Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: Shikdum Romance

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Posted: 12 September 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Hey guys. I was getting real bored during my lecture, and had my laptop in front of me, so decided to write out a One-Shot after last night's wonderful episode (I especially loved Khushi, and the Jalebi Bai scene LOLLOLLOL). And, this is my very first One-Shot on Arnav and Khushi, so hope you guys enjoy it. Do click on the "LIKE" button, and leave your comments too :)

Neha :)

PS. it is based slightly on the song Shikdum (from Dhoom), so do hear this song as you read it, if you want :)


The morning sun filters through my bedroom window and falls on my face, waking me up. I turn around on the bed, and smile at the still-sleeping figure beside me. My husband, Arnav. 

"I Love You," I say with a wide smile on my face, and kiss Arnav lightly on his lips. I then get up to go to the bathroom, but to my surprise, I am pulled back hard. 

"Arnav'!!!" I protest, "Let me go, darling." I realise he was awake the whole while. 

"No way!" Arnav protests right back, and tries to kiss me. I continue my struggle, but he tightens his hold on me. 

Koyi nahin hai kamre mein
Kya haseen mila hai pal
Aaj sharaarat karne do
Kaam baaki karenge kal 

Arnav attempts to kiss me one more time. He leans in closer, but I turn my face and he manages to get some of my hair instead. 

Arnav sputters and loosens hi grip on me. I take that chance to get out of his hold and dash into the bathroom with the fresh clothes and towel I had kept on a nearby chair the previous night. 

Just before I close and lock the door of the bathroom, I look at Arnav. He is frowning. So I stick my tongue out at him just to annoy him further. His frown deepens, and I giggle before closing the locking the door. 

Jaao baaba jaao
Aise na behkaao
Hosh mein aa jaao
Paagal na bano tum 

I smile as I hear Arnav saying, "Gosh..!! I Love her!!" And that smile remains on my face even as I brush my teeth, shower, change into fresh clothes, and exit the bathroom, all while remembering the sweet moments I have spent with my love, and the sweet moments that are written in our future. 

Dilbar shikdum shikdum    

Some time later, Arnav gets busy in reading his daily newspaper, and having his daily dose of coffee, made by me of course. I have something important to tell him, but I get bored of trying to get his attention, so I set my mind to some other task. 

Arnav soon finishes reading the newspapers, and comes up behind me as I am changing the curtains for our living room windows. So far the curtain rods have been in my reach, but the very last one is a little bit high. Arnav lifts me up to reach the rod, but instead of holding me still, he starts to romance and nuzzle my neck. 

"Arnav'!!" I scream in surprise. "What are you doing? Let go of me, please??!!" 

"When I want to spend some romantic moments or even just sit and talk with you why do you have work to do?" Arnav sets me down on my feet, and asks me that question. 

"Yeah, right!! And when I want to talk to you Mr Arnav Raizada, you are busy reading the newspaper and drinking coffee" 

"Well, Mrs Khushi Arnav Raizada'" Arnav says, getting hold of me, and hugging me from the back, "Don't blame me. Your coffee is the absolutely best in the world. Beats StarBucks anytime." 

"Stop trying to butter me, Arnav." I say, still kind of annoyed at Arnav at not paying me attention earlier. "And I am not going to fall for that puppy-dog face you make when you want me to listen to you. Bye! Let me do my work. And don't disturb me till lunch time!!" 

"But Khushi, romance' Oh common! Don't give me such a big punishment" Arnav protests once again. 

Khidkiyaan kahen, parde gira do 
Is tarha se na, mujhko saza do  

At lunch time, I set the food on the table. I have a slight frown on my face, which I make sure to make obvious to Arnav, because then he will have to be the one to pacify me. 

He tries to kiss and hug me again, but I protest, playing hard to get. But inside, I am just smiling. "This is my revenge, for Arnav not paying me attention earlier." 

I look at Arnav and see him in deep thought, probably thinking of some great way to chase my "anger" away, and smile more to myself. I silently say to myself, "Arnav Singh Raizada, this is what you get when you mess with Khushi Kumari Gupta' Oops..!!! Khushi Arnav Raizada' Oh gosh! How I love that name!!? Khushi!! Stop thinking about Mr Romantic, you have to be angry at him, or at least pretend to, remember??!!!!"  

Chhod do mujhe, jaane bhi do na
Hai qasam tumhein, yun zid karo na 

"Why is Khushi so annoyed with me since morning? I mean, agreed that I was busy in reading my newspaper and drinking coffee earlier' But that I do everyday, and Khushi doesn't have a problem with that. What's so special in today, then?" Arnav thinks in his mind. 

