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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 27)

tamannamalik Goldie

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
chapter 13
"Bye!!! Thank you for coming!" I called and closed the door behind the last guest.
"Phew, done." I sighed and walked back into the livingroom where Rohan sat, more asleep than awake, next to abhay.
"Ok birthday-boy. Its time to go to bed now." I said lifting him up.
"But Mum! Im 5 now!" he complained.
"Yes, you are, but you are still my son and I say that you are tired." I answered.
"But I want Dad...I mean abhay to bring me to bed. You can come later to give me a good-night-kiss." abhays eyes brightened up and a smile spread over his face.
"Sure I can do that. You just come in about 10 minutes, ok?" he said, taking Rohan from me. I nodded smiling.
"He called him dad." said jeh a bit sad.
"Yes, he did. But You will always be his #1. You know what? He told me a few days ago that he doesnt miss to have a father because you are a father to him." jeh grinned happy.
"And soon Im really a Daddy." he put his hand on mishas stomach.
I walked upstairs to Rohans room and was about to knock, when I heard them talk.
"You know what? I think its cool to have you as my dad, still strange, but cool." said Rohan, I was so proud of him.
"But I have a few questions.."
"You can ask whatever you want." anwered abhay with a soft voice.
"Do you love Mum?" I heard abhay sigh.
"I love her more than my life and Im really sorry for not being there for her and you in the last years." he answered honest. I had to smile.
"Will you marry her?" asked Rohan now. I decided to knock.
"Hey you both...ready?" I asked cheerful and came in.
"Yes, sure. I wish you a good night, champ." he stroke Rohans head and got up.
"Good night, honey! I lend down and kissed his cheek. Sleep well." I said, switched off the lights.
"Hes really an angel." said abhay, still standing at the door. I nodded.
"Do you want a drink?" I asked, he shot me a look and smiled.
"That would be great."
We came back to misha and jeh, who sat cuddled together on the couch.
"So, who wants a drink?" I asked in the round.
"Not for me please." said misha grinning, I raised an eyebrow.
"If I dont know that." abhay shot her a look.
"Oh yes, you dont know it. misha is pregnant." said jeh proud.
abhay congratulated and hugged both.
We talked and laughed the whole evening.
"You know what? Im tired, Ill got to bed, do you come, jeh?" asked misha streching.
"Yes, its late. Good night together."
"Oh abhay, we see you at breakfast." said misha abhay shot her a look.
"Me? Why?"
"I thought you would stay over night, its really late...Good, see you and sleep well." she answered smiling and left.
"Uhm...well, seems like Ill stay." said abhay looking unsure at me.
"Yes, seems like. Ill get your bed ready." I said getting up, but he grabbed my hand and held me back.
"Actually Im not tired, I would just sit here with you and talk." he looked up at me.
"Me also..." I answered and sat down next to him. So we talked the whole night about what has happened in our lives in the last 5 years. Somehow I fell asleep cuddled to abhay's chest.

I was woken by a giggle and opened slowly my eyes.
"I hope you slept well." grinned Rohan at me.
"Yes, why?" I asked confused, but then I remembered where I were and jumped.
"Uhm...well..." I began to stutter and blushed.
"We slept really good. Good morning, Rohan." answered abhay, his eyes still closed.
"Morning, Dad. Do you play soccer with me again?" he jumped on the couch.
"Sure, but only if I get a coffee and breakfast." answered abhay tickling him.
I watched them happy, we were like a real little family.

"Morning Emily!" I called as I entered the shop.
"Oh, good morning, piya How are you?" she asked happy.
"Fine, but not as good as you are, I think." I winked at her and she blushed.
"Oh, by the way, there was a call for you. I noticed the number, you shall please call back." she handed me a piece of paper with a phonenumber.
I grabbed the phone and called the number.
"Hello, here is piya jaiswal. You called earlier..." I said after I heard a "Hello"
"Dont think that its over, piya. And just dont believe that he gets you like this. You are mine piya and Ill come to fetch you." I felt all my blood rushing from my face.
"S...Sameer?" I stuttered.
"Yes, honey. Its me. Beware of me, Ill come soon." with that he hung up.
I put down the receiver, my heart still racing of fear.
Oh my god, what did he want from me?!
"Are you ok, piya? You are so pale." asked Emily a bit concerned, but I only shook my head and forced me to smile.
"Nothing, Im fine. I look for the orders."
I struggled hard to keep my concentration on my work during the day, I was really scared after Sameers call and I had a real strange feeling.

