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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 118)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mudrika25

most awaited update...superb and lovely...Big smile
most most most beautiful...Embarrassed
he confessed all in front of her...Smile
mayank's feelings, expressed very beautifully...Clap
waiting for the next part ...continue soon...


thnks lot
yup the most awaited and abit difficult for me too as i didnt want it to be a conventional confession part
thnks for liking the way i did it
will cont soon
Originally posted by crazymayurian

luveddd it

thnsk alot dear

  gladu liked it

Originally posted by clustersofstar

too much precaution make the frist 10 chapters LOL finally truth is revealed

very funny much of tht...haina...
yup finally half truth is revealed yeah tu acha wala hai

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
hey guys
this time i much quicker...
rply to u all

this is a pretty long update, i donot want to break the way it was going so, if feels exaggerated tu sorry about it

hope u al enjoy it
as have a bit flavor of wht u all were demanding

lov fizaa

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fiza r u updaiting ???????

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Lying on the bed he was looking at ceiling aimlessly, particularly waiting for her, today it went all good…he chuckled inside how much afraid he was just to think what will her reaction on his reality but she took it quite easily without miss or judging him on tht…

With a bit awkwardness she came out to lay beside him, this was few of the nights when he is already in bed, and that so all awake but not few now whn she finds his hand on her waist or herself in his arms in morning, plus the moments at her house has increase the the feel of the intimacy with him.

She was actually feeling shy, relived that light were closed but still in moon light he can se her quite clearly, and smiling inside at her shades of blush…

 She lyed down quietly, and the very moment felt moment at her back, snaked his armed on her waist he pulled her closed, and closed his eyes…whispering a goodnite on her ear, to make her breath stop right there….


Nupur: mayank ap kaun se country mein rahty hain….

His fingers stoped at the PC and he looked back at the cutest figure, hair tight bit lossely in a bun, standing there with a frown on her forehead and arms crossed, she was certainly in no mood of humor, yet he cant help yet to smile

Mayank: wahin jaha ap rahti hain..he said turning back putting his elbow on chair

Nupur: acha tu humaray yaha tu 5 min k matlab 300 secs, or 2 mins k matlab 120 seconds hota hai aur qul mila ker yeah 7 min yahin 420 seconds hotay hain…

Mayank: han..nupur mjhy pata hai…

Nupur: acha really tu ap ko pata hai …very good..ap pechlay 2 ghante se yahin kaha rahy hain, bus 2min, acha 5min, bus soo raha hoo, thori dair yeah abhi kahtam horaha hai…

She said mimicking him and he chukled a bit, and grined widely….

Mayank: he griped her hand with affection placed it in his other hand to, sorry….islayn kah raha tha k tum tu sojao…mjhy dair hojat gi mjhy yeah aj kahtam kerna hai, kal meeting hai, thora important hai….

He said pleadingly…

Nupur: itna kam kyun kertay hain….thak jay gay…phir…sojao…the concern and the affection warmed him so much that he took her hand near him and kissed it….this sudden act of love was abit unexpected yet mr sharma is pretty much unexpected…

Mayank: nhi thako ga…bus yeah kahtam ker k jaldi se paka sojao ga, but tum sojao ja ker pls….

Nupur: okay…good night..

Life has grown into a cherish able journey, night and days has a transformation of morning of kiss and cuddling sleeps. For nupur the affection and care that was there before too,  yet the expression has been more intimate from his side, for him he say it or not yet the reflection of his feelings in her eyes had change the whole look of this relation. The reluctant tht he use to feel due to her little away behavior has disappear due to the additions of blushes that he gets on evry gesture of his. Now it seems it has always been such she being there for him, he being part of her evry min…

Aha today the morning is different ..hmmm…the curtains giggled…

Chuckling wind enters the room, and the blushing sunray too reluctantly sneak out from the clouds…

Hello miss sunrays will u enter the room, I have made way through the curtains, the wind tapped its foots..

Giggled how can I enter, look at them….i donot know what will happen when she will open her eyes

Ya it was opposite  last night, u sun and moon both r the same, he hide in me last nite at same side when after hell of work he lye down moved her fringes kissed her, and she turned and hugged him , to which he smiling took her in his arm and slept, I never saw him sleeping so peacefully, sigh

Uff God, what will happen when this will get a little more romantic, that day u all will be what goone…wind blew laughingly at them..

