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Jeevansathi (AR ff) Part 6 in pg 46 (Page 9)

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Originally posted by Riarai2346

hey gr8 update buddy love it
thankx for the pm

thanx sooo much buddy
most welcum

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that was a really nice part
the families are soo sweet
i love anjali,muskaan, rahul and atul. they are sooo cool to have as friends
i cant wait to find out more.
please continue soon :)
and if possible please pm me.
simran :)
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

seems rlly interesting! add me to the pm list! nd cont soon!

thanx sooo much 
will surely add u
will update now
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by kajenarshianya

that was a really nice part
the families are soo sweet
i love anjali,muskaan, rahul and atul. they are sooo cool to have as friends
i cant wait to find out more.
please continue soon :)
and if possible please pm me.
simran :)

thanx sooo much 
will surely pm u
will update now
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Finally the moment approached when Riddhima had to leave behind the world known to her since she opened her eyes in this world and the people with whom was spent her entire childhood, all her loved ones behind and was going to step into an entirely new world with new people and new relations. She was going to leave the courtyard, the abode where her childhood was spent. There were mixed feelings that she had been experiencing - dejection for leaving her loved ones behind but at the sametime there was happiness as well as nervousness for stepping into a new world with new relations. It was time for departure and the bridegroom and the people came with him were all set to leave. However it was much difficult for the bride, for Riddhima, to leave her loved ones behind. Tears were rolling down her cheeks conveying her pain as she was sobbing. She hugged her mom who too was crying as her beloved child, the apple of her eye was going away from her. Riddhima parted from the hug as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Muskaan standing there with tears in her eyes. Fresh tears rolled down Riddhima's eyes as she recalled that she was leaving her childhood best friend too behind and that now there will be no frequent sleepovers n chatting till late but there was a little consolation that she could still meet Muskaan as they would be residing in the same town but both knew that distance only strenthens true friendship. Riddhima hugged Muskaan and both the friends cried silently on each others shoulder. After a while they parted from the hug still sobbing. Muskaan took Riddhima's hands in her own and looked up at her : " Tu (sniff) tu yeh (sniff) bilkul bhi mat (sniff)sochna ki (snif)tu shaadi (sniff)karke jaa (sniff)rahi hain (sniff)toh tera (sniff)mujhse peecha (sniff)chut gaya. Main toh(sniff)kabhi bhi tera (sniff)peecha nehi (sniff)chorne wali. Kabhi bhi tapak (sniff)parungi tere (sniff)naye ghar (sniff)mein aur (sniff)aur tujhe (sniff)waise hi (sniff)pareshaan (sniff)karungi jaise (sniff)jaise yahan (sniff)karti thi."


This made Riddhima to smile through tears and she squeezed Muskaan's hands : " Promise?"


Muskaan smiled back through tears : " Pucca promise. Chal ab itna jyada bhi mat ro warna saara make up utar jayega. Aur tujhe pata hain na tu bina make up ke kitna darawni lagti hain. Fir toh jiju bhi sochenge ke hey bhagwan yeh maine kis churail se shaadi kar liya."


Muskaan giggled while wiping off her tears while Riddhima too smiled through tears and smacked on her arm. Anamika, who had been witnessing the emotional scene between the two friends, walked down the memory lane and recalled the day when she herself had to leave her loved ones and entered an entirely new world with her husband. She could feel Riddhima's pain and right there she decided that she would be the mother of Riddhima and not mother in law and that she would always treat n support her as her own daughter and not daughter on law. Therefore when she heard Muskaan teasing Riddhima, she immediately jumped into her daughter's defence.


Anamika : " Arey humari bacchi toh pari hain aur pariyon ko make up ki jarurat  nehi hoti. Unki khoobsurti toh unki saadgi mein hi hoti hain. Aur jahan tak mere Armaan ki baat hain to wo toh itra raha hoga apne kismat par. Aakhir itni khoobsurat aur pyari patni toh sirf kismatwalon ko milti hain."


