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Thank You Mehak And Aakriti for this Outstanding and Beautiful Banner <3 Love you both Muahh Smile

Some Things Are So Difficult to Express...Like My Feelings Now. A week ago, I couldn't even imagine this fanfiction coming to a Third thread. Ok, maybe that was exaggeration... I did expect a New MTB thread, But So Soon? Oh God, Never EVER! When I posted a note saying, Yeah I am inactive, Dunno when I will come, Then There went my thread stuck on a freaking 129. Then My Dear Friends ( Read : Loveliest Spammers in the WORLD) Decide to give me a FULL ON SHOCK! I Seriously Cannot Believe I am actually on the 3rd thread With just 12 parts and a hal part and loads of notes LOLLOL. So thank You SO much Everyone, this thread is a gift YOU guys gave to me.

I Cannot Express How Happy I feel. I had to come on after I saw that 150 pages were All done, Because I was sitting with my mom's phone with my mouth GAPING in shock. I was like, They actually Did it?? Its So unbelivably True, and it makes me LITERALLY fly in the air. I am So Thrilled, So Happy. As I've said before, my Storyline is Extremely Simple..But You Guys Make it So Special By Your Lovely comments and all the support, I can't help but get more deeply involved in writing it. Meant to Be is my heart and soul, my story, my life and my stress-buster...But you guys make it my most important deed to do. I Just Love reading your comments. Speaking of which, I am extremely guilty that I could not reply to them...I'm Sorry Loves...But you know na, I'm stuck up in academics. But Do not worry, Or be disappointed, because Your each comment is Valuable and read atleast 5-6 times. I Love Reading Comments :D

Coming To The people who made it possible. As always, My inspiration and my Closet friend on I-F would be the Biggest Reason, Amal. My Basket My Jaan My Angel and My Love <3 When she was gone, MTB was so soona soona. And now she has come back, and made a Dhamaka to take MTB up to here. Undoubtedly the most loyal thing ever, Basket, I Love you. There are very less things I can actually tell you, but as you say, Silence Speaks. Your Armaan Loves You Baby <3 Next, a Big Tie with Amal, would come my Sister, my Zoozoo, My Crazzy Reader Trisha. This FF would be incomplete without her support. The way she defends it, and always comments like its the sweetest thing in the world, she is a BIG mention. Love you Behena! <3 Then ofcourse, There is my dear Ankita, who even though isn't so much spamming on the thread, loves MTB to the core and supports it more than I can imagine. Thanks So much Anku, I don't know What I ever did to get a friend like You. Love You SOOO Much Sweety <3 My Dear dear Spammers- Radhika, Yusra, Preeti. My Cute Shikaars, who love this Sherni, and Are so dear to me. Radzy, BE MAD! because I love you <3 I love how you keep talking to characters and keep spamming even thought you say you're angry and you hate me! Love You jaana! YUSRRRI pagli !! :P You are a gem yaar, That Maitro name is actually dear to me Now. So keep it on and Keep on your emo's! This wouldn't have been possible without you <3 THAAANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUU! Preetttss <3 Mela Adorable Shikaar! Bang on man, you ROCK <3 Always there and I Love You <3 Then There's Aakriti, Mehak, Rabia, Medzi, Zarqaa, Jannat, Geet Di,Ishi, Aanya, Sanaa, Shrutika and many many MANY others Who are behind this thread. You guys are Really Special, All of you <3 Love you EVERYBODY <3

MTB 3 is YOURS. <3 Lets Parrttyy <3 Surprise on the Way <3



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Surprise! ( Page 1 )

Part 13(A) - Connections(Page 1)

Preview To Part 13(B)(Page 25)

Part 13(B) - Connections(Page 31)

Preview To Part 14(Page 72)

Part 14 - Its All That Matters(Page 80)

Preview To Part 15(Page 101)

Part 15-Two Hearts That Beat As One(Page 127)

|Meant To Be #4|

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Yes, The Wait Finally Ends. Each of you must be wrecking your brains hard as to WHAT this Surprise Could be?? Well, Its a Very Simple thing. Many of you voted for me in the FF awards, and not only for that, but for Reading MTB, for supporting it throughout, for Loving it and Staying by, I wanted to thank you all. Words aren't Always enough, nai? Then Lets Thank You in a Very Special Way...By Giving you Some Special Gifts! You all DESERVE it <3 Thank you my Dearies, and Here...Is Your Surprise! I Hope You Will Like It :D

For Amal : Words aren't Enough for you. Because You Are my Love, My Life My Angel My Basket and My Everything! This Thread Wouldn't have come on Without You <3 Love you to DEATHHH! <3

For Trisha ; Girl, You Are My inspiration, and my Backbone. Never Gonna Let go. <3 Be my Sister FOREVER coz I need you <3 Thank youuu!

For Radhika : My Crazzy GAAALL ! Radzy MERI RAADZZYY !! I Love You and you know that. Simply the Girl I never EVER wanna forget <3 Love your madness :D

For Aanya : My Sweet Reader , Or may be, not very sweet? LOL, joking. You're one of the most special People I know in IF !! Thank You <3

For Ankita : My Anku Darling! Tu hi toh merrrii dost hai LOL :P I love you sister! You are the best!! Thank you for staying by :)

For Ishi : ISHROBABYYY! My Follower Numero Uno and one of my favourite commenters <3 love you jaani, You R.O.C.K ,3

For Yusra : Pagli <3 I Love You and Your Maitro is Glad that you're hereee! <3 Keep rocking with your pagalpan babbbyy :D

For Sanaa ; Absentee hui toh kya hua? You're there silently and I miss you :'( One of my favourite readersss! <3 Your comments make me Smile DUDE!

