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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 15)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Faria-

Fizu i m backkk
yeee- jab main nehi rehti hu tab he tu update karti hai- manhoos
accha sun i read ur update dear...
hmm very interesting but confusing update...
Does gunjan love maayk ????. i thot they were best frnd...
btw why there is a cold relationship b/w mayur. whts the reason behind their marriage..??? why they r not happy????yaar kya hua in dono ko???? kuch tou btaiye... mera paass bahut sawal hai lekin koi jawab nehi hai ... i hope i'll get most of my ans form ur next update..
take care sweetu
love ya
janu ur back
lol...kiya mein ny tu yeah WWU k sath update kiya tha...hai na...shayd
gr8 thnku for reading it
bus ker,,,,itna sawal by God, sabr ker ...abhi im nt telling   u anythng..sigh ..ihope se
tc lov ya

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gopi06

nice updt fiza
waiting for the next updt...cont soon
thanks for the pm
thnks alot dear
i'll cont soon

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kheya-mayur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 11:54am | IP Logged

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kheya-mayur

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

Thnks for honoring me with ur lovly words, there really a great support for me, for this ff specially as u know it risky, as it may sound boring with only one sided POV.

Have rplyd to u all..

Lov fiza


Stop scratching me, hello ma'am your not paying attention at your surroundings. Shut up, stop complaining and write what I want to, u speak way to much when I stop wrting with u, else u donot even move on paper.

Hai na..the paper pouted, I m so soft and he so harsh, nevr move so softly on me. Not my fault, she writes with so much pressure on me that I can help it, n I need to give u pain. Oops sorry, my fault.

The winds started to blow with a more frequent speed, though it has always been an indication for me  to move my view, but today I was engrossed in me, my self.

As I am busy narrated what these days I am feeling , and how my life is sumhow changed. I didn't knew that some1 is watching me.

Mayank: kya ker rahi hoo…

It was than when I looked up and found him leaning to the door of balcony and looking at me intently, u droped me, I warned u he is watching u, but no, u were so much in ur world.

Why u didn't told me more clearly, u should have.

Not my fault now it on u …..

Nupur: nhi kuch nhi

Mayank: diary likh rahi thi

Nupur: nhi asay hi..bus ..woh

Mayank: chukled ..bus asy hi kiya…its ok If u don't want to tell…

Seeing him proceeding towards me, I was stealing glance here and there , tht is some belonging of his is with me?..but than very clamly he took the place infront of  me,

Mayank: tumhian kuch chaiy ho keray tu pls mang liya kero… I don't know what u may be needing or not..

Nupur: I'll

Mayank: if you want u ca go out, with friends family alone, whatever

Nupur: ji

As I saw him button up his sleeves, I found he may be leaving but that so at evening..

Nupur: ap kahin ja rahy hain

Mayank: hmm…ya ..i have a meeting with client so I am leaving with gunjan….let see what happen…

Nupur: oh..okay…..


Gunjan and Mayank are the two of the bestest friends and are best at everything. They have been together throughout life, from skool to high school, college to university abroad, they have been always together. And when they come back decided to strt ther business together.

As samart says that thy can do any thing if are together ..and as always together they indisputable, n some how seems to be incompletely without eachother…there is a strange kind of aura of peace whn they are together, specially mayank , he behave so care free with her, as if there is now worry surrounding him neither will suround him

Horn….loo agai Gunjan…..aur ab Mayank gay…but see is clamly putting a deaf hear to her, deliberately…I know I don't need to look at him, he always do so…

Hey look at him, u are missing a sight woman…the wind again blew

Aah..i so hate this so madly blowing wind..

Err…forgot it, here I am helping u and u not even thinking about why I am moving like a Hindi film heroine from here to there , if not MS. Sharma than why not MR.sharama.

With that wind started to proceed towards him, holding sum dust particles to drop in his eyes, with that as a reflex, he droped the com he was making his hairs with,

Ouch….it hurts …u droped me just like tht…the comb rub his back pouting, next just see wht I will do with ur hairs, the perfumes standing there giigle,

With the groan of com, I look upto see him,

See that was what I want u to look, isint I am reflecting a irresistible image…oh mine..just don't ask when evr day he is infront of me how I control myself, these hormones , gosh to much to handle...

I looked at the mirror n gave a look…such-a-mellow-drama-n-over-estimation-of-nthing-

Looking at him , I lost my self, n lost any consciousness towards my surrounding, hair drench in gel placed perfectly in style, dressed in black shirt with black pants, with a white jacket making him perfectly in a semi formal looks…

He is not a conventional extra ordinary handsome man, but he has his aura. His eyes beautiful and honest, and his personality to go waoo at , perfectly attire , he has persona…strong, descent, n classy…n his voice make me cum back from the most heavenly side I was cherishing

Mayank: no way …I am driving….shut up….

Gunjan it is ….giggle….

