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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

Epilogue added pg 89 uptd 4.5 (Page 6)

sravz23 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
wonderful continue sooon

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M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by surbhi_16

plz continue 

was busy with the work i ll try to update today or atleast by tomorrow

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M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
Sorry was busy with the work here is the other update

Scene 5:

Ram shows the whole house to Priya as she was dint see the whole house yet, they have almost completed seeing the house then Priya observed that there was a room which was locked

Priya:Mr.Kapoor yeh kaun sa kamra hai

Ram:wohh Priya yeh kuch nahin

Priya:kuch nahim matlab

Ram:Priya tumhe har cheez ka jawab chahiye

Priya:nahin par aap khate hi kuch aise hai ki muhje sawal poochna padta hai

Ram:wohh… uss kamre mein maine sab ki yaadein rakhi hai

Priya:matlab mein nahin samji

Ram:wohh maine chotti,Rishabh aur Sid ke bachpan ke yaadein sambhalke rakhe hai

Priya:ohh.. Kya main dekh sakthi hoon plz

Ram:wohh… theek hai and they enter the room Priya is surprised that how Ram has collected all the childhood memories of his siblings

Priya:Ram aap ne yeh kamra sajaya hai

Ram:haan kyun

Priya:aap ne bahut sambhalke rakhi hai inn sab cheezo ko aur bhaut achha sajaya hai

Ram:thanks chale

Priya:haan chalte hai thanks

Ram:thanks (he asks questioningly)

Priya:aap ne mujhe yeh kamra dekh ne diya na isisliya

Ram:its k and they move towards their room locking the room

Ram:Priya please iss key ko mere draw mein rakh dehna as he gets an important call

Priya:theek kis draw mein

Ram:2nd cupboard 1st draw aur iss bar plz koi galat draw mat khol dena bahut important call hai isisliye main tumhe de raha hoon

Priya:ji main wohi draw mein rakh doongi jis mein aap apna….. aap apna…. apna… pen drive rakhte hai Ram doesn't know how to react to this so chooses to quietly move out of it

Next day in the night Ram takes his the key of that room and goes to keep something and he notices that few of the things  are misplaced, some were lying on the floor and he gets angry and goes towards his room where was reading a book

Ram enters the room and shouts on Priya:Priya tumne kya kiya tum aise kaise kar sakthi ho

Priya:maine.. maine kya kiya

Ram:maine tumhe kal key diya tha na tum uss room mein kyu gayi ho

Priya:main uss room mein nahin gayi Mr.Kapoor

Ram:tho phir uss room mein kuch cheeze misplaced kyun hai tum janthi ho na mujhe har cheez organized chahiye

Priya:kya? Yeh aap kya keh rahe hai mujhe kuch nahin pata

Ram: wohh kamra mere liye bahut important hai uss room ka key sirf mere paas hai… arreh uss room mein koi nahin jaata

Priya loses her cool and shouts back:aap kya kahena chahate hai ki maine unn cheezo ko haath lagaya hai

Ram:aur kaun ja saktha hai uss mein tumhe kayeen nahin ho raha hai na chalo mere saath uss kamre mein, mein abhi tumhe dekhatha hoon with the both leave to see the room and Ram opens the lock and they enter the room Priya is surprised by looking at the room

Priya:Mr.Kapoor yeh kamra aisa kyun nahin

Ram:wahi tho main kah raha tha dekho iss kamre ki halat

Priya:mujhe nahin pata yeh sab kaise hua hai main tho iss kamre ki taraf bhi nahin aayi, bansi kaka was going from there heard their voices and entered the room

Bansi kaka:Ram sir aaj jab Priya madam bahar gayi thi na tab Nastasha madam aayi thi Karthik Sir ko lekar iss kamre mein Karthik sir ko apne bachpan ki cheeze dekhane ke liye

Ram:par wohh key tho mere pass hi than a tho phir

Bansi kaka:nahin sir uss lock ka ek aur duplicate key hai ghar mein aur iss kamre ko lock bhi unhone hi kiya tha

Ram:ohh theek hai aap jaayiye and he was feeling guilty as he has shouted on Priya with out any fault of her where as Priya was giving him angry looks

Ram:I m sorry mujhe pata nahin tha ki… before he can talk any further Priya interrupts him

Priya:sorry… aap ke mann mein jo aata hai kar dethe hai aur phir sorry kehte hai

Ram:maine ne kaha na sorry mujhe nahin pata….

