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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by rosamale

wow! wat a touching update..Cry glad u liked itSmile poor rohan.Cry sameer is soo meanAngry yes he isSmile now abhay cane back.Smile i hope he'll not let sameer come close near piya and rohan he wont Smile

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Originally posted by Pari-Gupta

awesome updatethank u sooo muchSmile
loved it glad u liked itSmile
so Abhay is backyes he isSmile
continue soonsure
thanks for the PM welcomeSmile
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chapter 7
"abhay? What are you doing here?" I asked shocked.
He scratched his left ear and smiled shy, he hadnt changed a bit. Still these eyes, that makes me drown in it and this breathtaking smile that made my knees weak.
"Well, I was in the near and wanted to go for a walk and suddenly I was here and saw you standing here..." he watched me up and down which made me feel uncomfortable.
"You look great, its good to see you." he said serious and a bit sad.
I still wasnt able to think normal and only stared at him, but then I came back to reality.
"Th...thank you, you too." I looked unsure around as if I would something that could help me in this situation.
"How are you? You look tired." he asked now concerned. That made me even more unsure.
"Fine, thank you. Im fine." I told more to me than to him.
"And what about you?"
"Im also fine, thank you... I..." My mobile rang.
"Sorry, I have to get this." I said and turned around to answer the call.

"miss piya? Here is Kathy from the hospital." said the nurse who cared for Rohan.
"What has happened, Kathy? Is something with Rohan???" I asked in panic.
"One moment, the doc wants to talk to you." she only said and handed the receiver over.
"miss piya?"
"Yes. Please doctor, what has happened?" I was so desperate.
"Nothing bad, miss piya. Calm down, please." he comforted me.
"I only called to tell you that we found somebody with the fitting marrow for your son. Could you please come so we I can tell you more about it?" he asked. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes.
"Sure, Ill be right there." I felt like a tonn of stones fell from my heart.
When I turned around again, I looked into abhays confused face.
"Are you ok?" I nodded.
"Yes, Im going to be ok, soon. Listen I have to go. It was nice to meet you again, bye." With that I ran away to get as fast as I could to the hospital.

"Ah, there you are, the doc is already waiting for you." said Kathy as I arrived at the hospital. I went into the office where the doc waited for me with a big smile on his face.
"Well miss piya. Its true, we found somebody and he already told us that hell be happy to help your son." said the doctor Smith grinning.
I was so happy that I hugged him of joy.
"Thank you, doc. I cant tell you how..." but he cut me off.
"Oh, not so fast, first we have to make our little fighter healthy again, then you can thank me." he giggled.
"Ok, the man said thats hes in town at the moment and I arranged a meeting for you tomorrow at 10 if thats ok." I beamed at him.
"Of course thats ok."
"Great, then I see you tomorrow."
I went to Rohans room, where Emily stood there with tears in her eyes.
"Im so happy. Now everythings going to be ok." she hugged me tight.
"Yes, everythings gonna be ok...finally." I whispered.
"Mum, that is so cool, Ill be able to play football with uncle jeh again!" called Rohan happy.
"Yes, honey. Uncle jeh is already looking forward to it." I answered smiling, sat on his bed and stroke his head.
"Do you stay with me tonight?" he asked hopeful.
"Of course, Rohan. I only have to fetch some things from home, than Ill be back, ok?" he nodded brave.
"Go, Ill stay with him till you are back." said Emily.
"Thank you, Emily."

I drove home and ran into the livingroom.
"misha, jeh...You wont believe it, they found..." I froze as I saw abhay sitting on the couch, having a coffe with misha and jeh.
"abhay, are here?" I asked suprised.
"Yes, jeh has invited me over." he answered. I shot jeh a look and he mouthed a Sorry
"What were you about to say?" asked misha now.
" I talk to you both for a moment in the kitchen. Sorry abhay." I said and pulled misha with me.
"What is he doing here?" I asked mad.
"Im sorry, I thought you would stay at the hospital tonight..." excused jeh, I saw that he was really sorry for bringing me into this situation.
"No jeh. Im sorry. abhay is your friend and you havent seen him in years because of me. Im really sorry." A tear ran down my cheek. jeh watched me for a while, then he hugged me.
"Its ok, piya."
"Im so sorry for my behaviour." I cried.
"Sh, its ok." comforted misha me.
"But piya, what happened?" she asked now a bit concerned.
"Oh yes. You wont believe it. Today when I met abhay in the park..."
"You met abhay in the park?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" The asked in unison.
"Yes, at our tree, you remember? Doesnt matter. Well, Doctor Smith called me to tell me, that they found somebody with the fitting marrow for Rohan!"
I called excited.
"Really?! Oh my god, thats so great!" they called and hugged me.
"Yes, Ill meet him tomorrow at 10 and I wanted to ask you to come. Please."
"Of course we come. Im so happy for you, piya." misha had tears in her eyes.
"Thank you. You are really the best friends in the world. Ok, I just fetch some things and go back to the hospital." With that I ran upstares and packed some stuff.
"Ok, Im off! See you tomorrow!" I called and left.
This night I lay awake on the guestbed in Rohans room. As much as I wanted to sleep, I just couldnt, so many things went throught my mind and I was still concerned because of Rohan. Sure, they had found a matching person, but it could still be that his body wouldnt accept the other marrow.
And about abhay... yes abhay. What should I do? Why was he here? Why now? And why was my heart beating so fast everytime I think of him.
Should I tell him about Rohan?

