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ff: what a Gem: A note on page 47

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  1. am board so decided to try and put an os to keep this forum going. enjoy


"Gopi, Gopi" shouted Ahem after her but for the first time Gopi did not listen to him and went to the terrace the cry as much as she possibly could. After she left the room Ahem took her note book and check what Gopi has written and was shocked to read "maa, Buaji". He wondered why suddenly has Gopi not written what he was dictating but wrote her parents. 

" what prompted her to remember her parents, and if she was feeling down because of her parents loss then why can't she talk to me about it. Does she not want to share her pain with me? I thought she understood that at least am making an effort in getting to know her, that I want her around me at all times and that am using every means possible to get close to her and feel her softness as well as her calm nature because am unable to fight my feelings and attraction towards her."

"Darn this girl, not only will I be teaching her to read and write but looks like I have use my experience to teach her the A<B<C<D of being a couple in every aspect and the nature of the world. Thank God mum choose her for me and not an experienced like myself as this way we both are going to have fun in knowing each other better. Why am I still sitting here and waiting for her to come to me but rather this is about consoling her. How selfish of me? I need to find her soon as am craving for a hug too. There you go again Mr Ahem Modi, not putting my wife needs at present before mine". With that left.

On the way to find her, Ahem was wondering about the loss of her parents and imagined what she might felt and gone through since childhood. "She doesn't seem to have gotten any love from her Mammi and also her Mamma seems defenceless in his wife's presence. As for Rashi less said the better as I have not seen a more selfish person than her. Anyway enough of thinking and I should be searching for my wife."

Gopi on the other hand ran to the terrace and carried vigorously and was thinking back to Rashi's words. " How could Rashiben call me Manhoos and say that I killed my parents. I know she does not want to see me happy but to say those hurtful words about my dead parents on my date of birth was so out of character. I have always loved her, taken all her rubbish advices,and even stood up for her against Maaji  and took blame for all her misdeeds all in the hope that one day she will realise that am not her enemy but her mum is pitching her against me".

Now uncontrollable tears were rolling her cheeks as she is remembering how her parents died. "When I turned 16, Maamaji told me that at the age of three my parents were travelling to visit him at the hospital because Maami called to inform them that Maama has cancer and is supposed to have cuma therapy. 

My dad was an engineer with a high post and my mum was a school teacher and used to have the sweetest voice my Mamma told me. They were fairly wealthy and I also had a brother seven years older than me. On the way Rajpal Nagar the driver loss control of the car as a truck was driving out of lane and our car fell through the woods. It took rescuers sixteen hours to find us. My dad and the driver died on the spot, my brother was never found and my mum and I were taken to hospital. Mum had life threatening injuries and I only have broken my left arm. When the doctors new  that mum will not make it, they informed my grandmum, who took me to her care". 

"Three days after being admitted my mum passed away. Mean while the police kept their search of my brother open. Months passed and still no sign of  my brother and then my grandmum due to the shock of losing her son and family was gradually deteriorating and told my Maama, who came to the funeral of his sister and brother-in-law  to take me into his care as Maami did not come to the funeral.Maama agreed and took me with him without Maami's knowledge until we arrived in Rajpal Nagar. Few weeks later grandmum passed away". 

"Gopi! " shouted Ahem which brought her back from memory lane and instantly wiped her tears and came from behind the pillar she was hiding to face him. Upon seeing her, Ahem noticed how swollen her face is and knew she was crying even though she did her best to hide her face with that silly cover. "Baby, one day I will ripe it to pieces" he thought. Slowly he walked towards her and stopped in front of her leaving a small space between them enough for only air to pass through them as his heart was telling him to close the distance and grab her into his arms and console her but his mind has its own thinking preventing him to do so by reminding him of their indifference.

 "what is this Gopi?he said in a very subtle and gentle voice and showing her the note book. She looked at it and noticed her handwriting and was shocked to see what she wrote. She looked at Ahem with teary eyes and this time he could not hold himself back and lifted both his arms and brought her closer for that wanted hug and Gopi cried into his chest while Ahem could feel his heart clenching as he was very disturbed with her condition and was feeling her pain stabbing his heart. He tighten his hold on her until he felt her relaxed and quiet. 

