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NivRen FF:Realization of Love *completed*

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Welcome to this thread my NivReniacsHug...well you all must remember that i used to write some NivRen scenes few weeks ago...well i am putting them in a thread as requested by a member of the forum, Bowya...ummm you all can't say that it's a NivRen FF...But as i am writing and carrying the story forward from the time when Viren went to Delhi in CCBM and i would like to share the way the story should have shaped after was our Bad luck that it did not happened and CCBM went off air...but NivRen memories will be with us forever and we will cherish all the NivRen moments together.
                    talking about the updates, i want to say only one thing that i don't know when i will update it. As most of you know that i write a NivRen FF:Hum Tum already and i have to concentrate on my studies too so it will be difficult for me to update soon...but i will try my best to update it soon...but i promise that i will try my best to make the updates as good as possible


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magical couple

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Nivi was feeling quite lonely since the time Viren left for Delhi. Although Divya, Vandana Taiji and other members of the Sood's house was there with Nivi but she was feeling quite lonely.

        Viren used to surprise her everyday with doing something special for her that today she was missing him and his cute surprises. She was also missing his nonsense talks which always made her laugh and forget all her worries and sorrows.

                           Today everybody went to the temple. Nivi decided to stay back as Viren called her and said that he is coming back today. She was so eager to see him after so many days.

          Nivi was busy thinking about all the surprises that Viren gave her when she heard Viren's voice "Mere bare main soch rahi ho?" She looked around to see Viren standing near the door while taking support from the wall and arms folded.

                              Nivi stood up and came near to him. She was so happy to see him. Her eyes were twinkling with excitement. She was very happy to see Viren back. Still she maintained her face expressions and pretended that she is busy in thinking something.

       She stared at Viren's smiling face for quite few moments. Viren looked at Nivi and then said while moving his hand in front of Nivi's face "kya hua Nivedita? are you listening me? Kuch shock laga kya mujhe dekh kar?"

                             Nivi came back from the thoughts running in her mind and said " haan ...kuch nahi Viren main thik hoon. Tum kab wapas aaye?"

                       Viren replied mischievously "main tab wapas aaya jab tum mere bare main soch rahi thi."

               Nivi lied "nahi main tumhari baare main nahi soch rahi thi." Viren looked at her while narrowing his eyes and said "tumhe jhoot bolna nahi aata  Nivedita. Ab tum ye accept kar lo ki  tum mujhse pyaar karti ho aur abhi tum mere baare main ho soch rahi thi."

         Nivi lied again "no I was not thinking about you." Nivi turned away from him while neglecting the fact that she love him in her heart.

             Viren placed his hand on Nivi's shoulder and made her turn towards him. Viren said "Nivedita meri aankhon main dekho." Nivi looked in his eyes. Viren said "ab meri baat ka jawab do- kya tum mujhe miss kar rahi thi?"

              Nivi who was lost in staring at Viren said "haan." Viren questioned her again "kya tum ye wish kar rahi thi ki main Shimla jaldi wapas aa jaon?" Nivi again replied him "haan."

               Viren questioned her again "kya tum abhi mere bare main soch rahi thi?" Nivi again replied him "Haan."

      Viren said "last question ' kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho?" Nivi again replied "haan."

        Viren smiled at her and said "Dekha tum mujhse pyaar karti ho ye tumne accept kar liya hai."

          Nivi who was lost in looking at Viren realized what she said just now and stuttered "Viren wo main'." Viren placed his finger on Nivi's lips and said "main kuch nahi sunna chahta."

          Viren ran his hand over Nivi's face and closed her eyes with his hand. Viren said "wo  kaun si yaadein hain jinko yaad karne se tumhe khushi milti hai." In Nivi's mind all the moments began to flash which she spent with Viren. She remembered how he caught her around his waist with his one hand when she was falling.

         She also remembered the fight they had and she began to smile. She also remembered when Viren supported her in front of his family, how he took her on a date, the jugal bandi between them, how he fasted for her on Karwa Chauth. She was remembering all the moments when she heard Viren's voice "Dekha tum mere bare main sochne lagi."

                     Nivedita opened her eyes and said "tumhe kaise pata ki main tumhare bare main soch rahi hoon." Viren smiled and said "tumhare dil ko padhkar."

