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MAANEET SS: THIS IS NOT THE END#2Pt.31&Epi. Pg 117 (Page 76)

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Originally posted by aakritisri1111

yup almost done... few more mins

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Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by aakritisri1111

yup almost done... few more mins

hey rachna congrats for becomng red i mean to say congrats for becoming a rockerz

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Originally posted by abinash079

Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by aakritisri1111

yup almost done... few more mins

hey rachna congrats for becomng red i mean to say congrats for becoming a rockerz

Thanks darling.

Just became ROCKERZ like 3 posts ago.



bear panda dancing

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Hey gals! me back wid another update thank u so much for all ur support nd co-operation so far. i really appreciate ur comments nd likes. so thanx from d core of my heart to all of u. i knw m not able to reply to ur comments but i'll acknowledge each of u at d end of my SS. nw here's d Part 27 of my SS. hope u all r going to like it. Pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it.

Nd ya Aakriti is disappointed wid d no. of likes in d prev part Cry. Pls hit d like button guys. it really means a lot to me.Smile

                                                       Part 27:

She opens her eyes slowly nd looks at him wid her drowsy eyes. A smile crept on her face seeing him wid her so close. She was still not fully conscious to make out wats happening but she could see his worried nd tensed face though she still couldn't make out y is he so worried nd she is too oblivious about everything.


Maan: Geet, tum theek ho Na?


She didn't answered instead she wrapped her arms around him nd held him tightly; close to herself.


He smiled seeing her submission nd hugged her closer to him. Though he knows dat it was due to her sub-conscious state nd wen she'll wake up in d morning den he had to face many questions nd accusations from her but he's ready to take all dat if it costs for being in each other arms although for few hrs only. But dese moments r going to be d golden moments for his whole lyftym where d love of his lyf is safe nd sound in his arms.




Next morning wen Geet opens her eyes she found herself in Maan's Arms who was hugging her tightly nd securely close to him. She couldnt make out at first but den her eyes widened in shock nd Horror wen she saw him wearing nothing nd just wrapped in blanket nd sleeping so close to her.


"Wat is he doing here wid me nd dat too in dis Condition" She thought nd den she looked at herself nd found herself wrapped in blanket too. She instantly get up nd removed his hand from her nd moves away from dere. She looked around herself nd saw her clothes lying on d floor along wid his. She covered her mouth in shock nd gulped down her saliva in fear thinking wat dey might have done.


"Did they…… Did they crossed dere limits last nite" she closed her eyes as d thought crosses her mind. D thought itself had send shivers down her spine. Tears welled up in her eyes by just d thought. Maan opens his eyes as he felt d warmth missing from his arms. He got up nd looked at Geet who was standing all shocked, scared nd perplexed. He knows wat is she thinking nd he had to tell her fast wat all had happened before she makes her own assumptions.


He was about to call her wen Geet looked at him nd he couldn't say anything else seeing her painful expressions. He saw tears in her eyes nd instantly closed his eyes seeing her like dat. dis is sumthing dat he can't stand. He had to tell her wats d truth before she do or think anything wrong. Determining dis he opened her eyes only to saw her running towards Washroom. He tried calling her but she has already gone inside d Washroom closing d door behind her.


Maan closed his eyes in frustration nd pain. He knows dis was cuming. He knew it dat Geet will react like dis only wen she'll wake up. He must have saved her lyf last nite but he had lost her from his lyf forever. How on earth is he going to tell her wats d Truth nd if he sumhow tells her also den will she believe him. He closed his eyes yet again only to see her hurt nd tear stricken face. No she'll not believe him. She had already made her own assumptions. But he still need to tell her, to clear all misunderstandings nd even after dat also Geet wont belive him den he'll go out from her lyf. Last thing dat he wants is to be d reason of Geet's pain. Already he had given her enough pain in d past nd nw he wont repeat same mistake. Determining dis he picks up his clothes nd looked at d Washroom's door which was still closed.




