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SS- Fight Between Love and Fate.. Updated p3/pg8 (Page 8)

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
when we are getting the next update!!!

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PoojaMishty Goldie

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Originally posted by azee11

when we are getting the next update!!!

Today night pakka!!!Tongue
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lovely one..

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PoojaMishty Goldie

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Thank you all for your sweet comments..SmileHug

Here I am giving next part.. Hope you all will like it...

Fight Between Love and Fate...

Part 3

In Km..

Maan is resting in his room and waiting for Geet so that he could clear his doubts. Finally Geet comes to his room with Nakul who is bringing his dinner.

"Are Geet, why do you bring dinner here? I would have joined you all at Dinner table."

"Maan, please.. Aapko aaram ke jarurat hai. Aur Daadima ne hi kanha hai ke aapka khana mai kamre me leke jau. Isliye ab aapko mere saath yanhi khana padega. Chalega na?" She smiled at him

Geet started arranging his plate with all his favorite dishes. Maan looked at Geet in amusement thinking how did this girl manage all the stress and still managed to smile? He couldn't forget the vivid memory he saw at Party. He has to know the truth.


Geet looked at Maan who is lost in his thoughts.

"Maan…" she called him but it seems he is thinking something very deeply.

"Maan.. kya soch raho ho aap?" She asked in little louder tone.

It startled Maan.

"Wo mai Geet…" He fumbled at words. Geet looked at him questioningly.

"Geet I want to ask you something" He blurted out.

"Geet aaj jo Party me hua, matlab tumhara girna aur mera tumhe bachana. Kya waise pahele kabhi humare saath hua hai kya?" He asked with little hesitation, not sure about Geet's reaction.

Geet missed a heart beat hearing Maan's question. So Doctor was right. Maan is remembering his past. Her eyes got filled with tears of happiness.

Maan got more confused seeing tears in Geet's eyes. Geet understood his condition and wiped her tears immediately.

"Maan, aap pahele shant hojaiye. Aap itna tension kyun le rahe hai. Aur haan aisa hua tha. Mr.Khanna ke party ke arrangements karte waqt mai aisehi giri thi aur aapne muje bachaya tha." She said it with smile through her tears.

"Maan, aap ko wo baat yaad aa rahi hai kya?" Geet asked with hesitation due to Doctor's warning.

"Haan Geet. Muje pura yaad  nahi aa raha hai, lekin muje mehesoos ho raha tha ke pahele bhi aisa hua tha. Maine yaad karne ke koshish ke lekin fir muje chakkar aane laga." He said with disappointment.

"Maan aap pareshan mat hoiye. Doctor told me that it's a good sign that you are remembering something from your past. One fine day you will get your memory back, but don't try hard to remember anything. Please Maan, it will be harmful for your health." She said in comforting tone.

"Chalo ab jaldi se khana khaiye." Geet said with authority and offered him his plate.

"Tumhara khana kaha hai?"

"Muje ye sab Italian khana nahi pasand. Mai baad me kha lungi." She said with making faces.

Maan chuckled at her innocence and started eating.


Days were going smoothly. Maan and Geet both are trying to give each other space yet taking care of each other. In spite of loosing memory, Maan's basic instinct of protecting Geet was still intact. She also can feel that. Everyday Geet is praying to her Babaji for Maan's health.


Maan's birthday is approaching. Only two days were left. All KC staff and Geet have arranged a surprise party for him in KM only.


One fine day in KC…

Adi and Geet have gone to some client's office for work and then they will be going for the arrangements of Maan's Birthday. Geet has took half day leave from office giving Daadima's excuse.

 Maan is working in his cabin. Pinki came to his cabin with horrified expressions.

"Maan sir.. wo…." She couldn't complete the sentence due to fear.

"Kya baat hai Pinki?" Maan asked in his usual tone.

"Sir woh Naintara…" She said fearing his reaction.

"Naintara..???" He asked with surprise

"Sir who aapse milna chahati hai." Pinki blurted out.

