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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 23)

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Originally posted by snitchseeker

Awesome update. thank u sooo muchSmile when will Abhay come to know about Rohan? very soonSmile

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Originally posted by preet111

nice  awesome update thanks for pm
thank u sooo muchSmile
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Originally posted by peehu24

wow..ausum updates...thank u sooo muchSmile alls clear...abhay isnt married..yuppie and pia know everything...i want them to unite real soon.. they'l will unite very soonthanks for pm...update soon...
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chapter 11
"Give him a chance, should give him a chance...I know the last years were hard for you...he will never anybody else but are his great love..."
"NO!" I screamed and woke up. I was sweating, my whole body was trembling and the tears fell from my eyes.
"piya? What happened?" misha rushed into my room.
"Im sorry misha, just a nightmare. I didnt mean to wake you up." I apologized.
"Whats up,piya. You have been so strange since you came home from work. What happened?" she asked getting next to me into my bed, cuddling under my blanket.
"Do you remember how we user to sleep in one bed because we didnt want to be separated for only a second?" I asked dreamy.
"Yes, we drove Mum and Dad really crazy with our behaviour." giggled misha.
"You have always been so good to me. I still remember the first day I saw you. I was new in the school and everybody teased me about my eyes... And then there was you so strong and beautiful and you were the only one who helped me." I told her. She listened intently.
"Yes, I remember that day like it was yesterday. But you never knew that I only helped you because I wanted to be your friend. You were so sweet and innocent, just like a little princess. And you fascinated me from the first moment on I saw you. I always wanted to be like you, so nice and sweet, so innocent and shy, but look at me...Ive always been more like a boy, always getting into fights and always my mouth open." We giggled.
"Without you I wouldnt have survived my parentsdeath." I said in thoughts. She looked at me, then she nodded.
"And without you I wouldnt have survived our parentsdeath." We lay a while in silence.
"I met Sonya today, she came to the shop and we went for a drink after the shop was closed..." I began to talk, misha just listened.
"She told me about her and abhay as she knows who I am...She knew it all the time and she told me why they brake off the engagement...And she told me that abhay isnt married and that he still loves me." I explained to her.
misha stared into the darkness and nodded slowly her head.
"I know, misha. He has told us." I shot her a look.
"He what???"
"He told us about everything. It was even before you met him again. Do you remember the evening when you and Sameer went out for the first time and you brought Rohan here?" I nodded, still confused.
"You told me you saw a reflection in the window of the train and it could have been abhay...It was him. He had just visited us and left short before you arrived." she explained.
"And he told you he still loves me?" I asked unsure.
"Yes, we talked long that day. It was the first time jeh saw him after 5 years and I felt that he was so happy to have his best friend back."
"I never wanted to stand between the two of them..." I whispered.
"You didnt. It was jehs descision, and only his! But abhay told us that Tom, the garcon from our caf had told him, that you have been there and that he still misses you." I lay my head on her shoulder.
"What shall I do, misha. I know nothing at the moment. Its so damn confusing and I just dont know what is right and what is wrong." I sighed.
"Just listen to you heart, piya It will know what is right." I nodded and fell asleep on her shoulder.

