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Epilogue added pg 89 uptd 4.5 (Page 8)

shamma92 Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Loved the update...thanks! Can't wait for the next part!

viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
love ur scenes

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M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nypunya

nice update.thanq

thank you hope u'll enjoy next part too
M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anizor

very nice update. thanks

thankyou hope u'll enjoy next part
M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shamma92

Loved the update...thanks! Can't wait for the next part!

thankyou hope u'll enjoy next part
M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by viny_queen

love ur scenes

M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
hi friends here is another update

Pyar ka izhaar - part 1

Ram entered his room after a tiring day in the office, Priya came to the room to say something but Ram shouted at her without even listening to what she was trying to say Priya too returned back the favour but it was not the end of it from then onwards there were not in talking terms, its been more than a month of their marriage.

Ram would work till late night by the time he returned Priya would be asleep and by the time he wakes up she would leave the room even while going to the office he couldn't see her this was the routine followed by them so that they need not face each other same was with Priya she was angry bcoz he would never listen to anything just would shout at her without any fault of her this time she started to completely avoid him, even though she would be awake she would pretend to be asleep and she kept herself busy by going to the coaching classes,NGO and other works, this continued for a week and the next day was Sunday both Ram and Priya would be at home, they didn't want to face each other Ram tired ot be out of the house but was unsuccessful in arranging his meeting where as Priya was successful to go to her home but she didn't tell this to Ram

Ram as usual came late from the office didn't find Priya in the room he was surprised that Priya was not asleep today wondered what could be the reason for it he checked in the washroom she was not there he didn't know what to do whom to ask as it was almost mid night he didn't want to disturb anyone nor can be quiet he took out his mobile to call her to know where she was but then he stopped himself. There in the Sharma house Natasha was out of the country so Priya and Ayesha were sharing the room they were recalling there old golden moments in that room suddenly Priya remembered how she told Niharika that she wants to go to her home for 2 days and she said yes she didn't tell anything to Ram then realized that Ram would be at home by now he would be tensed not finding her in the room though they were not talking to each other still she knew he would be concerned about her  then she doubted would it really matter to him then she thought for some time made her mind took her mobile went out of the room and called Rishabh

Priya: Rishabh tume ne khana khaya

Rishabh:haan bhabhi aap ne iss waqt call kiya' kuch kaam tha

Priya: haan tum ek kaam karoge

Rishabh: ji bholiye na bhabhi

Priya:please tum apne bhai ko kehna ki main humare ghar par hoon

Rishabh: par bhabhi aap hi keh sakti hai na' kahi aapka aur bhai ka koi jagda tho nahin hua hai na

Priya: arreh nahin aise koi baat nahin hai maine call ki tha dopahar ko' lekin unka phone busy tha' shayad meeting mein the abhi bhi call try kiya tha lekin' abhi bhi busy hai isiliye tumhe keh rahi hoon aur bansi kaka ko kehna ki unka kahan garam karde warna woh tanda khana hi khalenge

Rishabh:kya baat hai bhabhi aap hai tho wahan par lekin aap ka pura dhyan tho bhai par hi hai' before he could say anything Priya interrupted

Priya:nahin main tho bas'

Rishabh:main bhai ko keh doonga ki aap apne ghar par hai' aur mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe aapko jyada thang nahin karna chahiye' shaadi ke baad pehle baar aap bhai se dur hai tho aap ko waise bhi bhai ki yaad satarahi hogi aur main bhi aapko thang karo tho theek nahin hoga na

Priya:nahin woh' aur jo maine kaha woh karo goodnight

Rishabh:ji bhabhi goodnight he immediately went to bansi kaka and asked him to warm the food for Ram

Ram was surprised that the food was warm and asked bansi kaka about itwho said that Rishabh asked himto do it and he had his dinner came to his room checked his mobile but there no messages or any missed calls he was irritated so he decided to call her

Ram:kahan ho tum but Ayesha picked the call as Priya went out of the room

Ayesha:arreh jiju aap' kya hua di ne aap ko nahin bataya kya

Ram: Ayesha tum' Priya wah ghar par hai kya

Ayesha:haan di tho ghar par' aap ko nahin bataya di ne ya phir aap mere di ko inta miss kar rahe hai kya