It was very hard for me to manage the loss of the love of my life. For weeks I just hid in my room, crying all the time and letting nobody near me. Uncle and Aunty tried their best to help me, but it didnt work. I stopped eating and just wanted to die.
"piya, may I come in?" Aunty stood in the door.
"Please leave me." I said weak.
"Dont you think its time to get over him and go on with your life?" she asked soft.
"I know, aunty. But I cant, I just cant." I whispered, fighting the tears again.
"I can imagine how hard it is for you, but we are all really concerned about you, especially misha. She feels guilty for being in love with jeh while you are so..." I looked shocked at aunty and sat up on my bed.
"Is she mad? Why should she be guilty. Im so happy for her!" I called.
"Well, perhaps you should show her that and talk to her." said aunty in thoughts.
I got up and stormed into mishas room. She and jeh sat on the couch, cuddled together.
"Why the hell do you think you should feel guilty for being in love with jeh?" I called so loud that they jumped.
"piya, I just thought, as you and..." she stuttered, but I cut her off.
"It doesnt matter if abhay and me are together or not. You are happy and thats all that matters, ok. jeh is such a great guy and Im so happy that you found each other. So stop thinking like that, ok?"
The nodded and looked with big eyes at me.
"piya, I just want to tell you that Im really sorry for you and I quitt my friendship with abhay." said jeh now. I was shocked.
"jeh, NO! abhay is your best friend. You cant quitt your friendship because of me!" I called, but he shook his head.
"Its ok, piya. Its not because of you, I would never accept a behaviour like that. No matter if its my best friend and the girl is my girlfriends sister."
The tears welled up in my eyes again and I hugged jeh.
"Thank you, jeh." I said simply.
"Youre welcome. And hey, youll be my sister in law, so I have to be nice." he joked and for the first time in weeks I could smile again. But suddenly I felt strange, my stomach was making flipsides and the room was spinning.
"piya? piya!" I heard misha call, then all went black.

"piya? Can you hear me?" Aunty called me. When I opened my eyes I felt like a truck had knocked me down.
"W...what happened?" I asked weak.
"You lost conscious. jeh catched you in the last second. And you are now in the hospital." explained Aunty, right then the door opened and the doctor came in.
"Ah, I see you are awake, Ms. piya. My name is Dr Linger." he extended his hand.
"Doctor, what is with piya?" asked aunty concerned.
"Well shes too thin, thats why she lost conscious, but there is something else." he explained.
"But I want to talk with piya alone, please." He said, giving me a look I couldnt point.
"Ok, Doctor. If you say so." She left the room.
"Ms. piya, you know what Im about to tell you?" he asked, but I shook my head.
"No, doctor, what is it?" I asked nervous.
"You are pregnant." he simply said.
"What, my god..." I whispered, the tears welled up in my eyes again.
"What shall I do, doctor?" I asked desperate.
"I dont know, Ms. piya. But if you want to have an abortion, than you should decide fast." I looked shocked at him.
"How can you even think of that? I would never do that." I said mad, which made him smile.
"I thought that you would react like that and thats good. I just have to do this to see how the women think about abortion... Ok, think about everything, try to calm down and try to get some sleep, Ill tell your aunt, that you need to rest and she shall come back tomorrow." I nodded.
"Thank you doc."
I was shocked, but too tired to think about that now, so I fell asleep immediately.
When I woke up the next time, misha sat at my bed.
"Hey, how are you?" she asked as she saw that I had woken up.
"Like a truck had knocked me down." I joked.
"Thats not funny, I was scared to death." I looked at misha and saw that she had been crying.
"Im sorry, misha." I said serious.
"Its ok, just dont do that ever again, ok?" I nodded.
misha, I will need your help in the future..." She looked concerned at me.
"I...Im pregnant." I whispered, she held her hand on her mouth and looked at me with big eyes.
"Oh my god, piya What will you do?" she asked.
"Ill keep it, what else. Sure, it was stupid from me, but thats no excuse to kill a unborn child." I said and looked at her.
"Will you help me?"
"Sure, Ill help you. You are my sister." We hugged.
"Im really proud of my daughters." came uncles voice from the door, we looked suprised at him and aunty, who stood next to him.
"What?" I asked confused.
"Yes, we are proud of both of you. Of you piya because you decided to keep the baby even if its going to be tough and of you misha because you promised to help your sister without hesitation." he explained.
Uncle came nearer and hugged each of us.
"Im so sorry, Uncle." I cried.
"Sh...dont be. Well get it."

