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I can't tell u that I LOVE U # 7 (Page 116)

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He doesn't have any answer for her questions...he understood what is bothering her and y she is being vulnerable whenever she thought of Pari's infertility. He hugged her and patted on her back to comfort her. She is still crying to let out all the pain she is going through without sharing with anyone since many days.

Maan's self thought: i am sry Geet... i didn't understand u properly


During the mid night


Maan couldn't sleep that night thinking what all Geet said.


Maan what if i am unlucky like Pari and couldn't become a mother?

imagine our lives without Arya


He got off the bed and went near Arya...he touched his cheeks tenderly without disturbing his sleep.

Maan: I don't want to imagine my life without u and my Demon ... I don't have the courage to see my wife in pain if she is unlucky like Pari... no I can't imagine such things like u Geet

He went to the balcony engrossed in his thoughts ... though he doesn't want to imagine anything ... Geet's words are still ringing in his ears because of which he couldn't stop himself from imagining the things


because I see myself in Pari

i want to help my unlucky friend by sharing my luck with her


Maan's self thought: it's not so easy Geet ... i can understand y u want to do this ... but will i be able to console u after giving away our child to Pari ... u would suffer more than me

He is trying to analyse and understand what she meant by pouring out her heart before him

i don't want to do anything without ur consent but I could do anything if u r there with me

Maan's self thought: very good... then u have left the decision on me... what should I do now?

He spent hours together struggling to come to one decision... after few hours he came inside and laid beside Geet... he kissed on her forehead and stared at her face for several minutes placing his hand on her cheek.

Maan's self thought: I am doing this only for u


Next Day

"dadima... is everything fine there?"

"ha Vicky is very good at work... he is smart in grasping the business tactics"

"plz ab aap araam kijiyena... both of us r there to handle our business empire "

"ji aap ki marji... aap apna khyal rakhiyega"

"thik hai daadi"

Maan hanged up the phone after finishing his conversation with Dadima.

Geet: how is she?

Maan: fine

Geet: what did she say?

Maan: she said she would think about it

Geet: u should have asked her to come here... we will take care of her right... it's not good to take so much of stress at this age

Maan: yes... I feel she will agree to retire this time ... ok then I am leaving... bye Arya

Geet: Arya say bye to papa

She is waving Arya's hand to say bye to Maan... Maan smiled and went to the office


After few days

Geet : how many times i have to call u... what r u doing?... didn't u see my missed calls?

Pari: i have seen my mobile but i am too busy to attend ur call Geet

Geet: Pari sach batao ki baat kya hai... did u go the office today?

Pari: i am at the office only... i don't know what's wrong with Maan... he is giving me hell lot of work... he is not letting me to breathe properly... he increased my responsibility ... i have to manage two teams now... i need to communicate directly with the client and both the projects are very important ...  u know what.. i feel like running away from here... i don't have the time to have my coffee break and u r asking me about ur missed calls... meetings, appointments, presentations, lunch with the clients...

Geet: Pari relax... take a pause and continue

Pari: take a pause?... from 4 days this is the situation with me... and i don't know how long it would take for me to come out of this... uff really Geet meri taraf se Maan ko ek surprise dona plz...he is just..

Geet is laughing on the other side of the phone when Pari is blabbering about the work torture she is facing because of Maan.

Pari: i can't believe this... r u laughing listening to my misery... i have never seen Maan like this, he is showering tonnes of work on me... as if i will finish off all the work alone in a single day...he is not allowing me to think about anything else other than work...Geet... Geet... r u listening to me

Geet:  ya ... tell me

Pari: what do u want me to tell?...u tell me y did u call me

Geet: nothing important... i am getting bored so thought of disturbing u that's it

Pari: getting bored?...what is Arya doing?

Geet: he is trying to stand by himself but failed so many times...bechara try karte karte thak gaya so he is sleeping now

Pari: hey is he walking?

Geet: no not yet... but u can see him running soon

Pari: that's great

Geet: come home when u r free... u can teach him how to walk

Pari smiled and said "free?...Pari ki jindagi me FREE labz ka koi jagah nahi hai"

Geet: what?... r u ok?

Pari: sachme Geet... i am going mad because of this work stress

Geet: do u want me to talk with Maan

Pari: hey no... i didn't mean it... i am just kidding... ok Geet i have to attend the meeting...say All the Best to Arya... i want to see him running

Geet: ok


Geet: Arya plz stop crying baby... that's ok baby

Maan: what happened Geet... y is he crying?

Geet: that's ok Maan... i will manage u said u have to attend the meeting tomorrow early morning... take rest i will..

Maan came and sat beside Geet and Arya on the floor...he took Arya from Geet's arms forcibly

Maan: hmmm i will manage Arya... if u want u can go and take rest

Geet tried to take Arya into her hands

Geet: no Maan... i will handle him

Maan: no Geet... i will do it

Both of them are holding Arya and pulling him to their side...Arya has seen his mom and dad fighting to make him calm... he got irked looking at the way they r fighting and stopped crying... none of them noticed that he stopped crying...Maan loosened his grip on Arya's shoulder and Geet placed him in her lap

Maan: tum itna jid kyu kar rahi ho... can't I spend some time with my son

Geet: no Maan... voh toh raat bar tumhe pareshan karega and i don't want u to take the stress

Maan: what do u mean by that...