Anamika put her hand affectionately on Riddhima's head, which was adorned with the veil which was a part of her wedding attire, and smiled.


Muskaan : " wo toh hain. Humari Riddhi hain hi naturally beautiful. Waise aunty aap toh bilkul bhi wo daily soaps wali saasuma ki tarah bilkul nehi ho. Wo toh humesha apni bahuon ki burai karne mein lagi rehti hain par aap toh ulta uski tarif kar rahi hain."


Everyone including Armaan and Riddhima chuckled at Muskaan's comment.


Still giggling Anamika replied : " Arey  Muskaan beta Riddhima meri bahu thore hi na hain, who toh meri beti hain. Aur ek maa apni beti ki burai kaise kar sakti hain bhala?"


Everyone present there,especially riddhima was touched by Anamika's words. Armaan smiled as he knew what a real sweet woman his mother was and that was the reason that he loved n respected her to the core and could never bring himself to disobey her. Anjali wrapped her hands around her mother's neck and gave her a peck on the cheek.


Muskaan : "Awe you are so sweet aunty."


Anjali grinned :" Aakhir mom kiski hain?"


She gave a smug smile but pouted when Rahul commented.


Rahul : " Armaan ki. Tabhie toh wo itni sweet hain. Warna tu toh dur dur tak sweet nehi hain."


He chuckled seeing her frowning. Anjali stomped her feet on the ground and walked away to Armaan who had been witnessing the verbal teasing session between his sister and his best friend as a mute audience till the moment.

Anjali : " Dekho na bhai Rahul kaise mujhe tease kar rahe hain. Aap batao na bhai kya main sweet nehi hu?"


Armaan smiled at his sister's childishness and took her into a side hug and rebuked Rahul slightly: " Rahul tu bhi na! Kyun tease kar raha hain meri princess ko. Aur princess tum iski baat bilkul mat suno. Tum bahut sweet ho."


Anjali's lips split into a wide grin hearing her brother n threw a challenging look to Rahul.  Riddhima smiled witnessing the beautiful bond between the brother n sister and that reminded her of the sweet moments she spent with her brother. She recalled those cute fights n those sweet pacyfying sessions. Her eyes searched for her brother amidst the crowd but a frown formed on her beautiful features as she couldnt find him anywhere near her. Soon her eyes darted to an almost dark n desolate corner and there she found him standing with his  back facing her. From years of experience  she knew that he was upset and was wiping off the tears that made their way out of his eyes inspite of his strong resistance. Riddhima excused herself from the others n walked in the direction of that dark corner.


On approaching her brother she kept a hand on his shoulder and called him out in a voice choked with tears : " Bhaiya?"


Atul quickly wiped off his tears and wheeled around. He smiled  at her.


Atul cupped her face in his palms : " Aaj toh bari pyari lag rahi hain meri imli."


Though the name which meant tamarind might sound wierd but it was a nickname given by a brother to his extremely tamarind addict sister. However the slight dejection concealed in his voice was not lost to Riddhima. She put her own hands over her brothers palms and squeezed them lightly.


Riddhima : " Main aapko bahut miss karungi bhaiya. Aap mujhe yaad toh karoge na? "


Atul : " Nehi. (Riddhima's face fall on hearing this and she dropped her gaze down but Atul smiled at her innocence and lifted her face up to meet his gaze, still cupping her face ) Arey paagal yaad toh unko kiya jaata hain jinko hum bhool jaatey hain. Lekin main toh apni imli ko kabhi bhi nehi bhool sakta. Yaad karne ka toh sawal hi nehi hain."


Riddhima smiled through tears n immediately engulfed Atul into an embrace. She sobbed keeping her head on her brother's chest n managed to speak through hiccups : " I will miss you bhaiya."


