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Tumhari Disha Update for 24.02.05

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Posted: 24 February 2005 at 10:52pm | IP Logged

This episode had some good dialogues and offcourse great performances from Disha, DK, Gargi, Vedant. But there were no fireworks shown b/w Disha and DK. I really don't know how long we will have to wait for that.


Episode begins with the restaurant scene in which DK slapped Vedant yesterday.

Disha : What is all this DK, You don't have any right to raise your hands on Vedant.

Dk : Don't try to teach me my rights. You don't know who he is

Vedant tells BROTHER. Dish knows everything. Dish go with him.

DK tells him wat Disha has to do I will tell her, you stay away from her.

Disha tells him I will not go anywhere , I have got some work with Vedant and will not leave before that. DK tells her DISHA what I am telling you have to do, GO and sit in the Car. Vedant again tells her Dish go away. DK gets pissed off with Vedant and tells him You Stop it now. Disha tells him again I will not come. DK tells her that he will wait for in the car.saying he walks off. Gargi looks amused at him.

Disha sits down and tells Vedant what does DK think of himself, Am I his slave, I will do what I want, he thinks I am his property. Vedant tells her to relax and listen to what DK says now. Disha tells that she will never go with him. Gargi comes there and tells her then with whom will you go, With Vedant? Vedant tells her Mom will you please…Gargi again tells Disha the game which you are playing right now you don't know what will be the consequences of it. Disha asks her what have I done that both of you'll are pouncing on me. Gargi tells her don't try to act innocent. Vedant tells gargi that how can anybody who comes in contact with you with innocent. You will kill anybody's innocence. Please don't play games. Gargi tells him again you are being philosophical. Vedant tells her Mom this is not philosophy. Whenever I have some moments of happiness in my life you and DK are out to ruin it. Gargi tells him this is what happens when you go against your mom, you remember don't you?  There is still time to change yourself , then don't tell me that your mom did not warn you. Saying the wicked lady walks off.

Disha apologises to Vedant that cause of her all this…..Vedant tells her Dish you don't know my mom, that's why I am telling you its better to go with them since you don't know what those two are capable of.

DK is standing in the lobby ( his eyes and face clearly show that he is jealous and is completely in love with Disha). Gargi goes there wickedly and tells him see sonny the times have really changed isn't it? See Vedant has come here to India and we are not even aware of it and top of it he is working in Disha's company. The way these two were giggling and talking it looks like they know other since ages and there is a deep friendship between the two.

DK stares at her and tells her : Kya Aap ko Pata tha ki Vedant aur Disha is restaurant mein aa rahe hain, Humare is restaurant mein aana aur Disha aur Vedant ka ussi waqt , ussi jagah hona , isn't it toooo much of a coincidence?

Gargi : Agar hume pata hota tho kya hum tume nahin bataate.

DK nodding his head : Vedant ka Bhosle company mein kaam karna, Disha ka usse jaanna, aur aaj woh log hume is restaurant mein milna, isse zyaada coincidence tho…

Gargi cuts him and tells isse hi tho coincidence kehta hain sonny. Ab dekh lo na chahate huwe bhi tume meri madatt leni padti hain tumhare Maa ko theekh karne ke liye .. DK looks at her .( Gargi is kind of reminding her position in his house now).Gargi again tells  Sumitra ne kyon mera hi naam pukaara, kyon Disha ka naam nahin … coincidence. You are talking too much , its better that you control your wife, pata nahin woh ab Vedant ke saath kya gul khilaa rahi hain………( just imagine this lady talking about her own son this way)………When he hears this DK looks at her with fire in his eyes and yells at her Pleasssssssssse……..

Disha is telling Vedant that DK told me so many things and still you are telling me to go with him. Vedant tells her woh isliye kyonki mein unhe acchii tarah jaaanta hoon, yeh jo sab aaj huwa nay eh sab unhi ki chaal thi, who isliye thaaki tum uss ghar se chali jaoo, aur agar tum chali gayi tho phir badi mom akeli pad jaaayegi aur meri mom unhe jeene nahin dengi….so please now comeon. Disha looks at him thoughtfully and goes away.

Gargi is telling DK that I don't think now that she will come, lets go away from here, poora dinner ka mood hi karaab kar diya……..Disha is shown walking towards them. DK is constantly looking at Disha. She looks at Gargi and tells her that you are always in a hurry choti maa, now you just wait and watch what will happen now, saying she walks in between them and goes off. DK is still looking at Disha.


