Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

SS: Salaam Namaste -LAST PART pg117(01/16)

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Hi  guys,   was thinking of writing  this since  yesterday .   I watched Miss Universe , usually I watch the last round the questions part,  and  Ms. Philipines was asked 'if she would change her religious beliefs for Love',  this is something that  some  lovers  face.  One of my friends changed her religion on her own will and one is not ready to change because the guy says she has to if they have to marry, just two different examples.  It is a complex  life changing situation , very very hard decision to make. 
I thought why not  ask  Arjuhi the same question.   So writing an OS on this, may be tomorrow or the day after.   (safe side wrote SS also in the title  since I start ramayan and end up writing mahabharat) .   I am not sure if the title has already been used for any fan fiction here,  if so please let me know I will change the title. 
Story of : Arjun Khan and Arohi Dwivedi
I am going to make sure I dont make any blunders when  stating any religious facts/terms,   if  in case I do please let me know and I will correct it.  (edited :  not going too deep into it anyways) . 
Special thanks to Ari, Tehreem , Imtiaz and Amna for answering some of my questions and correcting some words.Hug Embarrassed.  
First part follows, second part in next post.  

 Banner credit : Poem - Tanu, Creation - Mona Thank you both Hug
Part 1.
Salaam Namaste
A visibly angry Arjun stormed out of his apartment,  everytime everytime evverytime , there is no such thing as discussion anymore  it is always an argument, whatever the matter is.    He came on to the road and started walking towards  Paradise Cafe  which was at the corner of the road.  He saw Rehaan  sitting at a table with his chai in a round white cup,  taking the last bite of his samosa.  There were few more people.  An old hindi song was playing.  Few kids from the area were playing marbles at the side of the road near the steps of the cafe.  No one seemed to be much disturbed by the traffic, the dust, the noise.  

'Assalam-o-Alaikum arjun bhai' ,  Rehaan wished him as Arjun seated himself opposite to him,  'walaikum salaam , Rehaan, wasim, ek chai lekar aana zara'.    He looked out the open cafe again at the kids and the hustle bustle outside. The  city he grew up was changing drastically in front of his eyes. 'samosa bolu ek aur plate' rehaan asked him  'nai, bas chai ke liye aaya'  'Hyderabad mein baarish aake kitne din hogaye nai' rehaan said sipping his  Irani Chai noticing the dry land.  'sirf Hyderabad ko nai,  bahut saare jagah mein paani chahiye abhi, kahi baad toh kahi sukha zameen'  Rehaan did not miss the heaviness in Arjun's voice.  'aapka surat aisa kai ku utra hai,  phirse maamu se jhagda hua kya' Rehaan had a typical hyderabadi slang.  'nayi baat kya hai? Yeh to ab roz ki baat ho gayi.  Ammi kuch bolti nai rokti nai ,  abba ko jo man mein aaya bas wahi sahi baat hoti hai'  Rehaan was known to him for years, he knew about his family there was nothing to hide from him.   'pareshaan nako ho na, abba hi toh hai.  shaam ko kya kare rahe ho'.   Wasim got arjun's chai 'ek dam garma garam kadak chai, aur kuch leke aau?'


'aaj nai'.  'shaam ko kya kar re ho pucha mai' 'kuch nai,  kya baat hai' 'picture chalna hai' 'theek hai' 'naam nai puchna hai'  'koi bhi chalega , nai gaye toh bhi chalega'  'aap din ba din  ek dam boring aadmi hote jaa re  bol ra mai, ek kaam kai ku nai karte woh computer wala kaam chod ke,  apna koi dandha kholna, kya roz pura  tak tak tak karte rehte waha par' 'tujhe malum hai dimak kitna lagta hai,  dandha kholu? Aise khul jayega? Phir jo padhai ki uska kya karna' 'chidte kai ku ho arjun bhai, aise icch bola main, 'angrez' picute dekha kal, usme computer potte yaad aaye'  arjun smiled at his chatar patar.   Rehaan was happy he made him smile atleast.