Geet closed d Door behind her nd rests herself at it. She was still shocked nd scared just by d thought dat may be last nite dey crossed all dere limits but she still couldn't make out wat actually has happened. Last she remembers dat she was in d washroom only lost in her thoughts nd later in d morning she found herself in Maan's embrace just wrapped in blanket. She tried hard to figure out wat could have happened in between but her mind was just blank. She closed her eyes in pain nd agony nd dats wen she reminded of Maan's words


"I'll not let anyone mark my words anyone to even stand close to u who had intention to harm u in any way let alone touch u. I'll not let dat person see d next day of his lyf if he brought tears in Ur eyes. Even the air in which u breath had to face me first; has to take my permission first before harming u nd no one can stop me. Not even u Geet"


"Geet, no matter hw much problems r dere between us, no matter whatever has happened between us, no matter hw much far away we've gone from each other, no matter wats d future of our relationship is but I cant see anyone or anything harming you. I'll kill dat person wid my bare hands who'll even think of harming u emotionally or physically."


Nd she snapped her eyes open. Wat was she thinking? She is doubting Maan nd his intentions. Hw can she even think of dat? hw can she Doubt Maan? Hasn't she saw d immense love in his eyes last nite? Hasn't she saw his care, his possessiveness for her in his eyes last nite dat today she's thinking all dis. For once she can doubt herself; for once she can doubt dat she can loose her control nd gets flow in d moment but Maan, Maan can never do dis. he'll rather die before disgracing her.


No Matter wat relationship dey had nw. No matter hw much she wants to stay away from him due to her fear but she can still never doubt him or his intentions. Ya dats true dat last nite dey did gets lost in each other for few moments but at dat tym also his Eyes was just full of Love. She had never seen Lust in dose eyes. Not Even den also wen dey were together. He never forces himself on her during dat tym also instead seeked her permission everytym before kissing her den hw can she even think dat he'll do any sort of such thing nw nd specially wen he's so much irrecoverably in Love wid her. No, Maan can never do such thing wid her not even den also wen she's unconscious. Her heart is not believeing dat Maan will ever cross his limits without her will


She looked herself in d mirror. Dere is no Sign of Love Bites neither she's feeling sore between her legs which indicates dat dey haven't done anything last nite. She smiles nd sighed in relief. Her heart was rite. Maan had not crossed his limits. He haven't done anything dat would make herself fall in her own eyes.


But Den y is she just wrapped in blanket only? Nd how cum dey were sleeping so close to each other? Wat could have actually happened between dem? Numerous thoughts were running in her mind nd she knows dat only Maan can answer her questions but she'll not ask him anything. She will let him tell himself only. She remembered Maan's hurt face in d morning.


"O god wat he must be thinking? He must be thinking dat I don't trust him or his intentions." She thought. But he was rite sumwhere. She had got distracted for sumtym but nw not. She believes him no matter wat nd she'll not ask him single questions after getting out. If he had wrapped her in blanket, if he was sleeping beside her so close den dere must be sum strong reason reason for dat. dere's definitely a piece of puzzle is missing which she'll let him complete by himself..




Maan was waiting impatiently for Geet outside d Washroom. He don't know hw is he going to convience her dat nothing of dat sort happened between dem wat she is thinking. He had not nd neither he'll ever cross his limits. He need to clear dis misunderstanding between dem before it cause damage to wat little relationship dey had. But wat taking her so long to cum, he thought. He gets scared thinking of last nite incident wen she was taking dis much tym only nd later he found her unconscious. No he needs to check. Thinking dis he gets up from d couch nd was about to go towards d Door wen he heard d sound of opening d door nd saw Geet cuming out from it all safe nd sound. He takes a breath in relief seeing her all safe nd sound.


Geet looks at Maan who was looking at her unblinkingly. She knows wat he's thinking. He's thinking dat she does not trust him. But he was wrong. She trusts him datsy she's not asking anything but dis is also true dat she's waiting impatiently for him to speak so dat she can find dat missing part which was creating havoc in her heart. She lowers her gaze nd moves towards d Dresser.


Maan (to himself): Y is she not asking me anything? Was she so angry from me dat nw she'll not even talk to me, not even give me a chance to explain myself? She is not even looking at me. Had I really lost her for forever? No I can't afford dis. she had to listen me once atleast nd after dat its upto her to believe me or not but I'll not lose her before clearing all her doubts.

Thinking dis he moves towards Geet. Geet saw him cuming towards her in Mirror nd her own heart started beating faster wid his each move towards her nd finally he was standing just behind her.


