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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 45)

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Originally posted by navyab

kamjal...loved the part...both need each other yet they do not know how they can forget about everything and become one...wil they be able to hold on or wil their love tug each other hard to be with none but with one another...waiting 4 the next part

let hope all that you said will happen as it won't be easy to suddenly move on from where you left it years back especially if one of them is not in his straight mind

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Originally posted by hanaGoHem

kamal lovely amezing part 

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Originally posted by -neela-

Kamjal that was an amazing update Smile. I had a lump in my throat reading this, you can see how much Ahem and Gopi need each other but with such circumstances, it is hard and fustrating for each other! I hope Rani doesn't show up at MM and cause any problems Confused. Looking forward to the next update...

It's being six long years of their lives apart so there meeting will be dramatic. Thanks for the comments

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Originally posted by X.Sisi94

Amazing Update Kamjal Thanks for the pm!

Thanks n u r welcomeHug

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Originally posted by swasthi

A superb meeting between Ahem and Gopi. The magnetism, attachment and want to be with each other is as strong as, if not much more, that ever before.
I wonder what Kokila would say to all this if she found out. Surely there would have been a maternal pull in her heart too.
It will be interesting for Ahem to realise that he is a father. He might regret his time lost. If not, this may hook something in his mind and reel in his past.
Looking forward to the next update.

You are so right Swasthi after being apart for such long time they still connect. as for koki well there should have been but she is putting all her energy on Angad that she does not think of her ahem ever turning up but let see what happens when the situation is better

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I have been singing for a while that I wish to finish this soon and start my new ff but ideas for this one is still running on my mind and I won't do justice to either if I work parallel on both... So bear with me on this one the way a warm thank you to all that read and/or commented on the last update.

PART 40;

" Am sorry for calling you so early, it's just to let you know that all is well now...bhabi came home was late but she did turn Sanjay the only thing she shared was that she got lost after her rickshaw broke down...sure when she wakes up and I do get more information from her then I shall let you know...okay I will ask her to call you but...sure no worries I will convey it to her and I just want you to know that am not the one stopping her from calling you...will do." Jigar sight a relief after his conversation with Sanjay, he felt he owe him a thank you after helping to find his bhabi.

" I hope am not interrupting...just made you a tea and if you wanted anything special for breakfast let me know...I want to prepare breakfast today being Saturday and all will be here and also Di, Mum and Auntyji can relax today. Jigarji may I say something, it's just that I find Di's excuse too loose, she knows our house phone by heart and yours or mine so she could have asked them to allow her to make a call to us and we both know why she left the just wondering whether she met jiju but he did not recognise her too just like what happened to you...I mean..."

 " Kajal I know what you mean and I too have my doubts but we will ask her at the right moment but for now we have to be causious especially Kakiji she is very smart and can catch a lie easily...besides we do not want to hurt them without full proof that he is A..hem bhai...anyway let wait till we speak to for breakfast you do not have to worry, Meethi is here and nothing special for me am fine with whatever is made...anyway I have to do some project catch up so I may go to office later...ohh by the way I just spoke to your brother and listen what happened before was unfortunate but if you can at least call him and your bhabi at least...they will like it."

Kajal felt bad for not calling her bhabi the least but was still hurt with her brother and until he formally seeks forgiveness from Jigarji she was not ready to talk to him even though Jigar has asked her many times. She nodded and left to start with breakfast with the help of Meethi.

Jigar was too engrossed in his work but at the corner of his eyes he saw some thing move and when he looked up he saw nothing but as he was about to return to his work he saw Angad peep through and quickly hid again. He got up and went to his door and saw the little boy hiding behind it and when he saw him he look down and was about when Jigar stopped him.

 " Hey Angad you are awake early and what brought you to my room...are you missing your aunty...did you sleep well." He got no response from him but he took him to his room and sat the boy on his lap..." now you can tell me what you want." Jigar tried as he may but Angad just starred at him until he suggested a bath and then his smile touched his heart at the resemblance to his bhai. He was filled with emotions and hug the boy and promise that he will bath him and they will go together in his office. That worked as he was now excited and agree with Jigar to bath him and all.

