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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 3)

Nilu.Dasuni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Well developed story with nice story line.
Waitng for the next part

kvgmatri Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Good one! Really nice...waiting for the next part...somehow this couple really inspires so many love stories and scenes Embarrassed
Mandy20 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
great work! continue next part please
Jammona Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 4:49am | IP Logged
part 5:

That same night. Jigar was looking for Rashi ans called out her name, meanwhile she was in the kitchen trying to call her mum and update her on the happenings at mm house but was distracted with Jagar's approaching voice and she quickly decided to look for some excuse and pretended to be warming up hot milk for him. When he reached the kitchen and saw what she was, he gave her a smile and said i've been looking for but she cut him and said jigarji are you trying to spy on me but got disappointed that an in fact making your warm milk. It nothing Rashi it's just everyone gone to bed and i did not see you so i was just worried but leave all that and let go to bed. She only glared at him and both left.

In their room she went to the washroom to change and returned to find Jigar in a sitting position and wondered what he is up to and went to her side of the bed ignoring him.

he started " Rashi you know today is one of the happiest day at mm cause finally Gopi bhabi got the love she was craving from Ahem bhai and to be honest this is the happiest I've seen bhai for long time. You know after finishing college he went to America and after returning he stared shouldering kakaji responsibilities and modi business single handed and even before that he left socializing because kakiji always told him that his first priority in is business and everything else can wait. He was always hard working and lost track of enjoying life. But you will see Rashi bhabi will bring the old bhai i know and grew up with.  With her care, patience and love am sure they will live a wonderful and happy live together and also bhabi deserve it after a year long of unhappiness".

All this while Rashi was glaring and angry at him and when she could hear no more, she interupted him saying " Jigarji you only care about what Ahemjiju likes, feels and says and gopi' happiness but you never think about my wants, desires or feeling. You will always run after Ahemjiju and not make enough or well to be recognises and that's why you sitting here saying all this whilst what I go through in this house does not matter to you or anyone. Everyone is concern about gopi and her tears and ready to wipe them for her whereas no one even knows when an in tears. Anyway leave all this foolish talk as you will never understand me or my needs so goodnight Jigarji and be happy because Amenji and gopi are and not me". She then turned off her side lamp and went to sleep leaving at astonished Jigar who looked hurt and frustrated but decided to let it go for another day.

hope to upgrade more later being busy

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rsk16 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
good to see rashi frustrated.nice update.
swasthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged
This storyline is developing really well.
A satisfied Gohem and a frustrated Rashi, more of this the better.
Update soon.
Jammona Senior Member

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged

sorry guys for the long over due update and please blame it on the cvs for getting me hooked on the tv and not wanting to miss a gohem moment. also i know that saathiya is far ahead of my story and therefore I may steal from some of the wonderful gohem scenes we have been given. So enjoy 

Part 6:

The next morning both couples went down for breakfast and whilst Gohem were looking happy and excited Raji were no even glancing at each other and the family members fail to notice them as all their attentions were on Gohem. When the gay finished eating, Ahem locked eyes with Gopi for a while before Ahem then said to her don't forget to follow the timetables I give you and if you have any problems, note them down and we will discuss when I get home and she nodded and Ahem said his byes to all and see you soon very quietly to Gopi when he was passing her to leave. Jigar too got up and said he was going with Ahem as Rashi was giving him horrifying looks throughout the meal.

At the office, Ahem was smiling and greeted everyone there and all were shocked as to their boss's change of mood but were happy. on the other hand Jigar was in deep thought as to what Rashi said and meant and decides that when he reach home will talk to her and that for now he needs to concentrate on his work.

At MM house, Kokila has asked Gopi to clean up the mandir and go do her studies whilst Rashi will be handling the kitchen. Both Hetal and Kokila excused themselves and left the bahus alone to their task. Rashi sieze the opportunity and called her mum and told her what happened the night after she left and her advice was for Rashi to find a way and tell Gopi Why Ahem retook their vows and distract her from her studies. On the other hand, when Gopi finished her work, decided to help Rashi and later do her studies but as she was about to head to the kitchen she heard Kokila calling and asking her if she finished and she said yes and also asked if she can help in the kitchen before starting studied because due to her studies Rashi is doing most of the chores and Kokila refused her and ordered her to go to her room and study and she left. Meanwhile, Rashi heard Kokila calling Gopi and was evesdropping to their conversation and cursed before returning to the kitchen to do her work and when Kokila came, she yell at her for being slow and helped a bit before leaving Rashi to finish.

