Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

Written Update - September 14, 2011

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Summary :
  • Diamond brings Babli back home; Kalsan's Gram Pradhaan also turned out to be useless like his daughter.
  • MD is getting thoughts about bringing Runjhun back to PN to save the house from getting auctioned; Kukkan is totally against it.
  • Gunjhun are happy to get Goddess Durga's blessings and are back home from the pooja.
  • The six evils go to Pappu Yadhav and request for some more time.

The episode begins where it ended yesterday, in Pandey Niwas.  Rajju feels its totally unfair that V&K get to pack their bags and leave from the house and the problems, while the others are trying to find some way to save the house, and expresses his disapproval to Amma.

Amma stops Vishnu and questions his actions, asking the reason for them to go away like that, to which Vishnu retorts back saying he is not afraid of anyone to be escaping like a theif, and that he is fed up with his life here.  He feels he has not achieved anything by living in this house full of dullards, and bcos of his intellect he is usually blamed for everything that goes wrong.  That's why they have decided to go and live in Kalsan.

Amma stops him saying how dare he thinks about going away to Kalsan after selling off their ancestral property, digging the whole house hoping to find some treasure and ruining their house and lives here.  She starts hitting Vishnu with a broom, and he complains that its paining.  Rajju is disturbed looking at his dear brother getting hit like that, and tries to stop Amma saying Vishnu might get hurt, and she starts hitting Rajju instead. Bantu tries to stop her from hitting Rajju saying he is not at fault, and she starts hitting him too.  (That was a funny scene amidst all the cryingLOLLOL).

Amma is disgusted that all three brothers are of the same kind, and blames herself for all her three sons turning out this way.  She regrets not having beaten them up with a stick long ago, and feels that if she had fixed them long back, she wouldn't have had to see this day in her life (So true!Ouch)

There in Vimla's residence, Guddu and Runjhun are performing Aarti to Goddess Durga.  The pandit blesses them saying their wishes will surely be fulfilled. He gives them a red chunri (scarf) and asks them to tie it outside their house, and says that the Goddess will surely protect them.  Guddu and Runjhun look happy.

Amma continues to cry over her fate for getting such useless kids, and just wishes to die nowCry

Diamond enters with Babli, and Kalsanwali is elated to see her.  She enquires about her grandfather's well-being (Kalsanwali's dad).  Babli is sad and silent. Kalsanwali is not happy that Diamond hadn't told her about his trip to Kalsan.  She feels had he informed her, atleast she wouldv'e asked him to bring a list of groceries from there.  Diamond notices Amma sitting on the floor crying, and immediately goes to her and consoles her saying everything will be alright soon.Hug

Kalsanwali interrupts him and asks him why is Babli not saying anything.  She is worried about Babli's sudden arrival here, and wonders how come her father sent her away just like that.  She also enquires about her brother.  Diamond stops her and says enough already about the Kalsan folks.  He says her father is incapable of taking care of his own little granddaughter, forget about taking care of the whole town.  Kalsanwali doesn't like to hear such harsh words about her father and demands Diamond to talk about him respectfully.

Diamond says that her own father had asked her brother to leave Babli in a street corner.  It was lucky that he was passing by, and noticed her crying there and brought her home.  He wonders if this is the same grandpa that he has been hearing about since childhood.  Kalsanwali is in total disbelief, and asks Babli to say that none of this is true.  Babli says that indeed her grandfather told her that he cannot feed her anymore, and that she should go back to her own house now, and that her grandpa made her mama leave her on the street just like that.  Kalsanwali is devastated.  Vishnu says when one is going through tough times, even their own people stop supporting them.  Diamond goes back to Amma and takes her to her room.  K, V and B are hugging each other crying miserably.

Kukkan is at his home talking to someone on the phone about business.  MD wishes to speak with him about something, and he disconnects the phone saying he will call back later, and asks her what the matter is.  She asks him if he can gather some money to avoid the auction and save the house.  He says he hardly has anything, and besides, its not a small amount.  20 lakhs is a lot of money.  She understands, but feels that they should atleast try to do something about it.  She gets another thought on her mind and says it may sound strange, but when Runjhun is a Bhagonwali, why not tell her about this whole problem and ask her to come to PN.  MD is sure that if Runjhun comes back, then somehow her bhaag (fortune) will prevent  the auction from happening, and the house will be saved Angry 

Kukkan disagrees completely with MD. He says that when Guddu himself doesn't want Runjhun to learn about the matter inspite of knowing everything about it (does he?Shocked), MD should not interfere in this.  He does not want to involve Guddu and Runjhun in this problem.  He feels that her parents are being punished for having tortured Runjhun and treated her so badly all this while, and that they truly deserve this.  MD agrees with him about her parents, but she still thinks that Runjhun should be informed, otherwise she will feel very bad when she hears about this later.  Kukkan says they will cross that bridge when they come to it, and anyway, its too late now to do anything. MD is left helpless.

