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The Crystal Ball - Predictions for TD!

disha77 Groupbie

Joined: 08 December 2004
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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 2:01am | IP Logged

Hey, its prediction time folks…..now that the story is kind of in a stand-still, why not pander to our whims & fancies and predict some stuff that is likely to happen in near future on Tumhari Disha!

DK will propose Disha – This is the most highly debated, much anticipated, eagerly awaited prediction that all of us are holding our breaths to happen (I am so filmy at times, seriously!) My take on this is that it is surely going to happen & it is more of a when & how rather than a whether! My prediction is that it is going to be a very intense, emotional & passionate episode, but if the producers try to add to much of masala in it, the very scene might end up looking tacky & downright cheesy!

Disha will refuse DK – Sorry folks, but that's what I think. Disha won't that much refuse him in clear-cut words, but just be dazed & thunder-stuck & probably just stay away from him and tell him to stay away from her…..remember it is the viewer who knows that DK is in love with Disha, but she herself is clueless about it….or even if she does have an inkling, she has no idea about the enormity of the situation & the depths of DK's feelings for her. So for her it will be like a bolt from the blue when her greatest enemy (erstwhile of course) will tell her so passionately that he loves her.

Disha falls in love – Now that Disha knows what DK feels for her & now that she holds him in esteem (as he had told him) and sympathizes with his situation, it will be but natural for her to fall in love with him, if she is already not! I am of the opinion that Disha has already fallen in love with DK (after the Gargi incident) but her heart refuses to accept it & certainly not acknowledge it. For one, she does not know what DK thinks of her & secondly Disha all said and done is as obstinate as DK by nature and it will be very tough for her to reciprocate DK's love and forget all about their common past (which is responsible for many of Disha's current woes) But my prediction is that by the time their marriage contract ends, she would have fallen deeply in love with DK……though she won't express it, or it will be too late to do anything about it.

DK and Disha will get divorced – Another distressing prediction, but the chances of this coming true are very high. My logic for this is, Gargi has got DK fully under her thumb & DK will go to any extent to save his Mother's life, logic can go take a walk in the woods. Gargi will play a final game by holding Sumitra to ransom & telling DK to divorce Disha in exchange for his Mother's life & DK will be left with no option but to do so. Else, Gargi will play upon DK & Vedant's bitter relationship & make Disha a pawn in the game, DK overcome by jealousy will do something hasty & nasty, which will mean an exit for Disha from the Kanaka house and DK's life (for the time being that is!)

The Sehgal Brothers – DK and Vedant will get their misunderstanding cleared. Though the viewers are still not aware of what is the grudge that both of them hold against each other. Disha should be the catalyst for them to resolve their differences, though again, she can also be the cause of further friction between them, but they should both get together in the near future. If you noticed something, Vedant seems to have a soft corner for Sumitra, she could also be the one who might help in burying the differences between DK and Vedant.

Ranu and Inder – Ranu will most certainly come to know of Disha and Inder's past, but she being an essentially good-hearted person, will not hold it against Disha, but at the same time, she will not be able to co-habit with Inder any longer & walk out of his life. Inder by then would have realized that one in Khosla house is better than one in Kanaka house and will try and win over Ranu, which should not be very difficult. My prediction is that these two will solve all their problems, get rid of all excess emotional baggage & lead a normal, happy life and have lots of kids in the process!

The Three Mothers – Sumitra, Gargi and Suhasini! Sumitra will get cured and tell everyone about what had happened that caused her to remain mute for 12 / 15 / 22 years or whatever. Gargi will have a befitting end to her evil ways and Suhasini will continue supporting & advising Disha on being a good wife and so on and so forth!

Vedant – My, My, My. Either he will fall in love with Disha (yeah, sounds blasphemous, but its ok, its not as if he considers DK to be his brother) or help in reuniting DK and Disha….depends on how the producers decide to etch out his character in future. If Vedant gets a woman in his life, then most certainly, there won't be any chance of a Disha – Vedant romance in the anvil, but you never know these days!

Miscellaneous Characters – Sanya will come back once Disha is out of DK's life, but with no success because DK would have become a Devdas by then and Sanya as we know is no Chandramukhi! Taj will be just what he is, a rolling pin. He should remain loyal to DK, can't comment much on him, as he is just an ancillary character. Azuba should also make a re-entry, I have given up on Vijendra coming back, because Disha has anyway forgiven DK for all that happened, so it hardly matters. Anupam should stick to giving advice to Sonny boy. Anil and Sukanya will get a good lesson from Gautam someday!

My overall prediction says that for the next 3 months or so, Tumhari Disha will revolve mainly around DK – Disha angle, DK – Disha – Vedant triangle, DK – Disha – Gargi – Sumitra quadrangle! Hopefully, the producers should try & concentrate on the main story line and not add too many plot twists & characters & try and do an Ekta Kapoor!

Please do post your views, suggestions, predictions on this, the wackier the better!

lilly Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2005
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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 3:43am | IP Logged

Disha your crystal ball prediction were amazing , I am really not kidding when in the past atleast a zillion times I think the writers of TD should include you in there team

1. DK proposes to Di- cant wait to see that ( I agree di will likely refuse the serial has to move forward ) I did get to see the promos you  all mentioned do you think it will be that episode or that will turn out to be a dream sequence.