Kaise ye majboori
Kis liye hai doori   

I look back and see Arnav, still deep in thought. I can see that Arnav is coming closer and closer to a perfect plan to pacify me, but I am determined to not fall for anything he does or says. 

Ho bade diwaane
Hai mujhko ye maaloom   

I go into the kitchen to get the last of the food items out ' "garam garam khichdi," Arnav's favorite. Just as I pick up the glass bowl the rice is in, Arnav comes and hugs me from behind. 

Na sataao tum yun muskuraake
Choom lo sanam, baahon mein aake   

"Arnav'!!" I protest, for like the hundredth time that day, which is no different from any other day. "Arnav, let me go, please..!!!?" 

But he denies. "I won't leave you until you say you have forgiven me." 

"But, Arnav' You do this every single day. When I want to talk, you have no time to listen to me. But otherwise you except to romance every moment? This is not done." 

"But, darling'" 

"Don't call me darling, I am upset with you." 

"But, why? Ok fine. Fine! I'm sorry. Please forgive me now at least." 



"Ok, fine. Let me think about it." 

"Khushi...!!" And he starts nuzzling my neck once again. 

"Arnav, stop it!" 



"Ok, fine. Let me think about it." 






"Ok, now really. Stop it." 

"You too.." 

"Of course, me too. I'm kind of tired with this fighting. Plus, I have something important to tell you." 

"What is it?" 

"Come, let's eat first."  

Achcha lo chalo, haari main haari
Maan li sabhi baatein tumhaari   

I lead Arnav to the dining table, where I have set up three plates ' 2 normal sized, and one small for our future guest. Big smile  

At first, Arnav sees the plates but does not say anything. When it finally registers to him that I have set out three plates instead of our usual two, he looks at me with a questioning look. 

"Khushi, why this third plate?" Arnav asks me. 

"Arre, my sweet innocent husband'" I say and smile to myself. 

"Guess'" I reply, giving Arnav a chance to think and find out for himself. 

"Hmmm' Are we having a guest over?" 


"Well then, who is it? And when he is or she coming? Do you mind me eating first though, I am quite hungry. I don't mind eating again with the guest though." 

"Arnav, Arnav, Arnav' Before the guest comes, you can eat. But I will be the one eating for the guest. Plus, the guest has about eight out of nine more months to even enter our home." I speak fast, feeling shy, blushing but glowing at the same time. 

"What???!!! What did you say?" Arnav does not seem to register what I said at first, so he asks a few more of his own questions.  "Why do you want to eat for our guest? Aren't you always the one to watch out for your calories or something? And if the guest is coming after the eight month out of ninth, then why do you need to prepare so much in advance for?" 

Baaton hi baaton mein
Pal guzar na jaaye 

Now Arnav is really starting to annoy me, so I give him the look that means "You better think carefully before you ask another question. And all the answers to your previous questions can be found in your thoughts ' you already know them." 

I guess Arnav gets my hint, because he starts thinking really carefully. I can sense that. But one moment he is deep in thought, and the next moment he is high and drunk in happiness. I knows that the news has finally registered in Arnav's mind, because he hugs me and kisses me, and is practically jumping up in joy.  

Aao ek duje mein
Ho jaayein kahin gum   

"So this means you-mother and me-father??!!!" Arnav asks in improper sentences, and I nod in agreement, myself too excited to speak anything out loud. 

In his happiness, Arnav literally jumps up and nearly brings the whole house down. After finally settling down a little, Arnav looks at me and smiles. He gives me a kiss on the forehead, and then lets it bump against mine. I smile back. All is happy'! 

Dilbar shikdum shikdum


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Sure hun!!.. Do write.. new writers are always welcome here!!

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if you write more of these PM me plzzz.. brilliant!!!!!!!!

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That was so cute and romantic.
I loved it!!!
You've written this OS so beautifully.
I do hope you'll continue to write...Smile

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Posted: 11 December 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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hey plz update more... i love it

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hey guys, thanks for all ur comments and likings so far... hope u liked this one shot... i am currently working on another one shot, as a new years gift ;-D shud post it by the end of the day, prolly in another topic... or maybe i will just open another gallery...

anyways, happy new years to all u guys... wish u all the best in whatever u do,  take care... love u all :)

ps. another of my objective in posting this post was so that the topic cud come to the first page of the forum, so tt ppl dont miss it, and those did can now reply LOLLOLLOL (true, but i also want u guys to enjoy it...)

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