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Hey guys! I made a new OS for the celebration of 800 thread of KaSh Heaven! Woohooo! Congratulations to everyone!

LOL this OS is REALLY LONG! i went alittle overboard with it :p But please Read, Enjoy and dont forget to press the "Like" Button and comment! Big smile
Life answers everything for the better.

"Shilpa Malhotra, will you marry me?" The crowd silent, all were waiting for her answer. Her heart was beating rapidly, her eyes started to well up. People would've thought those were tears of happiness but they were mistaken, those were tears of misery, guilt, and most of all tears of being heartbroken. Shilpa got out of the shock and looked around the crowd to see most them smiling at them, encouraging her to say yes but they weren't the one she was looking for. The one who had all the answers for her. Then she found them, those intoxicating blue eyes, the ones she had fell for, the ones who had trapped her in a world full of guilt, lust and most important of all, love. Those eyes which had changed her life, for the better? She didn't know. But one thing she did know was the person those eyes belonged to had become the most important person in her life. Armaan. Well that's what her heart believed, her brain was telling her otherwise. It was telling her to forget him, forget the effect he had on her, forget what had encountered between them, forget everything about him and remember one thing, Sid. But she couldn't help but listen to her heart and look in to those eyes once again and seek for answer that would change her life, the answer that would either let them both get their happy ending or make this the last time they ever gaze in to each others eyes like this. She kept on staring in those beautiful eyes and knew she falling deep in to them but still awaited the answer that would change everything.

Something broke inside him. He felt empty, like his heart had broken in to a million pieces. He couldn't believe what he heard, Sid proposing to Shilpa. His Shilpa. Armaan's Shilpa. The one who had become the reason of living, the one who had changed him forever, changed everything about him, but what he didn't know was did she change him to a better person? For the better? He was still searching for the answer. He saw her look around, as if searching for someone, he knew what. He smiled at the thought, at least she still thought about him. But that smile vanished as soon their eyes met. Those shimmering, pearl green eyes which made him go crazy. Still did. Which made sigh of happiness as they used to be full of bliss but not this time. This time they were full of vulnerability, misery, agony. They were searching for something from him, an answer. But what he didn't know was to what, an answer to the question that Sid had asked, an answer to which everyone was waiting for or an answer to her question. The question which he didn't want to answer. Which he was scared to answer. That question he knew the answer to. The answer which not only answers her question but everyone else's too. He was still gazing in those eyes and he saw something else too, love was it? No it couldn't be. There was no love for him from her. Just as there was no love for her from him. He tore his gaze from her and looked at the dark, smooth floor of the hall. He could feel her strong hot gaze on him and knew she wasn't buying it. He looked up once again and merely glanced at her, before putting him arm round the waist of the love of his life, Riddhima. Yes Riddhima was his love, not Shilpa. That was his answer. He looked once again and saw the pain in Shilpas eyes but he wasn't backing down, this was how it was meant to be.

Shilpa saw all of it. But she didn't want to believe it; she wanted to believe what her heart was telling her that Armaan loved her but sight before her eyes were betraying her. He wanted Riddhima not her, of course why would he want her? Whatever happened between them was to be forgotten, that was what they both had agreed on. And that is how it will stay, Shilpa thought. She will not let the name Armaan Mallik interfere in her life no more, he will mean nothing to her from now onwards. Her life will only evolve around the one person who she will have to learn to love, Siddhant. She removed her eyes from the devastating sight and looked at Sid, who was on his knees desperately waiting for a reply, with a nervous look on his face. She smiled at the sight, he loved her a lot and even more after all that had happened. She only wished that she could love him that much too but she knew she couldn't and wouldn't. Taking a deep breath she finally got the courage to say what everyone was waiting for "Yes, I will marry you Siddhant Modi" The whole crowd flooded with a round of applause and cheers. Everyone was squealing and hugging each other. Sid grinned and placed the ring on her finger. He got up and hugged her tight, she sniffed smiling with tears running down her face, she was happy that maybe she didn't get the one she loved but at least she gets to spend her life with someone who loves her and who she will gradually love. But the tears were also sad ones because she had now lost her love for Armaan. She hated him for making her fall for him, only a couple hours back she had realised she loved him and already he had given her the worst pain possible. But she couldn't blame him it wasn't his fault she loved him, it was her own and she had learnt her lesson. From now on Armaan Mallik will have no effect on her life. That was her final answer.

Armaans heart was already broken in to a million pieces, she couldn't break it anymore but why did he feel it all over again but with more hurt than ever. He told her to do this, then why was he regretting it? Why did he feel like killing himself for making her do that? It would be less pain than this he thought. He felt his eyes blur up with something. Tears was it? He rubbed away the tears from his eyes and also the piercing image before him. He couldn't take it, he felt suffocated, without saying anything he ran outside leaving a confused Riddhima, a happy looking Sid and his Shilpa.

"Armaan are you okay? What are you doing out here?" He turned to see Riddhima standing there with her arms folded looking down on him whilst he sat on the bench. He had run outside for some fresh air. He couldn't see Sid and Shilpa together like that, all happy whilst he was in pain. He wanted to clear his mind of Shilpa but it was impossible. "Err nothing, just wanted some fresh air that's all. Shocker na?" He said pointing towards the cheering inside, Riddhima understand what he was referring to and frowned, "Very. I mean they just got back together and he already proposed to her! There must be a reason behind it." He nodded, but his thoughts were somewhere else. "Maybe she's up the duff." That brought him back in to reality he looked at her with utter shock. "What?" she said shrugging her shoulders. "That's like the only possible reason. After what he did to her, why would she say yes so quickly? She's probably pregnant that's why. I wonder when they are gonna tell everyone..." Armaan had stopped listening after the first sentence. Shilpa, pregnant? No way. She couldn't be, she wasn't like that. His fists clenched at the thought of her having someone else's child inside her, it made him sick. She was his. No one else's, he wouldn't let her be. She was only Armaans Shilpa and that was how it was going to be. But then he remembered what he just did, he just let her give herself to Sid. He told her to say yes. He finally realised that what he saw in her eyes was love. She loved him and he loved her. But will she forgive him for hurting her like that? She would have to because now he wasn't letting her go. He suddenly stood up and ran. Where, he didn't know yet but he knew it was where his life would be, he could hear Riddhima shouting his name from a distance but he ignored it, all he wanted to hear was his name said by Shilpa.