The whole night I couldnt sleep and so I decided to get up really early and go for a walk in the park.
It felt good to be outside and to breath fresh air.
When I came back, Rohan sat in his bed and enjoyed his breakfast.
"Good morning Mum. Today is the big day." he called excited.
"Yes, honey. I know."
Right in time, misha and jeh arrived. They looked pretty nervous.
"Is he already here?" asked misha, but I shook my head.
"No, the doc will fetch us if..." right then there was a knock at the door and Kathy came in.
"miss piya, would you come please?" she asked smiling.
"Rohan, well be back in a few minutes, ok?" he nodded.
misha, jeh and me walked to Dr. Smiths office and knocked.
"Come in." he called, I sighed and opened the door.
"Ah, miss piya.. Great you are here and I see you have brought your friends, wonderful. This is the man who can help Rohan." he said and showed at an older man. I froze.
"Mr. raichand." was all I could say.
"Yes piya, its me." he answered.
misha and jeh looked confused at us.
"Um...thats my sister misha and her husband jeh. And thats Mr. raichand abhays father."

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chapter 8
misha and jeh stared shocked at Mr. raichand who smiled a bit unsure at them.
"Ahm...nice to meet you, Sir." jeh offered his hand to him.
"Nice to meet you too, jeh. I know that you and abhay used to be best friends. Im happy to finally meet you." he said with a warm smile.
misha still stared at him with cold eyes.
"Why do you help Rohan and piya?" she asked directly. I was suprised.
"misha, you cant..." began jeh, but Mr. raichand cut him of.
"No, its ok. As I see are you very much like your sister, misha. And its a good question why I help piya as it was my fault that she came into this situation..."
He sighed and looked at me.
"To tell the trust...Dr. Smith is a very good friend of mine and he has visited me a few days ago. We talked about old times and he told me about this little boy that is so ill. He said that his chances are not good at the moment and that he really need a person with the fitting marrow for him.
The way he told about Rohan made me courious and I decided to visit Dr. Smith here in the hospital..." I watched him with a blank expression on my face
"Dont worry, Dr. Smith told me nothing about Rohan. I even didnt know his name or who he is, but somehow I walked into his room by mistake and got to know him. I have to say, he is an amazing boy. So full of life and optimistic... And he has his mothers eyes...and his fathers look" I jumped.
"You know?" I asked shocked, he only nodded.
"Ok, but why do you help them? I mean, you hate piya and you did all to get abhay away from her..." got misha on, she seemed to be really unimpressed.
"I dont hate piya and I never hated her. Actually I liked her very much when I first met her, but the circumstances were difficult at this time, you know, my wife..."
"Does she know?" I asked now.
"No, she died 2 years ago." he answered.
"Oh, Im sorry." I said honest.
"Its ok, but she would be happy if she knew that Im able to help my grandson."
I shared a long look with Mr. raichand and I read in his eyes that he was really honest, he just wanted to help us. I smiled a bit and nodded.
"Thank you Mr. raichand."
"Oh, please call me chand." I nodded again.
"Thank you chand uncle."
I shot misha a look to tell her it was ok and she nodded.
"Well, then lets go to Rohan, ok?" said Dr. Smith and we started to leave the room, but I held the Dr back.
"Dr. Smith?"
"Yes?" he looked confused at me.
"Thank you for telling Mr. raichand about Rohan and me, even though you told him who Rohan is..." I smiled knowingly.
"Well, I know chand very well and also abhay . When I saw Rohan the first time, I knew that he was abhays son." he apologized smiling.
"Thank you."
We left.

