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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged

Oops sorry guys..kya kero net ko pata nhi kiya hua..wasnt working at all tu meray 2mins 20 mins hogay…Have rply to u all, thnks for ur lovly comments, hope u like  this too, thank for nominating this ff so much, and double thanks to those who nominated it in most regularly updated ff… ..enjoy



Sleep, are u really thinking I am gonna sleep at this hr, A) from child hood  I have been a early raiser so sleeping again after waking once not possible, B) a dumb head idiot will be sleeping at this moment, when u have in ur arms ur love of life. Ahh a moment to enchant ur whole life, I wish I can squeeze her again, control mr mayank, u have almost crashed her twice, haina I have, I hope I haven't hurt her..

Uff..koi mjhy ek teewar do jis per mein sir marlo, how feel he has hurt herwhile hugging her, wht kind of a man he is..

Chuckled I thought he had changed in a nite but he is back…

U know I never though the person I love the most my whole life, will also be the person how will understand me so much, and so easily. In morning when she took  that promise from me, I felt like she asked me to give her all my worries. The amount of love she showered on me..ahhh…thanku….even today I am feeling her sleeping so peaceful, I have seen her to restless at nights, at time waking up at middle, but never I was able to hold her they way she did it to me, but today when a smile is playing on her face in her deep sleep, I am feeling like an achiever today….

Carefully placing her head on the pillow, moving her hairs back, giving a peck on her hairs, he moved away from her, with a content smile on his face…


Mayank: good morning chachi..

Chachi: kya hua tujha..she touch his forehead…itni tabiyat karab thi teri k tu office nhi gaya

Mayank: aray chachi kuch nhi hai…bus thora se fever tha, nupur ny sab ko sir per utha liya….

Chachi: jitna tum ko janti hoon na, bacpan se 103 kam nhi charah khabi….ja ker bhait mein nashta layti hoon…

Wasy aj itni jaldi kasay utra gaya fever…

Nupur: lay chachi mein banti hoon…..

He turned around to see her in surprise , and glared at her wch she simply ignored….

Mayank: raat bhar loog sir per bhait ker bhagy gay tu koi bhi bhag jay ga…he said looking at her who was busy lighting up the flame

Chachi: she chukled …tu acha hai na..koi tu aya jo tujhy thik ker saky..humary hath se tut u nikal chukka hai….

Mayank: chachii…mein as tu nhi kuch kerta…

Chachi: han yeahi tu kah rahi hoon…ab tu kuch was nhi kerta jasa tu tha…she said spreading her hand on his face lovingly, and left mayank lost in his thoughts…

Its better to distract him from all that, as last nite has been quite morethan enough

Nupur: ap nashty mein kya layin  gay

Mayank: ap…kyun uthi..10 tu bajy thy abhi…sooti rahti na nupur…

Nupur: nhi bus neend nhi arhi…

Mayank: yeah kiya baat hai….i am very bad at taking care…

Nupur: who said tht…she said as matter of fact in  no-ur-not..way…ans he looked at her in surprise

Ap jay mein nashat lati hoon…


Gunjan: hey nupur….dekho marna maat meary hath mein file dekh ker…

Nupur: she pouted..mein ny kab kisi ko data..

Mayank: tum atay ek sath kyun shoro hogai hoo….kiya hai

Gunjan: aray mein tu mazak ker rahi thi…sorry

Nupur: aray nhi..

Gunjan: yaar yeah hum dono itny formal kyun hain…chill kero..dekho bhi meri baato k dil per maat layna..mein asi hoon

Nupur: ho tu badlo…

Gunjan: hain

Nupur : haan ….sasural mein asa kuch nhi chaly ga….jaithani se tameez se baat kero…mera tumhara mazak hai izaat kero

Mayank who was sipping his coffee, spited out on nupurs word, n chukled….nupur too suppressed her smiled….

Mayank: best of luck…he taped her shoulder taking the file from her hand went to sit on sofa…

Gunjan: Samrat shadi cancel…aur ek min mein koi shadi wadi nhi ker rahi hoon..pls yeah sab mjhy se nhi hoga…

Nupur: aray relax mein masak ker rahi hoon

Mayank: tum us k biggest fear ki baat ker rhi hoon …

Nupur: matlab

Samrat: the great Gunjan Shergil has marriage phobia aur ap bhi bulkily apny pati ki line per chal rahin hai…yaar us ko aur tu maat daro warna mein lifetime asahi rahoo ga….

Nupur: kya..she laughed….gunjaan..

