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FF-Heights of Mad Obsession ArSh Note Pg 76 10/11

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Hey'..I am Armaan Malik the Great and the successful Youngest Business man achiever award  for continuously three years and here I have been drinking for how long I don't even remember'as I had seen my life sitting there in a very beautiful  lehenga with golden color blouse and a red color skirt with her face covered with a veil  and her beautiful green colored eyed lowered as its been some MMooh dikhayi rasam' some bullsh*t I don give a damn' well its NOT as my wife she is sitting there'..She is sitting there as my own brothers wife'sh*t Sh*t..I don't want to even see her face 'well again it's a bad idea as I cant live without her'.hmm it all happened in just one week when I was out of the country for some business as I had lost contact with everyone'..but never in my dreams I thought I would witness this'I guess it's the cruel joke and the reality of my life'.but I want her and she is only mine'..Never will somebody touch her other than me'It has be my hands and my lips and my body only to ever touch and ever feel her white milky soft skin. Now  am feeling all dizzy and there goes my mind blank but I still can only see her in this state of my mind'. How sick right'..


Well  If you want to read further and know who is that she and why it all happened stay tuned'.

Hey am kind of new to this forum'If anybody had written similar concept.. Its just a mere coincidence and pls let me know so I will stop writing this' and pardon me for my poor English or any other spelling mistakes.



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                                                Part 1

It was a very hot and windy day.I know its unusual but its how the day I remember. I still remember the day when she came into my life as its just yesterday.

Five trucks came in full speed and stopped right next to where I live. Then came a limo  and then got down to elderly people as I was least interested then when I was about to turn there came a gush of wind and I closed my eyes with the force  and then I opened my eyes I stood frozen by the amazing sight infront of me. She came down of limo with a black capri and a red creamy tank top and sunglasses and a summer hat on her head. When she came out , she was looking frm top to bottom I guess she was looking at their  house and then she removed the hat her long silk hair came flowing down which reached to her waist  and then most memorable moment of my life came, she removed her glasses and then I see her green colored hazel eyes which made my feet frozen she is breathtakingly beautiful. All I wanted her was in tosee her eyes all day long then my eyes go down further then I see her red luscious lips which are mine.. wowww what happened to my thoughts I suddenly wonder.. I have never been like this. I shake my head to release all the wild thoughts and turn my head only to see her gone by then.

A sudden disappointment rose into me. I heard my sis calling or rather yelling at me so I dragged my feet from there as I was still waiting to catch a glimpse of that beauty.

When I went in my sis started telling me that her childhood frnd is coming here and some blah blah coz I was least interested in them. Then my little bro comes up and as usual their banter or fighting for over  a silly thing starts. This is my life. Generally my day starts of with a steaming coffee from ramu kaka and then I drop my both sister and bro to their respective destinations and I start to my office. Well u are wondering wats my age then am only 22 but I do lot of things sometimes I feel like am in 30's and still no life for me. My parents are in states they hardly bother about us.Our grandpa Arshad Malik  started the Malik Enterprises . My dad looks out the overseas business and myself looks at entire business down here along with my studying and not to forget taking care of my both my siblings. Sometimes I wonder do I have a life of my own or someone to call them as my own and someone to care for me. Hmmm well all these thoughts are for only a while ,as it is Sunday evening then tomorrow my routine daily activity starts not to have any single moment for me. I call ramu kaka  to get me a cup of coffee as my head started aching with all these thoughts and then I go with the coffee to balcony where it reminded of me the afternoon beauty. I wonder what she is doing now. Then to answer my question there she was on the terrace laughing like there is no other day with her hair flowing and started jumping in excitement. I guess she was excited to talk the person on the other line. Suddenly I felt why cant I be the one she talking to and me the reason for her happiness. I shook my head second time dat day only to see her stepping down the steps and entering a room just across my room as she do have a balcony just like me I can see her as the door and vents of the balcony are still open. She went to her dresser and started removing her jacket then I see her white creamy shoulders which  have a red color tank top. She got hold of her bottom of the tank top to lift it up I guess, then she suddenly turned into my direction I guess she felt me as my eyes are continuously seeing her all through the time. She came to the balcony door and closed the glass door and dragged the vents all along and I shut  my eyes in frustration.

