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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 33)

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
chapter 17
"where are they piya" asked misha
its the day of jehs release and abhay and Rohan went to fetch him from the hospital.

"relax misha"
"Yes, but Im so nervous! I think Im just lucky to have him back." I hugged her.
"I know. Im also happy to have him back." I said soft. Right then we heard the car honk outside.
"They are here!" called misha and ran outside and directly into jehs arm, who just got out of the car. I watched the scene smiling from the door. It has taken jeh  a few months to recover, but now he was back.
"Mum, Mum! That was sooo cool. I was allowed to drive Uncle jehs wheelchair." called Rohan and jumped on my arm.
"Uff, you are really heavy young man. But thats great that you drove Uncle jehs wheelchair. Im sure you did a great job." I kissed his cheek.
"Yes, he did. He is the perfect driver, and we only knocked down one of the nurses!" called jeh grinning and winked at Rohan who giggled.
"Im so happy that Uncle jeh is back, now we can play soccer again, together with dad!" he called smiling.
"Yes honey. Im also happy that hes back." I answered serious and watched jeh walking up to me.
"Believe me, me also." he said and hugged me.
"Good to have you back." I whispered. He kissed my forhead and walked inside.
"Where is my daughter?" he asked and misha led him into their room, where Pooja slept. Me, abhay  and Rohan stayed in the living room.
"Are you ok?" I asked abhay as I had seen that there was something on his mind.
"Yes, Im fine." he kissed my forhead and smiled.
We settled in the livingroom together and talked. After a while jeh  decided to rest a bit as he was tired.
"misha, Ill take care of Pooja for a bit, so you can be with jeh. Ok?" I aske and she nodded.
"That would be great. Thank you."
It was so great to have jeh back. We just became a normal family again. chand Uncle dropped by from time to time and he was absolutely in love with Pooja. He always talked about his grandchildren when he spoke of Rohan and her. I felt so lucky to know that all my beloved ones are happy but I saw that abhay wasnt ok. He was really calm and very often in a world of his own.

"abhay? What is with you?" I asked one day when I saw him standing at Poojas bed, watching her sleep. He jumped a bit, as he hadnt heard me entering the room and shot me a sad look.
"Nothing, Im fine." But I knew he was lying, so I took his hand and let him into my room.
"abhay, I can see that you are sad about something. Please talk to me." I looked begging at him, but he only smiled and brushed my hair behind my ear.
"piya, my sweet piya. How much I love you." He looked at me if he I wasnt there, as if he looked through me.
"I love you too, abhay. But what is with you? Please tell me. No matter what it is, Im sure we can get this together." He turned around and walked over to the table where Rohans baby photos stood. He took one of it and looked sad at it.
"Im so sorry for not being with you when Rohan was born." he suddenly said.
"How could you? You didnt even know that he existed." I answered calm.
"I know, but I... since Pooja was born and since I see how happy jeh  is to be a dad, Im even more sorry for not being there for my son in his first years. I havent heard his first scream, havent seen his first smile or his first steps. He never said "Dad" to anybody..." I turned abhay to me and stroke his cheek.
"But now he calls you "Dad" and now you can see him growing up every day. Im sorry for not having told you about him." He took my hand and kissed it.
"piya, I have thought a lot in the last weeks and one thing is for sure. I love you more than my life and I want to spend the rest of this life with you... and I want sisters and brothers for Rohan..." I blushed and looked at the ground.
"abhay but..." I began, but he put his finger under my chin and forced me so to look at him.
"I know piya. Im fast, normally theres firstly the marriage and then the children. Ok..." I looked shocked at him when he went down on his knee in front of me.
"I wanted to ask you this since I met you... piya jaiswal..." The tears welled up in my eyes and my heart was about to burst with all the love I felt for abhay at that moment.
"I know weve been through quiet a lot, but we got over it and most of all, we found each other again. I love you, piya and I dont want to miss you for just one day for the rest of my life. So..." I watched him crying and even before he could ask me I nodded and whispered "YES".
abhay shot me a suprised look and got up.
"Yes?" he asked unsure.
"Yes." I nodded and smiled at him.
"YES!" he called, lifted me up and whirled me around. I laughed hysterical.

