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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 2)

Mandy20 IF-Addictz

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very nice FF
update soon

vinaben Senior Member

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very well writen, hope it comes true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pinam3 Senior Member

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Really nice story.. Gr8 going with the track.. yet.. i knoe they wont change the character of Ahem that easily.. but hopefully somewhere around in the furute i get to see ahem.. changing.. (fun and naughty part of himm.. :P )
keep updating it.. and if you plz pm me.. :$ thank you.. :)
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Whist the part was going on, Ahem sneeked out quietly not to be notice but was bu both Kokila and Gopi who are wondering where he was headed.

As for Ahem, he went to the mall to get Gopi her birthday gift and was in a dilema as what to buy since he knows little about his wife's taste and then finally knew and went to one store and bought her the gift which he felt Gopi deserves after all the pain she has being put through.

When he reach home, no one was at the hall area and went straight to his room to keep the present. He then went down and found the women were in the kitchen preparing dinner and called out Gopi who came running as if she has done wrong and was asked to go to their and study as so much time has been wasted. She hesitated and Ahem said " I know it's your birthday but we have already wasted so much time and your exams are priority and I have given my word to your principal that you are smart and will pass and that you are and honest person and would not cheat, but what will happen if we sl*g at your studies, then my believe and trust will be in tartars. So whatever you are doing has to come second and therefore I want you instantly go and study". She wanted to asked to finish her kitchen but Kokila interjected and told her that she,Rashi and Motababl will handle the kitchen work and that she should do as Ahem said and she did.

After she left, Ahem asked to speak to his mum privately and later joined Gopi in their room. Upon reaching their room, he show that Gopi was a bit dejected in her studies and was in fact deep in thought. " Gopi!,Gopi" and she was astound to see Ahem there and immediately got up and drop her book in the process and was panicking and did not know what to do. Ahem changed his tone and said" you can close ur books for now and study later as mum is calling us to dinner.

After dinner,both went to their room and he then said to her we can call it a day with your studies as you look tired after all the day events and you can start tomorrow looking fresh. So you can change and go to sleep as I wish to talk with mum about something. Gopi was delighted that her Ahemji was after all considerate to her health and understood her. She was in lalala land and headed to her wardrobe to take her night suit and bedding and was surprised to find and golden wrapped package in there as she did not put it there herself and noticed a card attached and in her broken language read her name and smiled but wondered who sent it for her and took it out.

With shaky hands she started to to unwrap the gift and on top of the gift was a note and she started to read " Gopi, as today is such a wonderful day in your life would you do me the honour of wearing this and come to the Terrace tonight" and this confused her more as to who sent it and what would her Ahemji and Maaji think. " Kanaji please guide me as you have always done. Ahemji has gone to Maaji and what would they do if someone else has sent it. She looks at the gift which was a lengaa with gold and green embroidery and was so beautiful. She took it out and decided to wear it as it might be her maaji who might have bought it for her, and matched it with jewelry set she already got and put on light make up and as she was headed to the terrace, everywhere was dark except the dimmed light coming from the terrace and walked slowly towards it. 

As she reached the terrace door, the lights there went off and she panicked and was scared and did not know who was playing pranks on her and called out "Ahemji, why do I think its Ahem ji. Kanaji Ahemji will be angry with me if he find me here dressed up like this especially if it's not from him. But I have a feeling that hr bought it. Oh kanaji am so stupid why would Ahemji do all this,remember the 5 lakh necklace at the beginning of our marriage. Ahemji denied sending it, what have I done kanaji i should have asked maaji before wearing it now he might think I bought it again without his consent".

She was about to turn back when she heard her name coming from the terrace and knew the voice and turned and was shocked that Ahem was standing in front of her with only the ligher in his hand. He look at her admiringly from head to toe delighted at the sight of his wife. He was so mersmerised with her beauty that he had his mouth opened whilst stiring and thought" all this beauty for me to endevor and here am always taking cold showers daily, not any more Mrs Modi. I'have you soon and give you so much pleasure that the only thing you wil ever remember is how much I love you". the last three words shocked him as finally he has at least admitted to himself that not only is physically attracted to her but he has fallen for his gawar wife. " Oh Ahem you are done for now you cannot escape your feelings and surpress them anymore. It's nature and you are a man after all and have such a wonderful looking wife to share your life,what more do I want".