I was woken by Rohans giggling.
"Whats up?" I asked sleepy. He and jeh stood grinning next to my bed and winked at me.
"I miss my wife like hell tonight and you are sleeping here just like..." he grinned.
"Just like we used to years ago." ended misha the sentence for him.
I had to laugh.
"Is there something I should know?" asked jeh, giving me a look.
"No? Why?" asked misah and me in unison and burst into laughter.
"Ok Champ. Lets go. I will never understand women." We laughed even more.
After getting ready, we ate breakfast.
jeh? May I talk to you, please?" I asked a bit nervous.
"Sure, whats up?" he answered courious.
"Not here please." I pulled him into the livingroom.
"Ok, whats up? You act like your going to rob the bank of England." I had to giggle.
"Well, that would also be a good idea, but I wanted to ask you for a favour..." I took a deep breath.
"Could you give me abhays adress? I think I need to talk to him."
I stood in front of Mr raichand's house with the piece of paper in my hand, jeh had written the adress on.
I felt like I was 18 again and all the bad memories came to my mind.
I was really scared to just walk up to the door and ring the bell, so I just walked up and down a few times, trying to convince me to ring.
"Come on piya dont be stupid. You need to talk to him." I said to myself, took a deep breath and walked to the door.
"Yes?" asked a maid, opening the door.
"Um..hello. May...may I talk to Mr. raichand, please?" I asked shy. The maid nodded and asked me in.
"Please wait a moment..." she walked away.
"Who wants to talk to me?" I heard Mr. raichands voice calling from the living room.
"She shall come in, whoever she is!" the maid came back and showed me to go to him.
"Hello chand Uncle." I greeted nervous.
"piya?! Oh my god, its so good to see you." he called excited and hugged me tight.
"How are you?" I asked after he let me go.
"Im fine and you? How is..." he stopped in the midsentence and looked unsure around.
"Hes fine. He gets healthier from day to day." I answered smiling.
"Please, sit down. Can I offer you something? Tea, coffee?" he asked, taking a seat.
"A tea would be wonderful, thank you." He called the maid.
"You are here, finally. You dont know how long we waited for that day." he said, looking loving at me.
"Why didnt you tell me the truth about abhay?" I asked directly, he jumped.
"You know?" I nodded.
"Yes. You have to know, fate is sometimes really strange. I made the decoration for Sonyas engagement party." I explained.
"For Sonya? Wow, thats really fate. And she told you." he concluded.
He was silence for a moment, meanwhile served the maid the tea.
"So?" I asked, looking at him.
"I wanted you to find out that you still love him...I just..." he sighed and took a gulp from his tea.
"I wanted you to come back on you own, with you free will, I..."
"You just wanted to help." I ended the sentence and put my hand on his arm.
"Thank you chand Uncle and thank you for not telling him about Rohan." I added smiling. He took my hand and kissed it.
"You are such a good girl, piya. Im so sorry for what my wife and me did to you." but I only shook my head.
"She loved abhay, he is her son and she wanted the best for him." He smiled bitter.
"Yes, we did, but it was a big mistake...Will you talk to him?" he asked hopeful.
"Thats why Im here. I came here to visit abhay." I answered.
"He must be back any minute." right then the door opened and abhay entered the room.
"Ah, there you are, we already waited for you." called chand uncle.
"We?" he asked, but stopped walking when he saw me sitting on the couch.
"piya...wha...what are you doing here?" he asked suprised.
"Im sorry. jeh told me you are here. I...I need to talk to you." I got up and looked unsure at him.
"Well, I think this is the moment when I tell you that Im tired and that I will go upstairs and rest a bit even though Im not tired at all." said cand uncle getting up from his chair.
"Thank you for everything chand uncle." I said hugging him, he kissed my forehad.
"Theres nothing to thank for." he walked to the door, put his hand on abhays shoulder and winked at him.
"Be nice to her, shes a good girl." with that he left.

abhay and me still stared at each other.
"Can I offer you something?" he asked nervous, but I shook my head and showed at the cup of tea in front of me.
He giggled nervous and went with his hand through his hair.
"Im sorry, but I just didnt expect you to come here."
"I know...I hope you are not mad at jeh for telling me you are here." I apologized again.
"No...not at all." he answered, shooting me a look that made me weak.
"Lets sit down." he said and took a seat in chand uncles chair.
"How are you? You look tired." I asked as I saw the grey shadows under his eyes.
"Oh, Im fine thank you, just a bit tired...and you? I have to say, you look better than the last time, more relaxed." I nodded.
"Yes, I feel much better, thank you." We sat a while in silence.
"So, what about your boyfriend, Rohan?" he asked, I looked confused at him.
"My boyfriend?"
"Yes, you said he is your life when I asked you who he is, so..."
"He is not my boyfriend." I cut him off.
"abhay...I know everything." I simply said, he nearly spat his tea.
"You know what?" he asked nervous.
"You have to know, I met Sonya a few days ago as I made the decoration for her engagement party and she told me everything." I explained fast, not able to look at him.
"I see..." he answered and stared at his cup.
"Why didnt you tell me?" I asked now, a bit afraid of the answer, but he remained silent.
After a few minutes, I looked at him, and saw tears falling from his eyes.
"abhay?" I tried to grab his hand, but he pulled it away.
"How could I ever come back to you after what I did to you? You loved me, you trusted me and I abused your love and trust by breaking my promise and sending you away." he got up and walked over to the window.
"piya its true. We broke off the engangement because I couldnt stop loving you and I still love you, but..."
"But what abhay? What? You are right, I trusted you and I loved you, more than my life and its also right that you abused my trust, but it was more than hard to go on with my life without you!" I called, also getting up.
"Why did you never call me, visit me? Why did you never ask me if I wanted you back?" the tears welled up in my eyes.
He spun around and looked suprised at me.
"I loved you abhay with all my heart and I would have done everything to get you back. Its only for jeh and misha that Im still alive, without them I wouldnt have made it..." I glanced mad at him.
"Especially after I found out that I was pregnant." I added, the tears now falling from my eyes. He looked shocked at me.
"You...,!" he stuttered.
"Yes, I was pregnant. I found out a few weeks after you left me." I whispered exhausted, looking at the ground
"Did you...keep it?" he asked unsure of what to think. I sighed deep and looked at him, then I nodded.
"Yes, I kept the baby...Rohan has his 5th birthday next week."
"Rohan is your son?!" he took a seat on a chair next to the window and held his head in his hands.
"Yes, Rohan is my son...your son." I smiled soft.
"Oh god, piya. How hard must it have been for you? Im so sorry." he said with a trembling voice.
I sighed and walked over to him.
"Its ok abhay. I got it with mishas and jehs help." I said now standing in front of him.
"Im so sorry." he said again, then he hugged my stomach and cried like a baby.
"I love you piya, I love you so much."

