Dharampatni: Concept/Characters/Story so Far

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''Behind every successful man there is a woman'' is the thought upon which Dharampatni is based.
Dharampatni is the story of Kastur – a simple, traditional Gujarati girl who gets married to Mohan. Mohan too belongs to the Gujarati community but has studied abroad and returned to India. Unbeknown to Kastur, Mohan agrees to marry her due to personal constraints rather than for love. Mohan has no affection or respect for Kastur as he looks down upon all Gujarati cultural values and traditional beliefs that Kastur embodies. Apart from being trapped in a loveless marriage; Kastur is in for a further shock when she finds out that Mohan is a good for nothing, who did not get a degree abroad and instead wasted all his time & resources. Instead of ruing her plight; through the strength of her character and her selfless spirit – Kastur transforms Mohan from a common man into a great one. She makes Mohan believe in and achieve his true potential as a Gujarati. The show focuses upon Kastur's silent struggles, sacrifices and contributions which while going unnoticed; shape Mohan's journey towards greatness.

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The story is about the mohan who is sent abroad at a young and returns after completing his studies, when he returns there will be a behavioural change he will be portrayed as arrogant and a spoilt brat that shows no affection towards his wife, this behavioural change that he undergoes which will make the character look grey. His ideologies will be different from the others. There will be situations wherein his thought process counters the society, but the character is not completely grey. His wife on the other hand is very righteous towards him and always puts him first. She fulfils all her duties as his wife and cares for him immensly. She is a women that will do anything for her husbands and family's wellbeing and happiness. Although he pays no attention to her she is still very loyal and passionate about him and treats him like god. Later on throughout the story his character changes and he becomes more loving towards his wife. The main character is alike Gandhi and their relationship as husband and wife ressembles Gandhi and Kasturba. But the story will not be completely based on him. In this story Kastur will be portrayed approximately 19 years of age.

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Played by: Aasiya Kazi

Mohan Galla
Played by: Harshad Chopra

Kastur's Family

Jasu Ben - Kastur's Baa (grandmother)
Played by: Gopi Desai

Jitu - Kastur's Father

Sharda - Kastur's Mother

Pradeep - Kastur's Brother

Sonal - Kastur's Bhabhi (Wife of Pradeep)

Natu - Kastur's Younger Brother

Mohan's Family

Kanti Bhai - Mohan's Baap-Ji (grandfather)

Bhanu - Mohan's Father

Saroj - Mohan's Mother
Played by: Supriya Shukla

Vipul - Mohan's Brother
Played by: Pankit Thakkar

Narmada - Mohan's Bhabhi
Played by: Mihika Verma

Mohan's Chacha
Played by: Jaydutt Vyas

Reena - Mohan's Cousin (Daughter of Chacha)
Played by: Additie Shriwakar Malik

Kanu - Mohan's Younger Brother

Bharat - Mohan's Mama & Mohan's Mami


Sudhir - Sonal's Father & Sonal's Mother

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This a story about Mohan and Kastur. Mohan's father, to fund his education in London, borrows money from Kastur's father. In return, Mohan's gradfather offers and alliance between Mohan and Kastur. Kastur is in love with Mohan, but Mohan is unaware.
Kastur runs afoul of Mohan's mother Saroj, who dislikes her. She is also unaware of the alliance.
When Mohan returns, he hides from his family that he owes people money.

Mohan rejects Kastur, but Baapji, wanting to uphold his word, gives Mohan a 24 hour ultimatum to either return Jitu's money, or marry Kastur, else, join the family's spice buisness. Mohan agrees to marry Kastur.
Saroj, however, doesn't like Kastur. She has only studied until grade 9, and a series of events lead to an even more agitated Saroj. But Mohan doesn't listen and still decides to marry Kastur.

The pair marry, and Saroj thinks that Kastur has usurped her position in the house. She expresses her hate towards Kastur. Meanwhile, when Kastur tries to get close to Mohan, he tells her that he is not in love with her.

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Update by Episode
Episode 1

Kastur is introduced in Radha's avatar as she relentlessly pursues the sound of Krishna's flute. Just as she is about to hold Krishna's hand - Kastur's dream breaks. Kastur's mother is introduced & we establish that Kastur has a special connect with somebody called 'Mohan' about whom everybody in her family teases her. Kastur's family is introduced as a family filled with love & laughter. Amidst this revelry - Mohan's pic is seen from Kastur's pov. Meanwhile, the family atmosphere is marred as seeds of tension are sown over Sonal's (Kastur's Sis in Law) Seemant ceremony. Jasuben (Kastur's dadi) obliterates Kasturs' worries regarding the same as they rush out for a movie. At the mall; Kastur witnesses a girl being rude to Jasu and condescendingly jeering her for being a Gujju. Kastur stands up for her dadi and puts the girl in her place by giving a strong & emotionally powerful rejoinder. Kastur's words establish her character firmly as that of a girl deeply rooted in gujrati tradition & culture; proud not only of her region but also her identity as an Indian. Kastur's emotional spiel is met with resounding applause by curious onlookers.

Episode 2

As they exit the mall; Kastur's bag is stolen. Unafraid for her own safety; Kastur pursues the thief. The thief empties her bag of the money & throws it into a ditch. Jasu reaches Kastur & scolds her for doing something so dangerous. Wordlessly, Kastur takes out a Krishna idol & Mohan's pic and Jasu realises the reasons which prompted Kastur's daredevilry. En route for her dance rehearsal; Kastur sees Sudhir (Sonal's father) on the road. She calls out to him but to no avail. Kastur picks up the envelope; mistakenly dropped by Sudhir & is shocked upon seeing the contents. Kastur reaches home only to see Sudhir extending the same invitation to Jitu (Kastur's father). Jitu realises that Sonal's parents and his son (Pradeep) have decided to do the seemant at a fancy hall rather than their home; as per custom. Jitu tells Pradeep that he will not be coming for the seemant. Bhanu bhai (Mohan's father) is introduced as Jitu's old friend. Through him, other characters in Mohan's house including his authoritarian dada - Kanti Bhai are introduced. It is established that there is some issue within the family over Mohan. Kastur finds out that Mohan will be returning soon and that her dream of the previous morning will be coming true.

Episode 3

Kastur leaves for the dance rehearsal still overawed by the news of Mohan's imminent arrival. She imagines the presence of Mohan around her as she waits expectantly for his arrival. Kastur's friends realize the reasons behind her preoccupation & tease her about Mohan. Mohan's grandfather gives a telling off to Vipul (Mohan's elder brother) for supplying faulty masalas & penalizes him for the same. Kanti Bhai gets further angered when Narmada (Mohan's bhabhi) interjects whilst the men are having a business conversation. He gives her a telling off & categorically states that the women of his household are responsible for purely taking care of domestic issues, handling the home and have no business interjecting in matters of money or other issues which are the men's responsibility. (Mohan's mother) is introduced at the rehearsal hall as a dominating lady who always likes having her way. In her interaction with Kastur we seed in the future conflict w.r.t. saas & bahu as Saroj gives a telling off to Kastur as she inadvertently ends up disrupting her meeting. Kastur who had previously been fighting to let her rehearsal take place on time has a dramatic changeover & becomes a bheegi billi in front of Saroj.

Episode 4

Kanti Bhai gives a telling off to Bhanu & Saroj for their absence from the morning aarti. As Saroj lets off her frustration for having no standing within her own house; owing to Kanti Bhai's dictatorial ways - she lets it slip out that Mohan will be arriving the next day. Tension is further created when Saroj tells Bhanu that Mohan will not be coming home & instead will stay with his mama. The intrigue about the family issues over Mohan's return is built further. Meanwhile, Jasuben attempts to convince Jitu to attend Sonal's seemant ceremony. Jasu explains to Jitu that whilst there can be a difference of opinion amongst individuals it should result in differences of hearts which would divide the family & mar their happiness & togetherness. Despite Jasu's words' Jitu remains steadfast about not attending the Seemant & instead going only for Kastur's Krishna Leela performance. Kastur is revealed in her dance performance of Krishna Leela as Krishna whilst Mohan is introduced as he arrives at the airport.

