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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 88)

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res I will read it after ma exam next week dear:) 

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Originally posted by xxAqeelahxx

so jeh's confused now ... haha
Abhay gave him a right good slap on his cheek
haha.. bolti band...

hope Abhay can save his baby tho... and Alina
that dumb depnita has locked her... gosh she so crueeel
Monkey Icon Slap is putting it mildlyLOL
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Originally posted by Sidchu

res I will read it after ma exam next week dear:) 
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Dipannitha Khuranna pray that you never come into my line of sight...
Coz I most certainly will finish you off...
Please do that for me Aysha...
Only then will peace come

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:::Chapter 19:::Quadrangle:::

Pia was perplexed by Abhay being here so late at night. Was he spying on her or was he simply passing by. He seemed troubled by the way he was pacing around super fast making her eyes go funny. She started to run in his direction and was surprised to see his perfect icy blues were just as hypnotic as Sid's in the moonlight. She placed a hand on his shoulder making him look in her direction. Abhay in return wasn't sure why he'd come to Pia but he had reprimanding himself for being so dumb at times. Pia was the only weak spot for Jeh and using her was the only option he had but only to uncover a few secrets like where Jeh had Alina hidden. He was desperate and couldn't trust any supernatural right now but Pia he could with his life. However, he was starting to have second thoughts with Sid being back in Pia's life. He had no right to interfere in her life now. He'd forgone this right when he'd rejected her love but on a spiritual level he was still connected to her wishing to protect her from his devilish brother's evil plans. 

Pia touched Abhay's cheek while her heart was fluttering just by a single touch-Abhay! (Why did he do this to her? Pia scolded herself for remotely even getting swayed by him. She wanted to only help him) What's the matter? Is everything ok? Why are U alone at this time?
Abhay saw how flustered Pia was getting now feeling guilty for coming back into her life again. It was too late now. He had to keep a close eye on Pia and also solve his own issues out dragging Pia in would prove vital-I'm so sorry i shouldn't have come here. I didn't know where else to go. Pia, i know U don't want to help...
Pia cut Abhay off mid way-I'm all yours Abhay. I mean i'm all ears. Just tell me what U want from me and i'll do it no questions asked? 
Abhay brushed his brow with his hand sweeping it across towards his hair combing it now finding it to believe Pia and asking no questions-I need U to help me find Alina. I know she's at Jeh's place and they are keeping her away from me. I was hoping...
Pia laughed in a sigh-If i'd help U with Alina? (Pauses for a few sec) I'll help U Abhay.
Abhay pondered holding Pia by her arms now feeling a little relaxed-U will?
Pia wanted to see Abhay happy and would do anything for it-Sure. I know i'm a b***h at times with my hounding U to give me what i want but i'm over the past now. I've found someone to help me venture into the future now. I want to see U happy always Abhay even if its not with me. 
Abhay muttered-Why him? He's not good for U.
Pia kept it light-Why not him? Sid has opened me up to a world i belong to. He reminds me of ...He makes me whole. I see U in him Abhay. So i'm latching onto the past but i'm also moving on. I'm not obsessing over U like i was before. U should be happy i'm not on your case 24/7. 
Abhay heard a hint of joy in her tone wanting to curse Sid-This is why U should stay away from Sid. He's evil. U don't know who he really is Pia.
Pia scowled at Abhay shaking him off of her now resonating her annoyance-Sid is off the grid ok? I don't know why U hate him but i don't care. I don't want to know who he really is other than being my good time boy ok? Jeh is our target. I'll handle him and U wait for my signal ok?

Chand and Haseena were in a dilemma with the news of a new arrival creating a major rift in power. The superiors would exile them or worse send a hit squad after Abhay for blackening the vampire clan's reputation through the mud. They would in no circumstances accept Abhay's child. It had to die along with Alina. They had to save their son from this fate. 

Haseena hissed with anger in her husky voice-We have to get to Alina before this news travels to the Superiors. We can't risk exposure. Abhay...
Chand raised his finger up, his eyes gleaming in the darkness-Alina will die this night. Deepnaita won't risk getting herself into trouble either. Her clan will be baying for her blood. We need to nip this in the bud.

The superiors had already been notified of this horrific news. Abhay had made a half breed with a werewolf. This went against everything they'd preserved through the centuries of their existence. Abhay would pay for this insolence. Their messeger had brought news of a development on Deepanita using Alina to flush Abhay out. They had no objection to this plan except this would draw the vampires as being weak. It was better if a vampire killed Abhay off than a werewolf.

Mahesh instructed his fellow superior to stalk the Khurana house knowing full well Abhay would be stupid enough to return.

