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The Mumbai Trip (A Two Part Maaneet Fic )- Part I

Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Here is a scene for Maaneet's Mumbai trip improvised from an earlier Michi fic of mine.
The Mumbai Trip


After attending the client's wedding in Mumbai, Maan asked Geet if he could take her on a long drive.  Geet could not believe her luck. She looked up at Maan, who merely smiled as he led her to the parking lot where a rented car awaited them. He opened the door for her and after ensuring she was comfortably seated in the front seat,  got around to the driver's side to take his seat.



He drove her to the outskirts of the city. The road was deserted. Suddenly there was a clap of thunder and it started raining. Seeing this, Geet excitedly asked Maan to stop the car and got out in the rains. She twirled around gleefully, lifting her face to the sky. The rain drops splattered over her face.



Maan was surprised to see her dance with such carefree abandon in the rains. He parked the car on the side of the road and got out too. As he stepped out he got his first flashes of his past.  The images were unclear but he felt he had seen Geet dancing like this in the past but try as he may he could not recollect when and where. He shook his head to clear the faint and blurred images and looked at the equisite vision in front of him.



"Maan, the rains are so beautiful. Join me, Maan. Join me in the rains," she said and holding his hand she went in circles around him. Maan couldn't resist smiling at her child-like exuberance. Soon her wet body came under the flash of the head light of an oncoming truck. Seeing his wife's figure revealed in this manner, Maan immediately covered her up with the tuxedo slung on his shoulder and pushed her to the side of the road where her back came into contact with a tree trunk.


For a moment, Geet was startled by his action, but soon gauged the situation. She liked the fact that Maan was possessive as well as protective of her. She looked up to see Maan approaching her with determined steps. As soon as he came near her, he placed both his hands on either side of her head on the tree trunk. He then looked down at her with dark smouldering eyes. Her own eyes locked into his gaze as she stared back at her husband in wonderment. In the dim moonlight she caught sight of his profile. A large rain drop ran down the bridge of his nose and stood dancing on the tip of it. She moved her forefinger up to wipe it. He caught her wrist as she did so and gently kissed her finger tip. She felt a shiver run through her spine as she closed her eyes. He bent his head and kissed her closed eyelids. She shivered some more, due to both his proximity as well as the rains. Seeing her shiver, Maan was alarmed that she was catching a chill. He pulled her away from the tree and led her to the car. Opening the door of the car, he gently thrust her in. He went around the car, took his seat and started the ignition.


The ride back was silent as she tried to get a grip over her tumultuous senses. After they reached the hotel, he led her in with his arm slung protectively over her shoulders. A few eyebrows were raised, seeing the drenched young man and his equally drenched wife. 


Maan and Geet quickly got into their suite.  Geet started sneezing as they entered in. Looking at her with concern, Maan asked Geet to soon change into dry clothes before she catches a cold. He ducked into the bathroom to give her the privacy to change. Geet was, however, in a world of her own and did not pay heed to what he said. Standing before the full length mirror, she relived every moment of their road trip - especially his gentle kisses on her finger tip and eye lids in the rain. She smiled shyly to herself and flushed a deep red.



In the meantime, Maan had stepped out of the bathroom bare chested, with just large white Turkish towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Seeing that his wife had still not changed into dry clothes, he approached her with concern. When he came closer, he noticed the dreamy look in her eyes. Smiling at her, he bent close to her ear and whispered, "What are you thinking about?" She looked up at him, startled by the sudden interruption of her thoughts.  She then blushed and shook her head.


"So, you are not going to get out of these wet clothes on your own? Do you want me to help you?"



Her blush deepened and shaking her head again, she tried to get away. He held her by her arm and jerked her to him. The sudden movement caused her saree pallu to slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. As she stood transfixed in a half state of undress, he came close to her and slid his hands on her flat bare stomach before slowly draping the pallu back on her shoulder. She felt a current shoot up straight to her head. He bent his head and nuzzled her neck, making her moan in desire. He then carried her to the bed and laid her on it. Stretching himself beside her, he ran his fingertips over the contours of her body as he tried to push aside her wet clothes. She closed her eyes, raised her body to his touch and squirmed on the bed. He brought his face tantalisingly close to hers and puckering his M-shaped lips, he blew on it. She couldn't hold back her emotions anymore. She opened her eyes and holding his head between her hands, she looked deeply into his eyes and cried out "Maan, I love you. I love you with all my heart. Make me yours!" She offered herself to him in total surrender.        


He stared back at her with an inscrutable expression on his face. Uttering an expletive under his breath, he suddenly got up. Sitting on the bed, he held his head in his hands for a few seconds. Not understanding his reaction, she too got up and placing her hand on his shoulder, she pressed it. He turned around to look at her despairingly.


"I am sorry, Geet. I cannot do this," he said abruptly. Quickly changing into his pyjamas and dressing gown, he went out of their room, leaving behind a shocked and hurt Geet. 


Geet got up from the bed and with trembling hands she quickly removed her wet saree and slipped into her night suit. She lay back on the bed and turning to her side, she dragged her knees up to her chin and curled up into a ball. Holding her knees tightly between her arms, she then broke into gut wrenching sobs.  After several minutes, she rocked and cried herself to sleep.