Episode 5
The family congratulates Kastur on her splendid dance performance. Jitu tells Kastur that he wants to give her a gift & asks her to tell him what she desires. Kastur requests Jitu to attend the seemant. Tension is created post which Jitu agrees to his daughters' request. Whilst waiting at the airport, Saroj reminiscences about Mohan's departure 4 years ago. We see that the Mohan who left India & the one who has returned are drastically different from each other. Mohan meets Saroj & his mama - mami who are all perturbed by the transformation in Mohan whilst the Mohan who had left India had left with the blessings & good wishes of his family; the Mohan who has returned abhors all things traditional & refuses to take the aarti. Mohan finds out that he will be staying with his mama & realises that he is still unwelcome in his own house; furthering the intrigue w.r.t. the reasons for the tension between Kanti & Mohan. Hit & Miss takes place whilst Kastur in on her way to the seemant & Mohan is on his way to his mama's house. Kastur & Mohan's character differentiation is further reiterated when Kastur gives a beggar some money whilst Mohan abhors the poverty in the country & shoes the beggar away. At the seemant, thinking that Pradeep's family will not be coming his father in law (Sudhir) announces the arrival of the shagun on behalf of Sonal's sasuraal. Pradeep is shocked by this news & questions Sudhir. Sudhir tells him that it wouldn't look nice if all the guests were to find out that Pradeep's family not only refused to attend the seemant but also didn't send any shagun. Sudhir & Pradeep are shocked when Jitu & family enter the seemant at that very moment. Kastur finds out that Mohan has returned to India.

Episode 6

Kastur shares her excitement with Jasu. As the seemant celebrations start, Kastur imagines herself dancing with Mohan. Jasu breaks her reverie. Whilst on one hand Kastur is celebrating the return of the Mohan of her imagination we see that Mohan has become completely different. He is disparaging about Gujarati culture & traditions. His mama is further shocked when he realises that Mohan has started smoking. Bharat wonders as to how Kanti will react to the transformation in Mohan when they finally come face to face.The shagun for the ceremony arrives & Jitu & Sharda are shocked when they find out that shagun has already been given on their behalf. Jitu gets extremely angry with Pradeep and gives him a telling off post which the family leaves the seemant mid way. Pradeep too leaves the ceremony and comes home to apologize for hurting his father. Jitu refuses to listen to his apology. Sharda plays peacemaker and helps her husband & son reconcile their differences. Kastur is left thinking & impressed by her mother who she sees managing all her relationships, handling all issues with a smile on her face & with inordinate amounts of patience. Kastur wishes that she hopes that once she becomes Mohan's wife she too will be able to manage all her relationships & responsibilities with the same skill.

Episode 7

Kastur is restless & excited post hearing the news of Mohan's return. She contemplates calling him but desists. We establish that despite their differences; there is one thing in common which Kastur & Mohan share which is their love for rain. Bharat questions Mohan about his smoking & Mohan uses his charm to weasel out of the situation. The back story about Mohan & Kanti's issues against him is revealed. We realize that Saroj had surreptitiously sent Mohan abroad without Kanti's knowledge. Post finding out about the same, Kanti had raises hell & stated that Mohan would never be allowed to return home. Mohan wonders whether he will ever be able to live with his family. Saroj assuages his concerns & states that Mohan's rightful place is in the house & she is waiting for the apt opportunity to bring him home. Sharda & Jasu tell Kastur about the attributes which make a wife & ideal wife. The words make a strong impression in Kastur's heart & she sees Mohan's picture and hopes that she will become his ideal wife as well.

Episode 8

Kastur inadvertently ends up informing Kanti about Mohan's return. Kanti gets angry with Saroj & Bhanu for not telling him beforehand. In his fury, Kanti reiterates that he will not let Mohan live in his house. Saroj gets angry with Kastur for poking her nose in the business of others. Saroj emotionally tells Bhanu to do whatever it takes to bring Mohan back to the house.

Episode 9

Bhanu speaks with Kanti & reminds him of the promise given to Kastur's family about Mohan & Kastur's marriage. Bhanu tells Kanti that in order to fulfill his promise, Kanti will need to let Mohan return home. Kanti reluctantly agrees. Hit & Miss takes place between Kastur & Mohan whilst Kastur returns from the mandir & bangs into Mohan.

Episode 10

Kastur is perplexed as she senses Mohan. She thinks her imagination is playing tricks as she sees the boy go to buy cigarettes. Kastur departs as she believes that Mohan can have no vices. Saroj informs Mohan that Kanti has given permission for his return home. Mohan arrives & the entire family is overjoyed to see him after so many years. Mohan deliberately angers Kanti by calling him 'grandpa'. Bhanu chides him for going against his warnings & for deliberately upsetting Kanti. Mohan tells Bhanu to relax as he knows how to make amends & has a plan up his sleeve.

Episode 11

Mohan gives Kanti his degree & upon the family's persuasion; Kanti reluctantly blesses Mohan. The family utilizes the opportunity to take Kanti's permission to throw a party in honor of Mohan's return. At the party, Kastur is shocked & surprised by the transformation in Mohan and cannot bring herself to speak with him. Jasu goads Kastur & forces her to accompany her to Mohan so that Kastur can be introduced to him.

Episode 12

Kastur comes face to face with Mohan but due to her nervousness & shyness can't say much apart from inadvertently muttering 'jai shri mohan'. Mohan is perplexed by her attitude & Kastur runs away overcome by her feelings. Kanti comes to the party surprising everybody. Tension is created when Kanti tells Bhanu that he has come to announce Mohan & Kastur's rishtha. Bhanu worries about the repercussion of Kanti making this announcement as he knows that not only is Saroj unaware of this decision but will also be against it. Natu chidaoes Kastur & goads her into talking to Mohan. Seeing Mohan surrounded by pretty, modern girls'; Kastur retreats. At the behest of others, Mohan's participates in the dancing taking place & overawes everybody with his moves. Seeing his flirtatious interactions with another girl; makes Kastur worried & apprehensive. Kanti finds out that alcohol is being served in the party & is outraged. Kanti is stunned when he sees Mohan lift a glass of alcohol.

Episode 13
Mohan smartly gets out off the situation by getting angry at the waiter & telling him to get juice. Kanti is relieved to find out that Mohan doesn't drink alcohol. Kanti leaves the party telling Bhanu that he doesn't want to make the announcement of Mohan & Kastur's rishtha in such a setting & tells the entire family to wrap up the party & return home quickly. Kanti finds out that Vipul made the arrangement for the alcohol & punishes him for it. At Kastur's house, the family teases her about her inability to talk to Mohan. Kastur becomes emotional & runs into her room. Sharda follows her & Kastur breaks down as she tells her that maybe she isn't worthy of being Mohan's wife. Kastur explains that Mohan is smart, handsome, modern & well educated & he didn't even glance at her in the party. Sharda consoles Kastur & states that whilst Mohan has his positive attributes; Kastur shouldn't forget her own. Sharda tells Kastur that both of them individually will complement each other & make their relationship whole. Kastur is reassured whilst Sharda is a bit tense as she thinks that Mohan should be called home so that Kastur's apprehensions can be laid to rest. Jitu tells Bhanu to come for dinner to his house as his Samadhi. Jitu is shocked when he finds out that Saroj is unaware of Kastur & Mohan's impending rishtha. Bhanu assuages Jitu's concerns & states that Kastur will become his bahu. Kastur makes undhiyo for Mohan and rushes to dress as she realises they have arrived. Mohan is bored amidst this family setting & using the excuse of the washroom goes to another room to smoke, locking the door in the process. Kastur finds Mohan there & is shocked to see him with the door closed.

Episode 14

Kastur goes into a trance as she sees Mohan. Mohan goes to open the door & Kastur holds his hand as she is terrified about what everybody would think. Mohan thinks she's a bit strange & exits. Jasu comes & Kastur attempts to explain in her nervousness. Jasu tells Kastur to calm down & serve Mohan the undhiyo she made for him. Mohan receives a call & we establish that something went awry in London. Mohan leaves the dinner before Kastur can serve him. Kastur gets upset with his sudden departure. Mohan meets his friend and we build the intrigue as Mohan needs money desperately. Pradeep & Natu attempt to console Kastur thinking she would be upset with Mohan's abrupt departure. However, Kastur states that she isn't upset as Mohan didn't do anything wrong and she likes the fact that Mohan gives importance to his work. Mohan tells Saroj about his need for money & Saroj reassures him by stating that she will get Bhanu to speak with Kanti. Ganpati celebrations take place in Mohan's house. Saroj is overjoyed when Kanti tells her to involve Mohan in the puja. Post the puja, Mohan & Saroj ask Bhanu to speak with Kanti about the need for money. Kanti overhears and refuses to give the money. A major confrontation breaks out between Kanti & Mohan post which Mohan leaves in a huff. Kanti is furious.

Episode 15

Mohan decides to return to London. Reena attempts to pacify him. Bhanu calms Mohan down & suggests that he meets Pradeep as he could help him w.r.t. finances required. Mohan comes to Kastur's house & Kastur inadvertently ends up drenching him. Moment created between the two as Kastur gets nervous when Mohan irritated takes off his soaking shirt. Kanti realises that Mohan refused to deign to his wishes & states that Mohan is acting in josh which will be his downfall. Pradeep agrees to help Mohan. Jasu intervenes in the conversation & coerces Mohan to eat the undhiyo prepared by Kastur. Kastur is overjoyed when Mohan praises it. Jitu & family arrive at Kanti's house for Ganpati darshan. Pradeep gives Mohan the paperwork required for his financial needs. Mohan gives the papers to Saroj who is stunned to see Mohan & Kastur's name together.