I go back to my bed to lay down only to see her smiling face again. I don't why I smiled but I smiled. It felt so warming and then am in deep slumber .


I woke up suddenly and went into my balcony only to see her door still closed. I still don't know why I went there then I see kaka with coffee. I wish him Good morning he smiles at me and leaves.while I have my coffee am still waiting for her to open the door but she didn't. then I went to wake up my two little lazy siblings.

Hey buddy I call my little bro only to seehim yawning and lying on the other side of the bed and  call him again'"Rahul wake up bro u have to goto College no sign then I take a jug pour out the contentson him  and leave the room without any other word. Then I goto my little sis room  and only to see her already awake. I got the shock of my life. I went to face her and she was talking on the phone she sees me

"wait re my bro has come "Hey big Bro I am so happy  today I am gonna go to school with my frnd. She is gonna come here and pick me up. Am just talking to her now. Will see u in the eve"

I make a face and then pulls the phone out of her hand..I am her big bro I need to know whom she is talking at this early hour so I took it and when I put it onto hear whom she is talking' I swear that's the sweetest voice I ever heard. She was calling "sapna sapna  ru there hey where r u..sapna  kho gayi kya sapnomein  and then she started laughing"  he was having very new emotions on listening to her voice.I suddenly remembered the afternoon beauty, then sapna pulled out the phone and said" will call u bak sweety bye"

"Bro can u explain wat just happened"'.This made me come out my trance and I said nothing and just went out from there.

I waited at the door and my sis called her frnd again she sharted saying sorry and I went bak to my room to get ready and goto office neglecting all the feelings erupting in me.

I got down all ready I wore a suit, well am the GM of the Malik Enterprises I have to wear this all day no casuals sigh*

I called our for Rahul and said to go get in the car and I went to say bye to my little sis and then she was talking again on the phone' I swear I want to yell at her so much but then the person on the phone started talking' yup it was on speaker '..She said " are yaar kahan tha na main avoongi ab bholo kahan  hain tumhara ghar" then sapna said "its Malik Palace yaar koi bhi bolega tumko" then he heard her voice again"OMG no way u are lieing right"'.

"Y would I lie remember my name is sapna malik does that ring anything  in ur dead brain cells" then she said hey just come out of the balcony now, right now come come" and then I heard footsteps I guess she was running' sapna went into her balcony and then she yelled so loud I thought something happened and rushed out only to see that sapna is waving her hand and jumping like a little child to the person on the neighbours house but on the top floor ..Its exactly opposite to my balcony'OMG Its now, my brain turn to freeze dats the same girl. She was in her red silk night gown and she jumping holding her phone similar to sapna'. She was running down so fast and came out of her gates on a turn I find sapna also running. I followed them only to see the same girl hugging sapna like never before and they started laughing again.

At that moment she saw me for the first time I guess she stopped laughing the moment and then sapna turned to me said "Hey bro She is my childhood best friend Shilpa the one I was telling u yesterday and He is my big bro Armaan Malik"  I see her and then gave my hand for a handshake  am surprised coz I never do that and just nod at any of the introductions this was new even for me, as she nervously came farward and gave her hand to me'.now my brain and heart both are shouting like how can one skin be so soft and to never let go off. I just wanted to pull her hard so that she come crashing on to me.I shook my head again and then left abruptly by saying a little "hi" to her.

From that day on she used to come to our houseand talk with sapna for like hours I can hear her laughing which is so soothing for me. But as soon as she sees me she stops whatever she was doing and looks scared. I wonder why but I neglected it.But one day when I was about to go to bed I heard a loud thump in the balcony and went outside only to see her rubbing the dust of her Capri. She looked at me and stopped doing that. She looked at me and said" am sorry I want to meet sapna for an assignment which am unable todo. Before u wonder y I came from balcony coz my dad wont let me out at dis hour and those stupid guards I hate them they follow me everywhere . got sick of them so if u don't mind can I use  ur balcony togo and comeback from sapna's room. Only if u don't mind' pls pretty plsss."