Here Rano is putting the pulao in the plate. She tells Inder do you know why I ordered pulao, that's cause today I miss Di a lot. She cooks everything well but the Pulao that she does is really delicious……Our Devdas Inder goes to flashback and remembers the time that both Disha and Rano are pampering him feeding pulao. Now he comes back to the present and goes away saying that he is not hungry. Rano is really hurt. Just then she gets a call from Aai. (Aai is looking very pretty with a change in her hairstyle). Aai understands the pain in her voice and asks her what happened. Did Inder tell you anything. Rano cries and tells that is the whole problem he does not talk to me much. Why is he behaving like this mamma? Aai tells her that it takes time to adjust my child. Have patience. Rano tells her that she knows him since childhood but why now suddenly he is behaving this way. Aai tells that time you'll were friends. Now you'll are husband and wife and please give some time to adjust. Rano tells her that she has been trying her best to do so. Aai keeps the phone down and is worried. ( actually she is herself responsible for Rano's this situation. Many times unknowingly we tend to hurt our loved ones ). Aai tells to herself I know Rano Inder has not yet forgotten Disha.


DK ( DK's music in the background ). Comes to meet Disha. Tells her that Disha I don't want you to meet Vedant henceforth and that you have any relations with him.

Disha looks at him and tells him who is he to tell her whom to meet and whom not to meet. DK tells her that I have no problems if you meet anybody but only don't meet Vedant. Again Disha asks him why is it because Vedant is his brother and he hates him so. DK tells her cause I am your husband ( wow loved him saying that). She tells him DK please don't make me laugh, ours is a contract marriage and in this contract marriage there are no restrictions and no limitations to what I do. Dk tells her ok, if you want to stay in my house…….Disha cuts him ek minute DK, mujhe kohi shauk nahin tumhare saath is ghar mein rahna…. DK looks at her with surprise ( I suppose he now expects her to love being with him) Disha tells her I am just staying here to take care of Mummy. They hear Sumitra's screams and go to her. Sumitra is screaming Sunny tum theekh ho jaooge…sunny tum theekh ho jaooge…. And is behaving wildly. DK comes there and tries to pacify her. Gargi comes there and tells Dk to move aside and whisphers something in Sumitra's ears and Sumitra suddenly keeps quite. Gargi comes to DK and tells him that very good I was there or else I wonder what would you do. She tells DK Thanks tho bolo sonny… DK tells her thanks……Again she smiles wickedly and tells Choti maa??? ..DK tells her Thanks CHOTI MAA…  Disha is watching this at a distance and wonders what that even the other day Gargi whisphered something to Sumitra and she kept quite. I have to find our what she is telling her.


Disha very lovingly feeds Sumitra soup and combs her hair, while the nurse is fast asleep.

Disha is lost in thoughts and comes and sees Aai has come to meet her. She is overwhelmed and hugs her mom. She is in tears. Aai tells her beta don't lose courage, see you will bring happiness in this house, many times silence is golden…don't ever try to argue with Dk…just concentrate on bringing happiness to this house and take care of Sumitra… Disha tells that is the whole problem I am not able to take care of her…Aai tells her that you are lucky that you have got a friend like Vedant… Disha tells Aai do you know that Vedant is DK's step brother… Aai is shocked , that means she is Gargi's son.. Disha tells ya both DK and Gargi think Vedant is their enemy, yest. Dk created a big scene on seeing me with Vedant…. Aai tells kya bhai bhai mein dushmani, anyways beta you don't bother about all that…tum apne rishte nibhaao.. Vedant se dosti ka aur DK se sachhayi ka…. Disha tells Aai that listening to her words always she gathers courage… Aai is about to leave.. when Disha again hugs her mom from behind and tells her that Aai you came here to say something but I am myself bothering you with my troubles always… Aai thinks to herself that I had come to talk about Rano and Inder but how can I tell you that when your life itself is in a mess…. Aai tells Disha that its ok and she will come some other day… Disha thinks to herself that Aai surely had come to talk to me about something.


When Aai is leaving Gargi stops her.( Now some superb dialogues here)

Gargi:  Are Sambhdanji beti ki saans se tum aankhein chura rahi ho..She tells Tum apne beti se milne aayi ho…apne sambdhan se nahin milogi?mujhse kohi bhool ho gayi..

Aai tells her that tumne kabhi sambdhan ka rishta samjha hain kabhi? Gargi retorts back kya tumne kabhi saans ka rishta nibhaaya hain. Kya tumne kabhi DK ko apna Damaad mana hain… She again tells Disha ne naya khel shuri kiya hain.. Aai tells her tumhari beti tho badi chaalak nikli… aajkal dono bhaaiyo ke saath khel khel rahi hain.. din mein Din DK ke saath bitaathi hain, aur shaam ke waqt Vedant ke saath rehti hain.

