W/V Updt:13/09*Suhana Safar Aur Ye Mausam Haseen*

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Jai Shree Mohan

calling all dharampankhe'sPartyParty
start singing with me
"Kiska chehra...abb main dekhoooDay Dreaming
tera chehra dekhkarDay Dreaming
meri aankho ne...chuna hai tujhkoDay Dreaming
duniya dekhkarDay DreamingDay Dreaming"
i can't express how happy i am todayBlushing
hara neela peela geela...i saw all shades of mohanBlushing
and that ddlj thing wasDay DreamingDay Dreaming
i couldn't believe wat my eyes saw yesterday!
it was a MohUr filled epi????Shocked
saare angles se it was a perfectoDay Dreaming
three cheers for creativesParty
hip hip MohUrParty
hip hip MohUrParty
hip hip MohUrParty
kya safar thaaaDay Dreaming
kya mausam thaaDay Dreaming
and kitna handome partner thaaDay DreamingDay Dreaming
had i been this lucky...i would've opted to walk...so that i could spend more time with mohanDay DreamingWink
i think i better stop...otherwise update reh jaayega.and i'll carry on droolingLOLLOL
so lets get startedParty
Video Update
(By Sonyfan)
saroj comes to know the truth abt mohan-kastur alliance and how jitu had financed mohan' education...here mohan comes to kastur's house to have a word with pradip where baa asks ohan to drop kastur to her friend's place...mohan agrees...
saroj vows that she'll not agree to this alliance as she doesn't like kastur and is confident that mohan will disagree too
Summary Of Today's Epi
saroj again argues with bhanu...kastur's parents are worried coz kastur wwent with mohan...all alone...and how baapji will react to it.
mohan-kastur have a very eventful trip to borivalliLOL
Detailed Update