'suna prakash bhai ne bhi US ko ticket kaat li, aap ka kya hua iss baar lamba trip suna mai'.  Prakash was arjun's team mate.  Both had been chosen for an overseas project that could last for 2 years or longer.   'nai jaa ra main' arjun replied concentrating on the steam coming out of the cup.  'kai ku' 'bas abba ammi akele pad jayenge, 2 saal' 'maamu jaan kya bolte' 'usi baat par ladai huyi aaj, who bolte jao.  Aur mujhe nai jaana'.  Rehaan did not want to probe further, he knew Arjun had been on short term projects to US already, this he knew was a long one. 'chal main chalta ab, abba ko dawakhana leke jana' 'kyun kya hua' 'khaasi jaa nai rahi' 'unko bol aise ghar ke bahar dhul mein baithe toh aisa hi hoga' 'hau woh flyover banate nai girate nai, khali kirkiri, ghar ke andar ko bhi aata dekh' 'accha sun, paise hai dawai vagaira lene?' 'main manage kar letu na' 'nai yeh lo' arjun took out a Rs.500 note and forcefully put it in Rehaan's pocket.  He knew very well rehaan's income and whenever he could he helped him.  'kitte baar madad karoge, arjun bhai, sach much sab ka khayal rakhte ho, Allah Salamat rakhe aap ko jo maango mil jayega dekho'  arjun just smiled again,  'aur ek up chai boltu' 'nai nai aur peeunga toh raat ko neend nai aayegi' 'maine suna aaj kal vaise icch raat ko neend nai aata aapko' rehaan smiled and winked at him,  arjun smiled for this also, it was no big secret among his friends.  'ab chaltu mai phir , shyaam ko milna shaanti talkis kane , khuda hafiz' 'Allah hafiz'


Done with his chai by now,  he came out.  He went back home. Walking up the stairs he stared at the closed door of  the aprarment 17B,  someone else  had moved in there.   Still the sight of that apartment meant a lot to him, since it still had the design she put in white paint on the floor outside.  


His mother ,  Mumtaz Begum,  was working in the kitchen.  His father, Ismail Khan,  was not to be seen, may be he went out.  His mother seemed to be looking lot better than in the afternoon.  Salma Aapa, his cousin sister had come and gone that morning, and as always his mother had tears which as always she hid from the father and son. But both had seen,  not knowing what to do about it and knowing the reason for those tears , they both found some issue and  vented out all frustation on each other.  'arjun tu aa gaya kya'  'haan.  Ammi, raat ko der se aaunga, khana pe rukna mat'  'phir se bahar khake aayega?  Aur abba kuch bole toh gussa aata hai tumhe' 'main doodh peeta baccha nai hoon,  jo har baat puchke karta, office mein mere neeche 5-6 log kaam karte hai pata hai?'  'toh?  Humare liye tu abhi baccha hi hai, sahi galat bolene padta hai hume ' 'tum bhi aaba ki taraf ho?,  jab kabhi waqt aayega toh koi mere sath nai dega, mujhe pata hai' 'tabhi pata chalega tumhe ki tere maa baap tere sath hai ki nai, tab tak aise hi ladta reh' 'yeh chod, main kaatke doonga, tum baitho waha' 'vaise hi paani garam karne rakh,  abba ke liye.'  He did both - cut the vegetables and kept water for boiling.  'bol bol ke thak gaye,  nikah kar le nikah kar le, yeh sab kaam mein madad bhi hota, aur ghar ki ronak bhi bad jaati'  'phir se wahi baat, chain se ek ghanta nai baith sakte ghar pe'  'pehle itna nai chidta tha , aaj kal kya hua tujhe, apne abba jaise ban gaya tu bhi'  'yeh lo paani garam hua , gas band kardi, ab jo pakana hai pakao, main jaa raha hoon bahar'  'abhi se kaha nikla' 'picture dekhne ja ra hu,  pehle masjid mein namaaz padke jata hu time ho gayi,  raat ko der hogi ammi,  kha lena time pe' 'apna khayal rakh'  'abba ki dawai hai abhi ki lekar aana?' 'hai'.  He was about to go out and noticed his father was in his room.   He walked to the door 'chalta hu main, bahar jaana hai.  Kuch lekar aana?'  even his father had mellowed down by now 'kuch nai, tej se mat chala bike' 'malum hai mujhe, chalana chahtu toh bhi raasta nai milti' 'bolna mera farz tha bol diya, par bolna bekaar hai tu sunta kab hai ' 'aise hi socho aap acchi baat hai' again both of their tones were taking sharp turns, before they could get into another argument arjun left from there.   