Well  in a very serious tone I said "its ok" and the smiled instantly at me and rushed into my room and then into the next door.

I didn't get any sleep after that I was waiting for her when she would come up. But as she came again in just 15min and with a very dull face.

What happened y r u like that" I asked her she said that stupid is sleeping like kumbakarni I tried waking her up but she is not waking up" I laughted a little at her explaination of my little sis then she raised her eyebrow and said "wowww that calls for a treat" now its my turn to raise a brow' then she said I thought u cant laugh or smile but omg u have got such breathtaking dimple smile' y don't u smile often.. its so gud for health and u look charming" she said and again her face became dull' "now wat"

She said "my assignment" I asked her "can I help you" she jumped up in excitement ang hugged me which came as a shock to me and then I thought it feels like am in heaven, but before I react, she moved away abruptly and mumbled a sorry"  she sat on the chair next to my bed and asked about an essay to be written on Finance I said few pointers and she noted them and then went away by saying a Thank you and heartfelt smile.

I started thinking of her again.Its like a daily routine I remember all the meeting with her and a warm feeling comes to my heart  and think of the sudden hug only if I knew it before I would have been ready and never leave her and crush into my body.Now again I shook my head as the realization came upon me. She is my little sis classmate omg then she is only  15 she is way too young . that's the reason I started to avoid her and don't even smile at her.. Now its been 3 months she came and it's the first time I had a normal conversation with her. I feel so happy. Some times I wonder y should I run from these feelings y cant I have her with me all my life. Will she ever think about me like this???

Then the next day she came again to my room' well u might have guessed I was waiting for her again..

She came with a sad face and started saying "that the assignment and she stopped and saw  the look on my face which was a blank expression I guess and then suddenly she jumped and said" It was a super hit and their professor loved it. She was jumping up by then and started thanking me. Well I was silent all the while' I thought she became conscious of my gaze and mumbled a sorry and thank you and went away.

She used to come from balcony to our house but not when I was in the home well I found out it later. she didn't even talk to me once in the next 3 months. One day when I came from office early at around 10pm , usually I came at 11.I usually go and check both my siblings. I went to check on sapna's room first.

I heard they both were talking regarding a date. I got suspicious and leaned onto the door so that I can hear more." Sapna what should I wear yaar tell me plss  its my first date I don't want to ruin it" I felt a sudden pain in my heart I don't know why then I heard sapna saying y don't u wear that short knee length dress the black one that would be so sexy for you. I gasped at my little sis words. " ok shoot I will go with that one but I got one more doubt sapna" " now wats dat sweety come on no beating around the bush" "well hmmm I didn't kiss anyone wat shld I do if he asks" "omg shilpu I didn't think this but am not sure yaar" ok well its been a long day and I have a very spl day coming up" *wink*

I rushed to my room. And then I see her coming into my room singing a song and dancing.. well she thought I am not there coz she is so reserved around me not her usual chirpy side.  Well as I just came I didn't put on the lights, in a hurry I placed my bag on the way and she was abt to trip when I went and caught her just in time. Like in movies my time and world stood still the moment I caught her. It's the moment I been  waiting from 6months and there she is in my arms with her eyes closed . I tried to stand properly I stepped on somethgn slippery,  all of a sudden I lost my balance  she came down along with me  and both our lips came in contact with the thud. I heard her little gasp coz of the mid- kiss or sudden fall am not sure but her eyes wide open and she is seeing into my blue hazel eyes and in an instant my gaze dropped onto her  trembling lips without any other thoughts I tilted my head a little and captured her lips' they are so soft and I started licking the Strawberry gloss with my tongue.. its so yummystarted nibbling her lower lip and then her upperlip I don't know wats happening to me and I want to go in and explore her like no other man or ever will do to her.