For Medzi : Kyun? Tujhe kya laga...Tujhe bhul jaungi? NEVERR! You are My Sweettoo <3 Love you MMR!! You're So Supportive <3

For Aakriti : My Dear Dear Friend who's been there Always <3 Thank You jaani, without you this wouldn't be possible! You're So Special !!


For everyone else Because All of you Deserve it <3 All of you are Special to me, and in my heart, like No one else. True Gems, Which only I have with me. I thank God for each one of you. My friends, my readers and my special Special Supporters <3 You all are Really Rocking !!

I Hope it was worth the wait and has made you all happy <3


Maitree :)

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This Part is Dedicated To my Dear Trisha! Happy Birthday Babe <3 LOVE YOUUU <3

This part is ALSO for miss Basket My Riddhima Thats Amal, Coz she's back ;) Love You My Sweetheart <3 Enjoy guys! :)


Part 13(A): Connections

She stopped speaking and turned away, just in time to wipe a solitary tear that had slipped down unnoticed. It wasn't easy, relating her life all over again. And the days with Armaan? Those days made up her life. She breathed those days. How could she forget...Best-friends, then falling in Love? That very life was lost. She didn't have Armaan with her anymore. How could she possibly even talk about it, like nothing had happened?

An uncomfortable silence filled the room as she didn't speak anymore. Sid sighed to himself. He knew it wasn't easy for her, speaking out her feelings about the person whom she'd lost and loved. He knew how it felt. But it was necessary for him to know all that Armaan had gone through. He had hurt himself, Riddhima and Armaan a lot already, and he wanted to fix it all. He felt he had a right to know everything about Armaan and Riddhima's past, since both of them were important people in his life. Moreover, Armaan knew everything about his past, about' He closed his eyes and reprimanded himself. 'Not now, Sid.' he said to himself, and sat up on the bed to look at her. She looked faintly outside the window. He knew a little about their past now, but he wanted to know it all.

"Riddhima'", he began.
"Is it important, Sid? Really? Why are you hurting yourself and me both by wanting to listen to Armaan and my past? Why would you want to know how we fell in love, how we separated, what we went through, when you know it's hurting you? ", she asked in a sad tone. Sid was expecting her to ask this.
"Firstly, Riddhima. It's not hurting me, get that thought out of your mind. ", he spoke firmly, " and I have every right to know about Your and Armaan's past. He is my friend and I have seen him suffering in front of my own eyes. I've seen Armaan literally dying, Riddhima. And when you know that our relation is just namesake, since you love him'So don't I have that much right, to let you go to your own happiness?"
"Are you'Why are you so bent on getting yourself hurt? Why do you have to sacrifice?"
"It's not called Sacrifice. It's called doing the right thing. I'm not perfect, I've done many, believe me, many mistakes in my life. It's just that'I don't want to do it all over again. Please Riddhima, if not for me, For Armaan?"
"It hurts.", she stifled a sniff, wanting this topic to finish forever. Guilt had wrapped her in itself, she was guiltier than words could provide, first, for leaving Armaan all alone and second, for hurting Sid. If only, she could turn back the time'

"Please Riddhi, I want to hear this story. I want you to tell me everything. Because its time, to let go.", he smiled and she nodded. She asked once more.
"Are you sure?"
He nodded," So, did you fall in love with Armaan yet?"
Riddhima smiled despite the pain piercing her heart as she said," Not so soon. Armaan and I'we went through a different phase altogether before falling into that."


5th May, 2002.

Armaan checked his watch for the unteempth time, and then the entrance of her house. She still wasn't there. How much time do girls take? He muttered the million dollar question in his head, and then smiled at a memory. He had seen a different Riddhima altogether the day, sorry ' the night they got lost in the jungle. He'd seen his childhood best friend, and not the 'Strong girl' everyone knew her to be. He'd seen a soft, fragile yet a very determined part of her'A part of her which was scared to lose him all over again. He was the scared one too. It had nearly taken his life when she was unconscious. But the thing that had jerked him? It was definitely how she'd taken his name when she'd woken up. It made him feel so ecstatic that he could hardly tell her, and they were closer, stronger. She was undeniably special to him.

Cutting out his thoughts, he heard the rustle of footsteps and saw her keeping the house key on the dining table as she rushed out to him. She wore a white long T-shirt and blue Capri pants, looking like a Barbie doll in display. 'Barbie Doll? Seriously now, Armaan?' ,he grinned at his own thoughts as she approached and then clear his throat. He had planned to be angry.

