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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 132)

drmaha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged
oh my GOD it was breathtaking...
each and every line was captivating i m so loved it...BlushingBlushing
beautiful dear...
thanks for the amazing update...Day Dreaming
seriously i dont have words to say how mch i loved this update ...
cont soon janiHug

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parul_bansal Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
di aap kab update karoge?

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged
hey Guys

rplyd to u all

thanku so much for ur love n support at last one..hope u like this too

Ruchi..for u i have added four lines at strt of this update..hope it will fill for the last time


Edited by drfizaahmed - 01 March 2012 at 11:51am

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged

apni zulfon mein meri ungliya rehne do

apne honton pe meri galtiyaan rehne do

apne seene mein humari daastaan rehne do,

kuch dair aur khud ko meray pass rehny do


The wind was moving with rapid speed, colliding with the door, and moving away again doing so…

What are u trying to doing….the flower asked groaningly as the were trying to make them self steady in this harsh wind

I am trying to open the door….

The wind chime laughed….and why is this soo…its locked…

I know tht..i wanna see inside..

Why…whts so special inside….

That Mr private Sharma I so hate him, what actually made him wakeup up mid night and close the other window, I wasn't sneaking in, just wanna see morning,  I cant enter the room tht way even…

Uffu ..why ur dying to enter

Cause I donot want to miss the morning after a bliss night…it said shyly…with a little smirk..

Wht..the sun pee out of the clouds, and asked spreading its brightness to the world…

Yeah yeah yeah..the wind said dancing and twirling around, touching the cheeks of flowers making them giggle spreading there fragrance all over in delight …

Ur so shameless…its bad manner…the wind chime groans know no matter wht it can have alook

Shutup..God has given us the authority to enter anywhere why not to use it….okay I will try again…tht idiot curtain why it is inside..he will tease me after wards, so I am not gonna miss it no way

The wind knocked the door again…

The force of the wind made one of the entangled souls to frown a bit and open his eyes, he looked towards the door, but the sound wasn't from there, it was from terrace, he rested his head back, a smile appear on his face as he looked beside him. His love lying so peacefully in his arm, still clutching his shirt in her fist, as if she doesn't want him to move away from her…

He hold her hand that was holding him, and moved forward to plant a kiss on her forehead..

It was a dream come true or a dream itself, it was difficult to differentiate from. He touched her hairs, stroking them, she moved in her sleep with the touch and snuggled more in him.

Life will give him so much he has lost this hope way back. He loved her , he knew it way back, yet he denied somewhere in a determined thought that she can never be his, so thinking about here, desiring for her was not a good way to live your life but he was never successful in this. Her lifes biggest loss, made him gain his precious desire, to which he always felt a bit guilt, a bit low. Yet today he was feeling everything drained out of him, evry apprehension, evry guilt, the only thing was the trust she hold for him the way she knows him.

It was strange yet it was the most beautiful reality of his life, his love was the only person who reads his silence, who reads is weird expressions, who know him so well, at time more than himself, who loves him with all her heart, so much that he felt his responsibility and honestly should be increased more and more towards her. He doesn't want his nature to affect her, them.

He will never, no never he will let her go away from him no way..

He pulled her softly more close to him , and hugged her, and placed his lips on her forehead, and this time he didn't remove them, let them make feel her closeness….

With soft caressing on her forehead she slightly blinked her eyes, it didn't  took long for her to know wht it is, or was as he slight moved away to look at her..

She opened her eyes and found her completely in his embrace…

Mayank: with a smile he greeted her good morning. Pecking her hairs

She didn't looked upto him, yet hugged him more, returning the smile..

It was peaceful and she didn't want to move away from his warmth and the hypnotic touch on her head it wasn't easy and she even didn't want to…after sometime something struck her

She raised her head suddenly and looked towards him

Nupur: ap office  nhi jarahy

He smiled looking at her…

Mayank: hmm…jana tu hai..sorry ghar per nhi rukh sakta, gujan k sath Delhi wali deal per discussion hai…he said moving away her hairs for her face, in very slight teasing manner….that actually made her blush…

Nupur: woh late hojay ga ap uth jay…

Not making her more uncomfortable ..he said okay and went to get ready for the office..she rested her head back on the pillow and collect herself..and moved out of the bed to take out his things…

She went to the terrace door and opened it, and the first thing she felt was a heavy wave of air filled with fragrance of flowers filling her…

She opend her closed eyes and look around and smile and blush appear on her face..she hit her head

Nupur:  already late hogaya hai ab tu bhi yaha kyun ghari hai….sambhal…

But it was no help entering back into the room, the sight made her shiver  more, making the bed, herself a bit, she heard some foot step behind her, without looking at him she herself want to freshen up.

