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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 41)

_Precious_ Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Great update Kamjal. Hope there will be Gohem reunion in th next update. And the happy times will be back!

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abhiyaa Senior Member

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Posted: 06 March 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
nice update dear..Smile

now i really want gopi to meet her ahemji in next update..UPDATE SOON..Smile

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Guggul IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
its awesome.. when r we going to get the next update?? plz pm meTongue

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
I would like to apologize to all your wonderful SNS people for the long over due update of my ff. I have been away from the forum for a while due to a serious family nature. I thank you all for your support, patient and kind replies to my ff, os etc. I want to finish this ff soon and would do my best to update as much as possible as I would like to start a new one InshaAllah so bear with me and enjoy the update.

PART 37:

"Ram what are you talking about who is Gopi" Rani was feeling concern for him and his mental health. " It's the name of the girl we saw in the big know the one that gave you the money...her name is Gop and in my dream she was trying to reach out for me before I fell in the river...Rani I think we need to go to that river bank again where you picked me... I want to know what the connection with her is...I ..." " It's okay Ram we will go there tomorrow but first we need to go to the temple and see a baba who could help with your dreams."He nodded and both went to sleep

Since coming back to MM, Gopi has insisted on staying in the guest room after her outburst in her room with all the memories floating down on her. Angad has adjusted quiet well and the whole family especially her Maaji, Baa and Kakiji. She is just worried for her Devarji, who has so much on his shoulders and his relationship with the family seems to be going bad. She can't blame him for loving someone else as he deserve happiness but it's costing him his family. She is stressed out as to how to help now she hesitates in putting her opinions on family matter as she too is not fully at ease with them.

She went to the other guest room to talk with her sister and maybe they can come up with a solution. " Kajal can I come in please as I want a word with you." " Di please you need not seek permission to enter my room so please come in and made yourself at home."

"So tell me honestly what is with you and wear a mangalsutra and sindoor but staying in a different room from this a compromise with the marriage of fake...I mean this is causing a lot of problems for Devarji and Kakiji and especially Kakaji and even Maaji...They cannot do any thing now as you both went against them and got married but at least you owe them some explanation Kajal."

" Di I know you are all worried but there is no tiff between us and Di we did not plan to marry without our elders blessings... it all happened so quickly there was no time to change any thing...this is for real Di...bhai saw me with Jigarji when he drop me home and got the wrong end of the stick Di... they got into a fight about me and in the process Jigarji got hurt and used his blood to claim right over me and bhai said I won't stay there so he brought me here." Kajal was crying for her misfortune in causing the man she loves pain " Di Jigarji and I agree to stay apart until such time that his family approves of me and we perform the marriage according to their wishes...Di last week I even went and got a divorce papers from our lawyer to split with Jigarji as I cannot see him in pain and the distance with his family is having a negative impact on him... He refused to sign his part Di but what can I do...I love him and want to share his life but not at the expense of him loosing his family...I know what it means to loose them...bhai was the only family I got left until we found you and now he too is lost and Jigarji has been such a fantastic support to me so how can I leave him now...I just want to make everything okay with his family before I leave...Di Jigarji loves his family and I do not want to be the reason they split up...I know Maaji and Kakiji are looking what is good for him and they do not see that in me that is why I want to split with him for their happiness... you have to help me convince Jigarji to sign the papers..."

" Kajal be rational...I know everyone is hurting including you but this is not the most sensible solution...Kakiji and maaji both loves Devarji and am sure it's just a misunderstanding... we need to get Sanjay bhai involved...he has made a lot of wrong decisions which are even hurting him too but it's time we all move from the past.  Kakiji used to loved Rashiben a lot and maybe that attachment is still there and for her to loose her had a great impact...Look Kajal you have to talk to Devarji to talk with his mum regarding Rashiben and why he divorced sure that is the root of the problem and nothing to do with you being Sanjay's sister...calm down and all will be well and please get rid of that know when Ahemji married mem he hated me so much he wanted a divorce but the family refused especially maaji so likewise Kakiji too did not like the idea of Devarji being divorced and believed that whatever their differences, they could be solved... but since that did not happen, they are all in pain...anyway I will try and talk with both...but you know our relationship too is not like before so lets be hopeful." Both chatted for a long time about the past not knowing their their sasumaas were listening to their conversations.

