Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

Epilogue added pg 89 uptd 4.5 (Page 3)

haribol79 Goldie

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 4:29am | IP Logged
great update...keep it going...

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surbhi_16 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 5:16am | IP Logged
keep it going...Star

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shamma92 Goldie

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Great update! Loved it...can't wait to read more!! Clap Embarrassed

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Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Very very good i like it very much plz conltinue writing

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anshuls Groupbie

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged
ohhh nyc!!!!!!!! plzzz continue ...Clap

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Lucky_2012 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
awesome... pl. continue soon
surbhi_16 Groupbie

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
continue soon...Day Dreaming

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M_n_h Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 4:00am | IP Logged
hi friends thanks a lot for ur comments and here is today's update i dont know but it got dragged sorry hope u'll like it

Scene 3:

In Ram's room Priya and Neha are there Neha sees the saree which Priya kept on the desk and asks about it

Priya:wohh Mr.Kapoor ne gift diya tha

Neha:tho tum aaj dinner ke liye yehi saree pehanna


Neha:Priya please main tumhe iss mein ek baar dekhna chathi hoon ki fatty ki choice tum pe kaisi lagti as she got the message from Vikram that they have left from the office and are on the way.Neha thinksto herself kaise bhi fatty aur Vikram ke aane se pehle Priya ko ready kar na hi hoga

Priya:abhi nahin please baad mein kabhi aur

Neha:plz Priya ek baar pehan ke uttar dena bas ek baar dekha chathi hoon and Neha got other message that they'll reach the house in 15 minutes

Neha:plz.. plz.. plz Priya jaldi jao na

Priya some reluctantly agrees and say:k theek hai mein abhi change kar ke aathi hoon

Neha: ab plan mein ek step tho complete ho gaya hai ab aage abhi sab achha hi ho and she sends msg to Vikram that their first step is complete

Priya comes out wearing the saree Neha looks at her and compliments her that Ram's choice looks so good on her and asks her to wear some jewellery and get ready

Priya confused:par tumne tho kaha tha ki tum muhje iss mein ek baar dekhna chathi ho tho phir ye sab

Neha:arre Priya kya tum bhi na agar mein tumhari jagah hoti na tho bilkul mana nahin karthi plz tum ready ho jao na chaho tho main tumhari help kar sakthi hoon   

Priya:nahin its k I ll manage hearing this Neha leaves the room making an excuse that she has to arrange the dinner as she got a message from Vikram that Ram and Vikram were already at home

As soon as Ram entered his room he saw Priya in the saree he has gifted her with simple jewellery and he was just standing at the door and staring at her as she was looking gorgeous, Priya felt that she was not alone in the room she thought Neha was back

Priya:arre Neha tum aa gayi meri help kardo na mera ye necklace sensing that there was no response from Neha she turned aroung and found Ram standing at the door looking at her

Priya:Mr.Kapoor aap kab aaye

Ram who was still staring:umm kuch kaha tumne

Priya: kya aap roz jaldhi aate hai

Ram:nahin wohh office mein itna kaam nahin tha isiliye

Priya:aap fresh ho jayeye

Ram:mein abhi fresh hoke aata hoon, he was unable to understand why he was staring like that at Priya and thinks to himself:Ram tujhe kya hoga hai kyun aisa kar raha hai Priya kya sochegi tumhare baar mein and decided that he'll not let that happen again

By the time Ram comes out he finds Vikram and Neha talking with Priya and heaves a sigh of relief that now that they are there with them he would be distracted but he dint know what was planned by his best friends for him

Neha:yeh fatty chalo dinner ke liye tumhara hi wait kar rahe the kya hua tum aise kya dekh rahe ho

Vikram:haan Ram mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hai

Ram:tujhe itni jaldi bhook kaise lag rahi hai yaar abhi tho jab hum office se aa rahe the maine tum se kaha kuch kaha lete hai tum ne mana kar diya ye keh kar ki tujhe bhook nahi hai aur mujhe bhi khane nahin diya keech ke le aaye ghar aur abhi keh raha hai ki tujhe bhook lag rahi hi kya ho raha hai tu aisa kyun behave kar raha hai kahin kuch kiya tho nahin na