[Credit: Imagine.tv]

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queenyuks wounderfull work.
keep it up

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Episode 16

Kastur sees Mohan's picture & remembers him praising the undhiyo she made. She is happy at the memory when Natu snatches the picture out of her grasp. She admonishes Natu when he surprises her by gifting a picture of the two of them from the party. Saroj confronts Bhanu with the papers & demands from him to tell her as to what is going on between Kastur & Mohan. Before Bhanu can react, both are called out for the Ganpati puja wherein Kanti announces Kastur & Mohan's rishtha and states that they should now start thinking about the marriage. Mohan meets his friend who states that they have to give a deadline as to when they will be returning the money. Mohan asks for an hour to finalize the deadline & rushes away. Bhanu tells Saroj about how the decision was taken regarding the marriage. Saroj is hurt & upset as such a major decision of her son's life was hidden from her & she wasn't party to it. Saroj adamantly states that Kastur is no match for Mohan & that she won't let this marriage take place & is convinced that Mohan too will be anti the decision. Kastur is shocked to see Mohan at her house. Jasu utilizes the opportunity to send Kastur & Mohan on a date.

Episode 17

Sharda & Jitu raise their reservations about Kastur & Mohan being out alone. They fear that Mohan's family will not like it when they come to know about it. Jasu tells them that they're worrying unduly & gets upset as they question her decision. She states that she sent them out alone so that they could get to know each other otherwise they would have been like strangers after marriage. Kastur & Mohan spent time alone. Kastur is unable to strike a conversation especially since Mohan looks preoccupied. Tension builds as Bobby awaits Mohan's return & cannot get through to him. Kastur & Mohan get stuck in the rain as their taxi breaks down. Moment is built as Kastur attempts to shelter Mohan from the rain. They decide to take a bus & Kastur is overawed when she sees Mohan being protective towards her. Her joy know no bounds as a lady in the bus refers to them as husband & wife. Both stop at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Mohan leaves to get water when Kastur notices some young rowdy boys attempted to steal from the unoccupied cashier's box & prevents them.

Episode 18

Kastur confronts the boys & prevents them from stealing. She moves outside to search for Mohan when the boys accost her. Mohan returns in time & prevents the boys' from teasing Kastur. A fight breaks out & Mohan is surprised by a sudden blow & gets hurt. Kastur helps him reach home wherein Saroj is shocked to see Mohan return home - injured & with Kastur. Kastur holds herself responsible for Mohan's injuries. Her family attempts to calm her down. Jitu calls Bhanu to express his concern for Mohan's injuries & to express his gratitude for saving Kastur. Bhanu is shocked to know that Mohan & Kastur were together and wonders why Saroj lied to him. Saroj confronts Mohan & asks him if he has any feelings for Kastur. Mohan quells her doubts & is shocked to find out that his marriage has been fixed with Kastur. Mohan assuages Saroj's concerns & states that she needn't worry as he will never marry Kastur. Buoyed by her son's support, Saroj decides to challenge Kanti's dictate & decision about getting Mohan & Kastur married.

Episode 19

Kastur calls Mohan up to ask him about his well being. Mohan replies curtly to her & disconnects the phone. The pandit is called by Kanti in order to finalize the wedding dates. Saroj tells Kanti that this will not be required. A major confrontation breaks out between the two as Saroj vehemently states her disapproval w.r.t. Kanti's decision about getting Mohan married to Kastur & states that Mohan too doesn't want to marry Kastur. Kanti tells Saroj that he wants to hear this directly from Mohan & also states that if Mohan doesn't want to marry Kastur he should return the money Jitu gave for Mohan's education. Mohan overhears the confrontation & leaves abruptly. Kanti decides to wait in one place for Mohan's return so that he can hear Mohan's final decision. Saroj calls Mohan who tells her that he heard Kanti's dictate but doesn't reveal what he's going to do next. Mohan reaches Kastur's house & angrily lashes out at her asking her as to how she could ever agree to marry him when she doesn't even know him. Mohan states that they are both mismatched & categorically tells Kastur that he will never marry her; leaving Kastur in tears with all her hopes & dreams completely shattered.

Episode 20
Kastur is completely shattered by Mohan's harsh words. Her sadness is compounded when she hears Natu excitedly talk about his & the family's plans towards her marriage. Kastur hides her sorrow as she doesn't want the family's hopes & happiness dispelled. Meanwhile, Mohan continues to vent his frustration w.r.t. baapji's decision to fix his marriage with Kastur. He categorically reiterates that come hell or high water he will never marry her. Mohan's diatribe is interrupted by the appearance of an unrevealed person. Mohan looks shocked to see the man. At home, Kanti awaits Mohan's return so that he can know if what Saroj said about Mohan's refusal to marry Kastur is true. Mohan returns & surprises Saroj by stating that he will abide by Kanti's decision & marry Kastur. Saroj is shocked by this complete turnaround in Mohan's attitude & is left shattered & angry. Mohan gets tense as he realises that whilst he has agreed to marry Kastur; she may change her mind owing to his harsh words. He wonders how to mend the situation. Saroj sees Kastur looking upset & pensive. Kastur can no longer hide her emotion & tells her mother about what Mohan said to her. Kastur is shocked when Sharda starts laughing & states that maybe Mohan was playing a prank. Sharda explains to her that they have just been informed that they need to meet Baapji the next day to finalize the wedding dates. However, even this assuage Kastur's apprehensions w.r.t. Mohan's statements. Mohan calls Kastur & tells her that he wants to meet her. Kastur refuses but Mohan convinces her. They meet & Kastur tells Mohan about everything that she has ever held in her heart for him, all the love & feelings that she has for Mohan. Kastur questions Mohan w.r.t. his intentions & tells him to categorically tell her what is in his mind if he didn't want to marry her then why did he agree & if he does want to marry her then how could he play such a nasty prank on her. Kastur tells Mohan to make his final decision & starts to leave. Mohan goes down on one knee & asks Kastur to marry him.

Episode 21
Mohan tells Kastur that he couldn't understand how she could have loved him without knowing him properly. He apologizes to Kastur & they make up. Kastur's fears are assuaged & she is convinced that Mohan truly wants to marry her. Mohan returns home & Saroj confronts him about the change in his decision & the circumstances leading to it. Saroj tells Mohan to swear on her that he truly wants to marry Kastur & isn't under any pressure. Mohan is about to spell out his troubles to Kastur but desists. A confrontation takes place between Saroj & Mohan as Mohan categorically tells his mother that he has made up his mind to marry Kastur & that she should accept his decision. Kastur asks Jasu that whilst she knows what a dharampatni means; what makes a husband an ideal husband? Jasu tells Kastur that she has asked a difficult question. However, she believes that an ideal husband is one who truly respects his wife. Jasu also tells Kastur that a woman's love is far greater & stronger than a man's. She gives mythological references as she states that Sita gave the agnipariksha for Ram, that Savitri fought all odds to save Satyakam. However, through history there is no such reference to a man doing the same for a woman. The dates for Kastur & Mohan's marriage are finalized. Mohan upsets Kanti slightly by telling him that he feels they shouldn't waste money on rituals & festivities and have a simple court marriage. Kanti tells him that without all the rituals & traditions; a marriage is never complete. Mohan argues stating that instead of wasting money they could utilize it to further the business. Kanti tells him to stop worrying about money & gives him the tijori keys. Mohan respectfully returns the same to Kanti. However, we see his look change as he eyes the keys placed on the table.

Episode 22
Sharda tells Saroj that soon Kastur will be becoming her bahu. She asks Saroj to help Kastur get accustomed to the ways of their family. Sharda explains to Saroj that Kastur is slightly emotional & always listens to her heart. Saroj curtly tells Sharda that once she becomes the bahu; Kastur will need to abide by & fit in with the ways of their family. Kanu practices on western music for Mohan's wedding. Hearing Kanti approach he changes the music to an old song. Kanti tells him that he's old but not deaf. He tells Kanu to show him his dance moves. Kanu hesitantly follows Kanti's orders. Kanti tells Kanu that he should perform on a contemporary song & do a good job in ensuring that Mohan's wedding is a happy & fun filled affair. Saroj vents her frustration against Kastur & her family. Bhanu pits her in her place by stating that the decision has been made & Mohan too has accepted it. Bhanu curtly tells Saroj that she should forget her ego issues & accept the decision as well. Saroj goes to a jewelry store wherein she bumps into Kastur. Inadvertently, Kastur ends up putting an additional box in Saroj's packets. Saroj realises that Kastur was responsible & takes off on her. Saroj vents he entire frustration on Kastur & accuses her of wanting to show her down. Kastur is left speechless by Saroj's tirade. Veena intervenes & apologizes to Kastur on Saroj's behalf & explains to Kastur that she shouldn't take things to heart. Mohan sneaks into Kanti's room & taking the keys from the tijori, opens it & leaves after stealing some money. The next morning, Kanti opens the tijori to take out money for Mohan's wedding & is shocked.