"Geet" he called in his husky voice but Geet could feel d pain in it. She instantly turned around to look at him. Her wet hairs brushes across his face while turning sending chills in Maan's Body. He closed his eyes for a while to get d feel of her scented hairs. He slowly opens his eyes to look at her beautiful face which was partly covered wid d wet strands of her hairs. He had completely forgotten for wat he was here nd gets lost in her divine beauty yet again. He brings his hand towards her face nd removed d wet strands from dere which were teasing his senses by blocking his view sending goosebumps in her body. She closed her eyes to feel his touch nd her hands turned into fists to get control on herself. One part of her wants him to be close to her like dis only but other part was just pushing him away due to fear of getting hurt by him yet again.


Maan kept looking at her face, drinking her beauty from his eyes. it was really tough to control his temptation, his desire for her wen she's so close to him but at d same tym he don't want to do anything which can hurt her further nd as realization hits him he slowly backs out from her nd looked other way. Geet opens her eyes wen she felt him drawing back away from her nd looked at him who was looking other side. She moves her hand to touch his arm nd dis is wen Maan turned around to speak to her nd she takes her hand back nd cleared her throat


Geet: U wanted to say sumthing to me?

Maan: Geet, I knw wat u r thinking nd u r right at ur place but Geet pls let me clear myself once nd after dat its upto u to trust me or not but pls just listen to me once.


He said nd waited for Geet to react but she didn't said anything he continues


Maan: Geet, I dnt know dat whether u r going to believe or not wat m going to say now but pls trust me Geet wat m going to say now, each nd every word of its is true. Geet, I knw wat u r thinking about me since morning nd u r not wrong also. Anyone can think like dat only but Geet I just wanted to say dat wat u r thinking is utterly wrong. Actually last nite wen u didn't came out for long I got worried for u. I knocked d Door couple of tymes but u didn't responded, den finally I had to cum inside nd wen I came inside I saw u lyieng on floor unconscious nd den I got scared. U r having high temperature also nd didn't changed Ur wet clothes either. Ur condition was getting worse by every passing minute so I…. (He closes his eyes for a while nd takes a deep breath before completing further) I changed Ur clothes.


Geet eyes widened listening to his last sentence.


Geet (to herself): He… He changed my clothes last nite. Did he saw me without clothes? Haye Babaji! Hw m I going to face him nw.


D thought dat Maan had changed her clothes made her feel embarrassed. Maan looked at her flushed face nd instantly realize wat is she thinking rite nw so he immediately said to clear her doubts


Maan: No… u r thinking wrong? I haven't… I haven't seen anything. I had switched off d lights while changing.


Geet let go d breath dat she's been holding till nw. she whacks herself in mind on her silly thought. Hw can she even think dat Maan will see her like dat. she looked at Maan nd waited for him to speak further


Maan: I looked around for sum dry clothes but d clothes dat u took into d washroom for change was got wet due to falling in bath tub. I didn't know wat should I do at dat tym so I wrapped blanket around u securely nd tightly making sure dat it covers u properly. But even after dat also Ur condition was getting worse. U r shivering nd ur breathings were cuming in hiccups nd Fire nd blanket were also showing least affect on u so I….. I had just one option wid me. To give u warmth thru my body heat (he closed his eyes for a while nd den again speaks) nd datsy I was so close to u in d morning dis morning. Trust me Geet wat I said was truth. I haven't crossed my limits. I can't even think of dat. I would rather die before breaking Ur trust. I haven't done anything which can disgrace u. I haven't even saw u while changing Ur clothes…. I.…. I haven't crossed my limits. I……..


He couldn't say further as Geet puts finger on his lips stopping him to say further. He don't have to clarify himself anymore. She trusts him. She trusts on each nd every word he said to her. She listened to him just because she wanted to know wat exactly had happened, just because she wanted him to remove d burden from his heart. yes, she did thought for a while dat dey might had crossed dere limits but dat fear she had for herself because she always loose herself wen he's around her. No matter wat he did to her in past but still her heart can't believe dat he'll ever do sumthing like dat. nd today he had proved dat she was not wrong about him, dat her heart was not wrong about him.