Vikram:kya Ram kaise bhate kar rahe ho hum aise kaise kar sakte hai tum hi batao mein tho generally keh raha tha ki muhje bhook lag rahi hai aur Neha ko bhi bhook lag rahi thi bus isiliye

Ram says to Priya slowly: mujhe lagta hi ki inn donone phir se jaroor kuch kiya hai Priya looks at Ram shocked remembering what they have done in the hotel room and trying to prepare herself for what they were about to face

All four of them walk out of the room Ram goes towards hall Neha stops him

Neha:fatty wahh kaha ja raha hai

Ram:dining table ki taraf dinner khane ke liye ja rahe hai na

Neha: haan par aaj maine dinner terrace par arrange kiya hai hearing to this both Ram and Priya look at each other

Vikram:chal ram chalte hai

On the terrace there was room with large glass windows on all the sides all the windows were closed and AC was on Ram and Priya some what reluctantly move behind Neha and Vikram as they enter the room they are relieved that there were no balloons and flowers this time the atmosphere was as if arranged for a candle light dinner with the candles .

Ram:yeh sab kya hai tum dono ko aur kuch kaam nahin hai kya

Vikram wispers to Ram:Ram yeh kya keh raha hai tu hum tho bas humare liye kar rahe the tho socha tum dono ke liye bhi kar de isiliye

Ram:mere ghar mein tumhare ghar ja kar bhi tho kar sajtha hai na

Vikram:arre wahh par bache na tho yeh sab nahin kar pate where as Neha and Priya looks at them as they not knowing what they were talking

Neha:Vikram kya hua

Vikram:kuch Neha chalo dinner karte hai

Ram not knowing what to do or say looks at Priya who was is in the same state not knowing how to react sees here and there as she feels Ram's eyes on her she looks at him and then they immediately look at the other side.They all sit together to have the dinner then Vikram gets a call and he leaves immediately saying that bcoz of some work he and Neha have to go to their home immediately and they move out of the room leaving both Ram and Priya alone

Ram:main kaha raha hoon ye bhi inn dono ka hi kuch plan hoga Priya just watches as Ram starts to concentrate on his food and is completely immersed in his food Priya just smiles

Priya:aap ko kuch aur chaiye

Ram:yes wohh fried rice aur paneer ka sabzi bhi please Priya serves Ram taking a khichdi for herself

Ram: tum khana kha rahi ho tum tho raat mein ghas phoos kha.. sorry I mean salad khati ho na

Priya:kabhi kabhi kuch khaleti hoon

Ram: waise tum na khana bahut acchi banathi ho

Priya smiles:thanks

They finish their dinner and both think how to start a conversation and Priya goes to the window to open it and turns of the AC

Ram:Priya yeh tum kya kar rahi ho AC ko kyun off kar diya aur yeh window kyun khol rahi ho tum

Priya:wohh Mr.Kapoor bahar bahut achha hawa aa raha hai isiliye

Ram was about to say something but seeing Priya happy he just keeps quite and tries to enjoy the wind

Priya: Mr.kapoor aap kabhi aise terrace par khana kahaya hai kya

Ram:mein terrace par nahin par yaha bahut ajeeb lag raha hai wohh tho Vikram aur Neha ki wjah se varna mein yahan kabhi nahin and says tumne kabhi aise

Priya :nahin maine bhi nahin par muhje accha laga yahan

A cool breeze blows and Priya's hair starts blowing where as Ram just stands there mesmerized by the scene before him not knowing what are these feelings which he was feeling at the present for the person before him which he has never experienced in his life,he sees Priya turns towards Ram and smiles, he realizes she was telling something and comes back to reality

Ram:Priya tum kuch kah rahi thi kya

Priya:kya hua Mr.Kapoor koi problem hai kya hua aap ka dhyan tho kahin aur hi hai

