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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 107)

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by punam2712

yup...slow and steady wins the race :)

Originally posted by ajenn

Glad to see Geet is being herself to Maan. Thou she yet to speak bout herself, she is opening up. 
Its wonderful , u know how to play keyboard. The music part sounds interesting but I done really understand anything bout music and nods LOL  Yet I find it pretty cool... 
Continue soon dear...
she is slowly getting there...or at least that's what i am trying to show Embarrassed...honestly...i personally find it pretty cool...all that wonderful music with just 7 letters :D

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by shalini_s

nice one.. waiting for the precap..
thank u :)

Originally posted by Krishnaluv94

Great update!
thankooo :)

Originally posted by dumas

awesome update loved it that was cute glad geet is opening up to maan thanks for the pm loved the update continue soon

thanks hun :) glad u liked it Embarrassed
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preethia

loved the update
geet is realizing maan's love hopefully she wud trust him soon enough to share abt her past and the fear she holds
i know it seems slow but i want it to be i am glad u like it Embarrassed

Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi thanks 4 da pm n superb rockin update! Loved it! was intense n emotional as well. Love Geet! Maan admits his love! Well written! Sorry 4 late likes n comments! Love NPM !! 
Maan has no problem admitting his love...he does it at every chance he gets...thank u for liking it Embarrassed

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by swetha10

Amazing update...
gud to c geet opening up to maan...
plzz continue soon

thank u :) glad u are liking itEmbarrassed
Originally posted by rupzloveu

awesome update.

Originally posted by lil.mizz.smexii

thanks hun Embarrassed
sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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moi here jalebi 

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Hello everyone, back with a update. I said in a week but you know how it.Embarrassed

Thank you for all your lovely comments, couldn't reply to all of them but loved them'Big smile

Not edited yet'plz ignore silly mistakes and read the note at the end of the chapter.Embarrassed

Oh ya'I posted a OS today. Here is the link for anyone who will catch the chapter before I send PMs:


I reheated our breakfast and started setting the table while I waited for him. Just as I was able to sit down, I remembered his black coffee and dashed off to the kitchen. I had taken the liberty to give Nakul Kaka the day off and wanted to cook on my own today.

Out of sheer habit, without even thinking about it, I was going to put a spoon of sugar in the coffee before I remembered Maan took his coffee black, Maan wasn't him. "Remember ? No sugar for Sweet Maan."

"That's Right ,Sweet Geet."

I turned around to see him standing there with his arms across his chest, with an easy smile on his face. I blushed a scarlet red when I noticed the endearment he repeated back to me.

"Oh wow, you went all out.", he said as he sat down looking at the table.

"It wouldn't be much of a surprise if I didn't make your favorite." I put a serving of Spanish omelette on his plate, adding whole-wheat toast before I sat down ready for my aloo parathas.

"You know, I could have shared the aloo parathas with you and it would have saved you the effort of making another breakfast.", he said as he took a bite. "I totally take that back. This is great, it almost tastes like Dadi Ma's use to ." I smiled at his praise.

"Thank you but like I said before: It wouldn't be much of a surprise if I didn't make your favorite."

I took a sip of my tea before he covered one of my hands with his. "I won't say thanks because you don't say thank you to your loved one but I am touched with your 'sweet' gesture."

"Then, you won't mind that I gave Nakul Kaka the day off and want to cook myself ?" I asked biting my bottom lip out of a nervous habit.

"Of course not, this house is much as yours as it is mine.", he smiled and reached up to stroke just below my lower lip, silently telling me to stop torturing my lip.

His simple touch caused my heart flutter and his chocolate eyes looking into mine didn't help.

'Got some breakfast for another person?"

I leaned back, now realizing how close our faces had been. Dr.Maltorta, though she demanded I call her Pari, literally came skipping to the table. Maan rose to greet her, though he looked like he wanted to throttle her.

"Hi Pari.", I greeted her and she surprised me by pulling me into a tight hug.

"Hey Geet. How are you doing ?"

"Good.", I said and turned my attention back to my breakfast.

"Hello Dr.Maltorta. Can I ask what the hell you are doing here when you are suppose to be at the hospital ?", Maan asked with a serious face but I could tell he was teasing her.

"Late start today and plus I wanted to make you sure you made it to work today.", she glanced my way before she sent a wink his way.