Atul wiped off his tears secretly n replied while patting his sister's head : " I will miss you too imli. ( Then he parted from the hug and smiled at his sister) Chal ab warna kahin tera dulha frustrated hokar police mein tera missing report likha diya toh problem ho jayegi. Nehi?"


Riddhima giggled n nodded while wiping off her tears. Hands wrapped around his sister's shoulders, Atul escorted Riddhima to the place where their parents were standing alongwith her in laws. When they reached the place Shashank approached his daughter n put his hand on her head. Riddhima let go n hugged her father n shed tears while keeping her head on his chest. Shashank parted from the hug and lifting up Riddhima's face n wiped off her  tears while tears brimmed up in his own eyes.


Shashank : " Na guriya aise rotey nehi hain, tabiyat kharab ho jaati hain na tumhari. Ab bilkul nehi rona. Humesha khush rehna meri bacchi. Aur yeh ghar tere liye paraya thore hi na ho gaya. Yeh toh tera hi ghar hain aur humesha tera hi rahega."


Shashank kissed her forehead and then walked with her to his son in law. He took Riddhima's hand and put it on top of Armaan's hand and said in a choked voice : " Armaan beta khayal rakhna humari Riddhi ka. Bari naazo se paala hain humne ise. Kabhi koi dukh na pahoche isko yeh dekhna. Bari jiddi aur abhimani hain meri bacchi. Agar isko bahut chot bhi pahuche toh bhi kisiko na batati hain na apna dard baat ti hain. Bas khud hi sehti rehti hain. Khayal rakhna."


Armaan nodded in affirmation while his father Shailendra replied : " Aap bilkul chinta na kare samdhiji. Humare liye jaisi Anjali hain waisi hi Riddhima beti hain. Bahu nehi beti hain wo humari. Hum sab poora khayal rakhenge iski."


Shashank smiled through tears : " Ji samdhiji humein poora bharosa hain ki humari beti ko aapke ghar mein koi takleef nehi hogi."


Shailendra smiled back warmly : " Shukriya samdhiji. Ab shayad humein chalna chahiye. Izazat dijiye."


Shashank : " Ji chaliye."


Leaving the guests n relatives behind, the guptas walked along with the Malliks to see their daughter  off.


Baba ki rani hoon


(Riddhima put her head on her father's chest and clasped one hand with his while his other hand was wrapped around her shoulder. )


Aankhon ki pani hoon


(Tears were glistening in the eyes of both of the father and daughter.)


Beh jaana hain jisko


(Tears rolled down Riddhima's eyes as she recalled those sweet moments she spent with her father.)


Do pal kahani hoon.


(Her heart pained to realize that she was going away from her dad.)


Amma ki bitiya hoon


(She recalled all the days she had spent with her mother t=

ill she gained consciousness.)


Aangan ki mitiya hoon


(She glanced back at her abode where her childhood days were spent. Those sour n sweet memories came rushing back to her as she was going to leave the house forever behind.)


Beh jaana hain jisko

Do pal kahani hoon


(Tears brimmed up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.)


They reached the exit where the cars were parked. After bidding teary goodbye to her family n Muskaan, Riddhima made her way to her in laws house. She was escorted to Armaan's car by her father n brother. She settled down inside the car followed by Armaan while his friends made their way to another car. Finally after bidding good bye the singhanias made their way homewards.


Armaan n Riddhima were sitting beside each other in the back seat of Armaan's's car. There was a strange serenity prevailing in the car. There was a complete silence between the bride n groom except the somewhat inaudible noise of Riddhima's light sobs. She was looking out from the window in her side n was wiping off her tears time n again as they kept returning inspite of her strong effort at resistence. Armaan, who was looking out of the window in his side, turned to face her as he heard her sobbing lightly. He knew that she was struggling hard to stifle her sobs but was failing miserably. His heart twinge to see her sobbing n he could feel her pain, afterall going away from a loved one was not easy at all n he knew that. His heart was overwhelmed with compassion for her. He was concerned now n wondered whether she was alright. He wondered whether asking her would be a wise thing to do.