Shilpa opened the door of her room and threw her purse on to the couch. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. Tonight had changed her life completely; tonight she had gotten her answers, her facts, her realisations. She slumped her body on her bed closing her eyes hoping to clear her mind of any bad thoughts. But then she heard something, someone breathing, heavily breathing. She knew it wasn't hers as she wasn't breathing that loud. She grew alert. She sat up on her bed and looked around and then she saw it, someone's shadow, a man's shadow. Someone else was in this room besides her. A thief, a rapist maybe, she didn't know but she knew she had to get out of there. She ran towards the door quickly as she could but the man saw this coming and was faster. He grabbed her wrist and slammed her body against the door locking it securely. She winced as her head banged against the door, the man held her wrist tightly and grew more closer. Shilpa gasped feeling her body brush against his; it exploded a familiar feeling in her. Her mind already started going blank, her knees were going weak just by a mere brush of their bodies. Who was this man that was creating havoc inside her body? She couldn't see his face as it was pitch black in the room except from a ray of light from outside that shone between them. She gasped again when she felt his other hand go round waist pushing her towards him; he caressed her waist gently making her moan. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, she was breathing heavily, she couldn't think. She felt his hot breath on her neck and shivered badly as she felt a current run through her body.

The man chuckled seeing his affect on her, some things never change he thought. He scanned the beauty in front of him, from her gorgeous silky hair to her creamy white curved skin. He glanced at her closed eyes and her shivering body, she looked so beautiful, like an angel. His angel. He then let his eyes linger to her lips. They were perfectly shaped and temptingly pink, they were open slightly because of her heavily breathing, the man controlled himself from attacking them with his own. He felt like kissing them madly again and again until they completely swollen. The light shone upon her face making her skin glow irresistibly, she was the most stunning creature he ever came upon. He noticed she still had her eyes closed, and went closer to her until there was an inch between them, he brought his face towards her neck and lingered his breath there. He noticed her shiver, he was losing the control within himself but he would have to wait. He would make her his tonight, but not yet. He went up and blew in her ear, he heard her moan lightly, smiling inwardly he stayed for a few seconds and then finally spoke, "My affect on you will never go away will it?" he whispered huskily in her ear.

She knew that voice. It was his. She opened her eyes only to get lost once again in to his gorgeous enticing blue pearls. His eyes spoke the words they both couldn't. She saw something in them that she always wanted to see, love. And that too, for her.

Nothing else mattered; all that mattered was him and her. Them. "Armaan" She breathed. He closed his eyes hearing his name, it sound so melodious, so sweet coming from her. He felt her hand coming up to his face, he opened his only to see her staring at him lovingly. "Shilpa," He sighed as he felt her fingertips caressing the side of his face, he rubbed his face against it slightly. He felt shivers pass through him feeling her warm palm on his skin. He held her hand and kissed it lightly. She smiled softly closing her eyes, taking in that wonderful feeling his touch gave. He saw her close her eyes once again and couldn't help it but touch this mesmerising angel. He lifted his hand slowly stroking her face. Her skin was so soft, like velvet. He noticed he had flawless features, white creamy skin, big round eyes, long eyelashes, pink flushed cheeks and most of all her rosy pink lips. He had urge an urge to cover them with his and he couldn't control any longer, he lowered his face down to her level and breathed over them. He heard her gasp, parting her lips. She opened her eyes to see his full of passion, desire. She saw him glance at her lips then back to her, she knew what he wanted, she wanted it too. She closed her eyes in acceptance, she couldn't control it any more she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. He brought his lips towards her soft ones and rubbed mercilessly making her tremble; he smirked knowing the affect his has on her body. He then gently placed his lips on hers and sucked them. Shilpa gasped feelings his rough lips upon her soft ones. They enraged a fire within her. She responded back with equal passion, the kiss started off a small gentle but grew more passionate and violent. Armaan pulled her more towards and slammed her delicate body against the door making her moan in pain, he grabbed her hands placing them at the side of her face entwining his fingers with hers. He kissed her more ravenously, sucking the juice out of those petals ruthlessly. He licked her lower lip urging her to open up, she happily obliged and he explored her mouth with his tongue. She groaned in delight, digging her nails in his knuckles, her saliva mixed with his, he was taking over her mouth and soon her soul. She kissed him too caressing her tongue with his, she felt enchanted by the pleasure she was receiving, she never felt like this form anyone before. He held that kind of power over her. He ran his hands down her face, caressing her neck, then slightly touching her shoulders making her knees go weak, she felt as if she was flying in her own heaven. She didn't think she could hold herself any longer and grabbed his shoulders for balance. Armaan rubbed his hands over her body and groaned feeling her nails scratching his broad shoulders, he sensuously caressed her waist his hand making its way through her top, when their skins met they burned with ecstasy, things were getting wild. Shilpa dug her hands in his hair, stroking them, setting his body on fire. The kiss started to get more urgent and she was out of breath, she tried to break the kiss and Armaan sensed it, he tore his lips away from hers letting her breath, whilst lips trailed a line of kisses down her throat. Shilpa groaned when he bit her hard on her neck, "Armaan!" He kissed the spot, licked it to sooth it down, "Mine, all mine" He whispered possessively whilst imprinting more kisses on her throat. This bought Shilpa back to reality, what was she doing? Just a while back she had decided Armaan Mallik would never be a part of her life and now she was kissing him? What was wrong with her? She had just got engaged to Sid, she was his now not Armaans. When her mind registered that thought she pushed him away hard. Armaan stumbled back and looked at her with dark desire, passion, love, confusion. Shilpa could see all the emotions as if they were laid out in front of her, she shivered inwardly seeing that kind of need form his eyes. She finally composed herself and remembered what had just happened a few moments back. She was angry, at him, at herself.