Returning back she was putting out his watch, his cufflinks his jacket, he was all the way observing him and she was pretty well aware of his eyes on her that was actually making things more difficult.. The slight shiver in her hand giving him his watch was quite visible to him…

He moved forward and hugged her suddenly and slight rubed her back….

Mayank: your okay….

She hugged him back, his gestures have always warmed her heart with more n more affection and thank God for such fortune…

Nupur: ya..

Broking away slowly he cuped her face and made her look at him

Mayank: pakaa,,

She smiled and noded her slight in yes….

Mayank; am I getting breakfast ya office ja k kerlo…he asked with a smile

Nupur: she smiled more..han ap aay mein banti hoo….shaking her head she went out with a grin on her face..he looked at the close door and smilingly made his hairs to rash to his work…


Nupur: mayank..

Mayank: hmm…

Nupur: ap busy hain…

It was evening and as per routine, even cuming back from his work he was still busy in working. It was annoying, hardly they get time to talk, the time they get together wasn't the one when in which they can talk… it was more of practical things

Nupur has always been the person about talks, expressions saying it all, now Mayank being the most integral part of her life she wants to talk to him nothing special yet pretty randomly. She is feeling as if soon they will feel like a communication gap between them and tht she doesn't want to happen. She pretty well knew he may not talk too much but he says pretty easily and weirdly what he wants to, but nupur talks a long to deliver in between wht she wants to…

He turned and looked at her, who has frown on her face and was changing the channels. He smile, saving his work he went to her sit beside her, having him beside she shifted her head to his shoulder and sliding his arm around her waist pulling her close…

Mayank: nhi… bolain kya hua…

Nupur: koi kam hoga hum tab hi baat kerain gay kiya..

Mayank: he smiled more the irritation was to loud in her voice .. nhi bulkily zaroori nhi hai

Nupur: acha really.. mjhy laga ap sirf to the point kam ki baatein kertay hain….

He touched his nose biting his lower lip to hold his laugh, the sight was utterly cute..

Nupur: yeah apko hasi kyun arahi hai..mein koi mazak ker rahi hoon…

Mayank: he chukled…nhi but my wife is angry on me..

She looked up to him

Nupur: tu yeah mazak ki baat hai.. kafi serious matter hosakta hai ap k liyan, mein ny ap se baaat kerna hi band ker dayti hoon…bus

Mayank: khabi nhi.. nevr do tht… mjhy se larlo, chikh lo, daat lo, but never stop talking to me..i hate ur silence.. yeah punishment nhi..

His tone from so much fun suddenly change to extreme seriousness, he said it all in a go, emphasizing on each word with so much of love and somewhere a bit scared to, he wanted to add she is the only voice in his life, and he is dam scared to feel her silence..

 she smiled and rested her head back on his shoulder, and he hugged her more tightly…

Nupur: per mein ap se ghusa hoon…

Mayank: uffu..aur yeah kyun hai….

Nupur: apko double chasma lag jay ga.. din bhar ap computer k samany rehty hain… her waqt kam kertay hain…

Mayank: aur apko time nhi dayta haina…

Nupur: woh bhi hai..but ap khud ko kab time daytay hoo.. she broke apart and sit infront of him, he let her go with a frown, he certainly doesn't like it…

Last time ap ny kab asa kuch kiya tha jo ap actually dil se chatay thy, that made u feel to good…

This question came as a huge surprise, and made him think too, he actually never thought about any such thing.. he smile … he knew a thing he did few months back tht actually made him feel so good…

Mayank: ap se shadi..

Nupur: she smiled and blushed a bit..woh nhi … ap ny apany liyan kuch kiya hoa woh

Mayank: tu mein ny shadi apny liyan hi ki thi

Nupur: aray woh mjhy pata hai…per kuch aur socho… aur is bar us mein sirf ap hoo…

Mayank: he took a deep breath and think think and think… pata nhi.. I don't know..

Nupur: pata tha… acha ab ko sab se zayda kiya pasand hai… jo ap khabi pershan hotay thy ya jab kuch achieve kertay hain tu kertay hoo…

Mayank: u know me nupur mein koi celebrations wala insaan tu hon nhi..

Nupur: mein actually wohi kerny ki try ker rahi hoon..

Mayank: kya.he frowned

Nupur: apko insaan bany ki..

Mayank: NUPurr….

Nupur: chukled…bolain na…

Mayank: mhh..beach per bhait jata tha in night… moonlight mein mjhy acha lagta hai beech aur  jab yaha hota dad ko miss kerta tha tu ghar k pass chala jata feels good… aur.. bus I think..