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woww dear,,this was soo touchy..rily lovd their confession..plz cont asap..waiting desperately:):)
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chapter 12
"Sh, piya. Its ok." I whispered and stroke his head, while he still was sobbing.
"Can you ever forgive me what I did to you?" he asked looking up at me, I sighed and walked over to the window.
piya?" he asked unsure. I looked out of the window into the beautiful garden.
"You never told me you had such a lovely garden." I heard him getting up and walking the few steps to me.
"Yes, its really lovely. And it would be a perfect place for a child to play." I turned to him.
"piya, I know I made a big mistake, but I really love you, please can you forgive me?" His eyes were so honest and true that I almost couldnt bear it.
"abhay, how long did I wait for you to come back and to tell me that you still love me...But you never came and I started a my own life, I dont know if I..." He nodded and looked at the ground.
"I see, you cant forgive me. But perhaps you can in the future?" he asked hopeful.
I stroke his cheek with my hand. He grabbed it, but I jumped as it was the spraid one.
"What is with you? Why do you wear a bandage?" he asked concerned.
"Nothing, just from a fight with..." I stopped in the midsentence.
"With?" I sighed straightened my shoulders.
"My exboyfriend. He wanted to tell me how he feels, but I let him down and there he..." abhays face turned red of anger.
"That bas***d, who is he? Im going to kill him." he called mad, but I only shook my head.
"No abhay, its ok. Its over. And I didnt love him anyway...I couldnt love him, because...because..." I stuttered, not able to end the sentence.
"Because you love me?" asked abhay careful. I looked up at him and nodded slow my head.
"Yes, I can do whatever I want, Im always stuck on you." A tear ran down my face.
abhay kissed it away and pulled me into his arms. It felt so right. For the first time after our breakup I felt safe, loved and complete.
"I love you abhay, but I need time. Especially for Rohan as I have to explain everything to him.That wont be easy after his illness." I whispered.
"You have all the time in the world."
We stood like this for an eternity, just feeling each others body.

"I think I have to go. Rohan might wonder where I am." I said, stepping back.
"Um, what illness were you talking about?" asked abhay now.
"We got the diagnosis that he has leukemia a few months ago." abhay jumped.
"Oh my god. Is he ok? I mean, will he recover?" I nodded
"Yes, he is ok. In between the doctor was about to give up on him, but chand uncle had the matching marrow and saved his life." I explained, abhay was speechless.
"That was his big secret..." he mumbled.
"I have to go now, abhay." I said again and he nodded.
"Sure, but you forgot something." I looked suprised at him.
"What? I have my bag, thats all I need." But he pulled me into his arms again and kissed me tender.
"I bring you to the door." he said after he let me go.
"So, I gave you enough time, I hope for you that you made it, otherwise..." complained chands uncle as he saw us leaving the livingroom.
"So?" he asked, looking courious at us, I had to giggle.
"Dad, you are impossible. Why didnt you tell me about my son?" asked abhay mad.
"Well, I didnt tell you because I wanted piya to tell you herself. And as I see, she did." he grinned.
"Yes, I did chand uncle." I answered smiling.
"I hope for you that you fought for her and got her back, my son. If not Ill do that for you. If you let such a wonderful woman go twice you are insane." I looked thankful at chand uncle.
"No, dad. We made it." answered abhay, putting his arm around my waist.
"Thats what I like to hear. And when will you marry and move in?" I blushed.
"piya needs time to get that and especially time to tell Rohan." chand uncle nodded.
"Thats a good idea. Take your time, piya." he kissed my forehad.
"Thank you chand uncle." I whispered.
"But I really have to go now, Rohan is waiting for me." I smiled at the two men I loved so much and left.