He carried me downstairs and outside into the garden where misha and chand Uncle sat and jeh and Rohan played soccer.
"Hey everybody! She said YES!" called abhay happy.
"abhay, let me down!" I called laughing.
"Oh my god, really? Im sooo happy!" called misha and hugged me tight after abhay had let me down.
"You knew what he was up to, am I right?" I asked her grinning, she only laughed and nodded.
"We all knew it." said chand Uncle smiling, I looked a bit unsure at him.
"Im so happy for you. And I cant ask for a better daughter-in-law." he answered sensing my doubts.
I bent down to touch his feet, but he pulled me up and hugged me.
"Dad!" Rohan ran to abhay and he lifted him up.
"Hey, champ. Your Mum and me are finally getting married, what do you think about that?" he asked. Rohan giggled and nodded.
"It was time for you to ask her." abhay shot him a suprised look, but then laughed freely.
"Uhm...Dad. I have a question. Do I get a little brother? I mean, sure Pooja is sweet, but shes a girl and they cant play soccer." He made a face.
I blushed and didnt know what to say, but chand Uncle answered laughing for us.
"Sure you will. Im sure about that."
i was so nervous that I was afraid to faint anytime. My heart was racing and my body was shaking like a leaf, I felt sick and my knees were weak.
"piya, please you need to eat somthing, otherwise you will..." misha wanted to persuade me to have something to eat, but I shook violently my head.
"No, misha. I cant if I eat something, Ill have to throw up." misha looked sympathic at me and put her hand on my arm.
"God, I never thought you could be that nervous." I had to smile.
"misha, today is the most important day in my life. How can I not be nervous?"
Today, finally was my wedding.abhay and me hadnt taken too much time to plan everything, we just wanted to get married as soon as possible. We decided to invite just the nearest friends and relatives and to have a small ceremony at chand Uncles house. Thank god misha and Sonya were there to help me with everything, otherwise I would have become desperate.
Especially Sonya was a great help. abhay and me had met her and Mohan in our favourite caf and got along very well, so we decided to invite them to the wedding. I was the luckiest woman on earth right now, but I was still scared that there will happen something bad.
"Hellooo?! Earth to piya? Can you hear me?" misha smapped her finger in front of my face.
"Huh... sorry, what did you say?" I asked coming back to reality.
"In wich world have you been? I called about 5 times your name." she complained.
"Im sorry, I was just in thoughts." I sad serious.
"You are afraid that something bad will happen, right?" Sonya came into the room and looked knowingly at me. I shot her a look.
"Im right. piya, relax. Everything will be wonderful, belive me." she took my hand and smiled warm at me.
"How will I ever be able to thank you both. You, misha for being my sister and being there no matter what... And you, Sonya for helping me to get back together with abhay." I now also grabbed mishas hand and smiled with misty eyes at both of them.
"You dont have to thank us, piya. I think I also speak for Sonya when I say that we are really happy that abhay and you made it and that you really deserve it." Sonya nodded.
"Thank you." whispered piya
"Ok, enough of these emotions! Today is your wedding and you are supposed to be happy. No tear anymore." said Sonya grinning and wiped her tears away.

"Girls, are you ready?" Emily stood at the door and watched me proud,
"Oh my god, piya. You are so beautiful." She walked over to me and took my face in her hands.
"How long did I wait to see you shine like that?" she whispered and kissed my forehead.
"Come on. Lets go. There is somebody eagerly waiting for you." She took my hand and led me. I could see from the top of the stairs that all my friends and family where there, even panchi and danish stood there, looking smiling at me. I sighed, straightened my shoulders and walked slowly down.
Everybody was smiling at me, many had tears in their eyes and then I saw abhay. He sat with the priest and stared at me. We only had eyes for each other. Everything around me vanished, I only saw the man I loved so much and my heart nearly burst so full of love it was.
The ceremony was simple but beautiful...