Nupur: itni sochny k bad apko bus do chessay mili, tu thik hai mein 5 min mein fresh hoker arahi hoon, hum bahr jay gay,,uthain..

Mayank: abhi.. nupur..

Nupur: mein naraz hon shayd… aur ek tu many k treeqa bhi mein khudi soch rahin aur khudi implement ker rahi hoon, aur khudi khudi ko mana rahin hoon…aur ap Nupur Abhi..ker rahy hoo… chaleiin na..

Mayank: thjis time his smiled add some giggles to it….acha chalo…


Nupur: mayank..mjhy apk ghar dekhna hai..

She felt his hand getting a bit firm on the stiring wheel…

Mayank: aj…na jay tu chaly ga

Nupur: kyun… ap ny pehly bhi yeah baat tal di.. tu aj kyun nhi….

He didn't said anything yet nodded in yes, with her he has somehow find strength to face many things which he had buried inside himself..and today maybe he wants to go back to all this with her again…

She knew it isn't easy for him to go to the house wch now belongs to someone else, but she wants him to make this part of him to go away to today, thts why asked him to go to house right no rather than after going to beech..

The car stop at the road and she looked around wondering why he has stoped it hear…she looked at him questionly

Mayank: ghar agaya… he said and moved out of the car and she did it too..

Finding him stained leaning to the car, facing the opposite side of the road, she went near hm a stod next to him… she thought of saying something when he himself spoke

Mayank: woh samnay..humara ghar tha…

He pointed to a huge building in front of them..and somthig stoped there in her… "ghar tha"

Mayank: we have to sell it, loans pay off kerny thy.. phir unlogo ny us ko demolish kerdiya…so shortly koi ghar ab hai hi nhi…

He said this all plainly and she felt a pank in her… his word echoed in her ears " apna tu nhi bacha saka tumhara tu bacha sakta hoon na"… sliding her hands down his arms she enterwinged there fingers together holding them tightly and felt him grip her more firmly…

Nupur: yeah tu makan than a..ghar tu apk dil mein abhi bhi hai… hai na…

He smiled at her…looked at her lovingly and nodded in yes…

Nupur: chalein mjhy second destination zayda pasand hai..

He chuckled and followed her instruction


It was full moon, and sea was getting wild n wilder, yet it was beautiful, peaceful sight. The way moonlight was glittering in the edges if waves, waves running desperately to touch ur feets towards u, with so much passion and power, tht get subtle when they softly kissed ur feets ..

Sitting in the sand, it was indeed a peaceful sight, the slight invisible smile on his face, that was reflecting in his eyes, his eyes getting close slowly as if capturing the moment, he was actually feeling peaceful, and she was feeling proud finally she knew a way to make him feel relaxed and forget everything around him…

Nupur: so that actually made u relax and forget everything…

He opened his eyes and smiled meaningfully and looked towards her…

Mayank: there are many more things that make me forget everything.. or rather I should say someone can make me frget everything , right MRs Sharma…he said a bit leaning to her..

Her eyes went wide, and she blushed and smile hard..moving her eyes away from him..

Mayank: mein ny asa tu kuch nhi kaha ..ap kiya soch rahi thi bhi….

Nupur: mayank..                

He looked at her pulled her closed and she looked around..

Mayank: its almost midnight…. Is waqt sirf ap hi hosakti hai bahar… sab so rahy hain..

Saying so he softly kissed her..broking away he kissed her cheeks and hugged her from side…

Whispering a thanks in her ear…and she snuggled closed to him…


Nupur: agar mein laptop ki battery hi gayab kerdo..kasa…

She was half lying and his head was rested on her stomach, and she was stroking his hairs… he raised his head surprisingly more horrifyingly

Mayank: tumhari dushamni hai meray laptop se..

Nupur: ofcourse..mjhy se zayda tu ap is ko dekhtay hain..

He chukled…

Mayank: bus do min…

Nupur: kya do min.. ap kam bhi nhi ker rahy …pata nhi kiya search ker rahy hoo…

Mayank: aray bhi woh conference hai next week Rome mein, it's a good destination.. tu waha k hotels tu check kerny do..Gunjan ja rahi hai so booking tu kerani paray gi na

Nupur: Rome wao..beautiful place it is…

Mayank: yup it is.. tum gai hoo..

Nupur: nhi..

Mayank: good…

Nupur: kya good…

Mayank: nhi yeah hotel… hm I m done..

