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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47 (Page 10)

vaishali667 Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 1:52am | IP Logged
nice update dear keep rocking

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007jindal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
wow suprb
read wholein one go.
loved it to the core
argh that rashio is sch a rep
i hate hr to core
hope ahem finds gopi soon.
i want all the misunderstanding to get clear sooner.
ohh i want gopi to become an independent womn and stand for her rights.
oh plz pm me next update
welll this i all frm ur new reader tinu.

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tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 4:15am | IP Logged
nyc part,...updt next part soon

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shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 4:41am | IP Logged

good story dear.

finally i comleted reading it.

The story is really turning out well.

Hope u wil keep gopi out of danger and most of all let us know of sara past too.

i got a liking at sara.

the story is really keeping in fix..hope u update soon.

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Very nice Update Can't wait to read the next part

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Jammona Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
PART 13: 

In walked Sara very late and fearing that Gopi has not being comfortable even though she has been calling often to check on her and finally decided to let her rest but was shocked to see lying in the living room. She was hungry and bought some food on the way but some nice aroma caught her nose and was over whelmed to see her dinning table all lay with so much food. The sound of the dishes woke Gopi and Sara hugged her and said she need not do all that and Gopi responded that it the little she can do as she has been shown great hospitality in the few hours of being their and also then remembered Ahem's works " if someone said thank you, you say the pleasure is all mine" and said those to Sara with a faint sad face which did not go unnoticed but Sara decided it not the right time to intrude and asked her if she ate and said she was waiting for her and both ate silently with Sara complemented her cooking and suggested that it's easier to get a job for than tailoring. Gopi agreed and when they finished and washed the dishes both went to sleep. 

Gopi got enrolled to higher education with English as well with Sara's help and also started working at a small restaurant near her home so that she won't get lost and she still wakes and do her prayer and cook breakfast and has now gotten Sara hooked on green tea since she too is health concious like her Ahemji. She was finding it difficult forgetting him as whatever she does especially at school she would wonder whether Ahem would have been proud of her or scold her and that keep pushing her to do even better and worse she would have nightmares of what he has done to her since marriage especially luring her to renew their vows all for child. She tried to hate him but find herself lonely and would remember the few times he has been good to her and her heart would melt.  Since she spends most of the nights by herself as Sara work till late and has forbidden her to wait for her, she will end of wondering how the family is and one such night she had a bad dream that Ahem was hospitalised and picked up the phone and dialled his number and when she heard his voice on the side she started shaking to the core and suddenly hang up and cried and cursed herself for not being able to forget him as he might have and might be seeing Anita by now. That day Sara came home early and found her like that and taught someone has broken into the house and done something to her. After she help Gopi clean up herself and had their meal, she asked Gopi what her past as her uncle did not fill her with details and only said her family has done something terrible and that she need shelter. Again Gopi started crying uncontrollable and after a while narrated her story to Sara who felt bad for and that she is so young to go through all that but at the same time Sara thought there is so many inconsistences to what happen but all the same felt Gopi has been a victim of violence, hatre and conspiracy but can't figure out what and did not voice her feeling but supported her.  That night Sara told Gopi that she has to be at a fashion show foe the whole weekend and would not be comfortable to leave her alone and told Gopi to come along and that they will go shopping as it's a huge function and that's when Gopi remembered that the gift she brought for her but Sara has excused herself and gone out when she got a call.

At Ragkot. it was the day for both brother to leave for their business trips and said their good byes and travelled together to the airport. They have been so close and share most things and once in a while Jigar would pull Ahem's legs by teasing him so that he can forget his sorrow for a while. Ahem would understand what Jigar is trying to do and would tell him that they are literally in the same drainage and that the only difference is that his Gopi is no where to be found and that he caused it as oppose to him who is a victim like Gopi. Jigar was to meet Sanjay in Delhi as he does not want to see Ahem let alone forgive him.

At the airport, both checked in and discussed a few formalities and hugges and went to their respective flight.  Ahem checked into his hotel and since his meeting is not till the next day, he decided to brouche  the web and print some leaflet of Gopi's photo and hand them to hotel staff and passers-by as he will not give up. " No I can't as giving up is death for me. Gopi if only I can change to clock, if only I paid more attention and if only I control my temper all this would not happen. But I seem to loose myself with you as I want you all to myself and God my feeling for you is so deep and unusual that whenever I see you I want to feel every inch of you deep within me. Why do you have to leave me, we could have talked it over please be save". He thought in anguish and got on his work and after called his detective friend for an update but no changes so far and he felt his heart breaking once again cause every day he hoped someone would call him about her whereabouts but nothing it's been silence since she left and the more time goes the worse Ahem thinks has happened to her but he keeps going as his heart and soul tell him she is fine and that's his motivation.