Priya:aap ko jo theek lagta hai wahi karthe hai aap ke kuch karne se kisi pe kya farak padtha hai aap kabhi nahin sochte bas aap ko jo theek lagta hai who kar dehte hai

Ram guiltly looks into Priya's eyes and says:sorry…  main aage se sochonga kuch… but Priya who was angry still moves towards the door to get out of the room but it doesn't open she struggles to open the door hearing the sound he turns around and sees Priya trying to open the door

Ram:ye… yeh door kaise bandh ho gaya

Priya:kyun kya hua

Ram:wohh… yeh darwaza sirf bahar se hi khola ja sakta hai… andar se nahin khol sakte hai

Priya:kya.. matlab hum ya… yahan kaise…

Ram:iss room mein maine intercom bhi lagvaya mera phone main abhi phone karta hoon bansi kaka ko

Priya:jaldi kuch kariye please

Ram:haan main abhi karta hoon par maine apna phone kahan rakh diya main jab iss kamre mein aaya tha issi kamre mein rakh diya tha lekin kahan… tumhari wajah se yeh sab kuch hua hai

Priya's temper was rising again:meri…. meri wajah se maine kya kiya hai jho bhi kiya hai aap ne kiya hai aap hi bina kuch jaane mujse inte kuch keh diya

Ram:theek hai abhi phone doondhe and they both start searching for the phone suddenly the power goes off and all the windows of the room were closed Priya who has claustrophobia was feeling uncomfortable she went towards Ram and grabbed his arm

Ram who was surprised by this of Priya:kya hua Priya tum.. tumne kyun…

Priya:wohh Mr.Kapoor mujhe na bandh jagahoo se darr lagta hai I m feel very uncomfortable

Ram:ohh.. main abhi phone doondh ke bansi kaka ko phone karta hoon

Priya:nahin Mr.Kapoor please aap yahin rahiye please

Ram was surprised to the request and agreed:theek hai lekin hum kuch bhi nahin karenge tho kaise hum bahar niklenge….  hume kuch na kuch tho karna padega na

Priya:Mr.Kapoor plz aap yahi rahiye

Ram was about to shout but seeing the condition of Priya:mere phone mile tho main kuch kar pauga na aur mera phone hi nahin mil raha hai

Priya tighted her grip on his hand, Ram without thinking put his arm around her to comfort her and sensed that Priya was getting more tensed then Priya

Ram:Priya tum plz daro mat main tumhare paas hi hoon

Priya she for first time felt she was safe and secure with the arm of her husband around her and says thanks   

Ram:Priya tum mere saath chalo yahan par ek window hai jo bandh hai main use abhi khol dheta hoon tumhe accha lagega… chalo  

With that both Ram and Priya walked towards the window Priya holding his hand and Ram putting his arm around her on reaching the window Ram opened it and cool breeze was blowing out side. Once the window was opened Priya was relieved and loosened her grip on Ram's hand but Ram was still holding her by putting his arm across her he knew that she was still tensed and he didn't like to leave her seeing her state

In the sky moon and stars were shining brightly Priya's face was glowing as the light of moon was falling on them and Ram suddenly observed that and was just staring at her how beautiful she looked in the light of the moon and there was still the trace of the tension she was going through in her eyes he thinks just now we were fighting and now we are together may be this is what is the relation of marriage. On the other hand Priya also recalls how they were fighting and when she needed someone Ram was there for her there room was filled with moon light