"Yeah, let's go.", she said as she stood before him.
"What were you doing? Getting ready for your wedding? Or Sleeping?", he said irritably as he checked his watch. 20 minutes.
"Oh, please. I'm a girl okay. I need time to look proper. And Wedding? Sheesh, with whom, you?"
"Yeah, why not. ",he grinned as they reached her car ," Girls DIE to get married to me."
"Sorry, my life is precious.", she answered with a sigh and laughed at his scrunched up face. They were back to the form where he couldn't have any answers. She knew it irritated him, but he looked adorable when he looked baffled like that. Her laugh tinkled down his ears and he frowned.
"Yeah, like whatever." , he rolled his eyes, " Seriously. What were you doing? You're not much of the 'make-up-maniac' type of girls na?"
Riddhima crossed her hands," And was that supposed to be an imitation of my cousin?"
"No..No!", he defended himself before he could get murdered," Not at all. Nikki is such a sweeto , she doesn't need make-up. She's toh beautiful avinyai."
"Nice save, Mallik. But I'll tell you what, I was waking up my cousin, Ms-Kumbhkaran in my house. Otherwise she'd get late for college."
"Riddhima Mata Ki Jai Ho..", he muttered to himself. Riddhima gave a cross look to him.
"Uh, nothing.", he said quickly ," So, let's go."

They drove to the office and stopped where the signboard said,' Max Mobiles and Co.' Armaan gave a sideways nod to her. It was the third sponsor they were meeting for sponsoring their annual fest. It was big- budget fest, because of the fact that B.R. Medical College being the biggest and best in Mumbai. They sat in the waiting area, checking their watches for 9 a.m. It was 8:52 a.m.

"Armaan I want to go in this time."
"Yeah, of course. I mean, we Both are going inside. Vinay Sir is our most important Sponsor and we can't afford to lose him. So we both are gonna talk this time."
"I want to do it alone. You did the last one alone na!",she complained.
"But, Riddhima will you-"
"Don't you trust me?" , she looked into his eyes. Armaan sighed.
"Fine. But I ain't going anywhere, madam. I will be right outside if you need me.", he said seriously.
"I know." , she winked and Armaan shook his head.

Soon their call came and Armaan muttered an 'all the best' to his best friend who smiled confidently and got in, while he stood at the glass door outside, wanting to observe the ongoing. They had been told that the manager Mr. Vinay Chopra wasn't in the city, he'd gone to some place to attend a important meeting, therefore, his assistant would be meeting them. Riddhima had guessed the assistant to be a woman, but to her surprise and disgust both, there sat a man in a loose shirt with his tie tied casually and his hair little ruffled, a complete spoilt-brat kind of attitude.

"Morning sir.", she wished with a smile she could manage.
" Morning Miss'"
"Riddhima Gupta."
"Ah, So miss very-beautiful Riddhi-"
"I'm sorry, sir, but I'd prefer Miss Gupta, please.", she said stiffly and as politely as possible. 'Calm, Ridzi.', she reminded herself, 'You can't afford to displease him.'
"Why are you so formal? Call me Parth, not Sir. I'd like that better, Ms..Gupta."
Riddhima cleared her throat and ignored the comment, " So, err.. Sir, as you know. I'm from B.R. Medical College and we're having a fest in October. This is the list, here." ,she forwarded the file to him.
"Hm?" ,Parth said, pretending to glance through the file but looking very cynically at Riddhima.
"So, Miss..", he trailed off and held her hand casually which was on the table. Riddhima controlled her urge to kick the complete bas**** and fisted her free hand to catch a hold on her anger. She couldn't do anything that would make them lose the offer. Her mind displayed plans of literally murdering the man in front of her eyes for behaving like a roadside loafer, but she took a deep breath and faked a smile among her clenched teeth. She had to finish this off as fast as possible.

Armaan boiled in anger outside the glass door. He wanted to break the door and beat the man to a pulp. His body tensed up immediately and he fisted his hand hard, wanting to crash the glass pane with a punch and then the face of the man sitting in front of his best friend. He was watching from a long time, and he could see her getting uncomfortable and angry , not to forget helpless in front of the man who was acting cheap. He took deep breaths and calmed himself down. He had to do something. As the idea struck, he took out his phone and dialed a number, knowing that the plan would work.

"Sir why don't you.. check the file."
"Ah ,boring files, Riddhima. And how can I see files when such a pretty lady is sitting in front of me? How rude. And Call me Parth, Riddhima."
Riddhima stuck to her decision, " Call me Miss Gupta, Sir." ,she said, trying to wriggle out her hand out of the man's grip, but he held on harder.
"So, Ri- sorry, Miss Gupta, what are you studying? Medical? Very impressive.." 'Kamine, medical college mein kya log dance sikhne jate hai?' ,she wanted to yell and burst out her anger. But merely nodded with a clenched smile.
"Uhm, Excuse me, Sir?", she heard Armaan's voice and looked back to see him knocking on the door while standing with it half-open.
"Yes?", Parth answered and hurriedly left Riddhima's hand . Riddhima breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Armaan in her mind for interrupting.
"Sir, I have a phone call for you." , he said, advancing the phone to him.
"For me?", he asked puzzled, to which Armaan nodded sincerely, and he took the phone to his ear. Riddhima looked on puzzled and Armaan just blinked at her in assurance.
"Hello? Yes this is Parth Gaur from Max Mobiles..Yes, What? Sir?", his face suddenly white as a ghost and Armaan hid his smirk as the man stumbled with words," N-no Sir. W-w-why would I-I-I do..that?" , he listened and wiping perspiration from his forehead even in the AC-room he said," Y-yes. S-S-Sorry, V-very'S-Sorry S-Sir. N-No! N-e-v-er. Y-yes. T-thank y-y-you. " , he cut the phone and gave it to Armaan who put up a very sincere face. The man gulped on two glasses of water and calmed himself down as he said, " Miss..Gupta, I-I am v-very Sorry. My b-behaviour was unacceptable. And..I..Sorry, we are ready to sponsor you. I shall talk to Vinay Sir. It shouldn't be..a p-problem. You can g-go now.", his voice shook as he didn't turn to them and wiped his perspiration from his white face.