" Who could it be at this time without informing us" Sanjay was whinning as he opened the door to find his favourite nephew on the door step and the little boy immediately went and hug him and was asking for his cousin sister. He then ran past him when he saw her and the two were inseparable.

For a while Gopi and Sanjay stood there starring at each other until Sara intervene. " Sanjay are you going to let Gopi in or you want to send her away too." Gopi came in instantly and hug her bhabi and touched her bulging belly before adding " this time you are giving me a nephew" both smiled and went to the lounge to talk of past events until Sara decided the two siblings needed to talk. She excused herself by saying she needs to check on the kids but not before eyeing her husband with a warning look.

none of them know where to start " Gopi I know you will be hating me more now than ever after what I have put you through... at that time when I made the decision of taking you away, I had your best interest at heart...honestly if Ahem had come or even called I would not have taken that drastic measure...I" " Well now you know why he did not come or call bhaiya...anyway that's in the past and we cannot change what's slow but am building the long lost relationship of my family and Angad has adjusted well...Sanjay bhai with regards to my life in the past I do not hold you responsible nor hate you for it any quiet resolved to my fate...but my coming here has more to do with you said in my case you did it out for my sake but what about her are you not laying your hatrate for that family on her."

 " Gopi she is young and does not understand the world" Sanjay intervened only for Gopi to counter him with " how do you expect her to learn if she can't make her decision...anyway I know that family well and they are lovely people with great values...they accepted without any hidden agenda so what makes you think they will not accept Kajal...They are in love bhiya and nothing you do or say will change that...Devarji is a great person and I know he will take care of her...I know he is divorced but why blame him for that without knowing the facts...I just want you to cool your anger and realise that due to it you are loosing the most precious person in your life...I came into yours late but Kajal grew up with your guidance so you should trust yourself and give her credit."

On hearing her take on the Kajal issue, Sanjay broke down knowing that she was right about the fact of loosing the people he loves due to his anger. Gopi felt bad for him and knew he loves them but was consumed with hatrate but was happy that he will be realising is now before regretting his actions later like he did before." am sorry Sanjay bhai, I did not come here to taunt please forgive me if I said too much and I know you too are hurting so we should all try and get along since we are already related through myself and with or without Kajal these two families are intertwined through Angad and we cannot change that so please think carefully before..."

"Gopi am sorry for all the pain I caused you and your family...if I had not taken you with me then this strain in your relationship would not have happened and Angad would not have spent most of his childhood without his grandparents or uncle and aunt...please forgive your brother." He hugged a subbing Gopi in his arms and understood her tears to be the loss of her Ahem not being around his son.

Kajal has been waiting impatiently for her sister and nephew at her favourite restaurant. She has refused to go with them and spent her time helping Meethi with house she is happy because her maaji gave her work to do in the kitchen which she usually restrict her entry. When she took permission to meet Gopi here she gave it and even told her to let Jigar know as well. " Kajla aunty!"exclaimed the over excited Angad on seeing her. She hugged and kissed him whilst her Di went and got him and ice cream. " Sorry for being late Kajal...Saraben misses you and will pup out any minute and therefore I think it would be wise for one of us to be by her side and help with princess..." " Di I know what you are implying but am not going there until bhai apologises to Jigarji... I don't mind what he said to me but he hurt Jigarji a lot and am sure you would have done the same if it was Ahemjiju so please do not push the way there are people to take care to her so do not worry much if not you have experience so why not you."

"Di I just want your advise on one thing...I did tell Jigarji but he is against it so..." " Kajal don't even think I will support you with this divorce business" "Di forget about that... it being binned but I was talking about thinking of quitting but Jigarji refused the Di this is nothing to do with bhai but more to do with our family lady in our family works so I do not know how Maaji and others will take you know I have been away from office there past days but the project am handling is progressing well and I do not want to loose it as it will affect Singhania company badly and the other people involve only want to deal with me... my dilemma is to work or not so please help"

" Well it's a known fact that Modi women do not work but if we talk to them they might just let you... we will find a solu...tion...ohhh it's's him Kajal it's him...Ahemji!!!...stop!!!!... Ahemji!!!" Gopi could not be stopped as she ran out as fast as she could to follow the route she saw him go. " Di!!! brother please hold this boy for two worries" She grab Angad's hand and lead him to the car pack and placed him in the front seat and dial Jigar's number and explain to him what happened and that Gopi has turned into one of the road to run after the man they saw before.

