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FF-Heights of Mad Obsession ArSh Note Pg 76 10/11 (Page 8)

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Thank you for all the lovely commentsSmile

Part 4

He woke up with a smile today as he knew he was going to see her in the evening. He need to rush with the things so that he can be back early than his regular late night timing. He went to his office with a smile but soon turned into a frown with all the back to back meetings and in the evening he was scheduled for an unexpected meeting with one of his clients as he came up only to meet him. Being a professional , he went  there without any second thoughts. In the meanwhile our shilps is having hard time concentrating in the class. All day she was thinking abt wat to do. Whether to go or just pull up a reason to back off.  If she wont go he may do somethng for which she feared and thought that, its just talking wat harm it can do. She reached home and had a quick shower ,she felt her stomach grumbling so went to cook some but when finally its done she didn't feel like eating, did her homework and was unknowingly waiting. After  some time she thought he didn't have her cell no probably he is waiting in his room so that they can go out for dinner,  so finally after long time she dragged herself into his room. She don't know when she dozed off in the chair near his bed. He came to his room at around 11 and was shocked to see her.  Then he remembered their yesterday talking which had somehow slipped out of his mind by his hectic day. He felt so relief and all the pressure is gone just by seeing her calm face. Suddenly a frown came up on her fac  coz of the uncomfortable position she was sleeping in. He went near her but he couldn't decide whether to wake up or not.  He thought he will just place her on the bed and he will sleep on the sofa. But first he need to freshen up. At that thought he went into shower by the time he came up he saw her wide awake.

Sh- am sorry I don't know when I just dozed off. By the way when did u come.

Ar- Smiling at her "U shouldn't be, actually am sorry, somehow this just slipped out of my mind with busy schedule at office. I just came in"

Sh-"She don't know whether to be happy as he didn't come but she felt more bad than happy as soon as she heard that he forgot abt their meeting. She pushed aside her feelings and got up to say bye and looked at him. Something in his eyes captivated her she just  turned and said "I will get something to eat. " she herself don't know y she just said that last sentence.

Ar- At once he was amazed at her. She didn't even ask him whether he had his dinner or not and she just told, she will get something for him even without his asking. He just couldn't express his feelings he was just rooted to the spot and nodded his head. He saw her retreating figure to the balcony and to her room. He suddenly felt so happy at her words. No one bothered to even ask whether he had taken his food, no one cared for him well except one . He closed his eyes as he remembered her dhadi. This is so unusual to him as all day he will be busy and he himself don't take care abt his diet. He eats whenever he is free, if he don't find time he will just skip the meal.  While he was in his thoughts she came with a bowl of pasta and stewed vegetables. He felt his hunger rise just by seeing them. He took the bowls and started eating them. She smiled at his child like behavior. He raised an eyebrow at her, asking like y she is smiling, she just shaked her head and said "u are looking just like a kiddo by eating out of the bowl no forks, no plate" He is having his mouth full and started saying "um um  well  I didn't um um  have anything um um from morning so…"  she started laughing with his mouth full talk….and with that instantly he got up and moved closer to her " By the way y did u get food for me and how do u know I didn't had my dinner" .  She abruptly stopped laughing as she herself don't know  y she did that, the longing and loneliness  in his eyes and the tired look on his face made her say that. But how can she say that to him. She just looked away and said "Its getting late. Got to go" and started moving. "its ok don't answer me, but did u had ur dinner"  She thought wat a stupid question it is, hadn't  he seen, I  dozed of in his room from evening, how on earth I would have eaten something . She was abt to say when he forward the vegetable bowl and said "u have that now and can leave" she wanted to say no "atleast give me company till I finish and if u sit there without eating I feel guilty bcoz am eating all ur food, so don't say no" she silently started eating. Suddenly the silence felt awkward. So he started "did u cook this"  She just shaked her head as a yes "when"  "after coming from school".

Ar – "wats the cause to move down here" He just wanted to know evrythng abt her.

Sh- "oh its just dad's business has some problems so he just got a better opportunity here I guess."

