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Jeevansathi (AR ff) Part 6 in pg 46

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Hey friends, how r u all buddies? Fine na? i know u all must be fine, after all you are my friends and all my friends always do good. Wink Hehehehe just kidding. LOL okay i know you all must be ready to kill me after what I'm gonna say now. Tongue i'm starting a new ff on AR as I got a new concept and couldnt resist from writing. Tongue I'll soon update my other ffs 2. Promise. Thumbs Up 

Oh and btw for those who doesnt know me i'm Nandini Big smile

Riddhima Gupta -

A very beautiful yet very simple girl. She is a very loving and caring person. She believes in giving others happiness and joy even if it comes at the cost of her own happiness. When she loves someone she does so with her whole heart and can do anything for the person.

Armaan Mallik -

He is a business tycoon. A very handsome man and the most eligible bachelor. he is the heartthrob of many girls. once he used to be very charming and happy personality but an unfortunate incident in his life has changed him to be a serious minded and extremely workaholic person. He loves his family very much and he too can go to any extent if he loves anyone truly.

Shailendra Mallik -

A renowned businessman and father of Armaan and Anjali. A loving and caring father and husband.

Anamika Mallik -

A housewife and the supreme authority of the household. A very kind hearted woman and a loving and caring mother and wife.She is the wife of Shailendra Mallik and mother of Armaan and Anjali.

Anjali Mallik -

The daughter of Shailendra and Anamiika Mallik and the sister of Armaan. She is a very chirpy, sweet and bubbly person, loves her family and her brother a lot. She loves making friends and is a bit talkative.

Rahul oberoy -

Armaan's best friend and the only person who knows him in and out. Armaan can share his deepest worries and secrets with Rahul.

Riddhima's Grandma -

A very sweet and kindhearted lady who loves her family a lot.

Shashank Gupta - 

Father of Riddhima and Atul and a doctor by profession. he loves his family way too much but it is his daughter whom he loves the most.

Padma Gupta -

She is the mother of Riddhima and Atul. A sweet, quiet and kind lady whose world revolves around her family.

Atul Mallik -

He is the brother of riddhima. he too is a doctor like his dad. He is a very responsible  doctor, son, grandson and brother. He loves his sister a lot, in fact the most.

Muskaan Chaddha -

Riddhima's best friend and the only person with whom she can share her deepest secrets and worries without any hesitation.

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illa8 Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged

nice...can't wait =)

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged

Part 1 in pg 1
Part 2 in Pg 9
Part 3 in Pg 17
Part 4 in Pg 25
Part 5 in Pg 34
Part 6 in Pg 46

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged









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-Jhalli- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
would love to read
plz pm me

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 2:39am | IP Logged


The small, simple yet elegant cottage that belonged to the Gupta family had been decorated just as a bride who was going to get married. The whole house had been decorated with beautiful lights of different colours which caused the house to glow with all resemblance to the glow that prevails over a bride's features. The railings of the terrace of the house had been decorated with garlands of flowers which had been spiraled against the railings and topped up with garlands of small bulbs. The windows and entrances of the house had been decorated in the similar way as the railings of the terrace, with flowers and lights. In the lawn that surrounded the house was set up the canopy made of beautiful cream white silken cloth which was also decorated with flowers. The entrance gate that led to the lawn was decorated in flowers and was so much clad with flowers that it fully gained the appearance of being a gate of flower and the hard iron frame was concealed somewhere beneath the flowers.

The day, rather the night, was a very auspicious one for the Gupta family as the night was going to see the most beloved daughter and the charm as well as life of this house stepping into a new life which would bring her affluence as well as all the happiness and love that she deserved and would also bless her with a loving and caring companion who would guide her through the difficult of times and be by her side throughout her whole life. It is the dream that every parents dream when they entrust some other person with the responsibility of their beloved daughter and her happiness and send the apple of their eyes away, placing stone on their hearts. Yes the night was the wedding night of the beloved daughter of the Gupta family.

