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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 43)

MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged

wow Amazing Update Kamjal Loved it
very emotional Update
Cant wait tooo Read the Next part!
Thanks for the pm!

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navyab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Kamjal ...wonderful part Ahem is now claiming his love which he has missed for 6 years Wink !!!
Next part pls !!!

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FlowerHater IF-Rockerz

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update.  I am so glad that you let me know.  Read it all up to date. Seriously awesome.

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Kamjal that was a great update. I am glad Gopi has finally found her Ahemji, hope she doesn't have to suffer too much now.
Oh my, Ahem at Gopi's bedroom window!! Eagerly awaiting the next update Big smile
Jammona Senior Member

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
I want to take this opportunity to thank all for your lovely comments and for taking the time to read my ff even if it's not that interesting. anyway this story is nearing it's end but wait at least few more parts to come and hopefully will not disappoint with lovely Gohem scenes too. Well let start with the next update.

PART 39:

" Ahemji what are you doing here...please come in before someone sees did you find out where I live...ohh God and where is Raniben...?"

" Am sorry Gopiji but I followed you... you promised that you will be there when I et up but you were leaving...and Rani does not know am here...idid not know whether you will come back so decided to at least find out your"he stopped caused he felt embarassed knowing that he evesdropped on her conversation with Rani.

" It fine but now what will Rani ben think that I con her and took you away from her like that...I did promise to be there but...I mean in the morning...anyway how did you escape the guards...and...ohh shit...that my family...seems your loud banging has woken them...ohhh no now what to do...Ahe...m...ji" " Gopi bahu!...Gopi bhabi open the door..."

Gopi panicked and froze upon hearing the commotion outside her can she explain her Ahemji's presence there...she has to hide him but where. Ahem tapped her lightly on the shoulder and asked her to open the door and not worry...he told her quietly that he will hide in the bath room when he saw her frighten face...she still was not sure but that's the only option they have.

She acted sleepiest and opened the door to find all were in their worried faces and push through her to check and as kokila was going to the bath room, she suddenly came in front of her and said " woh maaji what are you looking for and that too this late...what happened you all are awake?" kokila did not listen to her and went in the bath room but it was empty and came back to find Gopi was still with eyes shut firmly and hands clenched tightly together as in prayer. " gopi bahu what is this?" she could not bring herself to look as she felt she has been caught..." We came here because one of the guards knocked the gate and told us that he saw a man figure at your window so we were all scared that the thief came throught your room as your window is open...Gopi bahu this is the ground floor and therefore you should not open your windows like that...thank God no one is here and may be the thief ran away when he saw the guard." Upon hearing the last statement, Gopi snap opened her eyes to see no Ahem there and took a sight." am sorry maaji due to me you all are was hot in here and I decided to get fresh air but I will be more careful next time, I promise but you all must be tired as it was a long worrying day for you all so please go and sleep and I will shut my window."

After locking the door firmly, she lean on it and may a silent thank you prayer and suddenly reality hit her and made her jump startled when she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

"Ahemji mean you were in there so..." He hard tears in his eyes as he was filled with emotions " that was my mother...was it Gopi...please tell me that it was her...I ...I" Ahemji did you have your memory back..." " no Gopi when she went to the bath room, a sense of warmth went through me and was pushing me towards her...I nearly came out of my hiding to hug her Gopi...I felt a connection instantly." Gopi knew the bond the two share cannot be erased from his mind just like that...she took his face in her hand and wipe them away as if he were a child and " yes Ahemji that is you were closest to her and loved her were her pillar and she was so proud of you as her son...Ahemji she was the most affected by your de...I mean you were her life and you went away with it." Both were now starring each other and quietly shedding tears.

Gopi became concious of his presence and pulled away and was now in a dilemma as to where to hide him till morning. as if he understood her confusion he said " well I can sleep on the floor... am used to it now... and do not worry no one will come to know but I do not want to be... away... from you...I know Gopiji that this is sudden but for the past eight years of my life am seeing light in the dark tunnel so I do not want to loose it not if that the only hope of getting my life back...Rani will understand and you promised to find her a better this way we both will be able to fnd our lives again but please do not ask me to leave as I am here for you to help me...Gopiji please you know my past, my family,everything...with your help I may recall quicker and you"

Gopi knew this was not a good idea not because she did not want to help him but will they be able to stay away from each other cause at the moment all she wanted to do was be in his arms and shed all the pain she has kept all there years and never to let go but she does not know how changed he is and for how long will she be able to keep him here deceiving her family...what will they think of her when the truth comes out...most importantly how can they share a room now and...ohhh no "Ahemji I know what you mean but this is not a good idea... my family will be hurt if they find out I hid you in my room...please you have to stay with Raniben until such time you are well and ready to face the me it's not easy to face a dead living person after so long and this family has gone through enough for me to put them to this test...please do understand and I will come there often to can only stay for the night and we will find a way to get you out of here tomorrow."

Ahem just stood there and look at her " you are the only woman I know Gopiji that want to send her husband to another woman...if that is how you want it then it's find...I do not need to wait till morning to be out of your site." He through at her making her angry and quickly stopped him from climbing the window to leave.