Ar- " ru the only child any siblings"

Sh- " no am just one, wats with this questions" 

Ar- He chuckled "just like that, thought its better than just eating silently"

Sh- "Ok now tell abt urself"  how much time will he take to eat. It looks like as if he is eating a single piece of pasta at a time, I guess its gonna take all night like this

Ar- "well i had normal life like everyone till the age of 14 then suddenly everything changed. I had to take responsibility of the business as dadaji was not well and he didn't trust anyone to take his place. I was too young to take that place. I started as a just employee and got to know all the basics and dadaji used to guide me and made me work day and night. He just used to sign the papers. Rest all I was taking care. He used to kick my butt if I do anything wrong.."

Sh- she interrupted him "then wat abt studying"

Ar- He smiled " I did that also along with all these not like u guys but yup I did my graduation and now am doing my final MBA"

Sh- "wowww " all she could mutter and suddenly she felt sad for him" means u didn't go to any regular  highschool and college, oh god u missed all the fun in the life, y did u do that"

Ar- "I didn't have an option" he sighed at that moment

Sh- "omg I feel so sorry , the fun with the friends, the movies, shopping and not to forget the dates and the prom, oh god u didn't get to enjoy any of these" she frowned at her own words realizing how bad he might have felt

Ar- He didn't say anything, He himself thought abt these so many times." Dadaji only cared abt his empire never he understood what I wanted nor asked me. Even if I find courage and would ask him then he would simply brush off and says" Its just all timewaste not a very important way of utilizing ur time. Don't u never let ur thoughts go there. They just make u a fool. U have a very large empire to take care. Ur dad failed in doing that now I don't want that to happen again. So u have to do as I say. U got that"

My dadaji was very strict and he takes all the decision regarding evrythng in our family. Dad left becoz he didn't like dadaji interfering in everything of his life. He wanted to live his own life"

Sh – "then y u all didn't go with ur parents" her curiosity got better of her as she listened to him intently. Feeling the pain in his words she just wanted to tell somethng which can make him feel better but how?

Ar- " I still don't know y they left us incharge of dadaji. I so hate them" the pain replaced by anger and frustration.

Sh- She can sense the anger at his last words, she want to divert the serious topic so just said" u know wat  u can join our gang in our outings so u can enjoy all those missed moments. Our gang is awesome me, sapna,nikki,amit, vicky,abhi, jp. Nikki is so sweet, amit is cute guy bilkul bookworm hai, Vicky is good but sometimes I find him creepy, abhi is so nice, he is the hottest guy in our class. Well u can join us everywhere except in classes…. She was going on and on abt their frnds and college..

Ar – He started listening to her as he enjoyed her talking and the expressions on her face made him wonder, how can she be like that. He is falling for her more now.He knew that long before but he don't know he was scared of accepting the reality as whenever he loved someone they all go away far from him. So he thought of not going close to her but he was strongly pulled to her.

Sh- she didn't hear him say anything so she turned to look at him and find him staring at her. Those blue hazel eyes made her shiver  and her eyes fell on the clock "OMG" is all she could scream.

Ar- Came out of thoughts at her scream he looked at what she was looking the time its 2'o clock.

Sh- "I have to goto school early. I need to go she rushed out. But again came bak " Silly me I am going without even saying bye, Good night bye and she ran without even giving him any chance but she heard him

Ar- He wanted to stop her but he know its already been so late she need to sleep but before that he shouted "see u tomorrow then"


That night changed everything. Both of them didn't sleep.

Shilpa  - She don't know wat to think of him. This armaan was a completely different from her previous encounters. He didn't even try to touch her once, though she felt good but somewhere deep down she felt bad. She hit her head with her palm " what r u thinking silly girl, go to sleep now" With that she fell into deep slumber.

Armaan – He was smiling feeling happy and content with the talk they shared. He never talk abt his life to anyone, when she asked he said to her without any second thoughts which surprised him. But one thing was sure he enjoys her company very much whether its mere talk or more. He sighed at that thought.