"Aaand?" asked msiah opening the door to me, I only could laugh.
"The way you laugh it turned out well and you are back together." she concluded.
"Yes, I also think so. Better said, I hope so." added jeh appearing behind misha.
"But look at her eyes, the sparkle like stars. I think they made it."
I slapped misha playfull and giggled.
"You will never change, will you? And yes, we made it."
They grinned wide at me.
"Im so happy for you." misha hugged me tight.
"Thank you."
"But why didnt you come here together?" asked jeh now.
"I told abhay I needed time, because I want to talk to Rohan first." I explained.
"By the way, where is he?" I asked looking around.
"Oh, he is at the playground with Emily, she visited earlier."
I nodded.

A few days later, Rohan sat at the table and painted.
"What are you doing, honey?" I asked looking at his colourful face and giggled.
"Im painting. Wait, its almost done." he answered.
"Here, look. this is for you, Mum." he handed me the paint.
"Wow, Rohan. Its wonderful, but..." I stopped as I saw that he had painted our family.
"This is Uncle jeh, Aunt misha  me, grandpa and you..." he explained.
"And who is this?" I showed at the person next to me.
"This is my father." he simply said, I gapsed.
"Do you miss to have a father?" I asked careful, he shrugged.
"Not really, especially after we moved in here. Uncle jeh is my dad."
"But why did you paint your father?" He shot me a look.
"Mum, you are too slow. Because you met him and you are back together again." he explained to me as if I was the little child.
" know?" I asked shocked.
"Sure. Grandpa had said something like that and Uncle jeh has told me everything after I had forced him to tell me." I felt unsure.
"And what do you say?" He smiled at me and took my hand.
"Mum, I want you to be happy and you are happy when you come from him." The tears welled up in my eyes and I hugged him tight.
"You could invite him to my birthdayparty on saturday." he offered, I only could nod.
next day
"Good morning, honey!!!! Happy birthday!!!" I called as I entered Rohans room together with misha and jeh and a big birthday cake.
Rohan sat in his bed, his armes crossed, and looked approachful at me.
"Mum, Im awake for hours, what have you been doing so long?" misha and me looked at each other, then we burst into laughter.
"Im sorry, Rohan. But we tried to hurry up and its only 7 am." I apologized kissing his forehead and sitting down on his bed.
"Ok, I forgive you, but only because its my birthday." He grinned, looking at the cake.
"You are a big boy now, 5 years..." I said dreamy.
"...and hungry. Ill get ready and we have breakfast together, ok?" I smiled and nodded.
"You go, I have to talk to Rohan first." said jeh giving me a strange look. I only shrugged.
"Wow, 5 years. I have the feeling it was just yesterday that I held him in my arms." said misha as we prepared the breakfast.
"I know, to me its the same. God, what happened all in this last 5 years..."
misha put her hand on my shoulder and nodded smiling.
"Its been hard, but now everything is ok, right?"
"Were here!" called jeh entering the kitchen.
"Wow, and you look so adult. Its only a matter of time till you come home with your first girlfriend." said misha, I shot her a look.
"And I hope a matter of long time." I added, we giggled.
"Are all women like that Uncle jeh?" asked Rohan rolling his eyes.
"Yes, they are, but you will learn to love them when you are older." I winked at jeh.