                   Nivedita was feeling shy as her lie was caught by Viren. He began to move towards her and placed his hand around Nivi's waist and pulled her closer.

Nivi placed her hands on Viren's shoulders as she came closer to him.The beautiful hairs of Nivi fell on Viren's face. Viren began to move her hairs from his face to look at Nivi who was gone red due to the closeness.

   Viren caressed her hairs with his hands and placed his hand on Nivi's cheek. Nivi closed her eyes at his touch on her face.

   Viren began to move towards Nivi. Now he was very close to Nivi. He whispered in her ears "Dekha tum khudh ye nahi jaanti ki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho."

                         Viren removed Nivi's hairs from her shoulder and began to move towards her neck. Now Nivi's heart was beating very fast as Viren's breathe was falling on Nivi's neck and she gripped Viren's shoulder hard. Viren kissed her on the neck while Nivedita shivered a bit at his touch.

     Viren looked at Nivi's face and whispered in her ears "I love you Nivedita." and brushed his chin on her face.

Nivedita  opened her eyes and saw that Viren was not there. She looked around but Viren was not there.


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Nivi looked around and saw no one was there. Now she realized that she just saw a dream. But for her, the dream appeared quite close to the reality as she was feeling very different for Viren now. She questioned herself "Kya main sach main Viren se pyaar karne lagi hoon?"

                             Then she again heard Viren's voice "haan Nivi tum mujhse pyaar karti ho. You love me Nivi."

           Nivi again looked around but no one was there again. She checked herself and thought "kya main pagal ho gayi hoon? Viren yahaan par nahi hai par wo mujhe dikhayi de raha hai. Uski awaz mujhe sunai de rahi hai. Ye mere sath kya ho raha hai."

                    Then she felt someone's hand on her waist and looked around to see it was Viren. Viren was holding her from back and he whispered in her ears "main batata hoon ki main tumhe kyun dikhayi ya sunai de raha hoon. Kyunki tum mujhse pyaar karne lagi ho. Tum mujhse itna pyaar karne lagi ho ki mujhe yaad karte waqt bhi tumhe main aaspass nazar aa raha hoon. Ab tum iss baat se nahi bhaag sakti Nivedita ki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho. Jisse hum pyaar karte hain usi ko hum yaad karte hain aur harpal usi ke bare main sochte hain."

                    Nivi said "Viren main tumse kehna chahti hoon ke '" Viren said "kya kehna chahti ho meri jaan?"

                  Nivedita turned towards him while saying "ke main tumse'" and saw he was not there again. She was dreaming about Viren for the third time.

                She smiles shyly to herself realizing the fact that what she was going to say now and blushed. Now she was no more confused about her feelings for Viren. Nivi looked around and saw Viren's pic in the room. She hurried towards the pic and said "Viren do you know that I love you?"

         She felt the pic of Viren nodding in agreement and she hided her face with her own hands. After few moments, she peeped at Viren's smiling pic and felt herself going red.

                      She picked up Viren's photo in her hand and began to rotate round and round for several minutes. For the first time in life, now she clearly understood what she want in her life.

             She came out of the room and began to look around the house remembering all the moments she spent with Viren. Now she was eagerly waiting for Viren's return from Delhi.

                 She was feeling out of the world and looked around in the hall. She saw Viren seeing her from behind a pillar and winking at her. When she reached there, he was not there.

         She was so happy that she began to sing:

Saathiyaa, saathiyaa
Pagle se dil ne yeh kya kiya
liya, chun liya
Tujhko deewane ne chun liya
Dil toh uda uda re aasman mein badalon ke sang
Yeh toh machal machal ke gaa raha hai sunn nayi si dhun
{Badmash dil toh thag hai bada
Badmash dil yeh tujhse juda
Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada)

She remembered all the funny talking of Viren and began to laugh. She remembered all the moments when Viren gone against his family to support her. And then again began to sing:

Acchi lagey dil ko mere har teri baat re
Saaya tera bann ke chalun itna hai khwaab re
Kaandhe pe sar rakh ke tere katt jaaye raat re
Beetenge din thaame tere haathon mein haath re
Yeh kya hua mujhe mera yeh dil fisal fisal gaya
Yeh kya hua mujhe mera jahaan badal badal gaya
{Badmash dil toh thag hai bada
Badmash dil yeh tujhse juda
Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada}


She looked at the basket full of flowers which were brought by the servants for the pooja. She took the basket in her hands and threw the flowers in the air and then again began to rotate round and round. Flowers began to shower on her like a heavy rain's drops. When she stopped, she saw Viren standing if front of her with his arms folded and a big smile on his face.