Days went on like this. They just talk abt everything and nothing . They felt comfortable in each other's presence.  Its been six  months, Well he didn't try to come near her now as he is scared that the relation they share might get lost and he is enjoying her company more than ever.  Its like she filled an important part in his body which made him feel complete. She used to do her homework, projects everything with him in his room. He used to help her. Shilpa unintentionally is coming close to him well not physically but emotionally. This all happened more when sapna started dating and now they don't spend much time together. She sighed as she remembered sapna and how things change so quickly, that her best friend has no time for her now. Well Shilpa is happy for her but she misses her best friend.

 There are some awkward moments also between her and armaan.  It was like any other day she was doing her homework sitting in his room with an icecream cone in one hand and a pen in other hand tapping on the book  trying to understand something in her book. She had her icecream all over her mouth even some on her nose too. He walked in and froze at the sight infront of him. She looked so adorable and yummy. It like these moments the hidden desires erupt out of him. Seeing her cute frowns he smiled and walked up to her taking a tissue to remove the icecream from her face. Hearing the footsteps who was sitting in his bed with her legs folded, put her book aside got down to sit in the chair only to be stopped by him, he came infront of her she was looking into his eyes and taking the tissue he started removing the cream of her nose and over her mouth,  as his fingers slightly brushed her smooth milky skin, the tissue slipped out of his hand and his fingers again touched her soft skin. Both shuddered at the sudden contact. He was in a dazed state and started moving his fingers and tracing her lips with his thumb. He moved him thumb slowly over her lowerlip and moved on to her upperlip. She let out a gasp at the sudden pleasure in her body made her lips part, he pulled them together upwards, the moment he bent down to capture them, he felt something  very cold on him. He left her immediately and moved back seeing the icecream cone on his hands dropped from her hands. He quickly said a sorry and went out of his room. He was scared that she will not talk to him and he don't want to lose her by showing his desires for her. How he wished to crush them with his lips, he closed his eyes tightly and made a fist with his hands to stop his feelings from going afar.

Shilpa who felt she was in heaven, suddenly felt a disappointment rose in her at his rejection. Well she also don't want to lose his friendship just for a weak moment. She suppressed her tears which were threatening to come out and went to her house. When he came back to his room he didn't find her, he felt sad and angry on himself.  After some time she came back to get her book when he was in shower , she kept the food she brought for him on the table and was about to go taking her book. He came out and saw her holding her book going out. "Shilpa" He wanted to talk about their previous moment but again thought may be its not a good idea so he said" I will not be here for the next  1 month, am going out for a business trip" "She just nodded her head and turned to him gave a little smile and said "Good luck" and left from there. She didn't know just one moment made the atmosphere so tensed between them. He saw the food and felt relieved may be she is not angry with him but again why she didn't talk to me much"

The one month away from him made her realize she has become so dependent on him. May be the talks or his help in her work or may be just his presence but she was missing him badly. One day Sapna saw her lost in the canteen .

Sa- "Why cant u say yes to that poor boy, he is following u like puppy" She chuckled at the end

Sh – "Sapna, I like him, he is good but not in that way "

Sa – "well that's the first step, y don't u give it a try"

Sh – "Ok if he asks me again then I will see, lets leave me so tell abt u"

Sa –"me thers nothing

Sh- "don't act smart sweety, I know abt amit so tell me wats going on further between you"

Sa- "nothing new yaar, he is good and takes care of me lot and pampers me lot "  she was shying at the end.

Sh –"hayee ab hamari sapna ji ko sharm aarahi hai" she started teasing sapna, and their day went on like that

Here our armaan is not getting a single second to breath, he didn't even get time to call shilpa. Well finally when he got time, what will I talk, if she asks y did I call what will I tell, he was going crazy. Wats wrong with me as if she is my girlfriend am getting thoughts like a teenager. Hold on there from where did the girlfriend part came. He was going nuts, he is missing her talks so much, and he was also afraid of the moment, just before coming here. So its better for him to not to talk with her for sometime. He thought to finish his work fast, that's the only way he can see her soon.  Its been two weeks shilpa started dating with Vicky, just the talks and dinner but she felt so lost. Its always like one side talk, Vicky was blabbering shilpa would be lost. She was thinking I Just had crush over him but why am feeling so lost and helpless by not seeing him and talking to him. He didn't even call me once, then why am I thinking only about him. I guess its not just crush anymore. Then what is it, am in LO… no no u crazy girl stop talking to urself first then everything will be right. The fourth week she herself got busy with the projects and work. Finally he was coming back eagerly waiting to see her. He just sent a message to her in the morning that he is coming today, but she didn't come to his room. Now he is becoming restless to see her. Finally after lot of thinking he thought to go to her room. She was lying in her bed in her pj's trying to sleep turning from one side to another.