Ur such a shamless person, I won't give u way into them that day, huh…curtain cross its arms around…

Yes the morning is different, Mr mayank Shamra who was not so use to too all the warmth maybe he craved his whole life, is taking it inside him these days at the fullest. Yet today to the contradictory of making her close, he was doing so. Resting his head on her shoulders, holding her close to himself, and she has placed her hand around him to holding him near, he was sleeping all so peacfully

Something ranged and he groan, it has been long night for him, his definitely not in mood to wake up…

Her eyes opened with the loud sound on their head, she look aside and shudder  abit, his breath was smoothly warming her skin that was penetrating to each cell of her, she kept looking at him, he was dangerously close to him, yet she has some how now developed a comfort or satisfaction being like this. she wonder how life has changed for her, moving a bit near him she thought of kissing him yet moved away quickly has he found his eyes knitted in frustration of the alarm

Mayank: pls shut it..he snuggled more…saying in an adorable sleepy voice

She blushed more and chukled to….

Nupur: ap chorain gay tu mein band kero gi, she shyly smiled

And with a smile on his face he looked at her, who wasnt looking at him, moving his other hand to shut the alarm.

Kissing her blush n put his head back

Mayank: good morning

Nupur: good morning..mayank apko office nhi jana kiya…

Mayank: hmm

Nupur: hm kiya

Mayank: uthta hoon…

Nupur: mayank already kafi dair se alarm baj raha hai…

He looked at her in not-so liking –this .way , and moved away to get back to his work..she chukled, he is definitely  cute.


He has been cuming early from work from past few days, and was doing his work form home, it was relaxing doing it from here, she always there to warn him to stop right now, or at times pressing his head and asking him to rest. For him work has turn pleasure she being around him

So many days of him being on dot on time, today she was so much into making a perfect dinner for him.

Oho someone is humming and cooking….

Seems like not stirring a spoon rather is making ahem ahem……

Nupur: u all are so shameless, mein sirf kahna bana rahin hoon

Chachi: kya baat hai bari achi khusbo arahi hai…she enter smilingly

Nupur: she return the smile…

Chachi: kya ker rahi hoo beta, jitney pyar se baan rahi hoo, kam se kam us na laiq se poch to lo ghar ay ga bhi k nhi….8 baj rahy hain

She didn't notice it that it has alredy been 8 and he isn't at home yet…

Nupur" pls god aj nhi, aj tu dheer se na aay…

She thought of calling him , but he wasn't picking up, so she droped a msg, and got the rply instantly

Nupur: ap ghar per kahan kahy gay…..

Mayank: no..

He and his to the point talks, gosh he can't change, he can add so many prefix or atleast can add dear..she laughed inside, mayank saying dear, janu , jaan, how will sound no wonder. She still remember how she made him say I Love you….but the disappointment was there, he is not gonna cum home early…

Nupur: chachi apk liyan laga do, woh tu nhi kahay gay…

Chachi: yeah larka bhi na, khana  kitna skip kerta hai, shukar tha kuch dino se ghar per jadli arha tha…kaam kam tha shayd..

Nupur: kaha chachi, kal bhi raat mein kam soay  pata nhi, kam hi ker rahy thy

Chachi: isko tu daat lagaya kero…

After him saying no to food, she herself lost the feel to eat sumthing, yet chachi was saying he skips his meal, means he didn't eat out, and that so true, he wont...kam mein yeah kaun keray ga….

So after sometime she went back to her room, thought of watching something on tv.. it was 9 and her cell runged

Mayank: yaar pls ek coffe lao,

Nupur: kasay lao mein tu ghar per hoon…parcel kero gi tu dahti hojao gi woh apko pasand nhi…problem hai …she giggle

And despite of himself and so much in strees he smiled…

Mayank: nupurrr…..sorry I was in meeting islyan call nhi uthaya….