She didn't open but I started tracing her lips continuously with my tongue as the time pass by  the gentle kiss turned into passion my hand went around her waist and she gasped and let a moan in pleasure feeling my hands on her bare waist as her top came little up with all the catching and falling down, then I entered her mouth and started playing with her tongue and stroking her bare waist in the middle I don't how long I have been doing as I was in so much pleasure and my happiness had no bounds and my mind is not able to think, let alone be straight then she started doing the same and  played with my tongue.. we fought for dominance and she surrendered to me completely. As my hands started going upwards inside her top, I felt her bra strip,in an instant I want to pull that apart before I did that my cellphone rang and we both came bak to reality. She immediately got up as soon as I removed my hands from her waist which I didn't want to take off, but alas I had to. Then she rushed out of my room even before I could get up. That's the kiss I would never ever forget even in my dreams. Did I regret doing that. Well to be frank I don't and will not in the future also.but how wrong was I then. That kiss changed me completely and I was madly obsessed for it. I want it and I wanted more and I want it only for me.

That kiss changed her also.

Note: The story is from Armaan's POV. Hope u got it. Pls let me know whether u like it or not.  Thanku for all the ppl who commented on the intro. Whoever want the pm U have to be in my buddylist.

                                                Part 2

Next morning he felt something  different . He wanted to see her again. He glanced up at the watch its still 6. Generally he will leave the home by 8 and she goes to college at around 8:30. She comes to his house to pick up sapna but he never sees her in the morning times as he leaves early.  He got up, did his regular work out he never miss that, did a quick fresh up  and changed himself in to casual shorts and a vest. He smirked at himself looking into the mirror. He is exceptionally handsome with strong body and his well built muscles. But he never  cared for himself or other girls as he was not interested. But noe all of a sudden he started taking his time to look gud well there is nothing he need to do for that. He is always very handsome but for a change he planned on staying in home little late so that he can see her.He was looking in to the mirror suddenly his gaze went onto his lips and in an instant she came in his mind and their first kiss. He smiled at that. But it disappeared as soon as it came coz he started to worry abt her feelings. Did she get scared or Did she like him or did  she ever  think of him or not. What does the kiss mean to her. What did she think abt him.. He never felt all these weird feelings or thoughts even in his teens. The thought of his teens made him laugh at himself sarcastically. He never know when he came in teens and out of it. He was so engrossed in the business which he had taken up at the age of 15 itself, with side by side studying he don't even  remember any memorable moment from that period other than the moments of business where he achieved so much at a very young age.First three years he worked so hard starting from little things to highly confidential matters. His grand pa was there for every step in his business life. Sometimes he used to wonder does he have any personal life or some who he would call as his own. With all these thoughts he had called kaka for his coffee he need to have his day start with it or he keeps screaming, he shouted for it again no one came, so he  was coming down the stairs  as ramu kaka didn't get his usual coffee. When he was abt to enter the kitchen he stood frozen at the sight infront of him. There she  was standing on her toes trying to reach something in the uppershelf. As he scanned her from bottom to up again He saw her in her  short capris and a tank top which is a short one as he was able to see her waist as she was trying to reach something very up. His throat went dry  seeing  her bellybutton and  he want his  hands to caress her while milky soft skin around the waist. He want to do some imaginary painting there. He don't even remember when he became so confident and aggressive in all these matters.He went up to her and stood facing her back. His hands slowly reached her waist, She gasped at his touch and was abt to scream when he placed his other hand on her mouth. Slowly he moved his hands all along the waist to turn her face towards me. She gasped again with his touch all along her waist. She closed her eyes with the pleasure. As soon as she felf someones hot breath on her face ,her eyes opened with scared look but as soon as she saw him the emotions in her eyes changed so quickly as he was not able to make out what she was thinking. Now making himself clear that she wont shout he removed his hands only to replace them with his lips started caressing and taking in all the juice from her lips. He felt his passion arise inside him again. Soon he started stroking at her lips to open up he bit her lower lip so she gasped at the pain and he entered in to her so roughly making her shiver with his passion. Soon her legs started to become weak and her eyes are getting dizzy with the lack of breath. But he didn't stop as he was enjoying the taste of her tongue and exchanging their salivas. He felt her go down in an instant he released her and lifted her up to the counter. She felt dizzy and laid her head on his chest as she was out of breath. She breathed heavier with the lack of oxygen and her bosom heaved up and down .He looked at her and engulfed her in a tight hug making her bosom crush with his manly chest. She gasped again with the sudden touch of their bodies. He didn't leave his other hand which was still on her waist. He started caressing her skin so softly and slowly she closed her eyes again in the pleasure he was giving her. He took his other hand and arched her neck a little and moved her top to slide down her shoulders he captured her skin and started sucking so hard  and licking it again to soothe. He was doing it again n again and came down to her throat with all the wet kisses he was giving her she has surrenderd herself long ago to him. Her hands which were still, till now with the passion rising went into his hair as if pulling him more closer to herself. He came more down to her cleavage but was unable to feel her skin as the top came in between. He roughly  pulled off the other shoulder down to see her  bra his hand went to cup her breats and he moved his head down to her cleavage more.But before he could do anything he heard sapna shouting Shilpa's name rather yelling at the top of her voice. He drew back himself and looked at the flushed crimson red shilpa with a heavy breathing. He didn't want to leave her. Now that he had seen her again he couldn't. He Pulled her of the counter with the hand around her waist and closed the kitchen door with his leg and push her to the door hard. She winced in pain as her back hit the door. She lift her eyes to see into his eyes and shivered. He came forward with a force and captured her lips again with one hand still around her waist and the other went to cup her breast over the bra. I squeezed her breast I heard a little moan from her as my hands were making there way down into her Capri. I started stroking her belly button which made her shudder and moan in between the kiss. All of a sudden she pushed me hard by placing her hand on my chest. He stumbled bak in confusion. Before he could react she pulled her top up and without even glancing at me she ran out of the kitchen. he laid his fingers in his hair with desperation. He wanted to talk to her next time. He thought  he should control his freaking hormones and desires next time he see her. First he need to talk to her. he went out to look for her. But she was nowhere. Sighing he went up to his room.