                                       She went near to Viren and began to look at him very lovingly. Then she rotated around him round and round. She understood that she is again imagining Viren.

                 She slapped her forehead lightly and said "pagal Viren to abhi wapas hi nahi aaya phir se tu use imagine karne lagi."

      She turned to go back to her room when she heard Viren saying "Nivedita I am back. You are not imagining me."

       Nivedita got shocked and turned to look at Viren. She came near and pinched him on the hand to check that its reality or a dream again. Viren yelled as Nivi pinched him "Nivedita what are you doing? Now I think you will believe that I am here in reality."

Nivi got shocked and felt quite embarrassed and shy too as she remembered what she said to him few minute ago. She was going red again.

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Nivi was shocked to realize that Viren is standing in front of her in reality and felt very shy after remembering what she said to Viren few minutes ago. She began to look at the floor and said "when did you came back Viren?"

                  Viren replied mischievously "when you were dreaming about me."

Nivi looked up at him and then again looked downward shyly. Viren went near her and placed his hand on Nivi's chin and forced her to look at him. They both looked at each other.

             Viren said "hmmm…so my sweet, innocent wife missed me. Is that true she was day dreaming about me?"

           Nivi stuttered "wo …wo …..Viren main……….."

Before she can complete her sentence, she heard a car's horn and saw Yashodhara Dadi, Dada ji, Vandana Taiji, Siddharth, Divya and Chanchal entering in the hall chatting happily.

        Nivi and Viren looked at others and Viren moved a bit back from Nivi when he saw all looking at him. All came in the hall while chatting excitedly and a silence fell in the house at the moment all looked at Viren.

             Chanchal hurried towards Viren saying "Viren beta you came back." and hugged him.

        All gathered around Viren. Nivi was watching everybody meeting Viren excitedly and she felt quite happy to see all other so happy.

         Suddenly Yashodhara looked at the floor to notice the flowers on the floor and said "arre who threw these flowers on the floor?"

               Nivi realized what mistake she had done and began to look for some excuse rather than telling the truth. She looked at Nandu who was coming back in home while carrying the things from the car.

        She began to scold Nandu "Nandu Bhaiya maine apse kaha tha ki ye phool sambhal kar rakhna par apne inhe gira diya."

         Yashodhara scolded Nandu and Nandu went away from there while scratching his head and thinking when he threw flowers in the floor.

          Viren who was looking at Nivi noticed she is quite nervous and felt like she is hiding something from him.

              He was about to ask about it to Nivi when Dadaji announced something which made all very happy and excited. He said "Viren came back from a very successful business trip. Just because of him our company wrote a new record of success. So today Sood's mansion is gonna host a grand party."

                     All cheered after hearing the announcement and began to get ready there selves for the party. Viren began to chat with Sid and Dadiji happily about the business while Nivi joined the ladies of the house for the preparation of the party.

                            In the evening, when all the preparations were done Nivi came in her room to find Viren sleeping peacefully looked very happy and calmed. She came near to him and blushed to see him happy.

    She began to imagine about the moment when she will accept her love for Viren and Viren will start to jump in joy.

                  She was in her own dreamland when Viren woke up and looked at Nivi who was busy in day dreaming. He sat besides her and clicked his fingers in front of her eyes. Nivi came out of her thoughts and looked at Viren.

               Viren said "madam kya baat hai? Jab se main aaya hoon tum na jaane kiske khayalon main khoyi huyi ho. Kahin mujhe chodne ke irada to nahi."

              Nivi slapped him lightly on the shoulder and said "Viren you will never change. I will get your clothes out for the evening and you wear them and go downstairs as guests would have started coming."

             Viren wore a nice black Armani suit . He was looking very handsome and dashing. Nivi kept glaring at him till the time he went downstairs leaving Nivi alone to get ready for the party.