 Ram: nahin woh main bhool gaya tha theek hai bye in the mean time

Ayesha:ek minute jiju di se baat nahin karenge

Ram: nahin its k main kal baath karlunga bye

Ayesha:bye goodnight Priya entered the room and saw that Ayesha was talking to some one

Priya:tum itni raat ko kis se baath kar rahi thi

Ayesha:jiju se di

Priya: jiju matlab' not able to believe that Ram called her

Ayesha:di aap bhi na aap ke pati aur mere jiju

Priya:kya keh rahe the Mr.Kapoor

Ayesha:di jiju aap ke bare mein hi poonchege na lagtha aap ko miss kar rahe the theek hai di bahut raat ho gayi hai mujhe needh aa rahi hai aap bhi so jayiye good night

Priya:good night and was trying to sleep

 Rishabh came to Ram's room:bhai aap ne dinner kiya

Ram:haan tu abhi tak nahin soya aur tune kaha bansi kaka ko khana garam karne ke liye

Rsihabh: haan bhabhi ne kaha tha aur aap ke liye ek message hai

Ram:kya hai

Rishabh:bhabhi ne aap ko batane ke liye kaha ki aaj raat who apne ghar par hi rahenge do din ke liye aaj aap koi meeting mein the kya

Ram:nahin meri koi meeting nahin thi kyun aur mujhe pata hai maine abhi call kiya tha Priya ko

Rishabh:ohh aap bhabhi se ab baat kare bina nahin reh sakte hai kya

Ram:chup kar aur tu kyun poonch raha hai meeting ke bare mein

Rishabh:woh bhabhi keh rahi thi ki unn hone ne aap ko call kiya tha lekin aap ne phone lift nahin kiya tha

Ram:haan yaad aaya main meeting mein tha

Rishabh:abhi bhi aap busy the kya bhabhi ne kaha ki abhi bhi try kiya tha aap ko call karne ki lekin aap ka phone nahin laga

Ram:haan aur kuch kaha

Rishabh:nahin bhai good night

Ram:good night and he was angry that Priya didn't call him but instead called Rishabh he went to his bed to sleep but he couldn't sleep he wondered why it bothered him so much that Priya didn't call him then his eyes got stuck to the sofa where Priya used to sleep he felt there was something missing in the room but  couldn't understand why he was feeling so he tried to sleep again by turning to the other side but then again he saw the mirror he remembered how Priya stuffed her ears with the cotton then he didn't know why she was stuffing cotton at that time he wanted to ask but thought it was better not to ask and later he got to know why she stuffed cotton on that day when she showed him the video of his snoring he recalled all the moments where he asked her to delete it she refused to do so, he mentally kicked himself and again tried to sleep but was unable to he thought of taking pills then again recalled how Priya told him it was not good for his health he was irritated that he was remembering Priya seeing each n every thing in the room how come one can remember the person who has entered his life just few days back and now it seemed to him that she was here in this room from a very long time he didn't realize when and how he became attached to Priya, always he used to fight with her or shout at her but today why was he missing her presence in the room, was he falling for her  thinking about it he went to sleep.

Priya was unable to sleep she too was remembering Ram n how she was falling for him she had never expected that she would fall for Ram when she meet him first time and for several meetings they usedto fight always but now she was so used to him she was thinking only about him but was it same with Ram also she wondered does he like her this was going on in her mind feeling heavy with the thoughts she went to sleep

Next day both Ram and Priya kept themselves busy but in the evening Priya didn't want to spend the night as she spent the previous night so she decided to go back.Ram came late and was thinking whether to go or not in his room he thought he would sleep in the guest room today so he entered  his room and was surprised to find Priya sleeping on the sofa with a book in her hand smiling he went towards her and took book out of her hands and realized how happy he was to find her back in the room he had never thought he would be so happy to see Priya back in his room he went towards his bed and retired to sleep as she was in the room

