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FF-Heights of Mad Obsession ArSh Note Pg 76 10/11 (Page 7)

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DarkerThanNight Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Plz update..
Can't wait for the next part..Big smile
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awesome part...
this story is getting better nd better...
cont super soon...
thanx for the pm...

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m4manju IF-Dazzler

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aww awesome part and hawt... loving them... Blushing

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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LOL! The title dragd meeh hre, becoz iwas tryng to timepas smehow :p ehehe! i love ths ff and ths is actualy hawt woaah! I will kill Z for now tellng me bout it! lol :p
you write amazingly! i simply love this but jus one thng i dnt agree wd is the shilpas married part! ehehe i jus hope i make sense but marriage has to be an institution where evry other aspect and relation falls apart! if a woman is married than its only her husband and endgame! and that is what we had sticked to evn in dmg against the violation of marriage! please please dnt show shilpa married, coz i wont b able to accept ths ff then! i had been against ths in dmg and il stay against ths idea always, as a kashian/arshian and so as a human! geeehh meeh :PP but woman this ff is awehsme and if shilpa aint married thn do pm me aswel, il lve to read wenevr ive time and cment properly once im on my pc :p love you and all da best for al yur wrks :p

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raghba Senior Member

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Amazing story on ArSh... Do pm me when you continue

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RomanceChocolat Senior Member

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                                                       Part 3


I  don't know how fast I ran from his kitchen to out of his house and into my house and finally to my room and closed the door. I leaned onto the door with the heart pounding and my breathing so fast and erratic. It took me some time to take my breathing to normal range. I closed my eyes to calm down my nerves and my crazy brain to register what just happened a few moments ago. As usual I went to pick up sapna. I keep on telling my brain not to think of him again and again then I remembered he would have gone to his office by now, by the time I went into her room she was running here and there and she was still in her pj's. I asked her wat happened  she looked at me with a pleasing look and started "I slept like a drunkard and ramu kaka hadn't come today so no breakfast, forget abt dat,  bro needs a coffee early in the morning dats the reason I guess he is still in the house'''.. well dats all i heard after dat I didn't hear any word..omg then he is in the house . I came out of my trance when sapna shook me and again asked" can u do it"'all I could say was "hmm" then she said "gr8 y don't u make a coffee ,I will get ready by then" and she went into bathroom without leaving me any choice.I dragged myself into kitchen as I didn't want to face him again after that kiss  * sigh*. Well I thought its just a cup of coffee anyways sapna will take it to her bro, so no prob for me. So I started to look for the things needed by checking the cupboards. Then the next moment I felt like somethng crawling on my waist. I was abt to shout but a hand closed my mouth and slowly turned me around I closed my eyes and let out a gasp at the tinkling pleasure of the slow movement along my waist. Suddenly fear came upon me and opened my eyes as I registered wats happening to me. I saw the same blue hazel eyes boring into me with a strong emotion which I was unable to understand. I felt relief as I saw him before I could do or say, I was once again in the same heavenly pleasure I don't even know wat was happening. All I could remember was the sudden dizziness and then again I was in heaven with all his kisses on my shoulder and neck area then all of a sudden I felt pain as I hit the hard door on my back he got hold of my lips again sucking it so hard and I felt myself go weak with his touch on my bosom. Never ever in my life had someone touched me like that.The moment  his hand stroked my belly button and his hands going downward in an instant I pushed him hard as I came out of that heaven with his sudden move.

I opened my eyes only to find my tears rolling down on my cheeks. I  don't know what I should be feeling right now, to be happy as he kissed me again which I was yearning from last night or feel  ashamed of myself as I let him touch me like that. I felt angry on myself and more tears made their way out. I cried for some more time and then I thought whatever as happened I cant change it, but I want to make sure not to give away into my heart's desires. I will avoid him completely at any cost and I make sure not to go to his house. I am not going to be a timepass for him. I can be sure, that he will be playing like these with so many around him *sigh*. Before my thoughts wander  more I heard my cell ring and sapna flashing on it. I cleared my eyes and throat to make it normal I received it only to hear oops screaming "omg where did u go girl. I have been shouting for u from the past 15 min,  where did u go  and u even didn't tell me u were going? Wat do u think girl I asked just for a coffee, if u didn't want to do u could have said to me, y did u go away like that, now come on speak up where did u get stuck"'. I sighed in relief as she didn't see anything  " hey sapna chill daddy had called me so I just came back home u come to my house we will go from here" " ok I am coming then" before she could cut I want to ask her " Did u check for me all of ur house for me" as I wanted to know did she by any chance came around the kitchen I heard her " yes girl all of house making me go crazy" I abruptly asked " in the kitchen too" " well dats the only thing I didn't check as the door was closed, if u were in there then that definitely would have been  open right" I closed my eyes in relief and pain as I lied to my best friend. " hey wats with the questions sweety r u alright" " am perfectly fine now comeon we already missed our first class. Now before that princi catch us out we have to go, hurry up gal" " yup am already on my way bye" I took a quick shower as to erase wat all happened as if I can do that but can I ?*sigh* and quickly changed into another pair as I definetly don't want to be in the same pair. I tried to be as normal as possible thru ought the day.