Rashi went to Gopi's room and was asked to enter and when she did she said Gopi " am so happy for you that Ahemjiju renewed his vows with you. We were all shocked with his action but am skeptical about his sudden change. You see before this studies started, Ahemjiju always shouted at you in front of all, he never love d, cared and treated you right but suddenly he took his vows with you because Kakiji told him to because she wants to see you happy and you know he will do anything his mum asked him to. Gopi I hope he did not tricked you into doing anything because Kakiji wants grand children as Ahem's Naani is getting older and weak and she thinks you will do whatever Ahemjiju asked you to do and as your sister am telling you they only make you do what they want and if it means using you they will". Gopi was shocked with what she was hearing and with tears running down her cheeks said" but Ahemji said he took the vows because he wants to and nothing else and he said he loves me in front of everyone then how can you say all these and also Maaji loves me like her daughter" but was interrutped by Rashi who told her that Ahem said all that because Kakiji told him to do whatever it takes to make you happy untill the get what they want from you and then will dump you. Look Gopi I think they will keep you until you are well educated and Ahemjiju will tell you to go as now you can take care of yourself. You are nice and naive and you do not understand their trick. By now Gopi was devastated and remembered her night Ahem and ran to the wash room to cry and later came out after washing her face. Rashi was still there and finally asked her whether something happened with Ahem that night and then Gopi told her that Ahem started to do something to her but stopped and Rashi added" you see he does not love you because you only sleep with the ones you love and Gopi you are attractive and beautiful so if Ahemjiju loves you then last night would have been you suhaag raat but he want to take his time to put his mum action into play so be werry. of his tactics". With that last poisonous statement she left contented and Gopi distroted beyond believe.

Gopi could no longer study after what Rashi conveyed to her. She taught about the wonderful things Ahem told her and felt cheated and betrayed by both mother and son and decided that she will leave after her exams which are due soon.

Later a happy Ahem walked through the doors with a bouquet of flowers and went straight to his room to find no Gopi there as she went to Kokila to ask her what to prepare for dinner but was shouted at for not using her brains and come up with something rather than always asking her. With the way Kokila handled her there she thought about what Rashi said not knowing that Urmila has already called Kokila and informed her of her daughter doing modelling without hers or Dawal's consent and that she was waiting for Ahem to go with her and sort out that problem. A glum look Gopi went to the Kitchen and saw Hetal and changed her mood and asked her what to prepare for dinner. Meanwhile when Ahem came from freshening up and still found no Gopi, was getting angry at that time his mum came in and told him what happened and without a second thought went with her and Gopi saw them leaving and was stund to see Ahem back and not even asked for her. By this time, Hetal has left her in the kitchen with Rashi who noticed Gopi and said you see what I mean.Ahemjiju did not even come looking for as someone in love would do but he went to his mum and who knows where they went. But since you do not listen to your sister and don't want her advice this is what is happening.She smirked at her success and left Gopi destroyed once again.

Mor to come hope you enjoy and I will try and update quicker soon and don't worry  some happiness will come soon.   

PART 7:   for over 18 only

Upon seeing them leave, Gopi quickly finished dinner and left to her room devastated. She decided to bury her hurt and study but was unable to concentrate and her thoughts drifted to her loosing her parents at a tender age, craving for her lost brother with the hope of finding him one day and her life at her maami's house. How her maami refused to let her study or for little Panna to even teach her, how she was beaten if Rashi was unhappy with her or for no reason and worse locking her in a dark store room for the whole night without food or water and making her do all the chores in the house and if her maama interfeared she would be blamed for reporting to him. After accepting her faith all she asked for was to feel wanted,cared for and loved and her hope of that too died when she realised that the man she thought would give her all these was in fact in love with someone else. Gopi rememberd all that happened since her marriage to Ahem and uncontrollable tears were running down her cheeks and then she went and took her parents photo and subbed and asked why they left her all alone to suffer and no one to guide her in this world. She sat on the floor and cried more and that's how Ahem found her and he was more devastated as to the state Gopi was in because he left a happy gopi and when he saw the picture in her hands, he thought that was the reason for her situation and was pained to see her like this and has tears in his eyes and only realised them when a droplet fell on the portrait and wiped them quickly and then lightly touch Gopi on the shoulders and help her to sit on the sofa.He then brought her water to drink but she refused and went to the wash room to tidy up leaving a genuinely hurting and thinking Ahem. 

"What might be the cause of her pain, she was very happy this morning and i thought we have sorted out her parents issue or may be not. May be i need to find the truth about her existence but i told Gopi that she can speak to me of anything that hurts her or other wise. Oh! talk of last night and how it felt to touch and kiss her, how i wanted it all to teach her love making, to feel her softness, those devilish lip were hunting for ages and he did not want to stop and wished to kiss them forever and how he wanted to undress her and feel every naked inch of her lusterous body. Dear me am going to go mental before i even have her completely and i've promised to take it easy and know her better and romance her with flowers, oooh! the flowers i brought for her, i left them in mum's room thinking she was there and now how do i retrieve them. oh! Ahem Modi you are a gonna for forgetting such little details in you life and you said you wanted to start a fresh. Forget the flowers, now i've to know what hurting her and also find out about her family but first i need a cold shower as usual. My darling Gopi you have a very hungry man to handle soon". He thought to himself and when he knock on the door he was surprise to not find Gopi there and thought it strange that she left without notifying. He decided to shower and go down and found her serving dinner to all and  then dish a plate and excused herself and headed to his mum's room only for his mum to refuse to eat and eventually did when he coaxed her. Ahem found it strange and thought Gopi is trying to avoid her as she did not come back to the dinner and even he did not eat when he saw her dishing for his mum as he knew his mum's state of mind at that time and thought Gopi will need his assistance in persuading her to eat and he was right but now he is feeling hurt and was waiting impatiently for her to come up but she seems to be taking her time.