After hesitating for a moment, Armaan finally decided to voice his doubt : "Uh...ummm...aap thik hain?"


Riddhima, who was still not facing him n was unaware of the fact of being observed by him, was caught off guard by this abrupt querry. She was startled n immediately turned around in her seat only to look straight into his eyes. As soon as their gaze collided with each other the world began to dissolve into oblivion. Both couldnt tear off their gaze from each other. It was as if they had forgotten to blink n breath. It seemed as if they were being pulled by each other's eyes with all intensity n force of a magnet. They felt themselves drowning into the depth of each other's eyes. However soon their trance broke as the honking of another car grabbed their attention n startled both of them. Both averted their gaze from each other as soon as realization dawned on them. Riddhima blushed a deep shade of crimson while confusion n embarrasement shrouded Armaan's handsome features. Once again silence enveloped them.

Finally Riddhima managed to compose herself n reply to Armaan's previously asked question before the eyelock, still not looking at him :" Uh... Wo... Main thik hu. "


Even Armaan was not looking her into the eyes. He just nodded a little in acknowledgement. They both looked away n then out of the windows at their respective sides. However, perhaps destiny was determined to play naughty with the couple. Soon the car came across a signal n came to an abrupt halt with a jerk causing Riddhima to land into Armaan's arms who on the other hand edged closer owing to the sudden jerk. Her hands landed on his broad, well toned, manly chest while his hands went around her petite waist. The distance between them diminished formidably. They were hardly an inch away from each other. They breathed into each other's fragrance. Riddhima inhaled his strong manly fragrance which mesmerized her n was arousing in her some hitherto unknown feelings in her. As soon as Armaan's hands came in contact with the bare skin of Riddhima's waist, a shiver ran down her spine n she shuddered. Things were not much better on the other side too. Armaan was losing himself again in the depth of her eyes. Her feminine fragrance was driving him insane. Inspite of trying really hard, he just couldnt tear his gaze off her. He too shuddered with their close proximity. Both didnt know why they enter into some trance whenever they come that close to each other or look into each other's eyes.Both were drowned once again into each other. They had lost the track of time n were clueless as for how long they kept staring at each other without blinking while staying in each other's arms. It was when they heard some hooting n catcalls n whistles that they came out of their lala land. They turned in search of the source of the commotion n as their gaze fall out the window they found some teenager boys n gals who were giggling. They winked at the newly wed couple. Both Armaan n Riddhima went crimson in embarassment n immediately let go of each other. They straightened themselves in their seats n moved a little away from each other. They averted their gaze n looked out of their respective windows. The rest of the journey went uneventful, much to their relief. Though they were evading looking at each other but both were unaware about the fact that the other was stealing glances. Soon the journey came to a culmination n they finally reached the Mallik mansion. As the car came to halt, Armaan and Riddhima stepped out of the car and received a warm welcome. Shailendra was standing with his one arm around his daughter's shoulders. Right beside him was standing Rahul. A wide smile was playing on their lips, reflecting their ecstacy and rapture.


Shailendra : "Ab Riddhima beti ko lekar andar chalo sab log."

Armaan and Riddhima was about to take a step forward when they were abruptly stopped by Anjali and Rahul, both of whose lips curved into a impish smirk. Armaan raised his eyebrows quizzically.

Anjali : " Aise kaise bhai? Aise hi nehi jaa sakte aap dono. "


Armaan raised his eyebrows quizzically : " Aise kaise matlab? "


Anjali giggled while it was Rahul instead of her who replied : " Matlab yeh ki ab jab tumne shaadi ke kue mein chalang laga hi li hain toh rashmein bhi toh poori karni hogi na. Itni asani se thore hi na jaane denge. "


Being well aware of the mischievous nature of both his friend as well as his sister, Armaan narrowed his eyes in suspicious n became dubious of their intention.


