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MKKPB WU Sept 15th

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
We start with The clock is showing that its almost 8a.m.  Lovely is sleeping and dreaming about her and karthik talking to each other and maasa saying that she will never accept their relationship.  Lovely keeps repeating the famous dialogue "jab pyar kiya to darna kya."  Karthik comes in and looks at her.  He also see the water jug on top of her bed.  Karthik tries to wake up and as he's moving her arm, the bucket moves and all the water falls on lovely.  Lovely is shocked to see that its almost 8 am.  Karthik tells her that she already broke her first rule and now will she break others as well.  Lovely asks karthik, why didn't he wake her up.  Karthik tells her to shut up and just hurry up and get downstairs.  He doesn't want any excuses.  Lovely, instead of getting up, asks karthik to tell bhabi to send bed tea up for her.  Karthik reminds her that no one in their house takes bed tea.  He again tells her to hurry up and come down for breakfast.  He tells her to be ready to face everyone including maasa and get her punishment for breaking the rule.  Lovely finally goes to take shower.  After coming back, she looks at the clock again, and it seems that the clock is not working because its still almost 8am.   She get frustrated and runs out of her room.   As she hurrying out, gehna stops her and tells her to please look at herself in the mirror before she comes out of the room.  It seems lovely still has her towel wrapped on her head.  Gehna tells her to go back and comb her hair nicely and then come down otherwise maasa will be upset.   Lovely goes back to room to fix her hair.  Lovely is talking to herself and tells her that everyone wakes up early and she also needs to do that.  She now must face maasa.

It's 8:10 am now and everyone is downstair at the breakfast table.   Maasa is drinking her tea and all the bahus are standing looking at each other worriedly.  Bittuji comments that he doesn't think lovely will come down at all, she's probably still sleeping.  He continues that lovely didn't' come for aarti either. Bittuji says that they should all bet 100 rupees to see if maasa will punish lovely for breaking the rules.  They all look at him and at each other.  Ria's husband tries to change topic and asks him to eat his poha.  Utkarsh all tells bittu to finish eating.  Karthik comes down and sits next to maasa.  Maasa gives him a look.  Karthik is wondering why lovely is late for breakfast.  Finally lovely comes down.  Maasa gives her an angry look.  She puts her teacup down and tells ria bahu that she gave her a job to do.  She had to make sure that lovely is down on time.  But Ria couldn't' do her job.  So therefore Ria will be punished.  Maasa tells Ria that today for the entire day she cannot eat at all.  The whole family is shocked.  Bittuji says to maasa that this is not fair at all because lovely made the mistake not Ria.  Lovely also starts to say something but Karthik shakes his head at her telling her not to speak.  

Maasa tells gehna that she has to make sure Ria does not eat at all.  If Ria does eat anything then Gehna will be punished.  Mr kaushik tells maasa that she has to rethink this punishment business one more time because that is not fair to Ria at all.  Maasa tells him that she never went back on her decisions.  Once she has decided then that is it.  She gets up to leave.  Lovely stops her and tells her that its her fault because she couldn't get up on time, don't blame Ria.  Maasa says that she told all the bahus that she gave them all a responsibility and if they didn't do it, they will be punished.  All bahus says yes.  So does Ria.  Maasa then leaves.  Bittuji comments that maasa never gave anyone such a cruel punishment before then what happened now.  Mr kaushik tells him that he doesn't want to hear anything more and tells everyone to go to work.  Before leaving, Mr Kaushik comes to Ria and puts his hand on her head and gives her a look of sympathy and leaves.  Ria is crying.

Karthik is still at the table, angry.  Lovely comes to him but he just leaves after giving her an angry look.  Lovely then comes to Ria and tries to apologize but she leaves.  She then looks at the other bahus but they all leave crying.

Karthik is still up in his room and talking to himself.  He is wondering when will lovely understand. How long will it take for her to be responsible and when will Maasa accept her.  He is fed up with all this.  Lovely comes into the room.  She's upset as well.   Karthik then tells her that he's sick of her.  He knows that she did a huge think by making him run away from home and getting married to him.  He tells her that just by filling her maang with sindoor and wearing mangalsutr, is not marriage at all.  Especially in India, a woman marries not only a man but the whole family.  He has to constantly be embarrassed of her.  Today, his mother hates her even more.  Not only his mother but his entire family hates her.  He asks is she happy now, is she satisfied.  Lovely tells him that no she's not happy at all.  She really tried to wake up but she couldn't.  Karthik tells her that she' didn't try hard at all because if she did then she would've woke up on time and nothing would've happened.  Lovely tells him that she's sorry and she knows that she's constantly messing up.  But maasa is also wrong.  Karthik tells her to stop blaming his mother to cover her mistakes.  He saw today that she was ready to argue with maasa.  Poor Ria who was given such a cruel punishment did not say one word to maasa. Lovely tells him that she didn't mean that, she is not trying to blame maasa for anything.  Karthik tells her that there are rules of this house and she has to follow them.  His mother has picked perfect bahus and if she wants to see lovely that way as well then there is nothing wrong in that.  He tells Lovely she's not in her parents house where everything happened according to her whims.  He folds his hand and requests her to please be responsible before anything worse happens.  She has to change herself.  Lovely tells him that she's trying.  Karthik tells her don't' try, she has to change no matter what.  Starting now, she has to begin following all Kaushik house rules.  If she can't do that, then he'll never support her.  Lovley is shocked and stares at him.

Lovley's House:  Lovely's mom is leaving when daimaa stops her and tells her that she thinks lovely needs to come back for pagphere ceremony.  Lovely's mom gets excited and tells her that she's missing lovely a lot and would love to see her.  Lovely's dad comes down and Lovely's mom tells him about pagh phere ceremony.  He tells her to talk to Kaushik's.  Lovely's mom requests to him take sometime off and bring lovely.  Mr tyagi cancels all his appointments.  Lovely's mom thanks him.  Mr tyagi that there is no need for that because lovely is also his daughter.  He asks daimaa to tell them about pag phere and then they'll call kaushiks.