Alina hanging down from the ceiling was feeling the effects of the chanins around her wrists. She hadn't eaten all night and morning was near. Her mother left her locked up again. Jeh was nearby playing with the keys in his hands opening the doors to see his sister's state was pretty bizarre. Part of him felt for Alina but the animal inside him wanted to make an example out of her for deviating from their plan and falling for the vampire. If it wasn't for Pia he'd have still been in the dark by then it would have been impossible to deal with whatever it was breeding inside of her.

Jeh with a tray of roast chips with peri peri salt and a chicken pita on a bed of Nando's sauce fed his sister behind his mothers back. Alina was too weak right now. If his mother asked he'd tell her they needed her to be interrogated further. Alina's eyes were bloodshot from all the crying. 

Alina reluctantly ate what Jeh fed her wanting to keep her energies for her babies sake. Jeh let Alina take sips of water and then slouched back against the wall-See! This is what Abhay has reduced U to Alina. You're meant to be our next leader yet U are chained up on a death sentence for this b*****d living inside of U. How could U give yourself to Abhay so freely like those easy girls. U were supposed to be the smart one in the family. What happened?
Alina responded full of Love for Abhay-I fell in love. I don't regret what we made because it will end this stupid war. They'll rule over both clans. My baby will bring peace Jeh. Abhay will come for me. For our baby. 
Jeh rubbing salt in Alina's wounds smirking at how gullible his sister was-Abhay told me himself he cares nothing for U or that filth inside of U. He was just doing U  (Cringes at the very word) So he could get one over us. U are the revenge served cold and that thing is a slap across our face. Abhay won't come. I told his parents and leaked the news to the superiors. Even if he tried they'll kill him before he got here.
Alina screams at her brother power slamming an electric blue bolt directed at him from pure anger-Nobody touches Abhay. Not even U. I don't believe a word U say. I have felt how Abhay feels. U wouldn't understand being cut off from the world. U don't even have the good fortune of keeping the girl U love because U don't know how to let go of the past. Why can't U just have mercy on me and let me go.
Jeh flashed his cold dark yellow eyes glowing at Alina-Never. Mom would kill me besides i'd rather see Abhay dead than let U go Alina. We both want to see Abhay dead.I might be a little weak when it comes to U but i won't let it cloud my judgement. Pia is very much history for now but i can win her back as soon as the thorn to my back side is removed from our lives. 
Alina screamed at Jeh-Don't U dare touch Abhay!!!!!Do U hear me? U and Mom better keep... 

It was too late Jeh had left by then. Pia let ehrself in following the trail of Jeh's voice gasping at the news. Alina was pregnant with Abhay's child. It stung to know Abhay and Alina were...Pia was perturbed by this news. Why did Abhay keep this from her? Jeh was so mean. How could he even do this to his own sister? These people were animals. From Abhay to Jeh they were out of her depth. They made her seem normal in retrospect it was odd but how dark were these people? Poor Alina. Pia promised to help Abhay and she'd make good on her promise but what was thsi feud between Abhay and Jeh?. 

Pia with Jeh looking a little pleased yet disturbed by Pia's entrance to his home-Hi Jeh!!! I came to see U. I wanted to apologize for being a total b***h. Its just i get so riled up when people try to lord it over me or make decisions for me. I don't even like my own Father laying the law on me. Then theres my complicated history.
Jeh took Pia in his arms taking her by surprise and kissed her. She fought him off of her-Don't be so shy. We are alone here and we can take this in my bedroom.
Pia slapped Jeh across the face-Jeh!!! I'm not handing myself over to anyone. I'm not easy. Your Mom could walk in or Alina!! 
Jeh frwoned-The other night i though we'd...Don't be angry Pia.
Pia engraged shouts at Jeh-Be angry. U just started groping me. We're not even together.
Jeh confused now-But last night we were together. We made out.

Pia knew Jeh had lost it but she had to calm down for Abhay's sake-Yeah sure we did. Look i get it. U want me. So only on one condition.
Jeh blurted-U have one too many conditions.
Pia glowered-Take it or leave it i don't care. I want to talk to Alina now!!!!! If U love me like U say U do you'll let me.
Jeh made excuses-Alina's tied up.
Pia rolled her eys-I know. U don't want her running off with Abhay now do U? Do U have her keys?
Jeh's eyes flew to his pocket then nodded-Yeah.
Pia took the hint and decided to play along with him by caressing him and then planted a long kiss feeling his chest getting whatever it was out of his pocket then slamming him to the wall but Jeh was a little too strong for her ravages her mouth. Pia struggled to get free from his grip and kicked him in the groin-U just have to take it too far don't U? I'm not easy. I just wanted to feel if we had that spark.
Jeh to Pia lihtly quizzing her holding himself-Do we?
Pia winked-Maybe? Can i talk to Alina. I'll make it worth your while?
Jeh knew Pia was only human meaning she'd be harmless-Sure. Just make sure she doesn't bite U.

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loved it ...
update soon

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great update love it!!!

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Nice Update

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