Maan felt a current jolted in his body wen his lips came in contact wid her skin. He looked in her eyes which had thousand emotions in dem but for d first tym he's not able to read dose eyes. He's not able to understand dat y Geet stopped him to speak further. Does she dnt want to trust him? Had she didn't believed on wat all he had said? Was dis d end of dere Relationship? Just wen he was thinking all dis Geet spoke


Geet: u dnt have to say anything further. U dnt have to clarify urself anymore. I trust on whatever u said. I trust u Maan.


His heart danced in joy after hearing her last sentence. She trusts him. His Geet trusts him. She didn't doubt his intentions. She didn't doubt him.



Maan: So dat means u didn't doubt me?

Geet: Frankly speaking I did got confused in d morning wen I saw both of us so close to each other in d morning at dat condition due to which I was not able to make out anything nd my thought wanders just on d fact dat we…. We crossed our limits. But den wen I gave a thought on it den I realize dat I was wrong. My heart was saying dat u can't do any such thing wid me. Datsy I didn't questioned u wen I came out. D reason I let u speak because I want to know dat missing part dat lead dis confusion in my mind. But dat doesn't mean dat I didn't trust u Maan. I trust u Maan. I knw dat u'll not do anything like dat wid me. I knw dat u'll never disgrace me. I knw dat u'll never ever cross Ur limit.


As soon as she finished her last sentence Maan cocooned her in a bear hug without any second thought. He don't know any other way to express his happiness. He can't express hw much relieved he was feeling rite nw. She didn't doubt him; d fact only gave immense pleasure to his heart. Finally he was able to gain her trust at sum place. May be she still dnt trust him wid his feelings may be she still fears dat he can break her heart again but atleast she trusts him dat he'll never do anything wrong wid her nd dis is d most important thing for him. He felt all d torture, all d tension dat he beared last nite worth.


Maan: Thanx Geet. Thank u so much for keeping Ur trust me. U dnt have slightest idea hw much relieved I m. I was so tensed since last nite just by d thought dat u'll not believe me wen I'll tell u. but today u took away all my tension. Thank u so much Geet.


Geet was not ready for dis sudden hug. She left her hands on either sides not sure whether to hug him or not. She can feel happiness in his voice she raises her hands a bit to hug him he pulled out from hug realizing his actions.


Maan: Wo… I think I should go nd take d shower.


Geet nodded slowly nd he left for Washroom giving a last look to Geet.




After a While wen Maan came out from d Washroom he saw Geet arranging her bag. He frowned thinking y is she doing dat? Geet felt his presence behind her nd smiled weakly looking at her.


Maan: Geet, wat r u doing?

Geet: Arranging d bag Maan. We have to leave for Mumbai in d evening, remember?


Maan had completely forgetten dat dey had to leave for Mumbai dis evening. He felt a pang in his heart knowing dat dis is d last day wen dey'll be stay together nd close to each other as after reaching Mumbai d only tym wen dey meet each other wiil be den wen dey were in office or wid Yash nd Meera. Dese 2 days were d best days of his lyf where his Geet was wid him in d same room, under one roof nd nw dey'll never get dis chance again. Wat he should do now? Should he tell her dat he can't live without her anymore? Should he tell her dat he can't bear dis distance between dem anymore?

Geet turned to look at him wen she didn't got any answer only to find him lost in his own world. She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to bring him back from his reverie.


Geet: Maan, kaha kho Gaye? Packing nahi karni kya?


Maan looked at Geet nd was confused to see her behave so normal. Don't she feels d same like he was feeling? Don't she's feels d pain dat nw dey'll not able to be so close to each other again?  If she's also d feeling d same den y is she behaving like everything is normal. Had she really moved on in her lyf? But least he knows dat Geet too feels d same wat he's feeling rite nw but d fact is dat she had put a brave face to mask her emotions. He was again brought back into reality by Geet's voice.


Geet: Maan kya hua? Tum theek to ho na?

Maan: Geet wo main….


He couldn't complete his sentence wen Geet's cellphone started ringing. It was from Deeps.


Geet: ek min. Maan (den after taking d call) Ya Deeps, hi!

Deeps: Hey Geet! Just wanted to ask u dat r u ready?

Geet: ya m ready.

Deeps: ok den I m leaving in 15 mins from home nd will be dere in half an hour so meet me at d entrance of hotel in half an hour.