Nupur: koi baat nhi, ap ghar kab aay gay…

Mayank: I don't know per late hojao, tu tum soo jana,

Nupur: kahan kah liya apny

Mayank: nhi, abhi meeting ka bad…nupur I need to leave ok…bye

Nupur: bye…

He hanged the phone, and looked at the phone with a smile, the idea of listening her voice atleast once in a day is agood option to make urself fresh

The clock kept ticking and it was 11 now she was yawing more of bore dum

And the door opened and a tired figure losing his tied came in,

Mayank: hi..tum sui nhi

Nupur: hi, dair hogai

Mayank: hmm…he came and dropped himself on the bed, and lied there, closing his eyes…he was tired dam tired this setup of the business and making it run smoothly was indeed making his nerves ached

She placed her hand on his head and pressed it and he breath in relived n he moved a bit more  up to give her a proper aceess…

Mayank: ek cup coffe mily gi

She removed her hand

Nupur: nhi, kahana miley ga, fresh hojay ap..saying so she tried to move away from bed, and he opend his eyes with frown, grip her hand pulled her back on bed, looking at her as if asking to shut up, he moved towards her and placed his head on her lap and made  her hand place on his head again, giving a glimpse to her shocked expression he closed his eyes, cuddling close to him, she shivered yet she sigh looking at him, even her hands for not moving smoothly in his hairs…

Mayank: pls, headache horaha hai….

Collecting some courage…

Nupur: woh islayn cause u haven't eaten anything, uthain mayank ap change keray mein kahana lagati hoon

Mayank: hmm….2 mins

Letting him rest for sumtime just like a little child, all cuddle to her, it seems he found so much peace here, and the thought of him getting relaxed near her was making her so happy,  when she feels he may will get drif in to sleep…

Nupur: mayank uthain…pls.2 min lagay gay.chalein

Mayank: oky..he moved away and went in to change and she went to warm the food.

He came down and when see the sight infront of him, he does felt a mixed feeling inside, it was very well arranged a proper dinner, the way he likes his things, and yet considering his choice also , not being peculiar about  food, he has very few favorites and that so very simple…apart from tht he eats every things, so tht is itself a task to find his favt and than arranging them..

Yet he felt guilty for somehow overlooking the affords she put today to make him feel good yet again..not  finding her anywhere

Mayank: nupur…he called her getting seated

Nupur: ji agai….

As she accompanied him, he start eating his food , yet again in silence, she was checking his expression now and then to know wht he was feeling about it, ahh gosh he is more difficult than forensics examination, phew ..

Finishing the dinner with all the irrelevant talks , that so were definitely started by nupur, he was just answering her back, her all affords to make him speak sumthing about the dinner went in vain….

Finishing it he got up, when nupur was collecting dishes to be placed back in kitchen.. finally she heard it..

Mayank: nupur

Nupur: ji…

Mayank: thanks for the dinner..he smiled at her and helped her to place the dishes back..

If it would have been someone else, this most have been a mere formal thing , yet it mayank sharma's way of saying that he likes it, actually loved it, she wonder why he is so much formal even to the person whom he loves, at one spot he can go out of the way to do anything for her and other he cant even say what actually what he wants to…so the job is on me mr sharma, she smirk inside

Nupur: is mein thanks wali kiya baat hai…ap kiya hotel aay hoo..she said with giigle, teasing him abit to say it

Mayank: nhi hotel waly actually meri pasand k kahan meray tareqay se serve nhi kertay islayn tu biwi rekh rekhi hai…

Her jaw droped at his statement and more over at his raised eyes brows, in wht wifey ur teasing me…but that change into a smile

Mayank: tu ek cup coffe bhi pila do

Nupur: bulkily nhi…half cup bhi ni

Mayank: kyun….acha mein khud bana lo ga…

Nupur: ji nhi,..yeah koi waqt hai coffe penay k, din mein kitnay cup laytay hain ap…

Mayank: zayda kaha…5-6 he hotay hongay…

Nupur: multiply by 2 kero ya 4….

Mayank: tum mathematics ki student tu nhi hoo..

Nupur: ji magar apko coffe nhi miley gi…is waqt aram se sojao, caffeine pe pe ker alien hogay hain ap…pora din jaga lo…

Mayank: nupuuurr…mjhy addat hai…

Nupur: tu badalein…simple…coffee nhi miley…gi out of kitchen …han if u want can have a warm glass of milk n sleep…

Mayank: I m not a child…

Nupur: really…she said laughingly….