The guests had already started to arrive and Atul Gupta, who was the elder brother of the bride and Shashank Gupta , who was the father of the bride and of Atul, were welcoming the guests alongwith their relatives.

The sweet fragrance of flowers, the beautiful glow of the lights and the glow on the faces of the members of the family, relatives and other people were aptly representing the ambience of wedding. Soon enough a silver colored scorpio reached the gate of the "Gupta Nivas" and screeched to a halt.

Out of it stepped a man with a striking appearance and personality who was in his late 40s. He was the father of the bridegroom, Mr.Shailendra Mallik who was also the most renowned businessman of the country and also had his business spread over several parts of the vast world. He was followed by a pretty woman who was in her early 40s, clad in a designer maroon saree and was looking gorgeous in it, who stepped out of the back seat of the car, followed by a young girl of about 19, clad in a gorgeous blue lehenga and looking very pretty in it. They were the mother and younger sister of the bridegroom respectively.

Atul and Shashank Sishodia approached them and welcomed them warmly and cordially. The affable and cordial behaviour that they received in return from the family of the bridegroom astonished many people who were present at the very spot as the snobbishness and the air of superiority that many a times the family and friends of the bridegroom possesed was completely absent in them. The relatives and the other people were whispering that the Guptas were lucky to get such relatives.

Shashank: "Samdhiji Armaan nehi aaye ab tak?"

Shailendra smiled at his anxiety: "fikar mat kijiye samdhiji. Armaan bas aa hi raha hain. (Just then a loud screeching noise caught his attention and he turned back and a smile crept up on his lips) Yeh dekhiye aa gaye aapke honewala damad."

A BMW screeches into halt just beside the scorpio. It was decorated with roses just as a bridegroom's vehicle ought to be.

The door beside the driver's seat opened and stepped out a chirpy looking boy.

The boy: "oye sab bahar aa jao aur dulhe raja ko bahar le aao bhai. Hum pahuch gaye."

Then the door of the back seat opened and stepped out two other boys and soon after them the tall and broad shouldered person who stepped out of the car was indeed the bridegroom as could easily be deduced from the turban with the veil of flowers covering the face of the bridegroom which was called "shehra". The bridegroom was wearing a dark blue colored desighner sherwani which matched pretty well with his fair complexion. Slowly he took off the turban which revealed an incredibly handsome face with large, brown eyes, which possessed the depth of the ocean and anyone could just drown into them without even knowing it, and slightly pink lips for which every girl craved. A slow, gentle breeze blew causing his jet black hair to fell over his forehead which was adding even more to his charming and handsome appearance.

His very appearance brought smiles in everyone's lips and whispers of admiration. Both Shashank and Atul, alongwith their relatives, approached him to welcome him and take him and his family inside the house. As Shashank approached him, the bridegroom bent down to touch his feet. Shashank smiled proudly at going to have such a son in law with such great culture. He blessed him by putting his hand on his would be son in law's head.

Shashank: "Jeete raho. Humesha khush raho Armaan beta."

Atul came forward and both Armaan and Atul hugged each other. As they broke out of the embrace, pratap asked them all to come in as the auspicious time for the marriage was approaching nearer. All agreed to this and the bridegroom and his friends and family were escorted by the bride's family and relatives, led by Atul, Armaan and his friends and followed by Shashank, Shailendra, his wife Anamika, their daughter Anjali and others.

As they reached the entrance door to the house, a woman who was in her mid 40s and another woman who was in her mid 60s came over with their faces shining with warm smiles. They were followed by many other women, some of whom were relatives and others were neighbours. Also there were some young girls among them who were indubitably the friends of the bride.

The older woman smiles: "Arey Padma, tumhare damaad bhi aa gaye. Ab toh tum saas banne wali ho. Toh ab tum bhi burhi ho hi gayi."