He reached the Masjid,  offered Namaaz,  greeted and spoke to few of his and his family's acquaintances.  He reached the theatre and found out it was 'bodygaurd'.  Finally they were seated.  Before the lights could go off, he saw her. Just few rows ahead of him she was sitting there with her friends.   And she became his picture. He hardly saw the movie,  even though it was dark he could not take his eyes off her.  It had been a week since he saw her.  He had even waited outside her institute and been to his friend's house several times just so he could get a glimpse of her, but she seemed to have vanished.   She was living in the same apartments, in 17B,  he used to see her daily,  and then they moved, luckily  they had bought a house opposite to his friend Prakash's house and so he had an excuse to go there after work and would get a glimpse of her.  But for past one week she had disappeared and now he saw her again. 


Even in the darkness he could tell what her expressions were while watching.  He did not go out in the intermission also, since she was sitting putt in the seat.  His friends found it a little odd but left him.  30 mins before the movie ended, she told something to her friends and got up, looked like she was leaving.  He quickly whispered, 'mai jaa ra hu' to his friends and without waiting for their answer came out.   She was walking out, may be to catch an auto to go back home.  He quickly walked behind her,  he had to talk now.  As he crossed her she saw him.  And then she started walking again this time a little quickly. But he was not going to loose this chance,  he  strode in front of her, by now they were outside.



'ab mujhse baat bhi nai karogi?'  he asked her with pain in his voice stopping her.  She did not reply and tried to walk past him.  'arohi?'  ''     '''   'kal bhi aaya tha institute ke paas, nai aa rahi ho classes ko?' 'nai'  'kyun' 'tumhe kyun batau' 'ghar ke paas bhi aaya tha' 'dekha maine' 'phir bhi bahar nai aayi' 'kyun aau' 'toh ab dekhna bhi pasand nai hai tumhe? Baat bhi nai karni hai?' 'kya baat karu,  tumne bol diya  na sab kuch, ab kya baat karni hai'  'uski saza de rahi ho?' 'vaise hi samjho' 'picture pura kyun nai dekha?' 'meri marzi' 'ghar chod deta hoon chalo' 'nai main apne aap jaa rahi hoon' 'jidd mat karo abhi' 'jidd main nahi tum kar rahe ho, meri baat ki inkaar tum kar rahe ho'.  Since the movie wasn't finished yet no one was in sight.  'tumhari baat vaisi hai arohi,  main nai maan sakta' 'toh theek hai na, phir milne se  baat karne se kya fayda?' 'maine aise thodi kaha hai'  'mujhe wahi matlab lagti hai,  zaroorat kya hai milne ka phir , jab humari baat nai ban sakti hai toh'  'baat ban sakti thi, par aise nahi na,  tum bhi toh meri baat nahi maan rahi ho' 'tum jo bol rahe ho usse kaam nai hoga, meri baat maanlo please' she tried to convince him again. 'nai ho sakta arohi' 'phir humari shaadi bhi nai ho sakti'  '    '   'tumhe meri kisi aur se shaadi karna manjoor hai lekin meri baat maanne ki nai , hai na, papa dekh bhi rahe hai aur jaldi tai bhi ho jayegi, tab mat bolna ki maine bola nahi' 'tumhare papa tumhare khushi hi chahenge, main bhi wahi chahta hu' however painful it was he had to say that.  ' aur aise karke khush rahungi?'.  she was clear he was not going to agree to her condition nor was she going to agree to his .  'chalo ghar chod deta hoon, please'. He walked towards his bike. This time she walked silently 'Dilsukh Nagar door ho jayega tumhe' 'utna door toh aa sakta hoon tere liye'.   They headed back to her house.   Both were silent until they reached her house. He knew he could not stay there for long.  'kal milogi?' 'kyun' 'har baat ki kyun, kal milogi tum bas, wahi par aajana, mujhe akhri baar kuch baat karni hai' . aakhri baar  she felt a tug in her heart.  She  just nodded and went in. 