From that day onwards she didn't go to his house. He was waiting for her daily so as to talk to her but he didn't find her. After one week , he came down and asked sapna " y are u going to shilpa house daily before she used to come here right?" then she said "oh dat nothing bro she just wants me to come over there well actually I don't know the reason but anyways does it matter If I go or she come, so chill its just the next house cyaa" He felt so angry and frustrated now as he realized that she is avoiding him intentionally.He wanted to talk to her and be close to her. Well then fine,am also not going to think abt her and he left to office. He made himself  occupied with his work. He don't even find a simple min for himself as he got into his work mode. Another week had gone by like this he was feeling restless  he know that he was missing her,but not ready to acknowledge that.  He wanted to go to the balcony and see if he can get a glimpse of her but his mind said not to do any such crazy thng. He was hitting his pillow now and turning on sides in the bed but finally closed his eyes only to remember their kiss. He frowned at that thought as its been two weeks and he wanted to kiss her. Finally after a lot of fight with the pillow he wnt to bed only to find her in his dreams.  Now it has been a routine for him all day long as he will be busy with his office work and in the evening he was missing her like hell. He was checking his calendar for the next week schedule and found sapna's birthday is coming up. He smiled  and immediately made some calls for party arrangements and he himself went out to get a gift for her.


In the next house the situation is kind of similar. She was successful in avoiding him.But she was not in peace. She could make herself occupy in her books when ever she was free as she don't want any other crazy thoughts  and found herself busy with friends, studies and school. After two weeks her exams came up and she was so busy that she forgot all about that for some days well atleast that was wat she thought as she was so busy in studying for exams. Finally her exams are done and  today is sapna's birthday. She is so happy for her friend and she herself wore a simple shirt and a long skirt with a scarf around her.

As she made into his house after a whole one month, all that which she pushed down deep inside as if trying to forget them all came up to her. Well she sighed in relief as the house was full of her friends and some she don't know. She made her way to sapna and took her in a bear hug " Happy Birthday sleepy head" sapna frowned at that and made a little pout to which sshe chuckled and pulled her to give a side hug" by the way  I can compete for that" which made sapna let out a laugh and hug her back. All this was seen by him from the top floor . the  party is in the living room and when he was making his way down. He saw her, I mean he really saw her  well not In his imaginary world now.He saw all her expressions oh god only he knows  how much he missed her. He went down and as soon as he reached down he saw her see him and in an instant she turned her gaze away not to see his eyes which will definitely make her weak.she was so sure that he held some magic in his eyes. He didn't like it he wanted her to see him and see his eyes which clearly showed his longing for her. Well he had a plan for her. For now he needs to make this a rocking party for his sis. He rembered the morning incident of wishing her little sis and his present of car keys made her so happy as  she was jumping all around the house. He gave her a convertible as she turned 16, well ofcourse she will a driver all along with her whenever she wants to go. He came down and wished sapna again and she started to cut the cake feeding first her big bro and then her little bro rahul.  Sapna even fed shilpa which she happily took it, not even glancing at him once.  They had some fun games and everyone was completely enjoying. Even shilps was enjoying as he went up to take some call to his room which made shilpa breath again normally. Finally everyone was having their dinner and desserts and shilpa excused herself for restroom. She thought armaan was in his room at the top floor and even sapan's room was in the same floor at another end, but she didn't want to take any risk of going in their. So she went into the guest room which was in the living room itself as the far end. She went and when coming out of the bathroom  and before she could reach the guest room door she heard his voice which made her go still. " Y r u avoding me" with that he started walking towards her. He stood behind her and made a  mental note to keep his hands and evrypart of his freaking body part to himself as they were yelling to feel her . when she didn't respond he bent slightly and blowed little air near her earlobe which made her shiver and come out of the still state and turned to face him with an amused expression " and wat made u think dat"

Ar ' "Havent seen u from so long after that day *wink*"

Sh ' "well I was busy with my frnds and exams " avoiding to look in to his eyes

Ar- which made him let out  a chuckle "oh I thought somethng else "

Sh ' "and wat would that be"

Ar- "well I thought u are getting affected by my charms and so '"

Sh ' before he could even complete " Y on earth would I get affected by a sadu like u "

Ar- which made him cock his brow and started to move forward which made shilpa to go backward " well if u r not, then y were u calling  sapna to ur house everyday for studying and the pick up to school"

Sh- suddenly fumbling for words and his moving forward was making her go numb but she regained herself " mmm well dats my wish, y shld I bother to tell u and u r no one to question me"