Padma smiles back: "Agar aaj ki is khushi ke din ko dekhne ke liye mujhe burhi bhi kehlana parhe toh mujhe wo bhi manjoor hain ma."

Her mother in law smiles: "Hmmm…wo toh thik hain par kya daamaad ko yehi khara kar rakhne ka iraada hain. Jaldi se swagat karke usko andar toh le aao."

Padma: "Ji Ma."

Padma walked up to Armaan and performed  the rituals to welcome the bridegroom. Now as it was a part of the rituals, she was about to pull the bridegroom's nose when his friends pulled him away and all the people present their roared with laughter. She tried again but failed again. It was now that Anamika, Armaan's mother stepped in.

Anamika: "Chalo yeh rasam hain. Ab Armaan ko choro aur Samdhanji ko rasam poori karne do."

The earlier chirpy looking boy: "Par aunty isse toh humari haar ho jayegi."

Anamika smiled: "Rahul, rishton mein haar ya jeet nehi, sirf pyar aur vishwas hona chahiye. Aur jeet humesha uski hoti hain jiske saath pyar aur vishwas hota hain."

Rahul smiled: "Ji aunty."

He gestured the others to leave Siddharth and they all obeyed.

Now Padma pulled Armaan's nose very lightly as such to fulfill the ritual and meanwhile taking care to avoid hurting her would be son in law. Armaan bent down and touched her feet. She blessed him happily. Now he bent down again and touched the feet of the bride's grandmother who also blessed him happily.

All the people entered the house. The hall was decorated with flowers. It was not too large if it was not small. Couches were there, arranged in perfect order for the guests to sit and rest.

Anamika: "Samdhanji, humari beti kahan hain?"

Padma: "Wo upar hain apne kamre mein taiyar ho rahi hain."

Anjali: "Wow mujhe bhavs se milna hain. Plz auntyji."

Padma smiled: "Haan haan beta kyun nehi. (Turning to the bride's friends) Tum log Anjali beti ko saath lekar jao."

One of the girls: "Ji kakisa. (turning towards priyanka) hi Anjali! Main Muskaan hu. Tumhari bhavs ki best friend. Aur aaj se tum bhi meri dost ho. Kyun banogi na meri dost?"

Anjali smiled sweetly: "offcourse! Aur mere dost mujhe Anji kehte hain."

Muskaan: "Okay Anji. Lets go."

Anji: "Yup."

And all the girls left the place alongwith Anjali.


(The bride's room)

The girls entered the room, chattering excitedly. The room was decorated in a very simple yet eye soothing way with yellow roses all over the place as it was the favourite flower of the bride.

As they entered, the women who were helping the bride to get ready parted to both sides providing a clearer view of a girl sitting near the mirror with her back turned to the door. Her head was slightly bowed and as her head was covered with the "orhni", her face was not visible.

Muskaan smiled and approached her. She put her palm on the bride's shoulder.

Muskaan: "Riddhima dekh toh kaun aayi hain tujhse milne."

Now the young girl raised her face up to look at the mirror. Her reflection mesmerized Anjali. Never before had she seen such an epitome of stunning, dazzling beauty. She had two large beautiful black eyes which were shining with happiness and full of life, glossy, pink lips and rosy cheeks. Two strands of  beautiful, black and silky hair covered a part of both of her rosy cheeks, thereby adding to the charm and beauty.

She got up from the stool in front of the mirror and turned back. A smile of recognition glittered in her lips.

Anjali approached her: "OMG Bhavs u r looking stunning yaar! I mean I have seen you earlier also and that time too you were extremely beautiful, but today you are just mesmerising. And that glow on your face is just spellbinding. I must say Bhai ki toh nikal pari."

Riddhima blushed badly at such appreciative comments and mostly at the last comment made by her would be sister in law. She went all red which added even more charm to her beauty.