It seems the adults of MM were tired after the night's even and woke up late and the ladies headed to the kitchen to make breakfast only to find that Kajal and Meethi has done all the needed. " Meethi what is this you should have woken us and we would have helped." Hetal stated " Woh Maa Meethi wanted to wake you and auntyji but I told her to let you both rest as it was a long day for all yesterday...besides we have done every thing the only thing left is to make to roti and even the doo has been made so please you can relax today." Kajal told her happily and she too was impressed with her. " where is Gopi bahu, I know she had and exciting and stressful day too but how come she is not here to help as it's her duty not yours Kajal...she knows what we usually cook on Saturdays...Meethi go and wake her up now." kokila intervene unhappy but she adds " I have nothing against you Kajal it's just that we do things differently here and we have asked you to only take care of Angad till then so next time do wake one of us." and left a hurt Kajal who knew it won't be easy but did not expect this. " Kajal beta do not take what kokila said to heart, she will come around and also the fact that since Gopi left and Ra...shi...I mean kokila and I have changed things around a lot so it will be helpful to know in advance...anyway lets see what else need to be cooked..." After she made sure that Kajal has in fact cooked the dishes for that day, she was smiling happily and thanked her and asked her to lay the table and left too. Kajal was now happy and felt a connection with Hetal...When she came to the house the first thing she noted was each ones food tastes and  allergies and most of it she got from her Di...the only added dish she made was special and hoped the person likes it.

Jigar was happy play and bathing Angad as it brought back some childhood bathing moments with his bhai...he vowed to fill the void of fatherhood in his life and fulfil all his needs just like his bhai would have done and therefore first he will take him with him to the office and show him around...Angad too was slowly taking into Jigar as he has his own agenda. Both dressed up and headed for the dinner.

 Ahem has woken up long ago and was starring at the figure lying on the bed looking like a million dollar barbir in a green sari... the light reflecting on her smooth skin was so enchanting to his eyes, he could not help but gaze his eyes to all the exposed places of her fine she was lying on one of her sides, part of her waist and belly was exposed as well and the moment his eyes went there, he wished to follow it with his hands...he remembered how delightful she was last night and wished to repeat it but then realised even if she said he was her husband, he does not recall but the fact al after having spent six years of his life with another woman and not feeling anything and then when he met his dream woman he could not help but wants to quench his hunger for a woman with this gorgeous person...he can't understand forgetting a life time spend in her soft and warm body nor his was his relationship with them...he want his life back and he want Gopi to be a part of he does not know but he will recall...she did tell him that he loved his mother most so how come he could not recall all those beautiful moments if any with her...he returned his gaze once again on her and thought to himself " she is the key to memory and therefore I have to trade easily and cautiously for I did not want to be living a life of lost and unknown and that too with a stranger...yes Rani has been good to me but she too need assurance of someone solid to take great care of her...he will make it his mission to help her in all possibility." He took a note pad lying on the desk and wrote her a message and before putting it back he was frozen "Gopi bhabi! Gopi bhabi!!! nani bhabi is calling you down" Ahem quickly ruffled some papers so that she will hear and leave and that worked and he looked back at his sleeping beauty and thought " what a timing Meethi and your Gopi bhabi was always an early riser maybe the effect of last night is taking its toll on her." he smile and went to the window to climb out before she wakes up and then it struck him " how did I know who knocked and what about her sleeping habits...huh I will ask her and it could be a good sign" and left

As soon as he left, Gopi found the courage to get up...all the while she was awake not wanting to move least give in to the burning sensation he was sending her with his deadly stares. Her heart was pounding hard all that time and knew both were overwhelm with what happened last night and she was not ready to face him and thankfully he made the right decision to leave as she was about to answer the door but did not want him to know she was enjoying the attention he was giving her...She took the note he left and it reads:

" Life has been dull till I met you and could not wait for you to wake up as the sight of you was better than a dream and like you said owe Rani an obligation until such time am fully yours but could I wait... anyway thanks for the tester last night enjoyed it so not fear it's not the end now you found me or it's the other way...please do not wait but do not lock unless you want all to wake up...please do not worry this time I will inform Rani."

His signatory stunned Gopi as now she is wondering if he rememmbers...tears started to fall on her cheeks, how she miss his signatory...he always used it whenever he texted her or left her a did he know...did he use it in all these years...Kokila's voice brought her to reality and immediately sprung to the bath room knowing she will be taunted but was too happy to mind.