Geet: Sure. I'll be dere. Bye!

Deeps: bye


She said nd cuts d call.


Maan: R u going sumwhere?

Geet: ya m going out wid Deeps

Maan: but where?

Geet: m going to meet Preeti.

Maan: Preeti? Is she also in lonavala? Den y she didn't came in d party last nite.

Geet: Maan, Preeti is in asylum.

Maan: Asylum? But y?


Geet narrates him d whole incident dat she came to know from Deeps


Maan: So, last nite u were crying due to Preeti


Geet said nothing but nodded slowly still hiding d actual reason.


Maan: Tum bhi Na Geet. Acha u get ready den nd I'll also cum wid u.

Geet: Wat? But y?

Maan: Wat do u mean by Y? I wanted to meet her too. Y, Don't u want me to cum wid u?

Geet: No Maan its not like dat. I was saying because may be u r forgetting dat today we have to complete d legal formalities regarding d Land nd since m going to meet Preeti its necessary for u to be over dere.

Maan: But Geet…..

Geet: I'll join u over dere soon ok.


Maan (to himself): hw should I tell u Geet, dat meeting Preeti was just an excuse. I just wanted to spend as much tym as I can before leaving for Mumbai. But u r also right. We should not forget our responsibilities towards our work.


Geet (to herself): I know Maan dat Ur will to meet to Preeti was just an excuse but m sorry to hurt u Maan but I cant take u over dere wid me because I myself don't know hw will I react over dere nd if u'll be dere wid me den I afraid dat I might get weak.


After a long silence Maan spoke


Maan: ok as u say, but pls try to cum soon.

Geet: I'll.


Suddenly Geet goty msg from Deeps dat she's waiting for her at d entrance so she quickly takes her purse nd headed towards d door but before she could step Maan called her


Maan: Geet


She instantly stop in her tracks. She don't know y but she felt pain in dat Voice. She quickly turns to look at him


Maan: Wo… if u dnt mind den after completing our respective works can we go out for site seeing 'together'


He said nd looked at Geet wid some hope. D expression in his Voice was sumthing which Geet cant ignore neither she had heart to refuse him seeing his pleading voice especially den wen her own heart wants to be wid him; so she slowly nodded wid smile nd steps out leaving Maan behind happy nd contended.




After 1 hr of Drive Deeps nd Geet reached to d Assylum where Preeti was admitted. Geet's heart already started beating fast just by thinking of her friend's condition. She was afraid to break down in front of her. in d meantym dey reached to d Room where Preeti was admitted.


Geet saw her sitting at bed nd writing sumthing while clutching a Red Dupatta in a hand. She was so engrossed in her work dat she didn't noticed dere presence in d room. Geet's heart cried seeing her in dat condition. She couldn't believe dat she was d same Preeti who doesn't leave a chance to make fun of anyone nd now her own life has become a joke. Deeps keeps a hand on Geet's shoulders to calm her nd called Preeti


Deeps: Preeti


Nd she instantly looks up nd her face lits up seeing Deeps.


Preeti: Deeps!


She said nd streches her arms to hug her. Deeps goes close to her nd hugs her but suddenly Preeti pouted nd pulls away from d hug


Preeti: m not talking to u?

Deeps: y?

Preeti: u didn't come to meet me since last 4 days. U knw hw much I was missing u? u knw na my Marriage in due in few days nd u r not here to help me.

Deeps: I m so sorry sweety but I was bit busy. Acha is baar maaf kardo next tym aisa nahi hoga. (She said while holding her ears)

Preeti: last tym


Dats wen her eyes fall on Geet who was standing at d corner wid tears in her eyes.


Preeti: Who's she? Nd y is she standing over dere?

Deeps: She's Geet, my friend. She's here to help u in Ur wedding preparations.


Deeps gestures Geet to come towards dem. Geet cumes nd sits beside Preeti.


Geet: Hi!

Preeti: Hi Geet! hws u? U r here to help me in my wedding?

Geet: ya.

Preeti: thank u. u r so sweet nd ur name is also very sweet.

Geet: thanx. But wat are u doing wid dis notepad? Are u making list?

