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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

15th september yrkkh wu complete


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Hey guys i will be doing the update today it will be up in a short while Big smile

Starts of with rj saying sorry akshara says why r u sayingthat u were here thats why i stayed strong rb says dont make us feel embarrased by applogising, rb says lets go home everyone must be worried vishambar says akshara to take care, shaurya tells them not to think about this anymore, they arrive home bhabhima says hw did this happen rj says due to misunderstandings, natik says dont get worried bhabhima ur already feeling ill, she says how shall i not worry havnt u seen her face its gone all pale she tells maharji to get some warm milk and food, rashmi says was the statment in our haq, natik says if it wasnt in our haq then they woudnt let akshara or ma go, bhabhima says dont say anything else rb says no one will talk on this topic anymore, @meshawri's everyone is praying and they leave vishambar is still praying dadi tells him that what happened shoudnt happened but dont take it to heart and move on, its sensible rj has a soft heart on top she must be taking sensible steps as its her daughters house and u must support her in this @naksh room natik comes in and sits with akshara he says i am sorry this happened cause i was upset with u thats because i wanted to come with u wht r u thinking didnt u hear bauji said forget bad memorys and dont think about them,
akshara said not all bad experiences leave scars they also give us good teachings like we got so nice parents and familys who dont make any difference between boys and girls, natik said there is difference here daughters r loved more then sons exp daughter in laws LOLakshara says natik he says i am saying right so many tyms ma and bhabhima took your side and scolded me she says you do work like this he says ok both laugh (nice scene between naksh i think mu have cleared up) rj is sitting outside when bhabhima arrives rj enquires about her health she says i am feeling better now but due to my ilness u had to do all the housework rj says its nothing like that i do work at my house like that house this is myn too, she says i will make tea for u bhabhima says leave it girja will they call her and ask her to make tea she says shall i make ginger tea i made it for bhabhi in the morning bhabhima says akshara had tea did she have anything to eat girja says no she says before that girja says no bhabhima says you go and make tea and says to rj kids dont listen these days she had ginger tea on an empty stomach, ginger is hot she should eat loads of fruits in this state we dont tell them off for no reason there is a reason behind it (Deadsuch an annoying scene between two annoying womans) @naksh room akshara is sitting down at her dressing table natik hugs her from behind and says thanks she says what for he says from yday you have spent time with me and drank morning tea with me even, I really like it from no onwards we will spend the time together i dont like a moment without u, akshara says ok from tomorow dont go to office he says ok i will tell bauji she says i was joking he says i wasnt serious  both laugh and hug akshara says someone is looking natik says who akshara says there would be baby natik says it dosnt matter he should no how much his papa loves his mummy or akshara says mummy papa say he makes a cute expression he says come on let me get ready now( Day Dreamingcute naksh scene loved it)
natik says to akshara i have downloaded loads of stuff from the internet for u but u didnt have time to look she says what is it that ur getting excited he says come and look both are smiling and looking with the bg tune playing natik says you have to follow this akshara says i will try and says thank you he says dont thank me yet my suprise is remaining, he says close your eyes she says your suprises too rj calls akshara (kebab me haddi go to bhabhima LOL) rj says wht do u do why did u drink tea either eat fruits or drink milk u knw bhabhima told u so many tyms akshara says i am used to drinking tea in the morning or i will get a headache, she says i knw but eat something bhabhima or i wont be at ease what shall i make paratha's she says i dont want that heavy stuff u go i will come rj says i knw u wont come early she says i was on the laptop with natik rj says u were doing something go i will bring it here for u and fin it off in front of me she says i will come down 2 mins rj says natik, he tells akshara to eat something he will be fresh rb sees him nd says get ready we need to go to vishambars natik says early in the morning he says where the school is being built the area officer is coming to there's natik says ok he says to himself when i think of spending tym with akshara something happens @meshwari's natik and rb arrive
vishambar introudces them to gopal who says your doing a noble deed, vm says we only need your signs nw rb says of course first of all sorry cause of dadaji not being here we were busy in our work and whatever decision you take is ours he tells gopal to send the papers to office @singhaniyas, bhabhima tells rj to not do anymore work we will send them to he tailor she says no otherwise i will be bored doing nothing, bhabhima says once gyatri comes you will be free rj says i will go then bhabhima says you have to give use chance to look after you she say no one looks after in laws @natik who tells rb the work is done he says to himself akshara didnt ring or text today back at ss rj says when i was pregnant vishambar didnt go out of city that time mobile phones didnt exsist but he rang me 4 tyms a day bhabhima says when nandani was about to be born dadaji was in more pain till daima didnt tell about her delivry he sat in the temple akshara is asleep (ROFL due to there boring storys) back to natik who is coming home he sees the hospital and says in yesterday hungama she forgot her sonography i will remind her and go with her this tym, he rings her up she is asleep rj says its natik bhabhima says you tell him (Confusedwhy cant bhabhima tell him)he says ma where is akshara she says i will give it bhabhima says let her sleep she says he's asleep if u want i will wake her up he says no when she wakes up tell her to ring the doctors to book her appoinment, scene changes to the dining table bhabhima says to rj to wake up akshara as she hadnt had anything to eat akshara comes rj says to get fresh and come and eat she says natik phoned and u have to go for your sonography, akshara says alright she goes to her room takes the towel out and lies down for a bit rj comes nd says come down to eat she says i dont feel like eating anything puts her head in rj lap she says she gone fat rj says who told u that she says why were u loosning my blouses dont go anywhere till ur here i want to spend much tym with u (cute mum daughter scene rj didnt annoy me first tym) rj says natik when did u come i will warm up food for both of u come down, akshara says shall i give u water he says i will take it later she says why did u come late i was reading a book in bhabhima room natik says did u phone the doctor she says it slipped my mind while reading the book i fell asleep, ma reminded me two tyms she see's girja who says ur ma sent these blouses natik says keep them, she stands at the door natik says what happend now she says ma has called bhabhi down for food natik tells akshara to go ma would be sad without her and i think u will be too and u dont like to spend tym with me akshara says why do u get angry he says what u r doing is right ma comes in between us due to a reason, akshara says hw does she come between us when u come she walks out of the room natik says many tyms i left the room didnt u see this since she came u dont have tym for me sometyms she calls u or u want to go to her or she refuses to send us out, she dosnt feel bad we dont go to see a film why dosnt ma understand we want to spend time with each other in our own way, akshara says your getting the wrong meaning out of her words after gyatri ma going bhabhima feeling ill all my responsibility has come on her, housework and all so she feels scared and pays more attention, natik says i want to speak to u share a lot of things but if u get time from ma then, akshara says she came for a few days that to for me first of all new place for her then no company if i dont spend tym with her who will ends on akshi face
can someone tell me the precap i recorded yrkkh on tv and it over ran the nxt program i dont record LOL it was a good epi loved the naksh scenes we got, all the temper natik had due to rj finally came out lets see wht happens, bhabhima and rj storys of there tym during pregnancy DeadLOL
sorry for spelling, grammer mistakes
dont forget to press the like button to say thank you Big smile