When she reached the dinner, only the women were there and her maaji was not happy with her and made it known " Gopi bahu what is this, I know you had a rought time yesterday and so did we but I did not expect you to be this late and let our guest do all the work." Both Kajal and Gopi look stunned one with hurt the other not know who the guest is until she saw her sister hide her unshed tear by looking down quickly " Maaji am sorry for getting late and it won't happened again and maaji kajal is devarji's wife and I know the circumstances of their marriage does not suit us but at least devarji is happy and we too should be happy for them...maaji bhai made the mistake of taking me away from you all and Kajal brought me back to be with you all...she told me that Baa was not well and therefore I need to come back for her and all of you as you all love me...maaji if it was not for her dedication to bring me back I nor Angad would be here...please kakiji I know you loved Rashi ben a lot and was disappointed when devarji divorced her but we all want his happiness and if it's with Kajal then we should approve and be happy...Baa please if you did not meet Angad then you would all have insisted Devarji to give this family an heir so please until we know the truth behind his divorce, we have to trust him after all he stood by you all and still does without a complain...kakiji do you know that they stay in separate room and that is due to the fact that they are waiting for your approval but how long will you make them wait...maaji kajal knows everything about each one of you as I have been teaching her and also she has been attentive...please we need to put their happiness first..." 

" Di please Auntyji is right am a guest here and until such time they approve of Jigarji and me we will not live fact I have made a living arrangement somewhere else and due to the circumstance of our marriage I have filed for divorce but am waiting for the right time to get Jigarji to sign it but he has been too busy lately and I do not want him to go against his family on our matter...yes I love and care for him but not at the expense of him loosing his family cause am an orphan and I know the please and i do not mind auntyji's words either." she got up but before leaving she went to Baa and said "I made you a special diet dish because for the past days you were complaining of stomach pain and not eating well so hopefully you will like it"

Gopi served Baa and she actually loved it and even requested to it for lunch and dinner till her pain eases. The rest of them ate quietly then Gopi asked Meethi for Angad and was told he went with Jigar to the office and will be back soon. When they all finished she and Meethi cleared and started to prepare for lunch.

Baa called both her bahus to her room to chat about Jigar and Kajal."Well our instinct was right about Kajal and it's high time we move to the next step and we have to do it fast"...both agreed and smiled and all went to finishe their plan which they want to fulfil tonight.

Jigar was on cloud ten as he was having a wonderful time with his nephew...the boy was full of life and energy...once they got to the office, he was throwing him millions of questions at a time...some were great some funny but his next question threw him off guard " Uncle do you know my father?" Jigar did not know when his cheeks felt wet...he grab him and hug tight and was crying. " why did you ask...did your mum not tell you about your dad?" "she did and showed me his picture and see on that desk is the same picture" Jigar turn toward his bhai's photo he took of him on his b'day he was sadden with what he hears next from the sweet boy " Woh in my school all kids dad visit but only driver picks me up and mama is so busy these days and spend less time with me and now teacher ask us to write every thing about our dad...uncle can I write about you and then you will pick me from school." Jigar was hurting for him and knew how it felt without his bhai " Angad I promise you from now on I will take you to school and I will pick you up...okay and I will tell you all about your dad and you can write a lot about him and keep it..."Jigar saw the sadness is his innocent eyes and new they need to do more for him...he picked up his files and took Angad to the park and later bought ice cream for him.

On reaching home they were shocked to find it busy with decorators running all over the place..." Maa what is going on" to which his mum only said " be ready by six and come to the mandir and your clothes are in the upper guest room as I have asked Meethi to clean your room and so you won't be able to use it for now" and went off leaving him gaping. 

At five pm everything was done and now the ladies went to their rooms to freshen up...Kajal was in her room all the while as she was not allowed to help. she felt sad and lost as she love Jigar so much but will have to forgo him for his family. She was looking at her parents picture and crying and that's how Hetal found her. She caresses her head and wipe off her tears and smiled at the picture she was holding. " Beta I know it's a painful thing for you but we had to what best for Jigar and am glad you understand how much he loves his family...anyway I want you to come to the mandir and am not sure whether you have the proper outfit so please accept this and wear them...I do not have any other colour but this one and hope it not worry too much as all will be well." she kiss her on the forehead and left.

Gopi went to her room to dress up as ordered by her maaji as she does not know what is cooking up with the elders...since the morning they have been busy and hardly had lunch...they said they want to hold a puja with just the family but she is certain there is more which they are not sharing...she quickly went to take bath and came out in her towel and stumbled and was falling backward and was ready for the impact but shock went through when she felt a pair of hands hold her by the waist...she did not dare open her eyes to meet his as she knew those hands anywhere but what is he doing here...he said tonight not evening. 

