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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 71)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mudrika25

amazing update fiza...
so he loved her since he saw her first...and she didn't realize and left him ,  that was sad...
but ye majan ka kya chakkar hai , ab tak samajh nahi aaya...let wait for further updates...
want to know mayank's further story...
update soon next part...this was really amazing
thnks mudrika
majan k chekar wil soon i will tell u
will update soon
3 more updates n u will know all

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Auroni.92



Abhi tak confusion clear nahi hua...

If mayank really loves nupur why dnt he approach it...thik hai nahi karta par vo gunjan pe jo itna pyaar dikhaya vo kya...The most confusing is that morning after their wedding...the expression of her..wat ws that..

Hmm acha hai mayank ka tale abhi bhi continue hoga...

But i justtt loved mayank's thoughts fr nupur..the feelings, memories all is written beautifully..

Now update soon...Jaldi raaz kholo...Hug

i know, abhi buhat kuch hai that i have to tell actually he has to tell..
2more updates n evrything will be out...
thnks for liking it dear..
will update today

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 18anila1

awesome update API...
loved it to d coreee...
Mayank is sooo sweet n cute...
usne 12yrs pehle Nupur ko shadi mein dekh kar hi like kar liya...
its sooo cute...
i loved dat...
i wish Nupur bhi usse dekh pati tab...
loved his feelings...
dey r sooo adorable...
he wanted to shower her wid love bt alas!!!
bt i hope dis time he wont let his Nupur go away from him...
feeling sad for Nupur...
i wish usse jaldi se pata chal jaye wht she meant for Mayank...plzzz
loved it lodsss...
i sooo loved dis part...
btw i still hv sm doubt for Gunji's feelings...
nvr ki farak penda hain..
m toh happy dat my Mayank only loves his Nupur bass...
loved it lodsss...
waiting for d next part...
update jaldi API...
love u lodsss API...HugHugHug
thnks jani glad uliked it
lets see..this time or anytime who lets things get out of there hand
thnks for ur lovly coments

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by love.mayurarti

awesome update

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged


Its hectic dam hectic here, im trying to find time to atleast call u but I am not getting, n when I got I was looking at cell with ur number flashing yet I wasn't able to call u. I never have called u. so should I or shouldn't I is a question I was having. But a smile spread on my face

Mayank: hello dear..agai yaad meri

Gunjna: tumhain na aai meri yaad, ek phone bhi nhi kiya

Mayank: yaar tum nhi ho tu yaha kam hell zayada hogay hai, uper se us ullu tumara assistant jo letter kal send kerna tha ..he has done yet

Gunjna: kya freak, ki tum mein class layti hoon

Mayank: nhi choro I have done it, n have sended. Tum suno anty uncle se baat hoi..

Gunjan: ya I talked but they are not still satisfied with our ways,  yeah shadi

Mayank: hmm I know..if u want I can come there and can talk personally..u know this inst the way but we have to do it…

Gunjan: nhi donot right now I thing I can handle yet if I will not be able to , will ask u..u takecare there ..okay..

Mayank: you donot worry, take care han…

Gunjan: byee…

I looked at my life a complete now the idea to call nupur is not a good one, I need to make my self focused


Its hell, finidng things around here, everything of mine has been placed in box to discard waoo, what a family I have, they threw me out to an unwated world and wanted to remove each n ever identity of mine to..

I have to move out today, need to talk to the stake owner of this house now, if he can let me live here, will talk to the estate agent. Else will have to find a house on rent, I have some money in my account so start of life atleast finically will be fine.

Stop staring at me…


Soory I cant help it, I was feeling maybe he will call me, yet why he will, neither he must be missing me nor he wants me. Did  leting go me was so simple for him, that he simply let me here. Didn't for a moment he felt an attachment to me, maybe as maid who use to takecare of his all belongings, maybe just as a person who use to sleep beside him, did he never felt my hand soothing him. In any way, I just wish he wishes for me, I just wish he once called my name with if not with love bit affection

Go on nupur it's a long day u need to get everything ready u have only 3 days left u cant waste it.

Moving out the house, she meet some of her old neighbors, who were asking her about her married life, married life what a joke.

Talking with the esate agent I got to know sumone bought this house from my borther directly and he didn't knew them, so getin this house in now not possible, so I asked him to get a flat near my work area on rent.

It another evening without u, it almost time when u must have enter the house, tired, pressing ur head. Siting lazly in sofa and then removing ur shoes and placing them on place, will move to freshen up..