"Mum! Mum! Ive missed you!" called Rohan and came running towards me. I kneeled down and hugged him tight.
"Aw, my baby. I missed you, too." It felt so good to feel him near me. Sameer had called weeks ago and I had almost forgot about it although I knew I had to be careful.
"You wont believe it, we had our sportsday today and I won almost every challenge!" he called excited.
"Really? Im so proud of you!" I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"That was so great I was even better than Daniel, you know him, he always thinks hes the best because hes taller than me, but today I was better...and then this Sameer offered me to drive me home, but I refused as I dont like him and dad had promised to fetch me..." I froze.
"What did you say?" I asked careful.
"That I was better than Daniel..."
"No no...I mean about Sameer." I shivered at the thought of him.
"Oh, he waited for me and offered me to bring me home. But you know that I dont like him and you also told me always only to go with the one who you told me would come." he explained.
"That was very wise of you, Rohan. You did that very well." I managed to say, got on my feet and looked unsure out of the window.
"Where is your father now?" I asked, pretending to be cheerful.
"Oh, he had to leave, but he said hell be back later." answered Rohan.
I nodded in thoughts.
The phone rang and I answered it.
"Hello, piya jaiswal?" Silence. "Hello?"
"Be aware of me..." said Sameer and quitt the line

"Hey, there you are!" called misha as she came later into the kitchen. I jumped.
"Gosh, do you have to scare me like that?" I snapped. misha looked suprised at me.
"Im sorry, I didnt mean to scare you. No reason to snatch." I shot her a guilty look and sighed.
"Sure, Im sorry. Its just, Im a bit nervous today."
"Are you ok, piya?" she asked with a big sister expression on her face.
"Yes, Im ok...Really! But what about you? What did the doctor say?" I asked excited as she had just returned from her check up.
"Everything is fine, the baby grows!" she told me proud.
"And, do you know what it is?" I asked courious, but she shook her head.
"No and I dont want to know. I decided that it doesnt matter to me, all that matters is that its healthy, right?" I grinned.
"Im so proud of you...right."
"Hey, Im the one whos 2 months older, dont be proud of me." we giggled.
The doorbell rang and I jumped again.
"Are you really ok?" asked misha now.
"Ill get it!" called Rohan, but I ran out of the kitchen.
"No, let me get it!" I screamed in panic and pulled him from the door away.
"piya?! What is with you?" called misha shocked as she had seen the scene.
"Nothing...its just..." I tried to explain and opened with a fast beating heart the door.
"Hey my beauty. Whats up? Do I miss a party?" abhay grinned at me. I was so relieved that I fell into his arms.
"Thank god its you." I whispered with misty eyes.
"Hey hey, Im also happy to see you."joked abhay my whole body trembled.
"piya what is with you?" he asked now and looked concerned at me.
"I dont know, she pulled me away from the door like a crazy person." complained Rohan.
"Umm, misha..." abhay shot her a pleading look with a wink at Rohan.
"Sure. Come on Rohan. I make a hot chocolate for you, ok?" they went into the kitchen.
abhay took my hand and pulled me up into my room where he sat me down on a chair.
"piya, what is with you? What happened?" he asked kneeling down in front of me. The tears still ran down my cheeks.
"Im so sorry for my behaviour, I was just so scared." I apologised.
"Scared of what?" asked abhay alarmed. I tried to control my voice but it was impossible.
"Sh...Im here." said abhay hugging me, I clang onto him like a child, my body still trembled.
"Im so afraid, abhay. Its because of Sameer, he called me a few weeks ago and threatend me and today he wanted to fetch Rohan from the sportsday and then he called me again and told me to be aware of him...Im afraid, abhay. What if he does anything to Rohan...or you?" I hugged him again.
"Why didnt you tell me earlier?" he asked mad.
"I almost forgot about it. Im so sorry." he comforted me.
We decided to go downstairs for dinner to the others after I had calmed down. abhay brought Rohan into bed and we all settled down in the livingroom.
"Ok, Sameer is threatening piya, he even tried to fetch Rohan from the kindergarden today. We need to do something." said abhay into the silence. misha and jeh jumped.
"I told him Ill kill him if he ever comes near you again." said jeh with clinched teeth.
"Thats why you freaked out." said misha in thoughts, I nodded.
We decided that I should go to the police the next day to make a report against Sameer.
"Ok, its late and were tired. Good night." said misha and walked with jeh upstairs.
"I think its time for me to go home." said abhay getting up, but I held him back.
"Can you stay over night? Im too afraid to be able to sleep." I asked shy, he looked at me, then he nodded.
"Sure, Ill sleep here on the couch."
I shook my head, grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs into my room. He looked irritated at me.
"piya, but..."
"Please stay here...with me." I begged with a small voice.

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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
aww...that was soo cute..the way abhiya are blooming up...what the hell is with sameer...i hope abhay really teaches him a good lesson...btw...loved ur was fab...update soon...thanks for pm...
Selinapiya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM..
Sameer..Angrywhat the hell is wrong with him?AngryAngry
AbhiyaDay Dreamingi love them,...Heart
update soon..
-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged

Nice update
awww . . Abhay n Rohan are bonding well. .
Sameer. . Arrgghh . . I hate him
thanx 4 d pm
continue soon
ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
awesome!!!!!!!i have read it though i read it again!!!!Embarrassed
prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Nice update!Smile
Errr...Sameer is back!AngryAbhay should teach him a lesson. Rohan is much mature for his age! I'm happy for Abhiya. Awww...Abhay and his small & perfect family!Day Dreaming
Continue soon.Good Luck!Thumbs Up and thanks a lot for Pm.
..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
wow thts a nice and cute update.
.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Very nice update... Abhay and Piya's relationship is blooming again...soo cute and Sameer Angry I hope Abhay will teach him a good lesson...thanks for the PM and continue soon Embarrassed

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