Armaan grabbed Riddhima's hand who looked confused as ever and made an exit. As they got out of the building and sat in her car, Riddhima didn't lose time to ask," What happened right there?" to which Armaan gave a triumphant smirk and a mysterious smile to her.

"Armaan!",she hit his arm when he didn't say anything and drove on.
"Kya yaar! WWF se ayi ho?Maarti kyun rehti ho?", he said irritated.
"TELL ME!", she whined like a child.
"Fine. Riddhima MATA. ", he said, folding his hands ," I called up someone.", he smirked again.
"Rahul's Dad, Superintendent of Police Vijay Grewal. Viju uncle is really close to us, and he was on fire when he heard about it. He was all ready to help'and By the way, I'm really possessive about my friends and you. So, Do not Even try to Say thanks ", he added with a wink.
"Thanks.",Riddhima grinned.
"Fine. Your welcome ,Ms Gupta.", he said while groaning dramatically.

Riddhima smiled. It had touched her beyond words. She could not explain how much it mattered to her that her best friend was possessive towards her. Armaan had always been like that. She smiled and realized that the days with him were so memorable and deeply etched in her heart, she couldn't ever forget him, even if she wanted to.
"Madam Dreamy, We're here.", Armaan said breaking into her thoughts.
Riddhima rolled her eyes as he said that and got out of the car. He parked it sideways and gave her the key saying, "You go on to class. I will meet you there."

"Where are you going? ", she frowned.
"To tell Mayank it's done'the meeting, I mean.", he told her and she nodded, seeing him leave.

She went to the locker room to collect her stuff and opened her locker only to find a bunch of roses there. She loved roses. Muttering 'Armaan' in her breath, she smiled, touched at his gesture. They were red roses, her favorite, and had the smell of fresh morning flowers. Inhaling the scent she smiled to herself and kept them back safely in her locker, when a note fell out of the bunch. Picking it up, she was intrigued because it said , 'You know me, very well. And I hope when I'll come back, you will not hesitate to pass me a smile. Miss you loads. ' A.'

Now she was sure it was Armaan by the initial 'A'. Making a mental note to thank him, she collected her books and headed towards her Biochemistry class. She was quite familiar and well-adjusted with the place and college now, and knew many people. She passed smiles to everyone as she walked, wished her professors politely, when she heard a voice behind her.

"Excuse Me?", the voice was a soft feminine one, having a very calming warmth. She turned.
A slim middle-height girl stood behind her with a gentle smile. She had a slender fair face, which could be called beautiful and hair till half of her back, which was tied in a ponytail. The girl wore black jeans and a blue long T-shirt which said," Boys are Stupid. Run them over." With a girl running over a guy with a scooter as a picture under the text. Riddhima found this stranger quite attractive and interesting. She gave a smile and said," Yes?"
"Uhm..", the pretty stranger hesitated and then said, " Could you show me the way to the Principal's office? "

Riddhima raised her eyebrows. Principal? In the college, she knew everyone called him Princy. She is new, she understood and nodded. "Yeah, sure! Go straight, and then left. You see a signboard there.", she showed him with her hands.
"Thanks!", the girl said with a bright smile and started walking. Then she turned and hit her head.
"So stupid of me." , she laughed lightly, " I forgot to ask your name!"
"First things first. Which year are you in?"
"First year. Why?"
"I'm in first year too!", Riddhima said, glad to be introduced to a new classmate ," Hi. Riddhima Gupta.", she said, forwarding her hand.
"Can I call you Ridzi?" , she asked uncertainly before shaking her hand.
"Of course! All my friends call me that. " , she smiled, " What's your name?"
"Hie.", she shook Riddhima's hand as she said," I'm Nishita Sharma."

They exchanged a few pleasantries before they went their ways. Riddhima entered her Biochemistry class, and the usual scenario was on. Nikki and Muski were fighting over a new phone, god-knows-whom, Anjali was scolding Atul, Abhi and Rahul were exchanging their favourite deal of swears, and Armaan? She looked around the whole classroom only to see Armaan's face hidden by his Biochemistry book. He was studying so much? Riddhima was genuinely surprised. She walked over and occupied the seat beside him, glaring at a skinny short-skirt wali who was staring at him. Kaameni.

Keeping her books on the table, she hesitated if she should call him. His black hair was peeping from the sides of the book and he was very unusually quiet. Armaan always mumbled in his breath while reading or learning. What was so weird today? Removing the book, she saw his mouth a little open, his breathing even, his face undisturbed as his head lay on the table, leaving him asleep. He looked so adorable, she couldn't help but smile. But he had to wake up. The Khadoos Pandey would be here soon to make their heads pain.

"Armaan?", she called softly.
"Uhhh'Ma sone do na..", he mumbled in response. Truly he had no idea as to where he was.
Riddhima giggled before she could wake him up,"Armaan.", she called again.
"Tch.", he replied and turned his head to the other side. Before she knew, her hands had automatically reached out and ruffled his hair which felt extremely soft under her touch. Smiling, she reached out for a pencil from her box and as she found it, she poked his cheek with him.
"Mera khoon mat karo..", he mumbled back. Riddhima giggled and poked his ear.
"Kya-", he was fully awake now due to her efforts but stopped yelling when he realized it was her.
"Basket.", he smiled sheepishly.
"Armaan.", she laughed.

