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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

FF She's Like The Wind, Chapter 12, p109, 11th Feb (Page 17)

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Originally posted by shaina.sharma

wow how did i miss this? 

U remainded me of the film 13 goes 30 where similarly the events go out of hand suddenly.

so now ahem wil lead his desired life, wil gopi come into his new life as a friend or a hurdle,

great narration dear. I thought of this track too of course without this magical twist and as a ss

but u really did a fab job. congratulations. U brought life to the characters and its a rare gift. Please update soon i am despearate.

Lol I ain't got a clue.  LOL  But glad u came across it anyway.  I see what you mean, and in a way it is like that, as when I think of Gopi and Ahem's relationship the only way I can make sense of it, is for Ahem to understand Gopi a little better, and that won't happen while they're married in the current circumstances. 
Yep Gopi will indeed come into his new life. 
And thank you ever so much for your wonderful compliments truly.  Well I am updating today itself, just hope u enjoy it though.  Smile

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Originally posted by vaishali667

hey plz update next part soon
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Chapter Four

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Ahem rushed back to the Raas Leela ground right after dropping Anita off home, and tried to find the Krishna come kid at the traffic signal earlier on. Running chaotically in and out of the crowds of girls behind the backdrop Ahem went about asking as many people at once where the main Krishna of the Raas Leela was. No one seemed to be replying back to his questions, probably because he looked like a madman right now.
Having gone to the set of traffic lights where he first met the kid, and doing the same sort of thing there too, no one had paid much attention to him there neither. Ahem didn't give up however, a few generous people had kindly tried to tell Ahem that there was no such boy matching the description he was giving them, and said that no one had come to sell any kind of bansuri's by the nature of what he was saying at all today.

This is when Ahem decided to head back to the ground where the organiser's of the play were already packing up.
After much headache someone had finally brought forward the small Kanha Ji who made his entry in the first half of the play. 'This is not the same Kanha Ji that was acting alongside Gopi!' Ahem gasped aloud. 'He was the first Kanha Ji, where's the second Kanha Ji?' He questioned in confusion but demanding the answer.
Not being able to understand a word Ahem was speaking, one of the girls felt the need to clarify to him that there was only one center-stage Kanha and that was the very boy who stood before him, and he was the same who danced with Gopi too.
'Gopi' repeated Ahem, 'so it was Gopi' he added like he'd deciphered a code to impress.
'Jee, Mr. Modi, it was Gopi indeed' replied the girl like she was briefing a child rather than an adult as she nodded her head up and down.
Noticing the girl's remote attitude towards him, he realised how he must've looked, 'okay fine, you can at least tell me where Gopi is now, right? He asked instead, hoping that maybe talking with her things will be a little clearer as she was with him when he bought the flute, and probably had a fair idea of what was going on.
'Of course, Gopi has gone home...' answered the girl with a welcome, and pointing her finger to begin directing Ahem to Gopi's house, who had interrupted rudely and said snapped back in irritation '...I know where her house is alright', unaware the girl had felt offended, but not bothered he had left from there as soon as possible without thanking the girl or so much as even apologise to her.

Gopi, Gopiii! Was all Ahem could hear as he pulled up his car outside Gopi's house, 'Gopi have you mopped the floor! Gopi have you cooked the food! Gopi did you collect Rashi's clothes from the Tailor?! Gopi have you heated up my water!'
Lots of shouting took place inside of her house, as he stood by his car not knowing what his next step should be.

The voice coming from inside was evidently Urmila's who was shouting at the tops of her lungs ever so rudely. How much could Gopi do, by the sounds of it, it seemed like Gopi was a slave in the house rather than a family member, he thought feeling appalled by the very idea of it. Of course that was not the case; Gopi loved her Mammi dearly, if she was treated as such, than Gopi would never have spoken so highly of her. Throwing the thoughts out of his head, he tucked in his shirt and was about to make way into her house, when his phone had rang delaying his steps, and making him turn back around towards his car.


