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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 52)

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Originally posted by jnawaz

he he...omg...i do that too...ill something totally unrelated and then be like...W*F was i thinking? happens to the best of us...our brains are that fried between school/work, family and IF ki craziness!! Wink haha...IF craziness...can't think of my life without it now...we have just made a sort of a family here with some of the people here Embarrassed

 thanks yaar!! i've been waiting for an opportunity like this for the longest time...every time i got close...something else happened...and i was over looked...but...finally things worked out...was starting to lose hope but...thank God it worked out Embarrassed God has the right time for doing things worked out when it was meant to be Smile

i dont think ive ever written anything in first person..though there is one idea in mind that will be full on Maan's you can guess...its a sad one Wink the word 'sad' is like music to my ears LOL..i like writing to first person...i don't why...but i just do Embarrassed

LOL ya me the same way with guli...although shes the one yelling at me most of the time Ouch...more so than my own i just hate it when she's right LOL Ya i am Guli in my friendship with my bestie...LOL...and i love being right ROFLand admit it...her being right makes ur life easier LOL

 aare...we all know that pyaar ke mamle mein munda is maha slow...usually...and thats what we love naa...haye...the golden days of Geet...maan all uber confused with his feelings for geet LOLohhh...those gud old days when Maaneet were actually were the leads...i miss those days...Cry


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Rey honey...I got here just now...if u r around make a move...I'm tired n will retire early...oh n after the update look out for my PM...Tongue

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okay eshu is all ready to update...
and PM...hmmm...i shall wait for that then :D

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Hellos my lovely people...finally back with another installment of Silent Suffering..i will repeat the same thing I say in the beginning of every update. Please, let me know if you are interested in being added to my PM list. I can only add someone back if I know who they are going to be reading..thank u in advance...

EnjoySmile...i am pretty sure u will Wink


"Geet", I called to her softly as I approached her sitting on a rock. She was there again, back at Delhi's Hilltop draped in another red chiffon saree and her straight tresses open playing with the fast wind. She turned around with a beautiful smile on her lips as she heard me call out to her. She held out her hand for me to take and I gripped it as I sat next to her on the rock.

"Geet, your hands are so cold. You should be dressed warmer for the cold weather.", I said as I shrugged out of my black blazer draping it around her shoulders. She smiled at me warmly as I ran my hands along her arms trying to warm her.  I sighed happily; I was at peace when I was with her.

"You know Maan, Payal sounds nicer from your lips because only you call me that.", she said as she looked at me love filled eyes as happiness shone in them.

I leaned in to kiss her forehead tenderly, "Then I will only call you Payal. My Payal.", I whispered and she dropped her head on my shoulder as we sat in peaceful silence as the wind howled around us. Just then, dark clouds roared in with thunder. It looked like another storm was coming. She huddled closer to me as she tried to tighten the blazer around herself as the cold breeze went through her clothes.

"We should go Payal, it looks like there is a storm coming.", I said as I rubbed my hands against her arms to warm her.

She frowned at me, "No Maan, I don't want to leave."

"But baby, it's going to start raining soon and you will get sick.", I explained as I stood up holding out my hand for her to take.

"But there was a storm the night you found me then why didn't you just leave me there then?", she asked angrily as she got off the rock letting the blazer drop in the process.

I looked at her in confusion wondering how she was getting upset but I didn't want to upset her further, "Try and understand Payal, you will get sick if you get wet in the rain.", I said taking a step closer to her as light raindrops started hitting us.

"I am not leaving Maan. This is our place; you saved me from here. This is the only place I feel safe.", she said as tears filled her eyes. "I am not leaving.", she repeated as she started walking backwards.

I stood in shock as my eyes fell to her neck; there was a black beaded necklace around her neck: her managsltura. Not being able to believe my eyes, I looked up at the pinch of red in the parting of her hair that I didn't notice before. That couldn't be. My heart began to ache in an unknown way as realization dawned on.

"I won't leave Maan.', she whispered breaking out of my trance. It was then I realized that Geet was still walking backwards and if she kept going, she would fall from the cliff.

With my heart in my throat I yelled out to her, "Stop Payal ! you are going to fall.". I breathed a sigh of relief as she stopped barely inches away from the cliff.

"I don't want to leave you Maan; you saved me when the own world failed me.", she whispered through her tears taking another step back.

"What are you talking about Payal?", I questioned but she gave no answer as she just kept looking at me. "I will never leave you Payal.", I said making a promise that wouldn't be able to keep because she was someone else's Geet not My Payal.

"No Maan, I don't have the strength to go on anymore."

"No please, don't take another step back; I beg of you.", I pleaded as tears began to pool in my eyes. I blinked them away quickly so I could see her again. I took another step towards her but she took another step back.