Before they could continue their talk, their teacher entered their class. He was a strict man, that Pandey. He didn't allow any talking or joking in his class. He was good teacher by all standards and definitely a man of his words. Looking pleased at his class all quiet, he wished them and started to teach, making Nikki yawn at the first sentence he said. At this time, Armaan scribbled something in his notebook and casually passed it to Riddhima.

Thanks ;) ' Armaan.

Thanks For What? ' Confused Riddhima.

For waking me up. Otherwise yeh Pandey mujhe kaccha chabaa jata. :P

Aww its okay. But thanks to you too : )

For What?

For you-know-what.

Riddhima stop blushing okay. I'm not a antaryami, that I'll know
everything. Bata na, whats it?

Okay for the thing that you left for me in my locker.

The thing I left in YOUR Locker? Are you nuts? I don't even know where your locker is!!

Ya, Armaan. RIGHT. Then who knows, except you, that Red Roses are my Favourite ???

Nikki does!

DUH. But Nikki's name doesn't start with "A" and she is not crazy to give me roses avinyai.

So the person who gave you roses, SORRY, red roses, his name starts with "A" ?? What if its Abhi, or Atul?

Oh Shut Up. They wouldn't do it. And Ofcourse, if they did, they would do it for their Girlfriends, na? Not For me.

Riddhima PLEASH. Why Would I give you Red Roses? And even if I did, Don't you think I'd give to you amne samne? Why would I put in your locker and write "A" and not Armaan? I'm not the hiding type guy, you know Basket.

Armaan Please Admit it. Stop acting innocent. It's okay if you think I didn't like it. I did. They were beautiful and made me smile.

I DO love to see you smile, But DUDE, it's NOT MEEE !! I swear on Pandey! What? Don't throw me that cross look, I'm serious !! I'm not hitting on you! Please, believe me.

Riddhima stopped writing and looked at him. He looked serious, innocent and quite repentant. Maybe he hadn't done it. But then, who could it be??

Ok. I believe you.

Phew. Thank GOD.

But then Armaan, Who could it be??

OOOHHH Secret Admirer! "A" could be for Admirer also na?

When will you stop making up things? I don't want any idiot to hit on me. I'll break his jaw.

Riddhima waited but Armaan gave no answer. When she was about to hit him, she saw he had this really REALLY big smile on his face, it was literally shining. Perplexed, she followed his gaze to see Nishita standing infront of the class, beside their biochemistry teacher, who was introducing her. Riddhima frowned to herself. How flirty could Armaan get? Nishita was a really sweet girl, and she was new'and almost prey to his flirting. No WAY!

"ARMAAN.", Riddhima whispered urgently. But he didn't budge. She pinched his arm hard.
"OWWW!", he complained," Kya hai!", he hissed back.
"YOU.WILL.NOT.FLIRT.WITH.HER.", she warned him in a undertone.
Armaan's anger gave way to a Very mysterious smirk as he said, "Jealous huh, Basket?"
"Oh.PLEASE.", Riddhima rolled her eyes," She's new, Armaan. Usko toh baksh do!"
Before Armaan could answer, the bell rang for lunch break and he swiftly got up from his chair, smiling mysteriously at her. Nikki and the gang got up too in the huddle of students leaving the class and before they could say anything, Armaan stepped forward and with a casual attitude, pushing the gang behind. Muski and Nikki were all ready to jump on him, but waited to see what he would do.
"Hey beautiful, dinner tonight?", Armaan said in a flirty tone.
Nishita laughed her tingling laughter as she replied," Oh sure why not, Handsome. But what if we go now? Maybe I can be busy tonight?"
"Oh don't worry,I will help you be free..", he winked.
"Then it's a date!", she winked back.
Armaan laughed as he moved forward to hug her," I missed you so much man!"
"I'm so glad to be back!", she replied excitedly as they hugged.

Riddhima looked more perplexed than ever. What the hell was happening? Did they know each other? But how? And they looked really close'it somehow irked her when they hugged. She reminded herself constantly it was nothing to worry about. Now they broke the hug and the gang jumped in.
"Nish!", Nikki squealed.
"Hey Nik! Missed me? God I missed you guys! Our Mad gang just broke!", she pouted.
"Kameeni tu gayi kyun?", Muski started.
"Kameeni kyunki tum logo ne roka nai!", she replied back.
"AWWW!", came the chorus reply as the girls hugged. The boys rolled their eyes.
"AND, so this is Anjali, Atul, Rahul aur Abhi ko toh janti ho..and this..",Nikki came to her cousin and proudly beamed at her like a proud mother.
"Is Riddhima.", Nish smiled at her which Riddhima gladly returned, " She was the first to meet me in the college."
"Really Basket?", Armaan asked in surprise. Riddhima nodded.
"Wait a sec, Armaan. You finally found your Basket?", Nishita asked interested.

It was Riddhima's turn to look at Armaan. She knew who Basket was? Armaan had told her about his childhood friend? Means, that Armaan hadn't forgotten her? Armaan passed her a sheepish smile and nodded to Nishita.
"Err'You know Basket'Nish and I studied together in school. We were really close friends. So, I told her. And I missed you."
"Yeah, he did !! He could talk hours about how you two had got along in your childhood. I could never imagine that Basket would be THIS beautiful. ", Nish laughed.
"Thanks.", Riddhima blushed.