she was so happy to see him, even though she had seen him from her window whenever he had come to meet his friend.  But she did not want to meet him.  She thought a little distance might make him understand what she meant and agree to  the Religion change.   But the aakri baar,  made her realize he was not going to agree afterall, and what he wanted was not looking right to her,  it should be either iss paar or uss paar.  



Arjun reached home at 11 pm.  It was a long ride from her house.   The cool air had made a lot of difference,  her question 'kisi aur se meri shaadi ho jaaye manjoor hai tumhe' was pricking him,  he thought he would be okay with it, he would get over it, coz it was the right thing for both her and him, to be with the families, but now after she said her dad was close to fixing an alliance , picturing her with someone else was becoming unbearable.  By the time he came home , he had made a decision,  if arohi's happiness is with him and his with hers, then there is no need to think this much, living together is what matters most. 



He came in,  opening the door with his key.  It was silent like always,  He took off the shoes and went to wash his hands and feet.  When He came out he saw the light in his dad's room still on.  He went and peeped in,  Ismail Khan was sitting at his desk and writing something.  'soye nai abhi tak' 'nai, khat likh raha tha  Rasheed bhai ko,  unki beti ka nikah hai,  kushnaseeb hai accha ghar mila hai,  badhai likh raha tha' he said sealing the letter.  Arjun waited for a second and then turned to leave.   'ladki kaun hai?'  his dad asked suddenly, 'ji' 'kisi ladki ko chahte ho?'  '    ' 'matlab chahte ho, kaun hai'  Arjun was surprised his dad could find out without him telling. 'kisne bataya aapko' 'tumhara baap hoon,  kisiko batane ki zaroorat nai hai, tumhare chehre pe saaf likha hai'  'ji hai ek ladki'  'nikah karni hai?'  'karni hai par mushkil hai'  'kyun' 'ladki Musalmaan nai hai'.  His dad was silent for a while,  disappointment visible on his face but he quickly got over it and asked arjun 'toh mazhab kaun badal raha hai ab,  tum ya woh ladki'  as much  blunt as the question seemed, it looked like his dad had expected such a situation sooner or later.  'woh karna chahti hai'  'woh musalmaan banna chahti hai?'  'haan, woh banna chahti hai,  par  mujhe manjoor nai hai, main banne nai doonga'.  It was time to have a serious talk on this issue arjun thought and was ready to have that talk with anyone.

