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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 96)

-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maria.

Thank GOd u updated..:)
It was very cute part,loved their soft romance
loved it
P.S...Fiza ji Font ka size thora kam karain toh ap ko ye update aur bhi short lage gi,plz try to update long parts as this story is going really very well...n i loved it

fiza same thing from my side font size chota karti to dono update ek sath pad lete ab intazar karna padega ...uff akhir kar tumne thoda moda romance daal hi diya ...i want to see nupur expression when nupur comes to know how much mayank loves her...

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
really nice...
so sweet...:)

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged
na shukrooo..chain nhi tum sab ko...sabar kero...ek sath woh 10 pages k horah keraty keraty bore hojaty...
updating in 5 mins

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged

Pardon errors



It was midnight and she can actually feel to much of restlessness behind her, she turn her side to face him and found his back….but soon he turn to face her….the frown that was on his face can clearly show that he was disturbed…maybe because he was rembering it to much…

She very well knew wht she has to do.. placing her hand smilingly on his forehead..she place it worried…OMG..the moment when she touched his hand during pooja she felt his hand a bit warm and whn he hugged her than too..yet hell nupur u didn't notice…he was burning…

She got up, and check his pulse to check how high is his fever…moving out of the bed she bring she went to the drawer and bring sum medicine

Nupur: mayank …she softly said as she pretty well know he isn't can anyone

Mayank: hmm

Nupur: pls yeah medicine lay ain apko fevr hai woh bhi kafi high

Mayank: hm I know…sojao asai charta hai..kal sham tak thik hojay ga…donot worry ..sleep

Kya was the only word she can hear in her mind…uff he is too much

Nupur: asay kasu thik hojya ga…had hai apki tu…pls medince laylo..

He opend his eyes n smiled…

Mayank: aray sach mein koi zaroorat nhi hai halka sa hi tu hai..soojao…khud hi thik hojay ga..mjhy asay hi charta hai apny ap thik hojay ga ek do din mein

Thori sardi lag rahi hai ….tum lait jao mein comforter lay lo ga…

Nupur: rukhy ap mein lay rahin hoon

Mayank: aray nhi na…

She glared at him n he shut his mouth…placing it on him covering him with it…she was leaving the side again..

Mayank: nupur pls…kyun apni neend karab ker rahi hoo..sach mein thik hoon mein…hota rahta hai….soojao..

And he closed his eyes he was feeling weak n tired

This actually made her hell angry plus her eys widen…wht actually he is made up of..he cant sleep he knew he is feeling to restless, he has fevr and he knew it..didnt bothered to task medicine ..and even didn't wanted anyone to bother…uff…or maybe..nobody every got to know about if he is suffering or not..sigh but right now she has to do sumhthing if not medicine than maybe sponging

As soon as she placed cold sponge on his forehead…he shivered

Mayank: nhi pls not feels cold….

Nupur: ap chup chap sojay..bus..bulkil chup had ker rekhi hai…comfort layin..aur zip ur mouth..

He couldn't help to chuckled…turing to the side where she was siting next to him..he smiled n closed his eyes and let her do wht she wanted to….

Brushing her hand in his hairs she was actually looking at whom she cant know, every one is afraid of him or has always maintain a distance from him due to his non expressive ways, yet nobody even got to know wht lies inside him, he has closed himself inside him so tighly that even if he want someone he just cant say matter how much he try he just cant…but she has learn to read his silence as it speaks to much…making him say it all isn't diffuclt yet u need to be close him ..or rather enclose him inside u, assuring him ur here to listen..just to listen him…..





It was change of whether or his decreased temperature that he felt I bit extra warm, and tried to push away the comforter off him, by slightly opening his eyes….and closed them…but the picture that was infront of him made him starlet…

Slowly he opened his eyes again, and found her sleeping on his shoulder, a slight moment from his sight and he will brush his lips on her..his eyes got fixed, and he felt tickles on his face with her breath..she was dangerously close to him….it was hard to hard to control his feelings right now, neither he wants she wake up nor he wants to move apart, yet he really want to touch her….

The alarm ranged and he closed his eyes, but she opened them and felt like a dream, looking him so closed to her, she freezed there, no matter how much she wanted to move she wasn't able to,

With the blink of his eyes, she moved away, trying to mange her messed hairs, and her thought, one looke at him and she knew he knew how she was sleeping…he moved forward to shut the alarm…

Nupur: ap kaha jarahy hai

Mayank: subha hogai hai nupur…office liyan ready nhi hona…

Nupur: apki tabiyat thik nhi hoi hai abhi…sojay ap abhi k abhi…ap office nhi jarahy..mein kuch kahny ko layti hoon lay aur medince lay us k bad…aur sojay..u need rest…insaan hain insaano ki tarha hi kam kerain….

Mayank: nupurr itna tu chachi ny khabi nhi data …..