Preeti: No, wo to I m writing letter to Kuldeep. He's not here Na nd his cell is also out of reach so m writing letter to him to cum back soon. U knw Na dat my wedding is in few days nd he has gone out for sum urgent work. (Den suddenly sumthing strucks her) hey Geet, tum mera ek kaam karogi pls?

Geet: ya.

Preeti: Tum pls mera ye letter us tak pahucha dogi. U knw I had send him 1000 letters till nw but it seems he didn't get dem so will u pls give dis letter to him.


Dats it! Geet lost d ounce of self control dat she had on her nd she hugged her started crying silently seeing her condition. Preeti felt her shoulder wet nd she pulls out from hug. She frowned seeing her condition nd wipes away her tears.


Preeti: y r u Crying? Did he hurted u? If he had hurted u den tell me I'll scold him badly. Hw dare he to hurt such a sweet girl like u.


It was getting hard for Geet to stay over dere even a minute so she quickly rishes out wiping her tears. She wished dat Maan would be here wid her at dis moment to console her. Preeti looks confused at Geet's Retreating form so Deeps asked her to wait while she goes out to see Geet.


Geet cries bitterly hugging Deeps. Deeps consoles her nd after a while Geet composes herself nd goes inside to meet Preeti again. Dey spend sumtym wid each other nd den left promising Preeti dat dey'll be back soon.


After cuming out from Geet let go d tears dat she has been holding back till nw. Deeps saw dis nd consoles her.


Deeps: dekha tumne? Since last 2 years it's just like dis only. Wenever me nd Ashish goes to meet her she use to behave like dis only nd complains us for not participating in her Marriage activities.

Geet: But Deeps, she's been in treatment for so long den y is she not improving?

Deeps: its not like dat Geet. She has improved a lot. U knw initially she was not ready to even look at me. She was thinking dat I'll take away her love from her but slowly slowly she opens up in front of me nd see today she talked to u also. But Doctors are saying dat she has been so much mentally affected dat it'll take sumtym to recover.

Geet: hhmmm

Deeps: U knw Geet I always think dat Kuldeep loves her truly, dat he'll never leave her at any cost because of d one-woman-man image he created in front of us nd I always doubt Maan sumwhere dat may be he can ditch u for any other girl nd I shared dis wid u also, remember?

Geet: ya.

Deeps: but after wat Kuldeep did to Preeti I changed my thoughts. Kabhi kabhi hum jo sochte hai zaruri nahi ki wo sahi ho. Nd urs nd Maan's Relationship has proved me long nd m happy to be proved wrong. Geet tum aur Maan bahut lucky ho dat u both got each other's love. Everyone is not dis much lucky enough. Geet 5 saal kafi hote hai Kisi insaan ko badalne ke liye. u both r away from each other for 5 whole years but neither of u had ever thought of cheating d other behind dere back. ok for once I can be sure in ur case but Maan, we both knows hw he was wen u came to his lyf.


Geet slowly nodded nd Deeps Continues


Deeps: Geet, Maan can easily have number of affairs behind Ur back without ur knowledge but he didn't. He was always loyal to u nd m damn sure dat he haven't given any other girl a second glance also. nd I can say dat because in dese 5 years we got numerous news about Maan thru media but it was always regarding his achievements nd all; we never heard even his name linking up wid any girl nd after seeing both of u together nd dat too so much in love wid each other even after staying away for 5 years from each other; my all doubts r cleared nd I believed dat u guys r truly made for each other nd no matter wat Maan will never leave u in mid-way. U knw anyone can carry dere relationship by staying close to each other but it's very difficult to carry d relationship wid full loyalty but u nd Maan nd proved dat nothing is difficult wen u r so much in love wid sumone.


Geet went thoughtful after listening wat Deeps has said. She is rite Maan can do anything behind her back. Who was dere to stop him or see him nd she even broke up also wid him so he was free to do anything but he didn't; instead he waited paitently for her nd still waiting. Den y is she not able to get rid from her insecurities? Dis she also knows dat sumwhere her heart has forgiven Maan but still one part of it fears of getting hurted once again. She came out of her reverie wen she listens Deeps cell phone ringing.


Deeps: ya…. Ok I'll be rite dere (den to Geet) Geet dere's an emergency in office nd Ashish is also not dere so I need to go to office. I'll do one thing I'll drop u to Ur hotel nd den go.