Mayank: gunjan yeah kiya hai…yeah tu kal hi final hogaya tha…

Gunjan: oh..ap se baad mein baat kerti hon..pehly office…yaar ek cup coffee mjhy bhi milay gi

Nupur: sure…tum kam kero…

Gunjan: han tu ji MR mayank Sharma….kya haal hain

Mayank: he raised is eyebrows…mjhy kiya hua hai

Gunjan: bus woh shakal per kuch glow hai

Samrat: hmm asa tu atleast fever k bad tu nhi hota

Gunjan: uffu, log ghar per…kiya ker rahy thy…

Mayank: subha biwi ny bataya na ..bemar tha

Gunjan: jhotay koi aur baat hai…hain

Samrat: han han subha bhi itni dairrr se utha hai yeah…aur dkeho muskura bhi raha hai…

Mayank: tum dono ko pata hai tum dono marny waly ho meray hath se

Gunjan: is k matlab paka kuch hai …mein nupur ko mubark bad day ker ati hoo

Mayank: gunjan ki bachi tu betay gi meray hath se….khabar dar jo us ko kuch kaha tu

Samrat: ohooo….tum batao na…hum bhabi ko bulkily tease nhi kerain gay

Mayank: koi bekar k mazak nhi horaha hai samjhy tum dono….kam kerain….

Gunjan: sadu kahin ka…

Samrat left the place to went on his way…

Gunjan: aj nupur mjhy buhat relax lag rahi hai…

He looked up to gunjan and his eyes follows the view and automatically a smile grace him…it was indeed a picture to be captures..

Nupur was talking with chachi and Samrat, was laughing and enjoying the moment, indeed she was so chilled, relax and anybody can see strange contentment and happiness on her face that actually made him feel so much peace at…though it should be other way around cause he was feeling peace at to have her in his life..but yes he cant guess that wht was actually that has taken away from her head, with his all those confession all these days…

Gunjan: aur yeah smile mein tumharay face per he nhi ankhon mein bhi dekh rahi hoon…buhat dino baad

Mayank: pata nhi halaky yeah mjhy feel kerna chaiy…but aj is k chehray per khushi buhat dino baad dekh rahi hoon…yeah asay hi hoti thi….

Gunjan: dekha thora sa time day ga tu kiya hoga…

Mayank: han aur mein tu jan bhooj ker us se door rahta hoon…

Gunjan: acha chal sign ker taky mein jao..


Days were getting brighter, and things were getting more beautiful and simple ..mayank is still the same but the change is there in nupurs reading his expression that has made there life's worth living

She was standing on the balcony smiling and enjoying the view of a beautiful evening..when suddenly she felt a touch near her shoulder…and then she realize that this warmth is of torso that she is feeling touching her back..he deliberately came and stood so close she can feel his presence …that made her starlet

Mayank: lo mjhy tu laga ta chand daar jay ga…yaha tu ap…

Nupur: ji??

Mayank:  itna ghoor ker chand ko dekho gi tu neechy gir jay ga….

Nupur: ap…woh..jaldi agay…

Mayank: hmm..andar ajao dhand hai nupur…slightly pushing her hand to make her cum in he want to remove his shoes and all…

It was new, yet was blessing his closeness that she is trying to get use to, that she is feeling now and then and tht to often..

Its was morning and he was getting ready to leave for office..

Mayank: nupur pls mera watch day do…

Nupur: samny tu rekhi hai mayank….yeah layin…

Mayank: thanks…he said as usual patting her cheek…bye…he was moving away when sumthing struck his mind..and he move back, moving close to her he pecked her forehead softly…and left…

She looked at the door that was closed after he went out from it, smiling and fluters she felt inside her….with a blush she touch her forehead and strt her day with a smile

With soft step he slowly entered kitchen, after checking his room n changing, he found his wife cutely humming a song…

Bade achay lagtay hain yeah dharti yeah nadiya yeah rahna aur..

Mayank: aur tum…he said near her ear..and she felt shiver..

With uter surprise she looked at him, and he was looking at her smiling n teasingly…with so much inside his eyes, so intently, she flet her whole body at burn…but he was enjoying the new shade that's has added to her beauty, that he acknowledging now n than at her cheeks….he  raised his eyebrows…in wht

Mayank: kitchen mein ganay gay jarahin hain hmm….

Nupur: woh bus mein tu…ap yaha

Feeling her starlet and so much nervous he smiled and move a bit away

Mayank: hmm room mein gaya tu tum nhi thi…neechy aya tu chachi nhi thi…sab kaha hain

Nupur: chachi neighbors mein gain hai…samrat gunjan k sath bahar gaya hai…aur hum yaha hain…

Mayank: okay… chalo woh mein bahar hoon…lounge mein..

Nupur: ji…

She took her breath back, and chuckled at his words, always opposite at there meaning, he is going in lounge mean cum soon n join me...

Sitting there he was surfing the channels when she joined him..

Mayank: ho gaya kam..