Next day morning Priya as usual woke up early and got ready and left the room even before Ram woke up she went downstairs and was requested to prepare breakfast by Rishabh so she prepared it while preparing breakfast she also prepared Ram's favrouite breakfast even though they were not talking she.Ram ordered breakfast for him in the room itself Priya asked the person to take the breakfast prepared by her to the room and here Ram knew the breakfast was prepared by Priya the moment he tasted it, he knew it was his mistake for shouting at her but was unable to apologize for it, for a moment he thought Priya prepared the breakfast specially for him and was happy but he dismissed the thought remembering that she was still not speaking to him he had no meetings today so he decided to stay at home today and would say sorry to her.Priya entered the room

Ram:Priya breakfast acha bana tha


Ram:Rishabh keh raha tha kit um 2 din ke liye gayi thi lekin jaldi aa gayi

Priya: haan mere kuch books yahi bhool gayi thi isiliye

Ram:k good

Priya:ji' good matlab

Ram:kuch nahin' taking his phone he calls Vikram and moves out talking to him

Vikram:haan bol Ram

Ram:tujse ek baat poochni thi

Vikram:haan bol na'

Ram:nahin rehene de main khud kuch karunga

Vikram:arreh call kiya poonch na kya poonchna hai

Ram:agar tu Neha par chillatha hai bin uske galthi ke tho' tu use kaise manatha hai

Vikram:main neha par chillatha hoon kya wahi mujh par chillathi hai aur tu ye kyun poonch raha hai

Ram:arreh bata na

Vikram:main use hug kare kiss de ke sorry boltha hoon tho woh maan jathi hi kahin Priya tujhe se naaraz tho nahin hai

Ram:haan' maine uss pe chillaya tha

Vikram:tub hi wahi kar jo maine kiya hai

Ram:chup kar main hi kuch sochtha hoon and he cuts the call

Priya and Ram were in their room enjoying the silence between them a servant entered the room with a bouquet of flowers and said these were for Priya

Priya was surprised:kis ne bheja

Servant:nahin pata handing her the flowers he walked out

 Priya walked to the sofa and kept the flowers on the desk beside then remembered : sorry main bhool gayi thi main abhi isse bahar bhej dethi hoon

Ram:nahin its k but Priya walks out of the room with it here Ram curses hiself that he couldn'tell her that it was sent by him in the mean while Priya enters the room

Ram:Priya tumhe kuch kaam hai

Priya:nahin kyun

Ram:kyat um mere saath bahar chalogi

Priya:haan kab chalna hai

Ram:sham ko

Priya:theek hai main ready ho gaungi

In the evening both Ram and Priya are at the beach enjoying the sunset

Ram:Priya mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai and she looks at him

Ram:I m sorry mujhe pata hai galti meri hai par main itni jaldi nahin manta kya karo main aisa hi hoon I ll try not to shout at you can we be friends

Priya:sure we both are friends from today

Ram:ab hum friends hai tho tum mujhe Ram bulaogi

Priya:k thoda  mushkil hai par koshish jaroor karungi after spending some more time they both leave to their house and they are in their room

Priya:thank you

Ram:kis liye

Priya:bouquet ke liye

Ram:tumne dekha

Priya:haan aur maine yeh bhi suna ki aap Vikram se kaise tips le rahe the

Ram:main tips nahin

Priya:maine suna

Ram:tho tumhe pata than a phir bhi

Priya:haan aur maine ye bhi notice kiya ki kaise aap subah se mujse sorry kehne ki koshish kar rahe the

Ram:tumne jaan bhuchkar

Priya:main dekh na chahthi thi ki Ram Kapoor kaise kissi ko manatha hai

Ram:tumhe abhi batata hoon rukho tum he goes behind her and she is trapped between the wall and Ram

Ram:tum kuch keh rahi thi

Priya:kuch nahin mujhe jaane dijiye

Ram:kyun kya hua

Priya saw Ram was so close to her she thought to touch him but she could she didn't know what Ram felt for her she closed her hands into fist and was controlling her

Ram was also looking at her it was first time they were so close he wanted to touch her but he didn't know what Priya felt for him he moved away from her trying to control himself both went to their places and slept with thoughts about others what they were thinking

Next part:Ram talks to Priya about his feelings

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Awesome scene!!
Hope they do sumthing like this

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