Arya thought of leaving from there... so he slowly escaped from Geet's grip and crawled away from them

Arya's self thought: bach gaya... hmmm phir se try karte kitne din aise chota sa bacha banke crawl karunga... i want to grow ... i will walk by myself... mom & dad continue to fight i am not going to disturb u and u guyz don't disturb me ... yes i am serious this time

He has seen a toy in the couch which he threw away while crying.

Arya's self thought: there u r... wait a minute mom i want that toy... Oh no they didn't finish their fight yet

He crawled near the couch and tried to stand on his legs with the support of the couch... he then balanced himself on his legs ...he stretched his left hand to reach the toy which is present on the edge... with little effort he got hold of the toy in his hand...then a victorious smile appeared on Arya's lips

Arya's self thought: yeah... i have done see i got the toy

He made sounds with his mouth to grab the attention of his mom & dad ... they didn't respond to he tried to reach the table at a distance and threw the magazine at them... the magazine fell beside Geet and she turned towards Arya.

She got excited looking at Arya and opened her mouth wide open... Maan turned towards the direction in which Geet is staring and has seen Arya struggling to walk towards them. Maan bent forward so that he could support Arya if he loses his balance.  

Arya's self thought: no dad i can do it... don't worry about me

Arya somehow managed to walk and reached Geet he gave the toy to Geet and collapsed in her lap. Geet took the toy and smiled looking at Maan. Maan felt happy and kissed Arya.

Arya's self thought: now u can carry on with ur fight


Geet : it's ok Maan... i have just shared my thought with you... it's not necessary that u agree to me

Maan: I am doing this as per my wish... and i know that it's not just a thought it's ur decision but u need my support... but after listening to the reason behind ur stubbornness I understood how u r feeling ... I am there for u and we are doing this

Geet: r u sure Maan... can we do it?

Maan: yes

Geet: but what about dadima and my family... i know that they won't agree for this

Maan: they won't agree if they come to know what we r doing... but what would they do if they are not aware of this

Geet: Maan?

Maan: yes Geet... it's between u and me and I know how to do this... have patience u will come to know

Geet: but ... Maan ...what about Pari?

Maan: no Geet... don't tell her anything right now

Geet: but Maan... when we have decided to help her I think we have to inform her so that she won't repeat her stupidity again

Maan: she doesn't have time to think of these things...she is busy with her work

Geet: iska matlab... u have increased her responsibility intentionally to keep her busy right?

Maan: yes

Geet felt overwhelmed when she heard Maan's concern towards Pari.

Geet: thanq Maan

Maan hugged Geet

Maan: don't forget that she is my friend also


After 1 month

Geet: the result is positive... it's confirm

Maan touched her tummy and smiled

Maan: so Pari is going to become mother of this baby

Geet smiled through moist eyes and hugged Maan.

Maan and Geet decided to give their baby to Pari but didn't say this to Pari and either of their families. Yash gave the assurance to Pari removing all sort of insecurities in her, Geet gave her the company of being a good friend whenever she felt low and Maan kept her busy with the work so that she won't find time to think about her inability and bad luck. Due to the heavy work Pari felt tired and slept without using the sleeping pills... Yash took care that she won't use them again... Pari used to visit Geet's house to spend some time with Geet and Arya whenever she is free...everybody is doing their best to help Pari to come out of the depression.

After 3 months

Maan has seen Geet walking to and fro in the lawn and went near her

Maan: what's wrong?

Geet: Maan this is something which we cannot hide... what should we do now

Maan: Geet relax

Geet: no Maan... dadima kal yaha aa rahi hai... if she observes me and the symptoms it would be obvious and if she asks me y i am hiding this...what should I tell her...i don't know how to..

Maan: nothing is going to happen ... we have to manage till 15 days

Geet: only 15 days... uske baad hum kya karenge

Maan: we are going to Mumbai after 15 days

Geet: Mumbai?

Maan: yes... Dadima will retire and Vicky is going to take care of the office here... there has to be someone to manage at the Mumbai branch... so we are going there

Geet: par dadima?

Maan: i have already discussed this with dadima... so everything is fine... don't take stress it's not good for the baby

Geet: ok

Maan: let's go inside it's too cold... come with me

PRECAP: Arya's day out with his parents

P.S: sorry for typos and other mistakes that have crept because of my limited knowledge


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Cont soon

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nice update

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nc part con soon
thanx 4 d pm

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its a realy hard decision for both of them, to give their child away for someone.
even if it is for pari.
i dont kbow if i would have been in geets place, if i could even with the support of such a carring and supporting husband do that.
i just hope everything goes well with everyone.
great update dear.
continue soon.

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u made me senti at the last part dear...
how selfless they r...
but really will geet be able to give away her baby??Cry

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