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Salaam  Namaste  (part 2)


'Toh tum badal rahe ho?' his dad asked with a stern voice,  'nahi,  main bhi nai badlunga' ,  their conversation woke up his mom.   She got up and sat on the bed.  'tum dono nai badloge  toh kya socha hai',  'bahut socha hai abba,  din raat uske bare mein hi socha hai,  aur jo dil ko sahi lag raha hai wahi karne ja raha hoon'  'kya hua arjun' his mother questioned with shaky voice,  'ammi, har waqt bolti thi na nikah karlo nikah karlo, aur main taal deta tha,  isliye nahi ki nai karni hai, isliye ki jisko pasand kiya usko iss ghar mein leke aana aasaan nai hai'  his mother was waiting for him to continue 'kyunki  woh musalmaan nahi hai,  hindu hai,  mujhse mohabbat karti hai, aur mere liye apna mazhab badlane ke liye tayyar hai,  aur  agar main aise hone doonga toh meri mohabbat ka kya mayana reh gaya?'.    'ya Allah'  his mother gave out a sigh when she heard the girl wasnt a Muslim.  She had always wished that her son's life went through smoothly but looks like it was not going to happen so.  'arjun beta,  aise achanak se?,  pehle kyun nahi bataya'  'bahut baar batana chahta tha,  ab waqt aayi hai'  'toh  kya tai kiya' 'wahi jo abhi bataya ,   hum dono nahi badlenge aur aise hi shaadi karenge'  'aise kaise kar sakte ho?' 'kyun nahi ho sakta?'  his dad was silent all along.  'par  ladki iss ghar mein aayegi toh uska mazhab bhi hamari jaise..' his mom stopped in between  looking at her husband.  



'ammi  ek  baat puchu?'  'mera naam Arjun kyun hai?'  she was not ready to confront it ,  'ab kyun woh sab baat karni hai?' 'abhi zaroorat hai.  Jabbhi  Salma Aapa  Tarnaka  se aati hai,  koi khabar ho na ho,  aapke aankh mein aasu kyun dekhte hai hum?' 'aisi baat nai hai, tu yeh kya shuru kara ra hai abhi'  but  arjun was not to stop 'kya yeh sach nahi ki  aap  Mamta  se  Mumtaaz ban gayi,  yeh sach nahi ki  apne  babuji ka naam  mujhe rakha,  kyunki  aapko  lagta  hai  aapki vajah se  unki maut huyi?  Mujhe arjun bulate huye kya aapne har baar apne baba ko yaad nahi kiya?  Abba  kya yeh sach nahi hai ki aapne bhi usi vajah se mera naam arjun rehne diya ki aap ko maante hai ki apne master ki beti se shaadi karke unse door kiya ?  Main kyun nai  ammi ke parivaar walo se milta? nani se bhi kabhi nahi mila, meri khala hai,  mama hai  unke bacche mere bhai behan hai,  lekin woh humare  zindagi mein nai hai, unhone ammi se koi rishta nai rakhna chaha aur aapne unse.  Kya woh  sab  phirse  dohraya jayega, kya main aise hone de sakta hoon?'   his mother was now crying , whatever he said was true.  'bas ab bahut ho gaya,  yeh sab kuch jaante huye bhi phir tumne hindu ladki se mohabbat kyun ki? hume pata hai humne kya kiya kyun  kiya,   apni ammi  ke vaaste toh yeh sab baate mat karo'  his dad said with a stern voice not able to see his wife cry.  'abhi raat bahut ho chuki,  sone do'  Arjun wanted to talk more 'mohabbat mazhab puch ke toh nai hoti na abba? ye aap se accha aur kaun jaan sakte hai? Bas ho gayi' His father had now gotten up and sat next to his wife 'par yeh baat khatam nai huyi hai abhi,  mujhe aap dono ki izaazat chahiye,  nai toh aise hi reh lunga,  tanhaa'  he said equally firmly and went to his room.  He could hear his dad trying to console his mother. 