Gopi on the other hand was scared as to what Ahem would say to her seeing her all dressed up to notice he also dressed up in gold embrioded kurta." Ahemji am sorry I should have known that you did not send me this gift and I should have asked you first before wearing it but I saw my name on it and also the note inside. I was about to go and change" she said and was interrupted with "don't you like my gift and why can't i not gift you something or do you have another man in your life who would ask you to wear this for him at this time of the night and you do to please him other than me" please Gopi tell me is there someone else in your life, where you hiding this from mum and me?" he said angrily. " no Ahemji I swear to God there is no one and am sorry for hurting you and I do like the sari a lot and I also thought you bought it and that why  i wore it but  was afraid  if it turns out otherwise and like the necklace you refuse that you sent it that why". She then notice the relief on his face and also that he was well attired and wondered what he has planned for her.

He toke her hand into his and said you look lovely and am glad you like it but i have to give you yor real birthday gift and sais " do you trust me" to which she noded positively and he blind folded her and led her to the terrace which was nicely decorated and removed the folder upon reaching the place. 

"Surprise" said all the modi family who were all well dressed and were already inform as to their presence except Rashi who all along was asking Jigar but was asked to wait and see. Gopi was really surprise seeing all her family there and finally Ahem said " Gopi would you do me the honour of retaking our vows again and starting a fresh page into our married life, I know i have hurt you a lot in the past and in the presence of all am asking for forgiveness and to be given a second chance to correct my mistakes. Am aware of my temper and i promise to keep you happy even though your life with me will be full of ups and downs but i will keep whatever promise we our about to make as this time its my choice to make you mine and no one else. I already told the elders of my intentions and that's why everyone is here to support us but only if you agree and mind you that you can refuse and i can completely understand but i want you in my life as my friend,partner and wife for ever".

 Gopi could not listen further as her wish has come true and with tear in her eyes said" Ahemji I have already forgiven you and you are not to blame to what is in my destiny as kanaji know why that happen. All i ever wanted is a motherly figure which i got from maaji and kakaiji and a husband to love and care for me and i know that you care for me a lot but does not love me" "who said i do't love you, he interrupted her. I always loved you but was afraid to admit it and you love for me was so strong i did not know how to handle you as mum was right you are a gem that was made for me but rather than polish it i ended up destroying with the fact that you are illiterate. But am the gawar Gopi for not nuturing the treasure sent to me by your kanaji. Not only do you care for me but anything associated with me and i was afraid of your kind nature but gopi believe me when i say I LOVE YOU and that after marriage there was no one else for me but you not even Anita but my ego stopped me from admitting please forgive me and give me one more chance to rectify my mistake" She waited to hear no more and unconciously threw herself into his arms and cried. Everyone else has tears of joy except Rashi who looked shocked and defeated but pretented to be have and shed fake tears.

Kokila pulled the curtains and reveal the priest and puja area she and hetal happily arranged when Ahem told her his intention. They took their vow again and this time Ahem was smiling when Jigar took their picture. After that they both took the blessings of the elders and everyone went to their rooms and gohem too headed towards their and both were shocked to see the decors like wedding room.and looked at each other shyly.

Rashi on the other hand could not wait till morning to update her mum of the latest news at mm but was interrupted by Jigar calling her to their room.

that all for now hope you all like it and more thoughts on the way   

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hi this very nice part plz update soon

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very nice plz contThumbs Up
Jammona Senior Member

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Part 4

Both were shocked and shy and did not know how to behave now. Ahem let go of her hand and lock the door behind them and took Gopi's hand and led her to the coach which surprised Gopi. both were seated not knowing what to do next but stirred at each other longingly until she shied away and before she could turn away completely, Ahem grab her chin to face him and look into her eyes trying to read her emotions and found his answer that nervousness, sweet smile and dreaming  whenever he is near her and decided to test her by changing his facial expression which then turned her to fear and suddenly tried to get up to which Ahem grab her hand and smiled and nodded  for her to be seated.