Dad said we are moving to a different place. First I was so stubborn on not moving as I have to leave my friends and my school. But I had no choice but to move. I didn't even ask my dad where are we moving but as the day came in I finally. I had tried so many tricks to not to go but my dad was so stubborn on moving as he said their business is in some problem. She has to agree and asked her dad where r we going. "to California". That's it suddenly I was so happy as I would meet my childhood best frnd. I got to my room and packed evrythng which I didn't even started till then.

I Came out of the car and looked at the house infront of me. It was beautiful.  My new home suddenly strong wind came I shivered with an unknown feeling. I was feeling different emotions on the day. May be it's a new place. I am scared as well as excited. I ran into the house and went into my room and with a quick fresh up I took out the phone and went to terrace to call my besty.  I was so happy in talking to her as I can go to the same school with her. With all the excitement I started jumping  and finally after a long time I sensed someones gaze on me but I couldn't see anyone. I just smiled at my silly thought and went into my room to take a shower. Before going to the terrace I wore a jacket so took it off. Still I felt as if someone is seeing me. Suddenly I became conscious and I looked around to see my balcony open so I went out to close the door. But before I could close I saw the owner of the gaze which I was feeling. The intense strong blue eyes but I made sure myself as if I didn't see him and closed the door and blends in a hurry. My heartbeat suddenly became so fast as I peeked through the blends I can see him put his hands in his hair. He was making me feel something different which I couldnt decide on what it was.With all these thoughts and the deep blue eyes I saw them again. I unknowingly smiled at them and went to sleep.

I couldn't sleep coz of the new school excitement I guess so I called sapna. After a long time she picked up I started shouting at her. She was still sleepy and started mumbling something . I got freaked out and started shouting which made her come out of her beauty sleep. We had our usual banter then I said  I will pick her up. I came to know she is my neighbor. I was so happy I just ran out to meet her. Well its been so long I have seen my besty. So I ran as fact as I can and saw her in the living room after out hugging session. Their comes the intro where I see those blue eyes again which made me shudder again. Armaan it sounded so sweet and perfect.  He gave his hand to me but I felt butterflies in my stomach with the intense gaze and his handshake made me even more nervous. He held it tightly to which I shuddered even more. But he left abruptly saying a "hi" to me. I don't know as soon as he left. I fely my breathing bak to normal as I had stopped breathing in his presence. He looked so different in the suit. So boring and unromantic to his age. Omg  what am I even thinking where did the word romance came. I shook my head and turned to sapna. I lost all these thoughts and made our way to the new school.