Mayank: yup its another night when I saw the light of our room closed and again reality struck ur not at home. Moving in a threw myself on sofa, n sum how my eyes went to ur bed side where everyday I came I found u either reading or wirtng sumthing or pretending to sleep..gigle

Somtime I wish I can read ur diary, what actually u wrote there, u must have written maybe a word about me, wht must be that, what u have know about me, how u felt or how u found me. I know I am not that involve in all ur life yet I am sumhow like this..

U know wht was the best part at night ya our wedding night, when u came n slept beside me, ur this gesture that u trust me warmth me from inside so much. It actually made me smile. It was a feeling of u now being stepping inside my life

The morning that was our first morning I wasn't able to sleep whole night, I kept looking at u, though most of the time it was ur back, yet for few mins u when turn towards me, I got to have ur glimpse. But u were to torn that moment I can feel it, even in ur deep slumber as u were given tranquilizer to get relief from ur anxiety and trauma, u have a huge frown on ur face, a restlessness on ur face. I wish I can pull u close to me, console u holding in my arms.

Soon the sun entered the room, n u squeezed ur eyes, my hand move towards u to stroke ur head, and than there I stop myself. What I was doing or even thing, if iam legally her husband doesn't mean I impose things my desires on her. With this I move out of my room to terrace, and than I thought of waking u up.

I kept looking at u , n tried to touch u but than I know its not my right to, n I called ur name , twice n thrice..

With a jerk u move and sat a bit panting, I felt my heart clutch in a fist, my love is afraid of me, my presence make her so uncomfortable this cannot even be the last thing I wish for. So I moved away and when u strt placing ur scarf around u, I even removed my eyes from u. common mayank she even doesn't know u she will feel so, she need time n space u have to give it to her..with all disappointment and pain inside me, I control and place a smile on my face, I need to make u feel this IS ur home…

Ur voice ahh a nightingale, wao mayank Sharma u r speaking poetic waoo…it feels so soothing to hear u speak, finally we broke the silence. What a destiny we have , we actually even donot know how many family member we have. Cool

Steping down I can feel ur twisting dupata, and ur stiffen body, but a clam expression graced u when u look around the house, hmm so she like it.and here cums our savior smarat.

They way Samrat came n congratulate us, I felt so good, so finally atleast sumone is celebrating with me. When u bow down to took chachi's bleesings I couldn't hold myself to make it US to take the wishes rather than u or me taking it.

He actually made u smile, I tiny little curve on ur face, was a wish I was making from the moment we tied the knot. And I silently thanked Samrat for making u feel a bit homely.

As day passed I can feel u have now feeling bit know to this house, yet I can still feel u straighten up when I came around u, though it hurts as I am trying all that I can to remove this fear form ur eyes, sumtime I doubt is any body aske u about this marriage. As ur pretty homely with everyone and yet with me..sigh

And that day when I was leaving for office, and slowly I saw u from the mirror, getting up than siting back , n than getting back n sit, I suppressed my smile not know y u were doing so and than u took urself to the drawer that hold my accessories, this was an uter suprirse I tell u , it was actually a shock..

The moment u return with my thing n placed them on table, ur were nervous n blushing to, aww, can I pull ur cheeks , wht u were looking soo cute. I couldn't hold but just to stare at u, I was just staring at u when I realize u may want to know I like it or not.

U actually took the step to a wife's right, yes nupur its ur right to take care of things, u can chose anyting u want for me. I loved it when u took it in ur hand, ur actually taking my life in ur hand. So Mayank now ur love will take care of ur little things. This one wife gesture made my day, actually made my life. I was so much in surprise that I just can whispered thanku with a smile. I hope it convey that I love it when u do this.

Next cum a full on wifes question.." ap ghar kam aay gay" ..aww..another shock, its actually made me forgot even the time I return, I was speechless have no words.

U know the person u have dreamed ur life's evry second with, when strt doing all that u want, at time feel like it's still a dream, it's a fragment of ur imagination, it unbelievable.

So I said I actually don't knw n left the house, with a grin on my face, and ya wifey ..apkay dewar ny meri khub tang Keechi.

Samrat: bhai sehab yeah blush hai k lipstick,,

N I actually touch my cheek, though in a surprising way, as I was imagine a good bye kiss by u..and than I couldn't hold to smile after glaring at samrats' laughter. I wish a day cum so..

A feeling that there is some one out there who is waiting for u, who cares that when u will return, its worth getting back home. It feels good when u drive back to ur home after a tiring day, it feels like home actually

And when u have lovly wife to serve u its chery on cake. But that day when I felt u even haven't eaten , as chachi called u to join with me.I felt guilty its not good to make u wait, my schedule will be soo for many months to come, so why u suffer for all that.