A few moments of quiet followed while everyone focused on breakfast but Pari was trying her best to rile Maan up with her funny expressions and winks, which he played along with.

"So Pari, how are you and Yash doing ?", Maan asked as he sipped his coffee.

I rose from the table, giving them privacy, "I will let you two catch up."

Maan stopped me with a hold on my hand. "Please stay, Geet.", Pari requested at the same time. I sat back down with Maan's hand in mine under the table. "I took Yash to see mom a couple weeks ago, actually on the day I came to see you two."

"A couple of weeks and you tell me now Maltorta.", he sounded a little annoyed. He crossed his arms and pretended to pout which looked absolutely adorable.

Pari gave a quick laugh, "Oh, stop being such a girl. I didn't want to disturb your time with Geet." Both Maan and I understood what she meant by that. "But long story short, I told him everything, about Dad leaving, about Mom's mental stability and pretty much everything."

I knew Pari's story, she had shared it with while I was still at the hospital, probably in attempts to share my own story. It had broken my heart to hear that such a caring person had suffered through a difficult past as well.

"And what did Yash say ?", Maan asked, his face growing serious.

"He'he said all the things that I didn't expect him to. He said that he respected and applauded me for becoming the person I did despite the obstacles fate threw my way. He accepted me Maan." Her eyes grew soft, her love evident.

He stood up giving Pari a warm hug, "I knew he would, he loves you more than you know and you deserve every bit of the happiness."

I watched the moment they shared, and my heart melted. It showed how much Maan cared for Pari and Pari for him.

"Come on Maan, let's get to work now.", Pari said pulling back.

'Right, let me grab my bag from the room."

Pari and I walked to the door in silence and then I dared to ask the question I had been wanting to since she came, "Did Brij Veerji come back to the hospital ?"

"Actually he hasn't, and I don't think you need to worry." She gave my hand a gentle touch.

Just then, Maan came with his bag slung on his shoulder.

"Okay Geet, you take care of yourself. And I would like you to come by the hospital for a checkup.", Pari said.

I stiffened. Back to the hospital, I didn't want that. "But I am perfectly fine now."

Pari smiled sweetly, "But, it wouldn't hurt to run some tests. Just to make sure everything is fine."

Maan squeezed my hand, "Don't worry about it for now, we don't have to go today." I nodded.

Pari said her goodbye and walked outside to give us a moment.

"Ah, okay then. Here is a cell phone I got for you.", he said handing me the latest Iphone. "It has all the possible contacts: my number, the hospital's, Pari's even Yash's. Call if you need me, no matter what. I promise to come as soon as I can. And all the servants are here if you need anything. And make sure you stay safe, take a driver if you want to go out. There is a bodyguard I arranged for you as well. And---", he seem to be rambling off until I stopped him with a touch on his hand.

"Relax Maan, I will be okay by myself." I tried to reassure with a smile but it didn't seem to work because the next moment, he pulled me close to his chest.

"I am scared to leave you alone.", he whispered into my hair and his hold tightened. We both remember what happened last time he had to leave for a few hours.

"I know, and so am I. I really don't know how to be without you.", I admitted as I tilted my face to look up at him. "But we will get through it day by day."

He nodded, and gave me a tender kiss on my forehead. "I love you."

Those three words always brought a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. "I know."

We stepped back as he turned to walk out.

"Wait, I forgot to give you your lunch.", I ran to the kitchen to get it. "Here you go, don't eat the tasteless caf food."

"I hope you packed for Pari too because I don't plan to share my lunch."

I chuckled, "I did, now go." I nudged him towards the door. He walked a few steps, but then walked backwards again.

"I will miss you Payal.", he whispered close to my ear, kissed my cheek before he walked out leaving me blushing.


I breathed a sigh of relief when Maan walked through the door at night. The hours had been, if simply put: torture for both us. He called whenever possible to check on me. I roamed around the house. Tried to watch TV but it was boring when I couldn't fight for the remote. Tried playing the piano but the stool seemed to too empty without his presence. The only positive outlook of the day was the time I spent in the kitchen.

Without thinking, I ran into his arms just as he placed his bag down. He arms wrapped around me , welcoming me. Our grip strong on each other, his cheek against my hair and everything was perfect.

"I take it you missed me?", he asked with a teasing tone as he pulled back to look at me.