"Where have you been, Mum? Ive been waiting for hours." called Rohan mad, he sat in his bed and looked much better. The operation was successful and Rohan felt better every day.
"Im so sorry, honey. But I had to work." I apologized.
"Hey Rohan." greeted chand  uncle smiling as he entered the room
"Hey uncle, you came back to visit me." he said excited.
"Sure, as I promised to you." he answered.
"Mum? Where do you know chand uncle from?" asked Rohan courious. I hesitated to answer for a minute. What should I tell him? But then I decided to tell the truth.
"To tell the truth, honey... chand uncle is..." I sighed.
"Hes your grandfather." I didnt dare to look at my son, but then I heard him giggling.
"I know Mum. I just wondered when you will tell me." I looked suprised first at him, then at chand uncle, but he only shrugged.
"Dr. Smith told me as I asked him why our marrow was fitting." explained Rohan short. I was still suprised about my son. He was so adult.
"And what do you say?" I asked careful.
"Its cool. I like chand uncle very much! But what about my dad?" that question made me jump, I have been afraid of that question since Rohans birth.
"" I stuttered and looked helpless at chand uncle.
"Thats very difficult to explain. Youre mum will tell you when shes ready." he answered for me.
"Ok." Rohan shrugged. I looked thankful at chand  uncle.
"What about a walk?" he asked now. I looked at Rohan.
"Go, Ill play with Kathy." he grinned.

We walked through the hospital park in silence.
"I will never be able to tell you how much I thank you for saving my son." I said to break the silence.
"You dont have to thank me. Hes my grandson and Im so happy that I could help him..." again silence.
"May I ask you a question?" I said now.
"You want to know what we told abhay, right?" he looked at me and I nodded.
"Well, first of all I want you to know that he really loved you, with all his heart."
"Then why did he leave me?" I asked desperate.
"My wife was very ill, she knew she had to die and it was her last wish that abhay marries Sonya. He had to fullfil this last wish." He put his hand on my shoulder.
"But why? We were in love...why did she hate me so much? She never gave me the chance to get to know me?" My voice was only a whisper.
"piya, look at me." I looked with misty eyes at him.
"It had nothing to do with you, really. It was that this wedding had been arranged when abhay and Sonya had been kids and my wife didnt want to break her promise to Sonyas parents." A tear ran down my cheek.
"I met abhay in the park at the day when I got the call from Dr. Smith."
"I know, he has told me..." I jumped.
"Does he know about Rohan?"
"No, I havent told him. I think you should do it." I turned to the side and walked a few steps away from him.
"No, I cant. I cant tell him. abhay has his own life, he is married and surely has kids on his own. I cant tell him about Rohan."
chand uncle stopped me and took my hand.
"Dont you think he should know about his son?" he asked soft.
I didnt know what to anwer.
"piya!!!! Hey, piya!!!!" I jumped as I hear my name.
Sameer came running towards me with a big bunch of roses.
"Sameer?! What are you doing here?" I asked suprised as he had reached us.
"Im here to tell you Im sorry. I was such an idiot. Please, I hope you can forgive me." he handed me the bunch, I looked at it.
"Please piya, forgive me. I love you."
chand uncle shot me a shocked look.
"Oh, may I introduce, thats Sameer and thats Mr. raichand He saved Rohans life." They shook hands.
"Its so great that you saved Rohan!" called Sameer.
"So piya. Can you forgive me?" he asked now looking pleading at me.
I smiled and nodded.
"Its ok, Sameer. I forgive you." He lifted me up and whirled me around.
"Well, I dont want to disturb. piya, I go back to Rohan. Bye Sameer." said chand uncle and I dont know why but I had the feeling the expression on his face showed sadnes
next dae...
"piya! Could you help me with the roses, please?!" called Emily, entering the shop with an arm full of white and red roses.
"Sure, give it to me. God, do we only sell roses or why did you buy so many?" I joked as I took the flowers from her.
"No, but Mrs. Taylor called..." she giggled.
"Oh no, please not. What does she want this time?" I rolled my eyes.
"Oh, only some bunches and arrangements." I sighed.
"Ok, and when does she want to have it?"
"Shell come to talk with you about the order today." explained Emily. Right then the door opened and Mrs. Taylor entered the room.
"Good morning Mrs. Taylor, how are you?" I greeted smiling.
"Oh my god, piya. Its so good to see you. How are you? And how is our little prince?!" she called in her singing voice. Sure, Mrs. Taylor was a bit too much, always grinning like mad and always this singing tone in her voice, but somehow I liked her. She was honest and she really liked Rohan and really felt sorry for him.
"Thank you Mrs. Taylor. Im fine and Rohan is getting better and better every day." I explained.
"Thats so wonderful! Im happy to hear that, my dear." She hugged me a bit too tight.
"Ok, now I need your help, you know you are my first choice florist and Im so happy that you are back. Nothing against you, Mrs. Brown, but our piya just knows exactly what I want." she smiled at Emily.
"Dont bother, Mrs. Taylor. I know how good piya is." snatched Emily with a sweet smile, I had to giggle.
"So, what can I do for you?" I asked now.
"Yes, my niece is getting married and I want the most beautiful arrangements in the world for her!" she called excited.
"Congratulations!" I answered.
"Thank you. So I need your help. Surely I want you to make the bridebunch and everything else, but first of all I want you to make the decoration for the engagement party...and thats the problem."
"Why will it be a problem?" I asked suprised.
"Well its tomorrow. I need,..."
"Phew, Mrs. Taylor. Its tough to get that in only one day." I sighed after I had written down the order.
"I know, but I also know that you can do that." she smiled hopeful at me.
"Ok, Mrs. Taylor. Itll be ready tomorrow afternoon." I said, but she shook her head.
"No, I need it tomorrow around midday." I sighed again, that meant a nightshift for me.
"It will be ready, Mrs. Taylor." She screamed and hugged me tight.
"Thank you, piya!" With that she left.
"Nightshift, ha?" asked Emily, handing me a cup of tea. I took it and nodded.
"Yes, Ill call misha and jeh to ask if they can look for Rohan today."
"Do you want me to help you?" But I shook my head.
"No, thank you, Emily. But, like Mrs. Taylor said...You dont know what she likes." I imitated her.
We burst into laughter.