In Ahem's consoling arms, Gopi forgot her sorrow and was drawn into the sensation of being in her husband' warm feeling. Ahem was unconciously  moving his right hand up and down Gopi's arm and back to comfort her but was too feeling the rise in sensation deep down him, the warm breath on his chest coming from Gopi was taking his feelings to another level and thought. Both were overwhelmed with what was happening between them when suddenly  the door bell rang and brought them back and they separated so abrutly and stared at each other for a while with passion written on both faces until Gopi in her shyness looked down and left leaving Ahem to wonder What is happening to him, why he is getting these feelings constantly and how come he is being empowered by his wants for his wife. " She is very beautiful and walks graciously but she lack confidence and self esteem. May be I will have to teach her that as well as I find her fasinating and intriguing".  He too decided to leave his thoughts and talk to her later.

 Both went to their room. Gopi was in the bathroom when Ahem came. He was on his Laptop when she came out and asked if she could make him tea. Ahem replied "no but I want you to come and sit next to me" She was hesitant at first but obliged. Sensing this, Ahem told her not to worry that they will talk about her issue later but if she is ok then she should resume her studies, to which she agreed. Ahem only wanted her near him even if she is in no mood to study as he wanted to keep a watchful eye on her to ensure she is well and then resume their conversation regarding her parents. Since she agreed to study, he kept on dictating words to her at first then sentences.

Mean while down stairs, Rashi opened the doors and was shocked to see Gopi's classmates there. She wondered and detested their arrival. " Good evening Aunty" said the kids and before she could reply they asked for Gopi which infuriated her. Who is at the door Rashi, asked Kokila. She then lets in the kids in the house and walked after them. They greeted both Kokila and Hatal Respectably and were asked to sit down. Sarika spoke " aunty we have brought a cake for Gopi aunty." Rashi went red at what she heard and thinking after what she and her mum did how come they never thought of an outsider coming to tell the family about Gopi's birthday, and then she rushed to her mum when she her coming down and told her about the kids coming to celebrate Gopi's birthday.

"Am happy you all are here to celebrate Gopi bahu's birthday. but we are going to surprise her so take the cake to the kitchen and later you will all go to her room and bring her down. The thing is Gopi bahu has not told anyone her birthday and I also did not let her know that I know of it. That is why we are going to keep it a surprise" said Kokila. the kids did as she told them. Urmi and Rashi could not believe their ears. that Kokila already knew shocked them. "Urmila you have to stay for dinner because My sister-in-law and I have prepared so many dishes for tonight as its a special day for us and you must join us in celebrating it" Kokila said. But I have to rush home now as I too have to prepare dinner said Urmi. Don't worry Urmilla we have plenty and after you eat you can also take some for your family and therefore you need not worry about cooking. And besides Kinjal is there to take responsibility of your household. Urmilla knew there is no winning Kokila and agreed to stay not knowing that she has fallen into Kokila's trap.

Ahem and were engrossed into the studies and each stealing glances at the other to be aware of the happenings down stairs. The kids went to the room shown by Kokila to bring Gopi down. "Good evening Gopi aunty and to you Ahemjiju" they said whilst entering the room. Both were shocked to see the kids. Gopi was happy upon seeing her class mates and was smiling excitedly at their arrival. Ahem too was happy to see then but was feeling a bit jealous as the kids were ale to bring a smile to his wife's face and not him. Aunty shall we go down stairs as we have a surprise for you, they said. " Surprise but what kind, besides am studying as I have a test soon to take due to what happened". "But don't worry aunty we are all going to help you with your studies and you will pass the test because you have your Ahemjiju also teaching you and you will not let him down", Sarika said and the others nodded in agreement and insisted she come down. Ahem was silent smiling and looked at Gopi, who was also looking at him to see his reaction to Sarika's words and was proud to be her husband and was also smirking at her at the same time. He told her that they will finish everything else later. The kids decided to blindfold her before taking her down. Ahem wished he was doing all that but was unaware of Gopi's bithday and decided to play along.