Karthik's house:  Maasa is in her room folding clothes and Mr kaushik comes and tell her that why did she yell at Ria and give her such a cruel punishment. He's not happy.  How can they all eat when the poor girl is starving.  How can she eat herself.  He begs her not to do that.  Maasa tells him to calm down and trust her.  She knows that the punishment she gave is very cruel but she also knows that all her bahus will understand her feelings behind the punishment.  The bahus will understand that she really wants to punish lovely and not them.  Mr kaushik is still angry and says he doesn't agree at all.  He's afraid that something might happen.  He tells maasa to stop treating lovely as a stranger. If she doesn't want to consider lovely as a bahu then consider her a beti who doesn't know anything.  She will slowly learn everything.  Maasa tells hims that if she considers lovely a little girl and doesn't keep a tight leash on her then she will break all the rules and leave.   Maasa tells him to trust her and not to worry.  She knows that after today's incident, Lovely must have learned something.  

Ria is crying sitting alone.  All the other three bahus comes and tells her to stop crying.  Ria tells her that more upset that maasa yelled at her in front of everyone. Gehna is very upset as well and she blames lovely for all their problems.  Simran says that doesn't lovely understand anything on how to behave at her sasural.  Today, this happened with Ria, tomorrow it'll be them.  Its not fair that that they have to pay for someone else's mistake.  Gehna agrees and tells Ria to stop crying.  Lovely comes there and they all are not happy.  Ria is pissed off and doesn't want to even look at lovely.  Lovely comes and she apologizes and agree that they shouldn't' have to pay for her mistakes.  Simran tells her that what does it matter when she doesn't even want to follow any rules.  Lovely apologizes to Ria but Ria tells her that she also didn't like following rules either but ever since she married Adi, she started following rules.  She asks lovely how can she fall asleep after she woke her up in the morning.  How can lovely be so irresponsible.  Lovely is sorry and says she didn't do it on purpose.  Nimmi tells her that she knows that maasa is identical to all bahus and if she had done what she was told Ria wouldn't have to starve now.  Ria tells nimi to forget it because how long can you explain to someone who doesn't want to understand.  Lovely again is sorry and says she didn't' do it on purpose.  She never followed rules in her life but promises to learn.  Gehna tells lovely to stop and leave them alone.  They saw what she's capable of doing.  Before leaving, Lovely tells them that she needs time to learn thing and become what maasa wants her to be.  Ria and all bahus leave in anger.

Ria comes in her room and sees her husband getting ready to leave.  Adi tells her that he wont be able to work today because he'll be thinking of her.  Ria says she doesn't know how she will manage without eating.  She has fasted for festivals before but this is different.  Now, its just her who will be hungry and also do work.  She feels like she's in jail.  Adi understands and tells her he wont be able to eat either.   Ria tells him to eat because he's working outside and it'll be hard for him.  He has to eat.  Adi tells her ok but she has to smile first.  Ria tells him to go.  Adi hugs and kisses her goodbye.  Ria alone is still wondering how she will manage.

Lovely is alone crying in their room.  Karthik tells her why does she always start crying whenever he tells her something for her own good.  Lovely says no one loves her, everyone hates her in this house.  As if she's a bad person.  Karthik tells her that he loves her a lot and she's not a bad person.  She just needs to take life seriously.  Lovely tells him she know that she's responsible for what happened today.  Before knowing her at all, everyone in the family has decided what kind of person she is.  They all think she's a rich spoiled girl who know nothing of rules, relationships or doing anything.  In truth, no one accepted her, and no one wants to accept her or let her be part of them.

Precap::  Everyone is standing and I guess lovely is going for pag phere.  Bittu is saying that its not fair at all because now lovely will be in her house and she will eat to her heart's content while poor Ria will be starving.

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Omg Adi is so caring for  his wife  love him so much!Hug he is the best husband Wink gosh! Cry no romantic scenes for Karly! CryOuch but I am glad karthik declared his love for her!Embarrassed

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Originally posted by princessRock776

Omg Adi is so caring for  his wife  love him so much!Hug he is the best husband Wink gosh! Cry no romantic scenes for Karly! CryOuch but I am glad karthik declared his love for her!Embarrassed
I dont think he cares for his wife. He cares more for his mother. He is afraid to speak out on behalf of his wife. I certainly wont want a husband like that who would allow his mother to treat me any how and dont say anything to defend me knowing that I am not at fault. Then comes in the room to butter me up to say how much he loves me and will also go thru the same punishment. Sorry Guys but its my opinion

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I think maybe Lovely should fast as well so that her mother-in-law can see that she has some good in her.  Lovely is a nice girl, you have to blame her parents for not paying attention to her while she was growing up. 
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Originally posted by rayadallie

Originally posted by princessRock776

Omg Adi is so caring for  his wife  love him so much!Hug he is the best husband Wink gosh! Cry no romantic scenes for Karly! CryOuch but I am glad karthik declared his love for her!Embarrassed
I dont think he cares for his wife. He cares more for his mother. He is afraid to speak out on behalf of his wife. I certainly wont want a husband like that who would allow his mother to treat me any how and dont say anything to defend me knowing that I am not at fault. Then comes in the room to butter me up to say how much he loves me and will also go thru the same punishment. Sorry Guys but its my opinion

I totally agree with you..All those sons do not even support their wives i mean it was only bittu who spoke and the rest were like zombies just sitting there..Ria is just so sweet coz if it were me i would have been so angry at him for not saying a word

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