Muskaan: "Oye hoye! Dekho toh jara dulhaniya humari sharmane lagi. Arey Anji yeh saara nikhar toh unhika, matlab humare jijaji ke intezar ka, unke naam ke sringar ka hi natiza hain."

With this all the girls and women present there giggled, including Muskaan and Anjali.

Riddhima slightly rebuked Muskaan: "Muskaan dekh maarungi tujhe main haan."

Muskaan giggled: "Haan toh maar na. Maar ne se sach thore hi na badalta hain."

Riddhima: "Muski!"

A voice startled them: "Arey larkiyon cherkhani baad mein karna. Ab jaldi bhi karo. Muhrat ka waqt najdik aa raha hain."

They wheeled around to see Padma standing there. As they parted her gaze fall upon her daughter who was looking stunningly beautiful in her bride's attire. Tears brimmed up in her eyes, tears of happiness offcourse.

Slowly she walked up to Riddhima and on reaching her, she put her palm on Riddhima's head affectionately.

Padma spoke up with tears welling up in her eyes and smile at her lips: "kitni pyari lag rahi hain meri bacchi. Bhagwan kare teri khushiyon ko kisiki najar na lagey. Tujhe ek saccha aur sabse accha jeevansaathi miley."

Both the mother and daughter got emotional and Ridhima hugged her mother tightly who embraced her back.

Muskaan slapped her arm on her forehead: "Yeh lo! aunty humein kehke aap khud beh gayi ab! Arey jaldi kariye. Neeche bhi toh jaana hain na. Aur dekhiye aap meri Riddhi ko rulaiye mat. Saara make up kharab ho jayega. Aur fir yeh toh ekdum churail lagegi. Fir toh jijaji bhaag hi jayenge darr ke maare."

Everyone giggled while Riddhima pinched Muskaan who shrieked. However, Anjali came forward in Riddhima's defence.

Anjali: "Bhool jao Muskaan. Humne pehle bhi dekha hain bhavs ko aur bina kisi make up ke bhi wo itni hi khoobsurat lagti hain."

Saying this she walked up to Riddhima and gave her a side hug who responded with a warm smile.

Padma smiled: "Chalo larkiyon. Muhrat ka waqt ho chala hain. Ab humein neeche chalna hoga.."

Riddhima smiled and nodded: "ji ma."

Muskaan and Anjali helped her to get the veil over her head.

Then Padma and Muskaan came to both sides of Riddhimaa and toghether they took her out of the room, followed by the other girls and women.


(The canopy set for the performance of the wedding rituals)

All the guests were waiting for the arrival of the bride. The priest was sitting in front of the holy fire in front of which the performance of the rituals had to take place. Armaan was sitting in front of the holy fire and opposite to the priest facing him while the seat beside him which was meant for the bride was still vacant. Atul was engrossed in conversation with  Armaan's friends and some of the relatives of their own age. Shashank Gupta and Shailendra Mallik were engrossed in conversation with some people of their own age while Anamika Mallik was engaged with some women of her age. The other people were scattered here and there, busy chatting with each other.

The priest: "Kanya ko bulaiye. Muhrat ka waqt bita ja raha hain."

Shashank: "Ji panditji. Wo bas aa hi rahi hogi. (And as he turned back to enquire he caught glimpse of the ladies arriving with the bride) yeh lijiye aa gayi."

Every single face turned towards the entrance and was enchanted at the sight of the stunning beauty of the bride. Whispers of admiration and excited buzz filled the ambience. The ladies at both sides of the bride led her to the place where the bridegroom was sitting in front of the holy fire and made her sit by the side of the bridegroom. The priest then began the rituals of the wedding. One by one all the rituals were performed and then the priest asked the bridegroom to put the vermilion on the bride's head and tie the "mangalsutra" around her neck.Armaan did so and then he and Riddhima also performed the ritual of the "saat phere".

After the fulfilment of all the rituals, the priest finally declared them to be man and wife.