Ahem went home and apologized to Rani for disappearing on her like that last night and spent some time telling her of his plans and that soon they will get a better place to stay until he is well and she is settled...after lunch with her, he told her he needed to discuss some things with Gopi and that he won't return till Monday...the truth of the matter he was daydreaming of Gopi too much and wanted to see her and luckily when he arrived, the house was busy and he need not climb the window and pretended to be one of the worker and helped out with the decorations until he was able to locate her room and when he got the chance, he came in and waited but it was painful hoping to see her any second and finally when she came she was not herself and did not notice him and walk to the bath room and now faith was paying him his due.

Ahem starred at her beautiful face and could not help but remove the wet locks stuck to her face and caressing her face doing so and sending shiver through both of them...Ahem knew she did not want to meet his eyes so he took advantage of the situation and brought his lips on her neck...she immediately flip open her eyes and watch him with question as to what are you doing...without uttering a word he pushed her against the wall and took her lips forcefully, seeking, licking, sucking them until she moan and open her lips to welcome him inside...once there both could not hold back...Gopi grab his neck and pull him further and was giving as much as she was getting but wanted more by trusting her own tongue deep into his mouth and taking in the sensation to another level and she did not realise their movements has made her lost her towel revealing her breast to him but was so engrossed with kissing the only man she has ever known and want to make love to him moan in his mouth diving him nuts and loosing his senses as now the kiss has intensified and when his bare hand touch soft skin, they both froze and broke apart quickly...Gopi stood there eyes shut and using her hand to shield her breast from him but he was too numb with desire to move...he then made the decision to go to the bath room to allow her to pull together and dress up if that was possible.

Gopi wished the floor would swallow did she land in his arms and now he has seen her naked... she was not feeling teary but she heard the room close, she gather herself and dress up quickly and left but she is now dreading the night with him in her she will make him leave or hide him in one of the guest rooms...she tried to calm and coax herself with that.

Ahem put the shower on and let the water cool him...he did not mean to kiss her but her wet nature in a towel was too intoxicating to handle and now what is to happen to can he stay away from her...she has such a strong aura which seems to be pulling him to her like a current that is on high he has to find a way to be away from her till am awoken...he puts his hands on his face in shame...he needs to talk with her.

Gopi tried hard to focus but keeps drifting to her room and what happened...she told herself that she need to concentrate on her task even though it's hard. When all arrangements were done, the pandit arrives on time and took his place and was making the last bits needed...meanwhile the whole family has gathered including Jigar...Gopi was asked to tell Kajal to come...she was shock to see her in such a lengha for a ritual but went with her to the mandir area...the pandit announce that time is going and that they should start..." panditji the bride is here and so is the groom but can we wait for few minutes for some guest to come." Baa said and wink and Jigar who looked as confused as both Gopi and Kajal as well as parag and chirag. Hetal took the opportunity to explain it to them " Jigar beta we all love you and want your happiness and for a while we have been testing your wife and she passed with colours and since your marriage was done formally, we decided to fulfil it with the rituals...we all love Kajal and approve of her and can't wait to officially make her my bahu..." Kajal was now crying uncontrollable and went and touch Hetal's feet but she pull her up and hug her and wipe off her tears..." Kajal I love my son dearly and he has been through so much but I realise his happiness lies in you and we all agree that you will keep him happy so please you always call me your maa and now these tears...and ohh here are those that we are waiting for." bhabi" She ran to her bhabi and hug her and both cried...she then turn to her niece and picked her up and kiss her all over and left without looking at her brother. Sanjay understood that she is still angry with him and went straight to Jigar and folded his hands and apologize to him and requested him to take better care of his sister. Jigar was too happy to talk and just nodded in approval. The wedding took place quietly and successfully and before they were led to their room, kokila stopped them saying " Kajal all that harsh behaviour with you was part of our plan and hope you did not take it to are our daughter just like Gopi bahu and please treat this as your home and everyone your family...ohh I know you were worried about being married to this family and working...we have discuss it and you can continue with your job but remember dinner will be in your hands." Kajal was so overwhelm with happiness and went and hug kokila and thanked her. " One more thing, am not your aunty but you kakiji okay." 