'I believe you were looking for me', said the voice of the very boy he had been looking for earlier on.
'You! You did this didn't you, it's that flute, that stupid flute and all those riddles you were speaking in, tell me what the hell you did?!' Ahem almost shouted and demanded to know what was going on with his life. 'You were there on the stage...I saw you...up there dancing with my wife!'
'Of course I was, but no one believes you' replied the boy formally. 'And the lady you claim to be your wife, doesn't even know you, so don't even think about going to meet her, otherwise you'll just end up making a bigger fool of yourself, and then don't say I didn't warn you.'
'What rubbish! Ahem retorted back, 'Gopi's always loved me, she said so herself, so how can she possibly forget me.'
'Oh but she hasn't met you yet' the boy was quick to reply but remaining calm.
'Hang on a minute, how do you know where I am?' Said Ahem cautiously turning around to see if he could notice the boy, maybe he was following me thought Ahem, perhaps this was all one big drama staged purposefully just to teach me some kind of lesson, he thought trying hard to make sense of it, but no this could not be, for Gopi wasn't the type of girl to have the guts to do such a thing against me, he decided.
'If you are so eager to meet me Sir, make your way to the Mithai (Sweet) Store round the corner from where you are stood now' said the jovial voice on the other end.


Ahem headed for this so-called Mithai Shop by foot as quickly as possible, as he wondered what could really be the link with this boy, in his panic Ahem's gut instinct had been directed to the boy, but now that he had a moment to think things through, he failed to see what role this young lad had played. Illusions and magic had seemed like a ridiculous answer, not likely in this modern era, but then how was it that Anita turned up suddenly, and didn't have a clue about Ahem being married. Nothing made sense, this boy seemed to be the only person who recognised him between those so-called changes that occurred, or more like 'if' they occurred. So he was sure to know something if nothing, he spoke with such authority, a bit like Edward Cullen he joked silently, maybe he was some kind of creature from the ancient world and was still living on in an immortal body. Shaking his head in disbelief, and almost embarrassed at the things he was beginning to think, he felt like hitting his head against the wall to knock some sense into him, maybe that was a better option he thought, as opposed to going to that little kid and even considering that he could give Ahem any answers.

However, right now Ahem was left with very little choice; he let out a heavy sigh before he spotted the lad who seemed to be working in the shop.
Just great, thought Ahem, this kid was like a disease infested everywhere, first at the lights, then at the Raas Leela, and now in this shop, and here I was thinking that he was simply giving me a place to where we should meet.

'Speak fast, I don't have time' said Ahem as soon as he was in a few yards of the child.
'Yes of course, but Sir first you must place an order.  What would you like...kaju ki barfi, khoya ki barfi, gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa, jalebi, rosgula, peta, besan ke ladoo, motichur ke ladoo, ya phir rasmalay' he said cleverly listing all these different types of mithai's in one breath and finished hitting the back of his fingers against his open palm as a style indicating that he'd finally come to an end.
'I don't need any of it' answered a much bothered Ahem who was slowly losing his patience. 'Can you please just come to one side when you're finished?'
'Of course you need it Sir. You won't want to go home empty handed now would you?' He said as he began weighing a kilo of the ladoo's in a red patterned and well decorated box without permission. He handed over the packaged box of sweets to Ahem lifting his hand and practically forcing them to him, and then holding out his own empty palm in order to receive the correct sum of 625 Rs.
Damn this kid, every time I meet him, all he's doing is making me pay for things forcefully, sulked Ahem as he went through his wallet to pay the kid. 'There' he said in agitation and slammed the notes in the kid's hand. 'Now are you going to tell me what happened?' He asked, or should I beat it out of you, he thought tempted by the idea.
As they walked over to one of the empty tables the boy continued to speak without keeping constant eye contact with Ahem, who knew he needed to keep up.
'I didn't tell you to intervene at the traffic lights with that man at the paan shop Sir, but you felt the need to take charge of what happened over there and bought this on yourself' said the bansuri wala.
'Huh?! What's all this mess got to do with anything that happened over there?' He asked losing his patience.
'Everything? Am I supposed to mysteriously understand everything by that?' Ahem asked again.
'Okay fine.' Replied the boy as he shifted his look back at Ahem as if he'd decided to tell him everything. 'This mess is all created by you Sir, and when I say that, I mean that the flute I was selling that man, was specifically for him, but when you intervened you changed the rules and by offering the money I had no choice but to sell it. However, when I understood you more carefully, I knew that you needed it more than that tobacco man, and so I accepted your offer, and you mine.' He stopped to see whether Ahem was taking this news in or not, but when Ahem stayed quiet, he continued. 'I have given you a gift on the Lord's birthday Sir, take it and see what you discover. You live in regret and think you know better if you had taken the right decisions by yourself at the right times. So now you have it, the moments that you regret most have been rectified as per your request. You have what many would kill for Mister, you have been given the time to live your life by a glimpse from your imagination.'