Jigar reached Delhi and was taken to Sanjay's place as agreed and cause it would be easier for them to be at the fashion venue. When he rang the door bell a beautiful girl no more than nineteen greeted him and Jigar felt a twitch in his heart and kept stirring  at her unable to explain the feeling arising from within him and only blinked when Sanjay called him and then guilt took over him as he was still married. He was then introduced to her as Kajal, Sanjay's sister and the moment their hands touched, Jigar felt electricuted and intrigued and held on to her hand for long and just admiring the beautiful creature in his presence and wondered whether she has a boyfriend and that thought stab his heart painfully and that when he let go of her hand and felt her shy away just like her bhabi. He left his thoughts and went inside their grand home and love it and saw a portrait of the family hanging on the wall and Sanjay told him about his new family and that Kajal is an only child of the Singhania family and his responsibility to take care of his sister.He told Jigar that he is based in Delhi and the main agenda for him is to now find his sister (Renuka) and that why he has an office in Rajkot. Jigar found himself asking too many questions about Kajal and that was making Sanjay uneasy and kept changing the subject and even wondered whether Jigar too is not like his brother, marry one woman and lust for another. Finally he too got the hint and tried hard not to be obvious but it was difficult for him because at dinner she came and wore his favorite color, blue sawar kameez and was so simple and dignified and when she was serving him, their hands touched and both at once looked up and at each other and Sanjay on the other hand was getting furious not only at his guest but at his sister as well as he can clearly see that she has taken a liking to Jigar and she is bound to get hurt if she knows that he is married so he will put a stop to it.

After dinner Jigar asked went to his rom and called his brother after he saw his ten miss calls. The arrangement was that Jigar will call him but as his mind was preoccupied, he forgot and got a scolding from Ahem when he returned his called but did not tell him about Kajal as the thought of her is making him bonkers and guilty so he tried and concentrate on his conversation with his bhai and informed him that he will meet their clients at a restaurant and will fill him the details and that the fashion show is on Saturday for which Ahem was not interested as he was in no mood to mingle. He reminded Jigar about the posters before he leaves Dehli.  They chatted for a while and hung up. For the days to come, Jigar got busy with meetings and Sanjay made sure of it so that his sister will not fall prey to his cluches as his sister told him that she only see Jigar as a brother but Sanjal knew better and was doing all he could not to let them be near each other.  After work, Jigar would be so exhausted and would hardly eat much and head to bed and started to think of those gorgeous eyes that are keeping him awake till late. since he came to Delhi not once has he thought about Rashi apart from guilty that she is still his wife and now he has started to wonder whether Rashi ever loved him and how come he never felt the way he is feeling with rashi. " Was I in love with her or was it physical attraction? I remember whenever I want to come close to her she would distance herself and sometimes I would be attracted to her and would want to take her to bed but feel dejected with her mood swings and thought may be she has not gotten over how we married but know I know she never loved me but my name and money. She never fit in the family and always complaining and expects praise for doing or should I say cheating. Kajal is different, hse is more like and educated Gopi bhabi, very simple yet sophisticated and she has the most plummed lip with a beautiful smile and mum would love her. Oh! Jigar you are doomed as this is all wrong you cannot be selfish. Am married and she has not started living life yet so I can't spoil her life and will stay away from her". He said to himself and drifted to bed.

Gopi has now become famous with her cooking and especially her green tea and since her employment the business was booming and the other has made her head chef since arriving. She is also doing excellent with her studies and now Sara is helping her with home work. Things are looking great and rather than spend her time thinking of Ahem, she is secretly making Sara an evening gown for the show because Sara told her that after fashion, there will be a party so she was hunting for that killer outfit. 

Ahem too was busy with his Mumbai projects and meeting and since no news of Gopi so far he was spending his time visiting temples, mosques, churches and any other religious places he thinks Gopi can hide as she was religious and orphan and then a thought crossed his mind about Panna, the little girl who stopped them on their way to home as she had things to give to Gopi and has asked him to takes good care of her Gopi di which he is ashamed of himself. He called Raj and told him to find her and may be he might get information from her about Gopi. 

He has missed her so much words cannot describe. He would sometimes stop girl who resemble her from the rear.  Oh how much he wants her in his arms and never to let go again, to apologize for all the wrongs he has done to her and clarify some misunderstandings between and that letter, thinking of it tears his heart to pieces as he still can't figure out why she thought he only wanted to have sex with her and make babies for his grand mum. " Dear Gopi if only we understood each other then you will know that yes I want babies with you, ours and for us and you would understand the difference between sex and love making as I want the later with you to feel myself deep within you. The mere thought of you is driving me mad and it's all my fault but am hoping to find you well and save and missing me". The later being a hope.