When they reached the stairs, they told Ahem to take Gopi down as it was safer, to which he obliged as this was an opportunity to be close to her and feel her softness against him. As he was helping her down the stairs, he taught to himself "if only I was leading her to that dreamy room and spend our first night and show her how she makes me feel and how much time I have wasted in consumating our marriage and take us both to that heavenly place" Ahemjiju, was cut through his thoughts. You can now take her to the dinning table. Ahem save your thoughts  for some other day he said to himself and took Gopi to the table and sat her down then took the blindfold off.

Sarika said"Aunty your mother-in-law invited us to your birthday and we bought you the cake she ordered as well". The look on Ahem's face said how little he knows his wife and was disgusted at the fact that few minutes ago he was literally undressing and making love to her. He looked at his mother questioningly and she confirms it's Gopi's birthday and that she is the one that fixed their marriage and should know because she checked their star signs.

Gopi had both tears of happiness and sadness running down her cheeks. She went to her Maaji and hugged her tightly and cried uncontrollably. She took both Kokila and Hetal's blessing and was affraidto go to her Maami and was about to turn and go to the kids when Kokila stopped her and asked her manners and to take blessings from her Maami, which she did.

 " So Urmilla how come since you came to the house and was about to leave did not find it fit to tell us about you niece's b'day or to even wish her. Since you came you are only so engrossed in your daughter to bother about your niece. After all your have shown your true colours once again. You have shown that you do not have any motherly love for my Gopi bahu and sees her as a borden even though you raised.  As for you Rashi, who always shed crocodile tears and claiming to love her kid sister so tell me where has that love gone today. Have you people ever celebrated her b'day because then you would not forget. Anyway Gopi may not have her real parents with her here today but I can assure you that I am no less a mother to her than I am to Kinjal.I love her more than my own children because she is a gem and one in a million to find".  She said all these whilst looking at her dear bahu with wet eyes, who once again came running to her and this time was letting all her pain out and whaling and Kokila did not stop her as she knows how Gopi felt about her parents and that's why she look up to her and Parag as her parents. Everyone in the room with the exception of Rashi and Urmila has tears in their eyes.

Ahem, for the first time since his marriage to Gopi felt that his mum was right that his Gopi is a Gem and he promised to make up of all the hurt he caused with love and care for he wants to share his life with none other than her and he intended to start with her b'day since he is now aware of it.

Urmilla  said that Gopi does not want to celebrate her b'day as this reminded her of her parents death and that 's the reason no one in her family reminds her,including Rashi. No one knows the truth apart from her and her husband but she too is not aware that Gopi alreay knows but was affraid of her Mammi to tell her that she did not kill her parents and therefore kept quiet. 

"Gopi bahu, death cannot be avoided be anyone but from now on along with your b'day,we will hold a pooja for your parents and we will hang their photo on one of the  wall and you can pay your respects to them daily. But you have to understand this from a mothers view that no parent would want their offspring to stay unhappy when they are gone no matter how painful it is to loose them. therefore I can tell you that your parents will be unhappy to know of their lovely daughter's sadness has to do with their death and I request you to proudly celebrate your b'day with your new parents( kokila and parag) and your husband and news friends too as well as the whole family".

"Gopi, I just want you to always remember that from the day you are married into this house, you have two mothers who will always love  you unconditionally. And if ever you want to talk about your real parents, you have me to lean" added Hetal and kiss her on the forehead and encourage to celebrate her b'day as she and Kokila have been busy in the kitchen preparing her special b'day dishes and it would be a waste of effort and food and the kids also both her a cake.

Ahem was stunned at all the things he heard and moved towards Gopi and put his hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him. He then wipe her tears and said " let go and cut the cake and hopefully its not a cartoon one.This brought a smile to her face and Ahem was pleased and held her hand and they all went to the table to cut the cake and celebrate her b'day including Rashi and Urmi, who shamelessly took some food home when she was leaving.

B'day party not over yet as the night is still young. End of part 1 hope you enjoy and will update soon if God willing to continue

I know that most of have seen the revelation of Gopi's b'day but all the same am going with my own version but it may be short as am not well ad that the reason I did update sooner and I may use some from the show therefore do enjoy.


Gopi requested to cut the cake with her Maaji and shied away from giving a piece to Ahem but upon the encouraging glance from Kokila, she did. Ahem brushed his lower lip on the tip of her fingers which sent squivers through he r being and went red which Ahem saw and smirked at her. 

