampire boyfriend. Do U think U can keep up with my notorious troublesome ways because i'll guarantee U one thing.
Sid played his brow showing Pia his crooked grin quizzing-What?
Pia planted a wet kiss on Sid's mouth whispering-Your life will never be the same with me in it. I'll always need a bodyguard. Do U want to guard my body Sid? I have one too many people after it.
Sid loved the way Pia's voice sounded so sultry-Pia!!!!!
Pia giggled watching the ever promiscuous if not provocative vampire floundering just by her suggestive remarks-Wow I really do own U don't i? So aren't U going to give me a tour on the Sid train? U know woo me and then give me some of your corny one liners the way i've heard Abhay list all of your typical ways to lure women huh? I was expecting U to get all romantic with me and take me out somewhere exciting for the night.
Sid nuzzled Pia's neck occasionally placing moist kisses on her soft warm flesh causing a sensation rippling through his entire being-Sid's never predictable. I never repeat my dates with anyone unless you're a meaningless fling.
Pia was no longer smiling at Sid any more letting go of him completely-I guess i forgot i'm not special at all. Just another girl on your post right? Just a lookalike U just happened to take a fancy at. U know the weaker of the woman U really love but can't have because she's obsessed with your brother. Just my luck to have both brothers fall for the same woman only to repeat their mistakes huh? U guys are very predictable.
Sid placed Pia back into his arms feeling her sharp words cut through him. Damn, why did it hurt so much to hear her belittle herself like she meant nothing to him? He'd only realised what true love meant? Sid echoed what was in his SOUL with conviction holding Pia's attention-I didn't know what real LOVE was till U came into my world. U are better than both of us Pia. Better than Abhay, me, Maithali. U are in a league of your own and we don't deserve U. 
Pia showed a little of her ego flowing through her-I know. U vampires don't deserve me but i deserve U. Maybe this is where i was always meant to be. With U. Why else has life thrown me with U brothers huh? All i know is i love U. Don't know why? Don't know how? But its so strong i can't run from U. I know U can't leave me even if U tried Sid. The way U keep looking at me and then towards Abhay to see if theres still something there. U don't have anything to worry on the Abhay front. U know that right? Theres no need to feel insecure.
Sid was on the defensive now rebutting-I'm  not insecure. Sid's always cool. I never stress.
Pia mocked-So if i were to go right up to Abhay now and kiss him...
Sid tightened his grip on Pia making her wince in pain but then she let out a smile in satisfaction-Pia, i'd kill...
Pia rolled her eyes sracastically mumbling-U and killing...Do U ever have pleasant thoughts about your brother? He's so sweet and you're so...No wonder i've never seen a sweet side to U until U were pretending to love me. Is this what i am to U Sid. A trophy human girlfriend. U can't have Maithali so settle for  second best. Maybe i was better off with Jeh. At least he wants me and i'm his number one girlfriend.
Sid felt the sting in Pia's statement and could see where this was all coming from-U really think us vampires have a hangover Maithali??
Pia remained silent on Maithali front-Jeh needs someone to show him the right path. He's only ever seen one direction. Do U think Alina will be ok? I mean her bumps growing...
Sid mused holding Pia still playing with her hair until he takes her by surprise and kisses her softly placing his soul into it-Now tell me did the kiss remotely feel like i was putting it on because U can't fake passion Pia. Ok maybe i can but when it comes to true LOVE its impossible because for a vampire their passion comes out aggressively. I'm frightened for once in my life that i'll break U. Its probably why Abhay used to always keep U away. Its the same with me only i'm selfish in my Love Pia. Forget stay away i'll come even closer than withstand a seconds worth of seperation. I don't know how to be any other way. 
Pia was sold impressed by his dedication-So even if it meant my own safety you'd never stay away?
Sid muttered a resounding-No!!!!! For starters i wouldn't know how? I only know how to kill for love but for U i know how to sacrifice myself now. It would be easy but to keep my distance is impossible for where U go i follow sweet Pia. Now if U even mention Jeh again i swear i'll tear the werewolf with my bare hands. U may not be my first live but you'll be my last. And loving Maithali isn't even loving if she was just a mirage of an image i'd idolized because she doesn't hold a candle to U.
For this Pia awarded Sid with a nights pass to a make out session with her with tongues.