Episode 23

Kanti sees that the Lakshmi murti is not in place & throws a fit. Bobby calls Mohan & states that he needs the money urgently. Saroj overhears Mohan's conversation. She confronts Mohan & questions him as to why he stole money from his own family. Mohan is shocked at Saroj's accusation. Saroj reveals to Mohan that she saw Mohan keeping the money back in the tijori. She drags Mohan to her room & takes off all her jewelry & asks him to tell her about his troubles. She tells Mohan that she knows he's marrying Kastur for money & that he should sell off her jewelry rather than compromise & marry Kastur. Mohan tells Saroj that he's in trouble as he made a mistake but assures her that he hasn't commit any crime. Saroj reiterates to Mohan that he shouldn't marry Kastur. Mohan stays firm in his decision. Saroj tells him that if her aspirations & dreams don't matter to him then she will not attend any of the marriage ceremonies. Bhanu tells Saroj to change her mind as Baapji will be very angry. Saroj stays firm & states that she's scared of nobody. The engagement starts and Kastur realises that Saroj is missing. She overhears Bhanu speak with Veena & believes that Saroj is not attending the ceremony on account of what happened in the jewelry shop.

Episode 24
Kastur slips out of the engagement in order to meet Saroj and hopes to convince her to attend the engagement. Kastur meets Saroj and apologizes to her about what transpired in the jewelry shop. She requests Saroj to forgive her inadvertent mistake and tells Saroj that the engagement cannot take place without her blessings. Saroj tells Kastur that she isn't upset with her and that she is not attending the wedding on account of Mohan. Saroj tells Kastur about how Jitu had paid the money for Mohan's education and how sher believes that Mohan should repay the loan prior to their marriage. Saroj states that if that doesn't happen people will think and talk about how Kastur and Mohan's rishtha was based upon a financial transaction, was a sauda and consequently Mohan's self respect will be under question. Saroj states that as a mother she cannot take that; which is why she is not attending the engagement. Saroj tells Kastur that she will attend the engagement if Kastur adheres to her condition. Saroj's sharth is not revealed. Bobby comes to the engagement venue and Mohan is shocked to see him there. Bobby tells Mohan that he had no option as the loan sharks are baying for his blood and Mohan refused to pick up his calls. Mohan tells him to have patience and states that he will soon arrange the money. Sonal sees Bobby with Mohan and recognizes Bobby but cannot place him. Meanwhile, tension builds amidst the festivity of the engagement as Kanti questions Bhanu about Saroj's absence. Just then Saroj enters with Kastur. Mohan is perplexed to see them together. The dandiya raas starts and Saroj tells Kastur to join her. As they play dandiya, Saroj reiterated her sharth; leaving Kastur tense and troubled.

Episode 25

Mohan asks Saroj as to why she changed her mind about attending the engagement. Saroj tells Mohan that if he could change his decision about marrying Kastur; so can she. Mohan is left perplexed by her explanation. Amidst all the tension, Mohan and Kastur's engagement takes place. Kastur attempts to speak with Mohan alone but is unable to do so. She asks him to meet her the next day as she has something important to discuss. At home, Bhanu asks Saroj why she changed her mind. Saroj tells him that Kastur apologized to her and asked her to come & she couldn't refuse. Bhanu is left unconvinced. Sonal tells Pradeep that Bobby did fraud in her father's company and expresses concern over the company Mohan keeps. The next day, Kastur meets Mohan and tells him to repay her father's loan. She also states that they'll postpone the wedding till such time as he has arranged the money. Mohan is left speechless and shocked. Meanwhile, Kanti comes and returns Jitu's money. At home, Mohan comes and confronts Saroj for instigating Kastur. Their argument is interrupted by Kanti's arrival. Kanti tells Mohan that he has repaid his debt to Jitu and tells Mohan that he'll have to repay the money to Kanti.

Episode 26

Mohan tells Kanti that he's doing a sauda with him as well. Kanti counters him and states that he has taken money saved for the others to pay Mohan's debt and that he doesn't want to be unfair. Kanti tells Mohan that his debt will be waived off if he joins the kirana business. Mohan signs the papers and walks off. Saroj follows Mohan and states that in his ambition he is compromising by marrying Kastur. Mohan states that he has only thought about being rich and that marriage doesn't mean anything to him. Mohan tells Saroj that soon he will be so rich that they will never ever have to worry about any troubles. The navratri puja takes place and the wedding card arrives. Kanti tells Bhanu to accompany him to Jitu's house. Kanti gives Jitu the wedding card and also states that he wants the navratri puja and the welcoming of the garba to be done by Kastur. Mohan meets Pradeep and Sudhir and feigns ignorance about Bobby. Sudhir tells Pradeep that he feels something is amiss. Saroj is happy that as she brings in the garba, Kanti will have to stoop down and touch her feet. Kastur sees Mohan having a heated argument with Bobby and is perplexed. The garba ceremony starts and Saroj is shocked when Kanti tells her that Kastur will do the ceremony.

Episode 27

Kastur performs the ceremony and Saroj gets upset with her. Kastur attempts to ask Mohan about the altercation she witnessed. Before she can do so, the police interrupts the puja. They state that they saw a culprit enter the house. Pradeep, Kastur and Mohan are shocked when the cops catch Bobby. Sonal tells Pradeep that she's convinced that something is wrong with Mohan and tells him to find out before its too late. Kastur expresses her concern and Pradeep reassured her that he'll get to the bottom of the whole thing and ensure that no harm comes to Mohan. Pradeep goes to the police station and is shocked to find out that Bobby has been released on bail. He asks for the bail papers and is stunned.

Episode 28

The families prepare for the sangeet ceremony. The Gala family decides to do a fashion show & have a competition between the ladki walas & ladki walas wherein the younger generation needs to perform on old songs whilst the older generation performs on contemporary numbers. Charged by Jasuben; the Desai family too decides to compete. The fashion show takes place & both families walk the ramp & introduce themselves. Celebrity performance takes place on Chammak Chalo by the DID couple.

Episode 29

The sangeet ceremony starts as the celebrity guests & the families perform. Kastur's lipstick inadvertently makes a mark on Mohan when they bump into each other and fall. Through the sangeet, whilst the families make merry  Kastur attempts to bring Mohan's attention to the same as she is scared that somebody will see & misinterpret the situation. Kastur manages to get Mohan's attention & taking Natu's help asks Mohan to come to the changing room. Kastur awaits Mohan's arrival & is shocked to see Saroj arrive.

Episode 30

Saroj gets angry with Kastur as she thinks that Kastur wanting to meet Mohan alone. Kastur exits. Saroj is shocked to see Mohan with the lipstick mark & says nasty things about Kastur. Kastur & Mohan perform together on their song medley. Pradeep makes Mohan sign the papers in order to confirm whether Mohan has some connection with Bobby.

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Episode 31

The signs match. However, Mohan gets out of the situation. Post the sangeet ceremony, the other rituals leading up to the marriage ' the mehendi & haldi ceremony takes place in both Kastur & Mohan's house. The festivities are dampened for Mohan as he gets a threatening call from the loan sharks who serve him an ultimatum to return 5 lac to them before his marriage takes place. Mohan is left worried & tense as he wonders how to arrange the money in such a short span off time.

Episode 32

Kastur gets ready for the wedding & leaves for the marriage hall. The family gets emotional at her last moments in the house whilst Kastur reminisces about her time, childhood memories spent in the house. Meanwhile, Mohan's baraat departs for the venue. Tension builds when the loan sharks call Mohan who disconnects their phone & worries about organizing the 5 lac that he needs to return to them. The baraat is welcomed by Kastur's family and the ladkiwaalas cheat in order to complete the rasam where Sharda pinches Mohan's nose. The jaimala takes place post which Kastur leaves to get dressed for the pheras in the panetar. The ladkiwaalas manage to steal Mohan's shoes. Whilst sitting at the mandap; Mohan gets a call again from the loan sharks who threaten to come into his wedding. Jitu & Sharda get emotional at the thought of Kastur's marriage. Bhanu reassures them by stating that Jitu's daughter is going from one father's house to the other. Mohan goes to Kastur's room & emotionally manipulates her and asks for her wedding jewellery to help him.