Nupur: wohi tu data hota tu ap asay tu nhi hotay…inteha hai careless ness ki….she was moving away n he pulled her back on bed..and she manged to make her stable enough to sat beside him

Mayank: on one condition…tum wapas aker bulkily asay hi aram se socho gi…promise…

Nupur: she smiled n nodded n yes….gunjan ko mein bol dayti hoon..ap tu phone k pass bhi aat jana…

Mayank: KYA…nupur ….asa nhi hota na

Nupur: humari taraf asa hi hota hai…

Mayank: yaar biwi yeah cheating hai…he pouted

Nupur: nhi hai…I am cuming

She flet her hands to cold, the picture when she woke was still infront of cleared and visible…she can feel his rough touch which she felt as she bruhed herself with him moving away, it flutered her heart….

Gunjan: kay baat hai Sharma subha subha meri yaaad kasay aai…

Nupur: gunjan woh mein

Gunjan: uff mrs. Sharma..yeah tu aur bhi kamala hai ..aj tu mein thany hogi ap ny mjhy phine kiya

Nupur: gunjnaaa.

Gunjan: kya gunjan..tum mjhy se baat kerti hi nhi hoo…samrat aur mayank se hi tumhari baatein sunti rehti hoon….kyun bhi hum se narazgi hai kiya

Though her words brought her back to the time she was actually hating gunjan…and here she is actually loving her call

Gunjan: aray tum chup kyun hogi…sorry mein mazak ker rhai hoon..wasy sab thik hai

Nupur woh gunjan a mayank office nhi aay gay

Gunjan: KYUNNN……kuch plan kiya hai…kya batoo na…sadu ny kya romantic plan kiya hai

Nupur: gunjaan…she chukled…un ki tabiyat thin hi hai

Gunjan: un ki kin ki….

Nupur: apkay jait ji ki…

Gunjan: aray yaar pls mayank se yeah rishta maat choro ajeeb lagata hai ….kya hua us ko..zayad karab hai kiya woh tu her waqt kam per ata hai..103 fever mein bhi…aj kya kamal hogaya…

Nupur: aray kal sham se itna taaz fever hai ..mjhy bhi nhi pata …raat bahr itna taaz raha ..aur ab subha halka hua tu ..chaly office…gunjan pls mange kerly na…n try k office se call bhi na hai tum ko pata hai na ek call aya gi aur nikal paray gay woh

Gunjan: chukeld…good very good..tu kamal yeah k aj mayank k sath Nupur hai..gr8…nupur woh asa hi hai….us k baray mein shayd hi kisi ko kuch pata chalta hai….donot worry office tumein mange kerlo gi tum us ko mange kero….us ko kam se door rekhna kamal hai…best of luck….bye

Nupur: bye..thnku


She came insde and he took sum biscuits with milk, forwarding medince infornt of him

Mayank: nupur ab tu thik hoon mein

Nupur: she glared at him..and he silently took it..

Mayank: I cant imagine tum ko itna ghusa bhi ata hai….

Nupur: ap baatein hi asay kertay hain

Maaynk:  gunjan se baat hogi…meetings hojay se khao k koi problem hotu call kerlay

Nupur: mayank ap jitna sab k kayal rekhty hain us ko thora bhi apan rekh layain tu…pls rest keralin

He smiled..

Mayank: okay..dont worry…I will….aur apk apny baray mein kya kayal hai..get on bed foran

Nupur: ji…hum latey hain

Moving on bed she lied and closed her eyes….

Mayank: somebody is forgetting her promise

Nupur: ji….

Mayank: tum ny promise kiya tha "bulkily wasy hi soo gi"….

Nupur: she looked not getting anything

He looked at her and closing his eyes with a smile on his face…he opened his her side of arm, offering her to cum to him, with his this request, she actually felt loss of senses god how much of sense he is gonna make her loss…she was smiling, blushing but just couldn't make herself go into his arms…she wanted yes she so wanted too…yet she was feeling so much inside her

Waiting for more than long he smiled and was about to closed his arm, yet his mind and heart was hell disappointed he felt, ouch sumthing broke inside him but just thn he felt a hand on his hand, not letting him close the way he has open….

When he was about to close his embrace she felt her destiny closing its way yet again and this time she will not let anything not even herself let do this…

Moving herself slowly to wards him she place her head at the edge of the shoulder, his happiness was of no bound, he pulled her close, closing his eys, sqeenzing her to capture her in his arm, to capture the moment in his heart, with closed eyes she let herself feel his love to,

he pulled her near so that she can comfortably place her head on his chest…her body was still stiff, and her fist tighly closed lying in his chest…his one hand slowly made its place on her waist, and other sofly place on her head..his fingers enjoying the soft touch… ahh feeling of bliss his love his wife, was not comfortable yet peacefully breathing against his, and she was trying to dig herself inside him,he can feel her stiff body  slowly start relaxing in his arms..and than peacefully lying within him ..when his voice make her nerves attentive again…

Mayank: nupur…

Nupur: ji…

Mayank:  tum ko koi regret tu nhi na..apni descion per…I me mein..