As for Abhay and Alina they were pretty much making the most of the time alone they had together just living in their own world. Alina found the constant upheaval of moving from place to place so they'd be undetected by the psychotic werewolves and vampire superiors was having a negative effect on their unborn child. Alina struggled keeping ordinary food down and she was now huge. She hated being such a burden on Abhay and poor Chand and Haseena were on the run because of her not to mention poor Pia had given up her human life so she could be a fugitive. On the plus side her powers were now getting stronger than ever. It was almost like her baby was helping her channel her powers properly and effectively than the sudden outbursts of energy she used to throw at people accident-prone manner. 

Abhay stroking Alina's stomach showed Abhay one of her neat tricks she'd managed to hone in control now while he hungrily claimed her mouth with his-We can use this against your brother and Deepanita.
Alina through outbursts of moans  deepned Abhay's power surging attack to her mouth with the same intensity-I was hoping to use it on U. (Giggles) U are wreaking havoc on my hormones Abhay Raichand and i don't know how long i can go without U... (All of a sudden blushes deep red)...I guess Juniour here can't wait to get out so we can resume back to our...Abhay...Pia shouldn't risk her neck for us. This isn't what...
Abhay groaned watching from afar. Pia was busy making out with Sid and funnily enough he wasn't disturbed ok a little awkward maybe but not troubled by their development-I know but she's stubborn. I guess us Raichands like our women with POWER. I wonder if Sid knows what he is doing because he's always been so caught up in Maithali but Pia had brought the human Sid. U don't feel weird with them...
Alina shook her head cuddling closer to Abhay now clasping her hands in his-No.; I'm happy they've moved on. Its vetter they be together than with...people who'll make them sad...I want them as happy as we are baby.
Abhay wished his brother well finally believing in what he saw. This was not an act but all for real-Maybe we should go somewhere a little more secluded. A place where we won't be watched or disturbed from prying eyes? (Abhay gives Alina one of his playful glints making his eyes change colour) I want to make love to U now. Show U what U do to me, maybe i can have a little demo of your powers on me.

Alina didn't mind getting a piece of Abhay action and why not? They'd been so caught up with hiding out of sight. Plus it would allow Sid and Pia a little time to connect. Chand and Haseena needed a little alone time too reflect on their next moves.

Abhay lifted Alina in his arms and placed her down to a motel doing his usual ravaging while Alina did her usual new tricks displaying the new powers on Abhay using it for sexual pleasure was more fun because they had a maximum impact on their love life. It was emotionally and physically satisfying to connect on such a magical way. Abhay had managed to keep Alina humming to his tune all night long making sure she screamed in pleasure to his body shocking her illuminating their room in neon shooting lights. Alina's powers were growing on par with the rate of her baby.

Haseena and Chand reconnceted their romance this very night too.

Over the other side of town Jeh was busy getting acquainted with Maithali who'd begun her assault on infiltrating his team making sure she owned them. It would rain on the Raichands. Maithali would avenge her insult making sure Sid paid for dumping her for Pia. These Raichands would pay a hefty price and her first attack would be Alina and then Abhay. They were close to zoning in on the runaways. 

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xxAqeelahxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 January 2012 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Oh wow ash... a fantastic and fun packed episode :)Clap
so the raichands and Alina and Pia are safe from jeh and maithli for the time being ...
but maithli is sure gonna take revenge from sid... but sid is to clever as well ... he will have something up his sleeve na ... and our dear Abhay won't let anything happen to his baby...

eww didn't like the sid and pia scene of tongue licking and all... yuck hahaLOL
abhay doesn't feel to bad seeing pia with his bro which is good as they've moved on & also he is seeing a nice side to his bro which am also loving to... anyways it was nice to read ... continue the story soon am xcited for the next part :) Smile

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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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wow good story plz update soon

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snitchseeker IF-Rockerz

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Nice update Aysha love Sia

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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nyc update dr!!!!
cont soon

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