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Nivi wore a simple red chiffon sari paired up with matching earrings and red bangles. She wore the necklace Viren gave her on Karvachauth and looked at herself in the mirror.

                She said "wow Nivi you are looking pretty. Now you must rehearse about what you are going to say to Viren."

       She picked up Viren's photo from the dressing table and said while looking at the photo "ummm..Viren main tumse kehna chahti thi ki main tumse pyar karti hoon."

        Nivi made a funny face and slapped her forehead with the photo frame. She said "Stupid tu use aise I Love You kahegi. Kuch aur sochte hain."

             She tried a lot to practice how she will accept her feelings for Viren but did not felt like she was going to accept her feeling like the way she is acting to do.

        At last Nivi got irritated of all this and said "Nivi jo hoga wo dekha jayega. Ab tujhe party main jana chahiye."

              She went downstairs while lost in her own thoughts and looking down. Suddenly she thought that anytime Viren will see her. She began to look where the party was taking place to see Viren's reaction after seeing her.

 All began to look at Nivi at the moment she entered in the party. It seems like the atmosphere of the party glowed with the sparkling beauty of Nivi.

             Viren was talking with a business man when he saw Nivi. He was awestruck to see Nivi looking damn beautiful in the red saree. He got mesmerized with the beauty of Nivi. He placed his hand on his heart and whispered "haaye."

         Nivi saw all this quietly and began to smile broadly as she knew that Viren loved the way she was looking right now. She felt herself going red on the face and quietly joined Vandana Taiji.

            Viren felt quite bored in the party as it was organized by Dada ji who did not like any kind of loud music and noise. He felt quite saint like since he entered in the party. He also got bored from all the business talks.

           He began to search for Nivi to have some fun talk with her. He was missing her and he also got curious about suddenly changed behavior of Nivi. He wanted to know the reason behind it too.

                    But he did not saw Nivi anywhere and was going to search for her when Dada ji held him back and he was forced to stay in the party.

       Now the party was over and it was quite raining outside too. Finally Viren proceeded towards their room happily. He said "Nivedita !!!!"

                   But he did not find her there in the room. He was amazed to see the empty room. Now he got worried about Nivi and decided to search for Nivi.

            He looked in all the rooms of the Sood's mansion and looked out too despite the heavy rain but he was unable to find her.

                  At last he decided to give his search a last chance and thought to check on the terrace. On the terrace he witnessed the most beautiful sigh ever he saw. He saw Nivi getting wet in the rain with her arms in the air like trying to hug the rain.

                    Viren went out in the rain and looked at Nivi whose eyes were closed and her face was moved towards the sky like trying to kiss the sky. Her saari who was wet kept glued to her skin making her look more beautiful and gorgeous. He was about to nudge Nivi on the shoulder when suddenly Nivi lost her balance.

          Viren caught her by holding her hand. Nivi opened her eyes and looked at Viren.

Her eyes widened after seeing Viren in front of her. Viren pulled her more close to him and placed his hand on Nivi's waist.

                  They both looked at each other. Nivi again got lost in looking at him. Viren clicked his fingers in front of her eyes and said "kya baat hain Nivi ? jab se main wapas aaya hoon tum mujhe aise dekh rahi ho jaise kisi bhoot ko dekh liya. Tum thoda ajeeb sa behave kar rahi ho. Tum mujhe nahi bataogi ki kya hua?"

                   Nivi got herself free from Viren's grip and said "nahi Viren kuch nahi."

Viren felt better not to ask Nivi at the moment and said "ok chalo Nivi room main chalte hain."

          He was about to go when Nivi caught his hand and said "Viren mujhe tumse kuch baat kehni thi."

        Viren said "kamal hai abhi to keh rahi thi kuch nahi aur ab keh rahi ho kuch kehna hai. Bolo kya kehna hai."

           Nivi took his hand gently in her hands and said "main tumse kehna chati thi ki'"

She closed her eyes and said "I Love You Viren." When she opened her eyes, she saw Viren looking at her with his mouth wide open.

        She chuckled and closed Viren's mouth with her hand and said "I Love You Viren."

Then she hugged Viren feeling relieved after accepting her love for Viren at last.