In the meantime Maan rushed out of their hotel suite, highly disturbed by what had nearly happened in their room.  His mind was in a maze wondering what to do next. He walked blindly to the bar and asked for a stiff scotch.  When the drink was served, he did not drink it but twirled the glass in his hand, lost in thoughts of the events of the last couple of days.



After the Satya Narayana pooja in his house in Delhi, he had made up his mind to make a conscious effort to be more aware of his wife and her needs. He had to fulfil his obligations as a good husband. He cannot take her for granted. She is neither a piece of furniture in the house to be totally ignored nor a pet which can be occasionally indulged but forgotten most of the time. She is a person with feelings and those feelings have to be respected.  She has been nothing but caring, loving and sincere even when he was his harshest with her.  Whatever problems he was having were not because of who she is but because of his inability to remember their life together before that fateful accident.  He knew that he needed to change his perception of her and of his marriage.



With the intention of spending quality time with her, he took her out on a long drive. Her uninhibited dance in the rains left him speechless.  While he was always aware of his wife's attractiveness, he was made more acutely aware of it when the headlight of an oncoming truck illuminated her curvaceous figure in the drenched saree. He allowed himself to be drawn in by the magnetism and the gentle kisses he gave her were a manifestation of that strong physical pull.


After they got back to their room, he continued to be under the spell, enraptured as he was in her beauty. He made a weak attempt to resist it by asking her to change into dry clothes while he got out of his own wet clothes in the bathroom. But seeing her still in the soaked saree when he came out after a few minutes and noticing the dreamy look in her eyes he realised that she was as drawn to him as he was to her. He went with the flow and her beautiful body only served to fuel his carnal urges. Under normal circumstances he would have reigned in these feelings but at the back of his mind was the promise he made to her to work on his marriage.  So when the circumstances, which were not solely his making, presented the opportunity to get to know his wife intimately, he took it.



He gently caressed her body and found her respond with equal fervour. He would have gone all the way had Geet not bared her heart to him. He was rudely woken up from the magical spell he was floating in, after hearing her love confession.  He was appalled at what he was about to do. As a man, he could have had a purely physical union with his wife without emotionally bonding with her but when he saw, in the depths of her eyes, the pure love she had for him and her complete surrender of not only her body but also her mind and her soul, he just could not go ahead with the act. It was totally unfair to take so much and give so little, for he had only his body to offer, not his mind or soul which were both in a labyrinth. He could not gratify himself in the altar of her love without returning that love, measure for measure.  She definitely deserves better. He cannot play with her pure and innocent heart.  While he was not in a position to give her what she deserves, at least he should not make things more painful for her than it already was. So in the nick of time he stopped himself and rushed out of the room.


He felt angry at himself for letting it go this far. Why did he have to start something knowing he would not be able to complete? In his rage he crushed the drink glass in his hand, shattering it to pieces. One of the pieces sliced his palm. The scotch scorched his open wound and he shook his hand in pain as the blood started streaming. The bar attendant who saw this immediately called for help. Soon his wound was attended to. Just as the bandage was tightened around his hand it suddenly dawned on him what Geet must be feeling being left high and dry after being aroused to her peak.  He cursed aloud and rushed back to their suite. When he went into their bedroom he saw her curled up in a ball, fast asleep. Her cheeks bore the marks of long dried up streams of tears. The foetal position she had taken showed how insecure she must be feeling. His heart bled seeing her in this state. He knew that he was the cause of her emotional fragility. He wanted to pull her into his arms and console her but he feared that if he did this, they may end up seeking physical comfort in each other, given the emotional state they both were in.  He knew that this would be disastrous for their relationship at the current juncture, for he would end up giving her false hopes. That would be even worse than what he had done to her so far. He decided to talk to her the next day, explain everything and seek her forgiveness.


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it's amazing yaar 

do u write a ff ? 

maanluvsgeet IF-Sizzlerz

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hey, opti after a long time u r back wid a OS.
it was superb n awesome as usual

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Woww what a mindblowing piece of writing Opti ClapClap ...if CVs can show such a passionate scenario between Maaneet in Mumbai trip ,I m sure we will permanently go in swarglok LOLEmbarrassed...The way u wrote it can b easily shown on Indian TV because the scene in the hotel room is written so aesthetically and knowing Gurti ,they both can oozee passion and desire perfectly in such scenes ClapClap..remember that scene between Maaneet when mSK comes out of bathroom and pins Geet against the wall asking her to confess and then the bathroom scene in Amritsar when Geet comes out wearing MSK's kurta Embarrassed...So Maaneet hv successfully done such scenes with full grace and oozing passion ...I guess your scenario is very much possible Thumbs Up...

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Wow Opti that was simply fabulous. btw do u write FFs also? Would love to read some written by u. Just send me the link if u do write them. 

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I Soo Wish this HappensClap
misty85 IF-Stunnerz

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It's really nice... chalo OS mein hi sahi meri rain sequence ki khwahish puri ho gayi...Blushing Heart
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This is wonderful

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