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ArHi SS/FF - With Or Without You- Chp 61/Pg114-Last Chp (Page 6)

nabeela. Senior Member

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Loved this chapter. Loved the kiss, they always manage to get disturbed... now it's Khushi's mum lol. But wait... no honeymoon? :O Say it ain't so! Hmm what are you up to Vrush? lol

Hope there is one after all and I'm sure it will be worth the wait... update soon :)

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
OMG...Vrushy what a pleasant surprise...I really thought this time its gonna happen...but then mom-in-law walked in...kare toh kya kare...bechara he really needs to get her out of the house for some serious we come!!!Embarrassed

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 41

Arnav could not believe everyone was playing truant with his life. It was either the people in the house, the business and if all else went smooth, Khushi seemed to be hell bent on ruining a perfectly brilliant moment with some inane talk. Why did women talk so much? And if they had to, why pick such timing? Did they have a device in them which blared at them at the wrongest moments?

He entered the bedroom, to find Khushi peacefully asleep, blessedly the pillows were not laid out in the middle. "Well, about time," he muttered, as he undress and went for a shower. It was going one and they had an afternoon flight to Bora Bora via Singapore and Melbourne. Long flight and the tickets were all set for a vacation of one week. He had finished the meeting so late so that they could have undisturbed time together.

He needed to learn about his wife and teach a few things to his wife about him, about them. He came out in the bedroom with his boxers on, thinking soon he won't need them as well. Smiling to himself, he settled next to her in the bed and then gathered her spoon fashion in his arms. He felt something tug within the region of his heart as she snuggled closer to him even in her sleep.

That had to mean something right? He was going to try and make up for all the things he had done wrong with her. Starting with tomorrow, he was going to be the Arnav Singh Raizada, Khushi never met.

Khushi woke up feeling light. She had had this feeling on her wedding day, as if everything was going to be right. She turned around to see if Arnav had come back and slept next to her or not? She wanted to know what had he made of her subtle but sure change with the missing pillows in the middle. And found the space empty. But the dent on the pillow, slight rumple in the bed did show that he had slept next to her.

Wondering where he was, she gasped as he came out from the dressing room, with only towel around his waist. The drops of water still clung to his skin and some giving themselves up to the force of gravity and ran down his torso. He looked, delicious. She braked wondering why she thought of food looking at him and then blushed as he asked with raised eyebrows what was happening?

She shook her head and scrambled out of the bed and felt her blush deepen as the gown rode up her thigh in her haste. She saw his eyes roam up her leg and rest on her face after perusing her leisurely along the way.

As she went past him, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close and let a few drops from his wet hair fall on her face and said, "Good morning."

"Good morning." Khushi whispered back, looking at the ground.

One more thing, and she looked up at him only to have her lips captured by his.

Releasing her after few minutes, "Now you can go."

Before she went into the bathroom she heard him laugh softly.

Khushi could not believe, he had done that.

What did this man want? But decided she would deal with it later and got ready quickly and went into the temple as she knew he must be waiting for her. She reached and found him patiently waiting. For a man who did not believe in rituals, he had followed the diktat of Nani's to put sindoor on her everyday with a religiousness that defied his proclamations.

She stood in front of him and he silently picked up the box of sindoor, took some and smeared it in her parting. Their eyes met and she smiled. He then said, "Chalo breakfast pe Nani wait kar rahi hai."

Just as they entered the breakfast room, Khushi swooned and would have fallen if Arnav would not have held her. Nani scrambled to her feet and asked, "Arnav kya hua Khushi ko?"

"Woh abhi tak toh theek thi' pata nahi Nani." Arnav said concern lacing his voice. He picked her up and took her into the living room and placed her on the sofa.

"Arre Anjali bitiya, jaldi doctor ko phone lagaiye, inhe aaj jaana hai na' dekhiye jaldi bulwa lijiye. Abhi flight ko toh kaafi time hai. Pata nahi packing bhi kiya hai ki naahi?"

"Nani, iss haalat mein jaana shayad theek nahi hoga." Arnav tried to reason with Nani.

"Haan! aap toh pehile se naa kahat rahi. Ab toh aap manaa hi karoge. Pehile daktar sahib jo aa jaane dijiye, oo jo kahe wahi theek rahi."

Just as Nani said this, they heard, Khushi grumble and open her eyes slightly and said, "Woh Nani, mein theek hoon' woh bas thora sa chakkar aa gaya tha. Doctor ko bulane ki koi jaroorat nahi hai."

Then she winked at Arnav.

He gaped.

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Not fair this was a Arnav.!!   the update is way to short...come on...bring on the honeymoon already!!!!Angry  You we are like the CVs...making us go in circles after what we want but never getting us there...AngryLOL

Edited by --Nargis-- - 15 September 2011 at 9:34pm

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Cuz Mac

here is another one!!