Nupur: was ur day

Mayan: good..things are getting settle tu ab itna strees nhi hai…samrat kaha gaya hai…

Nupur: woh seaside k pass resturnet hai na "deck" waha…

Mayank: subha tak tu woh kahin aur jaraha tha…

Nupur: hmm…he wants to go sumwhere romantic..mjh se poch rah that u mein ny kaha wah chaly jao…

Mayank: ohh..tumahin seaside pasand hai…

Nupur: hmm buhat..mjhy buhat peaceful lagta hai wah…

Mayank: aur kiya acha lagta hai…he turned to her switching off tv

Nupur: dhand mein icecream kahana…

Mayank: chukled…shabsh..dhaand mein icecream kahana….

Nupur: han apny ny khabi nhi khai kiya..

Mayank: yaar dhand mein icecream..matlab..

Nupur: lo barish mein pani pori aur khub dhand mein icecream k maza hi kuch aur hai..apko pata hai hum log shmila gay thay waha mein ny itni icecream kahi pata hai kiya tha..woh melt hi nhi hoti na arm se kahao…

She laughed and he was watching her intently, her change of expression her talks her likes and thing that make her so happy all so little and smiple..but remembering shimla a grin appear on his face..yeah mjh bata rahi hai…jab is ko pata chly gat u kiya hoga…

Nupur: mayank…a frown apper her face in worry that he want answering her is he getting bored though he was enjoying her talks

Kya hua …

Mayank: kuch nhi..mein kuch soch rah tha

Nupur: oh…kiya…

Mayank: khany k bad tumhara yeah fun try kerk dekhty hain…

Nupur: kaun sa….

Mayank: dhnad mein icecream wala ….chalo kahan kahty hain phir chlaty hain….

Nupur: ji??

Mayank: han …


Mayank: kis ko text kerahi hoo

Nupur: chachi ko un ko bataya nhi k hum bahar jarahy hain

Mayank: nupurrr…tum apny pati k sah bahr ja rahi hoon boy frind k sath nhi…

Nupur: hum per woh pershan na ho…yeah rasta tu beech ?

Mayank: hmm…mein ny soch ek jo tumko acha lagta hai woh kertay hain aur ek jo mjhy …so combine ker k dekhty hain kitna acha lagta hai…he said the last line looking at her intenely, whispering it as we r here to enjoy our togetherness..

She smiled and he move back his eyes on road..

Reaching there they step out of the car, it was chilling and peaceful out there, it was 11pm so there was almost no one out there…

Moving away he joined her, and signal her to move…

Mayank: yahin rehan kahin jana nhi…

Nupur: ap kaha ja rahain hain

Mayank: icecream nhi kahni…mein samny hi jarah hoon zayda door nhi hai,.but yaha se hilna maat okay…

Nupur: ji…

It was peaceful, it was beautiful, calm and sound all around, the moonlight dancing on the waves, the melodious sea, and than her, standing there slightly rubbing her arms a simple smile playing on her lips…everything was perfect..

Mayank: yeah lo…

Nupur: apko kasay pata mjhy chocolate paasand hai…

Mayank: mjhy buhat kuch pata tumhain bhi nhi pata…he said mischievously

Nupur: ji?

Mayank: jasay k it isnt 4  C so eat it weran yeah melt hojay gi

She was eating her icecream like a child, licking from all over enjoying evry little bit…

He couldn't hold his laugh and chuckled

Mayank: nupur…kya bacho ki tarha icecream kah rahi hoo

Nupur: lo..icecream kahan ko tu asa hi maza ata hai arm arm se..ek bite mein khatam kerny k kya faida…

Mayank: buhat achay…aur yeah kiya hai….

He moved towards her and she was looking at him with wide eyes, he placed his palm slightly on her face and with his thumb he softly wiped her skin near her lower lip..she has her eyes closed, and breathing heavly..he was looking her  sofly  and with so much passion, but viewing her trembling lips and shivering body..he moved away..

He shocked his head smile

Mayank: hogaya

She slowly opened her eyes and didn't dare to look towards him,

continue eating it and walk beside the shores…it was chilling and ice cream added to it, it was now freezing..she was rubbing her arms though was wearing a cardigan ..

Mayank: hmm dhand mein icecream lagi na sardi…

Nupur: nhi woh beech hai na is lyan …per maza nhi aya kya

Mayank: he smiled hmm kafi aay…

She felt sumthing warm around her waist and it took sec to realize it his hand that are slowly crawling on her skin, before she registered that, he slowly pulled her near hugging her from side, she looked up to him, who was having his blazed gaze fixed on her and a soft smile playing on his lips…he covered her from the side with the jacket he  was still wearing…

She couldn't help but to blush, the warmth was definitely seductive as his hands were rubbing her back..and hers were holding his wasit tightly placing her head on his torso..

Sumthinh strucked her that they are at public place, standing so intimately literally being engulf in him, she tried to pull her slef slightly out..