Mayank: nupur mera mazak urarahi ho…batao mein tumhain….

He griped her from her neck soflty abit ticklily and with other pulled her closed, her giggles get subside as she colloids with him…and found herself locked in his arms…

Mayank: hmm ab bolo…

She didn't said anything just smile, he moved more closed to her and kissed her ear…clutching his shirt tightly as she was doubting she will fall down any moment…she found her breath stop and heart thumbed out with his next statement

Mayank: do  u really  want me to act like a grownup..he  whispered huskily and kissed her neck, a slight sigh escaped from her mouth….he moved back to look at her face, yet  sprang apart from her with the sound of foot step, she corrected herself unnnescarily,

And he moved out as chachi entered the kitchen, sigh in relived nobody caught them, but made her blush with is biding stamtnet

Mayank: definitely a wrong place for tht….

She couldn't believe he being such, his words were still echoing in her ears….n his touch still lingering at her neck….hmm teasing him is not a good option, atleast rightly said by him here


Rains are romantic so u should be at home this moment, and I am seeing u packing ur bags…waha sharama

Driving back to home he was smiling at this statement of gunjan…

Mayank: yes dear….as I am hell tired tu aj office ap dekhain….

Gunjan: jahotay..ja ja…enjoy ker…

Mayank: sick ur

Gunjan: wht so sick about romancing with ur wife…

Mayank: shamless hai tu …woh bhi buhat zayda

Gunjan: tu Sharma ny k sara kam tu  tu kerlay ta hai…so mein kyun kero…

Reaching the door the house keeper open the door, yet it was raining dogs n cats, he went inside the home but didn't find anyone, probably no one is at home…moving up to his room his feets stop at the view he was getting of the back garden through the dining rooms window, and turn to find his love siting on the garden swing and playing with the drops…and probably huming sumthing…

Placing his things aside he made his way towards the garden, standing at the steps he was smiling looking at her the way she was enjoying it…

She was singing not only singing but also in full on masti style, was taping the swing to play the music, knowing nobody is at home, or mayank is waqt ghar per wht a joke…

This one thing of her made him laugh she is one in a million, yes laugh there have been very few moments in his life that he has actually laughed and all of them have been courtesy his wife…he didn't made noise, and with soft step went at the back of the swing…and stopped it from moving…

Her humming stoped right there she pretty well know who he is….she looked back at him who has a smirk on his face…

Nupur: ap itni jaldi agay…

Mayank: han woh mjhy neighbors ny batay ak yah concert chal raha can I miss it, saying so he came infront of her….

Nupur: ap mera amzak ura rahy hain

Mayank: nhi…janab ap andar chalna pasand keray gi

Nupur: kyun…itna acha tu lag raha hai yaha…

Mayank: yeah sardi ki barish hai nupur bemear parhan ahi….

Nupur: ab yeah sardi ki barish kiya hoti hai bhi, barish tu barish hai….kuch nhi hoga itna bara umberalla tu lag rekha hai apny is jholay k uper…seee im not wet….

Mayank: nupur its cold here getup….he griped her hand and made her stod up…

Moving with him….

Nupur: mayank ap buhat boring hain…itna acha mosam hai…

He didn't stop as the were getting drench…

Mayank: andar se bhi enjoy kersakti ho…quickly get in…

Nupur: maaynk pls na…she struggled to stop him, yet as the were climbing the step both got disbalanced with her sudden pull

Mayank: nupurr…

He griped her with one hand on her waist and supported himself by griping the pillar….colliding her back slightly with the pillar wall and moved her back to standing position

Mayank: tum thik hoo….with that he looked at her, and found her few inches away from him, checking her palm and making it cleaning wch she placed almost in mud to support she was completely unknown to the way he was looking at her, and is standing almost colliding to him….

His words stop there as he looked at her, her eyes her skin, the droplets wch were lingering on her skin, making it glow more, he couldn't think of much more than absorbing her…

Nupur: han….with this she looked at him….woh…and her words fumbled, her breath got heavy and her heart arrythmatic, each cell of her body was shivering under his gaze and that so so much blazing one , she lowered her eyes, and red crept on her cheek..