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 Thanks Mariam for the update and thanks madhavi ben for the precapSmile.Munna should control his emotions. I felt very bad the way she is asking him not to be rude to her mom. (Only married girls can understand her feelings.Naitik has all rights to scold akshi but not rajasri even though she is irritating at many times.  I really loved the mom-daughter scene.SmileClap.It's quiet natural the girls wants to spend time with their mom when they were around.
Naitik was frustrated of coz too much interference of RJ and coz of akshi's ignorance.RJ should understand naitik feelings as he loves and cares his wife than RJ .Naitik should have been said this to akshi in a polite way. ShockedI felt bad for Rj and akshi'Unhappy

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ThanksMariam for the superfast update.SmileClap Today the whole epi was happy and lively except the last part. This is the way life has to be lived.Smile Naitik is really a rockstar. Akshara was equally good with subtle performance. Just amazing to see naksh lovey 'dovey scenesSmile. The morning eye lock scene in front of the dressing table was so goodSmile.Some body is looking at us naitik...hmm it's baby naitik..sooo sweet akshiSmileSmile. cute scene.
That was sweet scene and finally naksh patch up'but spoiled the mood when akshi's mother called them.Angry The chemistry between naksh is the best part though. Who to support? Akshi should sit and talk to her mother and make her to understand the present scenario. Unhappy
Definitely she will understand and sacrifice for akshi. As she loves akshi and she wants her daughter to be happy in her in-laws house.coz only she can understand the probs and act accordingly. But it is difficult for any girl to say to her mother to go from her house.Ouch
 I want Naitik  to handle this tough situation. I think naitik will stop her in upcoming epi's. Akshi should send her mom happily without any hesitation'for such situation to occur Gayathri should come as soon as possible.Sleepy.
These two oldies too much concern and interference definitely going to create more problems in naksh life.AngryAngry.When naksh are going to live for themselves.Angry. They are sandwitched between these oldies. 

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I dont find anything wrong in RJ in todays episodes. It was BM who told her to do so. She is just doing her work n she love her daughter. Akashi also got time to spent with her mother after a long time, natik should understand. 
When gayatri used to come n call akshi, then it was not a prob. I dont like such a behaviour of Natik.

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Thanks for the update.. I like the part where u said Akshara fell asleep due to the boring stories of RJ and Bhaabima!! LOLLOLLOL

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Thanks Mariam for updateClap
Precape-- akshi is  talking  to  her mom and  telling  her  that  she  help her  lot  and  she  must  be  missing  her  house  and  akshi  also  tell her  that  ananya  is  missing  her  and  rj  said  anshu  miss  her  more then  anaya  and  akshi  is  about  to  tell  her  to  go  home.

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Thanks for the update and pre-cap, Mariam and Madhaviben!
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thanks 4 update and precapSmileSmileSmile

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