Priest: "Saat pheron ke saath hi yeh vivah sampann hua aur aaj se aap dono pati patni hue. Aaj se aap dono ek dusre ke jeevansathi, ek dusre ke har sukh dukh ke saathi ban gaye."

All the people began to congratulate the bride and the bridegroom and also both families. Every single face was shining with happiness. The bride and groom came down from the platform set for the wedding and one by one they took the blessings of their elders.

Padma gestured Muskaan to come near her and when Muskaan approached her, she whispered something in her ears. Muskaan giggled and immediately consented and then she whispered something into Anjali's ear and both the girl grinned. They alongwith some other girls went to Riddhima and took her to one of the two chairs situated on a raised platform for the bride and the bridegroom  and made her sit on one of them while Armaan's friends alongwith Rahul took him and he sat down on the other chair.

Rahul: "Arey yeh kya baat hain bhai? Humare dost ki shaadi hain aur koi gaana bajana nehi hoga?"

Anjali and Muskaan replied toghether: "kyun nehi hoga bhai bilkul hoga."

Rahul grinned widely: "Toh what are we waiting for? Lets go for it."

The girls led by Anjali came down from the raised platform and after walking a few feets they turned back and smiled and Anjali clicked her thumb and index finger toghether. The music began.

Anjali pointed towards Armaan in a dancing gesture:

Pyare bhaiya mera dulha raja banke aa gaya

Pyara bhaiya mera

Pyara bhaiya mera dulha raja banke aa gaya

Pyara bhaiya mera

Resham ki pagri mein sara ghar aangan mehka gaya

Pyara bhaiya mera

The other girls sang in chorus and started moving holding hands around Anjali:

Pyara bhaiya mera dulha raja banke aa gaya

Pyara bhaiya mera

The boys then entered the ground and the girls dispersed while the boys came to the fore:

Resham ke pagri mein dekho ghar aangan mehka gaya

Dekho yaara mera

Again the boys dispersed and the girls came to the fore led by Anjali.

Anjali put both of her hands on her left waist and tapped her right feet:

Aaj kaisi dhoom hain goonj rahi sehnaiyan (Anjali twirled around and continued dancing)

Aanchalo ke chao mein baitha bhaiya saiyan (She stopped and pointed again to Armaan)

Sajke doli aayegi lautke jab saath mein (Anjali walked to the raised platform and approached Riddhima who was smiling sweetly)

Pyari si bhabhi ka haath lungi apne haath mein (Anjali took Riddhima's hand in her own hand)

Fir ek din arey kya kehna ek phool sa khilega aangana (Anjali winked at both Armaan and Riddhima and folded her arms in the manner of craddling a baby. Riddhima blushed and dropped her gaze while Armaan rose his hand playfully to hit his naughty sister but she managed to scuttle away.)

Pyara bhaiya mera dulha raja banke aa gaya

Pyara bhaiya mera

Anjali  returned to the other girls and resumed dancing.

The girls dispersed and the boys again came to the fore led by Rahul:

Dekho kaise saj rahi surat mere yaar ki

Masti mein kya jhoomti shaam aayi pyar ki

Goriyo ke beech mein baitha kaise shaan se

Aise hi poore ho din mere bhi armaan ke

(Rahul rest his face on his palm and feigned being engrossed in dream and let out a fake sigh)

In haatho mein bhi koi haath aaye

Apne bhi suhaag ki raat aaye

(Rahul stole glances at muskaan who was standing with Riddhima and smiled)

Resham ke pagri mein dekho ghar aangan mehka gaya

Dekho yaara mera

Now the girls joined the boys and holding hands toghether and all started dancing toghether.

Finally the dance came to an end and the whole place echoed with rounds of applause.

In this festive and rapturous ambience, time seemed to flew by and soon approached the time of departure in what seemed within no time.

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
hey nice CS nd part
add me 2 ur pm list
dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged
 nice part...
loved it..
 continue soon..
 do pm me!!!

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