When the two went to their room, Jigar now understood why his mum asked him to use the guest room to change but he was happy finally good things are happening in MM. Kajal hug him from the back and was crying uncontrollably" I love you so much Jigarji...thank you for loving me and making me a part of your family." " Hey Kajal please do not cry...I love you too and I should be the one thanking have been patient with me and my stood by me when I needed trusted and most of all you loved me back you see Mrs Jigar Modi am the happiest man ever and am going to show you just how much you mean to me...we have both waited too long...what do you say." She shied away and went to sit on the bed and pulled her pallu over and said " for that my dear husband, Mr Jigar Modi you will have to come and finish the rituals." Jigar smiled from ear to ear and went in bed next to his wife and the music playing was "Mujeh Hag Hai from Viva" After removing all the obstructive jewellery and clothing, he made them one person, soul, mind and body. They spent the whole night pleasuring each other.

"Baa, motabhabi our plan has been a huge success and am very happy we made the right decision and Jigar too chose wisely." " Yes kokila bahu, how I wished our Ahem was with us to witness this happy" " Baa please Ahem is always with us and I feel his presence more today as if he too were happy with this alliance...isn't it kokila...kokila! where are you lost" "Nothing motabhabi it's just that I felt some strange movements near Gopi bahu's room. May be I was imagining things." No kokila I too saw a figure behind the pillar near her house but did not take much notice..." "Areh what are you two talking about...may be his spirit was celebrating with us in happiness...anyway it's late and we all need rest till morning as more ritauls needs to be two go to bed as Gopi bahu has instructed." Baa ordered but she too thought she saw among the worker an Ahem like during the day but did not want to scare her bahus but now even she is worried.

Gopi was the last person in the kitchen...she even sent Meethi to bed as she was not ready to face him...She was so engrossed in her work to not notice his presence once again." Running away from me I hope not" Ahem's words startled her and she nearly drop the glass bowl she had. " do you always drop things and yourself or is it just around me." he stopped approaching her when he felt her tense and backing away..." listen you can chill, just came to ask if there are other free rooms I can use instead and that way we both can avoid the not going to deny it Gopi am very attracted to you and find myself out of control around you... I know you too feel attracted to me too but our situation is complicated at the moment...Gopi am sorry if you feel hurt by my behaviour and I will try to be out of your way the way I think I have met the couples before..." Ahemji that was brother, Jigarji and his new wife Kajal." " no not them the one in grey suit...he hates me he...I can't remember properly anyway the new couple I have met Jigar and Kajal at a restaurant." "Ahemji how did you know Kajal or that the man in Grey suit hates you." "Well I was watching as for the man...I do not know just sense it...never mind it's late and am sleepy so please make arrangements for me."

"Ahemji you can sleep in the room tonight and then tomorrow i will make sleeping arrangements" "okay lets go and please do not tell me you have more to can finish up tomorrow." she nodded and both headed to her room and lock the door. She went and took out the night sheets and made his bed...she immediately drop the pillow when she saw him standing shirtless." what happened to your shirt" she enquired feeling her blood rushing again " This is the only one I have one me unless you can provide me with another or if you are uncomfortable." "I will give you one." she said moving away from him quickly.

After handing the shirt she went to change in her night sari, came back and headed to the bed and as she lay her eyes fell on the note he left  and got up. He too got up and sure her read the note and tears falling from her eyes. He went to her side and call her." It's just a note so why the sorry if you wanted me to stay longer..." The way she shut her eyes at him made him quiet "it's not the note Ahemji but he last letters...why did you write them...""am sorry Gopi but I just wrote them and to be honest I do not know what they they mean something?

Gopi could not stop her tears "Ahemji you used to write these letter to me often" she looked up at him and said " LOVE YOU LOADS YOURS AHEM" He sat next to her and hug her rocking her to stop crying and when it subsided he said "am sorry again I just wrote it without realising...Gopi can you tell me more about us...I want to know how we were...our relationship...making love...were we so passionate like we are...i mean we can't seems to want to take our hand off each other...whenever am near you my homorns want to explode...please tell me how was living with me like...forget about family yet just us Gopi just you and me...

"Sure Ahemji but another day, am tired and we both need sleep but can I get a hug." " sorry Gopi the next hug I give you will not be easy for me to let go and may be tempted to do more so please unless...""No no no Ahemji it's okay and thank you." both lay on their respective beds and cursed their luck.

that's it for this one and enjoy

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Ahh I am the first one to comment on your 40th update. Loved it. I am happy that the Modi family accepted Kajal. It was nice that they planned a official small marriage including Kajal's family. Goham scenes were superb. I love their chemistry. It must be difficult for both of them to hold back their emotions and their passion. Please bring them together soon. PM me next time. Thank you in advance.

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Loved it... Big smile <3
finally everyones happy in MM waiting for the next one.. Smile

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