On the last day of his trip. Ahem was disheartened as no one came forward and was not looking forward to his final meeting before his departure. He booked out of the hotel and left his Rajkot contact details in case some miracle happens and some one calls. His cab drove him to his destination and waited at the reception looking uninterested but knew the project too is important for them and if he looses it kakaji will not spare him as he insisted on taken the responsibility even though his kaka thought he need rest so he brought his focus to the job at hand and let his worries be. He was them led to the conference room full of tender and with confidence knew this is his best forte and that he will easily land the project and head home to his project " finding Gopi". After all the other contenders gave their speech, it was his turn and presented his project and was about to finish when a phone rang and it annoyed him and after a few rings it stopped but when he started to continue, it rang again and this time everyone looked at theirs but was not but by then the ringing stopped. When he restarted the phone rang once more and this time he shouted that if the person is trying to geopadise with his project or does not want to hear him can leave but all where looking at him stunned and then someone told him that it's probably his. He went and checked and saw his phone was on and without checking switched it off and proceeded.

Ahem reached the airport contended with the outcome of his project as Modi Company got it and new once again his kaka will be proud of him and went and checked in but his flight will be leaving in an hour so he went bought himself snacks and coffee and took out his book to read  and then thought of sharing his victory with his brother whom he has become so close since they both have difficulties and remembered that his phone was off and wanted to know which wreck was distracting him from his meeting. Once the phone was one, Ahem's heart stopped beating for a while as he was thinking what dreadful news can Raj give him for leaving twenty miss calls. " This better be good or else I'll turn detective on him" but before he called back the announcement for his departure was made and decided to call him mid air as if the news is terrible,he will just crash the plain and be know to the world as a murderer as he won't live in this world without his gawar Gopi to share it with him all the way to old age and headed to the queue to the plane. As he handed his documents to board, his phone rang and he was asked to switch it off as the plane is a no phone operational zone but he excused himself to take the call as it's from Raj and stood aside and before he could say anything Raj said " found your Gopi in Delhi" and the line cut off and Ahem felt himself swaying as the words kept ringing over and over in his eyes and he did not hear the stewardess calling him to board. When the name Gopi and Delhi sunk in his brain, he grab grab his bag and ran off and not looking anywhere but the the Delhi flight departure gates not realising his action raised suspicion and that the airport police were on his tail. He ran like mad and only stop at the Delhi check in but was arrested by police for a search and interrogation. 

At the special search area,Ahem was talking non stop trying to explain that he need to be in Delhi as his life depends on him getting there but was ignored and told that the head of security will be with him but meanwhile they have to review his movement in the airport and was refused a call at that time as his belongings have been seized to be checked electronically for any suspicious items but when they did not find any, the head of security then came to interrogate him. After finding all the facts about him to be true, he was warned that his action led them to act and was given a warning note and released  after eight hours of detention.  He later found that he will only be able to fly to Delhi the next day so he decided to call Raj who phone is out of range and cursed. He then tried Jigar but his phone was off and so was Sanjay'. " My God, am I that bad and don't deserve Gopi that I can't do the right thing by her. My destiny is so bad today,had I received Raj's calls earlier then I would get full details and this Jigar when will he be responsible. How can he ever charge his darn phone. Here I am trembling with excitement yet anxiety with where she could be and what the hell happen with Raj's phone, how come it's out of range. When will morning come, I can't sleep now knowing she is alive and in Delhi but how, when , where and with whom".  The last question made him tremble are the thought of her being with someone else all these month and not thinking of him will kill him. 

Ahem was getting impatient waiting and angry at not reaching either Raj or Jigar and then suddenly his lock changed when Raj called and instantly he picked it up and then Raj started " Ahem I 've been trying you for so long ..."  " look Raj just please give me the detail of Gopi and the rest we will talk about when I reached Delhi". He then told Ahem that since she left MM she has been staying with Abdul and gave him, the muslim at the shrine and explained all that she has been doing and that one day Abdul's wife met with him and said if he will pay her ransomly she has information on Gopi and I did pay her and she filled me with all that is needed and that Gopi is in Delhi with Abdul's niece called Sara but she does not have the address but one major information she reveal is that Sara is a fashion co-ordinator and might be at Saturday's fashion show. He also told him that his phone might cut off as he too is on his way to Delhi but before Ahem could stop him the line went dead again and Ahem felt the whole airport is dead silent and the only sound is that of his heart pounding heavily. He was happy that Gopi can be found but only if her gawar devar would dare pick up his phone. Running out of patient, he gave up on calling Jigar and prayed for morning to come soon .

Well ladies and gentlemen enjoy and more to come and I hope you like my twist.

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loved the update.great job.totally rocking

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Jammona Senior Member

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Originally posted by rsk16

loved the update.great job.totally rocking

thanks but i want to apologize to you cause when you read it, then i had not finished the part but you can now enjoy the twist and thank for your comments

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