"I love you Maan, I love you for saving me when life was suppose to end up for me.", she said as she smiled through her tears. "But now, I give up.", she whispered as she took her hand to her neck pulling her managsltura out with one quick jerk. "I give up.", she whispered again as she dropped the managsltura to the sand and threw herself off the cliff.

"PAYALLL!", I yelled as I lurched forward to save her but only encountered thin air.

I bolted upright as the dream broke with sweat beads drenching my face and vest. I took deep breaths to slow down my rapid heart that threatened to pop out of my chest. "It was just a dream, just a dream.", I repeated to myself as I ran my hand through my hair. Looking at the digital clock on my right, I saw that it was only four in the morning and I had barely managed to sleep for three hours.  Hitting the switch for the lamp, I squinted my eyes against the brightness as light flooded the room blinking a few times as my pupils dilated to adjust the light.  Swinging my legs over the bed, I tried to stand up but my legs shook slightly. The dream had shaken my up more than I had thought. I somehow wobbled to the bathroom flicking the light switch before I went to the basin. I splashed cold water on my face driving the last of the dream away. It wasn't that I wasn't use to the dreams I got; I had been getting since the night I found her. But this dream was different; she had died in this dream. A wave of sadness hit me leaving me restless. I knew I wouldn't be at peace until I saw with my own eyes that she was indeed okay. Making my way to the closet, I pulled on a pair of black denim jeans and a gray collared shirt on top. Picking up my pager and cell phone off the side table, I made my way downstairs through a silent Khurana mansion.  

Being the only son of my parents and the heir of the Khurana family, I was left with wealth and a construction company, which was of no interest to me. I had decided that I would work hard and earn making my own identity. I wanted to become someone more than just business tycoon Ranjeet Khurana's son. I handed the company over to a person who was as close to me as Pari was: Aditya Khanna. The geeky nerd I knew since the first day of school. Adi was fifty percent shareholder with Khurana Constructions but he still kept me a part of the company including me in every decision even though I assured him that the company was only his now.

Pushing my thoughts aside, I pulled my BMW out of the driveway to speeding away to the hospital. As a doctor, I was used to waking up at odd hours of the night as my pager went off but I wasn't use to making trips to the hospital to check up on a girl who wasn't my patient. Over the six months she spent in the hospital, the only information I had about her was her name. Weeks ago, she had whispered her real name to me; but then she had clamped up again despite our best efforts. I knew nothing about her but she had become a part of my life before I could even understand. Parking the car into the reserved spot in the parking lot, I made my way up through the relatively quiet hospital to the second floor. I would just sneak a peek at her; just to see if she was sleeping then I would go home; I told myself as I approached her room door.


Pari rubbed a hand against her nape trying to work out the tension. It had been one hell of a day and she was ready to get some sleep. She pushed the elevator button tapping her right foot as she waited. Just then the doors opened and she crashed into a hard chest, as she was going in thinking there was no one coming out.  She looked up ready to apologize when she saw the worried face of Maan.

"Maan, what are you doing here so late?", she asked placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. She took his  hand to pull him out of the elevator as the doors closed.

"I need to see Geet, I need to see Geet.", he said in a rush as he turned away to dash to her room.

"Wait Maan.", she said speed walking to catch up. "She is sleeping right now, you can see her in the morning.", she said with a slight tug on his arm.

"No, I need to see her now, right now.", he said in a low whisper as his eyes filled up with tears.

Pari was even more worried now as she saw Maan in tears, "What's wrong?", she asked softly holding his shoulders.

"I...I had a nightmare.", he whispered as his hand found it's ways to grip hers. Pari gave his hand a gentle squeeze urging him to continue. "She died, my Payal died.", he slowly uttered as tears began to stream down his cheeks.

Pari simply wrapped her hands around her waist silently comforting him, "She is fine Maan, I checked on her a while ago.", she said a few moments later as she lifted her head from his chest and reached up to wipe his tears.

" need to see her myself.", he said turning towards the direction of her room.

Pari watched him walk a few steps before she called his name, "Maan.", and he turned around. "If not to me, at least admit to yourself of what's in your heart.", she said softly before she turned around to step into the elevator that just came, leaving him staring after her.


Pari was startled as she almost crashed into Yash as she stepped into the elevator. Well, it looked like it was a day of crashing today.

"Hello Dr.Maltorta.", he said with a chirp. How could he possibly he so cheerful at five in the morning when he had at least spent the last thirty-six hours working ?

"It's Pari for now, I am not working right now." she said with a frown as she crossed her arms over her chest as she waited for the elevator to come to a stop. Pari wasn't in the greatest mood: she was tired as hell, her best friend couldn't admit to himself that he had feelings for Geet and the man she loved was oblivious to her feelings.

