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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by khushi25

zats nice
thanks khushi

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PART 11:  Am trying to update as much as possible cause I'll be very busy in the coming week InshaaAllah even though I will be glancing through the forum so enjoy and do bear with me for prolonging the story. Enjoy

At MM house there is only darkness, glumness and total silence asthe place feels like a hunted house devoid of all the happiness it used to see. As always Jigar came to and empty hall without a soul present to great him and then suddenly he had laughter ans walked towards it only to find it Rashi swinging and talking on the phone to the only being that matters to her. He looked at her rather lovely but devilish face and wondered how can she not be affected by all that happening here and decided to leave and go and change only to stop when he heard the name Gopi gawar and listened quietly as this might be an oppotunity to get to the truth. She then started saying " mummy your kalakari has failed on that gawar as am still being treated like the maid of the house and the house feels like hunted house and that since that gawar left no one is talking to anyone but at least we shut kadgri with her 'meri Gopi bahu' statement. But mummy this Jigarji is not talking to me much and the only sympathy I get is from my idiotic mummyji and she believe me completely. Now Jigarji does not but me gifts and it's being long since I went to parlour. You know mummy, that kadgri now hate Ahemji so much and has gone tamed because she is reeling on how her upbringing could fail. I think this is the best kalakari we have done and there is no way out for Ahemji as all hate him and now he is better off dead as that's the only way Jigarji will take over from him and we run MM and make kadgri and mummji work for us because then we will do our kalakari on Jigarji that he only listen to us. The gopi gawar does not differenciate between love making and rape but am happy everyone now blames Ahenji for Gopi leaving". Jigar was flinching and clenching his fist and wanted to hit her so badly for talking ill of his family but restrain himself and left feeling dismay at what he just heard. She wish his brother dead just for money and insults his family and wondered what they are capable of and now they have had him thinking whether they have done something to provoke his marriage to Sonal so that he marries Rashi instead. He could not hold back the hurtful tears streaming down his cheeks and thought of his year of marriage based on lies. He then went to the wash room and decided enought of their evilness on his family and now he is going to get to the bottom of this by starting with his brother. Yes he has to confront his brother no matter what happens and return the house to its previous glory. When he came to the room his mum was there and said that his food is at the dinner and also added that it's being a year since Gopi left and that he should try and make amends with Rashi and sort out their differences before it spills out of hand. He assured her that everything will be alright in due time and both left the room. 

As for Gopi, life has been hard at Abdul's place caused by Rahima (Abdul's new wife ) who started gossiping about Gopi and her husband's affair and even torturing the kids for supporting Gopi but Gopi did not say anything to Abdul even though he suspects as people have started pointing finger at them and that's when he decides to speak to his niece in Delhi. Gopi has done wonderfully well in her second exams scoring 95% and her embroideryto has taken off quiet well as now people come to her to make their wedding dresses but Abdul made sure they pay her well and put all of her earnings in a bank account and  showed her how to use it. Gopi too opened and account for her three new sisters and put three quarters of her earning in it as she realised that after her departure Rahima will dominate Abdul and manipulate him to even neglect his children and therefore intended on telling him when she reach Delhi but she also made sure no money can be withdrawn from their account until they are twenty one and can do so themselves. she was so happy that evening because her Abdul papa has made all the arrangement for her to go to Delhi the following weekend. she will stay with his niece who will lodge her and help her find a job with the local tailor's shop as she felt Gopi is not qualified to work in fashion industry and she will also help her enrol in school to further her studies  until Gopi is able to settle by herself as her place is already crowded. Gopi happily agreed and in her excitement took out Ahem photo and caressed his face and promised to go far away from him and now felt tear drops on the portrait and realised she was crying as she missed him so much but could not take the humiliation any longer. Abdul thought this will be the right time to sent her to Delhi as that same man is now suspicious of him hiding the truth about Gopi since people have started spreading gossip about them even though they call her Hamida instead and knows it won't be long before her actual truth is reveal and that detective is now loitering around the shrine and making notes and further enquiries and therefore Gopi will be better off in Delhi and prayed that she finds happiness there as she deserves it.

On the road, Ahem was finding it difficult to drive properly as concentration was eluding him. He was very tense with regards to Gopi's existence and what will happen if Sanjay is Gopi's brother and how to reveal it to him and also how come Gopi's name changed from Renuka to Gopi and who told her that her parents died on her birthday. Ahem was getting severe headache with all these unanswered questions forming inside and eating him up and decided to put it aside but her innocent face has been hunting him since she left and was revived when he saw the sketch of the little girl whose life has been a living night mare and unlike her, many her contemporaries would have died or committed suicide and shut his mind for thinking like that about Gopi but wondered if the two are related then how is he going to face Sanjay and tell him how he handle his sister from the day she married him and that it's because of his torturous behaviour that made Gopi to leave him and that he was amongst her culprits and now he is missing her so dearly and wants to find her and apologize and hopefully will forgive him enough to start all over but that's what I told her when we took our vows again and then I had to become the monster once again.