I shied away but nodded at him. He chuckled pulling me back into his arms. "I missed you too."


"You need some help ?"

I jumped a little at his voice and spun around to see him frowning, "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." He came up to stand behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders rubbing small soothing circles.

'It's okay, I get spooked easily.", I gave his hand a touch before I opened the lid to check the seafood linguine. "The table is already set, but you can grab the salad from the fridge."

"It smells amazing in here.", he closed his eyes as he smelled the dish. "Is it still cook 'Maan's favourite food' day ?

Smiling, I nodded, "I bribed Nakul kaka to tell me your favorites. We start with a garden salad, a garlic and herb bread, and then seafood linguine for main course and to finish off with vanilla bean crme brulee."

He placed the salad bowl back on the counter to stare at me, "You are kidding."

I lifted a shoulder in an easy shrug, "It wasn't much. I had the whole day to do nothing. Come on, we can give the pasta a few minutes while we start on the salad."

I stopped to grab a lighter and answered his silent question when he lifted an eyebrow, "For the candles"

I admit I fussed a little, with the candles, and the pretty plates, and the flowers in a vase but I wanted to make it special and his smile was all worth it. "You know, you are spoiling me.", he said, taking a forkful of salad.

"You spoil me, I spoil you. I think it's a good balance."


Dinner was a major success, but the crme brulee was the real test because it's something I tried for the first time because it was Maan's favourite. I waited, holding my breath as Maan took the first spoonful. He smiled and then closed his eyes. I did a mental wohooo at his reaction.

"Oh my god, you are a goddess.", he complimented giving my hand a kiss before he went back to his dessert.

"So how was first day back?", I asked, before taking the spoon he offered

"It was okay, I quit."

"You what ?", I almost choked on the crme brulee. "Why ?"

He shrugged like it was no big deal. "Dr. Maan Singh Khurana. This is serious, you can't just quit like that!", I winced at my own scolding mother-like tone but he couldn't just quit and i knew I was the reason.

He was quiet for a few moments, eating his dessert like I hadn't even spoken. I waited, waited and waited. He sighed, "I couldn't do it anymore."

"You love being a doctor Maan, I know that. You saved a unknown girl from the jungle on a stormy night because your conscious wouldn't have let you live knowing you didn't save someone you could have."

He reached for my hand, " Finding you was fate, we were destined to meet."

"Maan, I know you resigned because of me.", I said slipping my hand out of his and rose to pick up the dishes.

"It's not like that Geet.", he tried to explain but I brushed him off, making my way to the kitchen. What is this man made of? What extent is he going to go for me? He gave up a job he loved, at one of the most prestigious hospital just because of me. That made me angry, not at him but at myself. He couldn't keep making sacrifices for me like that.

I turned on the water and started the dishes as I heard him coming in the kitchen. "Geet, I can explain."

"You don't need to.", I stated, kept my eyes and hands busy so I wouldn't linger on the saddened look on his face.

It was tension filled silence as he brought the dishes to the kitchen and I cleaned up. He didn't say a word knowing I wasn't going to listen.

"Maan, I am not worth the sacrifices you are making.", I told him before I went past him but he stopped me with taking a hold of my wrist.

"Yes, you are. You are the most important to me. I love you. You are worth everything."

I angrily pulled my wrist out of his hold, "No, I am not !", I snapped. "How can you say when you don't even know anything ?"

"How the hell I am suppose to know anything when you won't tell me ?", his voice rose slightly. It wasn't even close to yelling but this was loudest I had heard him.

"You want the truth ?", I asked but didn't wait for his answer. "I will tell you the truth. You making all this sacrifices for a married woman, I am married to a man who abused me sexually, physically and emotionally for eight long years. And now the man, my own cousin, you are protecting me from wants to kill me for dishonoring the family, for trying to leave him ! ", I yelled through my sobs.

Okay..what's the verdict ? I honestly don't know how this chapter turned out but moi tried. At least Maan knows something

And now...with that I am taking a break for exams...I know, what a point to leave off on but you have some information now. I will be back after April 17th

Thanks for reading..comment and let moi know how it was..Embarrassed

Love,love, love

Reya <3

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awsome part...glad that geet shared atleast something from her past with him...though out of anger.. waiting to see maan's reaction...Smile

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