Gunjan: mayank …neechay aao jadli

Ohh his phone on speaker…

Mayank: wait lady..i am cuming…stop making noise, yaha aur bhi log rahty hain

Gunjna: mayank…within 5 mins if u donot appear..i'll kill u

Mayank: smirk…tht u can't dear….araha hoo na ,…patience

Gunjan: pls mjhy bhook lagi hai

Mayank: tu wht u want me in ur plate…smrik.

Gunjan: I did nt mind though, but pls pehly kahin kuch katay hain phir will go for meeting, I haven' t had my lunch

Mayank: kyun…tumhara deemgh karab hai kiya, kitni bar kaha hai k meals maat skip kiya kero…u know ur BP become low, but cuming in a min..

Gunjan: daato maat , but meetings thi tum ko pata hai, n I didn't did it deliberately, aur yeah meeting tum ny call ki hai, woh bhi unplanned, so  its not myfault…she said innocently

Mayank: janta hoon, ur such a careless person, from day one, duniya ki fikar choro gi tu khud ki kero gi na…shut up n  I m cuming 2 mins..sorry god knows aur kiya unplanned hoga

Mayank: Nupur I am leaving he said in hurry  getting his things….

Nupur: ji

Mayank: good night

Nupur: good night?/// as I thought …ap kab taka ay gay

Mayank: I'll b late, don't wait…bye n take care n he rushed out…..



I know its some how odd, but in a situation like this what else you can expect from me, I am closing watching him getting ready for office, its my morning routine

Ya ya ..n the more he complelete his dress up, the more I get crashed in your arms,

As the cushion I am hugging complained, somhow its my favorite pass time….han n u love checking out him, from top to bottom

He has joined office the next day of wedding, he is absolutely right at his placed. He has recently started his business; he told me so cutely when Chachi was scolding him as he was going. I understand they way things has happen in our life so unplanned , if v didn't took a grip at the practicalities of life, not only he but our life will be in trouble. So its better he gave proper time to his business, n at that he is very carful.. so most of the time he is extremely busy in tht.

Get out of me..leave me..go to him he is getting late…

What r u sure should i. And what I will do going there.

Help in getting ready, though I would have preferred thing like button up his shirt or tying a tie…but as a start u can help in his watch n things..

It seems that if this bed has hand it would have thrown me out of the bed, bit wht I can do, I m scared will he allow me to handle his things.

Collecting some strength I took my step towards handling his things, n I move towards his drawer of accessories, OMG not even a girl have that much accessories that he has…

Chukled cutely a little cufling, so ur making fun of our owner han, n lets see what u select for our so much fussy owner. Pick me pick me…Oh god already its so difficult and u guys ar annoying me shut up I'll select myself..

Selecting  a silver cufflink  and a black Rolex, I went near him..

Ouch…as the cufflink complained n galred me, the sound of there moan made him realize my presence …..

He looked at the things and than surprisingly to me..

Mayank: thanku

OMG..what I no not his thanks..but what I saw today was the way he wrinkled his skin make his lips twitch in a gesture of appreciation..

Locking his watch he was leaving when

Nupur: yeah

I forward his cell n keys..n he looked at disbelieved

Mayank: ooops ..thnku aj tu sab kuch bhool raha hoon…

He smiled again….really..yes yes yes….


Nupur: ap kab thak wapas aay gay….

Mayank: apny usual time per…

Nupur: aur usual time kiya hai..

That made him stoped…frown, he bited his lip, n thought like a child, looking around the room he find sum1 to answer his question

Don't look at me u never give a look to me when u cum back pls don't expect me to answer..go head tell ur wife..glared the clock

Mayank: actually..strange but I never looked at the clock when I enter home, so may b 7 or 8

Nupur: chukled…oki aj pata chal jay ga..bye

Mayank: bye…aur han mjhy bhi bata dayna….

N he smiled again…can sumone hold, I am fainting


Mayank: chachi pls ask servant to serve food

Chachi: get freshen up ..i 'll ask Nupur to do so.

That made him realize , he left sum1 waiting for him home, today for the first time he looked upto clock

Oh freak,..oh freak ..what if ur late doesn't mean u say so looking at was the frist time u looked at me n see wht I could to hear, OH FREAK..

The wind chimes giggles..n recived a glare

Reaching his room he found sum1 surfing the TV..

Mayank: hey

Nupur: ap aay gay…fresh hojain…mein kahan lagti hoon

Look at the smile..mine mine

As I placed the plate infront of his chair

Sum1 is preparing a dinner date

It isn't a date

It is it's the frist time u bth r gonna be alone at me infront of him, I m sure I will grace the plate on me perfectly..

Hey hey..i look at candle, allow me to light ur evening madme..

Hmm good idea, I will taste more dilecious with its fragrance around

Behave he is here…n im not doing anything such

In a hurry  he reach the table n sat like a hurricane, shows how hungry he is …

Take me in ur hand n serve like a good wife..