"What are you doing here? How dare you come here! Get out! Now!" She yelled emphasising every phrase. Armaan just stared at her blankly, she couldn't read his expressions he was hiding them well. After a few seconds he started walking forward towards her. Shilpa grew scared and starting stumbling back wards, "Listen, you better leave now or... or I... I will call the po- police" She fumbled growing more scared seeing his face staring at her blankly but she could read one expression. Want. She gasped as her back hit the wall. She turned to move towards the door but was blocked by his arm; she looked at him before turning to the side to have that blocked as well by him. He drew his body dangerously close to hers making her knees go weak. "I...I will c-call them." She whispered. He lowered his face to hers, so close that their noses were touching. He finally spoke after a long time, "Will you?" He breathed over her face, to make her close her eyes. She opened them once again and they both got lost in each others hypnotising eyes.

Her emeralds were the reason Armaan lived for. They showed what he needed. Love. With her love he didn't need anything else, just her. His eyes were having no less effect on Shilpa, she was losing herself in those ocean blue eyes. Every time she fights it but she loses every single time. She couldn't help it, they were so mesmerising. They offered her what she always craved for from him. Love. His love for her. She only wished he would give it as well as showing it. She sighed knowing the answer to his question would not help her in any way, just make the situation harder for her.

"What do you want Armaan?" She wished defeated. He brushed his lips past hers resting his breath on them before answering "You. I want you Shilpa." He hoarsely breathed on her soft petals. She looked at him in shock. Did he just say he wanted her? How? Why? When? She felt a bubble of happiness explode inside her, he wanted her. But what about Riddhima? Didn't he love her? She grew confused. Armaan saw her looking confused at him, he smiled at her cuteness. "What?" she asked unsure she heard him right. He chuckled, "I said.." he pressed his body more on her making her eyes go wide, "I want you." "Why?" She quietly demanded, she needed to know. She couldn't look at his eyes scared of getting the answer she didn't want. His expressions grew soft and loving. He placed his hand under her chin, lifting her face to meet his gaze. "Because..." He locked his eyes with hers making sure they don't look away so they could see the honesty in his eyes, "I Love You."

Shilpa couldn't believe her ears, he just said he loves her. This has to be a dream; it was too beautiful to be true. Her eyes began forming tears when she realised what he said. He loved her. This was what she was waiting for, craving for, for such a long time. She wanted this moment to last for ever. Armaan saw a tear escapes her eye and wiped it with his thumb. "I Love You Shilpa I really do." he looked intently in her eyes to see only love for him just like his showed love for her, he saw happiness in them, relief. She smiled through her tears and slowly brought her hand up to touch his face when reality struck her. She looked at her hand and saw her ring. Her engagement ring, she was engaged to Sid not Armaan. She snatched her hand back and wiped away the tears that had spilled. She looked at him with a painful expression "Let me go Armaan." She spoke gravely yet demanding. Armaan was stunned to see her like this, a second back she was looking at him with such love and now she looked as if she was in pain "Shilpa I..." He was interrupted when she pushed him away and said in an angry voice. "I said let me go! Who do you think you are huh? Do you think you can waltz in here and tell me you love me? Well then let me tell you are mistaken Armaan Mallik coz I don't love you! I love Sid! Yes Siddhant, my fianc. The love of my life! The one who actually loves me coz you don't love me! No you love Riddhima, my best friend and your girlfriend! You just lust for me Armaan, that's how sick you are! Pretending you love me so you can get me in bed again, but you are wrong coz im not falling for it! I hate you Armaan Mallik, you disgust me! I..." "SHILPA!" she stopped her lecture hearing his furious voice. She looked at him and saw him with tears in his eyes. He was hurt badly, she had hurt him, she could see the pure agony in his eyes. He grabbed her by her shoulders harshly jerking her towards him. He stared in her eyes with fury and pain. "How could you even think that?" He whispered over her face, excruciated by her thought. Her words had hit him like a thousand bullets piercing threw his soul. He was hurt about the fact she thought he just wanted to have sex with her but what wounded him more was that she thought he didn't love her. Of course he loved her, more than anything then why didn't she believe him? He would do anything to make her believe him, anything. "Ah Armaan your hurting me!" Shilpa winced at the pain her shoulders were receiving. "And what about my pain huh? What about the pain you just gave me with your words?"He cried out, she looked at him in shock, "Armaan?" she whispered. "What Armaan huh? Why can't you just admit it that you love me? I seen it in your eyes Shilpa, I seen the love that your heart holds for me in them. I seen they way it hurt you when you saw me get back with Riddhima, how it still hurts you now seeing her with me. How you boil in anger when we laugh together, hug or kiss each other. It hurts doesn't it? I know how that feels coz that exactly how I felt seeing Sid with you, seeing him making you smile everyday, the way he put his arm around you like you were his. But you're not. You're my Shilpa! My Shilpa! I was so stupid then I didn't realise what was happening to me. I didn't know I loved you until tonight when Sid proposed to you. I loved you all that time Shilpa it just took me some time to realise it. I don't regret anything that had happened between us, the good and the bad coz it lead me to loving you more, to crave for you and your love. I Love you Shilpa." Both had tears rolling down their cheeks, Armaan kissed one away let his lips linger there for a few seconds making them both tremble. She looked in to his eyes and knew he was telling the truth, he loved her a lot more than anyone possibly could. "But I can't love you Armaan." She sniffed, "Why?" He whispered back huskily locking their eyes together. She broke the eye lock and turned away from him facing the wall. "Because your presence holds no importance in my life." She spoke sternly yet softly. She heard him scoff behind her; she couldn't see his face but knew he wasn't happy. "Oh really? Im not an important part of your life?" She could sense the hint of sarcasm in his voice. She closed her eyes, it hurt her hurting him but she had to do it. "No. You're not." She spoke in finality. Silence. She didn't hear him respond back, did he hear her? She thought. "Really?" she gasped loud feeling his hot breath on her neck from behind; he put his arm round her waist and pushed her back against his chest. He brought his lips near her ear and whispered hoarsely, "if im not important to you then why does my presence invade your mind? Why does it not let you forget about me?" "It doesn't." She managed to breath. "Yes it does Shilpa, all the time. It reminds you of us. It remind you of the first time we met, how we hated each other and used to bicker all the time..." the both smiled slightly at the memory, "It reminds you of what happened to lead us to that night, that beautiful night... remember Shilpa..Remember..." his voice trailed off as she went back to it all...