After taking the vows there was a big noise in front of the house. Some men rushed outside to look what was going on, but the noise continued. Suddenly, I heard somebody scream my name... it was Sameer

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tamannamalik Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
chapter 18
last chapter
I froze and felt panic rise inside me.
What was he doing here? How did he escape? Why is he here?
All these questions came to my mind. And as if abhay had sensed my questions, he told me to stay where I was and walked outside.
I just couldnt stay there and wait, especially as I knew how dangerous Sameer was, so I followed abhay, but hid behind the door.
"piya piya i need to talk to you." He stood in front of the house, totally drunk. danish, jeh and a few more man stood before him and blocked him the way inside.
"What do you want?" asked abhay now.
"Ah, the lucky groom. Congratulations." called Sameer and took a bow which made him nearly fall over.

"Sameer. Its over. The police is on its way. Go." Tried abhay to make him leave, but he didnt move.
"No, I know Im not invited, but I want to congratulate the lucky bride. Thats not forbidden. PIYA!" I decided to show up and stepped outside.
"Go Sameer." I said in a cold voice. He looked up and me, a melancholic smile on his face.
"God, look at you. You are as beautiful as an angel. Come here and let me look at you." I even felt a bit sad for him at that moment, but I stayed where I was.
"No Sameer. Its over. Me and abhay are married. What do you want?" I felt the anger rising up in me.
"I know, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am. What I did was wrong and I never wanted to hurt jeh..." he fell on his knees and began to sob.
"Why piya, why couldnt you love me the way I loved you? Then, now and forever. We could have been lucky." I looked at this man that did so much to me and made a fist.
"No Sameer. We could have never been lucky. You dont love me, you dont even know what it means to love. Leave it and I never want to see you again." he looked shocked at me.
"No, Sameer. You threatened me, you tried to kidnap my son, you attacked me and nearly killed my brother." he looked crying at me.
"But I did all this for you... for us. I wanted you to be free, free to live and love." My body trembled and I really had to hold myself back to not just walk up to him and slap him.
"Im sorry for hurting jeh, really... But he wanted to take you from me and I couldnt let this happen. So I came back today to take you with me and this time nobody will stop me." he looked at me, completely mad. Getting up was really difficult for him, but he managed to get back on his feet.
"Come piya. We go." he held out his hand to me and smiled.
"No Sameer, I will never go with you. Do you hear me? Never!" I called.
He only laughed and shook his head.
"I knew it. I knew that you dont love me and still I hoped you could feel more for me than friendship." suddenly he pulled a gun and aimed at me.
"NO!" screamed abhay shocked.
Sameer only shot him a look, then he aimed at himself and was about to shoot himself when the police finally arrived.
"Sameer. Dont do that!" I called and walked slowly nearer.
"Why? You dont love me, I nearly killed somebody and almost ruined your life!" he screamed.
"No Sameer. I love you, really. But just not the way you love me. You are a great friend. Do we want to be friends again?" I held out my hand to him, hoping he would give me the gun.
"piya, be careful." whispered abhay
"Do you think we can be friends again?" Sameer looked with big eyes at me, his hand was shaking.
"Sure we can be. Im sure about that. Please, dont do that. Give me the gun." I had almost reached him.
"You know that I love you, piya." he said crying.
"I know, Sameer. And I love you. Please, give me the gun." I had reached him and took carefully the gun out of his hand. Sameer only looked at me, not able to move.
As soon as I had the gun, the police arrested him.
I suddenly felt very powerless and nearly fainted. piya rushed to my side and catched me.

"Oh my god, piya. Are you ok?" he asked in panic and helped me to sit on the steps.
"Yes, I think Im ok."
"Miss jaiswal? Im very sorry, but Mr Patel escaped from jail last week and somehow came here." said officer Cornell.
"He somehow came here. He somehow came here?!" screamed abhay getting really mad.
"This man is dangerous, he nearly killed my best friend and he tried to kidnap my wife. I really hope for you that he will be arrested for the rest of his life in the last dark whole and never will see the sun again. If this man ever comes near my house, or my family again, Ill first kill him and then you for not being able to do your job." Officer Cornell looked at abhay like he was a little boy.
"Sss...sure Mr. raichand. Dont worry he will never do you any harm again... Ill go now." he nodded at me and turned to leave.
"Officer Cornell?" I said and looked at him.
"Yes?" he asked.
"Its Mrs raichand and not Ms jaiswal." I simply said. He shot me a puzzled look.
"Yes, sure. Im really sorry." he walked away.