I used to go to his house often for sapna.  Unknowingly my eyes would search for him but I neversaw them. One day I had an assignment which I thought I would take care of myself as I had an argument with sapna. But I couldn't decide on where to start and what to write. So aafter waiting for so long time I finally decided to goto sapna's house. I cheked the time which was 11 with all my silly thoughts I never know when It was 11. As my dad and those guards would never let me out at this time. So I thought I would go thru the balcony as I jumped onto his balcony. I forgot that it was his room in all my assignment thoughts. As soon as I saw him my feet froze and I saw him eying me from bottom to top  so before he could come to any conclusion I started telling him why I came and wen he said ok , I just smiled and left the room as I am unable to breath infront of him with his continuous gaze on me.

That day was the memorable one as the boring sadu came as a saviour and helped in my assignment. In my sudden happiness I hugged him. I recognized what  I am doing and left him immediately. Next day I again went to to say thankyou as I am just making excuses as I want to see him. Well I forgot to say the most awesome thing. I had seen his smile. His dimple smile OMG I just cant get over that. That sadu has a dimple smile and wow he was absolutely handsome.  I just said on an impulse wat my heart told me.

On one of the next days I came to know that he is 22 and takes care of his little sis like a parent. Suddenly I felt a sudden disappointment as my first crush  has suddenly become so hard to reach.

Will he ever think of me like that. He would have some crazy girls around him by now or he may be even dating someone  of his own age group. My heart sank at that thought. So I thought I will not see him again. Used to goto  sapna's  house only when he is not in his house. Well even though I didn't see him my heart was thinking abt him continuously. I thought I should date someone to forget him. Well vivek had been asking me from the day I came in. So I thought to give him a chance and was discussing for the date with sapna. As I suddenly became happy with the thought as it would be my first . I went into his room I stumbled upon something, was abt to fall when a strong pair of hands had caught me and well before I could react we both fall down. I closed my eyes in fear. In the process I felt somethng cold on my lips as I gasped at the sudden touch on my lips and open my eyes only to see those haunting blue eyes, I shivered with the strong intense gaze of his. He smashed his lips onto me. I was in heaven. It was so blissful and my first kiss with my first crush.. hayeee. Suddenly I felt cold hands on my waist I gasped at his touch and he entered into me and started exploring me, I don't when I started kissing him bak. He touched my bra strip. In the moment I became stiff but before anything his cell rang and as he removed his hand on me. I rushed out of his room. I fely dizzy bcoz of the kiss but I ran to my room. I sat for a  longtime on my bed touching my trembling and swollen  lips. I felt so happy but I was scared. Did he like me, which made me smile at that thought. But it vanished as soon as I thought did he  knew it was me or did he think of me as someone else and kissed me.  Tears came into my eyes. I don't know wat was happening. But one thing was sure he made a gr8 impact on me and its not going to be easy to forget him. Its just 6 months I had seen him and hardly spoke with him.But still I am thinking abt him every second. I could never forget that kiss. How will I face him now. Will he remember her. Or was it just any other kiss for him.but I can never forget that kiss.The first crush is turning intto something else but wat is it, I don't know. I slept finally with a smile on my face thinking of the kiss.

Pls comment. Thank you


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intrsting do conti soon n plzz add me to ur pm list..

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Confused...the girl is shilpa or not...poor armaan...

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i m always in when it comes to ArSh...loved the intro...
cont soon...

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Nice story! and i loved the concept!
please add me to your pm list!
Do continue soon :-)

Take care...!

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wow!!!ARSH FF.
awesome concept!!!
loved it!!
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