2. Di falls in love- I agree she has fallen in love but may take her several episodes to realize that she is head over heels with hubby dearest

3. DK di divorce-as you say will likely happen because will give writers several episo

de, lot of tears heartache and separation and may take the two to realize that they are inseparable

4. Sehgal brothers will surely join hands in the end , but not before lot of fireworks

5. Ranu and Inder- I am sure few episode of Rano knowing about Di and Indy feeling miserable and then forgiving hubby and living happily ever after

6. Miscellaneous characters- Anil and Sukanya do you think they will have a change of heart or wear hathgadi and be entering the same jail as I nder, Di, Dev AND dk have done in the past. Taj and Sanya we had predicted might have an affair

7. Big no- to ekta story line, wont be able to see di or dk having a affair with any one else, ekta please keep your writers and your ideas within 100miles of radius, I just dont want this soap to disintegrate

Di again thanks for your excellant view and posts, I jsut have an appetite to keep on reading them  please do not ever stop.

Bobby Newbie

Joined: 30 November 2004
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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 6:40am | IP Logged


Why do you think Disha will refuse DK when she is falling in love with him and vise versa? Also Disha loves DK's mom, Sumitra.




anitha.b IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 September 2004
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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 9:19am | IP Logged

I think the only reason Disha will refuse DK's proposal is because she will have her ego and also remember her vow to destroy DK. She is in love with him but she cannot accept it as soon as he proposes, I guess...and that I would term it as her ego stopping her.
memsaab IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 December 2004
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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 9:53am | IP Logged

I dunno but I have this feeling that DK and Disha would get divorced and again re-married.. DK and Disha though a contractual marriage, went through a Hindu religious marriage instead of getting married at the court (they could have done that also) Looking at all the other serials theseday, brothers getting married to the same girl and the girls getting raped by her husband's family members, I think TD should be having more positive endings, like keeping the marriage.

TD reminds me when I was a little girl and I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast the most among the disney classics. Now as a grown up woman and a mother, I feel Beauty and the Beast is revisited in the form of Tumhari Disha.. and well, if my feelings are good, the Beaty (Disha) would also fall for Beast (ughhh. I don't like to call him that DK) and live happily ever after..

dkaddict Senior Member

Joined: 21 January 2005
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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 11:26am | IP Logged

I think, Disha, that your ideas are very well thought out and very plausible. There must be further turmoil between DK and Disha, or where would the plot line go? But I sincerely hope they don't keep it up for too long, or it would simply be over-kill. It is very easy to see how Disha would refuse DK. Not just her ego, but she may not believe him so easily, even if she wants to.

I also hope the whole proposal is not one of those dream sequences. I'm so tired of that dumb trick, where they show you something, then in the next episode, it turns out to be just a dream or someone's imagination. Dreams and imagination are fine, as long as you know upfront that that is all it is. Then it is a nice peek into the character's mind. But when they try to trick the viewers with it, I wanna smack the writers! It is like a kind of betrayal.

The one time when DK imagined that he told Disha he loves her was fine, as they immediately revealed it as his imagination, but even that approach should not be used too often.

I also am starting to wonder if Vedant is falling for Disha. Now that may be really scandalous over there in India, but it does happen sometimes, at least over here in the west. Since the marriage is contractual, and the Ds are not open about their feelings for each other, it kinda leaves the door open just a crack...

Of course, we would never want to see Disha marrying anyone other than DK. It is a nice set-up for one of those filmy brother-sacrificing-his-love-for-the-sake-of-brother things. I could tolerate that, and it would be easy for the writers to do. First Vedant "rescues" Disha from DK, then realizes his mistake. He proceeds to try and unite them, there by bringing on Gargi's wrath full-steam. After much headache and resistance from everyone imaginable, DK sees the light, forgives Vedant for all faults real and imagined, and rides off on a white horse to save Disha from taking that train to the middle of nowhere!

This still leaves room for my Inder-Rano-Vedant triangle, baby and all! Rano, while initially being peeved with Disha for the whole thing with Inder, soon gets over it by seeing Disha suffer immensely in seperation from DK, and with a little encouragement from Vedant. As they work together to try and re-unite Disha and DK, the relationship grows. Somewhere in there, the druken night I mentioned in an earlier post (see DK and Vedant) occurs. Rano eventually gives up on Inder (poor guy, he just can't win. Maybe he should hook up with Sanya- birds of a feather...) and finds herself hooked up with Vedant. After all, he is a decent man, and insists on providing for his child and its mother! By then, Rano has grown up, what with going through all this crap, and having had a baby! She turns out to be sensible AND mature!!! (shocking, huh?)

Gargi dies when someone spills a bucket of water on her, a la "Wizard of Oz," (possibly Sumitra does this, and whereby she sees Gargi's death, she feels safe and happy enough to come back to her right mind- just in time for the dual wedding, of course, perhaps even saving it from last-minute ruination by Gargi). Anil and Sukanya end up penniless on the street, and not even Gautam cares. Suhas is over-joyed that both her daughters landed such awesome hubbies, nevermind how it all happened!

Not really predictions- Disha's stuff is probably much more like it- just some of my wild imagination at work! LOL Think I've read tooo many cheap romance novels in days past... Big smile


P.S. sorry for the novel, y'all! Didn't realize how long it had gotten...

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

Joined: 01 January 2005
Posts: 1732

Posted: 25 February 2005 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

Hey Disha

Once again great annalysis on whats going happen in the future of TD Clap

I hope Disha really does fall deeply in love with DK Big smile I think she has already started to have feelings towards him as she does care for his self respect infront of gargi and she frequently refers to him as her husband Big smile loll

but do hope that comes true

good work disha Clap

GujuGrl Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 4:33pm | IP Logged

My prediciton on what's gonna happen to Gargi is that she will become crazy and they will send her to mental asylum, just like sumitra, she will rot her entire life in mental asylumBig smile.

I have a gut feeling that maybe Vedant is playing game with her mom too....

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