Mayank: kya hua…not letting her move away

Nupur: woh mayank…beech,,hai

Mayank: tu..dekh ek tu yaha koi hai nhi…aur agar hai bhi tu bhool jao.. puling her more close..she has no othe option to do wht she was actually feeling like ..forget everything …

His cell runged

Mayank: ji..hum thik hain ..woh meray sath hai… hum ajay gay..ap so jaoo…gi..

It was silence again yet a silence that was peaceful and beautiful…Slowly he placed his lips on her forehead lingering there for more than enough, and found his shirt in her fist, moving away he placed his cheek on her hairs hugging her tightly….

Mayank: chalo chalty hain

Nupur: chachi pershan horahi hongi hain na..she slightly raised her head to look at him

Mayank: han soch rahin thi un ki bahu bahg gai..ghar per nhi hai mayank kaha gai

Nupur: hain???

Mayank: aray relax..tum kahin jati nhi ho islayn...chalo chalty hain..its getting cold here..

Nupur: ji… was the only word that she can shyly whispere

She pulled her self away yet she wasn't able to do it completely as still she was in his hold and he was holding her from side..while walking towards the car..


Kuch Na Kehna Mere Kandhe Pe Jhuka Kar Sar Ko
Kitne Masoom Ho Tasveer-e-Wafa Lagte Ho

Main Ne Mehsoos Kia Tum Se jo Baatein Kar k
Tum Zamane Main Zamane Se Judaa Lagte Ho





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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L update...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
i loved it lodsss...By God!!!
jab pehli bar humne yeh ff parhna shuru kiya tha tab kabhi nhi socha tha ke ismein ase bhi heavenly update parhne ko milenge...
it was AWESOME...
uff!!! bilkul thik koi kabhi ase so sakta hain kya woh bhi tab jab u r living ur Dream in reality...sigh!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
it was heavenly update...
i hope Nupur phir se Mayank ko waisa hi bana de jaisa chachi keh rahi thi...
n den aj pehli bar Gunjan ayi toh accha laga...LOLEmbarrassedLOL
i loved der teasing session...Embarrassed
waise humey bhi mubarak baat deni hain bt dis time jab dey both confessed...plzzz atleast ek bar hi sahi..
bt i guess dey already der gestures nowadays shows der feeling for each other...
n den...i loved d way Mayank nowadays tease her...
n d way he gestured her to come to lounge to join him n Nupur understood it so well...perfect couple...mashALLAH..
n ohhh-hooo...Beach n all...
hayyy...i loved it lodsss...
waise pata hain Api me too loveee Pani pori all time...n Ice-cream spcly in winter...By God!!!
pata hain apke iss update ko parhne ke dusre hi din maine Ice cream n pani pori dono khaya...LOLEmbarrassedLOL
n i loved dat too...
loved d Beach part...
it was sooo Beautiful...n heavenly..
i sooo adore dis part...
n d current situation of MayUr...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
now i sooo want Nupur to know dat Mayank alwaysss loved her only!!!
Beatifully written...
loved it to d coreee...
loved it lodsss...
love u API...HugHugHug

ps:kya baat hain...aj kal hamari Api ko koi bada accha lagne laga hain kya??Wink har waqt aj kal yehi gana gungunati jo rehti hain..kyun!!! waise humey hamare jiju milne ke koi chances hain kya??WinkEmbarrassedApprove

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Prada_176 IF-Rockerz

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Mesmerizing Update Fiza…

Loved the morning part and about Mayank's thoughts deewar se takrane ka man to mera bhi kiya, yeh mayank bhi na….. her smile itself says she loves to stay in his arms and she would also love to be squeezed

I am also very happy to see happiness and content smile on her face and their small moments like standing close to her, kissing her forehead and kitchen part, loved their slow progression.

Most cutest part was the beach one, you descripted it so beautifully, I am loving this romantic Mayank……hayye…. I am surprised to see this romantic Mayank, kya ye wohi mayank hai

Continue soon

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by 18anila1

Fizu api... :(
whr is my reply???Broken Heart
main kal se wait kar rahi thi... :'( 

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tasnim. Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
beautiful update
mayur  were just too god
loved their closeness.
very nice part...

Edited by tasnim. - 21 January 2012 at 1:24am
mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
beautiful update. mindblowing. nupur and mayank ab apna love confession bhi kar de
Auroni.92 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 May 2010
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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Totally beautiful part dii...Clap
ClapIm speechless to see mayank this much romantic...Big smile
The whole part is so beautiful that i dont know for which portion shud i praise...
Its so mayurish and sooo
Loved this part dii..
Had a biggg grin on my face while reading and drooling over them...
Aur yeh baat sach hai ki cold mein ice-cream khane se yeh pighalti nahi..SO useful formula na...LOL
Loved it loads dii..
Cont jaldiii..

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