Wao wht a way to ask are u happy or not and wht a moment…uff.…why he always make himself at question…

Uff cant he just say sumthing romantic…like I m feeling heaven taking u in my arms….the curtain salped themslef…

He is improving give time….the flower again supported him

Ya too much improving isdie of doing sumthing romantic making her remember her thought again ….

Nupur: asay kyun bola apny….

Mayank: islayn k kahbi lagata hai ..i actually used the situation

Nupur: use of situation? Kasay….aur even if it was true…I can nevr be as thankful as I should be….

This reminded him tht she doesn't knew the truth still..

Mayank: mein ny koi ehasaan nhi kiya nupur…

Nupur: per u made my life mayank…thnku

Mayank: nhi pls….THANKUuu…I nevr thought u will except me the way I am ... thnku for last night, I feeling like sumthing I was holding so tight, I let it go, it feels relifed…so much a peace…thnku..

Nupur: mayank plss..she protest..

Mayank: acha sujao nhi bolta kuch….raat bhar se jag rahi hoo..

Nupur: mayank ..ek promise kerain gay…

Mayank: kya…

Nupur: wht evr ur holding …whnever u feel like talking..u wont thing once…will speak to me…plss

Mayank: sigh…I will try nupur..its not that I don't want to say it all..or I hide form u

Nupur: I know ur not use to too….but u will sincerely try….u will not hold anything from me….

Collecting sum courage she moved her head n looked back into his eyes, which hold, love affection praise, and sumthing as if he was believe he has sumone like this to hold…, beliving in Gods grace on him

Mayank: placing his hand on her cheek sofly caressing her cheeks..feeling her skin's warmth.…I will pakka sincerely try…with so much praise n affection in his eyes, as he was thnking her a billion to her for cuming in his life, he thought of doing sumthing but hold..but than a promise remind…he will not hold anything from her….

He move forward inching closed to her, feeling him leaning close to her, her fist strted to conserve, and her heart stet to race.her thraoat dried but his eyes were penetrated inside her…but she can feel thumping his heart under her hand too…

He sofly placed his lips on her forehead caressing her skin, she holded her breath,  clinch his shirt in her fist…until he moved away, and without looking at him hided herself in him..squeezed within his arms, listening to the melodies of his heart..she slept under the seductive stroke of her husband's love…

phoolo, Ki Daaliya Bhi Yehi Geet Gaa Rahi Haihawaao Ne Jo Chhede Hain, fasaane Hain Woh Pyaar Kesambhal Jaao Chaman Waalo, ke Aaye Din Bahaar Ke

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
YA ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hum itne bare bhulakkar nikle...uff!!!D'oh
pata hain API... pata nhi kitne din se wait kar rahe the ke apne abhi tak reply kyun nhi diya i was waiting for d next abhi dekha ke HUMNE TOH COMMENT EDIT HI NHI KIYA...uff!!!!!!
HUM NA...D'oh bhulakkar no.1...Embarrassed
accha ab rehne dete hain hamari tarif...ab comment...Embarrassed

Awesomeee update API...
i loved it...
i loved it lodsss...
i loved it to d coreee...
it was again d best part till now...mashALLAH!!!
hamare Mayank ko fever hua...n Nupur ne usse danta woh bhi haq se...yeh huyi na baat...loved it...BY GOD!!!
den d morning part...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
kya kahein iske bare mein hum toh...BlushingBlushingBlushing
i loved d description abt der state...BY GOD!!!
truly ROMANTIC...BlushingDay DreamingBlushing
n den Nupur ne jaise ko apne glare diya...wah wah!!!
i loved dat...
n awww...
phir jab Mayank ne Nupur ko apna wada yaad dilaya n Nupur ne humey thora satane ke baad bhi akhir chali hi gayi Mayank ke bahon mein...
hay!!! humey bhttt hi jyada accha laga...subhanALLAH!!!
bt yeh Mayank na uff!!! yeh koi waqt hain asi baton still i loved wht he did at d end...Embarrassed
loved it lodsss API...
it was indeed d most B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L part of dis ff till now...
loved it lodsss...
LOVE U API...HugHugHug

ps: SORRY for being so BHULAKKAR n editing my comment so late...Embarrassed

pps: hum apse naraz hona chahte hainStern Smile apne humey yaad kyun nhi dilaya??? ke hum bhul gaye hain...plzzz agli baar se jaroor humey ap yaad dila dijiyega... jaise ap pehle bhi diya karti thi...Embarrassed
love u lodsss my BEST API...Hug

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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wonderful update. i was so much lost in the update while reading i didnt knw when it ended. update Soon plz

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
read  bth the updates awsm dear lvd it & thanx fr PM

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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