Shilpa and Sid were dating and Armaan and riddhima were dating each other too but what Armaan and Shilpa hated was that their partners was best friends with their enemies, yes Armaan and Shilpa hated each other, they always argue and fight over little things. They couldn't in the same room without bickering. Sid and Riddhima couldn't understand why they hated each other so much. Sid and Riddhima got on better than Armaan and Shilpa did, they were fairly good friends. One day Shilpa was waiting for Sid to pick her up from college as she stayed behind to catch up on some work, it was starting to get dark and he still wasn't here.

"Uff, where is this larka? Aaj mein usse maar dalungi" Shilpa muttered, waiting impatiently for 10 minutes, it was getting cold and Shilpa had forgotten to bring her jacket with her. "Arggh where are you Sid?" she wrapped her arms around her body and rubbed her arms to keep her warm.

"What you still doing here, Mal-hotra?" Shilpa turned her body towards where the voice was coming from and grimaced seeing the owner of it. Armaan was standing there against his car grinning at her shivering figure. He was going to his car after staying behind for detention, when he noticed her and couldn't help but think to annoy her.

"It's Malhotra you idiot not Mal-hotra, and what do you want Mallik?" She asked angrily, she hated it when he said her name like that. "Uh uh, I asked first. What happened, did you get lost?" He said in a little baby voice taking the mick out of her. Shilpa rolled her eyes at his child-like behaviour, and snapped back, "Not that it's any of your business but im waiting for Sid to pick me up." Armaan came towards her tutting. "Awww bechari, sorry to tell you Mal-hotra but it looks like your boyfriend has forgotten all about you. I think finally my best friend has seen sense and decided to dump you." Shilpa glared at him, "Well it looks like my best friend hasn't seen sense as she is still dating you." It was her turn to smile. "Ouch, that hurt." Armaan pretended to touch his heart with a painful expression. Shilpa just rolled her eyes and started to walk off, Armaan was only a few steps behind though, it was fun for him to see her pissed off. "Where you going Mal-hotra?" he yelled trying to catch up to her. "Somewhere far away from you!" She yelled back at him, increasing the speed of her walk. "Why my presence too much for you is it? Cant control yourself beside me?" He smirked at her flabbergasted expression.

"Puh- leez! I met ten times hotter guys than you; actually one of them is my boyfriend." She scoffed. Armaan grinned and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, girls die to date me." He said proudly popping up an imaginary collar. "Sadly im not suicidal like those girls." She laughed seeing him scowl beside her.

"Whatever" he scoffed. "Now listen Mal-hotra it's getting late now so why don't I drop you off?" Shilpa stopped in her tracks after listening to his words, she turned to him with a shocked expression. "Are, are you okay? Are you ill?" She said putting a hand on his forehead as if checking his temperature. "Ha ha very funny. But don't get too happy, im not doing this for you, im doing this coz my girlfriend aka your best friend, Riddhima and your boy friend aka my best friend Sid will kill me if they found out that I could've saved you from having this painful cold death. I mean come on woman, its dark and you're planning to walk home?! Do you have a death wish?" He asked sarcastically. She scowled listening to his words and said, "Actually I do it's to get away from a freak like you." She humphed and started to walk away. Armaan sighed and grabbed her arm. "You asked for it." Before she could reply, he slumped her body over his shoulder and started walking to his car. "Let me go you asshole! Sid is gonna kill you if he finds out you did this to me! Kutte kamine, Let me go!" She screamed whilst punching him and trying to kick him, Armaan ignored her and opened the car door and dropped her in the seat, he went to his side and sat in his seat starting the car. "Please, youre both gonna be thanking me for doing this later." Shilpa folded her arms across her chest and stuck her tongue out at him. Armaan chuckled at her childishness and started driving.

