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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 80)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged


NUPUR…he help her stand at her place, and the moment he touched her, she felt it was reality he was really standing infornt of her, holding her so close, she can directly look in to his eyes, and even can see her reflection in them, her heart stopped at the moment.yet her mind reminds her its just a reflection nothing else.

He was looking into so many questions in her eyes, there was pain, sum tears, and loads of question right there, yet whtevr was there , there was his reflection too and that matters the most to him, feeling her so close holding her so near , he had an urge arousing inside him to embrace her in his arms tightly securely. He hold himself, yet placing his hand around her shoulder securing her he made her sat down on a couch

Mayank: nupur tum thik ho..he tocuh her forehead and felt her shiver again…

Nupur: ji ..she said choking …with a tear droped from her eyes

She cant hold it, the sudden change of his expression was paining her, she didn't knew why he is here, why the hell he is here. And wht is this all concern for, but yet she forgot this concern was always there..

Mayank: tum roo kyun rahi hoo, kya hua hai, bhabi kaha hain..

He looked around all worried. She was till shivering not with pain, yet it was is hold that was on her hand, the slight press, and the rub he was doing to make her warm. As he was feeling her turning to cold, he was sumhow feeling panic inside him, wht he should do to make her feel relax.

Bhabi kaha hai nupur

Now than panic strt inside her, wht she should say to him

Nupur: woh tu chali gain

He looked at her surprised, it was to early did she was all alone all night..freak

Mayank: kab gain woh

Nupur: woh woh raat

Mayank: nupur tum raat se akeli hoo, deemgh karab hai tumhara, mjhy bolaya kyun nhi

Nupur: raat kafi horahi thi…tu

Mayank: tu kiya raat k 3 baj ray ho tab bhi utha sakti ho tum mjhy…uff had hai yaah aklei rahi tum..jab hi asi halta horahi hai

Nupur: mein apko disturb

Her words were not coming complete as she was fearing his anger, it was first time she saw him like this. Plus he was angry on her for her. Evryting was not giving her any clue about wht is inside his mind

Mayank: nupur biwi hai ap humari, disturb kerny k haq hai apko, kam se kam yaha akelay tu nhi rahan parta…hum raat ko hi ajtay socha ap sab so gay hongy…uff hum ny bhi tu phone nhi kiya…

Ap abhi jay aur saman lay apna…nashat kiya hai ap ny

Nupur: nhi..

Mayank:  tum na…acha jao uper se apan samny lo, ap aj hi humaray sath chal rahi hain, aur mein poch nhi raha hoo, jab tak hum nashata banatu hain

Nupur: nhi hum batay hain..ap kasay

Mayank: fikar na kero kahany k qabil hoga, itna arsa abroad akelay raha hoon, I know how to cook, tum jo fresh ho ker aao …

Nupur felt her brain jammed, numb, stacked. She felt suffocated. Not having any power to argue or even question him, she left for her room. Closing the door behind she hold the knob tightly and let her lungs expand to get sum air.

Nupur: mayank ..yaha..woh yaha kiya ker rahy hain, aur asay, matlab mjhy lay ker. Woh mjhy ghar wapas kyun layny aay hain. Ab kiya hai mayank ab aur kiya hai, mjhy se aur bardhst nhi hoga, ap kyun asa ker rahy ho…

Maybe your see not this side..the mirror asked me and I looked to it..

Ha..wch side, there is no other side..but I need to go right now with him. I donot know God wht u actually thought when was writing my faith, I just donot know what are u up to. Wht is the reason of all this , all this in his eyes, n his expression..

It has been quite long and he was feeling restless, cursing himself that he shouldn't have left her alone, or atleast call her to know her whereabouts, whts taking her so long, is she fine or not, he stod up and though of moving to her room, but some how was a bit reluctant.

Mayank: mayank. U have to, already woh pata nhi kis condition mein hai, atleast us k pass tu rah sakta hai na, go its okay, she is your wife more than that u love her, so go..