" Mujse milna chahti hai? Interesting….." He said thoughtfully.  "Send her in."

"Yes Sir.." Pinki rushed out


"Kya mai andar aa sakti hun Maan Veerji?" Naintara asked politely.

Maan couldn't believe the tone and appearance of Naintara. Maan has NT's image only as a stylish woman, wearing all designer saarees and jewelry. A carefree look on her face always made her to look like a most spoiled child of some rich family. And now he is seeing a complete different woman in simple cotton saree with no jewelry. The arrogance from her tone and appearance is no where to be seen.

"Yes come in" He said still glaring at her.

"Aapki tabiyet kaise hai Maan Veerji?" NT asked as if she cared.

"I am perectly Fine NT, Just tell me what do you want now?" Maan asked directly but not sure about the reply.

"Forgiveness…." She pleaded.

Maan looked at her questioningly.

"Maan veeji, hume humare kiye karaye pe bahot sharam aa rahi hai. Hum aap sab ke maafi maangne yanha aaye hai. Hume pata hai humne sabko bahot dukh diya hai. Lekin ab hume huamri galtiya sudharne ek mauka chahiye." A silent tear escaped from her eye.

Maan couldn't believe what he is seeing. NT and crying.. "Crocodile tears" he thought to himself.

"NT dekho, tumhare aur Dev ke bich kya hua ye to muje yaad nahi hai. To mai tumhe kuch bhi promise nahi kar sakta. Tum Dev se baat karo, wo job hi decision lega wo muje manjoor hoga." Maan played a safe game.

"Ek kam karo Dev office me hi hai. Go and talk with him." He suggested.

NT looked little frustrated. "Maan Veerji, aap mere upar ek ehsaan kar sakte hai? Please na mat kahiye.." She pleaded as her life is depending upon it.

"Bolo kya baat hai?" Maan felt irritated with all this drama.

"Maan veerji, kya aap Dev ko sirf ek baar mujse milne ko raazi kar sakte ho? Please Maan Veerji. Vo to mera mooha bhi nahi dekhna nahi chahta. Aap he ho jo use samza sakte ho. Please na mat kahiye ka." She pleaded with tears flowing through her eyes.

"Ok, I will tell him." Maan said getting confused about NT's drama. He still not believing NT but somewhere he is thinking that she has really understood her mistake and saying sorry genuinely.

"Dev mere cabin me aao." He said through intercom.


"Bro, aapne muje……" Dev stopped in mid way seeing NT in Maan's cabin. He is observing her from head to tow as if seeing some unwanted stranger.

"Come Dev. Don't be shock. Yeh NT he hai."  Maan said sarcastically understanding Dev's reaction.

"Why do you come here? Just get lost from here." Dev yelled at NT.

All staff startled hearing Dev yelling in Maan's cabin.

"Dev, calm down. We are in office." Maan tried to sooth his brother.

"Bro aapne ise aandar aane ke permission he kyon de? She is not worth of standing in front of u." He asked with total irritation.

"Dev, huamri baat to suniye…" NT tried to speak..

"Don't try to act smart, you ****" Dev again yelled at her.

Now it was Maan's time to raise his tone. " Dev, mind your words. We are in office."

"Sorry Bro. But I can't bare her anymore." Dev said shooting an angry glare at NT.

"Dev, muje lagta hai tumhe NT se ek baar baat kar leni chahiye. Shayad wo tumse kuch kahna chahti hai." Maan suggested.

"Bro, mai isse khuch bhi baat nahi karna chahta." And he turned to leave.

"Dev please ek baar humari baat to suniye…." NT falls on Dev's feet.

Both Maan and Dev got shock of their life looking at NT. Dev couldn't believe the sight of NT begging.

"Nt, ye kya pagalpan hai? Mujpe in sabka koi asar nahi hone wala." Dev said with full irritation.

"Dev, ek bar uski baat sun lo" Maan said with authority. Dev sensed the rising anger from Maan's voice. He decided to deal with NT in alone.

"Thik hai Bro, sirf aap kah rahe ho isliye. Mere cabin me aao." And Dev throws a disgusting look towards NT.