The kids left and Ahem announced to the family that he is taking Gopi out leaving the details of the place secret. Kokila was skeptical at first and wanted to refuse but she remembered that Jigar took Rashi out to celebrate her winning and therefore relented and told Ahem to come back soon.

Ahem took Gopi to the temple where that performed janmast and asked the priest to make a small pooja for her parents. After that he asked Gopi where she want to go but since she has not being outside the world much she asked him to take her back as Maaji is waiting.

"Darling am thinking of spending some quality time with you but you are more concern about mum and home. I will give you so much love that the only name and thing you will be thinking about will be me", he thought. Can we have ice cream at before we go, he asked her and she agreed as she is secretly loving the fact that she has her Ahemji on her b'day to herself and even though she does not want to go home, she doesn't know how to tell him that she is enjoying his company and does not wish it to end as she is shy. Ahem took her to five star hotel lobby and asked her to order her favourite  flavours but that confused her as this is the first time she is having ice cream at a hotel. 

" What a mean woman to not even treat a person to ice cream. Ibet Rashi has had so many as a child and did not share with Gopi. I will order a variety and you are going to taste each and tell me which you like best and then I will order more of that for you. ok".

"Ahemji I will have whatever you are having" she said. He disagree and told her that every human has a taste of their own and he would like to find out all her likes and dislikes just as she knows his.After so many trials, she proclaimed her favourites to be chocolate, almond and pistachio which to both their surprise are his favourites as well. He then odered two lot of those mixtures.

Gopi started to enjoy her ice cream whilst Ahem was watching her. He thought now is an opportunity to teach her romance. So he scoop a spoonful and brought it towards Gopi mouth, who just stared and said Ahemji we have the same flavours so you need not share yours with me. 

Ahem nearly shoved the spoon into her mouth and forced it down her throat but said" Gopiji I know we have the same flavours but when you eat from my spoon it will taste heavenly". With that she did and said but it still the has the same taste. " Wow my sweet innocent and lovely wife you must know that when you lick the saliva of someone you love, then that love will bloosom and the other person will feel loved". She blushed and shied away and thought       

" Ahemji would think what a stupid wife I am to not know all these things. He is doing all his best to show me he cares and I am so dumb not seeing it. Kaanaji help me here all I ever wanted is for Ahemji to love me unconditionally and when he is showing that he cares I pretend to not understand his advances. But what do I do Kaanaji in the past when he showed me that her cared,I always misread i and he will get angry and I don't want to repeatthe past and that's why I try to just take this as his good nature towards me".  She wanted so much to share hers with him but does not no his reaction and decided against. Ahem was eyeing her and hoping she would copy him but was disappointed and when he saw that she has finished he asked them to leave.

On the was home, gopi thanked him for cheering her, the mandir and for the ice cream but Ahem could not stop himself and asked why she did not share her ice cream with him and she said she did not know and with that they drove home quitely each to their own thought.

At home, all the family members including her Maama, Dawal and Kinjal were in the living room and waiting for them.

 "Gopi come here and said Kokila and she did and greeted her Maama and other. Each memeber has already arranged a Gift for her whilst she was out with Ahem and gave to her but when it came to Rashi's turn she said she will get hers the next day to which kokila said she can give the necklace to Gopi as her winning was less than saving the idol. She fumed and wanted to protest but Hetal said as that necklace was the airloom from Kokila's then it should be passed to Kokila's bahu and therefore Gopi. She did but was cursing.

 As for Ahem's gift, you guys will have to wait for next update. Sorry if this was boring but i hope to entertain you next time. As i was not well not thinking drifted a bit  


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heiii Kamjal...ur FF is wonderfulll

i love it..

pls continue sooon..
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Very interesting , update soon please
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Hey, great ff please keep going it's a good story.
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Kamjal, this is quite a story ... hope this is the way it pans out in the serial.
Looking forward to the next update.
BTW what is the title of your FF?
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Very nice FF, I felt each and everyone of Gopi's emotions, it moved me to tears. Looking forward to next part.Thumbs Up
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Really nice update.
Really awesome one shot.
Great going

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