Geet: R u mad? Ur office route is opposite to mine. U go to office, I'll manage.

Deeps: But Geet, hw will u…..

Geet: dnt worry about me. I'll manage. Nd if dere will be any problem den I'll call Maan nd he'll pick me up

Deeps: R u sure?

Geet: ya.

Deeps: ok den bye. Tc nd dnt go before meeting me

Geet: Sure. Bye!


She said nd deeps left from dere nd Geet too headed towards road to get a cab.




It's been 20 mins. Since Geet is standing at d Road but she's not getting any cab. She looked at watch nd remembers dat Maan has asked her to cum soon nd here she's stuck up over here. She thought of calling Maan so dat he can pick her up. Thinking dis she called his no. but he didn't respond.


"May be he's busy wid d meeting" she thought nd tried calling him once more. She was waiting for his response wen someone called her


"Hey sweetheart waiting for me" she turned recognoizing whose voice it is nd her eyes widened in shock seeing him in front of him. It was none other den Rahul who was standing over dere wid a smirk on his face.


Rahul: u didn't replied darling? Waiting for me?

Geet: just shut up.

Rahul: Ah! C'mon nw stop showing ur fake anger I knw u too wanted to meet me eagerly like I wanted

Geet: Den I must say dat u need a mental treatment. Dnt worry Asylum is rite here if u want I can admit u over dere. Nd to clear ur doubt m waiting for Maan.

Rahul: oh! Hw can I forget him? But I wonder y he's not here wid u? Busy giving his company to any other girl (he said nd winks)

Geet: mind Ur language Rahul. I warned u before also dnt u dare to say a word against him.

Rahul: O my my, someone is getting angry. Seems u both r really cozy wid each other. So are u both enjoying each other? Is he Gud in bed?


Dats it! Geet lost all her control nd without thinking twice she slapped him hard. Hw dare he think so low about dere relationship. Maan was rite; dis person needs to know his actual place. She was wrong in stopping Maan. If she haven't stopped Maan last nite dat he won't have guts to say dis to her. She looked at Rahul who was standing dere holding his cheek but d smirk of his face haven't wiped off.


Rahul: Wat happen? Cant able to bear truth? O c'mon Geet whom u r fooling. I knw wat kind of relationship u both r having. U both r sharing one room in a hotel dat too by d name of Mr. nd Mrs. Khurana; had spend 2 nights wid each other in d same room nd u expect me to believe dat u both haven't even touched each other. By d way aisa kya hai usme dat u r so crazy for him. u didnt even let me touch u wen we were in relationship nd wid him u r spending two nights in same room. Wow!

Geet: Stop Ur nonsense Rahul. U can never understand wat relation I nd Maan had nd I dnt even care to explain it to u because u can never understand it

Rahul: Den dnt even Bother sweetheart because m least care to know about it. I m only interested in one thing.


Geet looked at him angrily nd he continues


Rahul: U. just spend one night wid me Geet. Trust me u'll enjoy more wid me. I m much better den him. I…….


He couldn't finish his sentence as Geet slapped him once again nd dis tym more hard which only increased his rage.


Geet: Dis was Ur answer. I was not knowing Rahul dat u can stoop so low; dat u can think so low for anyone. But wat else should I expect from a cheap person like u. but I guess nw u knw wats d difference between u nd Maan in my eyes. My relationship wid Maan is as pure as my believe in God nd I'll not let anyone point dere finger on it. Just consider urself lucky dat Maan is not here or else u won't be able to recognize urself in d mirror. Nw get out of my way nd let me go.


She said angrily nd started moving from dere towards d other side of d Road but soon she felt a tug in her hand. She angrily turned around only to find Rahul holding her hand wid anger on his face


Rahul: Where d hell u think u r going after humiliating me like dis.

Geet: Leave my hand Rahul!


But instead he tightened his grip nd looked angrily at her.


Geet: Last tym Rahul, leave my hand or….


She said nd again raised her hand to slap him wid her other hand but Rahul stopped her hand in mid way.


Rahul: Not again babes! I let u slap me twice dat doesn't mean dat u can slap me Everytym.