 " What did you say Ahemji...happy to throw you into the hands of another could you say that when you do not know anything of how I've lived the past years my heart tearing to pieces day in day out asking to see you cause my heart believed you to be alive...Ahemji how can I be sure that you have not become hers spent eight years of your live with a woman pretending to be a couple so what assurance do I have that you have not" She stopped knowing where she was headed but still that bugged her even thought she trusted him in the past but he is a lost mind and a man too so what could have stopped him to make...her his" she said to herself with a heavy heart

Ahem knew he went a step too far and she was right just because she told her they were a couple does not give him right to judge her especially after so long apart. " am sorry Gopiji I should not have said that especially when you have been so kind as to help me and Rani as well." " it's okay Ahemji and can you please do me a favour and drop the ji from my name it sounds odd...everyone calls me Gopi just Gopi and also I will make a bedding on the floor if you want to freshen up please do so as we all need sleep then tomorrow we will figure out what steps to take." 

Ahem gave her a slight smile but added before leaving for the bath room " I will ask the same of you" As he went to the bath room, she wondered what he meant but brushed it aside and worried spending the whole night with him in the same vicinity. she quietly left the room to go to the laundry room to see if any men's clothing was there for him...luckily she found some and grab them and left for her room. 

She entered and locked it firmly and was testing whether it was shut by pulling it " It well locked Gopiji" She turned around instantly and unknowingly dropped the clothes to the floor when she saw him only drape with a towel and water was still dripping down his finely tonned body. she saw a lone water dripping from the side of his neck and slowly moved to his chest, to his belly and disappeared in the...she could not help drolling over his well shape body and how she wanted to run her hands over it. Ahem notices her fixture onhis body and made no attempt to move or fact he was enjoying the desire written on her face...he too want to touch her and lick those poutty lips of hers till she begs for mercy. He immediately shook the thought aside and called her name but was not getting any response so he went forward and took the clothes from the floor and went back the rest room, change and came back to find her still rooted to the same spot. He smiled to himself and though how right she is not let him stay beyond tonight if not eight years of celibacy will be released one of the nights. He decided to end her wild thought and mockingly said "Gopiji! " when she came back to life and saw a fully dressed Ahem she look to the floor in shame " It's okay Gopiji no need to shy away the pleasure is all mine." and wink at her and headed to the made bed on the floor to lay down but Gopi was hurrying to stop him and slipped on the edge of the bedding and was falling forward when he grab her but could not control the power to which she stumbled and fell back taking her along to the floor bed.

They stood like take inhaling each other's scent to move. Ahem thin frame waist and was moving his hand lightly around it with his thumb whilst his eyes were savouring the lusterous beauty of her face. Her brown eye were so mesmerising and speaking volumes of desires whilst her trembling lips were so welcoming and anticipating. The sight of seeing her tongue lick her lips seductively sent waves of hunger thunder deep within him. he took his hand a touch her face with it...She shut her eyes taking in the sensation he is giving her with that she has missed it and to think all these years has not reduced the feeling of having him touch her...the more movements he made the deeper her feeling grow some where in her that she has forgotten was alive...she did not want him to stop nor did he...Ahem too was so lost how she ended on the bed and him slightly on top but he was enjoying their closeness and he did not realised moving his hand to caress her tresses and when he thought he hard his name from her lips, he bent slowly and gave her a peg on the lips, she shivered sending tremor in him and proceeded with the light kissing...Gopi felt herself floating in thin air in her own world, she called his name on his lips sending him to heaven as he increase the pace of the kiss, she too started to respond which now drove both to oblivion. Their passion for each other was rising with each level on intensity the kiss took. Their sockets felt dry but the passion continue until both called one another and Gopi broke it and broke down in tears in his arms. 

When she calmed down, she tried to get up but he would not let her... both knew it felt so right but Ahem sense regret on her part and just wants to assure her it was not his intention to go that route with her just yet. " Gopiji I did not plan this believe me but I do not regret it either...from the first time I saw you at the traffic lights and mostly yesterday I have a huge attraction towards you...I know I do not recall our past together but I get this magnetic pull towards you strongly and I believe that why I came please do..."

"Ahemji please first you are my guest tonight and I should not have let this sorry but it's my fault and until you are fully recovered we cannot be in such compromising situation and that is why it's best for you to stay in the rented accommodation we will find you. We are married but a lot has happened in both our lives and we cannot just forget all that in one night just because our attraction is strong...I will be more careful in the future and please stop calling me Gopiji...only Gopi would do and if you do not mind you can take the bed, i will use the floor one. " ahem release her hurt but refused to take the bed " you take your bed and besides am the one who came here uninvited due to my strong feelings of attraction for you... do not worry as a guest, I will keep my limits and ohh could you also just call me Ahem or Ram." " how can I Ahemji?" " just like you asked me to drop the ji you too can do the same and besides we are nothing to each other for now ohh like you said till I get well so till then it either Ahem or Ram if you will excuse me I need to sleep" he said angrily. He knew he was unfairly rude but could not help feeling abandoned by being call a guest. He may not recall their past but the way he is pulled towards her means they had shared a very strong bond and now his feelings for her has gone a level up, she wants him to pretend but he will see for how long she can hold back.

Gopi went to her bed and covered herself crying silent tears. How could she let things go this far reminding her all the beautiful moments spent together until that tragic time. She wants him now more badly but felt it's wrong as he did not fully know her...he only knows her face and name...she was sad for him as well for his family and her mission is to get him well and bring his family the joy of seeing him and Angad...she wondered how he take it...he was told his father is not alive and now...kanaji my son will hate me...he might think I did not want him to meet his father all these years...please save my son.

Both had and aweful night and were awake through out thinking the inevitable.

Well people of Gohem lover enjoy and tell me how you like it as more to come 

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kamjal...loved the part...both need each other yet they do not know how they can forget about everything and become one...wil they be able to hold on or wil their love tug each other hard to be with none but with one another...waiting 4 the next part

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