"Okay then Pari, care to tell me why you are in a mood to rip my head off?", he asked with a grin as he took a step closer.

You know what, she was done with the hide and seek game they had been playing for the last two years. She took a deep breath: it was now or never. Without a second thought, she pressed the red stop button of the elevator and the elevator halted suddenly.

He looked at her with a questioning gaze, " yes, I would care to tell you why I want to rip your head off.", she said slowly taking a step closer to him as he involuntarily took a step back.

"Ummm..ok then.", he said slowly as he took another few retreating steps until his back touched the wall of the elevator and Pari caged him in by placing both her hands on either side of his face. He looked at her as she wore the sexist smirk on her face. "So are you going to tell me?", he asked as I lost himself in her eyes.

"Huh?", she said as she fought to take her eyes away from him taking a much needed step back.

"What happened?", he asked. "Killing plans cancelled?"

He grinned openly as he leaned against the wall thinking she was back in her shy shell. Pari looked at his grinning face as he was openly enjoying the turn of events. Oh no, she wasn't going back out now.

"Actually no, there is something I want to tell you.", she started to say and he nodded with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Actually...actually...I..I--"

"Come on Pari go on, you sound like a broken record.", he said with a laugh

Oh, how dare he mock her like that ? "Look who is talking Dr.Shergill. At least I am trying to tell you that I am in love you unlike you, who hasn't even tried.", she screamed in a huff and then gasped as she realized what she had actually said.

Yash stared at her unable to believe what she had said. She had said that she loved him. Oh my god, Pari Maltorta was in love with him. "What did you say?", he asked as he stepped closer to her.

"You heard me the first time around Shergill.", she said with her attitude back in place as she reached out to start the elevator again but he covered her hand pulling it back.

"You have said your bit but I never got a chance to say anything.", he said tugging on her hand to gently crash her against his chest. She landed with a gentle thud and fought the temptation to let her head against his warm chest. He placed a finger under her chin tilting her face up. "I love you too Pari Maltorta. I have been in love for you for a very long time.", he whispered huskily as he ran his fingers along her soft cheek. She blushed as she looked down but Yash wouldn't have that; he tilted her chin up gently urging her to read the love in his eyes. "I really do love you."

Unable to say anything else, their arms found their way around each other as they lost themselves in a tight embrace of love. And the hospital staff wondered why one of the elevators wasn't working?


I sat up against the bed rest of my room in the darkness with only the moonlight pouring in ,as sleep invaded me. Sleep was the last thing on my mind as I fought to escape the demons of my own past. A past I couldn't share with anyone. Dr.Maltorta had tried everything but what good would happen if I told them of the life I had. The life that was suppose to end that night; the life he saved. Maan; I whispered his name in my mind. His name carried a sweetness of it's own. I trusted him despite my best efforts not to; his eyes were warm and promising, his hands strong yet gentle and his smile was the sweetest ever. Everyday, he came here and talked to me even if I didn't say a word in return; he never gave up on me. But he couldn't know the truth; I had made a huge mistake in telling him my name. I loved the name he had for me: Payal; he said with certain sweetness in his voice.  Not only the sweetness in his voice, he was sweet in every way possible. I may be Geet for the whole world, but for him I was only Payal: his Payal. I sighed as I scolded myself for thinking of a man in such a way; I had no right, I had no right to be drawn to him; no right at all. I rested my head on my drawn knees as an expected wave of tears hit. Tears was all I had left in my life and there was no room for happiness; no room at all.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, I quickly wiped my tears and laid back in bed drawing the blanket up to my neck as I closed my eyes breathing evenly to make it look like I was sleeping. It was probably one of nurses coming to check on me and if she didn't find me sleeping then she would put on sedatives again. I listened closely as I heard the footsteps draw closer to my room door but they didn't sound like female footsteps. My heart lurched in fear thinking who could it be coming to my room at this time of the night. Then, I heard the room door open slowly as the person stood in the doorway for a few moments until I heard the person sigh. Wait, is that who I think it is ? As much as I wanted to be wrong, I knew who my late night  visitor was. It was Maan but what was he doing at the hospital so late? Fighting the urge to open my eyes to look at; I concentrated on breathing evenly as I prayed to Babaji that he would leave. But clearly Babaji wasn't listening as I heard his footsteps coming towards my bed until I felt his presence next to my bed.

"Thank god you are okay.", he whispered as he ran a gentle hand on my hair. I felt my breath hitch as I felt his touch against mine. How I wished that I didn't react to his touch. He noticed the change in my breathing as he put a hand to my cheek, "Payal?" I focused on pretending to sleep so he wouldn't find me awake. After a few moments he sat down next to me after he was satisfied that I was indeed sleeping.