Episode 33

Mohan tells Kastur to ensure that nobody finds out that he has taken the jewelry. Mohan attempts to discreetly make his way out. Tension builds as Pradeep stops him & inquires as to where he is going. Mohan makes an excuse about going to the washroom & exits with Kastur's wedding jewels. The family sings traditional Gujarati songs & the Pandit announces that the time for the hasta milap has come. Sharda comes to get Kastur & is shocked to find the jewelry missing. Kastur is unable to lie to Sharda & reveals that Mohan has taken it. Sharda gets agitated & decides to tell Jitu. However, Kastur gives her a kasam & prevents her from doing so as it would result in breaking Mohan's trust in her. Sharda gives Kastur her own jewelry in order to ensure that no ruckus is created. The wedding ceremony takes place & Kastur vows to be Mohan's strength & support and fulfill all her duties and responsibilities as his dharam patni.

Episode 34

Post the marriage rituals being completed; the families haggle over money for Mohan's jootis. Kastur's bidaai takes place as her family bids her an extremely emotional goodbye. As the car carrying Kastur & Mohan to her new house departs; Kastur's family is left behind emotional & teary eyed. Kastur cannot control her tears as she sobs in the car. Mohan is flummoxed about what he should do in the situation. Mohan attempts to console Kastur but realizing that it won't help; takes earphones & starts listening to music. Kastur's grah pravesh takes place post which the families celebrates her arrival with traditional fun games played between Kastur & Mohan. Kastur is escorted to Mohan's room. Kastur enters the room & looks around wondrously as the room which has now become her home. Hearing Mohan approach, she quickly goes & sits on the bed. Mohan enters & locks the door & faces Kastur. Kastur looks at him approach expectant & nervous.

Episode 35
Kastur enters Mohan's room & awaits his arrival. She sees him enter. Mohan comes & sits beside her & thanks her for helping him by giving her wedding jewelry. He also apologizes to her for being rude with her in the past. Kastur tells him that there should be no need for any sorry or thank you between them. Mohan asks Kastur about her dreams & desires from her marriage what her aspirations are from her husband. Kastur cutely tells him all the small little things that she would like to do with her husband, the moments she would like to spend with him. Whilst Kastur tells Mohan all her aspirations; he slowly starts taking off her jewelry. Kasttur shies away from his touch & as she moves her hand it bangs into the glass of milk kept on the bedside table. This breaks Kastur's reverie as she realises that she her imagination was playing tricks on her. Kastur sees Mohan still by the door of the room. She remembers her friend telling her a suhaagraat is incomplete without the groom drinking milk. Flustered, Kastur gets nervous & exits to get more milk for Mohan despite him saying no. As Kastur exits the room; she finds Reena & Kanu attempting to eavesdrop. They tease her about the spilt milk. Kanu escorts Kastur to the kitchen whilst Reena tells her that she will clean the split milk. Whilst cleaning the milk, Reena teases Mohan by stating that he's nervous. Mohan tells her that he's not nervous but simply tired off all the rituals & customs of the marriage. Reena tells him that his marriage has just taken place & this is the start of his new life. In an aside, Mohan states that marriage is a mere formality & that he is focused upon his own personal dreams & ambitions. Kastur is about to enter the kitchen to get milk when she is stopped by Narmada. Narmada tells her that she can only enter the kitchen the next morning & helps her by bringing a glass of milk. Kastur takes the milk for Mohan. She realises he is in the bathroom & gets flustered when she sees him exit bare chested & wearing only a towel. Kastur gets even more nervous when he moves towards her. Kastur thinks that Mohan is coming close towards her but soon realises that he has reached out to take his clothes upon which she has inadvertently sat. Kastur offers the milk to Mohan who is perplexed by her fascination for the same. Upon her insistence, he tastes it & realises there's no sugar. Kastur goes to get the sugar from the kitchen breaking tradition for Mohan's sake. Upon her return, Kastur finds Mohan asleep on the bed.

Episode 36

Kastur sees Mohan asleep on the bed & is bewildered about what she should do next. She feels cold in the AC & sees the remote besides Mohan. As she goes to take it, her hands inadvertently touch with Mohan's. Kastur shies away & withdraws as she looks around her new home. Not finding any space on the bed; Kastur goes to sleep on the sofa. The next day dawns & Mohan sees Kastur asleep on the sofa. He casually covers Kastur up with a blanket seeing that she is feeling cold. Kastur wakes up to repeated knocking on the door & is confronted by Saroj who admonishes her for getting up late & curtly tells her to get ready & come down quickly. Kastur is left in a fix as Mohan is already in the washroom. A funny situation is created as Kastur left short of time; repeatedly bangs on the door. Mohan comes out in anger still lathered in soap & Kastur rushes in the bathroom. Mohan gets frustrated with Kastur invading his space as he sees the mess she's left on the bed & tears his hair out in frustration. Kastur apologizes to him for rushing in & leaves quickly. Kastur touches Kanti's feet who is shocked to see her without her pallu. Kanti lambasts Saroj for not teaching Kastur the rules & traditions of the house. Kastur is surprised to see Kanti's anger & apprehensive w.r.t. how the systems in her sasuraal are different from her mayka. Saroj tells Kastur that she doesn't want to be held responsible for any mistakes that Kastur makes & tells her to cook lapsi.

Episode 37
Kastur makes the lapsi & serves it to all. Kanti & the other family members appreciate it. Kastur serves the lapsi to Mohan who initially refuses to eat it. However, on Kastur's persuasion he is forced to eat it & is surprised when he likes it. Kastur is extremely happy at Mohan's appreciation & wants to feed him some more but Mohan desists. Kastur's family calls to ask about her well being. Kanti gives the home landline to Kastur to use. Kastur excitedly talks to her family as this is the first time they are speaking with each other post the marriage. Saroj comes & disconnects the landline. She curtly tells Kastur that in the morning the phone is utilized for business related activities & that Kanti gets angry if the phone is occupied. Kastur sees that Saroj didn't eat the lapsi she'd made. Kastur goes to serve the same to Saroj & apologizes for the mistakes she'd committed through the day. Kastur asks Saroj to eat the lapsi & to forgive her. Saroj states that she didn't eat the lapsi as she doesn't like sweets. Kastur attempts to make space for her things in Mohan's room. She inadvertently ends up injuring Mohan when a suitcase slips out of her hands. Kastur concerned states that she wouldn't go for the pagphera the next day. Upon hearing the same, Mohan states that she should go for the pagphera & needn't worry about him. Mohan tells Kastur that traditions should be maintained & she should go for at least a month. Kastur tells him that she will be going only for a day & then he'll have to come to pick her up. Kastur misunderstands Mohan's intention from the pov of his concern for her. However, Mohan was only seeking opportunities to get some time away from Kastur. Narmada tells Kastur that soon she'll understand all the customs of the house. Saroj comes & asks for the bhog thaali. Reena tells Kastur that in their house everybody eats only after bhog is done to Maa Ambe. Kastur gets scolded by Kanti as she serves food for all the family members. Kanti scolds Saroj for not telling Kastur that the female members eat after the men in the house.

Episode 38
Kastur tells Kanti that it is her mistake & that he shouldn't scold Kastur for the same. She states that she thought everybody in the family eats together especially since they treat food as Prasad from Maa Ambe. Kanti tells Kastur that she shouldn't equate god & people and that she needs to understand that the rules of the Gala family are different. Kanti finishes his food after curtly telling Saroj that she needs to ensure that Kastur doesn't make any mistakes in the future. Saroj gets upset as she is admonished by Kanti. She refuses to eat food. Kastur gets worried wondering what to do. Reena assuages her concerns. Sharda is worried about Kastur's well being amidst her new relationships & family. Jitu tells her that she needn't worry about Kastur as she will be able to learn & adapt & be happy in her sasuraal. Bhanu calls & tells Jitu about what transpired during dinner & praises Kastur for her thoughts & sanskaars. Saroj gets upset hearing Kastur's praise & vents her anger at being held responsible for Kastur's mistakes. Kastur is teary eyed as she feels awful that Saroj got scolded on her account. She asks Mohan to help her understand the rules & rituals of the house. Mohan tells her not to drag her into household affairs. He tells her that he will be coming late & she shouldn't wait for him. Kastur stays up for Mohan awaiting his return. She decides to clean up his cupboard & is shocked when she finds a wine bottle amidst his stuff. Bobby congratulates Mohan on his marriage & states that post marrying Kastur Mohan has got the golden goose which will help him fulfill all his dreams. Mohan tells Bobby to keep Kastur out of the conversation & focus upon what they intend to do. Mohan returns home & searches for the alcohol bottle & is shocked to see Kastur asleep with the bottle in her hands.