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Nivi hugged Viren and felt like she is in heaven. She was feeling so calm in Viren's arms. She closed her eyes in comfort and hugged him more tightly.  She felt like the rain brought them together and felt very happy. But when she did not got any response from Viren, she opened her eyes and looked at Viren.

                       She saw that Viren stood there like a statue. She cupped Viren's face and said "Viren why are you standing here like this? Viren !!!!"

       She got worried about Viren when suddenly Viren looked at her and pinched his own hand. He yelled in pain and looked at Nivedita.

                       Nivedita questioned him "ye kya kar rahe ho Viren?" Viren replied sweetly "main ye check kar raha hoon ki kahin main koi sapna to nahi dekh raha. Give me your hand?"

         Nivedita held out her hand. Viren looked at her and then touched her hand softly and again looked at Nivi.

              Slowly, Viren's expressions changed. He was looking very happy. He went near to Nivi and caught her tightly and said "phir se kaho jo tumne kaha?"

      Nivi said "I Love you Viren."

Viren bent a bit towards Nivi. He placed his arms around her knees and lifted her in the air.

            He shouted happily "I love you , I Love you too Nivi. I love you so much Nivi."

                      Nivi said "Viren leave me. Leave me Viren."

Viren shook his head in denial and said "aise kaise chod doon main tumhe. Jis pal ka mujhe itne dino se intazaar tha aaj wo aa chuka hai. Aur ab tum kehti ho ki main iss pal ko aise hi jaane doon. Nahi kabhi nahi."

                Nivi looked down at Viren whose face was below her face. Water from Nivi's hair showered at Viren's face. Viren stared lovingly at Nivi and brought her down.

             Nivi got herself free from Viren's grip. She made movement to go to the room when Viren again caught her hand. Viren said "abhi meri baat poori nahi hui Nivi."

         Viren pulled Nivi towards him and caught her hand lovingly in his hands. While looking at Nivi, Viren slowly bent towards Nivi's hand and kissed them affectionately.


         Viren began to twirl around Nivi and nudged her on the shoulder. Nivi stared at him lovingly and smiled shyly. Viren stopped in front of Nivi and bowed his head in front of her. He held out his hand for Nivi and said "Shall we Dance?"

          Nivi shook her head while thinking that Viren is crazy for her and caught his hand. Viren again bowed in front of her and began to sing.

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon
Tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon
Kya yeh sab ko hota hai

Viren slowly moved his hand down towards Nivi's waist .His hands touched her bare skin and he placed his hands around Nivi's wet waist and pulled her towards him. Nivi caught Viren's shoulder for support. Viren got Nivi so close to him that he got assured that Nivi is with him and he will never lose Nivi again like he lost her company in childhood. Nivi joined him in the song-

Hum ko kya lena hai sab se
Tum se hi sab batein ab se
Ban gaye ho tum meri dua

 Viren sang again while dancing with Nivi and they began to sing together:

Khuda Jaane Ke.. Mein Fidaa Hoon

Khuda Jaane Ke.. Mein Mit Gaya..

Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda..


Tu Kahe To Tere Hi Ek Dhum Ke Mein Nishano Pe

Chaloon Rukoon Ishaare Pe..

Tu Kahe To Khwab Ka Bana Ke Mein Bahana Sa

Mila Karoon Sulaane Pe..


Hoo'Tumse Dil Ki Baathe Seekhi

Tumse Hi Yeh Raahe Seekhi

Tum Pe Mar Ke Mein To Jee Gaya..

Khuda Jaane Ke... Mein Fidaa Hoon

Khuda Jaane Ke.. Mein Mit Gaya...

Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda..

Viren stopped singing the song and looked crazily at Nivi.  His hand traced the beautiful body of Nivi. He cupped Nivi's face and slowly moved towards her face. Their foreheads met. They felt their breath on each other's face. Viren's craziness increased after he found her so close to him.

      Viren's lips moved slowly towards Nivi's face. His eyes were eyeing her shivering lips. Nivi realized this and moved towards Viren too. They closed their eyes and their lips met. Viren kissed Nivi passionately.


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Neeti I haven't come across this thread before and I must say really excited to get into this FF of yours!
I will read all the chapters b4 I go to bed and will comment.

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