Moments passed by but he didn't say a word but I listened to his steady breathing as he sat next to me. Sighing, he picked up one of my hands and laced our fingers together; his warm skin sent tinges down my spine but I tried to remain calm. If I woke up then he would leave and I knew deep down that I didn't want him to leave; not now, not ever. "I am sorry I came so late at night but I just had to see you Payal.", he said slowly as he squeezed my hand. "I don't know why I came but I did. Oh God, I don't even know what the hell is wrong with me. I dream of you every night as I close my eyes, I think of you every waking minute of my life and all I want is just to be with you." Tears filled my closed eyes as I heard the sweet words he uttered and I fought to keep them in. I knew he was looking at me intently with his intense yet gentle eyes. I always felt as though his eyes could right through me; he could see my soul. "I woke with tears in my eyes because you left me in my dream; you killed yourself.", he said in a low whisper, his voice filled with pain and agony. "I couldn't bare the thought of you ever leaving; of you not being in y life. I tried denying it, I tried lying to myself but I can't do it anymore. I have to accept the truth: I have fallen hopelessly in love with you Payal.", he confessed and unable to hold myself back, I gasped in shock.

"Payal?", he called out my name softly and my eyelids fluttered openly slowly and the unshed tears began to roll down my cheeks. His eyes first grew wide in shock as realization dawned on him and then filled with guilt as he lowered his gaze unable to meet my eyes as I stared at him in shock.

"Listen, I am'I am so sorry. I mean, I shouldn't have--"

"Leave Maan, please leave right now.", I said as I looked at him breaking my silence once again. I wiped the tears away telling myself not to cry.

"Please Payal, let me try to explain."

"Dr.Khurana, I said please leave.", I said as I turned my face towards the window so I wouldn't have to look into his beautiful eyes that love for me.

He stood there contemplating for a few moments before he decided to leave stopping at the door, "I am sorry Payal not for the fact that I have feelings for you; I am not ashamed of the way I feel. But I am sorry for the way you found out.", he said quietly before he left.

As soon I could no longer hear his fading footsteps, i let the dam break as I sobbed into the pillow. I sobbed for the man I could never be with, I sobbed for the love I never had, I sobbed for the love I could never have and I sobbed for at the creul joke destiny was playing on me. There was only sorrow written in my fate. I know I have no right to love Maan or to be loved by him. I can't: I am still a married woman.

So'.how was it ??? Not only is Dr.khurana in LOVE but he is in love with a MARRIED WOMAN :O oh oh...

Come on folks'let me know how it was'and my silent readers, do break ur silence as well'now that Geet has broken in twice..lolz

Love, love, love

Reya <3

next ch:

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There are many things I love in this story. I will jot them down.Geek

1. Maan and Pari : Friendship is the most valued relation. What friends do and feel for us no one can. I simply adore this two together. Big smile

2. Yash and Pari : please inki nayya ko dhakka do. I was actually waiting for them to kiss. A love confession, a stranded lift and all they do is a HUG? I mean seriously? they spent two years in "pehle aap pehle aap" to say ILU, kiss karne me not only them but humare bhi baal safed ho jayenge I am sure.ConfusedOuchLOL

3. Maan Singh Khurana : His kind of love is a material of fairy tales. He knows nothing about her yet he loves her to the level of insanity. I have a feeling that since he found Geet the day his Grandmother passed away adds to his feelings for Geet.EmbarrassedClap

Now coming to the update:Wink

Geet married or not for all I care. She is a woman wronged, and the person responsible deserves to rot in hellAngry.Angry Its still not clear what kind of past Geet has, but the trauma and her silence (six months is a long time) says a lot about her suffering.CryCry

As a reader I would love to see Geet recuperating in a slow and steady way both physically as well as emotionally. The first thing is she must never think herself responsible for any of it. Smile

And finally when justice strikes, let it be only her to see through it (of course with Maan and Pari by her side) but it must be her to put an end to her suffering.Big smile

No words to describe the brilliance of the writer. Fabulous.ClapClap

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Wonderful update...!!
maan's horror dream...Shocked Ouch...bechara...n then he rushin to meet her...he loves her...yayy...Embarrassed
oohhhooo...geet also is attracted towards him..
maan confessed...Shocked Shocked
geet asking him to go away...aisa kyun..??? ok she needs to come out of her own turmoil...n bare the truth that someone loves her...Embarrassed
cont soon...
u kw peh;e mujhe laga tha that it was not a dream but a leap in their life...wea they r married...oh boy...i was wrong...LOL
loved the update...!!

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bansiii Hug..long time no see missed u 

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