They all chatted on old times, about their memories, their schooldays, their teachers, college, Armaan's pranks, Nikki's zombie-form before exams, Muski going emotional way before their farewell,and everything else. Nishita smiled through all that. Her eyes were getting moist and her heart pained in a different way. It wasn't as easy as she'd thought it would be'Coming back to Armaan all over again, when she knew that he could never ever love her. He just didn't. As she saw him lightly drape an arm around Riddhima's shoulders, she had to stuggle to hold on to herself.

"Excuse me.", she said, blocking her tears and smiling fakely before getting up.
Armaan knew that expression and was worried. They were together and they knew each other very well. It was difficult to figure out what she was thinking, but easy to figure out that she was upset about something. Riddhima saw that worry in his eyes.
"Anything wrong,Armaan?", she asked.
"Basket..I..I'll just go check on Nish, 'k? ", Riddhima nodded.

He walked towards the common room and saw it empty. He checked the classrooms,
but not even there. Walking to his last destination ' the locker room, he heard some low sniffs. She sat curled up in a corner, hugging her knees tight to herself. He was instantly worried. This was not the Nishita he knew and was so close to. He walked up to her and sat to her height.

Nishita looked up from her knees, and wiped her tears hurriedly. Her eyes were still red and puffy, her cheeks marking her faint tears.
"Nish whats wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong.", she stood up along with him and looked away, "I..I am fine."
"Really now, Nishita Sharma? You'll lie to me, Me?", he said mockingly.
"Armaan seriously its.."
"Come on.", he said and pulled her arm, making him walk with him.
"Sit.", he ordered her sternly as they came near his bike.
"Armaan but-"
"Sit,Nish.", he threw her a cross look and they sat down, and he zoomed his bike away.
"Where are we going?", she whispered.
He didn't answer. He zoomed the bike and screeched to a stop before Starbucks.
"What are we doing here,Armaan?", she asked innocently.
"Lets go.", was all that he said.

She nodded numbly with perplextion and followed him. She noticed he'd brought her to the Starbucks near the Marine Drive, the place she loved to come and spend her time. Moreover, she had so many memories with the place with Armaan.

"Here you go.",he said, handing her a cup of her favourite steaming cup of cappuccino. She smiled at him gladly but still pondered over how weird he was behaving. Armaan, on the other hand, was determined to get some answers.And he knew he would. He watched the play of emotions on her face, clearly wanting to guess why he'd brought her there. He laughed lightly, thinking how adorable she looked.
"Thinking why we're here?"
Nishita passed a cross look," No, trying to figure out if we can setup a disco here. Duffer.", she replied back sarcastically.
"Okay I'm telling you na, itna hyper kyun ho rahi hai? I brought you here know, we have memories connected to this place and I thought we needed to talk."
"Needed to talk?", she asked in a whisper. Had he guessed what she was thinking, like he always did? 'No, please not, God..I don't want to hurt him.', she thought in panic.

Armaan looked at the ocean and a smile spread on his face before he put his coffee cup to his lips. A peaceful, still smile that Nishita understood. A smile of familiarity, comfort and happiness. He was happy, and somewhere deep down, it made her happy. That's what she'd come back for, right? Armaan. The one who made her happy, who wiped her tears when she cried, who made her laugh, who was, for her, the knight in shining armour..the one she loved, the golden heart she treasured, the laugh, the adorable dimples she kept in her memories, the eyes, the voice and the moments that were etched in her heart. She came back to live.

"Do you remember Nish, how I brought you here one day when you were crying? How we bunked school?"
She smiled," Ofcourse I do. We were in class IX. Nihal was bothering me way too much and I would hate to go to school. I wouldn't even tell you. You were so angry."
He looked at her now as he continued," Exactly. And when I brought you here, we watched the ocean and drank coffee with my pocket money and then you cried. You cried so much on my shoulder and let it out."
"You were so angry at Nihal. I remember you even fought with him."
"You know I don't like anyone messing around with my friends. And waise bhi,I wanted you to feel better."
"I did. Only talking to you felt so good."
"That's the very point here, Miss Nishita Sharma. We're doing exactly the same. I brought you here, so that you can tell me whats going on in that little brain of yours and bothering you to death and making you cry. You'll feel good you know."
"Armaan'", she hesitated and then there was silence.

Armaan waited patiently. She wasn't a girl who could speak out her feelings easily. Although the Nishita he knew was bubbly, cheerful and talkative, and could blabber for hours, he knew that there was a different girl inside who kept herself locked with her feelings, and would do anything to not hurt the people who she was close to. He wondered if the thing bothering her would be anything related to him. Then what could it be? He brushed away the thought and watched her. She wasn't looking at him, she was staring blankly at her cappuccino cup and was lost in thought. Sighing, he faced the ocean again. She was definitely not the Nishita he knew. Nishita Sharma had changed'in just 2 months after he'd seen her last, full of a quiet, unreasonably reserved girl.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she could feel his gaze on her face before it turned to the sea. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she balanced herself within. Could she tell him? Could she break down? Again? She didn't know. Did she have the strength to tell him that she loved him and was crying because she knew he didn't return the feeling, and then tear herself into pieces again? No, she decided, she wouldn't tell him that. She could tell him what actually the reason for her return was'