"I go now, switch the light of when you are ready, ok?!" called Emily.
"Yes, have a nice evening. I see you tomorrow!" I answered.
I liked it to work in the shop when nobody was there, that was the time when I was on my own, able to think and to recover a bit.
The bunches were almost done and there were only another 20 arrangements to be done when there was a knock at the door. I jumped and looked at the door.
"We're closed!" I called but the knocking continued.
"I said, were..." I stormed to the door, but I froze as I saw abhay standing in there.
"Do you let me in?" he asked shy.
Slowly I reached for the keys and opened the door.
"Im sorry to disturb you so late, but I saw the light in the back and..." he began to explain.
"What do you want, abhay?" I asked looking at him.
He smiled nervous and scrached his left ear.
"I...I wanted to talk to you, piya...I..." I closed the door behind him and turned the keys around.
"Ok, abhay. If you want to talk to me, fine. But I have to work." I said and walked back to my arrangements. abhay followed me unsure.
"Nice shop." he said, I shot him a look, but he really just tried to be nice.
"Thank you. Who told you I was here?" I asked now.
"jeh has told me. He quitt our date for tonight as he had something important going on." I looked guilty at the flowers as jeh had to quitt the date to look for Rohan.
"Oh, really..."
"Yes, but he told me that you are here and that you could need accompany."
I had to smile to myself.
"Was that a smile? Yes, it was. Wow, the first time I saw you smiling since we met again." he said joking.
"Shut up, abhay." I said still smiling.
"What kind of order is that?" he asked after he had watched me working for awhile.
"Its for an engagement party. The niece of one of our customers is getting married and the party is tomorrow." I explained.
"Wow, couldnt she have ordered earlier?" I giggled.
"No, not Mrs. Taylor. Shes always like that." abhay shot me a look I couldnt point.
"But you dont have to sit here all night long..." I said now to fill the silence.
"No, no. I like to sit here and watch you working. If you dont mind." I felt my heart beating faster, the way he looked me up and down, how he watched my every move etc made me blush.
"piya, may I ask you something?" I looked at him and nodded.
"Who is Rohan?"

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i almost cried dunno why..!! 
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Nice Update..Smile.Piya has gone through so much in life but never lost her hope. She's truly a Fighter...StarEagerly waiting for next update.Continue soon.Good Luck!! Thumbs Up
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nice chapter. so i think abhay is not really married or at least is not married anymore
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now what will piay tell to abhay i will be waiting fo yur next chapppies        it is superb keep writing byiii  :)

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