Arjun was feeling sorry for making his mother cry.  But it had to come out of his system some day.   Growing up as a kid  he did not know why he sometimes saw his mother cry.  He had seen his friends and cousins go to their nana naani's house,  but he wasn't.   Only when he was old enough to understand relationships he came to know his mother had changed her religion to marry his dad.  His cousin sister  lived in Tarnaka, the same area as his mohter's  sister and brother lived.  Whenever she came to visit them  his mother's eyes would light up to hear any news about them.   Her father had died almost a week before he was born.   He could figure out how her guilt over leaving her family and her way of asking her father's forgiveness and his father's love for his mother made them name him his grandfather's name.   His mother had changed herself completely.  Her family had severed ties with her, the day she changed her religion and married his father.  During those days they could not tolerate her leaving the house like that.   His father never reminded her of her family,  he made sure she got everything she wanted, but he knew in the hearts of hearts that he blamed himself as much for making her loose her family.  But Arjun could see his mother  sometimes could not help but remember her life with her parents and siblings.  They had put the past behind,  but it was still there. 



When arohi  said  for the first time that if  religion was going to come between them then she was ready to change, he thought she was joking,  then when he knew she was serious he was taken aback.   He tried to talk her out of it,  he explained without revealing the above that it is not as easy as it sounds.   That she was so blinded by love that she was not thinking what she was saying.   He told her if she were to change then he did not want to marry at all. This had angered her and  she had not spoken to him for a week.  Yesterday when he saw her again he decided,  he will try his best to convince her,  and still if she doesn't then  he will tell her he will remain unmarried forever,  he was sure if he did not marry she would not either.    Neither his parents nor him could sleep that night.  




Coming to Arohi,   after  arjun  dropped her and left  she went in with  his aakhri baar words ringing in her head,  what does he mean by aakhri baar.   She lightly knocked and her dad openend the door.   Narayana Dwivedi ,   a  senior lecturer a well known and respected  person in their community,  had seen a bike pass by and had guessed someone had dropped her home.  He did not question her upfront.   As she had her dinner along with her parents,  she asked  if her brother had called ,  Akaash  her brother had gone to his in laws place ,  he had a love marriage but in their own community.  Everyone said his wedding was done in a grand way,  and that they cant wait to see Arohi's.   Her parents were proud of that comment.  Now she  feared how to tell them  about Arjun.    Her family was modern yet when it came to issues like marriages they held to traditional values.   She understood what arjun  said to her, but she was  not ready to loose him either.   She was religious, she worshipped everyday,  wherever she saw a mandir she would stop and fold her hands and move.  For her this was a tough decision.  She had been up many nights  thinking what she was supposed to do.   Why she could not stop herself from falling in love with him.   Why he could not stop from falling in love with her.   isn't  Love above all religion, that was the only driving force that was making her lean into doing whatever it takes to be able to marry him.   She thought her parents will understand once they see the amount of love they carried for each other,  that her god will forgive her since she was chosing love as her religion.   She felt guilty every morning when she stood before the idol and prayed.   It had taken strong will power to tell him that she was willing to change for him,  the will power and strength that she had gotten from  believing in her god.  It was a tough situation,   no one else had done this in her family, it was not going to be easy.



'Kisne drop kiya?'  her father finally asked after waiting for a while that she might want to talk to them,  but when she looked lost even while eating , he thought of finding out what the matter was because he was looking for grooms and didnot want any complications later.  'kya papa'  'movie dekhne gayi thi na beta,  maine dekha kisini ne drop kiya,  kya main jaanta hoon use' .  Arohi thought  it was time ,  how long can she avoid it.  'shayad  jaante hai, Apartments mein  jab the tab aapne dekha hoga'   the tone and the way of reply  confirmed the worst fears in her mother also.  'kaun?' 'Arjun'  her mother wanted to know more  'Arjun  kaun?, humare side ke hai?' 'Arjun Khan , ma'  'khan?'  'haan,  hum pehle jo apartment mein the waha upar wale floor mein the' she said slowly,  'woh kyun drop karne aaya tha itna door, woh toh yaha par rehte bhi nahi, kya woh bhi movie dekhne aaya tha? Sath mein gaye the?'  'nahi ma. papa main bahut din se kuch batana chahti hoon'     tears rolled down arohi's eyes that she was going to give them the shock of their life.   'papa main arjun se shaadi karna chahti hoon'  'Hari Hari' her mother gasped.  Her father looked like he feared  something like this and tried his best to be composed.  'yeh kya bol rahe ho tum' her mom said angrily,   'papa' 'tumne faisla kar liya?' '    '  'aur  woh' 'woh bhi apni family se baat karega, papa' 'aur woh maan jayenge"  'umeed hai ki maan jaaye'  'agar humne na bola toh' her mother said 'ma,  please,  hum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte hai,  aur main arjun ke sath khush rahungi,  haan boldo ma, mere liye bahut zaroori hai'  'arohi  Aur kuch tum bolne jaa rahi thi?'  her father asked her,  knowing this is not the real  issue,  the real  issue is yet to be confronted.  'woh ladka Muslim hai,  tum hindu ho , toh tumne socha kaise?  Kya karne jaa rahi ho, kahi yeh toh nai socha ki tum muslim banogi' her mother asked her  'haan'  arohi  said slowly like a whisper.    