He arrive at his destination and knew it's quite late but at present he does not care as many thing rely on him knowing the truth about her and knocked so loudly and continuously and woke the whole family. When the door open he greeted Dawal who was looking at him with a shocked face and at that moment he hoped Maamaji is at home and asked a half sleepy Dawal to call Maamaji for him as he has something urgent to talk to him about but before Dawal went he saw Maamaji and pleaded with him even though he hates him right now but the matter is so urgent that it could not wait till morning. Just then Urmila butt in and say now what do you want after destroying our innocent daughter but Ahem ignored her and asked to speak to Maamaji in private.

Both men walked to his car and then Ahem drove off to a more private area away from the scornful eyes of Urmila where her husband can talk freely. He then reached and pulled from one of the car drawers the sketches made by Sanjay and handed them to Maamaji. He gasped and tears started falling down his cheek as the emotions of seeing the picture filled him and said did Gopi leave these behind as shewas so fond of drawing and painting which she inherited from her mother. They are Gopi's parents and why are you acting shocked with their sketch as Gopi always carry their photo with her but then again how will you know Ahemji, you only know raising your hands and abusing her.You did not try to see that beautiful heart she got full of love, your love but you do not deserve it. Each word was cutting his heart to pieces but he knows maamaji is hurting and is all due to his doing and was not saying anything wrong. Maamaji was now looking intently at the little girl's photo and cried miserably and said you should know this little girl, who spent a whole year of her life miserable as your wife. Yes Ahemji this is Gopi as a little girl and she must have sketched it out of memory as she this cannot be her sketch as Gopi did not have this toy before and the the signatory at the bottom has SG. He then looked at Ahem astonished and  then Ahem said he got them from a guy called Sanjay Singhania and then told Maamaji every thing and he confirmed that the guy has to be his nephew to know all those details and then told Ahem how Gopi's parents died and thanked him for bring light into his life after a long time and  and just last month the police closed his missing case and said he is dead and to find him now and if only he was here earlier and given me support then Gopi's life would have been filled with love, care and respect which is all she asked. He asked to met Sanjay but Ahem warned him things are not too steady as he has not given up searching for Gopi and will unite the family again and made maamaji to not reveal this to anyone until Gopi is found and he agreed and then Ahem dropped him and drove towards MM with the most shocking news and now he believe it was Urmila that misdirected him to look for his sister in Delhi instead.

Jigar was eagerly waiting for his brother when he arrived he looked at his frail figure walking up the stairs with fatigue and dark circles under his eyes and followed him and was in time to stop him from shutting the door and stepped in and locked the door and was not having his brother's tantrums any more and that whatever it is they will sort it out together. Ahem was not in the mood and as his anger was rising, he started to spit fire at Jigar who would not burge or listen cause now his bhai will listen and said " bhai what am about to say is that this is not about you feeling self pity, wanting to hurt yourself to for the pain you caused bhabi not realising your actions are affecting everyone of us that love you but this is about our family's reputation and pride which has been tarnished by so many unknown factors. Bhai look at our once lively house, it looks hunted without any feel to human touch cause each one of us is handling their pain and shutting the rest without a care and on the whole it is the family which is getting destroyed. Am angry, frustrated and wants to bring back the glory that our family held for so many years and i cannot do this without my bhai" he said and when he felt Ahem looking at him with questioning eyes he added calmly " bhai I believe you are a victim of foul play and told him all he heard from Rashi and said look bhai am here to help as this is my family too and why can't you let me into your live and share your pain. Since you went away and came back you only focus on work and whenever I want to spend and share my life with my bhai you shut me out with business lecture but bhai this is now a matter of our family respect which am ready to work with you to unlock the riddles and bring this family to where it was before all these mishaps in our life. Just think if there is any truth to what Rashi said how would that affect me as well as am married to her and right now am frighten to even think that our marriage was base on lies so therefore as much as i trust you, you need to tell me what happened the night before bhabi left as a lot rides on it.". By now Ahem could no longer hold back the tears and act tough but was crying like a child in Jigar's arms and later told Jigar all that happened and even finding her family Sanjay and about Ajay to terrace Gopi and all. When he finished he felt some relieve and hug Jigar and thanked and apologised as well for being a bad brother. 

Both brothers stayed till late and figuring out together what to do and steps to take with regards to Sanjay, Urshi and most importantly Gopi. 

That it for this part enjoy and encourage me more by sending your comments.

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rsk16 IF-Dazzler

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awesome update.eagerly waiting for more.thank god jigar knows d truth now.
swasthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Great to see the brothers have mended their relationship. Now together they will find Gopi.
Looking forward to the next update.
savvi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 12:41am | IP Logged
really nice way to go and felt nice that atleast in ff jigar and ahemji are getting close... and sharing things.  HOpe in sns jigar act this smart... 
nice ff
vaishali667 Goldie

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wow super part i loved it 
uamaz Goldie

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Hope brothers can piece the puzzle together and Jigar divorces Rashi because he would not want to take her back and who could blame him?
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Hope they find gopi soon. But before that Rashi truth should be out in front of the family

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