Yet her eyes got closed as she found his hand very slowly and caressingly moving on her cheek, his fingers making their way in her hairs, and his thumb enjoying the warmth that was under it,

She was feeling his breath getting near her and he was losing himself as her hands moved up to his shoulder and griped him…

He moved forward and kissed her forehead lingering there for some time, and moved down slowly  to kiss her eyes softly..moving a bit away he looked her he traced each feature of her with his eyes, he can hear her heart and his too, and followed it, he moved his hand seductively on her face, and slightly rubbed his thumb near her lips, finding her hand moved more too near his neck he moving near her n placed his lips on her, and she clutched his collar

Feeling was not at that she can react to it so easily, she was numb or lost in the feel, it was something tht yes she has been dreaming yet when it has arrived she just donot know wht to do, he was about to move away when she griped him respond him, and he encircled his arm around her waist and pulled her more closed…savoring the moment…

Moving away to make themselves breath, she didn't opened her eyes yet hugged him tighly, he smiled and crushed her in his arms, closing his eyes, he was enjoying his and her unstable heart beats, and a bliss feeling inside him…he kissed her shoulder and found her snuglling more…

Mayank: thanks for loving me Back….

She smiled and pulled him more close if was possible….

The rain was drenching them, yet they were completely  drenched with the passion and love they hold for each other, who has started to find expressions and is giving a blissd feeling…


ye dil beZubaan thaa, aaj is ko Zubaan mil gayeemeree Zindagee ko, yek haseen daasataa mil gayeejeene kaa, marane kaa, aayegaa ab majaa 




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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by raginisharma

fiza r u updaiting ???????

yup give me 5 mins

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-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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then i will go to sleep after reading update...jaldi upload karo...

fiza just one word mind blowing  ClapClapClap

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Fiza, I really dont knw how to describe my feelings after reading this update.Star

it was sooo romantic ... hayyyDay Dreaming

kya baat hai fiza, bari romantic updates mil rahe hai aajkal ...akhir baat kya hai bata bhi do ...  ab humse kya chupana???Wink

now back to update ...

fiza, i dint expect this ... i thot hug, eyelock ... or few shy kisses se kaam chal jayega ... bt wht was that?????  by god ... a full romantic update...Big smile

i was enjoyed fully ... from cuddling part in beggining ... i totally enjoyed nupurs anger and mayank cute manofy ... so lovely ... then kitchenwala part ... thats so heavenly ... by chachi ki timing galat thi Tongue... .. bechare mayurLOL ... definitely a wroge place ... his line cracked me upLOL

aur phir jo hua ... usse main words me define nahi kar sakti Blushing... that was soo sooo sooo heavenlyDay Dreaming

i was in my mayurland ... hayyyDay Dreaming

ab next part jaldi post kar ... ab aur intezaar nahi hota ... jaldi post kar ...Smile

love yaHug

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update!!!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
again another BESTesttt part till now...Day DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming
i loved it...
i loved it lodsss...Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
hayyy!!!!!!!!Day Dreaming i used to sooo loved MayUr's cuddling n all...By God!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
it was such a cute,ROMANTIC n adorable part...BlushingDay DreamingBlushing
hayyy...Mr.Sharma is sooo ROMANTIC...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
nowadays m missing MayUr moreee...sigh!!!UnhappyDay DreamingUnhappy
bt it was d bestest part...
loved all der cute cute yet Romantic moments...
ufff!!!! yeh Chachi thori der baad nhi a sakti thi...Ouch
Mr.Mayank Sharma was saying abt behaving like grownups...hayyyBlushingDay DreamingBlushing
n i was like...BlushingBlushingBlushing  Embarrassed  BlushingBlushingBlushing
Beautifully written API...HugStarHug
d way u Beautifully described abt d feelings rather dan jst showing physical closeness is jst mindddblowingggBlushingHugBlushing By God!!!Day Dreaming
n d Rain part...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming  BlushingBlushingBlushing  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
i loved it...BlushingBlushingBlushing
i loved it to d coreee...BlushingDay DreamingBlushing
waitin g for d next part...eagerly!!!!!!
love u API...HugHugHug

ps: maine comment hi itne late karke edit kiya hain so ab ap jaldi...i said JALDI update karo piiillliiissshhh...Embarrassed

pps: bhttt din baad itne sare emotions ke sath comment karke bhtt accha laga...Approve

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