'kyaa? itni badi baat, itni badi faisla le liya tumne'  her mother slapped her hard.  It was beyond her imagination and the fact that arohi had almost decided everything without asking  was  too much to bear.  Her father  had to interfere  'sorry ma, bas pyaar ho gaya,  ab mujhe arjun ke bagair nai jeena hai, mai kya karu'.   "arohi,  kya tum iska  complications jaanti ho?'  'jaanti hoon papa,  aur main face karungi'  'apna beliefs chod doge? Itni aasaani se?'  'aasani se kaha hua,  bahut socha,  aur pyaar bhagwaan tak jaane ke liye ek aur raasta hai na,  toh main agar do bhagwaan ko manungi toh kya hoga'  'par tumne abhi kaha ki tum ek chunne wali ho ab'  It was tough to answer that question.  'haan lekin apne bhagwan ko bhulungi nahi' 'do naav par paanv rakh ke chal paogi?'  'main kya karu papa'  'wahi karo jo tumhara dil bolta hai,  aur woh jo bhi bole hume bhi bata dena,  aur kya main  usse mil sakta hoon?'  'main  bataungi ki aap milna chahte hai, par  papa , please mujhe usse door mat karna aur aapse bhi door mat karna' she cried.  'hum parents hai na beta,  hum  kaise tumhe dukh de sakte hai ya dekh sakte hai?  Humari  toh kaam ho gayi na, paal pos ke bada kar diya, itna bada ki aap apne faisle khud le sakte ho,   aur ek farz hai tumhari shaadi karne ka , woh bhi hum nibhayenge'  he said calmly.   In today's time  it was not uncommon,  but yes it was not easy to accept,  but if  both are willing to marry then  by separating them or by forcing her to marry someone else will only lead to an unhappy life for her  which  as a parent  he did not want.    Her mother was not ready to talk anymore 'isne toh humari saari izzat mitti mein mila di, kitna naaz tha iss par, main ise haldi kumkum se sath bida karna chahti thi,  aap kaise maan rahe ho samjhate kyun nahi' she told her father who just took her away from there .   Arohi went to bed soaking her pillow with tears.   



She thought she was ready to convince them,   but her father's response was clam yet cold, the way he said farz clearly told her if he agrees it will be just for her sake.   She knew her brother will understand and knew that her mother will not agree and thought her father will try to talk her out of it.  But by wanting to meet Arjun  her father had shown that  he would  take in the bitter taste and let her have her life her own way.  She was desperate to talk to Arjun now.  Next morning she saw her mother taking more time in the prayer room,  she was not able to get up from there.  Arohi  folded her hands before Vishnu,  she always got a sense of peace when she prayed.  Today she did not know what to pray.   She just prayed that she be forgiven, she be shown the right path, she  be able to and allowed to continue her faith and yet  embrace the new faith.   Since everyone was silent she decided to go out, she told her mother she will be home in the evening after meeting her friends.  Her mother was not ready to talk to her yet.  