" Listen gopi we need to talk. I know that you have a lot to take in today, first your birthday and now our marriage. I want to make you happy at all cost but i also want us to build our relationship without any fear, mistrust or misunderstanding that's why we have to start our marriage with friendship. Please don't think me wrong i do care and love you but we both do not understand each other well. You know some of my likes and probably dislikes, such as when to have green or black tea, less oil or even less sweets am a shame to say i know nothing of the sort  as to your likes and dislikes. I want to know and understand my gawar gopi, what makes her happy or sad, i want to be proud of her at every angle,to see her open up to me, to talk to me freely and share her every emotions with me. That's why i want us to take our time "

Gopi whilst listening to him is already lost in her own thoughts and only came back to her senses when Ahem called her name. " Ahemji i understand everything you said now what" she ask shyly. Now we study he said  with a straight face and Gopi went to take her book but was stopped and the he said to Gopi i was joking and besides its very late and we both are tired and these are the little thing we need to know about each other. Am always serious but i would want to be playful with my innocent wife and would like her to know when am joking or not. So i think we should head to bed and continue studies tomorrow.

With that Ahem went to the washroom and changed and came back to find her nowhere. She immediately appear with a glass of milk and place on the table and left to change. When she return Ahem was in bed awake and holding a book and was watching her intently and she finishes with removing her bangles. She then went to fetch her bedding to which Ahem looked at her squizzily and said "  what are you doing"? she said preparing to go to bed and that angered him slightly and rose from the bed and walk towards her and took her bedding and threw them to the coach and said " Mrs Gopi Ahem Modi do i need to remind you that today is our wedding and after marriage a couple sleeps together and so tell me what was your intention sleeping on the floor as that not your place". She looked at him wide eye and confused and shy and said but you said that we should take our time he cut through her words and said " my innocent gopi taking our time does not mean we cannot sleep in the same bed and do other nutty things" and before she could think of his meaning, he carried her to their bed and lay on top of her and said i know i asked you to sleep on the floor but from now on even if we fight your place is on this bed with me and came forward and kiss her on the forehead as that was his initial intention but got carried away and proceeded to her right eye, then left the cheek then right and hesitated and watch Gopi's reaction to his touch but she already closed her eyes taking in the sensation of every touch of Ahem. He lightly kiss her on the lips which made both shrudder and look at each other with desire and he could not hold his desire it taste her and on that he kiss her on the mouth again lightly at first and with each shrudder and groan from Gopi the harder his kiss urging her to open her mouth and he kept on kiss and coaxing her until Gopi out of desire opened her mouth and put her hands around his neck bringing him further towards her. Ahem deepen the kiss, tasting drinking punging and was not going to stop until with deeper pleasure Gopi cried out desire calling out his name and that's when he came to his senses and started withdrawing slowly but Gopi was totally lost in needs and was still pulling him towards her and Ahem Softly called her name whilst still withdrawing from her and finally gopi let go and felt shamed for feeling out of control as both hearts were beating fast ans breaths uneven and after a  while Ahem spoke " 
Gopi am sorry I did not mean to do all this i just wanted to give you a goodnight kiss but am sorry for getting carried away".  to this she said "Ahemji you are not to blame as i know it will take you time to completely love me", trying hard to hide her disappointment and tears.

 Ahem was shock with her words and caught her hand and made her look at him forcefully and said "Gopi look at my condition, my arousal, feeling and want is because of you. when she refuse to look he took her hand and put it on his aroused being which made her jump. He again said yes Gopi this is what you reduce me to every day i see you and do you know how many cold showers i took to rid it even though it's not your fault,  i long to take you and make you a woman and the wait is killing me but i want to wait for we have so much to deal with emotionally and please don't think you are not attractive or  i don't want you. Am fighting myself here not take advantage of you even though you have forgiven me and all. I ought to know and understand my Gopi not only physically and Gopi rest assure now that I have tasted a bit of you it will be very difficult for me to control myself around you and am sure one of these days i will give in to your beauty but i will do my best to let our relationship grow before that happens. So please Gopi don't ever think I don't want you as you lack nothing infact you are everything i want my wife to be innocent,nieve, understanding and complete".

" Am sorry Ahemji for misunderstanding you as you are always thinking of my goodness like my studies and i too promise to try and understand you and learn everything." Sure Gopi I will be obliged to teach you every thing including this but for today we have sleep as i have office to go to unless you have other plans with me, he winked and she knew that he was teasing her and look down blushing and moved to her bed side and so did Ahem.

"Gopi tell me how did you like the kiss and if it was not good then we can practice all night long and if am late for work then i'll tell mum you kept me awake" He asked mockingly and she said " no Ahemji you have to work". She only understood when he laugh and said no worries another day and good night and both went to sleep reeling on what happened between them. 

hope you enjoy. know its long but after being depressed for watching a horrible episode today i decided to lust myself with gohem ff. will update soon

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thanks so much for this update in the current depressing situation.really made my day.

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