Episode 39

Mohan sneaks away the bottle from Kastur's grasp, drinks & hides the bottle again. The next morning, Kastur wakes him up incessantly to question him w.r.t. whether he drinks alcohol. Mohan sidesteps the issue by stating that the bottle was a gift & asks Kastur to not disturb him. Kastur leaves to do her household activities relieved by the news that Mohan doesn't drink. Jasuben calls on Mohan's phone & wakes him up as she needs to speak with Kastur. Mohan has no option but to drag himself out of bed to give the phone to Kastur. Jasu shares her excitement with Kastur as they are waiting for Kastur to come for the pagphera. As Kastur returns Mohan's phone, she gets a call again. Mohan gets frustrated with the constant disturbance & leaves to get dressed in a huff. Jasu tells Kastur to give the jewelry from her shagun to Saroj for safekeeping. Kastur is troubled as she knows that the shagun jewelry was replaced with Sharda's jewels since Kastur had given her jewelry to Mohan on the day of her wedding. Following tradition & Jasu's advice; Kastur gives her jewelry to Saroj for safekeeping. Saroj opens the jewelry box & is shocked.

Episode 40
Kastur gives her jewelry to Saroj for safekeeping. Saroj thinks of opening the boxes but then desists & puts the jewelry in the cupboard. Pradeep comes to take Kastur home for the pag phera. He interacts with Mohan & states that soon his project will be ready to start. Kanti hears this & gets upset as he maroes a taana to Mohan for not being interested in the family kirana business. Mohan is about to retort when Bhanu quells the tension by asking Mohan to go & call Kastur. Kastur asks for Mohan's help as she is having difficulty tying her necklace. Moment created between the two as Mohan helps her. Kastur tells Mohan that she has kept her jewelry with Saroj. Mohan gets angry & lambasts Kastur. He tells Kastur that the jewelry he'd taken from her on the wedding day wont be present. Mohan screams at Kastur as he is worried about the repercussion of the same in case Saroj finds out about the missing jewelry. Kastur leaves for her mayka pensive & troubled by Mohan's outburst. Kastur comes to her mayka & everybody clamors for her attention. However, amidst her family's joy; unnoticed Kastur is pensive about her fight with Mohan and she hopes that Mohan read her letter. Reena comes & gives Mohan a letter. Mohan realises that Kastur has written him an apology note & stated that she is waiting for his call. Still upset, Mohan tears the note & throws it away. Kanti tells Mohan that now that eh is married he has responsibilities to think about & states that if Mohan's business doesn't start soon; he will have no option but to sit at the kirana business as per Kanti's dictate. Kastur runs to the landline every time it rings in anticipation of Mohan's call. Eventually, Mohan calls Pradeep & tells him that his project needs to start soon. Pradeep calls out to Kastur to speak with Mohan. Overjoyed, Kastur rushes to the phone but Mohan disconnects without speaking with her.

Episode 41
Kastur pretends to speak with Mohan in order to ensure that nobody in her family finds out about her fight with Mohan. Sonal notices her unspoken tension. Reena & Kanu fight over who would see the wedding album first. They tell Mohan about the same as well but he's disinterested in the pictures. His attention is caught when Reena mentions Kastur's beautiful jewelry. He sees that the wedding album has pictures with both Kastur & Sharda wearing identical jewelry. Mohan is tense as he is worried about Saroj noticing the same. Mohan makes an excuse & takes the album away from Kanu & Reena to see the pictures in privacy. Kastur goes to the mandir to pray. She is upset that despite having apologized; Mohan refused to speak with her. Kastur prays that Mohan's anger subsides & she gets to speak with him soon. Kastur meets her friend who teases her about her married life. When Kastur states that there marriage hasn't been consummated; her friend teases her by hinting at some other girl & goads her into calling Mohan. Kastur decides to use the opportunity to call Mohan again & apologize. Mohan doesn't pick up the phone as he is busy taking out the incriminating pictures from the wedding album. Kastur comes home lost & upset as she hasn't spoken with Mohan. Sonal notices her & tells Jitu that she thinks that something is amiss in Kastur's sasuraal or with Mohan. To assuages Sonal's concern; Jitu calls Bhanu. Bhanu confronts Mohan & asks him if he has had a fight with Kastur. Kastur is sitting lost & listless, remembering Mohan's hurtful words' when Sharda brings her dinner. Through their mother daughter interaction, Sharda asks Kastur if Mohan returned the wedding jewelry. Kastur lies but Sharda catches her & tells her that it's a good thing that she has started keeping her husband's affairs private to herself. Mohan calls Kastur & Sharda & Jasu exit Kastur's room. Mohan lambasts Kastur as he holds her responsible for telling her family that they both fought & screams at her for making Bhanu get upset with him. Kastur gets upset as she was at no fault & Mohan refused to give her a chance to explain. Kastur decides that she too will not speak with Mohan till he makes the first move. Mohan gets further infuriated & tells Kastur that he won't even come to pick her up from the pagphera.

Episode 42
Kastur is left heart by Mohan's words. The next day dawns & Reena teases Mohan about waking up so early. She tells Mohan to take the wedding album when he goes to Kastur's house to pick her up. Mohan's confusion is cleared when Reena tells him that there are 2 copies of the wedding album. He realises that Saroj has got both all the pictures. Saroj sees the wedding jewelry & realises that Kastur has not given her the pehramani jewels. Saroj wonders as to why Kastur gave her this jewelry to keep & where the pehramani jewelry has disappeared. Mohan sees Saroj & realises that she has found out everything & is tense as he knows that Saroj will question Kastur upon her return. Baapji tells Mohan to bring Kastur back home on time. Mohan resists stating that she should stay at her mayka for a few more days but has to heed Kanti's dictate. Kastur sees her family going about their daily business. Jasu asks her what is preying on her mind. Kastur states that the day she came everybody crowded around her but today they are oblivious about her presence. Jasu explains that they are getting used to her absence & are preparing for Mohan's arrival. Kastur is left tense as she remembers Mohan stating that he won't come to pick her up. Vipul sees Saroj distracted & wonders if something is amiss. Saroj assuages her son's concerns'. Narmada taunts Vipul for being worried about his mother but not his wife. Bhanu talks with Mohan whilst he awaits a taxi. Bhanu gives friendly, fatherly advice to Mohan to resolve his issues with Kastur. Reena asks Saroj whether she saw Kastur's jewelry. Reena replies that she did & that they would be the same as the pehramani jewels. Saroj is troubled as she knows the wedding jewels are not the same as the pehramani jewels. Mohan is on his way to Kastur's house & then turns back. Saroj sees Sharda's pictures from the wedding in Mohan's room & is surprised to see them there.

Episode 43
At Kastur's mayka everybody awaits Mohan's arrival whilst Kastur is tense w.r.t. whether he will come or not. She is surprised to see Pradeep enter with Mohan. The family welcomes him inside. Tension is created when Pradeep states that Mohan didn't want to come. Its obliterated when Pradeep states that he was joking. Whilst he interacts with the family, Mohan refuses to talk to or acknowledge Kastur's presence. Bhanu talks with Kriti about his dreams of becoming an actor. Kirti states that his dream remained only a dream but he's sure that Mohan will be somebody who has the courage & wings to fly and make his dreams come true. Veena tells Saroj to accepts Kastur as she is her bahu & there is no changing that. Saroj states that she finds it very difficult to do so. She is about to tell veena about the jewelry fiasco but desists & awaits Kastur's return. Natu excitedly shows Mohan around the house. Seeing a chance, Mohan sneaks into the washroom for a quick smoke. Oblivious of his presence there, Kastur comes to change. Moment created as Mohan turns away. Kastur exits the washroom & sees Natu looking for Mohan. She is stunned when she sees Mohan exit the washroom as well. Natu is perplexed when embarrassed both Kastur & Mohan wordlessly go down for dinner. Mohan eats dinner with the family & Jasu makes both Mohan & Kastur uneasy by stating that Mohan should spend the night in Kastur's room. Alone in the room, Mohan tells Kastur that he didn't see anything. Kastur states that she believes him. Mohan is wondering as to why Kastur is quiet & not speaking nineteen to a dozen as usual. Kastur states that she's upset with him as he unnecessarily scolded her & didn't even call her. Mohan states that he didn't do so because he was & still is angry. Mohan tells Kastur that Saroj knows that the pehramani jewelry is not part of the jewelry which Kastur gave her.