With convincing himself to move forwards and that so towards her, he took his step, and was now standing infront of the door,he hestitanly knock the door. She who was siting beside the door, was waken up from all the questioning and arguments she was having inside herself, what actually made him cum here, did he missed her or he ..but how cum he isn't linked to her anyhow, or is there any other reason, maybe chachi asked him to do so.

When now she didn't open the door , his nerves starts to panic, its not like her, she isn't like this, with all that has happened in her life, even at there weding night she wasn't that lost than what happen today.

Mayank: nupur..

She wiped her tears and opened the door and backed him not to let him see her puffy eyes. But he did, one glimpse and he knew sumthing is there but what he didn't knew, maybe her bhabi n brother said sumthing that hurted her so much or mayabe ..oh freak is she angry with me.

She was moving inside the room collecting her things.and he was watching her trying to ask all that which is inside him..

Mayank nupur…tum ..thik ho..he said looking at her finidng his answere in her eyes

Nupur: she again felt her heart in fist, her mouth dried, the only word which can escape was JI…

He move forwards and strt helping her to collect things, maye this way he can read her silence he thought.

Mayank: did…did any one said sumthing..he wasn't convinced with her ji…when she is fine she always said with an assurance blink of her eyes with a slight smile he knew that..

Already questioning brain, tired of getting all the answer was feeling like stopping right there with his sudden questions and affection. Though apparently it wasn't sudden he has always been concern about her, but previously she us e to thing it was pitty right now she even cant find reason to this, the only thing that she always missed that was its not necessary his every gesture though was very small one must have a reason, reason of being his wife isn't enough.

Nupur: she looked upto him in surprise and nodded in no…and he captured her eyes with his another question

Mayank: ur missing dad..he asked looking in her eyes, and felt sumthing pirecing in his heart, looking at the lone tear droping from her eyes, weting her cheek, he moved his hand up and than moved it back..

Donot cry nupur pls, I know nobody can full his place, I certainly know this, but still feel that at your best of the time he was there to hold u to cherish u, and he still is all around u, he will never like u in such condition, hain na..

She simply nodded her head..

Tum change kerlo, mein yeah sab rekhta hoon, tum ny documents aur laptop rekh liya apan, u will be needing it in job..she aging nodded in yes and left to shower

His words echoed in her mind, and he thought how cum he knew losing the guardian but than sumthing came accros her mind, where are his parents. The pain which she was seeing in his eyes asking her to remember her dad with a smile , there is sumthing inside him, or mayb to many thing inside him. She wish she can be a psychic reader so that she can read minds, she can read him, which at time feel impossible.

The journey to home was complete in silence, for mayank it was life cuming back home for nupur it was sumthing she again never thought of. She was scared to enter his world again and again been treated the same way.

The car stoped and he came out opening the door of her side..

Mayank: aaoo..he forward his hand and she couldn't help looking at him, and he closed his eyes delivering his assurance.

She holded his hand and felt transferring her soul to him, it shivered her with the fear of his rejection of excepting her, but the very next moment u felt his grip tighten on her hand, sumthing inside her heart felt good

Holding her he step inside the house, maybe with a new determination and she was still with the same delima,  why she is here, why he bring her back..

Mayank: chahci..he called and make her sit on sofa, she was lost so much that she was just doin wht he was making her to do..

He went inside

Mayanak: chachi mein office ja raha hoon

Chcachi: aray tum wapas aay ho kuch bool gay thy

Mayank: nhi nupur k pass gaya tha, us ko sath lay ker aya hoon…mjhy us ki tabiyat thik nhi lag rahi hai..ap dekh leyna..pls

Chachi: hay..kya hua us ko mein dekhti hoon…

Mayank: nupur mein office jara hoon…koi baat ho tu pls give me a call…

She nooded in yes and saw him leaving in hurry checking his watch …the speed of his car make her again pray for him..

Chachi: beta tum thik hoo….she nooded in yes…acha  ap jao apny room mein aram kerlo..


(Okay the speaking of things is a fragment of nupurs imagination so donot expect them to told her about mayank)

As she turn the door knob, all thing in the room turned towards the door at the unexpected opening of the door at this hour.