"Thank you Maan Veerji." NT spoke through tears and followed Dev.


Maan is not able to comprehend the behavior of NT. As far as he knows Nt, she is most spoiled woman he has ever meet. She was clever enough to keep Dev in her control. But he was not sure what exactly happened between them in last one year or so. But he sensed something had gone wrong terribly because Dev shouting on NT and NT begging for forgiveness is rare rather impossible site to watch. He decided to talk with Geet when she will return.


Dev's cabin.

"What do you want now?" Dev held NT's hand with a force and shook her.

"Dev, humara haath chodiye, hume dard ho raha hai." NT said in her usual tone.

"Dev, aap itna gussa bhi kar sakte ho. Interesting!!!!" She added sarcastically.

"tumhe kya chahiye?? Speak out you B****.." dev was fuming with anger.

"Wohi to batane hum aaye hai, Dev. Aapko bhi pata hai hum kya chahiye." NT sat on his chair .

"Dev hume wohi chaiye jo Geet ko mila hai. Aakhir hum bhi to Khurana khandan ki bahu hai."

"What? I am not getting what you are saying?" Dev said confusingly not getting what exactly she is upto this time.

"Kya Dev, itna bhi nahi samjte ya fir samjkar na samj ban rahe ho?"

"Saaf saaf batao. Bahot hogaya drama." He said with frustration.

"I want 51% stake of Khurana Construction." She said clearly.

Dev's mouth fell open. He was not expecting this coming. But he controlled his reaction as he doesn't want to show his surprise to NT.

"Good Joke NT. 51 % to bahot dur ke baat hai, 1% milne ke bhi sapne mat dekho."

"Dev, hum to bas aapna haq maang rahe hai. Agar aapne pyar se diya nahi to hum chin ke lenge." She warned him.

"NT, tumhe jo karna hai karlo, is baar tumhara koi bhi plan mai successful nahi hone dunga. Yaad raknha." He raised his voice.

"Soch lo Dev. Maan Veerji ke yaadasht chali gayi hai. Unhe tumhare aur Geet ke shaadi ke bare me kuch bhi yaad nahi hai.  Aur unhe ye bhi nahi pata ke Geet 51% stake holder hai. Ye dono baate agar humne unhe humare aandaj me baatiye to uska aamjam to aap jante hai. Waise maine suna hai ke unki tabiyet abhi bhi puri tarah se thik nahi hai. Koi bhi tension unke liye jaan leva ho sakata hai." She said it with evil smile on her face.

"Aur aap aur Geet nahi chahene ke 51% share ke liya Maan Veerji ke jindagi ke satth koi khilwad ho, Am I right Dev?"

Dev was shocked to give any reaction. He knows NT can do anything for property. But he is determined that this time he will not allowed to play with his family. He has to play safe.

"NT , tum bro se kuch nahi kahogi. Samji tum?" He warned her.

"Hume koi shauk nahi hai dev. Lekin agar hume jo chaiye wo hume nahi mila to aap jante hai uska aanjam kya hoga. Mai tumhe ek din ka waqt deti hoon. Kal sham tak hume aapka jawab chahiye. Nahi to Maan Veerji ka ye Birthady unka aakhiri B'day hoga. Yaad rakhna.." She warned him and left the cabin without waiting for his reaction.

Dev looked at her an awe. He couldn't comprehend what just happened. He was not able to understand how NT came to know about Geet owning 51% share in KC. He has to talk with Geet. He alone can't handle the problem.

Precap:- NT's special gift for Maan on his B'day.


So this is Part 3. Hope you have enjoyed it.

Waiting for you likes and comments..

Please do comments as it encourages me more. Please...

I will update next part tomorrow. I think it will be last part.

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loved the update...
oh god cant believe maan let nt come back in...
its better to tell the truth to maan slowly rather than to dance to her tunes...
waiting for the next to c how geet is gonna tackle this prob...

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awesome update!!!

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Loved it very very much superb update

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do continue

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