I got up and watched the police cars drive away.
"Its over." I whispered and sighed. abhay hugged me tight.
"Yes its over, finally." We walked back inside where the guests looked at us with shocked faces. chand Uncle stood on the first stepp of the stairs.
"Ok everybody! I hope that this event wont ruin this wonderful wedding and that we can celebrate now." he called and winked at me.
We celebrated till the early morning and I was lucky like never before in my life.
"God I love you Mrs. raichand said abhay, carrying me into our room.
"Oh, thats good, because I also love you, Mr. raichand." I giggled. He lay me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck.
"Didnt you say you were tired a few minutes before?" I asked teasingly.
"Sure, but I have to keep my promise." he grinned at me.
"Promise?" I asked a bit puzzled, he nodded.
"A little brother or sister for Rohan." I had to laugh.
"And we cant break this promise, right?" he nodded and gave me a kiss that made my knees weak...

A few months later, misha and jeh came over as  abhay and me lived in chand Uncles house now.
We settled in the garden as it was a nice and warm day. Rohan played soccer and Pooja sat on a little blanket in the gras, bubbling with a butterfly.
"Do you want to tell them or may I?" asked abhay so excited that I had to giggle.
"You may tell them." I said soft.
"Whats the matter, abhay? You act like a child." teased jeh
"No, I act like a dad." grinned abhay, but jeh shot him a puzzled look.
"Great, your son is more adult than you from time to time." Suddenly misha shot me a look.
"No, that cant be! You mean?" she called, I only nodded.
"Yes, piya is pregnant." said abhay proud and kissed my hand.
"Oh my god, that is so great!!! Congratulations." called misha and jeh and hugged the both of us.
"What will it be? A little brother or a little sister for Rohan?" asked jeh now.
"I want a little brother!" called Rohan running to us.
"Well, its both." beamed abhay
"What do you mean, both?" asked misha now with a stupid face.
"We get twins, a boy and a girl."
misha and jeh were speechless, but then a big grin spread over their faces.
"I would say you got the perfect happy end for you,piya." said jeh and kissed my forehead.
"Just like the both of you." I answered smiling. abhay grabbed me at my waist and pulled me closer to him.
"Its not the end, there is so much more to come..."

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Hey Tammana..!! No words to praise the ending!!
I'm late this time.. But caught all the 3 missed updated at one shot!! ANd god.. U ended it.. Confused..
But It was really happy ending.. Twins for Abhay-Pia.. So sweet..Dancing.
All the relationships in this FF was so beautiful and u described them so well.. Jeh-Pia, Misha-Pia.. Rohan-Jeh.. I seriously loved it..
Thanks for the PM.. But this time I cant say continue soon..Tongue But if you start any other FF please PM me!!
prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Yayyy...I'm happy for Misha-Jeh &Abhiya! SmileFinally they(Abhiya) got married and Pia is expecting Twins too! Great!! Big smileThank you for  lovely FF! HeartPia and Jeh's convo in the hospital was sweet! SmileFinally their family is complete!End was Perfect!ClapHug

adnilover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Lovely end to a beautiful FF. But you ended it soo soon. I loved your FF. Do work on a new FF soon. Till that time, i'll enjoy the other one'happily never after'
stutiriddhi Groupbie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 6:55am | IP Logged
hey its superb fantastic awsome guddd update    and  if you start any other FF please PM me!!:)
--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged was ausum and fab...Clap Clap loved it...perfect ending..abhiya married and pia expecting cute...i hope you write another one soon...
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
wow yaar awesome update.Happy ending it feel so gud read this FF.Wow I really wnted u 2 end lke this only.Abhiya were too cute + not 1 but 2 babies.Huh and Rohan already hai happy ending 2 new start but hey u can still continue dis showing how Abhay will take care of pregnant Pia & will tolerate her tantrumsWinkLOLEmbarrassed

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