Whoz this at ths hours…the wind entered the room moving away the curtains

I donot know….

As she step inside everything has a shocking expression on there face, nupur  the only word that can escape from there mouth was this, the only exclamation..

Nupur: ya me again…she drop herself on the bed, and sat down there lost..

The curtains moved away to bring in the sunlight and warmth to give to her

U came back really, really u came back, but how cum

Nupur: he brought me back


Nupur: ya…he came n brought me back,

But why…why he did so…the wind chime asked in curiousness

Nupur: I donot know I really donot know

 Maybe he missed u…or he wants u to be here…the orchid again tried to inject hope in her…

Nupur: she chukled pitfully….really…

But nupur maybe its right else why he will brought u here again

Nupur: neither I knew than nor I know now..why I have been again n again brought in his life….


Gunjan: helloo

Mayank: hey…he came forward n hugged …congrats..ab sab thk hai

Gunjna: han finally…wasy tum itna goom kyun thy..4 daafa bolaya hai

Mayank: yaar I want to finish my work n go home..

Gunjan: oye…biwi k pass

Mayank: yup..she is nt fine today

Gunjan: matlab…sab thik hai na

Mayank: pata nhi mein ny pocha but us ny bataya nhi, per itni lost tu woh us din bhi nhi thi jab meray ghar pehli bar ai thi ..jitna mein  us ko aj subha dekha…she was almost shivering..

Gunjan:us ki tabiyat thik hai

Mayank: I doubt, pata nhi us ko kiya hua hai…islyan mjhy us k ghar jana pasand nhi tha, aur woh kal raat akeli bhi thi

Gunjan: WHT….jab hi uski yeah halat thi…mayank tu ghar ja ko distract ker in sab se..bukil baat na ker us k dad ki ya bhaiyo gi…kahin bahra jay a jo kuch bhi ker …us ko change chaiy woh bhi positive

Mayanak: I know….yeahs sab kam ab almost asay lined hogay hai k I can now give her time atleast jo mein bulkul nhi day paya…aj bus yeah meeting hojay us k bad mein jarah hoon tum yaha sambhal layna…

Gunjan: tu ja yaha ki fikar maat kerbus us k pass rah


Hum bola na saky aur woh an na sake

Faslay pyar mein dono mita na sekhy

Woh utha na sake nazar apni dekh ker humain

Hum dekh ker unhain nazar jhuka na sake


Precap: this reality was not less than an earthquake for her, everything was dizzy now, evry little thing was meaningless

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
beautiful part
u described their feelings beautifully...
hmm its seems now Mayank will show his caring side to her or will show her his feelings...
continue soon

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Main kab se wait kar rahi thi...D'oh

awww...its ok API...Embarrassed
dont b sorry apko pata hain mujhe adat hain...Embarrassed
main bar bar apke dono ress ka wait kar rahi thi bt jab dekha toh pura update aya woh bhi Maria SIS ke comment ke sath...EmbarrassedLOL

Awesome Update...
i loved it lodsss...
Mayank loves his Nupur sooo much...
i wish Nupur cud realise it soon...inshALLAH...
it was really nice part...
i loved his concern n love for her...
bt was feeling bad as she was feeling bad...
n yah!!! thanks... u said dat...
ke all d things talking is her imagination so dey wont tell her d truth...LOLEmbarrassedLOL
i was like...Ermm ya ri8..LOL
i hope now He will gv HIS Wife some time...
i sooo want dem to spend some quality time...Embarrassed
plzzz i want Mayank to take care of his Nupur n dis time showing her dat its not pity like he did wen he said ap Biwi hain hamari...
By God!!! i loved dat part...
Beautifully written...
i loved it lodsss...
now plzzz update soon...
love u lodsss API...HugHugHug

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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I hope ab sab thik ho jaye

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kheya-mayur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
finaly u updated .
loved it ...

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 18anila1

Main kab se wait kar rahi thi...D'oh
sorrry ...  

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MyInspirationz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
nice part Fiza Smile

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 12:12am | IP Logged
nice.. update...

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