'My imagination' said Ahem with a stern face, 'how am I supposed to believe all this and how do I even know that this isn't some bizarre dream?'

'Because you have no choice but to believe' answered the boy. 'Isn't it proof enough that I'm the only one to remember everything that happened just before you entered the Raas Leela...'

'You listen to me, you rectify this mess now or else' threatened Ahem hitting his fist against the table not being able to keep himself calm any longer.

'Sorry Sir, no can do' replied the kid immediately, 'you must figure this out or yourself Sir' he informed further.

'Are you trying to say I'm stuck in this damn illusion or whatever it is, until I figure out what?!' He threw back annoyed.

'What you want obviously' said the kid, 'you need to get your life figured out, and until you don't, you shall remain in this glimpse for as long as it takes, and I'm sorry there's nothing I can do now' he said shrugging his shoulders with a stretched smile.

'But what if I need you, what then, what do I do?' Ahem asked without realising that he hadn't really made any sense of things yet, but seeing the boy getting up to leave seemed to be like watching the last ray of hope shutting itself out from him.

'I believe you have something that belongs to me' the boy replied back once again in a sort of riddle.

Ahem creased his eyebrows, 'you mean the it the flute you're talking about,' but the boy hadn't bothered looking back at him. 'The flute, is it the flute, when I blow into the flute, will you come back?' He found his voice shouting as the kid hadn't turned to look back at him as he left the shop.  Making Ahem run after him into the street. 

'Who are you talking to Sir, there is no one there' said a deep messy voice that belonged to a bystander who was watching Ahem call out to someone who seemed to be missing.

'Shit' Ahem let out throwing his hand into thin air. 'What a mess' he dreaded the thought of going home as he feared what he'd have to face next.




Shoving the bansuri into the glove compartment, and taking the long way home, Ahem couldn't make clear meaning of anything. Seeing Anita like this was a surprise but why hadn't he been happy when he saw her. Was it that he'd wanted to have done things the proper way, like divorcing Gopi first and then bringing Anita back in his life.

No, but the kid had said that none of that stuff has even happened in my life yet, according to him Gopi doesn't even know me. Anita had said at the Raas Leela that 'he weren't there to see her anymore'. That meant that she knew Gopi's rishta had come for Ahem, but she also said that Mom had accepted Anita as her daughter-in-law. This could only mean one thing, a year ago before he returned home Anita had tried to convince Ahem into marrying her, but he'd said no.

The boy clearly said that this 'glimpse' will go according to what I wanted, so does that must mean that I accepted Anita's proposal and when Mom called me home for Gopi's rishta, I probably told her about Anita and she had no choice but to accept. Yes! That's exactly how it must've been, but then why did they go to the Raas Leela, he thought still confused.

Of course, he remembered shaking his head, we're always invited to the Raas Leela every year, how could I forget something so simple, he concluded as he pulled up outside his house, not forgetting the mithai he was forced to buy.




Mani had opened the door for Ahem and almost forgetting he'd asked where Gopi was, 'where is Gopi, Mani?'

'Gopi' she repeated in confusion, 'Gopi Bhabi will only come after the wedding' she corrected with joy. As her eyes wandered over the red mithai box, she understood that he must've bought the sweets as he heard the good news. 'Have you bought this for Jigar Ji, Ahem Ji?' Questioned Mani.

'Mani will you ask Ahem dikra all questions at the door itself, or will you at least allow him to come inside to share this good news with everyone' said Kokila's modulated voice from behind. 'Give these sweets to me' she said taking the box from Mani's hands, 'come Ahem dikra, we waited so long for you, but we understood that you left to drop Anita off home, but we couldn't wait any longer' she said giving him all the details that went on in Modi Mansion.