He said nd pinned her against his car. Geet got petrified seeing immense lust in his eyes. She was cursing herself for not letting Maan come wid her. She wriggled nd tries to free herself from his grip but failed.


Rahul: Dnt even try because it won't help u.

Geet: Leave me Rahul, if Maan will cum to know about all dis den u'll be dead

Rahul (chuckled): Maan huh? Dnt worry sweetheart by d tym Maan will cum to know about dis I would be done wid u nd will be far away from u nd ur Maan.

Geet: u r doing a big mistake.

Rahul: I don't care. I tried to handle dis calmly but since u dnt understand dat language so I had to try dis way. Dnt worry it won't take much tym.


He said nd came dangerously close to her. Geet started breathing heavily. No, she cant let dis monster touch her. She'll better die before he touches her. Only Maan has right to touch her. She saw her leaning close nd she pushed him wid all her might nd he stumbles backward. Geet found it opportunity nd runs from dere. by d tym Rahul balances himself he saw saw her running away.


Rahul: Run Geet! Run as much as u can because at d end u had to come here only.




Geet was running fastly towards d road, not sure where she was heading but she needs to get away from him. She was panting heavily but she didn't stopped because she knows dat he's definitely after him nd she had to go back towards d hotel before he can reach her; so she kept on running. She wanted to call Maan but she had not tym to call him so she decided dat she'll call him once she reaches a safe place.


She was running seeing at d back continuously wen she bumped into someone causing her to fall. She fell on d floor nd den looked at d person whom she has bumped nd her eyes widened in horror seeing Rahul in front of him. he held her hand nd jerked her towards him.


Rahul: Wat do u think it's easy to run away from me. No, u r utterly wrong babes.


He said nd pinned her to d nearby tree while she was wriggling hard to free herself


Rahul: u knw sumthing u look beautiful wen u get scared like dis.


He said nd extend his hand to touch her face. Geet moves her face to other side not letting him to touch which angers him nd he brings her face back by squeezing her cheeks.


Rahul: I told u before also Geet, dnt even try because u'll not succeed. Just submit urself wid ur will or I wont mind in forcing too.

Geet: I would rather die before letting u touch me

Rahul: tch tch tch! Too bad unfortunately u dnt have even dis option also because u r trapped babes. U knw since d day I saw u in d party I couldn't able to take u away from my mind (he said while atroking her arm)

Geet: Dnt touch me. Door raho mujhse. MAAN!!!!

Rahul (laughs): Maan? U still think he'll cum here to rescue u. just tell me geet is he a superman dat he'll cum to knw wats going on here wid u nd will be here in no tym to rescue u


He said while throwing her duppatta away


Geet (to herself): Pls Babaji! Save me. Save me before he disgraces me. I cant let him touch me. Jst give me death before he touches me but dnt let him touch me. Maan! Where r u? pls cum.


She looked at Rahul who was leaning close to her stroking his lower lip wid his thumb. She tried to push him away but he was way too hard for her.


Rahul: dnt worry Geet, nw it seems to be forced but soon u too will enjoy it. Trust me.


He said nd started leaning closer to her lips to kiss her. Geet closed her eyes thinking dat dis is d end. Nw she cant be escaped. Tears welled up in her eyes just by d thought dat she's not able to protect herself anymore. She closed her eyes nd waiting for her death to arrive wen she felt him moving away wid a sudden jerk.


She instantly opens her eyes trying to register wat had immediately wen her eyes fall on d person standing in front of her wid anger in his eyes.


"It was him, he's here. He's here to save me. My saviour is here" she thought.



"Maan" Finally after a long she was able to mutter his name nd hugged him tightly petrified wid d situation.




Those who wanted to see Maan in action


Raise ur handWinkWink

ok so dis is it guys. i knw its a kind of filler update but it was necessary. next update would be rocking u knw. I assure u dat u all wont get disappointed wid next update. hit d like button if u all like it nd do leave ur Comment/criticism. its necessary

Luv AakritiSmileSmile

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I loved it very much.

AWWW so sad to hear about Geet's friend in the hospital.
But the update was mind blowing

I raise my hand to see Maan in action...


Please update soon

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hey a wow wt an awesoem part dear  so many emotions in tis part  i just want to kill tat rahul  wow maan came   yippeee plz plz update next part dear  

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