Ram:nahin aisa kuch nahin wohh tho mein  bas meeting ke bare mein soch raha tha its k tum kuch bol rahi thi and he knew he was losing his marbles for the first time in his life

There Priya who is unware of the what Ram was thinking enjoys the breeze and suddenly it starts raining Priya who was very happy puts her hand out to feel hand then she tries to step into the rain

Ram who was observing this says:Priya yeh.. yeh tum kya kar rahi ho tumhe sardhi ho jayegi

Priya turns towards Ram: nahin Mr.Kapoor muhje bheegna accha lagta hai and before Ram could stop her she enters the rain, opens are arms and enjoys the rain Ram also enjoys himself by putting his hand in the rain for the first time by seeing Priya enjoying herself in the rain.Priya comes into the room after some time she was wet and she realizes that Ram was there with her and she dint know what to do.Ram understanding  her situation gives her a towel which was there in the cupboard in that room Priya quickly grabs it and tries to dry herself where Ram looks outside so that he wouldn't make feel uncomfortable

Once Priya dried her herself turns to Ram: hum neeche chale muhje change karna hai

Ram:haan chalte hai and with that they move towards there room

Once in the room Priya changes her dress and starts sneezing

Ram:maine kaha than a tum kabhi bhi kisi ki nahin sunthi ab sardhi ho gayi na

Priya:nahin Mr.Kapoor yeh tho bas' subha tak theek ho jaye ga

Ram:mere phaas iss ke pills hai tumhe unke le lo theek ho jaogi

Priya:nahin wohh muhje pills lene ki aadat hain hai and thinks to herself kahin muhje ye aadat na ho jaye pills lene ki

Ram:tum kya soch rahi ho and turns on the AC

Priya:kuch nahin aap ne AC kiya

Ram: haan kyun kya hua

Priya:wohh mujhe tandh lag rahi hi tho

Ram:wohh mein garami mein nahin so sakta

Priya:ohh tho theek hai mein manage karlungi

Ram:mein na AC thoda kam kartha hu

Priya:thanks Mr.Kapoor

Ram:tum subha tho muhje Ram kah rahi thi na tho phir ab

Priya:woh tho muj.. muhje laga ki sapna hai tho maine kahe diya

Ram:tho tum sapne ne mujhe naam se bulathi ho tho abhi bhi bula sakthi ho

Priya:nahin woh tho bas

Ram interupts and says:mujhe accha lagega agar tum mujhe Ram bulaogi tho

Priya:mein koshish karungi Mr.ka.. Ram


Ram moves towards bed to sleep where Priya stands there not knowing what to do, Ram turns and says:kya tumhe needh hain aa rahi hai

Priya: aa rahi hai magar

Ram understands what she was thinking:agar.. agar tum chaho tho bed par so sakthi ho lekin right side par please kyun ki muhje left side so ne ki aadat hai

Priya:thanks and moves towards bedand sits on the bed

Ram:Priya agar tumhe kuch hug kar ke sona hai na tho yeh pillow le lo

Priya lowers her eyes remembering the previous night:nahin its k Mr.Ka.. Ram muhje laga ki pillow hai wohh muhje pata nahin tha na ki aap aa gaye hai isiliye wohh sab

Ram:k good night and sleeps

Priya tries to find cotton or something so that she can get some sleep, how ever she couldn't sleep properly whole night and woke up late again and saw that Ram was still sleeping and she gets down to get fresh by the time Priya comes back Ram also wakes up he gets down and starts looking on his shirt

Priya: kya hua Ram aap aisa kyun apne shirt ko dekh rahe hai

Ram: wohh mein dekh raha tha ki kahin kal ki tarah koi daag tho nahin hai na agar koi aa gaya tho phir se hasenge na isiliye dekh raha tha shirt ko suddenly he realizes what he said he looks towards Priya   

Priya lowers her eyes as she couldn't say anything and tells:muh.. muhje neeche chal na chahiye varna koi aa jayega and leaves the room still thinking about what Ram has said here in the room Ram also think about the same.

Hope u have enjoyed it all the criticisms are welcomed let me know what you think so that i can improve it further

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