He got vexed and decided to check on and and when he found her sleeping at the mandir place with tear marks on her face he became angrier and shook her hard to wake her up. Gopi looked scared when he saw he and he held her hand and dragged her to their room, pushed her inside and locked the door. Gopi was crying and fearful as to what he will do as he started to take steps towards her and she started to back away. The further she backs away the nearer Ahem walks towards her, with fierce eyes piercing through her and only stopped few inches away enough for her to feel the heat of fire coming from him and put both his hand on either sides of the wall she in pushed to in order to avoid her escaping. Gopi was looking everywhere else apart his eyes and playing with her pallu and when Ahem was not getting any eye contact with her he held her chin up forcefully and made her to look at him whilst he tried to read her sudden behavior and when she refused by closing her eyes not knowing that she was inviting and in order to punish her Ahem roughly pressed his lips hard on hers and began seeking,kissing hard,even biting hard on her lips totally ignoring her cries and pushing and tapping on his chest to free herself but rather he pinned both her hands to the wall and continue his assault by  kissing around the corners of lips, nibbling and even hungrily pressing harder for her to allow him in and finally when Gopi felt no power left she allow him to plung, suck, taste and drink deeper into her mouth driving them both with needs and Ahem now fully uncontrollable was kissing her neck. the back of her ears and where ever he bit her will be followed by licking and a deep kissing. both were deep in passion and Ahem left her hands and started caressing her hair and still kissing her deeper and pulling her more towards his aroused being and started to undo the hook of her top and moved his hand up her back and was not satisfied and left her mouth and started kissing her neck and lingered around whilst he removes the pins to free the dupatta and be able to touch her delicate skin freely. now he loosen the top and caress her back whilst bring his lips back to her and sucking her tong and sending waves of pleasure through Gopi and making her clung to him more and feeling his desire down below and gasped and when he press his hand to her belly, gopi was feeling herself floating with want and he kept moving his hand slowly up and touched near her cleverage and she unknowing jumped and again he started to relax her her trailing kisses over her face, neck, ears and once more wanted more and plunging his mouth into hers seeking and was pushed more when Gopi started to respond eagerly and then he moved his hand to cup her breast and she groaned making him hungrier and caressing the breast  until hard before doing the same with the other and by this time, both are so engolve with desire and Ahem left her mouth and bend to first lick her nipples and when she arched back and presenting him with the most endearing pair of ripped beautiful breast he took one full mouth making yorn for more by pressing into his mouth to let him suck harder and  when she cried his name out of pleasure he moved his attention to the other and suck like his life will end without it and keep caressing  and sucking and now uncontrollably went for her mouth and this time Gopi giving equally as she get and started to touching him on the chest and was unsatisfied too and pull his kurta higher and touched the tinny hair on his chest making him shrudder and inhaling deeply and went for the breast again sucking agressively  whilst caring her to the bed and kept licking and sucking and kissing the mouth and both cried out for orgasm having reached their picked and when he was about to completely undress her and make her his they heard a loud bang on their and it was none other Rashi calling Gopi as she saw Ahem dragging her to their room and was waiting impatiently to hear Ahem taunting her but as time kept she decided to interupt and ask Gopi's help to make a surprise talli for both her kakji and maaji.

Both were drawn to the state they were and Gopi quickly gathered the bed covers and rushed to the wash room and started crying profoundly and uncontrollably and remembered all that Rashi told her that afternoon and believe her. As for Ahem at that time was feeling mad not only at Rashi but with what he has done to Gopi. In his anger he shouted back at Rashi " what do you want with Gopi at this time of the night and besides she is in the wash room so what ever it is will have to wait till the morning as its late, so leave". She did thinking nothing happened but Ahem making Gopi to study till late smirking not knowing someone saw her but disappeared before she noticed their presence. 

Ahem tried to block his eyes to shut the images of what he did out of his mind by closing them firmly. From the moment Rashi disturbed them he could not look at Gopi in the eye dreading the hurt she might be going and it's all due to him only a day after promising to treat her well. " How could i do this to her. am disgusted at myself as i was raping my wife. I forced myself on her and what could she do rather than give in to my vengenant assault. How could she trust me now and open up to me.Oh God what have I done, how did I lost control of the situation. My anger was no excuse to what i did and no amount of apologizing will solve this. I don't even know how to console her now as she mush hate me and feel cheap. i did this mess then i will sort it out but for now i will let her be as she would not want me near her". 

As for Gopi she shed more tears feeling cheap and used and now dejected and thought just less than 24 hours of promise thrown to the bin and felt hurt and pain deeper than before as now her Ahemji has distroyed even her soul and lied on the floor of the wash room until she has her eyes are devoid of feelings. Both in their thought and feeling drifted to sleep.

More update to come 


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great update.but please bring in happy times fast.lovely update.

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