Even though they lived about half an hour away from the college as it was far away from their hometown the ride went by fast as they spent most of it arguing with each other. Shilpa had told Armaan to drop her off at Sid's house as she wanted to meet him and he had agreed as that was where he was going anyway. They reached Sid's house and Shilpa opened the door as she knew where the spare key was, they walked in and found it empty and quiet. "Where is he?" Shilpa asked confused. Armaan shrugged and said, "Maybe he's in his room." She nodded and they both headed there not knowing they were in for a surprise. Shilpa opened the door with a grin which vanished when she saw the sight before her, her eyes started to produce tears and she gasped in shock. Armaan was confused seeing her expression and thought to see what was happening. He looked inside and his eyes grew wide in shock. "WHAT THE F**K?!!!" He shouted. They saw Sid sleeping peacefully in his bed with his arm around a girl, that girl was not other than Riddhima and they were both draped in sheets, only sheets. They both woke up at the sound of his voice and looked at each other in shock seeing Armaan and Shilpa here. "Ar-armaan t-tum yahan ky-kya kar rahe ho?" Riddhima asked scared holding the sheet closer to her naked body. Armaan fist clenched at seeing the sight before him, his nostrils flared with fury. He marched up to Sid and punched him across the face. "Armaan!" Riddhima yelled trying to stop him by holding his arm. Armaan shrugged it off and punched Sid again making him fall on to the floor with blood coming out his mouth. "You f**king b*****d, you slept with MY girlfriend!" He punched him once more before turning towards Riddhima who looked at him in fear. "You!" he pointed his finger at her. "You b***h! I never want to see you again!" Riddhima started crying, "Armaan please! I'm sorry, it was a mistake!" She tried hugging him but he pushed her off him on to the bed, "Rot in hell Riddhima, both of you can!" he said turning towards Sid, "We are over! I never want to see either of you again!" He stormed out of the house leaving a crying Riddhima, a wounded Sid and a shocked Shilpa. Shilpa stood there not moving an inch, during the whole drama she had not said a word, she didn't have the power to. She was hurt. "Shilpa." Sid said getting up, she looked at him in tears and walked up to him, she stared at his face for a second and then slapped him hard. She had pure hatred in her face, "I hate you! I hate you both! You disgust me!" With that she ran out the house crying leaving both of them feeling guilty.

She was walking down the street of an empty road in the cold dark, she was thinking she was heading home but she wasn't so sure, her mind was in other places at the moment. In one second all her happiness was stolen from her, in just a mere second. Why was God so cruel to her? She was always those sensible, nice types of people. She never did anything wrong or tried to do anything wrong. She loved by most people, never tried to get on the bad side of them. She never wanted to hurt anyone or tried to do it, so then why her? Why was God punishing her by taking away the people she loved? Shilpa was thinking all when it started to rain heavily, but she didn't care. She couldn't feel the rain on her skin when she was feeling all that pain in her heart. She was so in to her thoughts that she didn't realise a bunch of men coming towards, she came in to reality when she felt one of touch her arm. She looked at them in disgust and tried to walk away when one of them grabbed her arm. She winced feeling the pain in her arm and tried to pull away but he wouldn't let go. "What's the rush sweetheart? Why don't we spend the night at my place?" One of men said making tears form in her eyes. "Get off me. I said get off me now!" She cried trying to pull away but the man held on tighter, the others started laughing at her state; tears started rolling down her cheeks thinking how this would end. Suddenly a bright light flashed in front of her, she covered her eyes as it was too bright, then they turned off and she saw a man coming towards her, she got scared thinking it might be one of their lot but she was shocked to see Armaan in front of her. "Armaan." She breathed in relief; she quickly hugged him tightly making them shocked. Armaan wrapped his arms around her gently rubbing her back feeling her shiver. "Shh its okay." He whispered to her feeling her body shake as she silently sobbed. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her body then turned his head up towards the group of men and anger raised in him knowing what must have been happening here, "Is there any problem here?" He growled to them, showing the anger visible to them. The men got scared seeing so much rage in one person so without saying anything they ran off.

Armaan looked at Shilpa who had her head buried in his chest with her eyes closed. "Are you okay?" He asked. She nodded her head in response, she was too shocked of the events happening in one day, and it was clearly shown on her face .He sighed and started walking both of them towards his car, he couldn't so many bad things could be happening to them in one day, after he left Sids house he drove himself somewhere far, unknown. He had reached a cliff and sat on the edge and cried his eyes out, he was heartbroken, the woman he loved had cheated him. After a while he started driving his way back home when he saw a girl being misbehaved by a group of men, what shocked him was that the girl was Shilpa, that made his anger rise and he went towards them. Armaan carefully placed Shilpa in his car and drove towards his house. Unlike other times, this car ride was silent; no one spoke a word they had nothing to say. Shilpa stared out the window, whilst Armaan drove focusing his full vision on the road but they were thinking the same thing. Why them?

Shilpa was brought back to the world when she felt Armaans grip get tighter round her waist. "Remember it all Shilpa...Remember that night, that rainy night, the night we had become one...That beautiful night when we had become soul mates for life... The night when we both felt at heaven...Remember it Shilpa..." Armaan whispered. Shilpas eyes started forming tears remembering it all, her mind flashed back to that night...

Armaan reached his house and helped Shilpa out his car, he lead them both to the door and he opened it with is keys. They entered the house to see it pitch black, Armaan turned on the lights and looked towards Shilpa, she looked up at him before looking away again. There was an awkward silence between them which neither of them wanted to break, but finally Armaan decided to say something, "Err why don't you go freshen up, err youre all wet and errm must be feeling cold." He fumbled scratching the back of his head, Shilpa slightly smiled seeing how uncomfortable he was feeling. "But I don't have any other clothes." She said looking down at her wet body then back up at him. "Don't worry I will lend you some of mine, come I will show you the bathroom." Shilpa nodded and they both proceeded up the stairs, they reached a room and Armaan pointed to the other door inside it which was bathroom. Shilpa smiled slightly to him before she went inside and he went downstairs again.

Shilpa locked the bathroom door and stood in front of the mirror staring at herself. She looked a mess. Her hair was all messy and dripping, her eyes were all red and puffy because of all the crying and her face looked pale and drained. Luckily she didn't have any make up running down her face as she doesn't wear it. She sighed, she was exhausted because of today's events and she just wanted to relax and rest her mind. She turned on the shower and took off her clothes. She sighed as she stepped in to the steaming hot water, it relaxed all her muscles. She arched her head back letting all the water run down her cold body, warming it up. She didn't let her mind wander to Sid or Riddhima; she didn't want to start crying all over again. After about 10 minutes, she turned off the water and stepped out the shower wrapping herself in a towel. She then remembered she had forgotten to ask Armaan to give her his clothes, she cursed herself quietly before opening the door to go ask Armaan to give them to her. When she opened it and stepped in the room, she was shocked to see Armaan already there laying his clothes on the bed for her.