Armaan : " aur exactly kaisa rasam hain yeh? "


Rahul chuckled n replied : " Ek bahut hi cute aur romantic sa rasam hain yeh.  "


Saying this he winked at Armaan whose eyes widened as comprehension dawned on him regarding the ritual.


Armaan almost yelled :" No! You dont mean that. Right?  "


Rahul chuckled as he had expected such a reaction beforehand. Armaan was the worst when it would come to PDA.


Sobering himself with great effort, Rahul finally replied : " wrong buddy. I exactly do mean that. "


Armaan gaped at Rahul incredulously as if he was a perfect lunatic.


Armaan : " Dimag kharab ho gaya kya tumhara? Main waisa kuch nehi karne wala. "


Rahul : " Oye hum tumse pooch nehi rahe hain ko tum aram se apna marji batao. Hum bata rahe hain aur rasam hain toh poori toh karni hi paregi."


He chuckled witnessing Armaan's flabbergasted expression while confusion shrouded Riddhima's exquisite n delicate features as the poor girl was absolutely clueless about the subject of discussion.


Rahul meanwhile noticed Riddhima's confusion. He smiled n continued : " Lagta hain bhabhi ko samajh nehi aaya hum kya baat kar rahe hain. Dont  worry bhabhi main samjhata hoon. Rasam yeh hain ki newly wed couple jab shaadi ke baad pehlibaar ghar aatey hain tab dulhe ko apni dulhan ko bare hi pyar se apne bahon mein uthakar ghar ke darwaje  tak lekar jaana hoga. "


Riddhima's beautiful face went a deep shade of cromson owing to shyness n embarassment.


Anjali giggled : " Arey bhabhi aap toh abhi se sharma gayi. Sharmaane se kaam nehi chalega. Bhai ko toh aapko uthakar le jaana hi hoga. "


Anjali winked at Riddhima n Armaan both of whom were red with embarassment n hi fived with Rahul. Armaan turned to his father who was his last hope but even Shailendra turned out to be of no help at all as he immediately lifted his hands up in surrender n chuckled alongwith Rahul n Anjali.


Armaan sighed in helplessness : " Dad aap bhi! "


Shailendra feigned helplessness n replied : " kya karey beta rasam hain toh poori toh karni hi parega  na. "


Armaan : " Fine! "


He turned towards Riddhima who was standing beside him with her eyes lowered and gaze still fixed on the well trimed ground beneath. With a slight hesitation he wound his one arm around her shoulders and the other around her hips and with a swift movement picked her up in his strong arms with as much ease as if she was a feather. He acted so fast that she got no time to react and when she finally felt her foot leaving the ground her eyes shot up and the next moment she found herself in his arms.  Her hands automatically, as if in acceptence of his action, entangled themselves around his neck. Her eyes met his but before they could lose themselves in blissful oblivion Rahul's teasing voice shattered the trance.


Rahul : "Ehem Ehem! Hum sab yehi hain. Incase you both have become oblivious of the surroundings."


Armaan glowered at him n snapped back : "Just shut up Rahul. Or else I'll make you oblivious of your own name."


Rahul pouted while Shailendra and Anjali chuckled.


Shailendra : " Ab chalo bhi baccho. Baaki masti andar jaake kar lena. Anamika intezar kar rahi hogi."


All consented to his opinion and walked away towards the entrance to the mansion. On approaching the entrance door, Armaan put Riddhima down on the threshold of the door. Anamika, accompanied by many women of the neighbourhood and the relatives, approached the door to welcome the newly wed couple with a wide smiled adorning her face and the tinge of rapture twinkling in her eyes.

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the part is awesome
wow Armaan picked her in his arms, how romantic
waiting to read more abt AR
continue soon

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Originally posted by Rapunzzel

where's AR in this chapterConfused
who's avantika and siddharth????

hi dear,
sry actually this story has another version on my another fav. Rajat Mugdha.
And I hv posted that version by mistake. But now I hv modified it.
hope u like it.

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