'Ahem dikra' said Hetal's excessive joyful voice as she came over and seated him to break the good news.

'Bhai where were you I missed you the whole time, I really wanted to tell you first', said Jigar shyly.

'Tell me what?' Asked Ahem clueless at everyone's half-broken short stories and hints, and looking from one face to the next for and answer.

'That Jigar has selected the girl of our choice to marry!' Hetal exclaimed delightfully.

'Jigar's decided to get married, but to who?' Ahem found he was asking without delay. It must obviously be Rashi, thought Ahem, who else could it be.

'Gopi' answered Kokila proudly as she clutched onto her veil, 'humari Gopi Vahu' she said again.

'Gopi!' Shouted Ahem as he stood up, 'but she's, she's...' not knowing what to say, he went quiet.

'She's what?' Kokila asked curiously.

'Gopi's supposed to be my wife' he said without thinking, 'I mean Gopi was...'

'Ahem, I agree that we saw Gopi for you, but you returned home with Anita and left us no choice but to accept her. However after seeing Gopi up on stage performing as Radha Ji today, Hetal had been deeply impressed by her, and wished for her to be her Bahu and Jigar had no objection to this, that is why we are celebrating.' She said as she told Ahem, but as her eyes lingered over the mithai box she wondered, if Ahem was shocked at hearing the news, then why did he bring the sweets, and decided to ask him the same.

'Er Mom, woh..I...I just thought that it was Janamashtami and I would return home with the sweets, that's all. Mom I'm really tired I need to go to bed' he said making an excuse.

'Saru Ahem' agreed Kokila.

'Congratulations Jigar' he said before leaving for his room.

'Thanks Bhai' replied Jigar.



This was terrible, how this could be, screamed Ahem in his head. Gopi was supposed to be out of his life, not right back in his house and life as his brother's wife, how was he ever supposed to interact with her knowing that she was once his wife. It wasn't like he could tell anyone that this was the case, no one would even remember it happened, why would they remember, according to them it hadn't even happened!  Some gift, he muttered under his breath, as he reached his room. This was turning out to be a living nightmare, perhaps the only good thing that came from it would be the time he'd get to spend with Anita, and he tried to smile as he looked at his phone knowing Anita would be calling any time soon.

     Lying in his bed, Ahem's mind was still lurking over Gopi and Jigar's rishta, he tried real hard to make himself believe that he weren't bothered by it, but since he'd heard the news, that was all he could think about. Would he be able to see Gopi as Jigar's wife?

He could still hear the excited voices of his parents and the rest of the family downstairs making plans to throw a big engagement party for both Ahem and Jigar, and then set the wedding dates for the same day too.

Great just great, this meant that Gopi would be in his life one way or another, no matter what he did. He tossed and turned the whole night, not being able to get his mind off of things, eventually leading him to think back to Gopi.

Gopi and Jigar, they didn't even make a good pair anyway, he thought in agitation, at least Gopi had looked better with Ahem, why hadn't Jigar seen Rashi, it was supposed to be Rashi that he should've married, he thought almost sulking.

How he could marry Rashi, Jigar was meant to marry the girl who performed in the Raas Leela as Radha, and last year that was Rashi, but of course today it had been Gopi. Hence Gopi was indeed his brother ki dulhan.




Thank you for reading!  


I hope everything is clear now, if not do ask.  I don't mind explaining anything, and most of all I hope you are enjoying it so far.  Embarrassed


Do press 'Like' 



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Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by vaishali667

hey plz update next part soon


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Nice title is she called Dimple or Nafisa Embarrassed

Chapter Four

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

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hey tinks...really enjoyed this part too
i am really excited to see ahem's thoughts on gopi as jigar's wife.
that is something i would love to see.
but am really waiting for the next update

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great chapter! Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by Nafisa_blossoms

Nice title is she called Dimple or Nafisa Embarrassed

Thanks babes, and she can be whoever u want her to be lool...although who's Dimple?EmbarrassedConfused



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