Armaan looked up when he heard the door click and was stunned by the sight in front of him. Shilpa was standing there with her eyes wide in a towel. Only a towel. He eyed her body from head to toe. Her wet shiny hair, dripping water on to her creamy shoulders. Her white face, with red flushed cheeks. Her wide green eyes, her straight nose. He turned his gaze to her lips, parted and red; they were wet because of the drops of water falling on them. He felt an urge run through him, he felt like sucking the water from her lips wildly to make them all swollen, he felt like sucking all the water from her face, from her body. His eyes travelled down her neck, so white and soft, he noticed a droplet run down her neck towards her cleavage with was slightly visible, it disappeared down that valley and he groaned inwardly thinking of digging his head down there too. His eyes went down further to her legs. Long, slender and white, he felt like parting them and wrapping them round his waist whilst making love to her. He came back to the world when he realised what he was thinking. He felt shocked at his own thoughts, he never felt like that with anyone. He looked up and saw Shilpa looking at him nervously playing with her hands.

Shilpa saw him eyeing her body and felt herself shiver at his gaze, she felt nervous, no man had ever seen her like that before. She saw him look at her and gulped seeing the lust in his eyes. Armaan finally got control of himself and looked away, "Err erm heres th-the clothes." He fumbled trying to look anywhere but at her. She smiled, "Thanks." He looked up at her again to see her smiling warmly at him, he smiled back before leaving the room closing the door. Shilpa sighed in relief, she couldn't think she could take his gaze anymore. She went up the bed and quickly changed in to the clothes she was given. It was a long white shirt and a pair of shorts, the sleeves were quite long so she had rolled them up. She looked in the mirror and chuckled, his clothes were massive on her, his shorts were baggy and landed just on top of her knees, and his shirt covered her till her thighs. She laid out her other clothes to dry and then she went downstairs to find Armaan.

She heard some noise in the kitchen and went towards the sound, there she saw Armaan stirring some coffee, she noticed her he had changed his clothes too. Armaan saw Shilpa and couldn't help but eye her body once again, it was becoming a very bad habit of his, she was looking hot in his clothes he thought. And she looked hotter with her hair dripping, he smiled at his thoughts unknowingly only to get a confused look from Shilpa. "Er coffee?" He asked handing her a coffee. Shilpa smiled taking the coffee from him, they both sat on the counter in silence sipping the warm coffee. Armaan glanced at her and noticed she was quiet with no emotions showing on her face. He wanted to know if she was okay or not, so he placed his hand over hers that was on the counter and asked softly, "Are you okay, Shilpa?" He looked at her face to see her reaction only to see her look back him and smile slightly, she knew what he was talking about. "Not really but I will be." She answered honestly making Armaan smile back, "Are you okay?" She asked. Armaan sighed and said, " What do you think?" Shilpa pressed his hand, "I'm sorry Armaan" she said softly, "Yeah im sorry too." He sighed and continued, "But we will get through it." Shilpa nodded her head and she started sipping her coffee again bringing them back to the awkward silence. Suddenly Armaan asked randomly, "Arent you going to cry?" She looked back up at him and laughed slightly, "No I think we both know I cried enough for today and they don't deserve any more tears from me." Armaan squeezed her hand in reassurance, "What bout you?" she asked softly, but seeing his eyebrows raised at her question, she scoffed knowing the answer. "All you boys are the same, you never cry just get angry leaving the crying for us girls to do whilst you guys just take your anger out on us which makes us cry in the first place!" They both looked at each other, and then laughed at her outburst. "Well I have to kinda agree with you on that one, but like you said they don't deserve our tears." he said smiling at her. She thought to change the subject so said, "Hmm, you know I just realised this is the first conversation we ever had without killing each other, congratulations." raising her cup at him, Armaan chuckled listening to her words, "Hmm shocking it is. So friends?" He asked raising his cup. "And why would you think we would become friends?" She asked teasingly. "Well like you said we haven't killed each other yet plus since we are on first name basis I would call that friendship maybe." He replied asking for her hand in friendship. "We will see." She replied smiling widely. "We will see." He repeated, they clinked their cups together and then drank the last of their coffees. They put their cups aside and sat in silence when Shilpa realised that her hand was still stuck underneath his, "Err Armaan," She said. "Yeah?" He asked looking at her. "Err you can take your hand off now." She said hesitantly. He quickly realised it and took his hand off hers. "Sorry." "It's okay." She replied smiling warmly at him. He looked at her and couldn't help but observe her features; she was so beautiful he thought. He didn't know what made him say it but he couldn't help himself, "You're look really beautiful when you smile." He blurted out still staring at her to see her reaction, her eyes went wide hearing his words, he expected her to shout at him but was shocked to see her looking down blushing. He smiled seeing her response and couldn't stop himself and lifted his hand to stroke her red cheek. "Really beautiful." He whispered drawing closer to her stroking her cheek which went redder, she shivered feeling his touch and turned her body towards him to see him staring at her intently, "Armaan." She whispered staring in to his blue eyes, getting lost in them. He drew even closer until their lips were inches apart, he looked in to her eyes and saw innocence in them , also fear and vulnerability, he breathed on her lips making her lips open apart and saw her breathing heavily, her chest was going up and down, he looked there and closed his eyes trying to control himself. He pressed his lips slightly on to hers making her breath his name and he lost it when he felt her breath on his lips. He slammed his lips on to hers and started kissing them wildly. Shilpa moaned at the sudden attack but eventually got in to the moment. They kissed each other wildly not caring about a single thing in the world. He drew even closer leaving no space between them; he moved one his hands to her to her waist and let the other one move down to her legs. Shilpa felt his cold hands on her bare skin and groaned inwardly. She didn't know what was happening but she didn't want it to stop, her mind was going all blurry but she didn't care. Both were not in their senses but both didn't care, they just wanted to let what was happening happen. Armaan lifted her up in his arms, not breaking the kiss and led them to his bedroom. He kicked the door shut and made love to her wildly all night long. They both wanted to forget everything that happened that day and live in the moment'they did exactly that, that night, but what they didn't know was what was coming in store for them the next morning.