Since it was Sunday he did not have to hurry and usually they met  early evening, so she can go home before night falls.   Ever since morning his mom was silent.   He went to her 'ammi kal bahut bol diya maine,  maaf kardo'.  After couple of his attempts, she spoke to him.  'tumne jo bhi bola sach tha na,  uss zamane mein maine jo kiya woh mere ma baap bardash nai kar paaye,   mujhe tumhari abba se shaadi karni thi toh mujhe musalmaan banna pada nahi toh unke abba nahi manne wale the, toh pyaar hi mujhe inn sabse bada laga.   Mere baba dil ke mareez the,  mere jaane se asar toh hua ,  pehle bhi dil ke daure pade the ,  tumhare  janam ke ek hafte pehle phir se daura pada,  kisini mujhe khabar nahi ki,  mujhe baad mein pata chala,  humne socha unhe dekh toh nahi paaye, unka naam toh tumhe rakhe,    mujhe pata tha agar main ghar chod rahi hu matlab sara bandhan tod rahi hoon.  ,  meri maa bhi guzar gayi thi tabbhi main nai jaa payi.  Dukh hai mujhe in baton  ka.   Jabbhi Salma aati hai mujhe apne bahai behen ki khabar deti hai, ki bache kitne hai kitne bade huye,  kyunki maine bola hai use meri khabar unko aur unki mujhe batane ka,  milte nahi hai, par dil mein toh hai.  Agar roti hoon toh tumhare abba ko lagta hai , unse shaadi karke maine bahut khoya, unhe wahi dikhta hai jo maine khoya,  mujhe wahi dikhta hai jo maine paaya.   Ek dusre ka sahara hai , tum ho, toh mujhe aur kya chahiye,  tumne jis ladki ko pasand kiya usise shaadi karna,  par  jamana utna bhi nahi badla hai na ki bina  mazhab badle tum shaadi karoge?'


'toh hume badlne do zamaane ko,  aapke zamane mein aap log kuch badlaav toh lekar aaye honge na toh ab humari baari, yeh aise chalta rahega,  aur aaj kal bahut log aise shaadi kar rahe hai.  Main nai chahta ki kal agar arohi bhi apna parivaar chod ke aayegi aur unhe yaad karke royegi main bhi abba ki tarah usne kya khoya wahi dekhu,  main use samjhaunga , aur  kisiko badlna ki zaroorat nai hai,  sath mein jiyenge toh jaise hai waise hi,  nahi toh akele rahenge, main aaj usse baat karunga, phir aapse bolunga ki kya faisla hai,  aap dengi na humare sath'  'sath toh denge,  magar yeh sab itini asaani se hoga? Humare sath kaise adjust kar payegi'  'asaan nai hai, sab alag sa hoga sabke liye,   toh kya hua? Hum raasta nikalenge, chalta hu mai' . 


It was time to meet Arohi.



Part 3

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MsSweetheart96 Goldie

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Wud love to read.. please add me to your pm list :)

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MsSweetheart96 Goldie

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Res for comments :)

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.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Second :)

The Concept Is One In A Million
The Topic Is Verry Difficult

SuperLike Your Thought

Update Soon
Waiting For It
And The Title 'Salam Namaste' Is Brilliant :)
(I Love The Song)

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Kavs di u r gr8. Cnt wait 2 read it.

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MsFuzzybear69 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 3:51pm | IP Logged

A very interesting & difficult concept...

Please add me to your pm list...

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Nelz.. Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 4:28pm | IP Logged

totally luved da concept...i can totally relate 2 it datz y...
i cnt w8 4 dis OS...
ur a mindblowin writer Kavz nd i knw u will blow us all away wiv this new OS/SS...Wink
Kavz can u plz PM wen u update...will try nd finish readin ur otha ff's 2 Smile

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