"Did you wonder why I came back?", she said softly.
"Yes.", he answered, waiting for her to respond.
She seemed to take a deep breath and then closed her eyes as she began," I guess you would remember what was happening between Mom and Dad when I left. You know, Armaan'They fought, quarreled, cursed each other, but I always thought that two people who'd loved each other immensely could not be out of love'I always thought that someday, someday they'd come back to each other like they initially were..But I guess, I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I...found out, they'd lied all along. They Never Loved each other. It was forced business deal and nothing else, tagged with the sign-board "Marriage" . But somewhere they could have fallen for each other, right? But they didn't'they hated each other like poison, they hated me'They only loved Nishant'", her voice broke and she looked away, as Armaan hurriedly held her hand and squeezed it in consolation. She cried, not wanting to face him, putting her face in her hands as her coffee cup stayed on the table.
"I..I.. I always tried to show them I could be a good daughter'But I was a girl, after all..", she managed out choking, " I never complained on the fact that they loved Nishant more, after all he was my elder brother, and I knew that somewhere'S-somewhere, bhaiyaa loved me more than he loved Mom-Dad. He would always be there'You know..", she looked at him and he nodded, as her tears dried and left marks on her fair cheeks. " He treated me like his princess, and thought I was the world to him. He didn't like M-mom Dad for the way they treated me. He used to ignore them, and they would try to please him all the more. It hurt, It'Hu-Hurt.."

Armaan stayed silent and gazed at her in wonder. Could she really have that much locked up inside her? No wonder she'd changed. He didn't know what to say. He saw tears subside slowly. Sniffing her tears back she mustered up courage to look at him. He searched her face to look for words'and he couldn't find any.

"You know'We went to Pune because Nishant wanted me to fulfil my dream. He made Mom-Dad agree. But everytime Nishant would be away, Mom Dad would yell at me, curse me. They fought a lot themselves and had decided on divorce'", at this point, she covered her mouth with her hand, paused and then continued," Nishant found out and was devasted. He came home drunk everyday'EVERY single day. It was like our parents were killing us. Locking us up. I'I never saw my brother like that. Mom used to blame me for his drinking. She said I was responsible' I was messed up, Armaan. Nothing went right. Everything was hell complicated. Nishant told me I should be back to Mumbai'to you..where I used to be happy, where I used to LIVE '. And so I did. I feel so much better'Alive.." , she ended, wiping her tears.
Her face glowed now, in the glitter of the sunrays, it was like she had lifted a heavy burden off her chest. She looked confident, content. He knew that he didn't have to comment on her family history to torture her more. Instead, he said softly, " I know you feel better."

Holding the coffee cup in her hands, she gave a warm smile to him. She couldn't deny, she had come back for him. She loved him, she knew, and Armaan didn't. It didn't matter to her. As long as they were together and could spend time as friends,she'd be fine. She couldn't even think of going back to the mess in her family, and the time that had broken her,HER...Who was strong,therefore,she was there where her heart was,With Armaan.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you.",she whispered quietly.
He couldn't deny,he had missed her a lot too. She was one of the most special people he had in his life. She'd been there when his father had died, he'd been there for her when she needed him. They had seen each other's happiness and sadness. And he knew,he'd guessed why she'd come back.
"I've missed you too,Nish. I never wanted you to leave.",he said as she held his hand.
"I never wanted to leave,Armaan. And How could I not come back? I could never stop loving you.."

And he stared,in pure surprise,at the unexpected change in the person he knew so well. Had she just said what he thought she said? She loved him? A Sudden wave of guilt and remorse filled him, as he left her hand and moved aside uncomfortably.

"Nish I'"
"I, I am'I am Sorry'Armaan'really. That just slipped out. What I meant is'Loving you like a friend'", she quickly covered up before this could get any more awkward.
"Oh.", Armaan said with a smile, relieved. He believed her quite easily this time. " You scared me, God." , he said, laughing, with his hand on his chest.
"Thank You.", she said.
"For this? Naah'I'm a expert at kidnapping you. Doesn't really matter. Pshhtt!"
Nishita giggled and hit his arm playfully. "Armaan! You're never gonna change'"
"Do you want me to, sweetheart? ", he winked cheekily.
"No honey!", she replied back with equal cheekiness. " So tell me, how is Aunty? "
"Mom'Uhm, she is as beautiful as ever, she is good. And strong.", he smiled silently.
"And I think your life after me was very much good? Like Riddhima'."
"Riddhima what?", he asked perplexed.
"Come on Armaan! Don't act innocent! You're dating Riddhima right? Its so obvious! And you two look good together."
"Not you too!", he groaned.
"What not me too?"
" For God's sake. I'm NOT dating Riddhima. I am NOT in LOVE with her, we're just friends. Best friends, to be exact."
"Oh blah de blah. Don't joke. And By the way, I never mentioned the "Love" part'", she grinned teasingly with her eyebrows raised, " Anything I am missing, Mr Mallik'?"
"Nish!", he groaned, " PLEASE!"
"Okay. Okay. Don't get hyper. I believe you. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Although difficult to believe but'", she sighed.
"And okay topic change. Hows Nishant doing?"
"Nishant..Er, he's got himself a girlfriend'", Nishita giggled with sudden excitement as she went on to tell him the whole history. Armaan listened, they laughed, chatted, hit each other, enjoyed and caught up..It was like old times.