Aai is livid hearing this and shouts GARGI… Gargi tells her that cheekne se tum sachiyi ko nahin badal sakti ho.. nowadays she is trying to create a rift b/w both brothers aur jis ghar mein bhai bhai aapas mein ladte hain wahan tho Mahabharath hoke rahti hain aur Draupadi bhi usse nahin bachaa sakti…Aai snubs Gargi and tells her that meri Beti kohi Draupadi nahin hain.. who tho Durga hain.. jo sachaayi ke liye ladti hain….saying she walks off…. Gargi thinks to herself ek aur Draupadi aur ek aur Durga…. Mujhe Vedant ko iss ladki se bachaana hi hoga…


DK ( Music in background) comes outside Disha's room ( oh DK when will you actually enter Disha's bedroom….. how long will we have to wait for that!!!) Disha tells him tum… DK tells her he came to tell her sorry for his behaviour with her.. but still he tells her that he doesn't want her to meet Vedant ever.  Disha again questions him what he would do …DK tells her Disha tum DK Sehgal ko acchii tarah jaanti ho…saying he goes away… Disha thinks to herself that I am also Disha Bhosle and you know what I am capable of doing. I am only quite cause of Aai who told me that Silence is the most powerful weapon and Dk now your circumstances are such and so I am quite, but you don't have to think that I am scared.


DK goes to his Aai's room. He goes near her and tells her Mom hope you don't have any problems here , Its since ages that we both are staying together.. Please become alright soon. I cannot bear this anymore I want to hear you telling sonny to me.. saying he cries. Sumitra is also shown in tears in her sleep. 


Next day Doctor comes for a check up. ( Full credit goes to the interior decorator of DK's house ) DK is anxiously sitting with his mom. Gargi is also standing besides him. ( Surprisingly Gargi and Dk are in matching colours… exact shade of green shirt Dk is show wearing and Gargi in the green coloured sarree…it was not a pleasant coincidence at all…wish DK and Disha are dressed up in matching coloured clothes….wink..) Doctor tells Dk that the improvement his mom has shown is amazing. Since so many years in the hospital she was not improving this way. DK like a child is happy. He tells the doctor that she gets some flashes of the past. Doctor tells him don't worry it will be ok and she will remember everything slowly. Doctor and DK looking at Disha go away.


Disha tells Gargi ab aapka kya hoga choti maa. Gargi tells Disha that you don't need to be so happy. Doctor has just told that she may become alright but you know she never will. Disha looks at her and Gargi tells her Nurse Meera ke ghar paise paunch gayi hain.. Disha takes out a bundle of notes and tells gargi are you talking about this money….Nurse Meera herself gave it to me last night. She told me that looking at the love between DK and Mummyji she does not want anything to stop her from becoming alright. Disha tells ChotiMaa you have got over confidence in yourself. There are many somethings which money cannot buy and are with the truth and good people and Nurse Meera is one amongst them. Disha looks at Gargi amused and tells her that par I am really sorry choti maa aapki chaal ulti pad gayi… Disha Disha music in the background… Gargi holds the money and tells Stupid nurse meera…usse tho hum dekh lenge…lekin Disha humaari agli vaar aisa hoga jiske bare mein tum soch bhi nahin sakogi……..Ends on Gargi's wicked face.



Regards Lata


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Posted: 24 February 2005 at 11:08pm | IP Logged

Hey Lats,

Theek hain, I know you are now the Official Updater and all, but you can always reply on my mail yaarCry I have checked my inbox 5 times since morning.....you know what response I am expecting from you!


Hey, why is Disha acting so strange yaar.....in the last few episode, she was falling all over DK & acting so wifey & lovey-dovey, now why has she done an about turn.....I really wish she had not snubbed DK in this way & just gone with him when he called her....though at the same time I would like to say that DK should get some humility & mellowness in his attitude towards not just Disha but everyone......the only way he can win Disha's heart is through love & not force.....I thought he had learnt his lesson by now!


Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 24 February 2005 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
thanks Lata for  a great updateSmile
dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2005 at 11:57pm | IP Logged


As for DK's and Disha's behavior, (oh, come on guys, can't we all just get along?) well, it does take time to change, and though they are on the way, there will be some bumps...

Heck, my husband is one of those that believes in sudden and permenant change- despite the fact that I've disappointed him so often! LOL We are similar to DK and Disha in this way- he thinks he can give me orders on everything and I must follow, and I think he must have walked out of the Dark Ages, or fallen and hit his head REALLY HARD!

Such transformations are only common on screen, so either the writers are trying not to stray too far from reality, or they are simply increasing our anxiety and anticipation over the whole thing! It certainly works, and the reward for suffering through it all will be that much sweeter!

So I guess I have mixed feelings....


lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Thanks lata for the excellant update, we really appreciate the extra time  and effort you have given in your day off ( you really deserve  a extra pat in the back ...well done lata Sabash )  . Though we all are dying to see the budding romance on screen between DK and Di , my feeling is the writers will not move so fast  , still have 200-300 episodes to go, I am sure we will still be seeing some fireexchanges between the two, DK acting jealous and Gargi trying to continue with her barbs.Well though DK has been shown to still act jealous seems to have mellowed  from the past but I guess still has ways to go ( old habits die hard) and DI also seemed aloof towards hubby in this episode.
tisha_bhatia Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Lata - a million Thanks for the updates :) Really appreciate it!
mana Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 10:07am | IP Logged


 thanks so o much Lata

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 25 February 2005 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Hi Lata, thanks you so much for taking the time to write this update for us.  We appreciate it a lot..

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