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ArHi SS/FF - With Or Without You- Chp 61/Pg114-Last Chp (Page 112)

meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
intrsting pls continue soon

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RushTrip-

I am not sending a pm for the third one...

i hope i shall find people here any which way... whoever reads the two parts.. shall stumble upon the third hai na?

True. . .

We're all your stalkers, don worry!!! LOL LOL

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Priya_128 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 4:24am | IP Logged
3 updates...wohoo :)
Love the whole blowout...
Bechara is trying so hard and stuck between her and his sister noww !!

Can't wait to see how it will play out :)

Enjoy ur movie...the first half is brazen bold and kick butt ! Then ignoree tusshar kapoor and u'll love it :P

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fazzy-wazzy Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Hey Vrushali,

it's wonderful to have you back...

i'm so glad to see that you're continuing with this FF, as it's one of my favourites on the forum...

read both updates and they were fab Star

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
wow now my stalkers...

the movie is on hold...

i am trying to write the last update...which i am trying to make the last chapter but one more after this perhaps...

anyway... few more minutes for the next update

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged
Chapter 60

"Haan Di. Par Arnav mujhe ye batana bhool gaye ki, meri maa hi woh aurat hai jisne iss ghar ko barbaad kiya hai. Meri maa hai, kiski wajah se aapki shaadi tooti thi. Meri maa hai jiski wajah se aap ghar se beghar ho gaye the' Mujhe ' mujhe sharm aati hai.. ye soch kar ki meri maa aapki gunehgaar hai' aur mein iss ghar mein' " Khushi could not take it anymore. She just sank to the floor and cried as Anjali who also sat next to her and held her tight murmuring words that told her not to take the blame on herself.

Arnav for once, did not know what to do. The person who he had wanted to hate, who he had wanted to stay away from was the very person he needed in his life. It did not matter that she was Tanirika's daughter. She was Khushi. His Khushi.

Still wondering what to do, Naani also joined the commotion at 2 am that had ensued in the house. Feeling redundant as she took over placating Khushi and Anjali both. He excused himself to the library to call his Investigators to locate Tanirika.

He was going to meet her and give her money and ask her to leave their lives forever. He knew he should not give in for blackmailers seldom vanish if you give in once.

But he was not going to let Khushi come to harm anyway. And if paying her off was the way to keep Khushi safe then that was what he was going to do. He was pacing the floor when Anjali came to the library and asked, "Tumhein sab pata tha?"

"Haan Di." He answered simply.

"Mujhe khushi hai ki tumne uss aurat ke saaye ko apne pyaar par nahi padne diya. Arnav Khushi hamare khaandan mein pali hai aur uski Maa ki ek jhalak bhi usme nahi hai. Tum Khushi ko kabhi apne se alag mat karna." Anjali gave her support to Arnav.

"Di, mein shaadi se bahut pehle jaanta tha. Aur bahut apne aapko rokne ki koshish ki, par Khushi se badhkar mere liye aur kuch nahi hai. Our past is just that, past. I am not letting our future be colored by Tanirika. I am going to get her out of our lives forever." Arnav told his sister in no uncertain terms. He suddenly had an idea that he knew would work. He smiled to himself, only love can make one strong and weak at the same time. His plan will work.

"Who is with Khushi?" Arnav asked as Nani walked into the room.

"Don't worry beta, woh soh rahi hai. She just vomited. Uski tabiyat theek nahi hai. Doctor ko savere bula lena. Par mujhe lagta hai' ki mein finally parr-naani banane waali hoon." Naani gave a grin to both Arnav and Anjali who looked aghast at the preposterous assumption.

"Naani, pehle confirm toh ho. Aap toh pehle hi' " Anjali gave a sly look to Arnav as she reprimanded Nani jokingly.

Arnav suddenly in a buoyant mood after the near scare, ran once again up the stairs to go to the bedroom. To hug his wife, to thank her for this gift. Even if she was not pregnant, he was happy to just have this thought for now. May be he should do something about that. He smiled as he opened the bedroom door, only to find an empty bed, the bag that he had kept near the dressing room door not there and silence in the room other than the humming of the airconditioner.

"Khushi!" He called out as he went into the dressing room, wondering if she was sick again. He rushed to the bathroom but found it empty as well.

"Khushi" he called out again but there was no response.

Fearing the worst, he went downstairs and found Nani and Anjali in the hallway.

"Nani, Di, Khushi yahan aayee hai kya?" He asked in a strained voice

"Yahan' woh toh upar thi, soh rahi' kya hua Arnav?" Anjali asked now realising that he must have looked upstairs.

Arnav ran to the front door and asked the security only to hear him say that Khushi madam had taken the car and gone out.

He banged the door. How could she have done this.

He called up Lucknow, without worrying about the time. He told them that if Khushi comes they should behave normally and that he is on his way there.