Suddenly she saw armaan infront of her. She just turned the other way. He came to that side also. She glared at him, "Oh god how many times I have to tell you to go away ". she screamed and dig her face into the pillow and was shaking her head,  as if to erase the memory of him. How excited he was to see her but her outburst made him so upset and was leaving. He turned back to her "Shilpa I just came to say hi". He was about to step into the balcony. All of a sudden he lost balance with the force she came and hugged him from back. At first he couldn't register what was happening. The moment her hands touched his chest in the front his happiness had no bounds. She was sobbing "Armaan, I thought I was dreaming again", she hugged him more "I missed u armaan". He was on cloud nine she missed him if only he had known this, he would taken a trip long back. How he wanted herself to come into his arms. He turned and lifted her face trying to remove her tears "Shilpa look at me" She just sobbed more into this chest now. He hugged her more tightly "I missed u too shilpa". "Don't leave me armaan" Suddenly she pushed him away. He didn't know what happened but before he could ask "Liar" He chuckled at her comment. He embraced her from back putting his hands on her petite waist and placing his chin on her shoulder " Nope am not Liar, I really did miss you" She tried to get free from his hold "Is it so that's why I got so many calls and messages from you" His dimples are set like permanent ones  from long time showing how happy he is. "well I was busy and also thought u were angry on me and I was just  giving u some time to cool down, hmm I never thought just my one small action of ignoring you will get you in my arms, I would have done that a long time ago" He started to nuzzle into the side of her neck. She was having goose bumps, ofcourse she was enjoying it. But she is one hell of a stubborn girl, she is not going to be easy on him. She stomped on his foot instantly releasing her he yelled "What was that for" "Its getting late, anyways am having a date tomorrow, I need to sleep early to look good, so u may go now" She was going to her bed."Sure what is the time and where are we going" "Who said am going with you" "hmm good question, but it will be only me" He gave a wink to her and was about to leave. When she yelled "Dream on". He came back and pulled her from waist into him "Its no more a dream shona,  am already living in it, as it just turned into reality" He rubbed his cheek onto her cheek leaving her in a daze he walked out. He yelled from the balcony" Do check ur phone sometimes". She searched for her phone immediately. She then remembered she had thrown it into her shelf yesterday, as she dint get any call from him.

After school she went to her date as she was still angry on armaan. "He don't even call me once in the whole month and says he missed me, miss my foot am not going to talk to him" She went and sat with her date and having a little chat. Out of the blue, armaan walked into the restaurant with a very big smile and walked upto their table and sat beside her. "Hey guys having fun without me, am armaan mallik" "Oh my god you are the great armaan mallik, The Brilliant Youngster ruling the MALLIK EMPIRE , Shilpa you know him ……" Her date was going on and on. Shilpa rolled her eyes to his typical blabbering but when she felt something crawling around her waist, She glared at him, he simply gave a wink amd moved more to her side. Finally when he is donr with his talking Armaan said" I guess you have some visitor outside" which made both shilpa and her date raise their brows, then vicky immediately got up to check who was that, He came back running and said "Shilpa am going, my brother is outside, if he sees me here am screwed, will see u tomm  bye" He rushed out of the door. Shilpa turned to him "How did his brother come here" He made an innocent face" How will I know, my shona"

Sh – "I know you did everything, and wats with the shona"

Ar – "You are my most precious…" He stopped and moved more into her now. She couldn't take the close proximity and got up, only to be pulled back by him into his lap. She was too stunned to react. His body became stiff as her body pressed onto his thighs. He knew its not a good idea and they are in a public place. He pushed her aside and called for a waiter. 