Ram:Priya tum abhi theek ho na

Priya:haan Mr.Kapoor abhi thoda accha lag raha hai aap ko pata hai Mr.Kapoor main hamesha raat ko na aise bahar nikhalthi thi muhje na chand taro ko dekhana accha lagta hai aur aap ko

Ram:mujhe bhi acha lagta hai par mere paas time nahin hota hai par jab time miltha hai tha main bhi apne kamre ke… sorry humare kamre ke window se dekhta hoon and the lights came back and they realized how they were standing they moved away from each other and Ram got his phone and called bansi kaka to open the door immediately once they were in their room Ram made Priya sit on the bed and was looking at her whether she was still tensed

Ram:Priya tumhe kuch chahiye

Priya:nahin kya hua aap aise kyun pooch rahe hai

Ram:tumhe tho bhoot hi nahin lagti mujhe lagta hai tumhe kuch kha lena chahiye

Priya:nahin Mr.Kapoor

Ram:atleast doodh tho peelo

Priya:theek hai then Ram told bansi kaka to get milk for Priya

Aftersome Priya was feeling much better so she trying to get up from the bed to get a book for herself as she was getting bored but Ram stopped her from doing so instead he brought the book and gave it to her and he started working on this lappy then some thought stuck him

Ram:Priya mujhe nahin pata tha kit um kisi cheeze darr bhi sakthi ho

Priya:kya matlab hai aap ka

Ram:main ye kehana chahtha hoon hi kahin tumne dekha darr to darr se darr the huye

Priya:darr ko darr se darr na matlab

Ram:arreh mera matlab hai ki tumhe dekh kar na khud darr bhi bhag jayega aur tum darr thi ho

Priya:excuse me…

Ram:ek minut mujhe phone karna hai.. abhi aata hai and he leaves from the room by the time he comes Priya sleeps with a book in her hand he removes the book and adjusts her so that she is comfortable and he adjusts himself on the other side of the bed

Next day in the morning by the time Ram wakes up he sees Priya has also freshened up and was getting ready near the mirror he sees her putting the sindoor

Ram:good morning aaj tum jaldi uthgayi

Priya:haan wohh needh nahin aa rahi thi isiliye uth gayi

Ram observes that Priya's eyes are some what red so he asks:arreh tumhare aankhen kyun laal hai kya hua

Priya:wohh raat ko theek se nahin soyi na shaayad isiliye

Ram:par jab main room mein aaya that ho tum tho bahut gehari needh mein thi tho phir kya hua

Priya:wohh tho aap ke sone se pehle tha na aap se sone ke baad tho mujhe uth na hi padtha hai aur koi choice bhi tho nahin hai

Ram:matlab main nahin samjha

Priya:kuch nahin aap fresh ho jayiye main aur mujhe batayi aap breakfast ke liye kya lenge main keh doongi telling what he wants for breakfast Ram felt to get freshen up and by the time he came back breakfast has arriaved both had their breakfast together. There was a knock on the door and bansi kaka entered the room with a large parcel and said that this was gift for both of them handing them the parcel he left the room

Ram was seeing the parcel so that he can know who sent it but no name was mentioned on it, opening the gift and Priya was standing near him and they saw their photo which was large framed photo of them of the previous  night where Priya was holding Ram's hand and Ram's hand was on Priya's shoulder both were looking at each other they were surprised as they were alone in the room and no one knew about it then who has taken this picture and then Ram observed Priya she was still looking at the picture and he also looked again at the picture what Priya was seeing and then he understood what Priya was observing, the picture showed them how close they were the moment it was taken and both looked at each other

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shaaranya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Awesome update!!!!
Loved the last bit the most
Update soon

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saisamanvi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
awesome update...thanq...

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Musiquelover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 2:59am | IP Logged
lovely ...cant wait...plsss continueee...

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shivaniaroraji Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Clap   Clap   Clap   Clap   Clap
continue soon
would like to see this in serial hope cvs read this

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surbhi_16 Groupbie

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Clap   Clap   Clap   Clap   Clap

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