"Im so sorry Shilpa." Shilpa was once again brought back from the past to see Armaan in front of her wiping her tears, she didn't realise that she was silently crying. Armaan looked at her with a few tears and a whole lot of love. "Im so sorry for hurting you Shilpa, I was so stupid not to realise it was love for us not lust. Im so sorry for saying what I said to you the next morning, for everything that happened after that." Shilpa looked in his eyes and knew he regretted everything that happened after that night'

The sun was shining early the next morning, Shilpa woke up because of sun rays falling on her face, she blinked her eyes to get to fully wake up and stretched her arms. She moaned in pain as her body felt sore and tried to get up but couldn't because of some huge weight on her. She looked to her side and saw Armaan sleeping there with his arm holding her waist and a smile on his face. She was flabbergasted to see him there. She looked at her body and then Armaans and realised they were both n***d. She gasped as the night before dawned upon her and held the sheet tightly crying silently. Armaan woke up because of some movements and was shocked to see Shilpa there fully n***d crying. He blinked to see if it was all real and then realised what had happened between them. He sat up and ran his hands through his hair, he looked towards her and saw her still crying, he was about to place his hand on her bare shoulder but decided against it."Shilpa." he whispered, she looked up at him with bloodshot eyes and was about to speak when he interrupted her, "Wait. Let me speak first, Shilpa im really sorry about what happened last night. It was all one big mistake, I was angry and upset and I wasn't thinking straight. Im really sorry Shilpa for doing that with you. Can we please forget this and move on? And still be friends?" he said hopefully. Shilpa looked at him blankly, she didn't say a word, she felt hurt somehow, she knew this was all a mistake, but for some reason she didn't want to hear it was a mistake, especially not from Armaan. She thought they had something between them for a moment but now that moment was gone. What was she thinking? They never had any feelings for each other before, so why now? Just because they slept together doesn't mean they love each other right? But she realised after last night that she did have feelings for Armaan but he didn't have any for her so why should he sacrifice his happiness for hers. She took a deep breath and decided to listen to him and forget about everything that had happened between them, heck she will probably lose those feelings she had for him too, maybe it was just because of what happened between them that she thought she felt something between them. She smiled meekly at him, "You're right let's forget about everything that happened and just be friends." It pained so much to say that to him but she knew that pain would go away eventually or she hoped. Armaan smiled widely and nodded his head, but somewhere inside he felt like he had just lost a part him. They both did.

Weeks went by and Armaan and Shilpa had become really good friends, at first it had really been awkward but they soon past that phase. Sid and Riddhima had both apologized to them and requested them to take them back. Armaan had gotten back with Riddhima but couldn't forgive Sid and Shilpa had forgiven Sid but did not want anything to do with Riddhima. Armaan and Shilpa never told them about what had happened between them that night. With the couples back together, Armaan and Shilpa gradually grew apart again but that didn't mean they forgot each other. Whenever Shilpa saw Armaan and Riddhima together she couldn't help but feel a part of her break inside, she knew her feelings for Armaan were not going but she didn't give up. One day she caught them kissing and ran in to the toilets crying, she then realised that she loved Armaan not Sid. Even Armaan felt something when he saw Sid and Shilpa together happily, he felt anger and jealousy burn through him but sadly he didn't realise why. Shilpa couldn't tell him the truth because she knew Armaan didn't love her back, she chose not to tell him hoped that maybe she could move on with Sid which she knew was impossible. A couple of days after her realisation of the love she held for Armaan, she overheard Sid talking to a friend about proposing to her. She ran home and cried all night long knowing there was no going back now, her life was going to change forever, she was going to marry someone who she didn't love. She finally grasped the fact that Armaan didn't love her, she was certain about it now. She would marry Sid, who loved her a lot, and she knew she wouldn't be able to love him as much but hoped she would be able to love him enough.

"Im really sorry Shilpa." He said in tears. It hurt her seeing him in pain but it was too late, she was engaged now to Sid. "Its too late Armaan, we cant be together plus I don't love you so there's no point." She said walking past him looking at the wall in tears. Armaan walked up to her once again and breathed on the back of her neck. "Really?" He breathed hoarsely making the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She started breathing heavily feeling him so close. "Armaan please." She pleaded him helplessly. He turned her towards him so that her back was touching the wall. He buried his head in her hair, breathing in her sweet fragrance. "Say it once Shilpa please." He whispered pleadingly, he had to hear her say it at least once, he knew she loved him but he wanted her to admit it too. "Armaan." She gasped as she felt his lips lightly on her neck. "You love me. Say it." He whispered possessively yet lovingly. "No..I..I don't." She fumbled, it was getting hard for to breath with him so close to her. He chuckled at her stubbornness, she would never change would she? "If you don't love me then why do you shiver at my touch?" He lightly placed his lips on her neck making her tremble, he smirked, "Why does it get so hard to breath when Im so close to you." He whispered, he knew he was winning and she was losing this battle. "Armaan please." She pleaded him with her eyes closed, she knew she couldn't hold herself for much longer, her knees started to buckle. He looked at her face and cupped it with his hands, she opened her eyes to his magical eyes staring at her, "You love me Shilpa, say it please, just once say it." Tears started flowing out of her eyes, "Armaan I'I" She found it hard to breath so how could she say those three magical words. "I love you Shilpa, please say it once." He said moving his face closer to her so that their noses were touching, he closed his eyes wishing they could stay like this forever. Shilpa couldn't stop herself anymore, she finally lost, she touched his face lightly making his eyes flutter open. She smiled seeing all the love his eyes placed for her, she looked at him with tears in her eyes and finally said, "I love you Armaan." Armaan smiled widely at the confession, both stayed in that position savouring the moment, crying silently at their confession which they waited for so long. "I love you too Shilpa, I love you a lot." He whispered, he wiped her tears off her face whilst she did the same for him, they both smiled at each other, and then Armaan leaned down for a kiss, Shilpa closed her eyes accepting the moment, she never wanted it to stop.