"Ok, the first kids will be here in about 2 hours. You and Rohan go and play and misha and me will prepare everything." I ordered later.
Right then the doorbell rang.
"Can you please get it?" asked jeh me, I rolled my eyes and sighed.
"Whoever this is, you are too ear..." I said, but stopped when I saw abhay standing in front of the door.
"Hey my beauty. Im sorry if Im too early, but jeh told me to come at this time." He apologized with a grin, grabbed me at my waist and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"Well, if you are here...come in. Ill kill jeh later." I said half mad, half giggling.
"Where is he?" asked abhay nervous.
"He plays soccer with jeh. They are in the garden. Come." I took his hand and led him into the kitchen where he could see them from the window.
"Hey jeh, good to see you." said misha smiling and hugged him.
"You too." they shared a look, but I ignored the strange feeling welling up in me.
"Look, there he is, thats Rohan." I showed proud at him.
abhay  breathed deep and looked with misty eyes at the little boy, playing in the garden.
"Wow,piya. Hes perfect and he looks just like me." he whispered.
"Lets go outside." We walked to the terrace. But suddenly abhay stopped.
"Whats up?" I asked.
"I dont know if he wants to see me, I mean, sure...Im his father, but Ive never been there for him." he said doubtful.
"Dont worry,  abhay. Hes fine with that, actually it was his idea to invite you." I smiled at him and pulled him soft outside.
"Rohan, here is a visitor for you!" I called and walked over to him.
"Who is it?" asked Rohan courious.
"May I introduce? This is Rohan and this is abhay." I said nervous. abhay kneeled down and smiled unsure at Rohan.
"Nice to meet you Rohan, happy birthday." he offered his hand. Rohan watched him sceptical, he studied his face very seriously and didnt say a word for a few seconds.
"You must be my dad, right?" he asked without hesitation. abhay looked suprised at him, but then nodden.
"Yes, Im your father." He answered honest.
"Good answer. It can be only you, because I look exactly like you." concluded Rohan, I smiled loving at my son.
"Nice to meet you, Im Rohan. Do you like to play soccer with us?" he shook abhays hand.
"Yeah, that would be great." said abhay relieved.
"Great, I think I let you play and begin to prepare the party." I said to let them a bit time and turned to leave, but Rohan grabbe my hand and pulled me down.
"Mum, I dont know him till now, but I think he is ok." I smiled and kissed his cheek.
"Thank you, honey."

"And, how did it go?" asked misha, when I came back into the kitchen.
"Really good. Damn, Rohan is so adult. He asked abhay if he was his father without hesitation." misha giggled.
"I think he will be a good lawyer, when hes older, dont you think so?" We giggled.
"Im so happy for you, piya." I smilde thankful at misha.
"What are you hiding from me?" I asked now, looking at the food I was preparing.
"What do you mean?" asked misha, pretending to know nothing.
"Oh, come on. You are my sister, I know you better than me and there is something in your eyes, a sparkle, just like you are..." I looked shocked at her.
"Oh my god, you are pregnant!" I called out.
"Sh!!!!" misha put her finger on her mouth.
"Not so loud, jeh doesnt know it till now."
"But you are pregnant. misha, thats wonderful, Im so happy for you!!!" I hugged her tight and jumped with her around.
"Since when do you know?"
"I found out 3 days ago and went to the doc yesterday. Its true, 8th week."
"AAAhhh! My sis is expecting a baby!!!!" I was so excited.
"Im sooo happy for you, misha...I said honest, she looked smiling at me.
"Thank you. I was hoping that."
"God, this kid has too much energy." said jeh coming inside.
"What? Are you planning to get old?" teased misha with a cheeky grin.
"You wish, Im still as young as I feel." he gave back.
"So you are 60?" I asked innocent and burst into laughter.
"Just watch out, otherwise..."
"Otherwise what?" I asked grinning.
"You will need your energy in the future more than you think." I added.
"What do you mean?" he asked confused, I only winked at misha.
jeh, I have to tell you something...I...Im pregnant." said misha now, not sure if she should smile or not.
"You...we...Ill become a father?" he asked shocked. misha nodded shy.
"Oh my god, thats...thats...WOHOOO!!!!!" he screamed, lifted misha up and whirled her around.
I laughed hysterical.

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Originally posted by mohit_rockstar

woww dear,,this was soo touchy..rily lovd their confession..plz cont asap..waiting desperately:):)
glad u liked itSmile

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Hurray..Abhiya HeartDay Dreamingthanks for the PM...
i loved it..awesome update...

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