Episode 44
Kastur returns home post her pagphera. Saroj questions her about the missing pehramani jewelry. Mohan is tense as he wonders what Kastur will tell Saroj. Surprising them both, Kastur tells them that the jewelry is in her room. Shocked, Saroj asks to see it. Saroj questions Kastur as to whys he didn't give her the pehramani jewels. Kastur states that she inadvertently mixed up the boxed & apologizes to Saroj for her mistake. She tells Saroj to keep the jewelry with her. Post Saroj's exit, Mohan questions Kastur as to where the replicated jewelry came from. Kastur makes him promise to not scold her. She tells him that on the day of the wedding, she couldn't lie to her mother & that Sharda knew that Mohan had taken her jewelry. Kastur explains to Mohan that Sharda got the jewelry replicated in order to ensure that no issue is created over it. Mohan is worried about what Sharda would think about him but Kastur assuages his concerns. Saroj tells Kastur that her mahila mandal friends are coming to see & meet her. Kastur excitedly asks Mohan to pick out a saree for her. disinterested, Mohan helps her choose. Whilst Kastur is getting ready, Saroj comes with a saree for Kastur to wear for the occasion & tells Mohan to give it to her. Mohan forgets to inform Kastur. Kastur comes down to meet Saroj's friends' & Saroj is shocked to see her in a different saree. Saroj gets angry with Kastur for not listening to her. Kastur is shocked by Saroj's tirade & unable to tell her that Mohan didn't inform her about the saree.

Episode 45
Kastur returns to her room upset. Mohan casually asks her what's wrong with her. Kastur doesn't respond & Mohan gets engaged in his work. Kastur gets slightly upset that Mohan didn't ask her again & upon his questioning reveals to him about how she got scolded by Saroj because he didn't tell her about the saree. Mohan apologizes for his mistake & tells her that he'll clarify the issue with Saroj. Kastur prevents him from doing so stating that she already got scolded. It's pointless for both to get scolded over the same thing. Mohan tells her that they are supposed to go to Bharat mama's house for dinner. However, he doesn't want to go. Mohan tells Kastur to make a bahaana. Saroj comes to ask them if they're ready to leave for dinner. Kastur pretends to have a stomach ache. Mohan comforts her & asks Saroj if they can go some other day. Saroj agrees. Post her exit, Kastur complains to Mohan that she had to lie because of him. Mohan cheekily tells her that he had asked her to make a bahaana not tell lies. Nonplussed, Kastur doesn't know what to say. Kanti finds out about Kastur's stomach ache & asks Saroj to make ladori for Kastur. Kastur eats the ladori & is troubled due to its extremely spicy taste. Mohan teases her that she's being punished for telling lies. Whilst doing the Dhanteras puja, Kanti asks Kastur if she's feeling better. Saroj makes a caustic statement to Kastur as she tells her that nobody's stomach ache has ever gotten ok so quickly after eating ladori. She tells Kastur that she doesn't think that there was an actual stomach problem ever. Mohan realises that Kastur is upset because of Saroj scolding him. Mohan goes to Saroj & tells her that it was his fault that Kastur didn't wear the saree & made the excuse of a stomach ache. Mohan asks Saroj to get rid of her anger against Kastur & make peace with the fact that she is now her bahu & his wife. Saroj tells Mohan that she will never ever accept Kastur. Not only does she dislike the girl, think she is unsuitable to be Mohan's wife but on top of that Mohan didn't care about Saroj's feelings & went ahead with his decision to marry Kastur. Saroj categorically states that she will never accept Kastur as she never wanted her as her bahu. Whilst bursting crackers, Kastur's saree catches fire. Mohan saves her, burning his hands in the process. Just as Saroj is about to apply ointment on Mohan's burnt hands; Kastur comes & puts his hands in ice cold water. Kanti states that Kastur did the right thing as iced water will not only soothe him but also ensure chalas don't come. Saroj gets irked by Kastur's action.

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Episode 46
Kastur takes care of Mohan's burnt hands. Moment happens between them as Kastur helps Mohan change his clothes. Saroj is preparing diyas for Diwali. She gets reminded of Kastur snatching Mohan's hands' away from her. Bhanu notices Saroj looking upset & comes to help her. Bhanu asks Saroj is she's upset with Kastur. Saroj retorts that she dislikes the fact that Kastur is trying to show that she's more concerned about Mohan then his mother. Bhanu gets up & suddenly clutches his knee in pain. Saroj worriedly asks him what happened & moves to get medication for him. Bhanu explains to her that he was play acting & just as Saroj responded as a concerned wife so had Kastur when she saw Mohan's injured hands'. At night, Mohan is watching a movie on his laptop. Kastur also starts watching with him. She shies away when a kissing scene comes on screen & turns her face away. In the middle of the night, Kastur suddenly feels Mohan's foot next to her & wakes up with a start. she turns to see that Mohan is fast asleep & inadvertently touched her foot. Kastur smiles to herself & goes off to sleep. Mohan wakes up & sees Kastur sleeping whilst holding his hand. He's a bit uncomfortable but realizing that any movement will wake up Kastur; he falls asleep again. The next morning dawns & Saroj is surprised to see Kastur wake up even earlier than usual. Kastur states that's he wanted to make a rangoli for Diwali. All the bahus make a rangoli. Kanti sees the rangolis & praises Kastur's depiction of Maa Ambe. Kanti states that whilst Saroj always makes the prettiest rangoli this time her bahu has outdone her. Saroj is extremely angered at the comparison.

Episode 47
The entire family praises Kastur's rangoli & then Kanti asks her to go & wake Mohan up. Kastur enters the room & screams out to Mohan as she sees him doing some work. Kastur tells him that his hands' are hurt & he shouldn't do any work & should just call her instead. Mohan tells her that she needn't have screamed at scared him like that. Kirti tells Bhanu that he thinks that Kastur & Mohan should be sent on a honeymoon so that they can spend some quality time together. Kirti tells Bhanu to ask for Kanti's permission. Bhanu tries to asks Kanti whilst circumventing the topic directly. Kanti tells him to stop talking in circles & states that he has no problem & that Kastur & Mohan should be sent on a honeymoon. Kanti asks the entire family to assemble & gives them all a Diwali shagun whilst asking the husbands' to buy a Diwali gift for their wives as well. Reena tells Kastur that this isn't the only Diwali gift she'll be getting. Kastur is overjoyed as Reena tells her about the honeymoon plans being discussed. Saroj overhears this & is angered. Whilst doing kitchen work, Saroj gets flashes of all those times she was held accountable for Kastur's mistakes, all the times when Kastur was praised. Saroj's pent up anger & hatred for Kastur boils over as she goes & ruins the rangoli made by Kastur. Kanti sees the ruined rangoli & calls the family to inquire about it. Kanti is convinced that it had to be somebody from the house as no outsiders came in. Kastur comes & takes responsibility for the ruined rangoli

Episode 47
The entire family praises Kastur's rangoli & then Kanti asks her to go & wake Mohan up. Kastur enters the room & screams out to Mohan as she sees him doing some work. Kastur tells him that his hands' are hurt & he shouldn't do any work & should just call her instead. Mohan tells her that she needn't have screamed at scared him like that. Kirti tells Bhanu that he thinks that Kastur & Mohan should be sent on a honeymoon so that they can spend some quality time together. Kirti tells Bhanu to ask for Kanti's permission. Bhanu tries to asks Kanti whilst circumventing the topic directly. Kanti tells him to stop talking in circles & states that he has no problem & that Kastur & Mohan should be sent on a honeymoon. Kanti asks the entire family to assemble & gives them all a Diwali shagun whilst asking the husbands' to buy a Diwali gift for their wives as well. Reena tells Kastur that this isn't the only Diwali gift she'll be getting. Kastur is overjoyed as Reena tells her about the honeymoon plans being discussed. Saroj overhears this & is angered. Whilst doing kitchen work, Saroj gets flashes of all those times she was held accountable for Kastur's mistakes, all the times when Kastur was praised. Saroj's pent up anger & hatred for Kastur boils over as she goes & ruins the rangoli made by Kastur. Kanti sees the ruined rangoli & calls the family to inquire about it. Kanti is convinced that it had to be somebody from the house as no outsiders came in. Kastur comes & takes responsibility for the ruined rangoli stating that she slipped. Saroj is shocked by Kastur's admission & wonders as to why Kastur would take the blame for something she didn't do.