Armaan placed his lips on hers and they both gasped at the touch, they felt currents run threw them all over again, it felt like their first time. They kissed each other madly exploring every inch of their mouths. Shilpa placed her arms round his neck bringing him closer whilst Armaan's arms went to her waist inside her top, caressing it softly. They broke the kiss in the need of breath and Armaan lifted her in his arms taking her towards the bed. They stared in to each others eyes full of love, he placed her on the bed and buried his face in her neck. They spent the whole night making love, to make up for all the time they lost, all the time the spent in pain.

Hours later they laid in the bed exhausted, cuddled in each others arms. Shilpa placed her head on his chest smiling, she finally got her love and she couldn't be any more happier. Armaan's wrapped his arms round her bringing her more closer, he never thought he could ever love someone like Shilpa but he had and he didn't regret it one bit. She looked up to see him staring at her frowning. "What wrong?" she asked worried, did he regret everything that happened between them? "I'm sorry Shilpa, for everything, for putting you through all that. I'm such a idiot, I regret doing all that to you, I'm really so.." He was interrupted by Shilpa who placed her finger on his lips to stop him from continuing. She smiled up at him, "Shush okay. You don't need to be sorry coz I don't regret anything that happened between us. Not even what happened after that night because that helped us both realise that we love each other and we cant live without each other, so I'm glad you said all that to me because then we wouldn't be here would we?" Armaan smiled at her explanation, she was right, if they hasn't gone through all that they wouldn't be here. "I love you a lot, you do know that don't you?" He said smiling. Shilpa then thought of something and got a naughty smile on her face, "really?" She asked mischievously, he nodded in reply. "I don't believe you, prove it!" She said trying hard not to laugh, Armaan realised what she was doing and decided to give her what she wanted. "I think I will." He replied growing more closer to her, he pulled the blanket over them and they made love again for the third time.

"""""""""""""""""""""""''''''''''''""" 6 months later''''''''''''"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Armaan and Shilpa never felt happier, they were together and nothing could come between them now. The next day they confronted Sid and Riddhima and told them the whole truth but were shocked to find out that that Sid and Riddhima were together too. Actually what happened was when Armaan and Shilpa had left, Sid was going towards his car when he found Riddhima looking worried. He went up to her and asked what was wrong, but Riddhima ignored him and Sid had gotten frustrated and asked her what her problem was. Riddhima had blasted at him asking him why he cared when he was engaged to Shilpa, Sid got angry and confessed he just did it because he thought they were over and Shilpa loved him but he really loved Riddhima. Riddhima was shocked but relieved that he loved her too, she confessed as well and decided to tell Armaan and Shilpa tomorrow. Both couples were really happy, and forgave each other for their mistakes. Armaan and Sid became best friends again and so did Shilpa and Riddhima. Everyone was happy once again.

Shilpa was sitting on a bench studying for a test but she couldn't help but think about her and Armaan. After that night, they had been closer than ever, there was no more insecurities between them. They had moved in to Armaan's house, he would treat her like a princess, he would bring a different flower every morning with breakfast; make her laugh when she was upset. Whenever they would argue over little things, he would apologize with his cute little pout and she would forgive him and they would end up making love all night. Shilpa blushed remembering those beautiful moments, they would never get enough of each other, even when they weren't together they would still talk to each other on the phone. A second away from each other felt like a year for them. They were deeply in love and nothing could change that. Shilpa broke out of her reverie when she saw Armaan on one of his knees in front of her with a huge grin his face. Shilpa gave him a confused look and raised her eyebrows asking what. Armaan put his hand in his pocket and brought out a box. He looked up at her to see her confused and chuckled; he opened the box to reveal a ring. Shilpa was shocked; this could not be happening she thought. Armaan held her left hand and brought the ring forward, Shilpa was too shocked to say anything she just let Armaan do what he wanted. He cleared his throat and started, "Shilpa when I first met you I have to admit I hated you but I knew there was a spark between us, there always has been. I loved and treasured every moment I spent with you, good and bad because they have gotten us to where we are now. You have changed me Shilpa, in a good way of course, and I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to never hurt you and give you a lifetime of happiness. So Miss Shilpa Malhotra, will you do the honours of becoming Mrs Armaan Shilpa Mallik." He looked at her hopefully to see tears in her eyes, he wiped a tear that slipped and caressed her face. "You know your supposed to say yes, plus my knees are kinda hurting here." he joked, Shilpa laughed between her tears and hugged him tight. He hugged her back happily, "I should take that as a yes then?" he whispered in her ear. She withdrew back sniffing and hiccupping because of the crying, he tucked a hair back behind her ear, and cupped her face. She looked at him with love in her eyes and smiled saying, "Yes, yes I will. I love you Armaan." He placed the ring on her finger and kissed each finger before kissing her. They were so in to the moment they didn't realise that the whole college was there applauding them. They stood up and Shilpa blushed hiding her face in his chest. Armaan chuckled and hugged her back. They looked in each others eyes and knew that this is where they belonged. Together. They both finally got all the answers to their questions. Armaan had changed Shilpa life for the better; he had made it more glorious. And Shilpa had changed Armaan forever for the better; she had made him the most happiest man ever. But one thing they both knew was they didn't love each other for the better. No, they loved each other because they were meant to be together. Life and fate had brought them together. For the better.

Thats it Guys! I hope you liked it :D
P.S. LWFAW Readers, err alittle bit more time with the update *nervous laugh*
Sorry for any mistakes!
PM's later :P

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