And somewhere deep down, Nishita was inexplicably happy. Their connection wasn't lost.


"Tccchh! Nikki chod isse! ", Riddhima pulled her cousin away from Muskaan. They were fighting like cats and dogs over someone's new phone. Riddhima had to struggle a lot to untie Nikki's and Muski's hands from each other's hairs.
"KAAAMMEEENNNII! Chodungi nahhii!", Nikki screeched to Muskaan who showed her tongue.
"IT IS MY PHONE!", Muski shouted back.
"Rahul ka matlab Indirectly mera! I'm his girlfriend!"
"Oye Bhul mat jaa tu'", Nikki got out of a frustrated Riddhima's grip and walked towards Muskaan, her finger pointed, " I.. I ", she pointed to herself, " I helped you to confess your feelings to him. Before you two were together, we were friends. Agar main nahi hoti na, Rahul would probably come and make you tie a Rakhi on his hand! Phir you'd stay na, Bhai-behen types!"
"Nikki'",Muski swore in her breath.
"Muski ki bacchi'"

They were going to jump on each others hairs once again but Riddhima scolded them on top of her lungs and they sat beside each other like 5-year olds, putting a finger to their lips and pouting.
"Sorry Kameeni.", Nikki said.
"Chal koi nai, I know tub hi kameeni hai. We're KAMEENIS FOREVERRR!"
Nikki and Muski both laughed their indreculous laughters and hugged each other, then slapped each other's arms. Riddhima giggled. Could they get any crazier?

"Nikki, chal.", Riddhima smiled at her cousin. They both made their way to Nikki's car, as Nikki grinned.
"Aren't we crazy, Ridz?", she asked.
"Oh. Crazy will be a understatement .", Riddhima giggled.
"We were even crazier when we were in school. Nish, Armaan, Muski, Rahul, Abhi'", she trailed off, " Waise you know about Armaan and Nish, right?"
"Yeah. He told me they're really close friends. And he had a special bond with her'You know, because she was there with him when his dad died'"
Nikki placed her hands in her hips and looked at Riddhima,narrowing her eyes.
"What?",she questioned.
"So,he hasn't told you the Whole thing yet,has he? I knew he wouldn't.Riddhima,They weren't just...CLOSE FRIENDS,you know."
"So?",her brows srunched up in confusion.
"Nishita's Armaan ex-girlfriend. One of his most closest girlfriends. They broke up when she left for Pune. They dated for 2 whole years.",Nikki sighed.

And Riddhima gazed at her cousin in wonder, raising her eyebrows. Her mind fumed at that very instance. Why hadn't Armaan told her about Nishita?


Armaan stopped writing and got up to get himself a cup of coffee. He remembered how angry Riddhima had been, with all the Nishita fiasco. He hadn't loved Nishita, she was just a close friend to him. And at that time, he was so stupid not to understand how jealous Riddhima had been when they were together. They both kept denying their feelings.

Jealousy- a deep thing that he had never known. He had seen it in Nikki's eyes when Abhi was flirting with any random girl, he'd seen flames of anger in his Basket's eyes when he was close to Nish. It would be a lie, however, if he said he didn't experience jealousy. He certainly did, when'

Laughing to himself and letting the thought pass by in the air, he stirred his coffee. His phone rang and he picked it up. "Hey Niks.", he said smiling.
"Yeah, I'm fine'You worry too much man..", he laughed as he gazed at his diary's half-written page.


Okay again I wasn't really happy with the way this turned out. I mean the ending bit. I want commentsss! This part was LONG! And I want to see how Nishita is received..Loads is left to know people, so hold on to your seat belts and enjoy the MTB ride : ) I don't really know if I'll be able to write anything within this month. Will try although . Thanks for sticking by guys, MEANS A LOT <3
And Basket, This was for you too because you came back :)


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Cant believe I am firsttt..WOHOOO...I need to catch up with MTB..But dont worry...I promish you the longest comment (EVEN IF IT MEANS CROSSING RADHU DIIS LIMITS) I am supposed to be your biggest commentor and I aint let radhu dii win..Radhu dii..BewareEvil Smile

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Congratulations for the new thread sweetheart. Hug From write one shots, to short stories, to this ff and others you have indeed come a long long way :) And so well.

I love your writing and the essence of innocence it carries =) I HOPE you always get inspired enough to write and keep us all entertained. ILY 

Please know, even if I am not spamming here does not mean I do not love this ff as much as you do. BECAUSE even though MTB is your baby I do feel its mine as well. LOL

I know this is a time in your life when you're focus is on your studies and career. Please put all the focus in that and we would totally understand wait for the parts to come.

Take writing as your stress buster and do not pressure yourself with it. 

I am so glad you feel I have played any part in making you happy and being encouraging enough here. I promise to always be there :D

Continue writing and all the best for everything you do sweety, you do deserve the best =) Hug

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I need a surprise badly..Is there anyone who can give me now?? (And btw I expect only one person to answer this)
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I definitely need some time out jaani..I think this moment is something beyond my imagination and so give me some time to just wipe out all those pearls from my eyes before my mom comes in..For now all i know is that you have to be one person I was destined to love with all my heart without even seeing..funny how its so similiar to YAS..Give me a minute to myself..Please..I need it badly..

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