Ar – "As we are here, y don't we have our dinner *wink*"

Sh – "no way am having my dinner with you"

Ar – "well u didn't say this the last 6 months when we were having our dinner together"

Before she could reply the waiter came in and took their order. They had their dinner with his teasing and her arguing. Finally they left the restaurant after their fun filled evening.

All this was watched by a pair of eyes. Those eyes followed him like every other day. He thought It was so unusual of armaan to leave the office at 5.00 and then instead of going to his home he reached a restaurant. This was definetly a change in his schedule, I should inform this to the boss urgently and he left from there. He reached a place far from the city and its pitch dark out there.  After going through the security and showing his id he was let inside.He is hell scared whenever he comes here. He is not sure how his boss mood will be today. Finally he went in, it didn't reflect much difference from outside as it was also very dark.A man was coming down from the stairs he could recognize by the sound that his boss was coming.

Man – "Whats up Rohan, why are u here at this time of night"

Rohan – "Sir … Its about armaan sir"

Man – He became curious "Whats with him"

Rohan – He told that he left the office early and reached a restaurant

Man – "Was he alone or someone was there with him"

Rohan – "There was another girl and boy also with him"

Man – "well it can be a meeting also, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD U NOT TO COME HERE WITH SUCH SILLY NEWS" He raised his voice scaring the hell out of him

Rohan – "SSSir he stammered, It was not like a business meeting, he was actually laughing and enjoying"

Man – "well," he thought for a moment "its ok as he is 24 now I guess some fun here and there wont do harm"

Rohan – "Ok sir am leaving then

Man – "Listen to me carefully, Use ur brains first don't come up here without any good reason and don't u ever forget I don't want any girl in his life. DID U GET THAT "

Rohan thought for amoment, should I tell him that he was enjoying that girl company. I have seen that girl before also outside armaan's sir house with sapna madam , well I will make sure first whats going on between them and will tell boss, otherwise he will chop my head without any solid justification.

Man – "Now why are standing still, move ur Butt out of here"

Rohan "Yess Sir"

Shilpa didn't come to his room again, so he went to meet her in the room. She was trying to find something in her closet. Her back was facing him. He stood behind her and hugged her from behind , she was about to scream but soon recognized his touch.

Ar – He left her "hey I thought u would scream and sat on her bed"

Sh – She laughed a little "Well I know its you" she pretend as if raising a collar in her victory.

Ar – Immediately he moved forward "So u like it when I hold you like this, He again took her in his arms

But this time she was facing him. Sh – "When did I say I lik……" she stopped in mid sentence as she felt his hands lifting her shirt and placing his hands on her waist "So u like it when I touch you like this"

She took a sharp intake of breath and he moved his head into the crook of her neck" So u like this "

He squeezed her waist with his hands, she gasped "armaan"   the sweet whisper made him more mad. "So u like…" His one hand moved slowly to her back. "Open your eyes shona" She looked directly into his eyes "Do you like me"  "hmm" was all she could say. The hand which was on her back pushed her into him made her bosom clasp with his manly chest. His manly hood instantly became hard as she closed her eyes in the pleasure rising in her body and let out a gasp. "Do you love me shona"

I guess this is not what you all expected in this part. But this is how I planned to goWink. The story is  still in Flashback. Hope u all like it.


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I loved it! I loved how they were missing each other!

Woaah the kiss is hawwt <3
lol lets see how Shilpa will resist him...hmm i wonder how hes gonna make her kiss him! :P
continue super soon  i love this ff :D x

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ur ff is it today only...
loved the way u portary thier feling...
continue soon...
and thanxxx for the pm...

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hey nice ff
add me 2 ur pm list

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Good job
very nice update i love this update thanks 4 pm n try update soon waiting 4 more.

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It was really NOT boring! I luuv your ff! So it can never be boring lol! So the part was rockinng as alwaays:) can't wait to see what will happen! Annd your ff is going really well so keep it up Smile Cont.soon thanxx for the PM

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loved it, the pace is fine, please do continue soon and thanks for the pm!

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wow what a update 
they missing echother and that hot kiss
your FF rocks and i just love this FF 
plz contion soon 

thnks for the pm 

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