Episode 48
Kanti scolds Kastur for her mistake. Kastur sheds a silent tear on the terrace. Mohan comes to give her the phone & sees her upset. He attempts to console Kastur & tells her it was a genuine mistake & she shouldn't cry over spilt milk. Seeing Kastur still upset, he tells her to take her time & exits. Seeing him leave, Kastur states that whilst Mohan could see her tears he's unaware of the cause. It is revealed that Kastur saw Saroj ruining the rangoli & wonders about the reasons behind the same. Saroj comes to the terrace & accuses Kastur of lying. Kastur states that she told the truth & that the rangoli was ruined by her. Saroj gets angry & ultimately ends up telling Kastur that she couldn't have ruined the rangoli as it was Saroj who did it. Kastur emotionally asks Saroj as to why she did that. Saroj dramatically tells Kastur about her dislike for her. Kastur is stunned post Saroj's admission & heartbroken as she realises that her mother-in-law despises her. Kastur returns to her room wherein Mohan tells her that he overhead their conversation. Mohan also states that he was always aware of Saroj's hatred for Kastur. Kastur is shocked & questions Mohan as to why he never told her. Mohan states that he didn't see the need as it would have just upset Kastur & as such it's a situation which she cannot do anything about. Kastur remembers Jasu's seekh who always used to tell her that with love everything can be resolved. Saroj sees that the rangoli has been redone. She's surprised when Kastur touches her feet. Saroj asks Kastur why she's redone the rangoli when she knows that Saroj can ruin it again. Kastur emotionally states that she will keep redoing the rangoli constantly. Kastur tells Saroj that with love & in time a day will come when Kastur will remove all of Saroj's hatred towards her & replace it with love

Episode 49
Pradeep calls Kastur & gives her some good news. Kastur sees that Mohan's clothes are laid out & his jeans have a tear & sews it. Mohan comes after freshening up & Kastur excitedly tells him that soon his project will be starting. Overjoyed, Mohan impulsively hugs Kastur. As he starts getting dressed, Mohan sees his sewn jeans. Mohan & Kastur have a small argument about the jeans post which Kastur flatly refuses to let him go out in torn clothes. In order to avoid prolonging the conversation, Mohan agrees to wear the clothes she's taken out. Kastur goes & gives Saroj the good news of Mohan's project starting soon. Saroj is ecstatic & for a second can control her excitement as she impulsively talks about Mohan's success. Realizing that its Kastur who she is talking with; Saroj reins in her emotions. Mohan arrives & asks Kastur to get ready as they have to leave. Saroj tells Mohan to go alone since Kastur has a lot of work to do on Diwali day. Mohan goes to meet Pradeep & his friend where he's coaxed into playing cards. Seeing Mohan deal & win like an expert, causes some worry to Pradeep. In order to avoid Pradeep getting suspicious, Mohan gets up with his earnings. Pradeep calls Jitu who's visiting Kastur & asks him to get Mohan's degree as it will be required for the project paperwork. Mohan's friend is introduced who talks with Mohan about the loan sharks, his fake degree etc. The friend cautions Mohan that it won't be easy for Mohan to hide the truth from his family for very long. We see Kastur taking Mohan's fake degree & giving it to Jitu.

Episode 50

Mohan tells his friend that his family won't get to know about his degree & as for the loan sharks once the project starts he'll repay their money. Tension builds as Pradeep appears but doesn't see Mohan's friend. Pradeep leaves for Diwali puja but Mohan is coaxed into staying. Mohan readily agrees as this gives him another opportunity to make some money by gambling. This time, Mohan loses all his money. He's interrupted by Reena's call who asks him to return soon. On his way, Mohan gives his last 100 rs to a flower seller. The family awaits Mohan's return & Kanti fires Saroj for letting Mohan go out. Kastur apologizes to Saroj as it was she who inadvertently told Kanti that Saroj had given Mohan permission to go out. Before a fracas gets created, Mohan returns. Moment takes place as Kastur helps Mohan wear a dhoti. The Diwali puja takes place. Kanti tells all the men to give their wives their Diwali gift. Mohan states that he hasn't got anything for Kastur. Kanti gets upset with him & leaves in a huff. Kastur wonders why Mohan lied and she shows him the gajras. Mohan realises that Kastur believes that he got the gajras as a Diwali gift. Reena teases them & makes Mohan put the gajras in Kastur's hair. Kastur gives Mohan the news that all the paperwork for his project is done. Mohan is shocked when Kastur tells him that she has given his degree for the paperwork as well.

Episode 51
Seeing Mohan look tense, Kastur wonders whether she's done something wrong. Mohan hides the real reason for his worry & states that he just wanted to crosscheck the papers before submitting them. Mohan decides to go to Kastur's house. Kastur is pleasantly surprised as she thinks he's taking her because she's missing her family. Saroj curtly states that Kastur already met her parents so there's no need for them to go. However, with Kanti giving permission she has to control her displeasure. Kastur's family is overjoyed to see her. Mohan asks about the papers & is shocked to find out that all the documents including his fake degree have been sent to the bank. Mohan is worried as he thinks that the truth about his degree will come out. Thinking he's worried about the bank sanction, Pradeep & Jitu attempt to assuage his fears. Worried sick, Mohan is unable to sleep at night. Kastur wakes up to find him pacing up & down. Despite his protests, she sings him a lori & soon enough Mohan falls asleep. The family wishes good luck to Mohan as he leaves for the meeting at the bank. Kastur accompanies him as Pradeep states that she too will need to come as the Company is in both their names. They reach the bank wherein the manager states that there is a problem in the papers, Mohan's degree is fake. Everybody lambasts Mohan for being a dhokebaaz. We realize that it's a flash forward as Mohan is called into the bank manager's room. The bank manager states that there is a problem in the papers & Mohan's tense about the fact that the truth about his fake degree will be revealed to all.

Episode 52

The tension dissipates as Mohan realises that the problematic paper is not his fake degree. Mohan's loan is sanctioned. Excited & overjoyed, he promises to take Kastur out to celebrate. Saroj is tense at home awaiting Mohan's return. Kastur arrives & tells everybody that Mohan's loan has been sanctioned & his project will start. Bhanu states that its Kastur who's become Mohan's lucky charm. However, Kastur states that Mohan's success is all due to Saroj's prayers. Mohan shows Pradeep the land where he wants to set up his store. Post Pradeep leaving, Mohan calls his friend to meet him & celebrate. Kastur finishes her housework quickly. Reena realises that it's because she's going out for dinner & teases Kastur about her date with Mohan. Saroj finds out about the dinner plans & curtly reprimands Kastur for not taking permission. Bhanu gives permission to Kastur. Kastur gets dressed & awaits Mohan's return. Mohan is busy celebrating with his friend & has forgotten about shi promise to Kastur. Mohan returns home drunk only to find Kastur up & waiting for his return. Kastur finds out that Mohan is drunk & is shocked.

Episode 53

Kastur is shocked to realize that Mohan is drunk. Under the influence of alcohol, Mohan cajoles Kastur & in an extremely passionate moment apologizes to her for forgetting about dinner & decides to take her out immediately. Swayed by Mohan's passion, Kastur agrees. Both sneak out of the house. Tension builds as Saroj hears a sound & comes to check. Hit & Miss situation is created between Kastur  Mohan & Saroj. Kastur & Mohan manages to sneak out successfully. They hail an auto with great difficulty. Moment is created between Kastur & Mohan as they come close due to the auto swerving at great speed. In his drunken stupor, Mohan tells Kastur about how he wants to become a rich & successful man so that the family is proud of him how he wants to have a big bungalow & a fleet of cars in which he can take Kastur out for a long drive. A new side of Mohan is revealed to Kastur. Kastur decides to sneak into her house so that Mohan's desire of a long drive can be fulfilled. They sneak into the house but are caught by Jasu. Kastur tells Mohan that Jasu shouldn't find out that he's intoxicated. Kastur explains to her as to how they wanted to celebrate the start of Mohan's project. Jasu lets them go on their way.

Episode 54

Kastur & Mohan reach the car & squabble about who will drive. Kastur is apprehensive about Mohan deriving given that he's intoxicated. Mohan tells her that he can manage driving. Assured that Mohan will be able to take the wheel, Kastur relents. Tension si build when they see a police patrol. Kastur tells Mohan to trust her & takes over the wheel. Their pursuit of food takes them to Marine Drive where the only find a peanut seller given the unearthly hour. A peanut peel goes into Kastur's eye. Mohan comes forward to help Kastur. The romance & passion between the two build to a crescendo as Mohan & Kastur come really close to kissing before they are rudely interrupted by the arrival of cops.

Episode 55

The cops catch them for public indecency & drunken driving & take them away to the police station. Kastur realises that it was wrong of them to be swept away by passion. She fears the consequences of the situation & is upset thinking about how the family would react. She pleads with the cop to let them go whilst Mohan is agitated & demands to make a phone call. Mohan is about to call home when Kastur stops him telling him that he can't call the family as they would get upset to know about everything. The phone rings at hone waking everybody up. Saroj is surprised to see that whilst the entire family assembled; Mohan didn't come. She goes towards the room to check upon them but Bhanu stops her. at the police station, Mohan & Kastur are put in a cell. Kastur is overwhelmed with guilt & cries as she realises the repercussions of the night. Mohan's friend comes to the station & requests the cop to let them go stating that this is the 1st mistake they've made. He requests the cop to not tell the family as it would create problems for them. The cop angles for a bribe. Realizing that this will get them out quickly, the friend & Mohan are about to give the bribe when they're stopped by Kastur. She berates the cop for being dishonest to his work & also tells Mohan that they cannot commit a second mistake. Kastur's powerful & emotional spiel embarrasses the cop who lets them off with a warning. Mohan & his friend praise Kastur's actions & Kastur tells Mohan that it's high time that they got home.

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