After driving a while in the direction that Gopi went and without any luck she headed back to the car pack with head on her hands and tears flowing not knowing where to find her Di. Jigar found her like that and opened that driver door and both hugged. He calmed her and then went and took the frightened child in his arms and lock her car and led them to his and drove home whilst searching the roads for her sight.

On reaching home,  he told his mum and kaki to look after Angad and Kajal whilst he went out again to look for his bhabi. He did not wait to explain and refused Kajal's request to go with him stating that she need to be here when her Di turns up and that Angad is confused and he needs her. He kiss her on the forehead and left.

The door bell kept ringing non stop and Sanjay was getting irritated as to who is disturbing his wife's sleep. He angrily opened the door and was about to shout at the person until he saw it's Jigar and look at him with worry and confusion. " Am not here for another fight or argument  but that I need your help in searching for Gopi bhabi...I could do it but it will be more friutful is we both do it ..." Sanjay glared at him with fear but knew the matter was serious if not Jigar would not turn up at his door like this and quickly grab his phone and keys and explained to Sara what he knows and promised to get in touch.

Both men went to drove in their cars in different directions but could not find her and it was pointless as she left her phone in her bad which she left in her haste. Both were becoming worried but kept on driving and once in a while a family member would call to check whether they found her or not.

"Motabhabi am getting worried now and why would Gopi bahu leave Kajal and Angad there... am really scared for her" " Kokila please calm down...we are all worried but Jigar has gone to look for her and Chiragji and Paragji too are on the look out and they will go to the police to file a case if they do not find her soon... so please be strong..." Kajal stood there feeling guilty that she could not give them hope that Gopi Di ran after Ahemjiju or his lookalike. She only told them that she left to meet someone and did not return and after searching for long, she could not find her and called Jigarji. The pain she is seeing on her new family is hurting her deeply and knew they love her Di too much to loose her again...she is feeling guilty for not being able to stop her. The door bell ringing brought her to her senses.

Jigar came in dejected and hurt for not being able to handle his bhai's family well. He felt helpless and the loss of his bhai and now is bhabi is too much and he could not face his family to give them the bad news. He went and hug his mum and cried " Maa I did all I could but I fail each time...I could not do enough for bhai and now bhabi...I could not find her Maa...I fail again maa I fail to protect his family." Hetal could not believe her son would blame himself like this and call himself a failure. 

" Beta why would you say that... things happen in every family and no one things you are a failure... you have being the strength of this family for years... we all miss Ahem but why blame yourself... you have been the best son, brother, brother in law, husband and now uncle so please do not ever call yourself a failure." " Jigar, motabhabi is right you are our pillar and when Ahem was with us, both of you have been the strength of this family and just because he left us did not break this family and that is because you held us together and helped us to rise again so please do not ever call yourself a failure... and besides Mo..." "Meethi open the doors quickly it could be the men..."says Hetal but was stopped by Kokila who said it's okay Meethi I will get the doors.

Both elder brother aged from exhaustion and told the family that they have to wait till tomorrow to file a missing person case but just then the bell rang again and they all look at each other wondering who it might be and then memories of the police informing them of Ahem's demise came back. Jigar found courage and went and opened the door and was shocked. He stood there motionless and then the family too joined him and had the same expression.

Well that's all for now enjoy and speculate but please leave your wonderful comments

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luckylucky1 Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
nice update...

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swasthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Superb update.
It is good that Gopi has approached Sanjay and talked sense to him.
Great to see Koki and Hetal appreciating Jigar for being a pillar to them.
Everything is coming together nicely.
So at the door could undoubtedly be Gopi with her Ahemji.
Update soon and looking forward to your new story.

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navyab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged

all the missing bits are falling into place...Jigar feels he has not fulfilled his role...but his mom & kaki do not think so & support him !!!!

have a feeling that Ahem is at the door with waiting to see how his family will react to it !!!
waiting for the next part Wink 

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Amazing Update Love it Cant wait tooo read the next part!Big smile

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