U like a good wifey blushingly was serving me, can actually see shiver in ur hands, I want to make it easy for u though I was loving it, so I asked  to sit down, as u even haven't taken food, may u must be feeling weakness, it wasn't gone that moment. U have surpassed a huge truma.  So u need loads of  care and good food with rest.

Taking the first bite, it surprised me, it wasn't chachi's taste nor kaka's, it must be…it must be YOU…but y u cooked, u should be taking rest rather making food in really made me angry that moment, sab hain ghar mein ksis ny ruka kyun nhi..kisi ko fikar nhi hai,,aur mein tu khud us ko itna itna wait ker rata hoon….

There is another quality if urs that I love, no matter wht ever I speak u trust me,never react like a nagging wife, though I wouldn't have minded it,  yet ur confidence on me, and trust and the way u always take part in my talks about all is the best thing..

Oh god its soo late now, n I haven't  call u, hmm..this isn't good, wht u must have been thing I being so careless, I am not missing u, no problem 2morow I am paka cuming to meet u.

Nupur: hey dad its so cold today, chlo ice-cream kahty hain…I giggled as it was the bst thing we both use ot enjoy evry time in winter. I miss u dad, I so miss u. I m so alone , no matter how busy I m making myself yet this feeling of lost everything isn't leaving me. If mayank haven't came in my life I wouldn't have flet so , yet when he came why he left. Maat soch nupur asa kuch bhi maat soch…

I wish at time I can hate u mayank, as ur decisions, ur steps ur gesture all are so undefined and unanswered, all the right u took of my life, why u took so when u weren't capable if holding it, u almost cheated me. And even I cant call u cheater, why I love   u so much, why mayank why, when I know u even didn't …get sum sleep…

Mayank: Hmm its chilling breeze out there, and u so love to have ice-cream in wasn't just that I saw u in that weeding n fell for u , yet our meetings conituned making me belive u were destine to me mine. I was in simla with smarat for our vacations, and u were there to.

Riding on the horse I saw u with to cones of icecream posing to ur father for picture, I chuckled u were actually looking so cute, so much. I didn't knew when I turn my horse to wards u , I step down and strt walking to u, the wind blew n ur cap flew, and came to touch my feets, my luck.

When I gave it to u, u hesitantly took it whispering a thanks rashing away. I saw u so near, right in fornt of me. And felt the feelings aroused more. But still I denied. Till now when I can feel u all around me as mine…


 lazaataay khuwab day gay,  husn o kayal day gaay

ek jhalak mein itna kuch ahaly jamal day gay

aay tu dil tha bhag bhag, gay tu dhag dhag

kitni khushi woh lay tha, kitna maalal day gay

jamal= beauti, maalal, sorow 


Next update will be quicker, I m already on it, so will update soon as I knew its getting on ur nervous the narration part, so need to wrap up  soon, next will be the last part of maynk's narration. I am trying to do so







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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
awesome update API...
loved it lodsss...
Beautifully written...
Mayank is such a januable person...
he loved his Nupur sooo much...
so he again saw her 2nd time...
i want to know phir kya hua???
n hw come Nupur didnt rmmbr dat!!!!!!!
Nupur is feeling sooo sad der...
plzzz i want Mayank to get his Nupur back...
i was hoping dat he will call bt he didnt...nvr mind!!!
hopefully he will go n meet her n den will take her back wid him...
he sooo love Nupur...
den why still he didnt confessed!!!???!!!
dis man is gonna make me confused...
no problem...
hopefully he will confess soon...or atleast will show dis wid his gestures...
i want MayUr back again woh bhi together soon...
loved it lodsss...
love u API...HugHugHug

ps: API d song i will sug. wud b any 1 of Samira api's or Ruchi sis's or Faru sis's
as i loved wht dey suggested...n btw rmmbr "BYLM" wala song same same u know i loved dat...Embarrassed

pps: btw
maine kaha tha ADIRAJ ko lao to make Mayank jealous Ermm nt to make him pair wid Nupur na!!! still i think dis Mayank atleast need to show sm gestures to his wife as he loved her only!!!

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
thanx fr PM 
nice post but ek mystery to clear karni thi but itzz  really nice

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Angels_Ring Goldie

Joined: 09 August 2011
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
beautiful update...
amazing to read both their pov...
aisa lag raha tha jaise dono ek dusre ko apne mann ki baat bata rahe ho...
you write it very well...
waiting for next part...

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