 I am doing don't make me nervous pls, alredy I m so much

Mayank: y r u standing sit down, I'll take it myself

Nupur: nhi its ok

Mayank: sit down…tumhain bhi bhook lagi hogi…

How cum he knows I haven't took dinner.maybe chachi told him

He took a bite n his expressions changed…to a frown

Mayank: aj kahan change kyun hai

Nupur: ach nhi hai kiya….with swallowing a lump

Mayank: nhi acha hai but different hai..

Nupur: woh actually mein ny banaya

Mayank: ohh..kyun..ramo kaka kaha hain…

Nupur: bs asy hi mera dil cha raha tha…

Mayank: hmm…ok

Nupur tum pls mera dinner per wait mat kiya kero…meray timings itnay odd hain..

Nupur: it ok

Mayank: no its not..pls…mjhy ach nhi lagta k koi mera wait kery pls…

Ring cell

Mayank: wait kero …jab mera mood hoga tu email kerdo ga bye

He disconnected n I know it was gunjan….

Mayank: is ko intezar kerany mein buhat maza ata hai…buhat chirti hai…aur jo is ko chaiy woh document hay hi nhi meray pass

Nupur: haan….ghusa hogi woh

Mayank: honay do..her cheez mein jadli hai us ko, arm se , carefull she can't do anything, u donot know much a mess she is, her room is the clumsiest, her wardrobe, ek cheez nikalo sab bahar, aur us ko khud pata nhi hota k us ki chezay kaha hain…

I giigled n he just smile


Rahein morti rahin, hum bhi mort ay rahy,

Hawa chalti gai, hum bhi chalty gay,

Door ek ashiya dhoondany hum chaly

Hay kiya baat thi……

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
i guess u know it very well wht i lovedEmbarrassed n wht i dont like at all in dis update...Stern Smile
so pehle acchi batein jo mujhe bhttt acche lage...Wink
as u must know i loved d chit-chat of pen,paper,wind,comb,parfume,clock,candle etc...Tongue
dey r sooo cute n all dis things are d most adorable thing abt dis update...Embarrassed
n dats d only thing dat can make me smile in an update like dis...Stern Smile
i mean its d limit...Stern Smile
hw can Nupur tolerate such things...Stern Smile
arhhh...i jst hate dis...AngryAngry
whts wrong wid her hw can she evn smile at all dis...Ermm
mana ki best frnds hain toh kya hua?????????Angry
iska matlab yeh nhi dono ase behave karein...Angry
i mean frnd hain chahe bachpan ki hi hoon bt hain toh baas frnd hi na!!!!!!!Stern Smile
BIWI toh nhi!!!!!!!!AngryAngry
uff...hw can she tolerate dis...AngryAngryAngry
i think frndship ki bhi koi limit hoti hain...Stern Smile
whts wrong wid dis Gunjan!!!!!!!!AngryAngry
why is she behaving like dat wid Mayank??????AngryAngry
he is married now n she shud behave herself now!!!!!!!Angry
as i dont like it at all...AngryAngry
n Mayank!!!!!!he is sooo???????arhhhAngryAngry
i mean apni BIWI se kehta hain he doesnt like any1 to wait for him n uske samne hi kehta hain ke Gunjan ko wait karwana usse accha lagta hain...AngryShockedAngry
n yeh sab sunke bhi Nupur smiled...ShockedAngryShocked
whts wrong wid her???????????Stern Smile
hw can she smile like dat????????Angry
usse bura nhi lagta?????!!!!!!!??????????Confused
uff der is smthing very wrong in der relationship yaar...D'oh
hw can any wife can tolerate her Hubby being so fond of his frnd!!!!!!!Broken Heart
woh toh hamesha baas Gunjan ke hi gun gaye phirta hain...Broken Heart
i jst hate dis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AngryDeadAngry
woh kuch keh nhi sakti toh smile bhi na kiya karein!!!!!!Stern SmileAngryStern Smile
goshhh...i jst cant tolerate all dis...AngryAngry
Nupur likes him so much den why is she behaving like dat...Angry
n whts wrong wid Mayank usko kya hamesha sirf Gunjan ki hi fikr lagi rehti hain...Angry
n apne biwi se kehta hain ke usse kuch chahiye toh mang liya karein?????!!!!?????AngryShockedAngry
i mean like...whts...arhhhAngryDeadAngry
ok leave it...Angry
i think i will go mad!!!!!DeadSillyDead
waiting eagerly for d next update API...Stern Smile
n plzzz API now i want to see wht Nupur actually felt wen she saw her hubby like dat wid his best frnd...plzzzUnhappy
love u lodsss...HugHugHug

ps: i want an early update dis time plzzz!!!!!!!Embarrassed

Edited by 18anila1 - 13 October 2011 at 8:20am

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
beautiful continue soon, fiza thori confusing laag rahi hai. mayur relation ship and majan relationship leke

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aysha1989 Goldie

Joined: 02 December 2010
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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Nice chapter Big smile
But I want to know more and more about them Wink
Thanks a lot dear!!

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