Ar- with her words he took a step ahead and shilps hit the wall by then, He slowly lifted her hand into his and lifted it to his lips and placed a lite kiss. She suddenly looked into his eyes in which she was drowning again but his words" then y don't u spend some time with me to prove that u are not affected by me"

Sh- Her eyes showed her anger and a murder look in her eyes " how dare u" and she pushed him away" well for ur kind info am not ur timepass  or not one of those girls who would go crazy for the gr8 Armaan Malli. Be in ur limits and don't ever come near me" with  that she was about to go only to be pulled by him and she came crashing onto his chest. He took both of her hands and pinned it to the wall. He came just inch closer to her face and yelled at her

Ar-  "look into my eyes NOW" she looked into his eyes " well whatever u want, u can think abt me,which am quite sure u will change by urself. For now U are going to do,  wat I will tell u to do and dat is  am just  asking to spend some time as in literal frnds not in any other sense so as to better understand each other"

Sh- " and y on earth I will believe u  and accept u as my frnd"

Ar- " am not asking coz dats the only thng u can do, as u have no choice"

Sh- "I do have a choice And that is I don't want to deal with any of ur freaking sh*t and to trust u, u can forget abt dat, as it will never happen"

This made armaan loose his temper here he was trying to explain her but she was not even ready to listen or understand. He is sure that even she feels somethng for him but she is so good in masking them. Which he didn't want to mask as he was feeling it so strongly for her . He smacked his lips on her which he sucked so hard and made her tremble under his hold. She tried to wriggle and free herself but he pushed himself into her further and bite her lowerlip which made him enter into her and started playing with her tongue.He was doing it so hard and rough to show his anger but soon his anger subsided with the touch of her body which sent shivers down his spine started kissing her slowly and lovingly to which finally she started responding to his kiss playing with his tongue as it haunted her daily for the last one month. His one hand made his way towards her waist,She unknowingly lifted her hand which was now freed and grasped his hair and pulled him more into herself.But he pulled out of the kiss abruptly " and wat is this, is this wat u called freaking sh*t, well for me it isnot  and definitely I don't regret or feel sorry for any of this and abt the trust '.."

Sh- She  composed herself with his sudden pull out of the kiss and shocked at her own reactions to his kiss, which always makes her forget evrythng. She hates his touch which had so much effect on her.

Finally she got her voice back  which interrupted him"Well am ready to spend some time with u but only if u accept my condition"

Ar- "and wats that "

Sh- "dat u should not kiss me"

Ar- which made him cock his brow up real high, y on hell would he accept that. How can he do that. He just cant which is like impossible for him and she is ready to spend sometime with him only on that arghh he wanted to scream

Sh- "and abt the trust u are speaking u can urself prove It by sticking to that condition. Wat say r u ready now"

Ar- he felt like as if the tables have turned upside down. Well now he had no choice but a thought came up to his crazy brain" well am all ready sweety but if u ask me to kiss u then"

Sh- "have I lost my mind or wat don't worry I will never ask"

Ar- "oh baby I will worry only if u don't ask *wink" and u don't have an option to bak out "

Sh- "well I will stick to my words as long as u stick to my condition"

Ar- "that's gr8 sweetheart see u tomm and he came near to her ear and whispered "by the way u look absolutely delicious to me  in that skirt *yum"and he moved away from her. 

By blowing a kiss to her he left the guest room from another door which by the way is not the same one with which she entered.She shook her head and went out to the party which was in full swing with loud music and chit chatting of everyone. She composed herself and made her way to sapna. She wished her again and left with a quick bye to her house. She went into her room and sat down on the recliner and closed her eyes. She don't even know y she asked for that condition but whatever it is now she is happy dat atleast she will not losing herself for his kisses.She was very happy with the decision neglecting her heart screams of as she will not get kissed by him now.

At the same time he was also happy that he can see and spend sometime with her but he was not sure abt himself abt that kissing part but he needs or rather must stick so dat he can meet her.After the cake cutting he did get a call and went to his room but when he was coming down he saw how she was enjoying herself and laughing with all the games, oh god how much he had missed her laugh, it was so soothing for his ears and he didn't want to show his presence and make her go all reserved. He saw how she completely ran like a baby and outdid everyone in almost all the games and tapping her foot  by placing her hands on her hips, and her victory dance and sticking out her tongue to some, well wat ever she did he was completely mesmerized by her actions and expressions . He did see her going into the guestroom and made himself present in the room without knowing to anyone. He closed his remembering all those moments with her, and  Well as he thought more abt the condtion  he got an idea which made him grin and let out a little chuckle "oh now my dear I will make sure u will be the one to ask me  to kiss u " .


I know some ppl may find this part boring , but I needed this for the buildup of their relation. Hope u all  like it.

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