And nagz..yeah...did i surprise you??

now that i like!!
bikerider IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Rush looks like i do need quite sometime
hope fully i will finish reading tomorrow Embarrassed

no honeymoon yet Shocked  i told you to tadapaofy  Arnav not us Wink

there CVs are tadapaofying us with no precap and you with no honeymoo
gabbar yeah bahut nainsaffi hai

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
Ha ha BAsanti

see as they say be careful of what you wish for...

tarpana...Arnav ko hoga.. toh aap bhi toh tarpoge..double edged sword my deary... i am writing as of right got lot of catching up to do..

but honeymoon ke liye isme toh prashthan kar hi lenge!!

bas..kaise..karte hain..woh toh logistics ki baat hai kyon?
-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Chapter 42

What the', his mind screamed. What was this woman up to? Short of asking her to confess in front of everyone, he said, "Lagta hai, thori der aaram kar legi toh theek hoga Nani. Agar kuch der mein theek nahi laga toh..mein khud doctor ke paas le jaaonga. Waise shayad breakfast kha legi toh theek ho jaayegi?"

He then asked Jai Prakash to bring the breakfast in their bedroom and carried her even though she tried to protest.

Once inside, he unceremoniously put her on her feet, closed the doors and asked putting his hands his hips, "Ab ye kya naatak tha?"

"Arre aap mujh par bhadak kyon rahe ho? Aap hi ne bola tha na, aapko honeymoon par nahi jaana, toh meine socha'" Khushi started to explain only stop when he turned away from her in frustration and ran his hands in his hair.

Before he could say anything, there was a knock on the door, placing a finger on his lips to keep quiet, as he turned back and asked her silently to lie on the bed. He  then  put covers on her before he said, "Come in."

"Haan Di, aap kyon laaiyee?" Arnav got up from the bed and relieved her from holding the tray.

"Kaisa lag raha hai Khushi, aur chakkar toh nahi aa rahe?"

Khushi slowly shook her head trying to do a convincing act of being weak.

"Chalo kuch kha lo, sab theek ho jaayega. Mein khila doon?" Anjali asked.

"Nahi Di, mein hoon na, mein kar loonga." He hastily intervened as he wanted her gone.

"Oho! ab toh bada khayaal rakkha jaa raha hai biwi ka." Anjali teased.

Arnav scowled but heaved a sigh of relief as Anjali left closing the doors behind him.

"What are you up to woman? What kinda stunt were you playing downstairs?" Arnav asked heatedly.

"What do you mean? Here I am trying to help you and you instead of thanking me, app hum par hi chilla rahe ho?" Khushi got up on her knees and faced him mimicking his stance of hands on hips.

They at the moment looked like adversaries in a boxing ring than husband and wife, who should be on their way to honeymoon.

"You stupid woman. Don't try and help me. I can do that on my own." But the bite had gone out of his words as he started laughing silently.

"You are laughing? You think it was easy, trying to time my faint so that everyone saw us and to put enough faith in your reflexes to catch me as well?" Khushi complained.

"But why were you doing such'" Arnav started and stopped adding, "No'forget it' I don't want to know your typical woman logic' which is '"

"Don't say it'" Khushi dared him to continue with a pointed finger at him.

"Kya kar logi?" Arnav asked leaning close to her?

"Woh mein honeymoon par jaane se inkaar kar doongi." Khushi fumbled.

"Achcha? Aur mein Nani se keh doonga ki tum naatak kar logi." Arnav played his ace.

Stumped, Khushi sat back on her heels wondering what to do.

"Toh kya karein ab?"

"Kuch nahi. Neeche chalo, sab ko bolo, tum ab theek ho..aur packing karo' we are going. Nani has gone through lot of trouble for us. For her sake, we should go. Think of it as a holiday if '."Arnav stopped.

Khushi sulked and said, "Theek hai. Friends?" offering her hand.

"Friends?" Arnav asked startled but then captured her hand in a shake giving a mental smile to himself.

They had breakfast and then went downstairs to announce their departure. Khushi packed. Arnav finished his last minute calls and packed himself.

Nani, Anjali and Shyam went to the airport to see them off.

Once in the plane, Khushi told Arnav, "Mujhe planes se bahut darr lagta hai."

Smiling, Arnav held her hand during take off, teaching her various things to travel in a plane. The first class cabin of Singapore Airlines was a royal treatment and Khushi lapped up all the attention en route.

She was exhausted by the time they had boarded the plane from Melbourne to Bora Bora and had slept most of the way with her head on his shoulder. But she woke up as the Captain announced their landing and looked out the window only to exclaim as she for the first time saw sea the color of flourescent green, translucent from up here yet inviting. The last leg was on a chartered flight with only them and it had been the most luxurious part of their trip.

Gazing out at the thatched roofs in the distance as they neared the air strip, she said, "Hum kya jannat pahonch gaye hai?"

And looked around to see Arnav smile at her and say, "Haan! hamara personal paradise."

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