Part 1

the epi starts with sharda and jitu showing their displeasure at the fact that kastur went wwith mohan...that too without mohan's family knowing abt it...baa tells them that its a good thing that both will get to know each other ...esp kastur who'll get an opportunity to clear her doubts otherwise both will keep looking at each other after marriage(yes baa...bongo! mohan dekhne ke hee cheez hai...humse poochho...hum toh 3-4 saal ho gaye...saara time dekhte dekhte he khatam ho gaya ...WinkWinkWink)
sharda says that meeting once or twice won't help them knowing each other much...
jitu tells baa that baapji won't like such a thing...baa tells him to relax and reminds him that its more important to let get kastur rid of her fears with regards to mohan...than them being scared of wat baapji will think...
she then tells them that she did wat she felt right...
kastur's parents r still not convincedOuch
next shot shifts to the road where mohan kastur r looking for a cab...kastur has a tough time in keeping up with mohan's pace...mohan gets a bit irritated...and tells kastur if atall any empty cabs r there!(mohan...toh abb tak u were trying to hail a passenger filled cab?ShockedROFLROFL and how will kastur know??? she never gets on a cab...she travels her way by runningROFLROFLROFL)
neways...kastur then tells him that they'll get a cab...soonLOLLOL
and they get too!!!Shocked
but the only difference is...that this time...kastur calls for the cabROFL
(so mohan rule one in india...if cabbie driver is a guy...ask kastur to hail the cab...u'll get it fasterROFL if its a girl...no need for u to even call...saare taxis aawei ruk  jaayenge...ROFL all of them at ur serviceWink)
so a cab comes and stops...mohan opens the door for herEmbarrassed
they both get inside...and mohan asks the driver to go to borivalli(failure of not getting a cab himself sculpturted on his faceROFL)
here kastur keeps wondering why is mohan soo quiet...how she should start the convo etc etc(kastur..,..start it with telling him that he is sitting on ur dupattaROFL yupp...thats wat i noticedROFLROFL)
mohan's friend tries calling him...but before mohan can answer the call...his battery dies...he gets all the more frustrated...kastur asks him wat happened...he tells her abt it
now kastur starts wondering abt all the things she wants to ask mohan...abt his london days...abt his studies...abt his degree...she even wants to congratulate him for the degree...but waits for mohan to start the convo...who btw is lost seeing everything outside the window!
she then gathers the courage and starts with dandiya raas convoD'oh
she asks him there's dandiya raas organised in "his" london
mohan brushes back his hairDay Dreaming and gives a "kaha phas gaya " type looks and says yes
she then says...yes it has to happen...her papppa told her(notice the expression on mohan's faceROFL its pricelessROFLROFLROFL) she keeps on telling him abt her pappa's friend...mohan listens to it...least interestedROFL and then says"very good"ROFL
his tone gives a clear indication to kastur that he's just not interested in dandiya talks...and she shuts up!
here mohan's friend and saroj both keep trying his phone...but no luck!
this time kastur tries her luck with rains...and asks mohan if it rains in londonROFL
(omg...kastur...itna handsome guy is with u...and u talk abt dandiya and rain?Shocked koi issey training do plzzz...ask her to attend some"how to behave with mohan" classes organised by dharampankhe'sROFLROFL)
she then asks mohan if he likes rains...mohan smiles a bit at the thought of it...and says yes...she then asks him if it snows there too...mohan says yes...but before kastur could land on some other natural calamity like hail, hurricanes, storms, volacnic eruptions etc...ROFL
they r hit by a calamity as their taxi comes to sudden halt!ROFL
the taxi driver asks mohan to push the taxiROFL
mohan is shocked ...as if someone asked him to eat khakraROFL
he starts blabbering and gets off from the taxi...kastur follows him too!
she is abt to give a hand...wen mohan stops her and does it all my himself(mera macho manDay DreamingDay Dreaming)
but this dhakka maroing is of no useOuch
the taxi doesn't start...Angry
mohan gets all the more irritated!
Part 2
kastur then suiggests that they go by bus...mohan agrees and says he has no other option...they both start walking...Embarrassed
and it start raining Embarrassed
mohan just stands still and start enjoting the raindrops falling on him...whereas kastur halts and takes out her umbrellaSmile
as soon as she sees mohan getting wet(who btw was brushing his wet hairEmbarrassed) she run towards him with her umbrella( dp title track without music in BGStar)
as soon as she puts her umbrella over him...he stops and turns back at her(if looks could kill...that one look of mohan to kastur killed meBlushingBlushing)
mohan smiles back at her...Embarrassed and moves forward to hold the umbrellaDay Dreaming
kastur shudders wen his hands brush against hers as he takes the umbrellaDay Dreamingand a soft blush creeping up her cheeksEmbarrassed
both then start walking together...(mohan just holding the umbrella btwWink)
he starts walking at his own pace...kastur lags behind...and increases her pace to be with him(tere peechhe peeche aayi jaaye jis gaon re in bg)
here mohan walks oblivious to the fact that she is actually getting wet!
after a few moments...he stops...and finds her just inside the umbrella...and asks her if she was oki...Embarrassed vwen she gives a positive response...they both start walking again...
mohan again at his own pace...kastur almost running to keep up her pace with him!
just then a strong wind blows...and the umbrella flies off!
mohan runs and gets it back...meanhile kastur gets wet!
he gets it back...a bit embarassed as kastur keeps looking at him...they both then walks towards the bus stop!
he sees a few people standing on a raodside and asks kastur if this was the bus standLOLLOLLOLLOL
kastur says yes...he's quite surprised that there are soo many people...but no bus!
kastur tells him that there's a bus for borivalli every 10 minutes...mohan asks her if she's sure! she says yes...
but then go and stand in the queueSmile
just then the rain stops...and the bus comes tooSmile
people crowd around to get in the bus...mohan gets in(breaking the queue) and kastur follows the queue...
but before she can board the bus...it leaves the stop...
kastur starts running behind the bus...shouting to stop the bus!(chalo...kastur's running in all past epis put to good useLOLLOLLOLLOL)
mohan then looks out and offers his hand to kastur...but can't get hold of herOuch
he then leans a lot more forward and gives his hand to her...and after several hits and misses...ultimately he grabs her and pulls her in...
kastur still not over with watever happened...mohan pats her shoulder to comfort her on the footboard...and takes her in!Smile
some guy...comes and stands on mohan's foot!
he tells the guy that his legs can bear the weight of only one person...and thats him...ROFLROFL
the guy replies its crowded...and if he's so bothered abt such things...why doesn't he take a cab!
mohan decides to give him a piece of him mind and tells him that he doesn't need to answer him wat he'll do and wen!LOLLOLLOL
they both r abt to get into anarguement wen kastur stops mohan...she then moves forward looking for the ticket collecter and takes two tickets...mohan is still left where he was standing!
kastur tries to locate mohan in the crowd...but doesn't find him...whereas mohan sees her feeling all uncomfy in the crowd...
he then starts moving forward towards her!Embarrassed
and comes and stands infront of her...acting as a guardwall between her and the crowd...Embarrassed
kastur gives him a smile of thanku...but he doesn't return it...
as the bus gives a brake...mohan kind of gives a push to kastur which results in both their hands brushing on the rod which they both were holdingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
kastur is allEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
just then a seat gets empty and a lady asks kastur to come and sit by her side...
kastur refuses...but then mohan tells her "dhakka khaane ka bahut shauq hai...jao baitho" ...she agrees but worries abt mohan...wen he assures her he'll be fine...she goes and sits there!
here mohan struggles with standing in the crowded moving bus!
just then the lady's stop comes too...and she asks mohan to come and sit by the side of his bayeri(wifeROFL) mohan gets the shock of his lifeROFL and says"baari"ROFL
no she's not...but the lady doesn't listen...mohan has no other option but to sit with his"baari"ROFLROFLROFL
but he's relieved that he finally got a seat...and no more stampingROFL
as the bus moves...mohan finds it amusing at the way kastur bows down at temples etc...and shows him the new things in mumbai(that worli sea link) they talk abt these things(not shown...music in bg)
just then a girl almost falls on mohan(can't blame herLOLLOL) he gets uncomfy and inches towards kastur...his left hand over her shoulders...holding onto her seat rest!Wink
kastur enjoys this(wrong signal kasturOuch)
here saroj is pretty upset as she has not been able to get thru a call to mohan...she comes and asks narmada if all the work has been done! narmada starts making excuses as usual...but saroj shouts at her and tells her that she has become too lazy and makes reena do all the work! she'll not tolerate any more excuses! all the work must be done!
here mohan kastur get down from the bus and start moving...mohan enquires her abt her friend...where she stays etc when they notice a ganpati immersion procession occupying the road...a drunk rogue comes dancing towards them...and is abt to crash into kastur wen mohan comes in between...mohan asks him to watch his step...he tells him that he's watching his...mohan should watch his...
mohan asks him to mind his language...
the rogue tells him that he's acting smart infront of the girl(oye..mohan doesn'tneed to impress anybody...we all..including kastur are already impressedWink)
mohan asks the guy's frend to take him away!Smile
mohan then guides kastur thru the crowd...and asks her if people r doing it for their happiness or god's happiness!
kastur replies that people have their own ways of sharing their happiness...mohan says his head is spinning hearing such loud music...he'll drop her fast and leave!
kastur gets baffled and tells him that since he hasn't eaten anything since morning...his head is paining...there's a good restaurant nearby where u get good gujju thalis...he should eat...LOL
mohan says his 's not hungry anymore but then kastur says...she is...
he has no other option but to take her to the restaurant!LOLLOLLOL
as they enter the restaurant...kastur tells mohan that its quiet in here...his headache will be gone too..
she then orders undhiyo for him
wen she sees mohan upset abt his phone battery dying out...she tells him that she forgot her phone...otherwise she would've given him hers!
mohan smiles at her gesture!Embarrassed
here mohan's friend is approached by a very dangerous looking man!