There in PN, Vishnu is mirroring MD's thoughts. He feels that they should use their trump card now, and thats the only way to solve all their problems.  Kalsanwali jumps at the idea and prods everyone to go to Gunjhun Niwas.  She tells Rajju not to be afraid of Guddu, he will just blast them off a couple of times angrly,  and they should bear it all bcos this is the last resort for them.  The other five start pondering over what they are saying.  Babli is listening to their whole conversation.  Mittho agrees with Kalsanwali and says whatever happens, RJ has to be brought here now.  Billo also agrees with them and they all leave for Shukla Niwas.Dead

Kukkan notices the whole clan leaving PN and going somewhere, and wonders where they are off to.  Amma is following them and tries to stop them from bothering Runjhun.  Kukkan hears this and comes to stand in front of them and asks them to go back inside, and says he will not allow them to go to Gunjhun's place.  He warns them not to take him lightly.  Rajju tries to justify saying he had come to Kukkan for help, and since he did not offer any, they have found another way, and so he should not stop them now.  Kukkan doesn't budge.  They try to push him aside and move ahead and Kukkan loses his cool.  He blasts them off saying he is the same Kukkan who used to be friends with Guddu, and that he hasn't become a dud just bcos he is married to Rajju's daughter.  He tells them this is their personal matter and they have to deal with it on their own.  He goes on to say that you reap what you sow, and that everything thats happening to them is a result of their own actions.  Amma agrees with Kukkan and asks them to go to Pappu Yadhav instead, and request for some more time.

There in Shukla Niwas Guddu is tying the read chunri over the door, and asks Runjhun if its looking alright (never been so eager to hear the happy music in the background!).  She says it is looking fine, but is concerned that he is not looking well.  He says he is having a bad headache, and she asks him to go and rest while she gets a glass of milk for him.  He goes to the bedroom and lies down on the floor bedding expressing his displeasure and discomfort about sleeping on it today as well.  She joins him with a glass of milk and warns him that it is very hot.  She assures him that its just one more day in this bedding, and that tomorrow she will surely get a bed from the store.  He teases her about it, and they have a light moment.  He drinks the milk and they get ready to sleep.

The evil 6 have arrived at Pappu Yadhav's den, where he is with his men, getting drunk and praising the power of liquor, and how it makes people follow him like a saint.  He notices
the Pandeys and greets them, asking why they are looking so worried.  Rajju says ofcourse they are, to which Pappu says that with him around, there is no reason for them to worry.  He starts with his usual analogies, today it is a comparison with Gandhiji.  He says that in this world there are only two persons who have helped people in time of need, one is Gandhiji before independence, and the other is he himself, after independence LOL.
Vishnu asks him to give them one more chance.  He offers him a small amount of money, and requests him to grant them a few more days to repay the debt.  Rajju also joins in and requests Pappu with folded hands.  Mittho urges Rajju to fall at his feet, and Pappu stops him.  He says he is a simple man and understands simple language, and Bantu quickly comes forward and agrees to it saying only a simple man such as him (Bantu) can understand another simpleton.

Billo and Kalsanwali start praising Pappu.  Pappu stops them saying he really likes to watchin dancing, and that they should try to please him by dancing to Munni Badnam and Sheela ki Jawani tunesLOLROFL.  Mittho is shocked and scared, asks Pappu if he intends to watch the 3 ladies dance, to which he says he meant for the Pandey men to danceROFLROFLROFL,  Rajju and Mittho are standing there very uncomfortable.

Pre-cap :  Pappu Yadhav has started the auction in front of Pandey Niwas and he is giving his opening speech.  He opens the bid with 20 lakhs. 
MD frantically knocks on Gunjhun's door and when Runjhun opens she hurries to tell her that Pappu Yadhav is at their house with his men, and that Pandey Niwas is being auctioned Angry. Runjhun is shocked.

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jps01 Goldie

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Thank you very much Dhruvie for your very detailed and excellent WU!

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irene_c Goldie

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Please please I wanna see those lame men dance. Thank u for the lovely update

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Thanks for the update.

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
thanks for the written update dhruvieClap Clap Clap Clap Clap

really tired to watch the whole dramaConfused
no comments for todayOuch

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TYVM Dhruvie for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Edit:  Thanks, Dhruvie.  Great job as always.
Babli re- appeared...  Disppearance case closed.
Giram Pirdhan turned out to be a dud!  Kalsanwali ki bolti bandh (K can shut up now)!
Amma is hilarious beating them up with a broomstick!  That was much needed a long time ago.
Amma is still lamenting her fate.  We know the useless bunch exist in PN and now you know too, Amma.  Can we move on past this point, please?
Kukkan, what stopped you from beating them up there and then.
Pappu Yadav's proposal turned out to be pathetic.  This is not Bollywood that everyone breaks out into a song and dance at the drop of a hat!
Mahadevi turned out to be the loose cannon as I predicted, in asking Kukkan for help as a last ditch effort.  When Kukkan says no, she runs to Runjhun (precap).
Runjhun, Bitiya, your Guddu Ji has drawn a Laxmanrekha (line in the sand).  Please DO NOT cross that (precap).

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Thank you Dhruvie for the update.. can't see amma cry any more...
kudos to Kukkan.. you rock
oh God.. at last Runjhun came to know about the auction.. I hope this track ends this weekend, but not without V & K get their due punishment

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