He called up Aakash and asked him to tell Payal softly and try and come to Lucknow as well.

Nani and Anjali insisted that they and Shyam will come too. Hariprakash and others were instructed to attend any call and relay the information if they hear anything from Khushi or anyone.

"Where have you gone Khushi?" Arnav asked silently.

Tanirika had seen someone follow her as she had come towards the office the next day and knew that the plan had to be put into action. She was about to find her way into the mansion when she had seen a car come out and realised it was Khushi. She had then followed her and cornered her to capture her on the outskirts of Delhi, the highway that led to Lucknow.

She had then taken her to a hotel, telling her keep the pretense of being mother and daughter. Khushi had winced when she had heard her laugh at her own joke. Little did she realise that now she was not going to get a dime from Arnav. When Khushi was not in the equation, why will Arnav pay.

"It is strange isnt it? My own daughter, marrying my enemy and living in the status and lifestyle that should have been mine." Tanirika acidly told Khushi.

"You don't deserve anything but to be put behind bars. For stealing, for causing death of not one but four people." Khushi spat back at her.

"Four? Oh I know, Samar, Taksheel and his wife but who is the fourth one?" Tanirika asked as if genuinely puzzled.

"My father. You killed my father too. You are responsible for all the deaths." Khushi elaborated.

"Ha ha! Now go and prove that." Tanirika asked haughtily.

"You will get your comeuppance for sure. I know Arnav will' " Khushi stopped lest she said something that would alert Tanirika.

"Oh! Both of you are quite devoted to each other aren't you." Tanirika was dripping sarcasm.

Khushi opened her mouth to say something but decided it was not right to give any ammunition to this woman. If she could use her own daughter to blackmail, she could do anything to get her way.

Khushi then decided to keep quiet.

Tanirika then pulled out her cellphone and dialed a number. "I have her. If you want her back in one piece, bring a blank cheque in one hour to the place will tell you."

She then cut the call.

"I have told that husband of yours, lets see if you are important to him or not." Tanirika gave a mirthless laughter.

Khushi looked away from her. She had put her cellphone on silent and till now Tanirika had not figured that she had kept it in the pocket of her dress. She asked her if she could go to the loo as she was feeling like throwing up. Not believing, Tanirika followed her but when she really was heaving over the bowl, she left her. Once done, she kept the tap running and texted Arnav the name of the hotel and area from what she could remember. She told him that Tanirika was not armed but yes she could be.

Once outside, she realised how wrong she had been about the armed part. For there she stood with a gun in her hand. She gave her phone to Khushi and said, "Apne husband se baat karo aur bolo ki theek ek ghante mein Aligarh ke paas highway 93 par aa jaaye. Aage ka raasta wahan se baatayeinge. Aur ye mat bhoolna, ki mere paas gun bhi hai."

Khushi took the phone she had dialed and Arnav had been listening before he heard Khushi's voice. "Arnav, tum kuch mat karo. Tum isse ek paisa'"

Tanirika took the phone from her and put the gun against her temple and told Arnav, "Tumhein pata hai na, mein kya kar sakti hoon? Mere paas gun hai. Khushi usse bata'" she placed the phone near her mouth. "Bol'"

When Khushi did not speak, Tanirika hit her face with the gun. Arnav heard the grunt and the thud of the gun hitting her. He screamed, "Khushi, Just do as she says."

Tanirika then spoke to Arnav, "You know I mean serious business, right. Now come to the place in an hour, I hope you know not to involve the police else you know what would happen."

She cut the call, pulled Khushi's hair and threw her on the bed. "Looks like you are going to be more difficult than I thought. I had thought I won't have to be rough with you, looking that you seem to be pregnant. I was the same way with you. Throwing up at the oddest hours, especially at night. And they call it morning sickness. Looks like you did take after your mother after all."

"No, I am not pregnant and I am not like you." Khushi roared.

"Stop it, my child. Don't lie. I may not be motherly but I know when a woman is pregnant. That was the worse time of my life." Tanirika did not have a considerate bone in her.

"Anyway, it does not matter, we need to leave from her so that we can reach the rendezvous point in time. Just get up."

Khushi did not want to move from here as she had given the lead to Arnav of this place and did not want him to miss it. She told Tanirika again that she need to go barf, but Tanirika just hustled her out of the room.

Khushi tried to get her hand in her pocket to give a call to Arnav but just then Tanirika realised and removed it only to throw it away.

Khushi's shoulder's slumped in defeat as she was put in the backseat of her car with hands tied and band around her eyes. She just prayed that somehow, Arnav would find her. She felt the jaw swell where her mother had hit her with the gun.

Khushi felt may be she should not have left home, for now Arnav had to come find her and may be pay for her release too.

She did not want this. She only wanted Arnav. Her Arnav.

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fazzy-wazzy Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged
lovely update Star

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged
fabulus updates

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