Part 3

 the waiter brings in their food...kastur watches him eat with a face which clearly shows that he's not liking itLOLLOLLOLLOL...wen the waiter asks him if he wants anything else...mohan tells him that their chef should learn to make undhiyon from kasturLOLLOL!(kastur blushesEmbarrassed)
then heasks the waiter for a bottle of mineral water...but he says they've ran out of it...
kastur offers to get it for him from a nearby shop...but he asks her to stay back as there are wierd people outside...and goes himself to get the bottle...Smile
here the same goons come to the restaurant and try and steal money from the cash box in the absence of the owner...kastur comes and stops them...
epi ends
Precap:   a goon trying to pull kastur's bag...mohan comes there and shelters kastur behind him...an angry look on his face!
Episode Rating: 10/10
i somehow felt it was a very symbolic epi as to how mohan-kastur relationship will shape up in future...mohan-kastur scenes are superb to watch...an epi to be remembered forever!Embarrassed

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thnx for the update...The best EPI of DP so farDay Dreaming I loved each and every minute of our mohur's adventurous tripBlushing
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OMG Vandy thanks for an awesome WU

I feel like am watch the episode so again, gosh Mohan is hilarious ROFL
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Thank you so much for the update, especially the detailed update.
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Hai vandy di.
Thanks for the update.
Plz complete it fully. Bcoz i only read writen updates.
Cant watch the episodes.
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thank for wonderful update 
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thanks vandy
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Thanks for the lovely update ...Big smile
It was a superb episode

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