Putting his things aside.. he moved beside her ..supporting his head with his hand looking at her keenly, she knew he was doing so on purpose…he knew is eyes can make her feel everything words can never do…

Mayank: hmm… tum kiya kah rahi thi ap..mein apko dekhta nhi hoo. Ab tu ap humain nhi dekh rahin. he said stroking her cheeks with his thumb

Nupur: hm..nhi… mein ny kaha tha ap laptop ki zayada dekhtain hain…

Mayank: hmm… cause apko dekhny k elwa I have pretty better things to do…he said with a smile

She didtn got a chance to rply to him, as he shut her mouth  making her loss evry sense in her ..


Aaj Bas Ap Kaho 0r Kehty Hi Jao,
Hum Bas Sune Aisa Be-Zuban Kr Do!

Aa-Jao Ke Aisa Toot Kr Chahon Tumhe,
Hmari Mohabat Ko Mohabbat Ka Nishan Kr Do!

Apne Dil Me Is Tarha Chupa Lo MujKo,
Rahon Humesha Is me aisa Mera Makan kar Do!



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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 June 2011
Posts: 6430

Posted: 01 March 2012 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Awesome update API...
i loved it lodsss...Embarrassed
i loved it to d coreee...Day Dreaming
it was such a heavenly part whc left me totally Awwwed...Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
i sooo love dis ff...By God!!!Embarrassed
u know wht API...
u write all the Emotions so Beautifully n Perfectly dat it make me Praise more about U n ur Writing...Day DreamingStarDay Dreaming
u Write so Beautifully...mashALLAH!!!Day Dreaming
i jst can't get over from ur writing...Day Dreaming
ap plzzz iss ff ko itni jaldi End na karna plzzzOuch
plzzz isko jald End na kar dena plzzz ap kehte ho na "Anything for Me"!!!! den i want it plzzzOuchUnhappy
ap ko pata hain main ab bhi "WWU" ko kitnaaa miss karti hoon...UnhappyUnhappyUnhappy
even all d time wen i think abt any Mayank mujhe sirf aur sirf "WWU" wala Mayank hi yaad ata hain...sigh!!!Ouch
i wish main apko keh pati ke ap plzzz "WWU" ko continue karo plzzzOuch
i really badly miss it...Unhappy
i know ap yehi soch rahi hogi ke yeh ladki phir shuru ho gayi "WWU" ko le kar bt sacchi API...Ouch
main kya karu mujhe bass ussi ki yaad ati hain sacchi!!!!!Ouch ap plzzz "WWU 2" ke bare mein sochogi plzzz i know apko yeh pasand nhi as u said abt "BULM" bt still ap chaho toh phir likh sakti hoon chaho toh wahi se shuru karna plzzz meri req par dhyan jaroor dena plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzzUnhappy

It was very Emotional,Adorable n lovely part...Embarrassed
i loved it from Starting to its Ending...Day Dreaming
it was amazing whc give a serene feeling...
i sooo loved it.
Nupur ki sari batein yeha itni Adorable thi na ke kya kahu...
i was totally AWWW wid dis part...
n den Mayank showing Nupur his house whc is now was painful...
n thinking something like dat n writing it like dis was a Wonderful Job...
Hatts off to U API...
n d way u described abt d sea was something Pure n Heavenly...
i jst loved it to d coreee...
n ohhh-hooo...
so Mr.Sharma toh purey Romantic Sharma ban gaye hain...By God!!!
waise i loved dis...
loved it lodsss...
waiting eagerly for d next part Actually for der Honeymoon Part...
as humko pata hain ke Mayank pakka Nupur ke liye hi yeh sab kar raha hain naki koi Business Tri ke liye...
loved it lodsss...
love u API...HugHugHug

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 11:47am | IP Logged

amazing update Fiza.

loved mayur  a lottt ... loved d way they accepted each other.Smile

morning scene was very nice ... it was so gentle ...loved it a lot.Smile

lol ... nupur mayank ko insan banane ki kosis kar rahi hai??Shocked isse pehle kya wo bandar tha??LOL 

wah bhai ... ab nupur to grt doc ban gayi haiTongueLOL

jocks apar ...

mayur scene alwz filled with so emotion ... verious kind of emotion ... in this update wasnt exceptional ... pehle pyar ... phir fun ... phir pain ... phirse pyar ...Clap

it was so painful, when mayank show 'his house', which was no where ... its very painful to see, a lifeless machine breaking own house bit by bit ...Ouch

wowww ... honeymoonBig smile ... kya baat hai? bari romantic mood me hai aaj kalEmbarrassed

waiting for honeymoon.

love ya

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aysha1989 Goldie

Joined: 02 December 2010
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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
I was waiting for this... Nice update...
Continue soon Hug

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 March 2011
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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
amazing. very nice. mayank is the best husband in the world

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